Julia's Judgement

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2011 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; bond; rope; lingerie; tease; gag; captive; post; irons; cuffs; fondle; toys; insert; climax; cons/reluct; X

Julia Banbury sighed as she saw another of her boyfriends’ mates arriving for the big games tonight. The guy getting out and like the others heading straight for the trunk to get more crates of beer. If the men actually got through all this over the weekend then the local hospital would need some serious help with cases of liver disease.

Jerry Makin, her boyfriend came up from the big barn where he’d been working on a harvester and gave his buddy the usual bear hug. Julia winced as the two laughed and joked, wondering if she was the usual subject of their mirth. Of course being an ex-pat Brit living here in the States did not precluded the girl from being seen as anything else than the usual ‘HPOA’ or ‘Hot Piece Of Ass’, like some of her colleagues were called by their men folk. Thankfully the dozen or so workers employed by her boyfriend saw her as the boss’ partner and to be respected. And hot she certainly was according to all who knew the dairy farmer and his lawyer girlfriend. 5’7” in bare feet and a dead ringer for Katy Perry, a singer who was also involved ‘With a Limey’.

Tonight was the American Football semi-final play-offs and Jerry had invited his closest buddies round for ‘A little party’ Everyone assuming that being Sunday Julia would be ‘on duty’ to serve them any drinks, nibbles and generally act as their hostess while they spent the best part of eight hours watching the two games. To see who would be going to the Superbowl in January next year. Jerry of course hoping it to be the Dallas Cowboys, his childhood team before he’d moved out here to Phoenix.

Somehow Julia had managed to bluff her way to getting tickets to the Final for his birthday and he hoped to be supporting his team rather than being a neutral.

Trouble being that Miss Banbury was ‘on a promise’ tonight for her and Jerry to attend a party here in town and hadn’t yet got round to telling him he was going to have to miss the second match and take her. The invitation had been her ‘plus 1’ and as Makin was that one he was going. Dallas were playing Chicago in the first game so surely he wouldn’t mind missing Cleveland Atlanta. His buddies could stay here while they went out. But how was she going to break the news? This dilemma eating her all day and they’d already had a little barney when she’d asked how many were coming tonight because of her own plans. Jerry had been a bit evasive, just saying ‘enough to keep you busy love’

Most people would think this sort of attitude ‘old fashioned’ and sexist, but Julia was here on slightly dodgy ground because of her work visa, or Green Card as they’re known. This had expired when she’d changed jobs and the new one was taking time to come. Only Jerry could vouch for her and that had stopped the Border Authorities from throwing her out of the country. But it meant she had to watch herself and put up with this.

Mind you the lovemaking was something else and worth the hassle, the lass getting a real ‘rodeo ride’ every time. He’d also started tying up her now and again at her request, the girl liking it as long as it wasn’t every time or for too long. They’d even bought a few chains and cuffs and things like that, but were still at the experimental stage. She spent a while looking on his computer about things like that, showing Jerry and getting him to act a few scenarios either in their bedroom or out on the farm when the others were off duty. They’d almost got caught one day when he’d tied her naked to a pillar in the barn, but that just heightened the thrill of it.

Another pick-up truck arrived and she really groaned this time. Marvin, Jerry’s brother and the only guy who could bother her. Just the way he’d look at her ass when she walked past got the girl a little nervous. He was happily married to Charlene, a good friend of Julia’s but that never stopped him ‘checking her’ any time he was here.

“Hi Jules,” he grinned coming into the kitchen for a peck on the cheek. Not that she wanted to but could not be seen to be rude to Jerry’s older sibling. She hated being called that too, and gently dug him in the ribs, “Julia, please Marvin. One day you’ll learn,” she smiled, trying to ease the tension. “Oh, guess I forgot... again” he replied, turning to receive the usual punch on the shoulder from his brother who’d just arrived. “Yo bro how’s trade in town?” Jerry asked and promptly ignored the answer and headed off to the living room.

“No Charlie with you?” she asked, hoping that if Charlene had come they might have something to talk about while the guys watched their matches. “Nah, bit tied up at the moment” he said and Julia tried not to flush. Marvin’s wife was well aware of what they got up to but as far as Julia knew didn’t want to try it herself.

The last of the guys rolled in and at least this one Julia didn’t mind. Trevor Paulson, Jerry’s oldest friend and though he could be mistaken for a wrestler he normally wouldn’t hurt a mouse. His beer intake however was extraordinary but he never seemed to get pissed either. He also knew how to treat a lady and gave Miss Banbury a warm hug as he bid her good afternoon. “Hi Trev, just in time so here’s a beer. The rest of the guys are already here, go on through love” she replied, smiling at him as a glass was thrust forward. He vanished and the girl sighed as she prepared a round to take in.

Least nobody would complain about what she was wearing. Blue jeans and a dark long-sleeved blouse, but making sure it was hiding everything from view, black sneakers finishing off the effect the lass wanted. She knew Jerry could get a bit jealous about people staring at her.

Five sets of eyes watched her as she placed the tray down on the table, to murmurs of appreciation at not spilling a drop. The noise from the TV set well off the scale. “Who’s winning?” she asked, only to get a “Haven’t bloody started yet love” sort of reply from Jerry, sat in the middle of the massive sofa. She dithered for a moment then plopped down in the corner chair near her handbag, fetching out a Blackberry and checking to see if there were any new messages. “Modern technology eh Jerry, when you joinin’ the revolution buddy?” came the question followed by a few sniggers from the others.

The fact he was computer literate and knew perfectly well how to run his business both digitally and otherwise didn’t stop the Mickey taking. “Shut up guys or ‘Control Alt Delete’ friendship for all of you otherwise” he chuckled. Even Julia grinned at that, then realised she’d left the food in the kitchen, quickly returning with a massive tray of cholesterol busting crisps, muffins and suchlike.

“Good girl, just in time for the start” and all six stood for the playing of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ America’s National anthem. By now Julia knew the words and sang it with gusto, getting a nod of approval from Jerry as they finished it, even Marvin seemed happy with her now and they settled back into their seats while the latest set of adverts flashed onto the screen.

One of them for a local bar/tavern in Phoenix that they’d frequented and they saw a couple of people in the place they knew, catcalling and so-on, though that was nothing when Marvin commented the attractive waitress ‘wasn’t as good as ours’. Making the others laugh, Julia grin wryly and even Jerry nodding. “Yep, ours sure looks a darn sight better”. Someone muttered something about being ‘well overdressed for the part’ but Makin ignored it.

The match got underway and within four minutes Dallas scored a touchdown to huge roars of approval from the guys, making Julia jump as she’d not been watching. Instead she was carrying on an e-mail chat with one of her girlfriends in town. That score meant five rapidly draining glasses and she ditched the Blackberry and hurried into the kitchen, coming back with more beer and a juice for herself.

At the first quarter break the adverts allowed Julia to clear the table and give it a wipe, remove the glasses and return with the third round. If they kept this rate of consumption up then nobody would be sober enough to remember the score, she thought with a grin. Mack’s Bar flashed up again to more comments and joviality and Jerry chuckled saying maybe he ought to get Julia a uniform or something like that. She smiled but said nothing, not wanting to drop some ironic British humour into the chatter.

