Just Desserts

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

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I guess that you could say I get my just desserts.

My husband Jerry is pretty fair about it. He understands that every once in a while I'm going to sleep around on him. He tells me, "It's the price he pays for being married to a sexy blonde nymphomaniac." I don't think I'm a nympho, I just like sex and every once in a great while someone other than my husband catches my fancy and starts my juices flowing and I go get him. Ok - I'm weak in that area. But I keep Jerry, my husband, quite satisfied too. Maybe sometimes it's the thought of what he'll do to me when he finds out that makes me want to sleep around too. I get the choice of accepting a divorce or a punishment. He can be pretty imaginative when it comes to dreaming up punishments and they can be pretty wild. And if you couldn't tell by now, I really like wild.

This time I did it because the guy was an absolute hunk, real gorgeous, tanned and looked like his cock was ten inches long. It was, in fact, pretty close to that. Jerry was neglecting me a bit in my mind and I figured a punishment would perk up his interest in me. But if I had known all what I was in for I probably would have passed.

So here I lay, ball-gagged, staked-out, stark naked, face (and everything else) up, spread-eagle in our back yard, in broad daylight. My long blonde hair was scattered underneath my head and shoulders. My full-furred triangle was prominent with brown hair above long thin widely-spread legs. My medium-sized breasts only bobbled a little atop a lean tanned stomach as I breathed. My husband watched over me while waiting for a co-worker of mine, Brent, to arrive. I wasn't interested in Brent at all. Once Brent arrived, Jerry was going to walk away for over an hour after inviting Brent to do whatever he wanted to me! At least, with our eight-foot-high cinder block walls I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing me. Except of course Brent, but that was sort of the point of all this. More on that later.

I've only slept around on Jerry four times in our five-year no kids marriage. The first time I did, he caught me and gave me the choice. He would leave me, or I could agree to whatever punishment he might decide. Of course I picked whatever punishment he wanted to give me. I wound up nude at night on a public beach, giving him blow-jobs and getting laid by him all night. Jeez, is that a punishment? If I wasn't naked and afraid someone would walk by and find me, I would have done all that, except for the naked part, after a couple of beers anyways.

The second time I accepted a punishment involved quite a bit more. He took me out dancing to a modern-dance club and bar. He gave me special instructions for midnight, otherwise I was on my own judgement. He gave me a real gauzy white blouse and skirt to wear, both of which buttoned down the front, and a tan silk teddy and micro-miniskirt-length slip underneath it. A slightly thicker jacket provided me with a little bit of modesty but not much. You could see my legs through the skirt just fine.

The teddy and blouse might as well have not been there, they were that thin; the fact they both matched my skin color did not help at all. He also had me wear some special bracelets on my wrists -- they were fine enough to pass for jewelry, but strong enough that if you took a small lock and locked them together you would effectively handcuff me. He explained what he wanted me to do with them after midnight and I pretended to agree with suppressed reservations. He gave me the standard it's-this-or-a-divorce line, not knowing that I would have done it more or less for the asking. Besides the thought of all that he wanted to do to me got me plenty wet. I knew he would fuck me wildly for weeks when this was all over if I played my cards right.

We started dancing and drinking. I get my wildest and horniest when I get drunk and Jerry knows that. This is one of the reasons he gets me drunk so often. Jerry sat me at a table near the dance floor and never raised an eyelash when someone else came to ask me for a dance. I was instructed to say he was a gay friend that I brought along to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't get into too much trouble because I was planning to get totally smashed and have a wild night tonight.

That excuse went over well, and as Jerry got me more and more lit, I cared less and less about him and modesty, as he knew I would. I was getting hornier by the dance, and although I really wanted Jerry to be the one touching me after a while since he wasn't touching me, I stopped caring about who was.

Around 10pm Jerry had me surrender my jacket to him. By that time, I was blitzed enough to not worry. I was out in public in little more than a slip and teddy, my nipples poked clearly into the teddy and the thin blouse didn't do much more than pass the outlines to the surface. The dress provided moderate cover in the darkness of the club, but in the bright lights that washed across the dance floor from time to time, it didn't provide much obstruction to other people's vision. With the loss of the jacket the male attention picked up which I was enjoying thoroughly. My attitude was starting to suffer a bit... If Jerry didn't want me there were plenty of men in the club who did. So around 10:30, I started leaving the concern at the table.

I started enjoying the dances, kissing the men I danced with if I wanted, and not being quite as uptight about where they held me. And most of them were not shy about it either. It felt good, having their hands caress me down my back and on my bottom. I could feel my pussy getting hotter and starting to feel quite wet and very warm during the slow dances.

Then around 11:15, Jerry ordered me to do something that made me stop. He wanted me to go to the ladies’ room and come back with the teddy and slip in my purse. When I got back to the table, I was to hand the teddy and slip to him for the rest of the night. He would go to a table a little further back on the dance floor and just observe from there on out.

If I hadn't been so drunk, I would have told him that I would prefer divorce to public nudity, but I was too drunk and too hot to care. I stopped plenty of conversations on the way back between the restroom and the table -- I knew that there wasn't a bunch of light but there was enough light to see that the woman weaving back toward the dance floor was now completely and visibly naked under her see-through thin skirt and blouse.

The attention didn't in any way abate. If Jerry wanted to see me this way, if he wanted a show, I'd give him a show! Out on the dance floor the lights were bright enough that my remaining clothes hid nothing. I went out shaking everything I had, in for close touches (more like gropes) during the slow music, and for an hour I really never got to quite sit back down.

I found a gorgeous hunk named Phil. I was dancing with him when midnight passed. When the dance was over, I told him I was too woozy and thirsty to keep dancing, and was going to sit down. We went back to my table and Phil sat beside me. Jerry watched discreetly from several tables away.

I downed the first drink Phil gave me. As we waited, he used the opportunity to run his hands over my legs. I didn't object so after we ordered the drinks, he started unbuttoning the skirt from the bottom. I let him get all but the top two buttons, then firmly stopped him. He accepted this gracefully then as the drinks arrived, I spread my legs and he began massaging one of the best lubricated parts of my body.

I worked on the drink and let him work on me. I unzipped his pants and started stretching his quite-hard member under the table as well. Oooh I wanted to slip off to somewhere quiet and solve that problem! Then it was time to keep my midnight promise. I reached into my purse and pulled out a small padlock and key.

"Phil." I asked him as sweetly as I could through the alcohol. "I have a fantasy that I want you to help me with. Are you willing?"

