Julia's First Day on the Pleasure Planet

by Sean Malone

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© Copyright 2009 - Sean Malone - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; sci-fi; bdsm; D/s; toys; display; susp; oral; sex; cons/nc; X

© Sean Malone, June 1989. All rights reserved. Published in 'Pleasure Bound' magazine by permission from the author

Julia turned onto her back and opened her hazel eyes, feeling the satiny sheets clinging warmly to her bare skin. It was morning on Jolan II, the beginning of her first day on the infamous Planet of Pleasure. She stretched out lazily and arched her back, while her firm nipples pressed hard against the silky sheets. The circular bed was three metres across, and it was set into a curved alcove with a wide space around, the mirrored walls tapered inward to reflect the bed, its facets revealing a dozen images of her while above the large mirrored ceiling showed her spreadeagled, abandoned in its centre. Her brown hair lay neat like a helmet protecting her pretty face while the diaphanous material seemed to cling to her body, softly tenting over her erect nipples, revealing the trim luxury of her lissome figure.

The dream had been vivid, and deliciously erotic. She had fallen asleep naked on the circular bed. She was dreamily floating when the silky sheet delicately lifted and was gone, and those small, delicate fingers slowly and softly caressed her limbs until she reached out, open and abandoned. The rapturous feeling spread to her breasts and her parted thighs. Something soft and clinging possessed her wrists and ankles, gently pulling, stretching her until she was as taut as a guitar string. But she was not conscious of her restraint, only the hot sensations.

She quivered at the light but rhythmic whipping of her inner thighs, the thongs finding her tender core. A soft touch flowed up her legs submerging her in liquid pleasure. A warm suction found and enclosed each swollen bud, tongue tips circling, flicking until her nipples seemed about to explode. Sweet warm moistness covered her mound, the tongue fluttering, penetrating, searching. Pleasure tingled then filled her groin like liquid fire, down within and between her lips, now elusive and then sweetly finding her entrance, now delicately pressing and then a blissful suction at her tender clit. Fingers and now tongues caressed her arms, her inner thighs, the soles of her feet, the tender flesh beneath her ears.

Her crescendo of pleasure grew and expanded, and she quivered, exploding in spasms of ecstasy while she screamed, and then cried. Gradually the rapture receded as she fell into a dreamless sleep, while the tension relaxed and her bonds unfolded, her covering replaced. She knew nothing more until she awoke, alone but still tender between the silky sheets.

The room was expansive, dwarfing the luxurious bed and Julia reminded herself that this was part of the prize she had been so lucky to win on her home planet, Aldus VI. Few had the chance of a visit to the most decadent and exclusive club in the galaxy. The more warnings she had been given the more exciting it had sounded. The agent had said little about what she would see and do on Jolan II, and this had only increased her curiosity.

It was an incredible prize, three whole months of luxurious adventure on the Pleasure Planet, won in that competition light years away, so soon after her sixteenth birthday. It seemed like yesterday when she had collected her tickets and prepared for the journey, taking all those shots and having that surprisingly intimate medical examination with all those measurements. And she had wondered about signing that indemnity form, but all the other lucky winners had signed also so it was obviously just routine. And then she had boarded the liner and enjoyed the comfortable journey through hyperspace. The crew had been so friendly that she had felt very much at her ease until the journey had ended with the short shuttle trip down to Jolan II.

She had arrived at the planetside terminal wearing a comfortable, figure-hugging jumpsuit, showing off her trim young figure. She knew she had all the right curves in all the right places. And then what a reception! That tall, well developed, dark haired man in his short leather tunic and tall black boots who had been there to meet her, all the other girls separating with their own guides. And then Sadon had been so polite and infuriatingly impersonal as he had casually locked a stout leather cuff around her wrist linked to a long leather strap, explaining the local custom that unescorted women could be claimed by any man on Jolan II for his own pleasure. Erotic thoughts came of Sadon claiming her for his pleasure and her own, and there had been no thought of resistance or escape as his practised movements had made Julia a captive. She had felt comfortable and safe, but curiously excited in his charge while he escorted her through the city. Now a new day had dawned. She lay quietly, enjoying her surroundings.

She relaxed as her hand slipped down over her belly to her curly mound, finding the wetness, stroking her lips gently. Her delicate practised fingers slipped between to awaken that tiny source of her rapture, her palm resting comfortably on those springy brown curls. Her clit was tender but slippery, elusive. Its firmness, and then the warm sweetness grew and spread until she began to toss restlessly, gasping with the surge of pleasure. She opened her eyes to see every lewd gesture multiplied in a dozen mirrors to enhance her delight. Images of the strong and handsome Sadon filled her mind while shamelessly she caressed herself. She kicked the sheet down to expose the erotic sight of her naked, twisting curves, stroking her breasts and parting her legs to reveal those swollen, glistening lips and her pink crevice within, until at last she lay at rest, a single finger pressed into the hot sweetness of her soft wet cleft.

