Just Being Neighbourly

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; toys; reluct; X

Since the day she moved in next door I had been helplessly in love with her.  She was gorgeous and, during the summer, I spent hours looking out my upstairs window at her sunbathing in the back garden.

In my mind Mary could have been the model for the ultimate in feminine beauty.  I knew for a fact that she was 5’ 8”, 38” 24” 36” and lying in the sun gleaming with sheen of oil or dressed to perfection to go to her office, eye catching was an understatement.

I have been told that I am attractive and I do try to keep myself presentable but compared to my neighbour I felt like the ugly sister.

Now the colder weather had arrived and, even though she didn’t know it, this weekend Mary was going to be my guest and we were going to have some serious fun.

I had watched as she left for work this Friday morning.  She was single and a very successful chartered accountant; many days she didn’t bother driving since the local transit system had a bus stop just around the block from our homes.  The silvery gray leather coat was tightly buttoned and belted with the hem just brushing the top of the knee boots she wore.  The 3” block heels were sensible with our uncertain weather but she, somehow, made them look like 6” stilettos.

At 4 o’clock I left my own house wearing my dark brown leather coat, the hood up against a cold wind.  My boots, like hers were knee length and sensibly heeled.  I took the bus down to the junction of the route from her office and settled on a bench to wait.

As soon as I got a glimpse of her very distinctive coat at the other end of the depot I quickly boarded the waiting local bus and stared out of a window.  Naturally, I was very surprised when Mary slid in the seat beside me with a friendly greeting.

We chatted about this and that on the way home and then, as we were walking towards our houses, I tried my play.

“I’ve got those quotes we wanted to fix the fence between our gardens Mary.  Do you have time for a cup of tea so we can decide which to accept?”

“After the week I’ve just finished a cup of tea sounds like just the thing I need to unwind a bit.”

If she only knew!

Mary hung our coats in the closet while I went to put the kettle on and make the tea then we sat side by side at the table looking at the paperwork and sipping Earl Grey.

I used one hand to catch the cup and the other to steady Mary making sure she didn’t hurt herself as she slumped forward.  I turned her head so that her cheek was resting on the table and gently stroked that lovely face, tucking her hair behind her ear and reveling in the games I had planned for the two of us.

Just over an hour later she was naked except for the ankle and wrist cuffs that held her spread-eagled on my bed chesterfield.  There was no way to carry her upstairs so I had opened the couch in the living room and used the unobtrusive ring bolts installed at the corners to strap her down.

The leather discipline helmet covered her head except for eyeholes, an opening over her mouth and two smaller ones under her nostrils. Since the helmet would be on for some time I had selected one that was rubber lined to protect the leather from her perspiration.  As I had tugged at the laces down the back it molded to her features like a gleaming black second skin.  Her hair came out through a small hole at the top of her head and was braided it to keep it out of the way.

Deep in each ear, under the helmet, were small receivers with the aerials tucked behind her ears.  The CD player on the table beside the bed was loaded with everything from the classics of Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven to modern day Roger Williams.  I felt it would be more relaxing for Mary, with the situation she found herself in, than the usual white noise.

I was also naked for the moment as I straddled her waist, working the rubber covered ring gag between Mary’s teeth, then buckled its strap behind her head.  Sitting back on my haunches I watched while Mary came out from under the sedative I had laced in her tea.  Once her eyes blinked a few times and then focused, I settled the foam lined leather blindfold over them and lifted her head to tighten the strap that would hold it in place.

Knowing that she was completely conscious made it safe to screw the large rubber insert through the ring gag effectively muting my captive neighbour.

Now there was time for me to get into my favorite outfit and, after a quick check of Mary’s bonds, I picked up all the discarded clothing to take upstairs with me.

Like the hood laced so tightly over Mary’s head my leather one piece body suit fit like a glove.  The legs ended at the ankle but were hidden beneath the tightly laced knee boots with 5” heels and the top, which confined my breasts so firmly, ended with a 2” neck band.  Even though she could not see it I had redone my makeup with lots of colour around the eyes and a brilliant red lipstick.

Sitting watching her I pulled on the elbow length kid gloves and knew that, as planned, this was going to be very slow and very delicious.  Leaning over I ran my tongue around her nipple and, even though the spread eagle had partially flattened her breasts, the tip responded allowing me to carefully capture it with a clamp.  Sitting back, gloating, I waited fifteen minutes before repeating the process on the other one.

When my leather covered fingers started to slowly stroke her inner thighs she groaned and I could see her testing the fur lined cuffs.  I allowed one hand to tempt her love nub from its hiding place then captured it with yet another clamp.