His eyes popped up but otherwise he kept perfectly cool. "Anything. What do I need to do?"

"I've always wanted to be helpless in a public situation, where someone could do anything they wanted to me, and I couldn't do anything about it because if I did it'd raise a real public scene." I twisted the key to open the lock, then put the lock in his hand and the key on the table. "Lock my bracelets together behind my back with this lock." His eyes got wider. Put the key on the corner of the table beyond you. You can do anything you want to me -- I can't stop you with my hands locked behind me. If you go too far, I could always raise the ruckus and call attention to us and then you'd have to explain why you are here with me handcuffed and in this outfit. If I don't let you go far enough I know you can just pick up the key and walk away and I'm stuck with my hands cuffed behind my back in the middle of here with no way to get loose and if I drew attention to myself I'd suffer the embarrassment of everyone here discovering that I let my hands be cuffed behind me dressed like this. You could do anything you wanted to me, and I couldn't stop you. I'd have to be good so that you'd unlock me when you were done."

I turned away from him and stuck my wrists together behind me. After a second or two I felt him grab the bracelets, loop them through the lock and the click of it closing securely. I felt a rush of horniness wash over me as I realized just how helpless to his touch I now was. He smiled, put the key down at the corner of the table farthest from me but close to him. With my hands cuffed behind me there was no way I could get to it. He smiled and then with discreet boldness began rubbing my nipples through my dress.

There was nothing I could do to stop him as planned. I looked around, nobody seemed to be paying attention. I couldn't see Jerry but I was sure that wherever he was he could see all this. I just closed my eyes and felt the waves wash over me. I figured Phil would order me under the table and to take care of him with my hands still locked behind my back. It wouldn't be the first time I had given someone a blow job under a table in a public place. Or even the fifth. I had a very wild college life. Made my current situations look sedate.

I looked up and Phil had a broad smile on his face. My blouse was already unbuttoned to show maximum skin and he unbuttoned the rest of the buttons, then reached inside and openly cupped my breast.

I was uncomfortable and squirming for more than one reason but he took his time and had a nice, long feel. When he was done, he reached under the table and undid the last two buttons of my skirt. I really would have rather he had not done that since he could already get to everything of interest but I could do nothing to stop him. He lay the skirt open at my sides, so that I was still sitting on it like a blanket but it was covering nothing. He reached in and played with my pussy for a while. I leaned back, opened my legs and closed my eyes. He somehow knew what to do and was pushing all the right buttons. I felt myself starting to rise toward an orgasm that I knew I'd have right at the table. But I didn't care, I just let it happen and let him scratch the itch he was rubbing! But then he stopped and started tugging at the skirt as if to pull it out from under me.

"No!" I whispered. "Please no!"

Phil stopped, looked at me, then grabbed the lapels of my blouse. "Rise up off the skirt and let me have it. If you don't, I will pull your blouse down to your elbows and then take the key and walk away. You will be topless and visible to everyone. When they come to help you, they will not be able to miss that you aren't wearing the skirt anymore either. All the time someone tries to help you, you will be fully naked before them and probably everyone else in the building. Or you can give me your skirt. I'll play with you a while longer then release you and you can get dressed. If you aren't up off that skirt by the count of five, I'll pull down your blouse, take the key and leave...."

"Five... four... three.. two..." I could feel him getting a better grip on the blouse, preparing to yank it down. "One... " and I came up off the skirt. He released the blouse and whisked the skirt out from under me and put it on the seat on the far side of him. "Open your legs again." He ordered. I complied, about ready to come. Yeah, this is what I was talking about! He reached back between my legs, which I promptly opened for him, and he resumed his attack on my nether regions. It stopped a few seconds later when my orgasm bubble burst.

I managed to keep the racket down to a minimum. When I came down, he looked only a little embarrassed. I smiled and turned my wrists toward him, and he complied by taking the key and freeing me. I at his suggestion buttoned my blouse and skirt which he gave back to me. A few minutes later Phil asked me if I was ready to go. It wasn't part of the plan for me to go home with anyone, but Jerry and I had not really worked out an escape route. I looked over to where Jerry was sitting but only saw him for a second as he disappeared into the bathroom. Phil must be timing this, I thought, but I was far too drunk to argue. What little arguing I was inclined to do faded away when I considered what an excellent cock I had felt on him and that I hadn't done anything for, or to him. I really wasn't in a mood to argue, but I was in even less condition to object as Phil helped me up and we started for the exit. I wasn't walking too well but I faintly remember us making it out the door. I walked in a fog to his two-seater sports car which took us to a fairly elegant house. Jerry was going to kill me, but 1) I didn't care, 2) I could blame it on the alcohol and Jerry’s bad timing in going to the bathroom, and 3) with every passing minute I could see that huge bulge in Phil’s pants and I wanted his cock deep inside me more and more. At the entryway I started clawing at his sweater and pants, and he removed what little I had on. Our clothes did not go any further into the house than that.

We lay down on a beautiful bed in a spacious bedroom and with a little begging on my part he ravished me with the part of him I was looking for. He thrust hard into me, driving me up that wall for a second time but he came as I was getting ready to. I felt his cock twitch powerfully inside me, and felt his semen jet against my vaginal wall. Once he rolled out, he worked me over the edge with his hands and I never quite recovered from that orgasm until morning.

I awoke to him climbing on top of me and I could feel a fully hard cock between his legs and I wanted it again. I had a bit of a hangover but I rubbed him and whispered encouragement as he gave me my third earth-moving of the encounter.

Two hours and a nice breakfast later I left with his phone number and a promise from me to stay in touch that we both knew I wouldn't keep. I felt both exhausted and completely sexually satisfied.

The third time wasn't anywhere near as fun. I had gone out to a company party that was employees only so Jerry wasn't there to keep an eye on me, and in what he termed "intentional bad judgement", I got tipsy. I’d never admit it but he was right. When I get tipsy, I get horny. And there was Holland, this blonde guy in IT who was tall, thin, and muscular and from what I could tell looked like he was likely above-average in the personnel department. I took him into a quiet, comfortable place upstairs and found out and he was indeed "above average" both in size and in his ability to use it. I remembered the sex but didn't remember the drive back to my house or crawling into bed at all.

Jerry found out the next morning when I woke up and the alcohol had worn off. I went straight to him and started begging his forgiveness but he said he already knew. Even if someone at the party hadn't tipped him off the cum leaking out of my pussy last night that he hadn't put in there would have. He wasn't happy.

