June Hangs Around

by Paultt

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June Strickland walked into her husbands large garage and looked up. Her nemesis was hanging above her husband. It had been used to get her into trouble before. he was looking nervous as if he once again had agreed to her demands and wasn't sure of it .

She looked at him and smiled. “Ready?” was all she said.

He looked over at her and nodded and opened the box on his special tool box. June walked over and kissed him. He kissed her back holding her tight ran his hand down and smoothed her bottom. She ground her pelvis into his hard on.

“Have you locked the roller shutter door?” she asked?

He kissed her hard and said, “Of course, this would make the papers big style!”

He loves his wife so much. This is why he complied with her strange demands.

The space heater was roaring in the corner and the garage was warm. The industrial estate was snow covered outside and this meant they were guaranteed some privacy. Plus the fact it was a Saturday night and apart from the large chemical company nobody worked on there over the weekend. John had spent the afternoon warming his garage up and cleaning the pit and the floor.

June was exceptional! He had realised that 10 years ago when he first met her and to keep her satisfied he would have to go the extra mile and do things that went with loving her.

Tonight was a case in point.

June had shown him something on the internet and she had got in her head that this cold winters night was the night for them to try it. He did worry about her masochistic ways but he loved her and knew if she didn’t complete her fantasies then she would just fester. He had watched the videos and things on the internet and found them a little worrying very scary, but this wasn’t the weirdest one but he did think it would hurt her more than the others.

June walked over to his office and brought the camcorders out and placed them on the two tripods where she had positioned them to catch the action. She loved to film herself and then watch as she found it weird as if her pain or orgasms were happening to someone else, it was one of her hugest turn ons. June had decided in her own mind that this was the next thing she had to try. It would bloody well hurt but with her it was always no pain no gain.

Walking over to the work bench set out with all her tools as she liked to call them she picked up the large anal plug and the ridged knobbly dildo and a can of lube. Sitting on the chair by the inspection pit she lifted her skirt and sitting on the edge of the chair lubed up the anal plug and gently worked into herself looking at the camera and moaning and groaning as it sunk into her up to the base. Then bringing herself to the edge of orgasm as she reamed herself with knobbly dildo.

John loved watching her as she did these things. He was preparing the things for that nights big experiment.

June had a picture in her head of how she wanted it to go and look. She had even done a strip cartoon of how she wanted the night to evolve.

John sat and watched as she stood and unbuttoned her blouse.

Laying it on the back of the chair she then unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it. John whistled at her. She looked stunning. Black stockings and suspenders with a little waist corset. Four inch black heels with a strap round each ankle finished her look.

She picked up a long length of black rope and doubling it slipped the ends through the loop she had made and wrapped it round her waist pulling it tight. Then she went round her waist another three times and feeding it between her skin and the rope in the middle of her belly ran it down between her legs between her pussy lips and over top of the dildo and her anal plug trapping them in. She then ran the rope up between her bum cheeks through the waist rope at the back and then back through to the front again until she had used all the rope up tying it off at the front.

John moved over to her and kissed her gently tugging on the rope that ran between her legs grinding the intruders into her.

June groaned and kissed him hard back.

Turning her round he attached a rope to the back of her crotch rope just below the waist. He then picked up some more of the black rope and tied her wrists together, normally she wanted her elbows crushed tight together with rope. But she had said that it might be a little too much for what was to come but she should be able to try it the next time.

“Remember once I'm up there you have to start the timer.”

He grinned at her and said, “Yes dear”

June smiled and watched as he picked up long soft length of rope moving over to where she stood at the edge of the pit, she could see he was nervous as he was with most of these tests she set herself. He was a love she loved him so much.

Knowing that you are a pervert is difficult enough but living with one is harder. She felt sorry for him at times as she knew she scared him.

This was extreme even for her she admitted to herself. Well apart from the time she had him fill the pit with water and lower into it on with the overhead crane. First hog-tied, then hung upside down from her ankles. She shuddered as she remembered the huge orgasm she had under water. Nearly drowning as she forgot to hold her breath as the three vibrators worked in her pussy anus and on her clitoris. Then when he had unfastened her from the crane the rope snapped dropped her into the water filled pit. Her orgasms had nearly drowned her as she sunk to the bottom of the pit. Its narrow width making it hard for him to lift her out.

He had lifted her as far as getting her head out of the water but couldn't get enough purchase to flip her onto the concrete. The remote for the crane was out of his reach so he had held her long enough for her to get a deep breath telling her he would be back. He had to drop her into the cold water again. Climbing out he had pulled the remote over and pushed the down button hoping he was not going to be too late.
Bending down he lifted his wife to the top again so she could breath and was surprised as she orgasmed again as the rope he was holding pressed the vibrators deeper and harder into her.

After that it was easy to get her out. He had vowed at the time never again but she was very persuasive.

Now here they were about to do something scary again.

They had done breast bondage in the past but this would be something totally different. He gripped the base of the her left breast and wrapped the soft rope round it a few times making swell up into a ball. It got tighter as he wrapped the coils up to her chest. Passing the loose end for her to hold between her teeth he then did the same to her other breast.