After the erotic dream, and her indulgent awakening Julia needed an invigorating bath. She reached across to the simple but unfamiliar control panel beside her bed, and programmed the cleansing chamber. She selected a moderately high water temperature and aerated whirlpool mode, with a touch of a fresh blossom aroma.

Lazily she rose and wandered around the room, inspecting its facilities. Her clothes had been removed while she slept, and others prepared for her. Perhaps the dream had been real after all, she reflected. She decided to order breakfast, and returned to the console for a moment to select a fruit yoghurt accompanied by muesli and coffee, timed to arrive after she had completed her bath. Soon a friendly voice announced that the water was ready. In the mirrored bathroom she stepped into the large, circular shower base, her feet apart, holding the grips high on the wall before her.

The thick transparent plastic screen closed around her and locked in place, and slowly its inner ring of spray nozzles passed up over her from ankles to chin. The water felt like fierce hot needles, the special additives penetrating, cleaning and moisturising her skin until she felt fresh and tingling all over. Between her feet another jet fountained up between her legs, flicking forward and back, and then pausing to pulse up into her vagina. She felt the warm pressure fill her and then drain, then again. She opened herself to the cleansing warm pulsating jet, gasping at its stimulation. The spray reached her breasts, then finally her neck. The hemispherical hood lowered into place over her head and Julia felt liquid squirt into her hair. The plastic fingers pressed into her scalp, kneading, massaging away her tensions. After the massage she felt needle jets again rinsing until she felt fresh and clean.

The spray stopped, and immediately she felt hot water rising into the chamber until it reached her neck. Barely had her feet lifted from the bottom when the aerated jets started up, bringing her skin to life again as they whirled the water around her. She felt the bubbles tickling as they flowed between her legs. Only too soon the bath was over and the water automatically drained. Warm air blowers comfortably dried her body, and the puffs of perfumed talc enveloped her, making her feel smooth and comfortable. She ran her fingers over her tingling skin, finding those lower curls springy but soft. The curved screen slid open and she felt reborn as she stepped back into the bedroom, giving her short hair a quick brush before trying her breakfast. And there it was, ready in the serving hatch.

She thought again of Sadon and his accomplished mastery as he had leashed and led her through the city. She would make sure that he would notice her this time. She clenched her thighs at the thought of his strength, his masculinity. The gossamer pink panties had a pretty red bow at each hip, and concealed very little. A scarf-like wisp of diaphanous pink material scarcely covered her breasts, and she knotted it behind. Next came long pink patterned stockings that clung to her shapely legs, and bright red, shiny calf-length boots with impossibly high heels. Now she fastened the tiny, hip-length, bright red shiny skirt around her waist, and the matching cloak about her shoulders.

Only one item remained, like two thick glossy black semicircles hinged together, with small but stout rings set into its outer surface. It was like a choker, and she fitted it round her neck, snapping the ends together, noticing that there was no obvious catch to unfasten it again. She tingled at the thought of Sadon's leash. Would he force her again to follow him, a docile captive?

Sitting at the dressing table she applied her makeup, using bright red lipstick and pink powder on her cheeks with a touch of rouge, long black lashes and a hint of mascara. She stood and turned in front of the mirror, examining the effect of the high heels on her posture. Her shapely legs were taut, her buttocks wickedly lifted, and her breasts thrust forward. She was stunning. She would make sure that he succumbed to her charms once he arrived.

Just as she was ready the door slid aside and he entered, tall and muscular. Without a word he took her arm and effortlessly spun her round, crossing her hands behind her. She felt the strands firmly binding her wrists, then her elbows. A gag was pressed into her mouth. She was silenced. All thoughts of seduction evaporated as she realised her vulnerability. Her shoulders were pulled back, and her breasts even more firmly thrust out. She was seductively clothed, she had made herself alluring and now she was helpless to resist his advances.

She scarcely noticed as he clipped his leash to her collar. But then he jerked it, and she winced as little points pressed into her neck. She was truly his captive now. She would follow him unprotesting. It was her first excursion in the city of pleasure, and she had no idea what she was going to see or do. Her heart pounded as he led her quickly, purposefully towards their destination. They moved through a maze of steel corridors, up escalators and along moving walkways between buildings, to find themselves in a lift with four other captive, silenced girls, all similarly dressed. Julia recognised them from the ship. The lift fell swiftly but smoothly, deep into the heart of the city. They emerged into a large circular, domed chamber where a small group of naked girls and young men was waiting for them.