So we wound up going on a hike with a couple of his friends. I was told before we started and of course agreed that I would do anything they said. To me this meant group sex once we got to the river. As I found out it also meant decreasing clothes the closer to the river we got. And fewer clothes didn't mean they took it off me and held on to it, fewer clothes meant that we left it on the trail cached just somewhere out of sight. Just before we got to the river handcuffs were added. And the guys spent the afternoon there at the riverside, drinking and me, naked the whole time except for shoes, servicing the four of them in every way they wanted. Except for leaving the clothes on the trail part, all in all a fun afternoon.

Meanwhile, back to our back yard. Brent had arrived. Jerry told him that I had behaved badly to him at the party this weekend. I had asked him to set me up like this as an apology and to tell Brent that I wanted to invite him to take whatever revenge he felt like until he felt properly apologized to. This was a total lie but as I was gagged, I couldn't make any corrections. Jerry looked down at me. He told Brent he would be going to a store to pick up something for me and named the store. The nearest store of that type was about twenty miles away, so he would be gone for over an hour. As far as Jerry knew no one would disturb Brent over that time. The rules were that he could do anything he wanted to me, even hurt me, but nothing permanent or scarring. There were some toys in the canvas sack beside me and he could use anything in there he wanted. Jerry said I was on the pill so Brent needn't use a condom unless he wanted to. I wasn't but I was in my off-cycle so it was ok. Jerry said he would prefer the ball gag stayed in place but that was up to Brent. I didn't necessarily need to be untied when Brent was finished, that too was up to him. Then Jerry walked through the side gate that Brent had entered through, climbed into his truck, fired it up, pulled out to the street and drove away.

I wanted to die. No one from work had any clue about this aspect of my personal life until now. Sure, I was a flirt and a tease, often wearing micro-short skirts with bare legs and high heels or other suggestive but professional and tasteful clothing. Yes, most of the men at work undressed me regularly with their eyes. I enjoyed that; it was part of the sexually uninhibited free spirit that I was. I do have the body, and if you've got it, why not flaunt it? Brent was no exception to this rule. I'd catch him looking at me at work just like most of the other males there. He looked up and down at the naked and stretched-wide body that was me at his feet and he didn't have to guess any more at what things looked like under the miniskirts and dresses and blouses. I was stretched so tight I could hardly move an inch so there was no way to hide from his gaze.

Brent was one of the other supervisors at work. He worked in a department I interacted little with. Not a bad guy but nothing about him caught my interest. I had a strict hands-off policy for co-workers: Some things are apparent even to me, and besides all I am is a tease. We had been to a company function this weekend and Jerry had sent me off half-naked as usual - a short skirt and one of those metallic tops that were backless except for two thin clear plastic straps across the back. My 36Cs were making an indent on the metallic front of the top. Brent, who had come alone, had late in the party and after too many drinks made a pass at me. In response, I who had also had too many drinks dumped my current one down his shirt and more or less slammed him, a little too publicly. I figured most would chalk it off to the sort of person I was and the alcohol I had been drinking. In retrospect, I could have been much easier on him but I was honestly too drunk to be smart enough to do so.

So early the Friday evening of the next weekend after the party, here I was, stark naked and helpless at the mercy of someone I had publicly embarrassed the previous weekend and teased mercilessly at work. Not specifically though, just like every other male there. This might not go too well for me.

He sat down on his heels and unstrapped the ball gag and pulled it out of my mouth. "You know, on a scale of 1 to 10 for wild, this is about eight hundred." he started.

I looked up at him. "Hi Brent. Fancy meeting you here." I did the best shrug I could, which wasn't much, given my position.

"I'd be lying if I said I'd never had any fantasies about doing you," he started, "I could really enjoy this. I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't pissed about last weekend even though we were both drunk off our asses. But there's a difference whether you're willing or not -- if you're not, it's called rape and I won't do that."

I gave a lame little smile. "I'd be lying if I said I was happy about either of us being here. I love Jerry very much and you'd be shocked to find out some things we do..." I paused for a second reconsidering my current position, then continued. "Well... maybe not after today. Anyway, sorry, but I'm here because Jerry wants me here, not for you, no matter what he said a minute ago. You're ok, there's nothing wrong with you. You look nice and you're a good person but you don't light my fires. I work with you and doing things with co-workers is a big no-no to me." I paused. "If I have a choice about it I don't particularly want to have sex with you or to have you do what you want to me, but," I tugged meaningfully at the ropes stretching out my wrists, "I guess my opinion doesn't matter much at the moment.

"I know I was way out of line for slamming you at the party," I continued, "I am sorry; that's not my style. I should have let you down easy instead of what I did. I normally do, but I... I was too drunk." And heading after someone else which didn’t work out but that didn't need to be said.

He smiled a little. I could see his thoughts in his eyes, it wasn't that hard. I was being offered to him on a platter and he was firmly interested in having me. He had a pretty decent lump in the front of his pants. He had a conflict on whether to do the honorable thing, which was to untie me and walk away or if he should give in to his lust, his anger, or both.

Jerry's plan was to have Brent give me a revenge fuck -- hard, no emotion, no interest on my part, just someone using my body however he wanted, fucking me hard. It looked like Brent was wavering a little. If I was to give Jerry what he wanted Brent looked like he needed a little push.

"Jerry wants me here and I let him tie me down, knowing that this was going to happen. I'm doing this for him but there's no reason for you not to take advantage of what you're given either." Brent's face changed, seeing the direction I was heading. "I don't want to do this for me but I am willing to let you do this to me because Jerry wants it to happen."

"Kneel down across my waist," I urged him, and he did. "Lean over and kiss me." He leaned over, laying full across my body, and gave me a deep French kiss. I could feel his cock which was plenty hard. If Brent did take me it wouldn't be that bad.

We kissed for a long minute. He sat back up. "Squeeze my breasts like melons," I urged him. He reached down, cupped most of each breast in a hand, and gave my 36Cs a firm squeeze. Not too tight, not painful. He scored points. Good grip.

"But I can't just do anything I want with you..." he started.

"And who is going to stop you?"

"Well, your husband wouldn't have just left you alone with someone who is a stranger."

"Seeing that he wants you to screw me royal, maybe he would. I don't know how but I'm sure I'm safe from anything, like he said, permanent being done to me. But he invited you to play any way you wanted with me. If his word is good, he's twenty miles away by now and still going." I didn't know just what was going on but I knew Jerry wouldn't leave me in danger. But neither would he interfere unless Brent went over the line.