During the second quarter Chicago made a break and levelled the score at 7-7. To much derision from the men. Though this meant the current round of drinks lasted all that period. Once the timing hooter sounded Julia got to her feet and began collecting the glasses, thinking she ought to put the oven on for the pizzas and stuff to be served at the end of the game. Jerry gave her ass a pat as she walked past and the lass blushed, which of course made the others chuckle just as the Mack Bar advert came on again. “You sure that ain’t Julia’s twin Jerry?” she heard as the door closed, guffawing from at least two of them making her sigh as she headed off.

Once out in the kitchen she wondered whether to give them a little treat. She had a pair of tight denim cut-offs and a skimpy t-shirt much like the Mack waitress. Though hers didn’t have the company logo on it but would be equally effective. “Worth a laugh” she grinned and hurried upstairs to change.

Back down in five minutes, a quick re-do of make-up and a brush of hair and she returned to the front room. Entering with the tray she saw four pair of eyes widen. Jerry, who’d just come back from the other restroom staring from the doorway then he grinned, realising what she’d done. “Way to go love!” he laughed, looking at Trevor and the others, watching his girl not quite flaunting but ‘maybe a gentle tease’ to their maleness. This time once the beers were served she got a hug and kiss from her man before the game restarted.

Dallas retook the lead straight away and soon Julia busy again, more beer then she began work on the other food, coming in just as the 3rd quarter finished with it still 14-7 to the Texans. Everyone headed off to the bathroom this time, Jerry coming into the kitchen to see how things were doing. “You lot gonna be sober for the other game?” she asked, still wondering how to tell Jerry what she wanted from him. “Dunno, not really bothered about it to be honest” he replied. “Long as the Cowboys make it, then you, chicken are gonna have a great time in the Skydome in January. And one day I’m gonna find out how you got them tickets too!”

She smiled at that, saying ‘No way buster’ digging him in the ribs and having a snog. “So if you’re not bothered, do you fancy going downtown...maybe to Cathy’s party? It starts at 7pm. You’d only miss the second half of the Atlanta game” he thought about it. “Hmmm, if it wasn’t for this lot here I’d say yeah. Look, maybe, we’ll see what happens after the 1st game, OK?” she shrugged in a resigned way knowing that probably meant no. He vanished after another rub and she followed with a tray of nibbles for them.

More adverts followed the chit-chat, one of them for a ladies fashion house, the model wearing a black thigh skimming dress leaving little to the imagination as she strutted along the sidewalk. Julia smiled, she had one of those herself and the lass watched many male eyes hungrily devouring the image, both those on the TV screen and here in the room before they faded away.

“Mack’s girl could try wearing that!” someone said to more general appreciation. Jerry looked over at his girl and saw her staring back at him. To her surprise he winked at her, Julia wondering... Then the game began the last quarter, Dallas scoring again within three minutes to Makin’s utter delight. “21-7 right ON! Goin’ to the BOWL. Jules start packin love. We’re goin!” he bellowed making everyone else laugh, Miss Banbury included as she went off for another tray.

Out in the kitchen Julia paused having got the drinks ready, then dashed upstairs smiling. This would surely top the lot if she came down in that, but it had to be done. Quickly she stripped off the shorts, changed into the frock and got herself sorted out, ‘smoky-eye’ make-up applied before coming back downstairs with the black shoes in her hands. No way was she attempting a staircase wearing heels like these. Once she stepped into them she tottered into the kitchen and collected the tray, this time taking a little longer as walking in these was bloody hard.

The collective clunk of five jawbones hitting the floor made Julia grin as she laid the tray on the table. Making sure she bent from the waist to give them a good look at her cleavage. “Tell Mack’s girl, she’s got NO chance honey!” she purred handing a glass to Jerry. The guy like his red-blooded mates, unable to take his eyes off the stunning figure here. She headed for her corner, tucking her feet to one side as you do when wearing high heels and a short dress while trying to sit demurely in a low-slung chair. Not wanting an errant flash of...

During the last quarter Julia watched the guys, trying to keep looking at the screen, but each, sneaking a peek as she sat there playing with her Blackberry. Even Jerry wasn’t immune to this. But they all cheered when the final hooter went off and Dallas had won. So back to work for Miss Banbury and she gave them an ass wiggle as she headed out the door. Jerry followed, smiling and once in the kitchen gave his girl the longest snog yet. “So I’m ready...are we going...” and at that moment the phone rang.

Jerry answered, then realising it was Cathy wanting her mate passed it over to the lass. Not good news it appeared, the do was off tonight, Miss Rennie’s mother had been taken ill so no party after all. “Shit, all dolled up and bugger all to show for it!” she said once the handset was replaced. Trying not to show his relief at not needing to duck out of the second game was hard for Makin but he managed it. Helping Julia with the meals then washing up while the others went outside for smokes. The lass glad that her man forbade everyone from puffing away inside.

Back in the front room they watched the preamble for game 2, though Julia sensed that nobody was that bothered about the result. Also the beer intake had dropped and when she offered another round only Trevor accepted and he said he’d fetch it after another smoke outside. More adverts, this time for cruises and stuff. Bikini and swimsuit clad beauties all over the place. Jerry staring at his partner, then to her shock he winked again. Surely he didn’t want her to... a wry grin followed and she left with the empty plates, wondering whether to... Just as Makin emerged with a tray she’d forgotten.

“You seriously expecting me...” she began and he grinned but shook his head. “Nah, I think Marvin might not approve. He cannot stop staring already. Heck knows what Charlene would say. Though you never know...” She smiled in reply then headed to the staircase, shedding the shoes, saying she needed the bathroom upstairs. Of course Jerry suspected she was up to something and waited a moment or two then silently followed her up. Waiting outside their bedroom door, watching as she emerged from the washroom after a rest stop then the lass grinning as she opened the drawers where he knew her bikinis’ were kept. He waited till she’d picked one out.

“Gotcha love” he said, peering round the doorframe as she tried to hide her shock at the fact she wasn’t alone. The clothing in her other hand behind her back and that knowing but guilty look. He laughed as she blushed redder than the carpet. “Don’t you dare...or I’ll...” he chuckled as she dropped the black bikini on the bed and pointedly reached round for the zip on her dress.

“Or what,” she pouted, smiling as he came over and took her wrists. “I’ll...I’ll tie you across the bed and leave you here for the match!” he retorted, then gave her a kiss as he let go, thanking her for not making a fuss at having to serve the others earlier. Actually she didn’t mind. This was one of the few times Jerry acted the ‘Joe Casual’ way for his mates. Much preferring a quiet life at home running the now very successful farm inherited from his old man.

“Hmmm, sounds tempting I think. One way to get out of waitressing” and with that Julia got a hand onto the tab...And found her being grabbed again round the midriff, pushed back and the pair fell onto the mattress laughing. Jerry quickly easing her up then clambering on top, not surprisingly Julia did not resist and after a hug and kiss held her arms aloft to the corners knowing what he wanted.