Their pretty young leader stepped forward, her lithe figure delightfully displayed.

'Welcome to the School for Pleasure,' she started. 'Here our brightest young sex artistes become skilful enough to entertain audiences all over the galaxy. You have been selected for your beauty and sensuality, and you came here freely to participate in our adventurous sexual activities here on Jolan II. While you are slaves, your pretty bodies are playthings for our young artistes. You are here to enjoy pleasure and excitement, and to give an entertaining performance before the millions who are watching the show today, both here and on the holovid.

She snapped her fingers, and the girls and young men crowded forward. The girls stunned Julia with their shockingly unconcerned, cheerful nudity. They flaunted prettily budding breasts beneath little red capes, youthful hips and pert bottoms. Their slits, narrow or plump were all innocently hairless. They wore shiny red collars, cuffs and wristlets, and stout leather belts imprisoned their slender waists. Suggestive jewellery hung from pierced nipples, betraying their eagerly uninhibited sexuality. These were not the innocents they had at first appeared to be. The young men wore blue ankle and wrist cuffs, with collars and stout leather belts like the girls. But there the similarity ended. Their pricks were deceptively quiescent, while their balls were confined by smooth bands fitted with stout rings in front and behind.

Four young artistes surrounded Julia, taking the leash from Sadon and leading her away from the crowd. Impish fingers explored her clothes, fiddling with the ties until her panties fell to the floor quickly followed by her other clothes. Now she was bare and defenceless, and their advances became progressively outrageous and intimate. First her bottom and then her breasts were cheekily pinched, while other fingers caressed her expertly. Bold inquisitive fingers were indifferent to her sensitivity as they investigated her curly mound, pulling at her cunt lips and twiddling her clit. Julia squirmed gasping in response, quite helpless to resist with her arms so tightly bound behind. Distracted, she hardly noticed when they began to descend the steps that led down through rows of steeply terraced seats towards the circular arena in the centre of the chamber. But the crowd eyed the five naked girls as they approached, and a hubbub of excited chatter filled the chamber. Camera crews focused, and spotlights illuminated their nudity as they were escorted down the steps. Then came the announcement.

'Ladies and Gentlemen,' the announcer started. 'You see before you five of the loveliest young girls from Aldus VI, and all barely sixteen years of age. They have all come to Jolan II for three full months, hoping for new and exciting adventures, knowing that we have here the wildest sex planet in the entire galaxy. And here they are before you in captivity naked, beautiful, excited and ready to take part in our spectacular show at the School for Pleasure.

Cheers and appreciative whistles filled the chamber as the girls were escorted into the arena. Julia was halted, then turned around before the audience as cameras focused on her floodlit figure, while commentators described her shapely bottom cheeks, her lovely breasts, and her pretty neat mound. Meanwhile her companions were similarly displayed in other parts of the chamber.

As she looked around in the hubbub of sound Julia could see rows and rows of provocatively dressed people of all ages sitting in plush seats, many fondling each other unashamedly. Half of Jolan II must be here, she thought! But she was not allowed time to think for herself. Those insistent, teasing fingers reached under her again from behind. She wriggled sensuously in response to the titillation, much to the delight of the audience.

In the arena naked young young men and girls were moving and adjusting some sort of innocent looking exercise apparatus. But now Julia saw that it was far from innocent. A long, narrow padded bench was fitted with manacles at each end to imprison a girl's young limbs, with a high pad in the middle to lift her bottom, evidently for punishment. A vertical steel triangle was ready to manacle a girl with her legs stretched apart. She saw that the padded manacles were hinged in halves, but they had no straps or obvious fastenings. A small, padded horse with four splayed legs was similarly fitted. Julia wondered at the purpose of a shorter padded bench, positioned between two vertical posts. A horizontal beam carried a series of lifelike dildos thrusting upwards from its centre, and arranged in order of size. Between two more vertical posts there was another beam, this time narrower. There were other gleaming appurtenances, steel restraints to capture elusive limbs, spreader bars and hanging ropes.

Her escorts gripped Julia's arms firmly, and moved her forward. They laid her face down under a hanging steel spreader bar. She felt strong hands lifting her feet behind her back, stretching them out to the ends of the bar. Cuffs possessed her ankles. Quickly her arms were freed, and then stretched back, up and out to the waiting cuffs. They removed her gag. The bar rose, rotating slowly in the spotlight. She felt those eyes with their magnifying viewers focusing on her breasts, and then on those delights between her parted legs; from her mound, parted to expose her clit aroused by those manipulating fingers, to the pink inner flesh of her open cunt. She knew she was a tempting and available target for those youthful cocks.