Brent was still wavering. So much for the little push. Bigger ammo?

"What's in the bag he left?" I asked. Brent turned it over beside me. Out spilled a bunch of clothes pins, a ring gag, two large dildos, tubes of KY and heating rub and a box of condoms. He looked at them for a long moment then looked back at my bound and spread naked body. Thinking of how he'd use that stuff on me.

I shifted a little, hopefully pleasurably, underneath him. "Look, you know you want to. Every time I walk by at work and see you, you're watching me go by. You want to sink your hard shaft into my cunt. For every time I walked by wearing nearly nothing leaving you with a hard-on and nothing to do about it. I do that to you about ten times a week, don't I? Don't I have some sort of payback coming? When is it your turn?"

He looked at me like I had landed from another planet -- on one level he couldn't believe I was trying to talk him into what to him was raping me, but I could see another level, a baser level, was listening to me make arguments he was already making himself. He wanted to; it couldn't be missed.

"Don't I deserve a hard, rough cock in me -- revenge for all the hard cocks and blue balls I leave littered behind me wherever I go? You think I'm going to start wearing pants on Monday? What would the other guys tell you to do? Ram her for me, maybe? Make her suck your cock, come in her mouth, make your come drip out of her mouth for me. Teach her a lesson. This is what she gets for being a tease in front of you and everyone else." I stopped for a breath. He'd closed his eyes and was listening. "You won't have this opportunity again - either do me now or regret it forever."

"Besides, who in the hell do I think I am, turning you down at the party? Am I too good to have your cock in me? What, do I think you're too small or maybe I think you don't know how to use it? Well, you can put those questions to rest right now and there's nothing I can do but feel you pound into me. Fill me up with your cum and just leave me here stretched out, that cum leaking out of me. Shove that red ball back into my mouth, put me in my place, and show me who's in charge."

I could see in the expression on his face that he had snapped; I had won. He opened his eyes and smiled at me as he placed a finger over my mouth in a "sssh" gesture. "Ok. Enough." He said quietly.

He leaned back over me to French kiss me again. I turned my head to avoid him, but he grabbed my left nipple and gave a hefty pinch. Okay, okay, you've made your point, I thought as I looked back up and received his kiss. Well, Jerry, here's what you wanted. I hope you enjoy it.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss, returning it fully. We kissed for a full two minutes, his tongue fully exploring my mouth and mine his although not quite as enthusiastically. His hands ran over my chest unrestrained this time.

He got up then I found his cock in my mouth. I sucked on it with interest and was getting him back hard when he suddenly pulled out leaving me hanging (well, laying). He got up, pulled his clothes back together, then walked out the gate back to the front yard. Is he leaving me, I wondered? Jerry will be disappointed. After reviewing the last few minutes of my interaction with Brent, I couldn't think of anything I did wrong or that went wrong. I mentally shrugged, and settled back to wait for Jerry to return and release me.

Then, a minute later, I heard the gate reopen and someone come back in. I craned my head up to look. My blood ran cold. It was Brent and he was holding his cell phone in position to take pictures of me. There were two fast clicks.


Was he going to blackmail me? These pictures sure would be enough. I wasn't thrilled about this one-time screw thing but more than that was way out of line. He stopped and snapped a picture of me laying spread naked on the lawn, head up, looking at him from about ten feet away before I realized it. Damn, that one picture would be enough.

"Brent, please stop! Don't do this to me." He stood right beside me and snapped another, so I started turning my face away from the camera.

He moved to the other side of me, probably getting a picture of my turned-away face, my naked breasts and outstretched arms and the toys laying on the grass at my side. The ball gag still partially strapped around my head.

"Look at me." He commanded. "Look into the camera and smile."

I shook my head no; I would cry but it was about four pictures too late now. "No. Please stop! Brent, don't do this to me!"

I tried to turn my head away from him, so the camera wouldn't catch my face. He stood at my head and cradled my head between his shoes, facing me to look straight up into the camera. Then he snapped several pictures. I was frozen stiff. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go.

He moved for some longer-range pictures. "Brent... I'm begging you, don't do this to me!" I wailed. Then he came up to me and put back in the ball gag, then took more pictures.

I kept turning my head, so he took two ropes, tied them to the top of my ball gag and the posts holding my hands, then stretched them tight so I couldn't move my head from straight forward.

"Yeah, I will give you what you have coming," Brent told me, "today and plenty of tomorrows."

He took a dozen or more pictures, getting good pictures of my face as well as the rest of me. Then he bent down and removed the ball gag. I was still numb and frozen, hardly noticing that he pulled the ball gag out only to strap the ring gag tightly in its place.

He took plenty more pictures along with a couple of wide shots. Then he put the phone away and returned to me.

His clothes came off, then he presented his cock to my mouth. He correctly thought I would bite that thing off without the ring gag when he stuck his member. When I didn't start sucking, he reached down and pinched a nipple. The pain was enough to raise me out of my nightmare. I better start being pleasing to this man, I thought, he had me over a barrel now. I started sucking, mechanically; I still wasn't there mentally.

I sucked until he got hard, and he was tensing up to come when he withdrew. "You're not getting off that easy. No cum for your mouth. Only in your cunt." I closed my eyes, giving up on the easy way out. No, I'd done a great job of goading him into this. A little voice inside asked me why I wasn't happy, isn't this what I wanted?

He waited a few minutes, apparently cooling down then he put some KY on his cock, lay on top of me, and begin to fuck me. It was everything that Jerry would have liked, raw, unfeeling, angry. I was hardly there but that was okay, as I was already making the maximum contribution I could.

He kept going into me, strong and steady, stopping every few minutes to cool off then mounting me again. I was nowhere in sight; I wasn't going to be getting off now. Then after about four start-and-stops, he tensed, arched up, and I felt the throbs of his cock as he came several times in me. He settled down on top of me for a few minutes, then recovered, got up off of me, and redressed.

I just watched him. There was nothing else I could do. I felt his cum start to run out from between my spread legs, there was nothing I could do about that either. He took more pictures of me, including his cum drooling out of me. I wanted to die.

"Jerry ought to be here in about ten minutes. As long as you behave and do everything you're told I don't see any need for anyone else to see those pictures. If you behave."

He smiled slightly at me, then turned and walked away, leaving me still strapped naked to the lawn with his cum slowly dripping out of me. He took a picture of that, too.