Makin reached under the pillows and pulled out the cords. Binding her wrists then grinning as he moved off, opening her legs then getting the rope that normally was well hidden under the bed and securing her ankles as well. “Not too tight?” and she tugged. They seemed fine and with the knots behind her wrists she couldn’t get her fingers back. Totally inescapable, and it sent tremors running through her. “No, they’re alright”

Julia shuddered, hoping that he’d screw her but was surprised when he grabbed a bundle of hankies from the bedside cabinet and she knew what was next. “Open up love,” and she obeyed, a mouthful of cloth being stuffed inside with another wrapped over her face to stop the lass spitting it out.

“If only Marvin and the others could see you now” he joked and saw her eyes widen. That would be too far and Jerry apologised, saying he needed to return downstairs or he’d be missed. Grabbing a thick bed sheet from the blanket box he covered her right up to the neck, gave Julia a kiss on the forehead, told her she only had another three hours to wait then tucked the top of the sheet behind the pillow covering her totally.

“Sweet dreams honey” he said then she heard then the door was closed, but not locked and that did concern her as he went downstairs. Though they had a bathroom next to the kitchen, it might not stop someone having a wander round up here. The idea of being found spread-eagled like this by his mates got her juices flowing and she wriggled. Of course with her arms up and legs apart it made the dress ride up and was barely covering her now. ‘Oh bloody hell’ she murmured and tried to get comfortable.

She was well into the dream when a clumping sound reached her, properly waking the lass and she prayed... but this was real. Heavy steps too so not Jerry and her heart sank as they came into the corridor. The master bedroom was the second door and she hoped he’d try the other one first as this was the spare bathroom for the guest rooms opposite. There was even a little sign on the door.

But no. Julia shuddered as the handle squeaked on their door and the steps came in. She tried not to breathe as the paces paused close by the bed head then not to scream as the top of the sheet was pulled back... because it was Marvin.

“What the bloody hell...” he murmured looking down at an amazing sight. His little brothers’ very sexy girlfriend bound and gagged on their bed.

Julia’s eyes went wide as she realised it wasn’t Jerry and she squealed frantically through the material as he reached in to free her. She shook her head in protest and it made him pause.

“Jerry do this to you missy?” he asked and Julia paused, and then nodded, trying not to flush as the rest of the sheet was pulled away.

He looked down over her body. Those fabulous curves now on view. That little dress showing every line and swell of her breasts. The girl froze as he sat on the edge and touched her hair, smoothing it over the pillow. Again he reached for the gag, to once more be stopped as she tugged on the bonds and shook her head.

“Oh, you wanna... you wanna stay like this, yes?” this time she really flushed and he saw this. Then she nodded to confirm the fact. A brief pause then he grinned and got up. “Well I never thought I’d see the day,” and headed for the door. Julia wishing he’d put the sheet back over her before... But he didn’t leave, looking outside before closing it instead then coming back and sat down on the edge of the bed. Looking down over her body again, seeing her eyes watching his hands.

Marvin smiled down, making the girl shake for a moment then those grey eyes widened as he reached over and placed two fingers on a certain little hillock a few inches below her chin. Gently beginning to rub the nipple between them, seeing her start to tremble. A little mew in protest was cut off as his other hand was held under her jaw. He leaned closer and she managed not to wince at the beer fumes “Shhh Julia, it’s all gonna be fine honey. Just enjoy a little treat” he muttered. The thing hardening under his touch, her face starting to glow even redder as he let go of her face and began working the other breast.

She was worried now. If she tried to resist then things might turn sour or worse than that. His left hand moved south from her breast, sliding down over her admirably flat stomach, tapping the Harley bikers buckle belt that cinched in her slim waist, thus amplifying her hips. “Good choice Julia, showing that fabulous figure off. My brothers’ a damn lucky man”

He’d probably be an annoyed one too see what Marvin’s doing now, she thought as her hips got a good stroking. Then she really froze as he shuffled down and one hand went onto her left leg. Gently easing over her silky smooth skin, thankfully going below the knee and checking her calf muscles for firmness like he did with cattle, as they got a squeezing. Ankle joint got a check over, though thankfully she was still wearing her heels so he didn’t bother with her feet. He grinned and looked up, seeing her eyes now closed, a soft moaning coming from behind her gag and didn’t it sound good so he increased the rate. Julia starting to move her butt in unison as he began working her emotions upward.

But it returned above the knee, coming close to where only Jerry was allowed and naturally she better protest at this. He looked up then grinned, shuffling up, placing one hand back over her jaw while the other fingers started rubbing her inner thigh. She twitched and wriggled at this as they went up and down. Just the tips barely touching her skin. “Easy girl, easy Julia,” he whispered again to calm her like he’d do with an errant horse. Trouble being that this was actually getting her very hot and bothered, seriously wet too and she prayed that he’d not smell how aroused she was getting.

Her face was really flushed now as the feelings mounted and he smiled seeing this. Despite not really wanting it her brain was going nuts, the tension building and he started going closer to the top. Just as she was about to squeal he paused, watching her lovely chest slow from its fast rhythm then he gently laid a finger...

Julia suddenly tugged on her bonds, a hand quickly clamping over her face to muffle the squealing. She started to look distressed now and that broke through Marvin’s thought process at what he was doing and he withdrew. Once she’d calmed a bit he released his grip and apologised profusely to her. Tugging the dress down as far as it would go. “Please, please forgive me love, I’m so sorry” he said and slowly Julia nodded, her face starting to fade back to its’ normal healthy tan. He left and used the bathroom himself then returned.

“Want me to get Jerry up here and free you?” he asked and she thought long and hard but then her eyes twinkled and she shook her head. “Yeah, I thought not!” he grinned and this time he could sense her smiling behind the gag and knew she’d be alright. “How about a loo stop instead, he won’t know?” and this time Julia nodded. He chuckled then made her promise never to mention what had happened and she agreed with a wink. The lower cords were soon undone and not surprisingly she closed her legs. Sighing as her wrists were freed and Miss Banbury swung herself round and sat on the edge, her hands reached up to remove...

“Uh no. You stay gagged missy” Marvin ordered. “Seen but not heard, now be off. You’ve got five minutes” slapping her rump and Julia hurried off trying not to fall over on the wooden floor in these daft shoes. Once inside the bathroom she did the obvious ablutions but also changed her underwear. ‘Just in case’ her partner checked later on. Julia undid the gag, knocked back a glass or two of water, exercised her tongue then regagged herself with fresh handkerchiefs from the cupboard. Thankful that last week’s washing hadn’t been put away yet.

It was a trembling Julia Banbury who returned to see Marvin there, his hands with a load of cord he’d found in the box under the bed. “You and Jerry do this a lot?” he asked, grinning as she glowed red and nodded. “Yeah, I thought so. I used to tie Mary-Lou when we were together” Julia knew about Marv’s previous partner, the poor girl being his soul mate before she was killed by a drunk-driver. The rather straight-laced Charlene had nursed him through his sorrow and married him a year or so later. So this was how he knew his ropes eh?

They shared a hug and again he apologised for touching her up there. Julia nodding in acceptance of this. “Good girl and thanks. So ready to be tied again?” and she paused, then nodded and got onto the bed, easing her dress the extra couple of inches down to preserve what little dignity she had. Reaching up she settled into the x-shape but was surprised when he asked her did she want to be done wrists and ankles together instead.