June looked at him with a smile and a grimace.

Taking the loose ends he then wrapped them round the circumference pulling both of them together crushing them into the ropes that made them round. Tying them off at the top and dropping the ropes between her orbs he threaded them back up the middle between her boobs. Thus tightening it all up into a figure of eight. The two loose ends he then tied together making a big loop which would be above her breasts but which for the moment hung down between the taut nipples.

His hand smoothed and stroked the tightly packed skin.

June looked down and admired her swollen nipples as his thumbs brushed them making her shudder as the feelings rushed down to her lower regions making her more wet down bellow.

Walking her over to a low wooden box which was on the edge of the long deep pit he held her arm as she stood on it, her heels tapping a little tattoo of noise. His sense of smell picked up his wife’s arousal. And he ran his fingers around the edges of the crotch rope finding it soaking into the cords.

She shuddered under his touch and turned her head for a kiss. When they had finished he moved to the bench and brought back a huge red rubber ball gag which he knew from past experience needed his help to be forced behind her teeth. Buckling it tight behind her head he finished placing the tail into the ring.

June wanted it right and sloppy bondage wasn’t allowed.

Picking up a two foot long spreader bar he bent and tapping her ankles apart clicked the steel ratchet leg irons tight.

June was giving little moans and groans now and her hips had started to jig and thrust a little.

She was heading into that land she often left him for and he pushed on the ropes and heard the click of the vibrator in her pussy start and pushing on the anal one waited for the vibes to transfer to his fingers. Yup she is getting there he thought. Moving back to her front he watched her.

She loved these tests she set herself she seemed to have no fear!

Picking up the remote control for the overhead crane he lowered the hook down over the pit. Until it was at the right height just at the top of her swollen boobs, taking the loop he lifted it into the crook of the hook making sure the fail safe spring held the rope. As there was no water in the pit a fall now would break something. Gently taking the slack out of the loop and the cable using the remote control he watched the tension on the rope .

He had seen some videos of what was about to happen in his research for tonight's happenings. He watched her chest lift a little and the ropes go taught. June looked at him and nodded. He watched her grimace and her stand up onto her toes she was so brave and odd he smiled to himself. Attaching the safety strap to her wrists he pressed the remote control into her hands and kissing her shoulder he walked round to take up a position on one of the cameras.

June knew this was going to hurt but as the feeling in her lower regions grew and her orgasm thundered towards her, with hips pumping and swaying she pushed the top button on the remote. A soft clicking noise comes from the winch and felt her chest tighten up and her nipples get larger and tighter as ropes dig deeper into her boobs. Then the orgasm hits her she lifted her legs up a little and her body swung under her, Gasping for breath as all the skin around her chest tightened up taking her body weight making it so hard to breathe.

Her body swung over the centre of the pit and she had no hope of reaching the box again. She decided not to struggle as the huge orgasm crashed from her tip to her toes. She watched as she husband zoomed the camera in on her bright red boobs.

She realised she was reaching for the ground with her toes and as she started to come down from the orgasm she felt the vibrator kick up a gear and her hips tried to pump and another orgasm hit her. Groaning she looked across as her husband used the soft strap to slap at her breasts. Each hit making a huge spark down to her pussy.

The pain was starting to get to her as the vibrator in her arse kicked in and seemed to sync with the one in her pussy. Orgasm three blasted through and she screamed into the gag. Her husbands video cameras catching it all in HD.

She wondered about the time the pain was gaining the upper hand now and she wondered if he would follow her instructions to the letter. A crack sounded she wiggled in pain as the supple leather belt struck both her arse cheeks and curled round and hit the top of her mound, right above her clit. She tried not to move to much as her boobs transferred the pain of each jiggle.

Waiting for the next one to fall upon her seemed to take ages. But John had been repositioning, this time the belt curled round her other hip and hit her mound. She groaned and came again. The force of it started her slowly spinning, taking his time as he watched her and the clock. He used the rotation of her body to attack her bottom from different angles. He wanted to stop after that but he was following her list so he continued with the belt, moving the strokes until her whole bottom was covered in a red glow.

There was a long scream from her as the vibrators went up a notch and as she came for the fifth time. When she hung limply he waited for the full time she had wanted.

He reached round taking the remote out her her hands and pushed the down button holding his wife’s legs pulled her towards the edge of the pit. Then wrapping his arms round her as much to hold her up as catch her if she fell forward he walked her away from the edge.

Her hands fluttering against his hard on as he reached to un-clip the loop from the hook made him smile. She doesn't give up. Turning her round he moved her over to the bench unfastened the ball gag and gently easing it out kissed her.

“I love you my husband and thank you.” she kisses him back. Sinking to her knees she uses her teeth to pull down on his zip and as his cock springs out slowly licks it top to bottom moving her head up and down the shaft making him come in her mouth. She drinks it down and manages to get to her feet again with him using her boobs as grips to ease her up.

She is grateful of his cunning use of the vibrators to get her off as he unfastens her breasts and the blood rushes round them bringing both relief and pain.

As he wraps her in a blanket and cuddles her in his warm office she looks up and him and says “There now it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be was it my love!”

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