I successfully avoided Brent at work Monday. I knew I couldn't avoid him forever and he'd start making demands soon. Tuesday, we ran into each other in the hallway. He sort of smirked at me. "I've got some nice pictures of some fun I had this weekend. Want to see?"

If looks could kill then Brent and the city block behind him would be smoldering ash.

"Come with me." he ordered in a quiet voice and walked into an empty conference room, shutting the door behind me. He backed me into a corner.

"I'll do what you say but you're going to pay for this someday," I told him.

"Fair enough. I plan to have a lot of fun with you until then though. Here's what I want from you. I want you to wear micros and miniskirts to work seven days out of every two weeks. One day each week you will wear no underwear - no panties, hose, or bra. And on those days, you will stop by early in the day and prove it to me. I might stop by from time to time on those days to make sure you aren't putting anything on when you're not around me."

I slightly nodded. I had pretty much expected something like this. I wore miniskirts anyways two or three times a week as it was. I could wear them more often. But the undie-less day...

"I don't want to embarrass you at work and I don't want to force you out of here, but I may ask you to do things you don't want to do and I expect you to do them anyway, immediately."

"Or else you'll send the photos to everyone here at work," I started, resigned.

"And anywhere else I can. Standard blackmail contract, you see," He smiled briefly.

I nodded painfully. "Is there anything else?"

He moved aside. "No. Your first day in a mini with no underwear is tomorrow and I expect to see you prove it early in the morning. Got it?"

I didn't say a word, just nodded and pushed past him out the door.


Jerry and I talked about it that night at home. To my amazement, Jerry didn't seem too upset. He told me that while this was unexpected, he didn't have a problem with the idea of Brent blackmailing me sexually at work. Jerry's instructions were to tell him about everything that happened as soon as I could. But if all Brent wanted to do was sexually blackmail me, then Jerry thought I should just co-operate. As Jerry said, "maybe you'll think twice before wiping someone out who you should just let down gently." I could see that if it stayed on a sexual level Jerry wouldn't do a thing about it; I was on my own. If it got beyond that, to things that would be illegal like embezzling or something or he hurt me or caused me work-related problems Jerry made it clear he'd take care of the situation right away.

My head spun a bit at that and I wondered if Jerry and Brent were working together on this. Jerry was kinky enough to probably enjoy the thought of me twisting in the wind at someone's hand as long as it didn't get out of control or actually hurt me or my career. To be honest I could deal with it, uncomfortably, if it was what Jerry wanted and if I knew I had him covering my back if things got out of hand. No way I'd like it but I could handle it and I would do it. For Jerry.


The next day I was walking into work dressed as ordered. After taking care of the morning crises I went by Brent's office. It was public enough that anything we said would be overheard. I squeezed into a corner not visible from the hall and sat on a low file cabinet there.

"Thank you for stopping by." He started.

"I just wanted to let you know that I got your message yesterday." I said then parted my legs wide enough that he got all the confirmation of the beaver shot he wanted.

"I see you did. Thank you!"

I smiled a little, resigned, then stood up and left.

Thursday morning around 10am and I was in a mini again that day. Brent came up to me as I walked down the hallway. "Plan to skip your lunch. At eleven sharp, meet me up on the mezzanine." I nodded, but didn't say anything. My heart sagged a little; my best guess is that he wanted a little afternoon, or more noontime delight. Well, nobody was going to help me out of my fix, so I started to adjust to the thought.

But the mezzanine? I supposed, if you wanted somewhere in the plant that was quiet and private that was pretty much your only option. Several years before it was the admin area for about 50 people, a long windowless run on the second floor, wide enough for a four-plex of cubes to run down one side and single, larger cubicles for supervisors on the other. Nobody really went there anymore unless they were just passing through, the lights were left off and the cubicles abandoned except where maintenance was slowly disassembling the cubes as they were needed elsewhere. Private but not completely private; people could just walk in from either end on the way to the other side of the building and did so, not frequently, but a lot.

I didn't have a choice. At 10:56 I checked out for lunch then walked over to the back stairs and up into the large, darkened room. It took a moment but I saw Brent approaching from the other side. He walked up to me silently. He didn’t say a word to me and I didn't feel like talking. He took my hand and led me about halfway between the doors, the soft shuffling of his shoes counterpoint to the sound of my heels on the carpet in the darkened room. In about the middle of the Mezzanine he led me to the back row of the cube farm side there. When I saw what was waiting, I froze solid.

Rope, tied to the four corners of the floor of the left cubicle. No. I could handle the quick high-school-style fuck, but bondage here at work was out.

"No way! Someone will find me!"

"Yes way, and now." He paused to let it sink in. "I want all your clothes in my hands and you laying down there in position."


"Okay," He turned to start to go, "Jean and all the people in your department will be the first to get the pictures." He paused to watch my face turn sour. "I'll tie you down here, mess with you a bit, but you're far enough inside to stay hidden if someone walked by. The only way someone would see you is if they walked right back to the specific cube and the only reason they'd do that is if they heard something. I don't want to ruin what we have going so you know I will stay quiet and so will you. Now strip and lay down."

I looked at him for a long moment. Jerry did want me to play along and I couldn't guarantee Brent wouldn't actually carry out his threat. If he did then Jerry had made it clear that if Brent woke up in a hospital he would have been fortunate indeed. OK, Jerry and Brent, you SOBs, have fun. I stepped out of my heels. "Ok, You son of a bitch, you win."

In short order I pulled off the rest of my clothes. Since I wasn't wearing much it didn't take long. Once I lay down Brent slipped loops that were in the ropes over my wrists and tightened them then did the same to my feet. I wasn't stretched out tight. He was leaning up to the rope on my wrists to fix that when we heard, on the far side of the room, the west door open.

We both froze solid. I lay still and he knelt just as still over me as a set of footfalls walked down the length of the room. I freaked out as they came closer and was near panic as they drew ever nearer. Male shoes, not heels, approaching and passing no more than ten feet away. Here I lay, stark naked, bound wide open and unable to cover anything if whoever it was noticed me. But the shoes kept moving and a minute later we heard the east door open then close a second later.

It was a good thing I was tied up already or that would have been it. He could have emailed the damn pictures to the entire fucking country. But in my state Brent was easily able to tighten the ropes to my wrists and ankles, rendering me in a nude tight spread-eagle. He ran his hands up and down my sides, across my breasts and into my pussy hair. He reached up on the desk above me to a plastic bag that was there and grabbed a roll of duct tape. "No, please!" I begged, but he wasn't interested in my pleas. He tore off a piece and then pressed it firmly over my mouth.