Forgetting that this wasn’t Jerry she nodded then listened as Marvin told her to face the pillow and kneel in the middle of the bed. She obeyed then felt him wrap the first cord round her wrist, then draw it behind, then doing the other across it so her hands looked like a butterfly. She wiggled her fingers and tugged but there was no give. Marvin sure knows his...

Oh bloody hell, she thought and mewed,’ trying to stop him. But a hand clamped over her jaw.

“Too late Jules, that nod gave me permission to bind you. So be quiet...understand?’ came the voice. Much harder it seemed, just like these knots and she waited. Jumping slightly as her ankles were tied together, plenty of cord going round and cinched off just like her wrists earlier.

“Raise your arms,” came the next order and she tried, but only got them up a few inches and the strain on her shoulders was considerable. A cord belt was tied over her Harley one and pulled tight into her waist making Julia jump. Then her wrists were bound with more cord to this one so she could no longer raise them.

He came round the front and attached another to this then made her rise up off her calves. She managed that but gasped as he pushed the loose end between her knees then drew it up behind her and tied it off. Julia squealed again as this pulled taut right up her ass, effectively cutting her in two. The edge rubbing her panties deep into...

The hand again covered her face as she protested. “Shhh almost finished. Just one more cord. Want me to apply it?” he asked and for a moment she thought no. But curiosity overrode her concern and like a fool she nodded.

“Good girl, my Jerry’s breaking you in just right. Mary-Lou was the same,” he chuckled and came round placing his arms on her shoulders and easing Julia down till she lay straight up the bed, face just below the pillow. Telling her to relax.

Now she was really wet, a little scared maybe but also excited, wondering what was next. This last cord couldn’t do much harm could it?

A moment later she was quietly cursing her stupidity as he folded her legs back till her shoes touched her ass and Marvin quickly roped the ankles to her wrists, tugging hard till suddenly Julia realised she was hog-tied and utterly helpless now.

She moaned again through the gag as he started stroking her legs though thankfully didn’t go any further. “Right time for me to go. Stay there Julia” he said and she tried grinning. As if there was any chance of her escaping, bound like this!

Especially as he covered her over with the sheet. Tucking it underneath all round so it looked rather like a misshapen egg parked on the bed. She wondered what Jerry would say if he found her like that.

Miss Banbury guessed the brothers must have talked about bondage in the past. That’s how she knew about Mary-Lou and Marvin’s nocturnal activities. The first time Julia had asked Jerry to bind her he’d replied saying his sibling used to do that to his partner too.

Downstairs the match was continuing and Jerry looked up as Marvin reappeared, holding his cellphone. He shrugged; knowing bro was still concerned about leaving his shop on a busy day like this but said nothing, assuming he’d been outside having a fag while making his call.

Meanwhile Julia’s crotch cord was giving her serious trouble. If she moved an inch it sawed across her nubbin and the flimsy material did little to alleviate the feeling. Despite the ache in her body she was getting close to orgasm too, and that wasn’t what she wanted now. Or was it?

Here she was, bound, gagged and helpless and she wriggled, the cord doing its stuff then suddenly the express train arrived. Julia squealed as her muscles flexed, driving the cord even deeper...

Just as Jerry came into the bedroom.

The guy watching in fascination as the little lump twitched and squealed and he realised what was going on. So Marvin had been up here instead? Having done something with Julia? The cheeky bugger and for a moment he frowned. “Might have bloody asked first!” he grumbled, then another squeak came out and it made him grin, seeing the ‘egg’ almost starting to hatch it was moving that much.

He waited till it slowed down then pulled the material back. Staring in amazement at what his brother had done. Trussing Julia like a hog and leaving her there. She looked exhausted, sweaty faced and all as she peered up...to see Jerry there and she almost panicked. Worried that he’d be cross. “Wow, he’s really done you there love!” he grinned, seeing her eyes twinkle for a moment. How much the rope had dug in made him a little concerned as her hands and feet were turning red.

Julia sighed as the cord was freed and she could unbend her legs. Flopping them down and she groaned as the pressure on her back diminished. Heck it was nice to be straight, she thought. Wondering why he’d not freed anything else. She tried to roll over but he placed a hand on her back and held firm.

“No, stay there missy. Now answer me honestly. Did you let him do this, or did he take advantage?” came the question and it made her freeze. If she got this wrong then it could seriously affect their relationship. The hands moved up and undid her gag and it made her cough. He let her roll over now and he saw what else Marvin had done. Jerry noticing how that cord went up her ass and he almost smiled. But he did want answers.

“A little bit of both,” she said at last. “He’d had a few, came up looking for the restroom and found me on the bed where you’d left me. Guess he recognised what you’d done, remember he used to do it to Mary-Lou?” and it made him nod. “Yeah, got a point there love. My fault, I shoulda locked the door.” He seemed to relax but then, “Did he touch you where you didn’t want him to?”

Julia’s eyes lowered. “He...he did not. That’s the truth Jerry. Came close mind but I think it was the drink. Remember you gagged me so I couldn’t exactly tell him to stop. I did squeal once and it did make him pause. He freed me to use the bathroom then tied me up again. OK?”

It seemed to be the right answer as Jerry nodded then made her stand up for examination. Though this was bloody difficult in high-heels with her ankles bound like that. The crotch cord still jammed right up her ass.

“What a sight you are. Did you enjoy it?” he asked, starting to smile now and Julia guessed he was fine with the situation and she flushed. Nodding, then saying yes, both times to placate him, plus asking to use the bathroom again. “OK” He undid her ankles then turned her round the right way and smacked her butt. “Off you go then”

She chuckled, flexing her hands and looking pleadingly at him. He came close and they kissed. Telling the girl she was naughty and deserved to be punished. “I will be in a minute if I wet myself” she said and he laughed, freeing her wrists too and she rubbed both to get rid of the marks before doing what comes naturally. Another wash and change of underwear before returning for a long kiss. Hearing that Atlanta were so far ahead in their game it was a shoe-in for them for the final against Dallas.

“So straight or bent this time love?” he asked as she sashayed around the room. Giving him a wiggle of hips too before handing over the cord that had been round her waist and crotch.

“Neither, guess I need to get downstairs again to get the place tidy” she replied. Amazed when he said to leave it till everyone else had gone. Sammy-Jo was coming over to collect the others so they’d return sometime tomorrow for the pick-ups. Only Marvin was staying overnight as Charlene was away.

“Ok then,” she smiled. “Surprise me instead.” was the challenge. He stared at her then grinned.

“Right, but once we’ve got started, I want no complaints, grumbling or anything, understand?” She looked at him, for once a little unsure but relieved that he hadn’t been upset about what Marvin had done with her. “Right, I promise, it’s a deal. I’m all yours honey” she said breathily and got a long kiss and cuddle as reward.

She watched him prepare enough cord on the bed to bind an elephant and it made her shudder. Firstly though was a thick wad to make a gag. This really filling her mouth, the rest tied off round the back. Then her eyes widened as he came with a blindfold and he saw her reaction. “Last chance to duck out honey?” and she almost did, but wanting to prove herself she winked at him.

Julia shuddered as he wrapped the material tight over her eyes and he saw her chest start to rise and fall as the anticipation grew.