Soon all five of the lovely captives were similarly fastened and suspended around the arena. Julia could see her companions, hogtied and exposed as she was herself. They turned slowly, delighting the crowd with the erotic beauty of their display. Kathy displayed the pink, glistening inner flesh of her slit, which seemed to divide her widely parted legs in a vertical line running up from her mound below, to her bottom above. Her breasts were forced outwards, proud nipples reaching for attention like Julia's own. And there was plenty of attention at hand. Her enthusiastic escorts were only just beginning their ministrations.

A girl dipped her fingers into Julia's moist crevice. She was helpless to resist those intimate attentions. She felt a young man grip her waist firmly, a pressure at her entrance and then the thrust of his long hard cock deep into her, stretching her cunt. She squirmed with a sinuous sensuality as the firm strokes continued, much to the delight of the audience. An inner warmth began to grow and spread. But suddenly she screamed with shock as a cane struck the tender sole of her foot. She felt herself contract with the pain and squeeze the deeply thrusting cock. The young man felt the contractions of her hot young vagina. She was a delicious fuck. Her cunt was silky soft and wet as he thrust, clinging and gripping as he withdrew. Only his training prevented him from coming in the first few strokes. Julia felt his steady, deep and insistent thrusts expanding her cunt, frictioning her clit with every stroke.

She moaned, distracted as another young man pushed his cock into her open mouth. She began to suck it greedily, licking his shaft and closing her lips around its base. He felt her mouth warm, moist and full of surprises, and wondered at her naive expertise. Her tongue played so sweetly that he was soon forced to come, spurting down her throat as she swallowed his sperm. The remaining girl began to lash Julia's breasts lightly, tugging periodically at her ultrasensitive nipples. The other young man pulled her swinging, suspended body towards him as he stroked faster and thrust deeper into her. Soon he jerked and gasped as he spurted deep into her cunt.

Julia felt the pleasure spreading. The girls took it in turns to lash her breasts and her juicy cunt, carefully timing her responses. And then she exploded, jerking wildly as those blissful spasms convulsed her in perfect unison with her companions, five helpless girls climaxing all at once with five simultaneous cries of ecstasy. They were raised still wriggling, high above the arena. It was a fine erotic spectacle for the crowd. Juice dribbled down from their open, freshly fucked cunts. They turned slowly, quivering and gasping, still tingling with pleasure. Julia could hardly believe that this was happening to her, but a glimpse of Kathy and Debbie confirmed that it was all real enough. Their sexily wriggling bodies, their open and glistening cunts like hers would be an erotic sight. But now it was time for the announcer again.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, after that short but very entertaining display, we now present, for your delectation and amusement, a demonstration called "Our Favourite Lesson" that is performed by our second year pupils.' A round of applause followed this introduction.

A ring of small padded seats emerged from the arena, each fixed on top of a tubular column. From each a slippery, lifelike rubber dildo rose, mounted on a steel inner shaft. The rounded tips of the dildos were a little narrower than their bases. Some were pink, while others were black.

The pretty naked girls ran into the arena wearing only collars and cuffs. Handstands combined with the splits, cartwheels and other acrobatics revealed every inch of their supple young bodies to the delighted audience, who retained delightful visions of what lay between their parted legs. The girls were obviously excited, chattering loudly as they bowed together, then ran to their places, each ready to mount one of those instruments of pleasure.

The naked girls stood over the dildos, facing the audience with legs astride, the rubber tips pressing into their slits. Fingers parted youthful lips, while firm smooth rubber pressed up into tight little entrances. Cunts yielded, stretching as the excited youngsters lowered themselves slowly and carefully, squirming not entirely for the benefit of the crowd as those slippery shafts penetrated high into their bellies. Lips stretched incredibly around the thick bases of lifelike organs, clits pressed tightly against slippery surfaces, feeling the tiniest movement. Now their bottoms rested on tiny pads, and little clits met gently vibrating projections. The mounted girls wriggled enticingly, gasping as the movement provoked more sensations. The columns rose until their toes scrabbled for the floor, but remained dangling. Dildos slowly withdrew from stretched cunts and then thrust again higher, lifting those squirming bottoms, ridged surfaces bringing intense raptures. The girls laughed, chattered and squealed with excitement, as if they were riding nothing more outrageous than a roller coaster.

But now young men carrying canes entered the arena to attend to the young captives. Diverting hands reached for warm cocks, but wrist cuffs were quickly, expertly fastened behind collars. Now the girls were helpless to defend their tender bottoms. Fingers teased and caressed little nipples until the little minxes were all responding with spasms of pleasure. Kisses were fragrant and heady, the little sirens distracting the young men deliberately. But not for long.