He did enjoy himself with my naked, stretched, helpless body. Fortunately, he was quick and hard. I wasn't there enough to reach an orgasm, but managed to get wet enough with some rubbing help from Brent to make the event manageable. He came inside me, then stood up and quickly dressed. Ok, you've had your fun, I thought, now let me go.

But then he reached for my clothes, carefully folded them and put them in the bag. He gave me a mock kiss good-bye through the tape. "I'll be back in about thirty minutes. The quieter you are the safer you are. Stay safe!" He stood up; I heard his footsteps heading for the west exit. Then came the sound of the door opening and closing and then nothing but silence.

I'd have killed him except for the trouble I’d have hiding the body. I could work on that, though. He did come back and let me go after the half hour but several people walked past in that time. I heard Laura and Terrie walk past slowly in conversation, gossiping, and it seemed they stopped right on the other side of the divider from where I lay spread-eagled and naked. Laura and I never had liked each other and if she had come around the divider, she probably would have made a point of inviting the whole building by, to share her discovery before letting me go. But they, like everyone else left and then Brent was back and I was let loose with no further incident. I was dressed again and heading back to my office in a heartbeat. When I told Jerry about it, he fucked me soundly and enthusiastically that night to two orgasms and another every night thereafter for the next five days. He wore me out but I was happy to be worn out by him. I was still going to kill Brent but until I did with Jerry it did seem to have some advantages.

About a year later Brent picked up a promotion to our company headquarters on the west coast. I was quite relieved; he'd be gone and I hoped the blackmail nightmare would end. Not that it was that bad -- he relented on the no-undies stuff after about two months and one nearly-disastrous day and didn't have me dress in much less than I would have anyway. Only once in a while he made demands of me. Of course, when he did, they were doozies.

He didn't say anything about the move or what would come of our "arrangement" to me. We did have a convention that we both were going to as part of a party of six of our employees. I wasn't happy about being in Chicago relatively alone with Brent and without Jerry but Jerry reassured me it would be okay as long as I told him about everything "interesting" that happened when I got home. He reminded me that he trusted me and if Brent got too far out of line Jerry had complete willingness and plenty of ideas on how to fix that. He assured me I’d be happy with any or all of them.

I realized Brent could always pass the photo files and the story over to someone else at the plant. There was no way I could ask about it and I really didn't know. Yes, Brent took great advantage of me at times and put me in some pretty terrifying situations. But he never put me in a situation where anyone else would definitely find out and nobody had so far. It was pretty old-hat with me. I get to be your sexual plaything, you heartless bastard. Tell me what to do and let's get it done so I can get it over with. Another day in the life of the average blackmailed female co-worker.

Brent told me a few days before we left that this was his last chance with me. He was planning to make the most of it and I should be prepared for that. He wasn't about to pass the photos to anyone else as long as I was good to him at the convention. Neither did he see how anything could be done with them from that far away so he thanked me for being good about it and told me that next week would be the end of it. No, he would not give me the pictures back. He enjoyed looking at them from time to time and he'd continue to keep them safe and private. But I needed to be sure to bring a string bikini for the trip. I knew just which one Jerry would have me take.

The convention was about normal; we set up our booth and chatted up anyone who stopped long enough to be a potential target. My short skirts, long legs and long blonde hair were nothing but gravy. After the day we met as a team and went over the day. After it ended Brent asked me to meet him at the indoor pool in thirty minutes. I sighed but nodded as I exited the elevator at my floor. Hell, the way he had me he could sleep in my bed and screw me every night and that was pretty much what I expected to happen.

Thirty minutes later I walked into the resort's pool area. My black string bikini covered little on me and a towel was in my hand. It was a bit too little clothing for me in a semi-company environment. I had been unhappy but compliant about a lot of things with Brent and this was just another item in the list. It was sparsely used and Brent was the only person I recognized in the huge room. He was swimming laps but swam over to greet me as soon as he saw me. Two families, looking like they were together, were also in the area. The two couples had two older teenage boys and a girl probably about twelve.

"Thank you for coming." He started. As if I had a choice. I would like to spend a little time in the jacuzzi with you, maybe a half-hour, then I have something else in mind.

"Whatever." Once again, not as if I had a choice. With that and knowing him I was pretty sure what was coming in my immediate future. I walked over to the corner where the jacuzzi was. I looked down into the still, crystal clear water and turned the controls for the unit to the maximum time, sixty minutes, and maximum strength. A low hum emitted from the water as pressurized, heated water began circulating and obscuring the water. I was grateful for that. Leaving my towel on the side I slowly slid in.

He joined me a moment later leaving his towel right beside mine on the deck. He slid in and stretched, enjoying the water. Then he crooked a finger at me and ordered me over to him.

He didn't even ask, he just smiled at me as his hands slipped below the water and removed the bikini bottoms. I wasn't shocked since I pretty well knew this was coming. I scooted up so he could do it more easily, no point in pissing him off or making it obvious to the others in the room. I slid further down into the water, covering up my chin with the rich layer of bubbles I was grateful the jacuzzi provided. I didn't have to slouch too much. As expected, his hands then undid both straps and removed my bikini top.

What was coming next, I wasn't sure of. Either he could use the strings from my top to tie my hands likely behind my back or just put the bikini in his towel and walk away with it and both towels. I looked at the timer. 57 minutes. It would be a few minutes before 10, the pool's closing time, when it ran out. He actually did both. He drew from inside his towel a small length of rope and told me to turn and put my wrists together behind me. I complied and he tied my wrists behind me. He tied me tightly enough so there was no hope of slipping out of it but not so tight that it cut off circulation. He took a few minutes, from the surface appearing to talk to me, the five or eight other people in the room oblivious to us. He felt up and squeezed my breasts and ran his hand between my legs. He was trying to slip a finger in so I shifted to the right position to let him. I was grateful for the solid layer of bubbles covering the top of the water and my nudity and aware that once the bubble stopped, if nothing else changed, I was going to have one hell of a problem. But he thanked me and it looked like he wanted to give me a kiss but I glared that away. Hiding my bikini inside his towel he reset the time to 60 and said he'd be back just before the timer ran out. Hopefully, he said, he wouldn't be late. In my current situation I could do nothing but watch him walk out the only non-emergency entrance and exit to the pool area with both of our towels and my bikini. He left me nude, hands tied behind my back, and quite vulnerable in a public place. There was not a towel or anything I could use within twenty feet of me and the pool area surely had cameras. I looked up and saw two high up on the walls. To step out of the jacuzzi I would be naked, everything visible to everyone else in the pool with my hands tied behind my back and it would surely be recorded. I struggled with my wrists for a few minutes but the rope was tied tightly and had no give. I gave up on that. My only protection was the layer of bubbles that would cease in 56 minutes. Brent damn sure better not be late.