Fighting to keep my patience, and stay with the scenario I had planned for the last week, I waited again, practically drooling over the beautiful, helpless form stretched in front of me.  Finally I unbuckled the strap holding her right ankle to the foot of the bed and pulled her leg up and over until I could re-fasten it to the same bolt holding her wrist.

The left leg received the same treatment and then I could tighten both straps until her ankles almost touched her wrists.

Standing back, quivering with anticipation, I removed the crotch cover from my suit and slowly worked the 6” length of a double dildo inside me; no lubrication was needed, I was making enough of my own.  After fastening the several buckles around my thighs and waist I climbed on the bed and settled myself until the other head of the strap-on was resting at the entrance to Mary’s love tunnel.

Reaching between her legs I gently began to massage her breasts and then, infinitely slowly, pushed my hips forward until the head of the double dildo disappeared.  Feeling the pressure on the shaft inside me, I gradually rotated my body between the waist and knees, doubling and then tripling the sensations, as I leaned further forwards forcing the hard rubber to its full length inside my captive.

There were some muffled moans getting past the gag but they stopped as I worked my hips backwards and forwards allowing the toy to rape us both.  Her head was shaking from side to side as the air whistled through the nose holes in the helmet.

I was having trouble controlling my own building reactions to the movement of the dildo inside me and, finally, I knew I could hold it no longer.  With one last effort I withdrew almost all the way, pulled the clamps from her nipples and immediately rammed back into her.

Oh God!

Gradually I recovered from the most amazing orgasm and lifted myself from where I had collapsed over Mary’s body.  Her chest was heaving as she tried to get more air than the helmet allowed and I withdrew the dildo then retied her ankles to the foot of the bed leaving her to recover in a more comfortable position.

Taking off the strap-on to clean it and then the two of us with a warm cloth I collected a bottle of white wine that had been chilling in the fridge and poured myself a glass.  Not liking to drink alone I removed the plug from the ring gag, took a large sip from the glass and then leaned over to slowly let it dribble from my mouth to Mary’s.

After an hour or so I repeated the whole process and, between us, we finished the wine.  Totally satisfied and tired I tied Mary’s right wrist to her left, did the same with her ankles and then crawled on the bed and spooned her against me.  Pulling a cover over us I slept.

The next morning I locked Mary’s wrists behind her back, released her ankles and maneuvered her to the powder room to do the necessary.  After that I used several lengths of cord to hold her in a kitchen chair while I threw a couple of bananas, some strawberries and a couple of pints of yogurt in the blender.

It was really erotic to watch as I used a small spoon to place the mixture in her mouth through the ring gag.  She collected it with her tongue, swallowed, and then explored her mouth for the next offering.

After that late breakfast I led her back to the bed and used plastic wrap around each wrist to protect her skin then taped them to her thighs.  Turning her to lay on her stomach I strapped her ankles wide apart, pulled on a latex glove and greased her rear entrance for the butt plug.  That got a reaction but she had no way of resisting and I followed it with a nice large dildo in the front.  I used a stretchy rubber crotch strap to hold everything in place then wrapped and taped her ankles together.

The large clear plastic bag was made for garment storage but, as I worked it up her body, she fit inside very nicely.  Sitting her up I gathered the top of the bag around her neck ready to tape it closed but first poured in two bottles of baby oil.

Allowing Mary to fall back I started to massaged her entire body through the plastic; rolling her from side to side until she was completely coated with the oil.

Kneeling beside her on the bed I allowed my left hand to kneed her breasts and their erect nipples while my right hand held the vibrating wand.   For a few seconds I allowed the tip of the wand to touch her crotch but it was enough for her body to arch in search of harder contact.

After teasing her for more than half an hour I finally pushed the wand down between her legs so that, without tearing the plastic, it contacted both the butt plug and the dildo.

Almost immediately Mary arched upwards until the back of her head and her feet were the only parts of her touching the bed.  As she collapsed back down I turned off the wand.

As her breathing slowed and became as regular as it could, given the restrictions of the helmet, she suddenly began to grunt.

The first few notes of Beethoven’s 5th.

Thirty seconds later I had the gag out and was peeling off the blindfold.

“Why did you safe word?  Are you all right?

“What time is it?”

“Just after 3 on Saturday afternoon.”

“I thought so.  That was such a lovely session I wanted it to go on forever but I have a meeting with a special client on Sunday and have to do some homework on the account.  You didn’t give me a chance to tell you.”

“Damn, I had something very special planned for tonight.”

“Save it for another time and Anne, why don’t you sell or rent this house and move in with me?  It would be so much more sensible than us just being neighbourly!”