“Arms” came the next order and by now she guessed right as they’ got bound the same way as Marvin had done. Though he had made her ball both hands into fists then wrapped them in handkerchiefs to hold them closed. Cord round the ends stopped any flexing but also once her wrists were cross-tied behind her back the excess material from the hankies stopped the rope digging into her skin. “Because you’re going to be like this quite a while my dear.” and that made her shake as he stroked all over. Giving her nipples a tweak before he roamed onto her ass, the lass sighing as he worked on.

“Good girl, enjoying it so far?” he asked and the blinded and gagged Julia hmmpphh’d a ‘yes’.

He made Julia step into her heels, though he’d swapped them for the five inchers she rarely wore and it almost made her fall over. ‘Oh god’ she said silently, I hope he leaves me lying down’ as she’d not last too long in these.

The waist rope came next and she was expecting the crotch cord to follow. But there was a pause and she heard him ferreting about in her bedside cupboard. ‘bloody hell, he’s getting out my...’ she moaned into her gag as his hands reached up her dress, stroked her middle then pulled down the knickers and slowly inserted the vibrator into her. Then sliding it deeply in and out, making her squeal, the lass struggling to stand upright and that was before he’d bound her ankles!

Just when she could hardly stand any more he stopped, grinning as she whined in exasperation. Jerry tidied her underwear then the crotch rope was brought underneath and tied off. Leaving her stuffed full, though she’d always refused a butt plug and he didn’t want to spoil this now so didn’t insist.

Julia’s brain was going berserk now and knew it’d only get worse as he tied her ankles, again having put a handkerchief round each first to stop the cord hurting her. Then he repeated this above and below her knees and now she wondered when she’d be laid on the bed.

But it was not to be as he paused. Getting her to shuffle forward as best she could. Almost impossible and it took a while. “Stop there, that’s perfect...” then he told her what was coming next!

Miss Banbury was amazed as a hood was popped over her head and secured, before a noose tightened itself round her neck. Jerry tossing the other end over the ceiling beam and attaching it to her wrists.

“Right love, the prisoner is all ready for punishment” he said, rubbing her hips. Feeling Julia really shaking now...as he turned the vibrator on.

At first she didn’t feel anything. Then her pussy twitched as the thing pulsed for a moment.

This was awesome and Julia wondered how she looked. Then the stunned lass heard footsteps and the door close. Jerry had left the room! She thought as the vibrator increased in motion. Stirring her gently at first then a sudden hammer that made the girl tug on her wrists. This of course tightening the noose and she froze in terror. Once she relaxed Julia sighed as the grip on her neck receded.

For what seemed like hours the vibrator teased and tormented her. The lass wobbling on her heels and the strain on her entire body was considerable. But also exciting and despite her fears she could feel the starting twinges of orgasm on more than one occasion before the vibrator cut out.

Julia tried her best, pleading through the gag for her body not to betray her. But once more nature took its course, helped by a burst of hammer and the euphoric waves swept through her head and her knees gave way. The noose tightening and she squealed...just as hands clamped under her armpits and held her up. “Easy love, I’ve got ya” Jerry said.

She burst into tears at this, thanking anyone for the fact he hadn’t left her after all!

It took her a while to regain equilibrium and Jerry’s grip never wavered. Once Julia hummed he eased her back onto her feet and carefully let go...then the hammering began again. How long she could take this Julia wasn’t sure. Depends on the bloody...OH HECK... As another one tore through her and again those arms gripped and supported.

After the third and longest Jerry sensed Julia had probably endured enough. She took longer to regain her footing this time and a plaintive wail that emerged confirmed it when he heard the vibrator kick in again. He hit the remote and she groaned as it cut out. Her fingers barely flexing inside the hankies as best they could.

“OK love, I think that’s enough” he said and her shoulders sagged in relief as he began briefing the girl about how he was to free her. The noose was first and she shuddered as it was taken off and she almost fainted, but didn’t want to let herself spoil it. The crotch rope was next and he could smell her arousal and it made him grin as she wobbled. He freed the ankles and knees then eased Julia towards the bed and sat her down. The muffled sighing as the weight came off her feet was something else as he took the shoes off.

Lastly off came her wrists and the head gear. The dishevelled girl blinking in the dim lighting, rubbing her arms but pleased the marks were not too bad. Julia looked up at her man, then slowly got to her feet, then gave him the biggest hug and kiss possible. Softly crying in thanks for such a memorable time. “That fake hanging. It really got me going” she said.

“Good, glad you enjoyed it honey. I’m gonna check on the guys while you get tidied up. Guess you’ll be a while?” he grinned as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a Medusa like mess, make-up all smudged and Julia said it looked like she’d done ten rounds with a boxer. Jerry grinned as she headed for the bathroom, the girl blowing him a kiss before she closed the door.

It took nearly two hours for Miss Banbury to get herself and the room back to normal. Her muscles ached but there was no visible signs of cord marks on her skin. Even the noose had been outside the hood material and she thanked Jerry for thinking of her like that.

She came downstairs to find Jerry and Marvin in the kitchen, the others having left apparently after the game. Julia looked at the pair and the way they’d grinned at her meant that what happened upstairs had been discussed between the brothers. “He tell you everything?” she chuckled, blushing and Marvin nodded. “Yeah he did, you’re a very naughty girl Miss Banbury. Jerry’s says he’s gonna keep you under lock and key in future!”

Julia laughed at that and so did the brothers. They talked on both how it had looked from their side but also asking Miss Banbury how she felt. Jerry saying Marv had apologised to him for taking advantage earlier. Pleased at that she replied he’d done the same to her already. It was great fun, but only in small doses and not for too long if they made the bondage really tight. Jerry agreeing with this, saying he’d always have her wellbeing in mind, then paused and asked her an amazing question.

Was it alright for her if Marvin ‘borrowed’ her body now and again to tie up!

She nearly choked on her juice at this and they saw her eyes widen in surprise. “Well,” she gasped, “That’s a hell of a question to ask Jerry” and for a moment she nearly said no straight out. Doing it with your man was one thing, mainly for the sexual side. Allowing his brother to do the same well that was... and she sat there for ages mulling it. But the more she thought about it...hmmm.

“Now listen you two,” she said slowly, waggling a finger. “Guess I’m a little unsure at the moment, it’s been quite a day for me, and I suppose yourselves too” and they nodded. “But if...and only if I say yes then we’ll have to sort out ground rules. Like how often, where it’d be and for how long like I said earlier. Would you Jerry, know in advance, and then let me have enough warning to prepare myself? No cameras, video or overt sexual touches period. If I feel a situation has gone too far then Marvin, you have to stop without fail. If you two... are really sure, and can accept what I’m saying then...yes, OK.” and they looked at each other. Jerry giving her trembling hands a gentle squeeze and rub.

Later that night once they were in bed Julia brought the subject up again. “You sure Marvin would keep his word? If I said stop he’d cease?” she asked and Jerry hugged her. Explaining how he’d once saved Marv’s life many years ago. A story she knew about, but it also meant Jerry knew that Marvin would never, ever do something to harm his family, “Or ours, understand me love but Marv would run through a brick wall for us. And I’d do the same for him, OK?” she seemed happy with that and they had a kiss.