I began to relax. The water felt good and there was nothing else to do. Brent had been pretty careful to keep me safe. While it was scary as hell, he would most likely continue keeping me safe here. If I got found like this there would be hell to pay for me but it would be easy to send some of it his way. Someone had to tie my hands behind me and walk off with my bikini and the video would show it was him.

Then things went to hell. The two families left except the two teenage boys. After a few minutes to make sure their families were not stopping back they climbed into the hot tub with me. One of them left his towel on the deck right beside me. They had been in the room the whole time, swimming in the main pool. They didn't appear to be brothers. I was getting a real bad feeling about this. I wondered how much of what had passed between Brent and I they saw, and if they knew just what my condition was underneath the protective layer of bubbles.

There was small talk for a few minutes, then the one who had left his towel beside me asked if I could hand it to him. My blood ran cold. They knew, they must know. Even if my hands weren’t tied, to grab the towel my chest and likely my bottoms would be out of the bubbles. Damn Brent to hell! I politely refused. They looked at each other, as if to confirm something, then both slid around the jacuzzi until they were on either side of me. They each ran a hand over my uncovered breast and down my side to confirm my condition.

"Get away from me right now!" I hissed. "I'll scream and they'll call the cops on you both!"

Hands then followed my arms down to where they discovered the ropes binding them behind me. "Wow," one of them said. "Didn't see that coming."

“I don't think you will,” the other one answered me confidently. "Sure, you could, and we'd run like hell, but as we left we'd turn the jacuzzi off. And you wouldn't want that, would you?" He ran his hands leisurely over my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples.

"How'd you know?" I demanded. "Did he tell you?"

"Actually no," the first one admitted, "he stayed long enough and we could see he was messing with you but then left you here with the jacuzzi running. The giveaway was that he took your towel. We knew something was up and you were probably naked. We had no ideas about your wrists though. But you are so incredibly a mega-babe and looked so good in that bikini. You’d look so much better out of it so we had to come see.

“We think your boyfriend or husband will be back a little before the timer shuts off. And if you are good, we'll be long gone by then. You just have to be good. Especially with your hands tied behind you like that " Two hands roughly pulled my knees apart and then they both locked their inside legs over mine, strapping my legs widely and their hands began to explore down there. "It's up to you but if you are going to scream, scream now and get it over with, ok?"

They looked at me. I glared at them but made no sound.

"Good." The first one concluded. He moved me, with only a little resistance, so that I was between his legs, back to him, leaning up against him. He took his time fondling and squeezing my breasts from behind me and running his hand through my pussy hair. When he had enough, he pointed to his friend. "Now do that for him."

I was passed to the second teen who subjected me to more of the same. "Pity we can't get her to give us blow jobs." The second one said. "My balls are about to explode."

"Maybe there is a way." The other one mused. He did something under the water which was undoubtedly him pulling down his trunks. "Bring her over here, facing me."

"No. dammit, no way." I hissed as I was manhandled into position.

"Scream anytime, beautiful. You know what will happen."

He scrunched down a little and I felt him position himself right under me. All that had to happen was for me to drop down and take him inside me. I sighed loudly and closed my eyes in acquiescence but I'd be damned if I would cooperate that much. He grabbed my breasts in a firm, mildly painful grip then used them to pull me up and down on him. When he lifted me, I came up and my shoulders cleared the bubbles but he couldn't pull me high enough to see my breasts without pulling me off of him and that he was unwilling to do. It took about five minutes then he slammed me down hard and held me there as I felt him jet into me five, six times.

Him finished, we both looked at the other boy. I was moved over and mounted on him but after a few tries he said no and told his friend to catch me. Unable to prevent it I was pushed back to where the other boy could hold my shoulders which left me at an angle but pretty much vertical. The boy who had pushed me over stood up, grabbed my thighs, and pulled my hips upward so he could have me.

"Are you two crazy?” I squeaked. “There are cameras in here!"

"You're still under the water babe and I'm sure this is far from the first time someone got fucked in this jacuzzi. Besides, what choice do you have?" By that time the one entering me had hit a rhythm and was proceeding with abandon. Even covered by the water I felt so ashamed for this to be happening to me and for the cameras to be seeing it. At least I wasn't being held above the water. My chest did break the surface every once in a while for a few seconds but they didn’t want that and they’d hold me back under quickly. The one doing me finished with a long series of very hard pounding then came into me too with a grimace and a groan. After a long thirty seconds of trembling he was done.

With that complete they looked at the timer which still showed twenty minutes. They mumbled thanks (really?) then climbed out of the jacuzzi. To my horror the first one walked over and snapped off the timer. The room fell silent except for the water gently lapping at the sides of the main pool as the bubbles died down and the jacuzzi water became crystal clear. They stood at the far side of the jacuzzi, drinking in my naked body, my breasts and bushy public hair. With my hands tied behind me I could do nothing. "We'll turn it back on in just a second." They promised. There was nothing I could do but hope they did. I had a minor bit of cover in the water but at least one of the cameras was probably getting a good view. But I felt anxious and sick; all they had to do was walk away.

But when they had seen enough, they grabbed their towels and the first one turned the timer back on, but only for ten minutes. The bubbles were again a thick cover over the top of the jacuzzi but not as long as they needed to be.

"Hey, that has twenty minutes left. You didn't set it long enough."

"I know."

"But why?" I begged. "I did everything you wanted! I let you both have sex with me!"

"Because I can." And he walked away.

I spent the ten minutes after that figuring out where in the jacuzzi was the best place to be in terms of the cameras in case Brent didn't come in on time. He didn't, and the unit clicked off and the bubbles faded to crystal clear in a few seconds' time. I just curled up with my knees up to my chest and feet tucked tightly beneath me. Brent came in about two minutes later, looked happy which gave way when he saw the jacuzzi off. First thing he did was turn it back on then slid into the water. He placed my bikini in my lap as he reached behind me and freed me.