The girls wriggled and squirmed as the pleasure spread through their bodies, forgetting their vulnerability, oblivious to the canes that swished and then snicked into their pert bottoms. Squeals and cries filled the arena. Reddened bottoms squirmed on those titillating perches, hot little cunts clinging to wet rubber dildos. Soon they were quivering in those last spasms of pleasure. Tears of joy ran down soft cheeks, and then it was over. A whirr, and columns lowered. Glistening shafts emerged from juicy cunts, assisted by the inquisitive fingers of the young men. Mouths joined and hot tongues linked, while those dangerous female fingers remained captive. But many hands rubbed those sore bottoms, after they were at last released.

Soft knowing fingers found aroused cocks, while those intoxicating kisses continued. The young men squirmed under the expert fondling, much to the delight of the crowd, distracted as their wrists were lifted quickly and clipped to their collars. Now the girls clipped short leashes to ball straps, and tugged the young men to their places. Soon their balls were clipped to the top of short posts. Girls knelt and fondled erect cocks, cupping balls, caressing captive bodies with the fiery light touch of fingertips and nails until the young men began to moan, aching for release.

Hot mouths opened, closed over straining cocks. Tongues played music on sensitive nerves. The little sirens distracted the young men with expert caresses, while other girls stood ready with canes. Unexpectedly red stripes appeared across bare tender bottoms. The young men jerked at their anchored balls, helpless to evade the merciless stinging punishment. Cocks pressed deeper into hungry mouths. The tender ministrations and the lashes continued until each young man had spurted his come deep into a welcoming throat. At last the young men were released, and the group all bowed together and tripped out of the arena together, to enthusiastic applause. Attention returned to Julia and her companions, while the announcer spoke again.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your appreciation of those delectable young performers. And now we have a short display by our third form girls, on the dildo beam.'

Golden rings through their nipples jiggled as the young girls danced into the arena. The row of dildos progressed from large to extra large, from average to extra long. There were ridges and bumps all over their shafts, and upward projections around their bases. The girls ran quickly to the horizontal beam where they lined up, the smallest in front, their cuffs clipped high to their collars. The beam was lowered, and Sheri straddled the first dildo, lowering herself gently onto its thick shaft, her cuffed hands helpless to ease the slippery organ into her tight young vagina. The beam lifted until her legs dangled helplessly. She felt small projections pressing into her parted cleft, her clit tingling as she felt the dildo begin to oscillate and vibrate gently. The girls lashed her bare bottom. She wriggled, gasping as her movement increased the intensity of her sensations, her erotic squirms exciting the crowd.

But soon the beam was lowered again, and Sheri moved on to the second dildo. Kim found the first dildo slippery with Sheri's juices, and lowered herself carefully. Sheri felt the stimulation of those bumps as she eased herself gently onto the larger dildo. The beam was raised again, and soon both Sheri and Kim were wriggling and gasping excitedly in response to the lashes and vibrations. Before long Patricia had joined them on the beam, wriggling and kicking while Sheri gasped helplessly on an even thicker and more stimulating organ.

Soon Linda had joined her companions jerking and squirming behind, while Sheri tried unsuccessfully to keep still on the fourth dildo. She felt the pleasure growing until she burst into wild spasms of delight. They lifted her off the slippery dildo, still trembling, and unclipped her cuffs. She joined her companions, encouraging the girls on the beam with well placed lashes.

Now Tina squirmed on the first slippery dildo while Linda wriggled on the second, Patricia the third and Kim the fourth. Almost immediately Patricia climaxed in convulsions of pleasure. They lifted her carefully off the beam, still quivering, and now Kim began lowering herself carefully onto the last dildo.

The slippery rubber shaft was even thicker and longer, and she felt the ridges and bumps teasing her clit as it entered her cunt. But she still had an inch to go, when she was lifted and the dildo began those irresistible vibrations. She twisted and squirmed as the fierce lashes tormented her tender cheeks, and slipped a little further onto her impalement, those intimate projections causing the hot sweet tingling to grow and spread. There was no escaping the insistent stimulation, and soon she knew she was coming. One more lash curled around her cheeks, and at last Kim exploded, sobbing, wriggling and kicking wildly as the girls clapped and cheered, until finally she was spent. Carefully they lifted her off that enormous organ. Her knees were like jelly and her companions helped her to stand while they bowed to the excited crowd. As they left the arena it was the turn of the announcer again.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give a big hand to our youngsters who have made their display so exciting for us. And now it is now our pleasure to present representatives from our fourth form, who will demonstrate their favourite sport, Musical Forfeits.' No sooner had he finished than four youngsters ran into the arena, bowed and took their places in a circle.