“Mind you,” he grinned, giving her a poke and rub through the slinky material of her nightshirt. “Once you’re safely gagged, tightly bound and blindfolded then I guess all bets are off” Julia shuddered at the thought but was still smiling as they faded away.

The following day was work for all of them. Julia came downstairs in her trouser-suit, briefcase in hand looking every inch the professional and Marvin, just about to take his leave gave her a nod of approval. “Very smart, wouldn’t want to cross swords with you in a courtroom” and Jerry laughed. “Yeah, she scares me sometimes too” and they had a hug before everyone headed out.

The following weekend Julia was half expecting her first ‘session’ with Marvin. But she would be disappointed as he made up lost time with the store. In fact the only time rope got used in the Makin bedroom was the Saturday afternoon and Jerry himself tied naked across it. Having accepted Julia’s challenge to see what it was like from her side. Though he did refuse a gag. “Spoilsport,” she grinned, hitching up her dress, revealing a lack of underwear and clambering on top. “Least I can thin this rug out” she said, plucking a hair off his gorilla-like chest. He scowled at her but then grinned...just as his cellphone rang.

Julia reached across and grabbed it, checking the display and her heart sank. “Shit, its Danny. Want to talk?” and he nodded, “Yeah sorry but this is important” She answered then put it on speaker, holding it close so he could talk to his farm manager. Dan apologised for interrupting the boss on his afternoon off, wanting permission to get some stuff Jerry had been chasing up. As it was over a hundred thousand dollars naturally he needed the OK first. “Yeah, read the figures first mind” and Julia reached over and grabbed a pad and pencil.

Listening and writing down the amounts, working out sales taxes in her head as her maths was faster than his then showing him the answer. He nodded; blowing her a kiss then agreed Dan could proceed. “Yep, sounds good” he said. Trying not to laugh once the talk switched to more mundane things, Julia began wriggling herself on his groin. Pouting, stripping off the dress before caressing those breasts. Seriously distracting him at one point by grabbing his cock but thankfully it wasn’t vital and the call soon ended. “Cow, I’m gonna spank you for that” he laughed as she leaned in. “If only Dan had seen you just now. So where were we farm boy?” she murmured.

Still no calls from Marvin after a fortnight and Julia was a little frustrated. Just the idea of being bound tight and gagged always got her going and she wondered why he’d not yet asked. But still life went on and it was a happily humming Miss Banbury who was driving back to the farm from an appointment in Flagstaff when she saw a biker parked by the roadside. Passing him and it looked, by the fact he had a toolbox out that the guy had broken down. As she was driving the pick-up with Jerry’s tools in the back Julia wondered if she should assist. They were miles from nowhere, the canyon being a short-cut to their town. A check on her ‘cell proved there was no reception up here in the valley. “Typical!”

Julia turned round and headed back, drawing off the road about twenty yards from the biker. The guy lying down, cursing as he twisted a spanner. Only after she’d stopped did Miss Banbury realise that the man was a Hells Angel. His rather dusty ‘colours’ spread over the saddle.

“Damn and blast,” she muttered, having been warned by Jerry that the ‘Chapters’ round here were not the sort ‘that a fine English gal’ should associate herself with. But now it’d be a bit daft and heartless to drive off again and leave him stranded.

It made quite a sight. The smart suited and high-heeled Miss Banbury talking to a rather scruffy biker. But at least he’d not told her to ‘f### off’ when she’d asked could she help. Instead, after a look of surprise he’d actually been polite and accepted her offer. Jerry’s box had just the tool it seemed and took a few moments for the guy to work it out and the machine burst into life. It still sounded rough but...’Nah it always does young missy. But thanks for stopping.’ he grinned, that fading as a cop car thundered past.

The two officers looking over and saw them for a moment. Brake lights came on and the Arizona Highway Patrol vehicle slid off the road and did a u-turn. Slowly returning and paused just beyond Miss Banbury’s pick-up, the lights now coming on. Both officers got out and one came close, the other standing off in case of trouble, his gun hand just above his pistol belt.

“ID’s please” he asked shortly, “Both of you. Lady first” Julia nodded and went to her pick-up. Getting the Arizona drivers licence out of her handbag, wishing she’d not left her passport at home. “Here you go Sir” she replied pleasantly, handing it over. The cop reading her name and the other details. “You’re a Limey?” was the next question and that bridled her. “Yes Sir, but I don’t see what difference it would make.” she replied tartly. “Nothing just seems strange. A Brit lady out here alone with...one of them” and she saw the biker’s face darken. He too pulled out a wallet and produced his own ID. The officer checking it, holding it up close as if it was fake. Then taking both to the car, the other cop joining him as they sat back in air-conditioned comfort.

“Easy missy,” the biker said quietly. “AHP don’t like me and my boys. Just stay cool.” Which was a rather daft thing to say in hundred plus temperatures. She could kill for a drink and was just thinking about going to the pick-up when the cops got out again. Officer ‘Personality’ came up and handed the ID’s back. “You can go buddy, missy waits here” he said to the biker. The man paused then thanked Julia for the tools and put them back in Jerry’s box, went to his machine and rode off. She did reply but once the Angel had left was about to ask what was going on when he told her to ‘shut up’

“Need better ID for you. That pick-up ain’t yours...” Julia interrupting, saying it was her boyfriends and she was only using it because her car was being serviced. “Oldest trick in the book missy.” and he gave her a look that chilled Miss Banbury. “Look Sir, if I had cellphone reception I’d call him. Then you’d know I’m not lying” she said, starting to get concerned now, but wanting to remain polite. Being rude to a cop was the quickest way of getting herself busted. He stood there looking her up and down.

“Please SIR, you must believe me” she said, her voice getting a bit ragged now. The heat was making her wobble on her heels.

“Be quiet missy. Just need to talk to my buddy. Stay right there” he ordered and turned and went to the other guy and they headed into the car. They conferred then an agreement seemed to be reached as the rude one came back. “Right, gonna take you down to the station. Something’s not right. You, a biker, wrong answers ‘bout the pick-up. Now turn around and put your hands on the vehicle” he said finally.

Julia Banbury was horrified. “But...no way! Just call Jerry...please Sir. Just call him” she said at last, getting tearful, standing there with this smirking copper eyeing her in a totally inappropriate way.

“Bob, give me back up!” he called as the other officer swigged from a bottle. He dropped it into the dirt and drew his firearm. Coming to stand just behind his partner. This time she obeyed the shouted order. Wincing as her fingers almost sizzled from the heat of the metal. A hand gripped her left wrist and pulled it behind her back, snapping on the cuff with some relish, then the same for the other and Julia was sobbing now. Jumping as the voice told her to stop making a fuss. Fingers removed the keys from her pocket, the girl sure the ‘pat-down’ of her hips and ass wasn’t accidental.

Safely cuffed she was propelled towards the car. The two officers getting the crying girl into the back. To her utter shock one produced another set of cuffs, took her shoes off then having secured her ankles locked the irons to a heavy bolt in the floor.

Despite being trained in financial services rather than criminal law Julia Banbury was sure, having seen enough ‘wildest police’ shows on TV that these guys were abusing their powers now. “If you don’t stop wailing miss, I’m gonna properly shut you up” one snapped as she sobbed uncontrollably. Unable to stop she saw what was coming next and screamed. The gag was rammed into her mouth and tied off. “Right Bob bring her pick-up” he said, slamming the door and getting into the front.