I so desperately wanted to lay into him, but had decided against telling him anything. It wouldn't change what had already happened. He asked what had happened with the timer, it should still be running. I told him the two teenage boys that were already here had figured out what had happened and came into the jacuzzi and felt me up. He apologized and said he had spent the time right outside the door in case someone we knew entered the pool area. He didn't come in to check on me because he wanted me to feel all alone. He was very, very sorry and he'd be more careful in the future. He walked me up to my room and that was that. He thankfully didn’t insist on spending the night in my bed and in me.

The second night the girls wanted to go out to a fancy dinner and there was no way I could skip that without raising very difficult questions. Brent knew it too and said the guys had a dinner planned of their own. He said he wanted one quick thing that we could do before I left. "I need to take you one place and it will only take a few minutes. After that, please rest well, I still want to do that thing I had planned for last night after the jacuzzi. It won’t take long and I just need to show you something so I won't take no for an answer." I nodded gratefully, but with a statement like that perhaps the night wasn't going to be all that restful. He still hadn’t dropped into my bed or ordered me into his; I wondered if tonight that would change.

We were on the ground floor. He took me to the west end of the building and into the stairwell that people would use in case of a fire. There was no door, but an opening showing the stairwell. He led me down one floor to the bottom of it. I slipped off my heels once I saw we were going down stairs to make it easier. The bottom was plain, had a locked door that probably led to some sort of mechanical equipment. I looked up, the stairs had about a three-foot gap between the sides and you could see all the way up to the top of the 15-floor tower. He thanked me, led me back to the ground floor, then wished me a good night.

The next night an hour or so after dinner I was at Brent's room as requested. Demanded. I was in the light dress and sandals I had worn that day since he hadn't specified anything different. He smiled as he opened the door at my knock but exited his room and led me back to the elevator. Unsure of what was going on but sure I had to follow him and do whatever he asked I went with him. He took me back to my room and told me to leave my heels and purse there; I wouldn't be needing them. The only thing I should have with me was my room card key. So barefoot and bare-legged since it was a pretty short dress and holding only the plastic card we headed back for the elevators.

We entered one and to my surprise he pushed the top floor button. Up we went. I had wondered if at some point he would have me and take pictures of me naked in the halls and this looked like it. Everyone in our group was on the bottom five floors. Hopefully he wouldn't tie my hands behind me or to one of the hallway light fixtures when he did it. But he walked to the end of the hall and ushered me into the stairwell, the top of the same stairwell we visited last night. I looked at it. The stairs went up further, probably roof access and maybe a floor or two for utilities and air conditioning. The stairs went down what seemed like forever and only a few more floors up.

This was our last night here. After the work day tomorrow most of our team was heading for the airport, he and I included. He took me up to the top where the stairs ended in a door and the other half of the stairwell was just a concrete slab with the railing and a fire department pipe in the far corner. We arrived, and as I looked at him, he motioned me to remove my dress and hand it to him. That took only a second and as I did, he drew two sets of handcuffs out of his pocket. I sighed but held my hands out, naked, saving him the effort of having to order me to. One set went around my wrists in front of me, the other set went one end around the handcuff chain and the one of the metal pipes that formed the railing. It was actually kind of warm up there so the environment wouldn't be a problem.

I watched as he took and pocketed my door key and then tied my dress into a very tight ball. I didn't understand it until, satisfied with his work, he leaned over the railing into the space between the two sides of the stairwell and dropped it. I gave a muffled shriek as gravity did its thing and the only clothing I had available to me plunged eighteen stories to the basement below us. At least I now understood why he showed me the basement yesterday.

He motioned for me to lay down on the floor and I did. He tied one ankle to another section of the railing and the other to the standpipe, putting me into a "Y" and stretching me out helplessly. I could do nothing but lay there and let him do whatever he wanted and hopefully let me go afterward. I was being as absolutely silent as I could and listening intently for the sound of someone entering the stairwell.

Then he proceeded to do the obvious thing. Off came his clothes and he lay on top of me, kissing me, then licking and chewing on my breasts. He then settled down to the traditional in-and-out which took about ten minutes for him to complete.

He fished out my door key and showed it to me. "I want you to go down to the basement and get your dress and then come to my room to show me. I won't give you your key back unless you have your dress back but I don’t think you’ll be in one of the floor hallways without your dress anyways. I want to spend the night with you but we'll get you back to your room early enough so no one notices." He removed both sets of handcuffs, leaving my ankles still tied but I could easily remedy that. "Have fun, and see you in a while." With that he turned and descended the stairs and went through the 15th floor door. He could do that; he wasn't naked.

Going down the stairwell naked was scary. I got a huge fright when I was on the fifth-floor landing and two people entered the stairwell at the third floor but thankfully they went to the ground floor and out. When I was at the landing between the second and first floor someone started down from the fourth but I just sped past the ground floor opening and by the time they got there I already had my dress back on.

I made it back to Brent’s room with no incidents. Brent wasn't bad. Not Jerry but he was comfortable and nice to hold his naked body while he held mine. We both had a good time and fell asleep nude beside one another afterward. We woke up a little early and at his request did things one more time. As I left, he stopped me for a second. He knew there had been times I hadn’t liked it, and times I hated him, but he had enjoyed things with me. Hopefully someday I might not think that everything he put me through was a nightmare. But it was over. He had no time and no plans to ask anything of me before he was gone. He promised to keep the picture files very, very safe and told me Jerry was one hell of a lucky man.


Five years passed, and two promotions came over that time. I lost Jerry in an auto accident about two years into it. It took six months to just want to wake up and a year and a half for me to even think about another man. I found I wasn't that interested. If I couldn't find someone I could love like I did Jerry, why bother? He was truly one of a kind. I heard Brent was doing equally as well and occasional stories about how he was doing on the other side of the country.

One December I had gone to our headquarters for the company Christmas party. I found to my surprise Brent, still looking rather well, with a stunning blonde woman hanging on his arm. She had on one ring with a large diamond and a second ring that of course matched his. We smiled and I complimented him on his happy ending with Teresa. He told me how sorry he was to hear about Jerry and how he had never known two people who had loved each other as much as Jerry and I. I was indeed blessed to love and be so loved by someone such as he and I. I thanked him for his kind words and inwardly I smiled. If anyone within a thousand miles could know it was Brent and he was right. He excused himself for a second, then returned without Teresa and with a small clear baggie holding three thumb drives in his hand. "I don't need these anymore and haven't even thought about them since I met Theresa three years ago." He was just too afraid to mail it to me either at home or especially to work. He wished me well, told me I was one in a million, and hoped for me that lightning could strike twice.


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