The music started. The audience clapped as the naked girls danced lightly around the circuit, free from the usual belts and cuffs, with golden nipple rings adorning their pretty breasts. Abruptly the music stopped, and they raced to the apparatus. Mira lay face down on the longer bench, her hips over the pad in its centre. She stretched her ankles down and wide apart, and clicked them into the manacles. Now she was a captive. The waist strap was pulled taut, and clicked into place, lifting her hips and exposing her soft juicy cleft between her quivering cheeks. Soon her arms were reaching up and apart, her wrists into the waiting cuffs. They clicked shut, stretching her taut. She struggled, highly excited in her restrained position.

Bea clicked her ankles into the manacles, then lay over the low padded horse, reaching down to the wrist cuffs. Click! Her bonds tightened, stretching her bottom taut and ready for the whip. She knew her pretty slit was invitingly accessible behind. Fay reached up and clamped her wrists to the top of the triangle, then pressed her parted ankles into the manacles below. A whirr. Her legs were pulled apart, then stretched taut. She could barely move, and she felt incredibly vulnerable in her bonds. But she was a pretty picture. Her mound was widely parted, her cleft open and her little clitoral ridge excitingly revealed. Thea lay on her back, her lovely bottom just over the end of the shorter bench. She raised her ankles high and wide apart, pressing them into the clamps. She tightened the waist strap and then pressed her arms into the clamps beside the bench. Thea suddenly realised how accessible she was with her thighs open, her hips uptilted. Now four lovely young bodies struggled, pulling at their bonds. There was nothing innocent about their display. They were ready for the most intimate forms of punishment. The arena turned slowly round in the centre of the chamber, so the audience could see the bewitchingly restrained girls from every angle. The announcer continued.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, our winner in this round is Bea, on the padded horse. Next we have Fay, in the vertical triangle. Third is Mira on the low whipping bench, while the last is Thea on the high spreader bench. And now we will see what is in store for our intrepid competitors.'

A click, and Bea ran to the triangle. Fay struggled as she came closer with the lash. A flash of fiery pain, and soon Fay's lovely bare bottom cheeks were pink. She twisted and wriggled, her lewd display exciting the crowd. Then Bea stood in front, whipping over Fay's hips so the tip of the lash curled down behind and into her crack. Fay gasped and squirmed as she felt a hotness grow inside, while Bea tugged gently at her nipple rings. A few fiery lashes across Fay's lovely breasts, and then Bea stood behind her. Fay knew what was to come. Her protests were useless. Bea whipped up gently into that tender, temptingly parted crevice, caressing her juicy lips tenderly after each stroke until Fay gasped and wriggled in a blissful climax.

A click, and Fay was free. Mira began to struggle ineffectually as they approached the whipping bench, but her glistening lips betrayed her excitement. Fingers explored her juicy sex, tightening the strap over her waist. Fay took a cane, standing to one side while Bea stood above Mira's head with the lash. They took it in turns. The cane left red stripes across Mira's tender rump, while Bea lashed expertly, lightly between her legs. The hot sweetness grew, her excitement increasing with each stroke of the cane into her tender slit. She could barely twitch, so tautly was she stretched, but soon she was quivering in a delicious climax.

Thea's legs were stretched high and apart, and it was Fay's turn to attend to her temptingly displayed sex. She moaned with pleasure as the deceivingly soft tips of the lashes tickled her lips, her clit emerging like a snail peeping from its moistening shell. Fay stepped back. Flittt! The heat blossomed in Thea's defenceless cleft as Fay lashed her mercilessly. Thea's wriggling made a pretty picture, and she grew more and more aroused as the lashing continued. Gentle caresses followed as they lashed her breasts lightly. Mira and Bea pulled at her rings, arousing her nipples, stretching her breasts into taut cones. Thea trembled and then began to spasm helplessly in a wild orgasm, crying out as the pleasure coarsed through her.

Bea was quickly clamped in Thea's place, her ankles stretched high and wide apart, while her arms were pulled down and clamped beside the bench. The waist strap immobilised her hips, tilting them upwards. She struggled, knowing that there was no escaping their attentions. Her breasts were discovered by Fay and Mira, their delicate caresses creating a warm tingling. Her nipples were stretched upwards by cords fastened to her rings, and then she shivered with delight as their lively tongues found her areolae. Thea stroked Bea's thighs, caressing everywhere but where she ached to be touched, in the hot sweet wetness of her swollen lips.

She scarcely noticed when the young man appeared. As the girls continued their attentions he positioned his thick cock at her juicy entrance, pushing gently. She squirmed, tightening against that intimate warm intrusion, but knowing she craved its thickness within her. He pressed a little more firmly, and his cock slid steadily into her. She felt him thrust deeper, until his root reached her mound. He felt the hot sweet presence of her clit, pressing deep for a moment, enjoying the sweet silky heat of her vagina, and then he began to fuck her steadily.