They roared off, back the way she’d come. Heading not for the nearest town it seemed. So where the hell were they... and it made her scream and cry even more. Struggling in the cuffs, her wrists aching as the metal dug in. The cop cursed her vilely, using language she’d never thought an officer should use in public. Banging his fist repeatedly on the screen that separated them, yelling at her to shut up or face consequences. His driving was appalling, swerving all over the road and she was simply terrified now.

The end came minutes later. Speeding round a bend he stomped on the brakes and skidded to a halt. Throwing Miss Banbury across the car, screaming in pain as the cuffs jerked both ankles as she’d been tossed about. The back doors flew open and many hands grabbed hold and tried to drag her out and Julia wailed as the metal dug harder into her legs. “Stop, she...bloody hell they’ve cuffed her to the floor!” a rough voice said. Her eyes cleared from the tears and she saw an incredible scene. The cop who’d ‘arrested’ her was face down on the floor by the roadside. A group of leather clad ‘Angels’ holding rifles, all pointing at his torso. Twisting round she saw her pick-up, more men ordering the other officer out at gunpoint. Keys were produced and Miss Banbury was freed from the bolt in the car and lifted out. But the bikers were about to uncuff her limbs when a male voice, much older said ‘stop’

Her eyes widened in shock, seeing a ‘Colours’ clad Vicar advancing on her group from the roadblock ahead. He removed the gag and Julia choked as it was pulled away. “Water, please Sir. I need water” she croaked, trying to stay upright, as she still had the ankle cuffs on. A bottle was thrust across and held up, the life giving liquid pouring into her. The lass thanking him once she’d drained it.

“Question time, why did they arrest you?” she was asked. An amazed Miss Banbury stood there in the blistering heat. Answering questions from a vicar, while helplessly cuffed hand and foot! What would Jerry say about that and it almost made her grin, shamefully feeling a twitch from below. Eventually he ordered her to be freed and a slightly relieved and tearful girl was led back to her pick-up, told to sit in it but informed she was NOT to leave, an Angel staying with her. She grabbed some sweets from the glove box, offering one to the guard who eyed it suspiciously then took it.

The two cops were now cuffed and brought before the vicar. Julia sat in her pick-up, amazed at the fact no other vehicles had gone past. She assumed ‘road closed’ signs must have been placed further up and down to stop anyone else coming on the scene. Their questioning took a while and a quietly trembling Miss Banbury watched. Officer ‘Rude’ getting a slap and she wryly smiled at that. Once the vicar had finished the two cops were frogmarched to their vehicle and placed in the back. Two Angels got in the front and the vehicle, plus most of the bikers drove off.

Julia was summoned back and she slowly walked over to the vicar. Her heels clicking on the tarmac and the lass regretted not changing into sneakers when she’d had the chance. Two of the Angels standing alongside as if on guard. “Tell me more about the biker you helped” he asked and Banbury did. Staring to say how she’d assisted with the repairs. “Well, he just used Jerry’s stuff, got it fixed then the cops got involved” she added. “No, what I wanted from you was his ‘Colours” the man said.

She paused, trying to remember. “Er..Blue and gold. Eagles head over a US Flag, I think” and Julia looked at the back of the guy next to her. “Not like his, why, does it matter?”

There was a stunned silence, Julia quickly realising she’d stuck her size fives firmly into her mouth.

“Yeah, fraternising with the enemy. Not a good idea” Came the rumbling voice from the guard to her right. The vicar stared at her. “You helped a Phoenix, we’re Flagstaff. We do NOT get on” he said at last. Miss Banbury tried to apologise but stopped when the man raised a hand. He thought for what seemed an age as she swayed in the heat.

“Sorry missy cannot forgive this transgression...”

Julia’s heart missed a beat, she even felt cold despite the burning sun. “Please Sir, just let me go” she said, starting to realise she could be in bigger trouble now. Arrested by cops was one thing. Having them, AND herself captured by some rather cross Hells Angels was ten times worse!

“Barretts Canyon, take her there” he said to the others as three more Angels arrived. Julia was shocked as her arms were grabbed; twisting them back and to her horror the cuffs were reapplied. “NOOOO...” she screamed as a hand came round and held her jaw. She tried to bite the fingers but that just made things worse. The gag was picked up from the dirt and roughly shoved in and tied off. Struggling now she kicked out and the Angels laughed as she missed by miles, two men grabbing her legs and the other cuffs were locked on.

A struggling Julia was carried to her pick-up and dumped into the back. Turned onto her front then her ankles were brought up and the Angels hog-tied her like Marvin had done and a blanket covered the body. Despite herself she felt her pussy twitch again. Bloody hell not now, she thought. While lying in bed dreaming about being in utter peril, then bringing her off was one thing. Actually having this scenario for real was something else.

The vehicle roared away and Julia sobbed all the way, bouncing up and down once they left tarmac and headed up what felt like dirt or gravel track. They skidded to a halt and doors opened and closed. The blanket was pulled off and sunlight flooded the back. Julia screaming as the brightness hit her eyes. Hands freed the rope then she was dragged off the back and once her eyesight recovered she saw they were near the end of a narrow canyon with another pick-up there. A small cave at the very end. The vicar waiting with two more of the Angels. This pair unusually wearing hoods as they stared at her. One walked up and examined her body, hands rubbing her ass. “Seems a shame to waste good stuff like this” the vicar said. Julia thinking he meant her.

“Strip her” was the order given.

Hands closed in and Julia struggled as her cuffs were briefly freed, her suit and shoes removed by the two hooded men and folded up. Then her wrists re-cuffed again before being ordered to step into her shoes again. Shuddering, standing there helpless in her rather lacy underwear Julia flushed as many male eyes roamed over her figure. Even the vicar came close and stared.

“Take her to the firing point” he said and they all smiled as two of the Angels reached into the other pick-up. Her eyes widened in terror as rifles were produced. She screamed into the gag, unable to comprehend at first what they were doing.

She did her best to struggle as they marched her along. Staggering in her heels, crying, shaking in terror as they dragged Julia into the cave and she saw what awaited her. A tall post standing to one side with loops of metal at various heights. All opened and she guessed correctly this was for her.

The bikers grinned as they shoved Julia closer to let her see it. “Right, you two, put her in” the vicar ordered and the guns were laid to one side. The hooded men took over, eyes gleaming as someone else uncuffed her wrists but held them tight as she was pushed back and the metal loop at waist height was brought round and locked. The same action performed for her neck. Julia’s arms were tugged behind it and each secured. Lastly her ankles were surrounded by steel, the girl too terrified to even kick out now. Crying softly into her gag, trying to ignore the fact her pussy was getting seriously wet. Now she was finished they all stood back and looked at her as one of the hoods pocketed the keys.

