Judy's Journey

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; F/f; wager; bond; leather; harness; straps; gag; stuck; torment; oral; cons; X

“The key,” Judy said, “is the hands.”

Marcy leaned back, gazing curiously at her friend. “How do you figure that?”

Judy shook her head in amazement. How could Marcy claim to be an expert in bondage and not know that simple fact? “Because,” she explained, “once the hands are free, they can be used to free the rest of the body. So once the hands are free, it’s just a matter of time.”

“And you know this for certain,” Marcy said dubiously. “How many people have you bound?”

“Well, none, actually.”

“How many times have you been bound?”

“Um, well, I haven’t actually been bound. But I have studied it online.” Judy blushed slightly. “A lot.”

“So it doesn’t matter how the rest of your body is bound? If your hands are free, you can get out of the rest?”


Marcy grinned. “Care to make a wager on that?”

For just a second, Judy hesitated. Marcy did seem very sure of herself. “Um, what would we wager?”

“Well,” Marcy replied thoughtfully, “we do have a three day weekend. And I don’t think either of us has any plans. How about the winner can do whatever she wants to the loser until Monday evening?”

Judy’s eyes widened at Marcy’s words, then narrowed in thought. Privately, she’d always wanted to get her hands on her beautiful friend, but she’d never been sure how Marcy might respond to the idea. Maybe this was her chance.

“You’re on. How do we do this?”

“Simple. I bind you, but leave your hands free. If you get loose, you win. If not, I win.”


“There. That should do it.” Stepping back, Marcy examined her handiwork. Judy lay naked on the floor at her feet. Thick leather straps at her ankles and knees bound her legs securely together. A leather harness encircled the top of her body. From a ring at the back of the harness, a light chain stretched to her ankles, drawing her heels up to her ass and bowing her body back slightly. A gag filled her mouth, while another chain stretched from a ring on the gag strap at the back of her head to the ring on the harness, holding her head back.

“There you go,” she said. “All finished. Now let’s see you get out.”

Judy reached up to remove the gag, only to feel a padlock holding it closed. She fumbled with the strap at her ankles, only to realize that it, too, had been locked in place. A little more fumbling revealed locks on the strap around her knees, the harness, and attaching each end of the chain to its respective ring.

“I’ll be in the office,” Marcy said lightly. “Come see me when you get loose.” With that, she turned and left the room.

Alone, Judy tugged at her bonds, but Marcy had made sure they were good and snug. There wasn’t a bit of slack anywhere. Judy struggled helplessly for a moment, then relaxed in defeat. Her hands and arms were completely free, but she was completely helpless.

After only a few minutes, Judy was ready to admit defeat. Unfortunately, the gag filling her mouth prevented her from calling out to Marcy. The only way she was going to get out of this, Judy realized, was to get to Marcy. Next question: how to do that?

Judy lay in the center of the living room floor. Because of the chains bending her body back, she lay mostly on her hips and stomach. Reaching as far as she could, Judy dug her fingers into the room’s shag carpet and slowly began pulling herself forward.

It was slow progress. The carpet made things a bit easier, giving her something to dig her fingers into. At the same time, it made things more difficult. With each tug, her nipples dragged across the top of the carpet, tickling the sensitive buds. It didn’t take long until both nipples hardened from the stimulation.

Even worse, each pull dragged her crotch across that same carpet. The light tickling feeling of the shag brushing past her pussy soon had moisture forming between her thighs. This was something she hadn’t counted on.

By the time she reached the living room door, Judy’s arms were aching from the strain of pulling herself across the floor. Worse, the slow, constant stimulation of dragging herself across the carpet had her extremely horny. She wanted nothing more than to bury her hands between her thighs, but two things stopped her.

First, in order to really do a thorough job on herself, she’d have to roll over onto her side. Once there, she wasn’t at all sure she could roll back onto her stomach again. The thought of finding herself trapped on her side in the doorway, able only to wait for Marcy to return, was enough to stop her from indulging.

The second thought was that, if she did stop to deal with her arousal, it would take that much longer to get to Marcy and get free. Already, she was feeling the strain in her neck and back from her bowed position. Resignedly, she grasped both sides of the door frame, pulled herself part way through…… and froze.

The living room, with its thick carpet, had been bad enough. Now, looking across the dining room, with its expanse of tile floor, she groaned. How was she supposed to cross this?

First things first. Pushing against the door frame, she got the upper half of her body through. Next, she pressed down with her hands, lifting her upper body slightly, then pushing herself forward. This was even slower than before, but, eventually, her bound knees cleared the door. Exhausted, she paused to think things through.