Fay and Mira began to tickle Bea's feet and she wriggled her bottom, spasming as the sweet friction continued within her, her contractions deliciously squeezing his cock. The sweetness grew until he exploded into her, spurting again and again into her sweet young cunt while she gasped with the intensity of her pleasure. At last it was over and Bea was released. The five young performers bowed to the audience, running out of the arena to loud cheers and applause.

Quickly the apparatus was removed from the arena, and a series of frames were set up around the central circular section of the arena, facing in towards the centre where a very serious looking whipping bench was being fitted into place. The central part of the arena continued to rotate, and Julia found that she and her companions were the centre of attention again.

Attendants converged. The five girls were lowered gently to the floor and unfastened from the spreader bars, their wrists bound together behind. They were taken to the steel frames and held firmly. Julia's arms were lifted over a shaped bar behind her shoulders, thrusting her breasts forward. Steel clamps closed around her upper arms. Her waist was strapped tightly to a padded bar behind. Her ankles were stretched wide apart and clamped to the frame. When they had finished she realised how rigidly she had been immobilised, and how exposed she was to their attentions. She could barely move her body from the neck down. Her companions were similarly immobilised in a row to her right. After the bizarre events of the morning Julia did not want to imagine what might be in store for them. The announcer spoke again.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, the next event is what you have all been waiting for. Our visitors Sophie, Phyllis, Debbie, Kathy and Julia are about to take part in a very special show, which you will find announced in your programmes. But first our brightest young starlet, Trixie and her mistress Vera will present their own entertaining introduction.' The audience applauded.

A pretty young girl ran lightly onto the stage, her mistress snapping a large whip at her bare bottom. Trixie had short blonde hair and was quite naked, except for a golden band around her waist, a wider golden collar round her neck, and golden wrist and ankle cuffs. Her lovely skin was fair and silky smooth, with barely a trace of down. Her little pink nipples were transfixed by the shafts of small golden arrows, joined by a delicate golden chain. A tiny golden key peeped out from the dimpled top of her pretty little slit, its head formed into a little ring.

Her mistress Vera wore a translucent silvery plastic suit which seemed to be moulded to her curvaceous body. It covered her head, fingers and toes but a cutout revealed her pretty, curly mound. Her pierced nipples were linked by a slender bar of silver. From the middle of the bar a chain hung down, to disappear mysteriously into her youthful quim. The two girls bowed together to the audience, and they were welcomed with loud and appreciative applause.

Trixie began to perform a series of somersaults, handsprings and cartwheels, to the delight of the audience, while Vera pulled a tensioned cable free from under the whipping bench. She chased Trixie, snapping at her with the whip until it caught her foot, and she tripped. Before Trixie could recover Vera had attached her cuffs to her collar, and then clipped the cable to her little golden key, lifting her to her feet. A tug, and the gentle but insistent traction began. Trixie twisted and struggled, but then she felt the fiery snap of the whip under her bottom cheeks. She lifted her knees as she was pulled closer, then up and onto the whipping bench where she was expertly bound, prone and helpless.

A pad under Trixie's belly lifted her bottom, and a strap over her waist kept her firm. Her knees were pulled wide and forward and strapped tightly, stretching her lips wide. She felt her tenderest inner secrets exposed to all those curious eyes. She knew they could see every detail of that little golden key, from the tiny ring on its slender shaft, to the thicker ring embedded in that tender ridge deep in the top of her slit. Her pretty vagina was pinkly open, glistening invitingly.

From the trolley Vera took a long cane, and approached the cheeky captive. Sssssnick! Trixie screamed as its fiery path burned again and again across her taut cheeks. Vera followed with light lashes that lifted into her cleft, the sweet hotness growing fiercely between Trixie's tender thighs until her squirms became cries, tingles became spasms of delight and she wriggled with the intensity of her orgasm. She quivered tenderly until at last her straps were unfastened and she was unclipped from the whipping bench, rubbing her reddened bottom as she joined her mistress, bowing to the audience amid claps and whistles of appreciation.

Now the spotlight turned again to Julia and her companions. All of a sudden Julia felt little fingers from behind stroking her lips, caressing her clit. She felt the fingers slippery in her juices, and gasped with excitement and pleasure. Her nipples expanded into tight round buds. She fought her restraints, but they were so tight she barely twitched. The little slave and her mistress turned and approached Sophie, on Julia's far right. Trixie took a small pile of equipment from the trolley and attended to the girls one by one. As she moved on Julia saw that each girl had been efficiently gagged, her eyes wide above the ball that visibly distended her mouth, its harness strapped tightly over her head and under her chin.