His mate came forward and Julia’s eyes were closed as he gripped her hips, sliding her knickers down. Jumping as what felt like a vibrator was slowly pushed in. She dare not open them now; he might see something in them that she couldn’t admit. The fact she was SO turned on now as her underwear was rearranged and he stepped back. ‘Hell of a way to go’ she murmured as the damn thing started to work. More footsteps and a blindfold was applied and tied off. By heck she felt... calmer now, but strangely enervated too as the hammering rapidly increased. She barely heard the voice called the firing party ‘to attention to orders’

“Party, charge arms,” a clinking as the handles were pulled back.

Buzzzz...it was coming, and she pleaded with her body to hurry up!

“Firing position,” scrunching footsteps and she assumed they were lining up.

BUZZZZ...oh hell, please come ON and she suddenly felt it rising to envelop her.

“Take aim” ‘YESSS!!!!’

The orgasm to beat all orgasms tore through Julia’s body and she faded away in bliss.

She awoke to silence. The heat still there, standing secured to the pole and helpless. Miss Banbury gave a moan through the gag, freezing as a footstep scrunched on the gravel right in front of her.

“Julia, you OK honey?”

She screamed. It was JERRY!

Bursting into tears, her hands flapping wildly as he placed both hands round her waist and hugged hard.

“It’s alright honey, I’m here now” he crooned as she almost fainted. Had the steel not held her up she’d be a sobbing mess on the dusty floor. His fingers stroking her hips and despite her situation Julia began to get those twinges again.

“Now listen love,” he said, “Before I free you, you need to listen very carefully. Understand?” she paused then nodded. Wondering what the hell this was all about.

Julia Banbury listened in amazement as Jerry told her this was all a set-up! Everyone involved were members of the Arizona Alternate Lifestyle Association. A group of people who did crazy things like this for sexual gratification! She shuddered, but was SO relieved. Mind you it was hard not to get angry at having the crap scared out of her, mainly because it had worked.

Despite the scenario she HAD been turned on, the groping, being stripped, cuffed and suchlike. The firing squad might have been a step too far but hey, she was so impressed they’d done all this for her, and them. Jerry going on to say there were just as many women partners in the association as guys. Though today’s session had been for the blokes only. The ladies would see the results tomorrow as an amazed Julia discovered this had all been filmed. “Julia’s Judgement’ we’re calling this one. So, do you want to be freed and meet your co-stars?” he said and by now he could see her smiling behind the gag. She nodded and Jerry began to release her.

Her eyes took a while to re-adjust in the light of the cave. A blanket screen covering the entrance for the moment and she sighed as Jerry unlocked her wrists, playfully slapping him as he returned to do her neck, waist and the ankles. He grinned then took her into his arms as she broke down. “Easy honey, it really is alright” he said, rubbing her gently. Taking time to get his girl sorted out. Her clothes here and a bucket of water with towels and a hairbrush set too. “Give me twenty minutes alone love, please” she asked, smiling now and they had a kiss.

Julia heard a small cheer break out as Jerry left, also she could smell cooking and realised there was a barbeque being prepared nearby. She gave herself a careful wash and dry-off. Pleased that there was also fresh underwear placed there. Miss Banbury was smiling now and having dressed gave the pillar a closer look. It really was an impressive sight and she paused then stepped into her heels, advanced and stood up to it again, feeling a real surge as she shuffled her ankles back into the others. Bending down and closing both, doing the waist and her neck.

Lastly reaching round the back and placing her wrists in the steel loops. Almost praying for them to lock and hold her helpless again. “Wow, awesome” she grinned, stepping out again, reaching for the sunglasses and heading to the screen, just as Jerry returned, asking was she ready now?

A long smoochy kiss then, “Right let’s eat, and honey, thanks for a wonderful day”

This time a huge cheer rang round the canyon as a glowing Julia walked out. Jerry raising her arm like a boxing champ and she looked round. All the bikers applauding her, even the fake ‘cops’ were here, one giving her a whoop of the car’s siren and she raised a hand for silence which fell quickly.

“You’re all... bastards!” she laughed and the cheers got louder as everyone came forward to hug and shake hands as the party got started. It lasted a while as evening drew closer, fading sunlight throwing shadows on the canyon walls as everyone talked, Julia saying how it had felt from her side. The lass amazed on finding Charlene Makin was here and had been doing the filming. “You cow! I never had a clue!” and that was the cue for more cheering as the women embraced. The other hooded Angel now revealed as Marvin himself. So the main groping had been done by people she could...well, trust?

Finally with more handshakes and kisses they arranged to meet up tomorrow at the Association’s club to watch the DVD of today’s action. The barbeque was packed up and people began to depart until only the Makin’s and Julia were left.

“Marvin, could I have a word,” Julia said as the others drank some juice. The roar from the departing vehicles and bikes had faded now. He came up but paused when she pointed for them to go behind the screen. Once there she spoke...

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” he exclaimed when she’d finished. Julia smiled when he nodded, “OK”

Jerry couldn’t believe it when his brother came out from behind the blanket ten minutes later wearing the broadest smile on his face since he and Charlene had got married years before. He handed over the keys for the pillar, saying Julia now wanted to see him... alone.

“We’ll pick you up in an hour bro” he grinned, patting Jerry’s shoulder before he took Charlene’s hand and went to the pick-up, then drove off down the darkening canyon.

Makin was amazed when he went in to see her there and he mentally ran through the checklist. No wonder Marv had smiled if she’d asked him to do what he saw.

Julia Banbury was standing there naked, except for her high heels. The suit neatly folded nearby.


Tightly gagged.

Locked to the pillar by neck, waist, ankles, and by going silently round the back he saw her wrists were secured too. The fingers twitching slightly as she tried wriggling in the bonds. Perfect breasts jutting proudly out because of the way her shoulders were forced back. Her flushed face...

The girl could only be waiting for him.

“Julia love,” he said and she jumped, a cock hardening moan, softly coming from behind the gag. Quite a sight and he quickly stripped off then reached for her. Stroking the trembling skin then rubbing close against her body. Kissing her nose and the sighing got louder as he began to work her nipples, teasing Julia mercilessly then starting on her pussy until he knew it was time. Thus the most amazing squeal and gasp emerged as he began to slide himself into her.

“You ready honey?” he whispered, pulling out slightly.

She braced herself then nodded...

Bouncing down the canyon Charlene smiled as Marvin told her what Julia had asked for. “Yeah, I’m beginning to see what it’s all about now” she said, getting a pat on the leg as reward. “Did you get hard locking her up?” came the next question, slightly loaded perhaps and Makin thought carefully before admitting he had. “Yeah, she’s got a nice body, same as yours love, and I’m only human” he said and his wife smiled. Good answer matey, she said silently as the car stopped.

Charlene, had she been a man would have done the same. Now imagining how the saintly Julia had acted. Stripped naked, standing by the pillar, the lovely doe-eyed lass pleading. Begging to be secured to it. The sound of locks clicking, holding her tight and it made Mrs Makin shudder too...wondering if she... “Good... because I...hope OUR bondage post will be delivered soon then?”

Makin almost stalled the car, looking over at his smiling wife, sitting there nodding. “Yeah, Julia’s Judgement, I’ve decided I cannot have her getting all the fun.” She reached over, opened the glove box and extracted a pair of handcuffs, handing them over then twisting away, offering her wrists. Once they were locked on he guided Charlene back and reapplied her seatbelt.

“Honey, I never thought you’d ask” he replied as they kissed.

The End.