There had to be a better way. She’d only moved herself a couple of feet this way, but already she was exhausted. Judy lifted herself again. This time, instead of pushing forward, she pushed to one side. After several repetition, she lay facing back into the living room.

Now, instead of pushing herself forward with each lift, she pushed herself backwards, gaining over twice the distance. With renewed determination, she began pushing herself across the floor, only to find that this method, also, had its disadvantage.

Every time she lifted herself, she quickly discovered, it centered her weight in the area of her hips. Which meant that, with every shove, nearly her full weight ground her pussy into the cool, grainy surface of the tile. This was worse than the carpet! Her nipples, resting against the cool tile between pushes, didn’t help her situation one bit.

Slowly, she pushed herself across the floor, carefully maneuvering herself around the dining table. Finally, her knees bumped against the far wall. Judy looked around herself, groaning almost desperately at what she saw.

Moving this way, with her head held as it was, she hadn’t been able to see where she was going. Now she found herself across the room, but still several feet from the door to the office. Slowly, she tuned herself, then began the laborious process once more. At least I can’t get lost this time, she thought. All I have to do is stay next to the wall. I’m almost there.

After several determined shoves, Judy felt something cold under her knees. She paused, trying to figure out what it was. The realization brought yet another groan to her gagged lips.

This was an older house, with older heating. Which meant large, square grates in the floors, one of which she now had to cross to reach the office door. With no real options, Judy began shoving herself across.

At first, it wasn’t bad. The smooth bars of the grate passed under her legs with no real problem. It was when she began shoving her pussy across that she began wondering if she could make it. If the carpet had been bad, and the tile worse, this was pure torture! Gritting her teeth, Judy pushed on, finally crossing the grate and bumping her knees on the office door.

If I don’t get an orgasm out of this bet, she thought, gritting her teeth as she pushed herself through the door, somebody’s going to get hurt.

“Nicely done!” At Marcy’s words, Judy froze. “Yes,” she heard Marcy say lightly, “I’ve been watching you. Quite a show, I must say.”

Judy grunted into her gag. Kneeling, Marcy placed one hand beneath the bound woman’s forehead, while the other unfastened the lock at the back of the gag. With the tension suddenly removed, only the support of Marcy’s hand kept Judy’s face from smacking the floor. With the gag removed, Judy worked her jaws, the motion barely slowing the steady stream of moans that, she realized now, had been going on for some time.

“Do you give?”

“I give! I give!”

Marcy grinned. “And what do you give?”

“Anything! Everything! Just get me out of this and let me cum!”

Marcy laughed. Judy felt her hands drawn together behind her. A ratcheting sound and the feel of cold metal told her she now wore cuffs. Her protests were quickly muffled as Marcy filled her mouth once more with the gag, securely buckling the straps.

Marcy then released the chain holding Judy’s body bent backward, allowing her to straighten her legs. Even as she tugged at her cuffs, Judy reveled in the sensation of being able to stretch out. Marcy quickly unlocked and removed the harness, as well as the knee and ankle straps, leaving Judy wearing only the gag and the handcuffs.

“Now, then,” she said, gently helping her bound friend to her feet,” I believe the terms of the deal were that, if you couldn’t get out, I get to do with you what I want for the rest of the weekend. Isn’t that right?”

Defeated, Judy nodded slowly.

“Very good.” Marcy turned Judy to face her, then leaned her head and gently kissed the gag covering her mouth. “Well, what I want to do with you, my dear, is make you my slave for the next three days.”

Judy’s eyes widened. Slave?

“For the next three days,” Marcy informed her, guiding her into the office and settling her onto a chair, “you will be naked, bound, and probably very horny. We’re going to see just how aroused you can get.” Marcy grinned. “We’re also going to find out how hard and how often we can make each other cum. I’ve wanted you for a long time, dear, and there’s no way I’m going to let this opportunity pass. First, though, let’s do something about relieving the pressure, shall we?”

Judy stared in amazement as her friend lowered herself to her knees. She wants me? Oh how I wish I’d known that! Maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation. Then, as Marcy’s tongue brushed, then slipped inside, her pussy, Judy closed her eyes and moaned loudly. As her beautiful friend’s tongue worked its magic within her, she slowly realized that her journey had not ended when she reached the office. In fact, it had only begun. Surrendering herself to the feelings growing within her helplessly aroused body, Judy could only begin to imagine where that journey might take them both.