Once Vera had finished, Julia could see why. A pair of gleaming golden rings transfixed Sophie's nipples, while two large eyes appealed silently, helplessly above her gag. Julia opened her mouth to protest, but just then the cheeky child reached her, forcing the gag into her mouth and fastening the harness tightly behind. Now Vera was in the act of teasing, then piercing Phyllis's nipples. Those delicately intruding fingers caressed Julia unobserved, but Julia felt their light touch between her slippery lips. They were arousing a delightful hot sweetness in her clit, distracting her from the activities of the young mistress. Debbie wriggled helplessly as Vera fitted rings in her pretty pierced nipples, then her attentions turned to Kathy. Julia felt a rising excitement as she watched, then panic. She was next!

And then Vera stood before her. Julia's eyes grew big as she felt those expert fingers touch her nipples. She was conscious of being completely helpless, and silenced. The watchers would not know her pain. She felt her pleasure growing under the tender ministrations of those knowing fingers both above and below. Julia strained, but she was a fixture.

Those deft fingers caressed around her areolae, fondling her nipples which swelled, tightening into little pink spheres. Julia squirmed as the gleaming bodkin approached her right nipple, shivering with an intoxicating surge of excitement. A prick. Vera pressed, and with a quick movement she transfixed the base of Julia's nipple. The flash of pain unaccountably transformed itself into a wild abandoned climax, Julia's yells soundless. Vera fitted the ring with a practised movement, unconcerned by the futile struggling of Julia's lovely nude body before her.

Julia looked down in disbelief at the bright metal that now transfixed her nipple. But the insistent stimulation continued, and soon the gleaming bodkin was approaching the pretty pink sphere of her left nipple. A sharp flash of pain, and all too soon Vera's work was complete. Julia gazed down at two matching, bright golden rings that hung from her tender nipples, the pain throbbing as those wicked fingers below temporarily ceased their distracting caresses.

She saw a movement, and looked up. Trixie had disappeared. Where had she gone? In spite of her bonds, Sophie had begun to move jerkily about. For a moment Julia thought she saw something momentarily appear between Phyllis's thighs, curling up into her dark curly mound. Debbie began to quiver, and then Kathy.

Suddenly Julia felt a fiery sensation in her cleft as Trixie's whip curled beneath her, rising accurately between the tender lips of her pussy. She was consumed by the fiery pain. She screamed but only a muffled sound emerged, only her struggles revealing her outraged protests. She would love to cane that cheeky child.

Sophie was still wriggling when Vera's attentions turned to her lovely, juicy, widely parted cleft. Again Julia felt those teasing fingers delicately stroking her own tenderly inflamed, expanded lips gently, wickedly, slipping between them sensuously, frictioning her love-bud until her clit was tumescent, its head emerging from its protective hood. Her pleasure grew, the pain from her nipples and the lash forgotten as she became gradually more and more aroused, the gentle fingers first pinching, then gently pulling. But then Vera was kneeling in front of her, giving her personal expert attention to Julia's aroused sex.

"Mmmmmm!" she cried, as a flash of pain amidst the pleasure told her where she had been pierced, deep in the ridge above her clit. A fiery sensation followed as the little golden key was fitted. The ring at its base was inserted into her flesh and its catch clicked tight. Its weight tugged gently. She wriggled and twisted in her bonds, the pain mingled with pleasure.

Snick! Julia knew the sound. Immediately she felt the fiery impact of Trixie's cane across her cheeks. She knew instinctively the effect of any movement, but the fiery pain was irresistible. She squirmed jerkily.

The little key hung down swinging, accentuating every feeling. She had barely recovered her composure when the cane landed again. She became totally submerged in sensation. Her legs, her thighs trembled and each movement brought another intense tingling of pleasure, until everything merged in a cataclysm of delight.

Five lovely bodies writhed and quivered in orgasm. Then Vera and Trixie were bowing, and at last the show was over. The audience responded with tumultuous applause. The announcer spoke again.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been a wonderful audience today, and this brings us to the end of today's Show at the School for Pleasure. Please show your appreciation for a really special performance by Vera, Trixie, and all of our lovely visitors from Aldus VI.'

Attendants approached, and soothing, healing, ointment was applied where golden rings pierced tender flesh. The decoratively ringed young beauties were released from the frames, their wrists still bound. Sadon appeared, and clipped his leash to Julia's collar. Gradually the pain eased as she followed him back to her room. Her piercings would heal, but there were still 89 days remaining for other bizarre and painful adventures, and she would not be a spectator. They were not going to waste those precious days on her own private pleasures, after shipping her halfway across the galaxy, she reflected. But it was going to be an exciting experience.

Back in her room Julia collapsed on her bed, exhausted. It had been a long, hard day.