Joyce and Shawna

by MaypoleWalker

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© Copyright 2021 - MaypoleWalker - Used by permission

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Continues from

Hanging Around the Attic

It was one of those days… a breezy sunny Saturday morning and Joyce was feeling that particular restlessness, she rolled over in the bed bumping lightly into Shawna who stirred in her sleep. Joyce and Shawna lived together in an old 1900’s wooden house on the edge of suburbia. Shawna was a stunning slim blond 6’2” trans woman. Joyce, her wife and best friend was a 5’7” woman of East African descent. They bought the house a couple of years ago together and it was the perfect frame for their discreet BDSM lifestyle. Joyce was a self-confessed bondage nut, craving the most stringent of restraints and predicaments, which Shawna was only too happy to devise and set up on a regular basis.

As Joyce was tossing and turning, Shawna had woken up – looking at her soulmate in the morning light. “Hmm, it’s one of those days, isn’t it hon?" she said.

“Yeah," Joyce replied with a guilty smile, “I’ve got the itch again…" and playfully licked Shawna’s nose. She smiled at Joyce and let a hand slide under the satin sheets and without too much effort found her wet spot. “I’ve been thinking about something I’ve wanted to do to you for a while. Remember those old framed Robert Bishop drawings we had on the playroom wall, back at the old place? I think I’ve figured out how to do one of those.”

Joyce squirmed gently under her lover’s touch, thinking of what she might have in store. Besides being a software developer by trade, Shawna was a talented and sought-after metal sculpture artist. Having a well assorted workshop out back in the old garage, she had the talent and everything at her disposal to create the most infernal of steel restraints from scratch. This project wouldn’t require too much fabrication. “I’ve ordered a few items which should arrive today and I need to build some things too, so I should have everything ready tomorrow.”

Joyce was a realtor and had two open houses across town that Saturday. She set off and the day went by in a haze, as her mind was constantly on what was going on back home and what Shawna might be preparing for Sunday. Meanwhile Shawna had changed to her shop coveralls and rolled out her arc welder.

Shawna started by cutting two lengths of half-inch round iron bar and shaped them into two closed rings. One was about 8 inches in diameter, while the other was about 3 inches in diameter. The two rings were welded together on top of each other, like a number eight, with the exception the top ring was turned 90 degrees from the larger bottom ring. Setting this piece aside for now, Shawna focused on the next couple of items to fabricate. First she cut a one foot 1” steel pipe and threaded it in both ends. One end was screwed into a round 3½” flange with 4 mounting holes. The other end of the pipe was closed off with a cap, into which she had drilled a 1/4” hole. In this hole was mounted a closed eyelet hook, held by a large hex-nut inside the cap. A strong steel locking belt buckle was welded onto a single link of sturdy chain. The link was then padlocked onto the eyelet, Shawna made one more of these contraptions and put the two devices next to the welded double ring, which had cooled off in the meantime.

Next, it was time to create an adjustable thigh spreader bar. Shawna fitted rounded flat 2” steel brackets on the end of two sturdy stainless-steel pipes. The diameters of the pipes were measured, so one could snugly slide into the inner diameter of the other. She cold-riveted a set of 2-inch leather straps onto the metal brackets and riveted two smaller 5/8” locking belt buckles and straps on each of the wide straps. Last, Shawna drilled a series of holes through the two pipes, allowing for adjustment of the spreader bar length by moving a Clovis pin.

Having completed the metalwork, some leather parts were to be made. Shawna was fabricating a simple waist suspension harness. In a dusty box Shawna found a very long 1½-inch wide black leather strap rolled up. Having bought it for a song at a flea market, she figured it had been part of some horse reins once upon a time. “I knew this would come in handy one day," Shawna thought, as she rolled it out. It was about 10 feet long, so she cut it down to the length she had calculated for her needs. One length would be riveted together to form a waist belt loop, just wide enough to slip over Joyce’s hips. The remaining length of leather was folded over the front of the waist loop to form a long crotch strap.

Shawna had previously sewn two thick and padded sleeves of black-dyed sheepskin, about 1½ foot long and about 2 inches wide. She pushed one of these sleeves on to the middle-back of the waist loop and thoroughly riveted it together. The other sheepskin sleeve was pushed over both the ends of the crotch strap. Shawna positioned where Joyce would be sitting on it and made a small vertical cut in the sheepskin tube and the crotch strap. This would be important later… The two ends of the crotch strap were riveted together, ending in a sturdy welded D-ring. The end result was a harness, which would be worn around the waist, passing through the crotch from front to rear, where it would attach to a suspension point. Since the harness would be supporting a considerable part of the wearer’s weight, it was padded in both the small of the back of the wearer as well as through the crotch. Shawna wanted her wife to enjoy the experience.

Packing her cordless drill, toolbox, various hooks and bits of cord and chain, Shawna set off for the attic of the old house, where she would set up everything for Joyce’s playtime. The house had a peculiar little tower-like structure in the front of the house, which they both had found endearing when they bought the house. The tower’s tiny and currently empty 12x12 feet interior could only be reached by a narrow little staircase in the back of the main attic. The staircase ended in a solid oak hatch in the tower’s floor. An old and very solid deadbolt kept the hatch closed from beneath - and also trapping anyone in the tower, Joyce had immediately noted at first exploration.

For good measure and effect, Shawna had later adorned the deadbolt with a heavy, antique padlock they once had found at a yard sale. The lock was completely unnecessary, yet gave the tower a proper dungeon vibe. Shawna unlocked the well-oiled lock, flipped the hatch up and went up into the tower. She spent the next 15 minutes removing the worst of the cobwebs and sweeping dust, as it had been a while since either of them had been up here.

The tower room featured a large round east-facing window about 4 feet in diameter facing the street, the glass pane was split into four parts like a compass by wooden dividers. The window supposedly could tilt open, yet seemed to have been painted shut decades ago. The glass was somewhat grimy; one could easily see out, but unless one stood directly in the street and looked up, it was hard to see anything in the attic tower. This would however serve a purpose, so while cleaning Shawna deliberately left the window glass alone. She did however install a 5-foot-wide set of metal blinds, which could cover the window.

In front of the window there was a 10 wide and 10-foot-tall open space between two solid wooden columns and several very strong overhead beams, holding up the tiled roof. Having cleaned the area, Shawna quickly set to work. The sun was beating down on the roof, raising the temperature to a toasty mid-nineties, even with the ventilation ports set in the wall under the window, and it would only get hotter as the sun got higher in the sky. Using the drill bit and some woodscrews, Shawna first attached the two 1-foot metal pipes by the flanges to the two wooden columns about 3 feet above the floor, so they were facing each other. Using a step-ladder she had brought up, she attached a sturdy eye bolt into the main overhead beam. This this eyebolt could easily carry 500 lbs. if necessary. Another eye bolt was attached to a crossbeam on the back wall opposite the window.

Shawna attached a 5-foot steel cable to the ceiling eye bolt, using a locking steel carabiner for mountain climbing. The fabricated figure-8 set of steel rings were attached to the end of this cable, by the device’s small upper ring. Another steel cable was attached to the small upper ring and run to the eye bolt on the back wall. The two cables ensured the twisted figure-8 rings were suspended in place with the large lower ring facing the window. Shawna was almost ready with the preparations, finishing up by building a small set of stairs using 6 cinder blocks she had brought up earlier. She used the blocks to build steps up to 3 blocks high on the floor beneath the rings. Finally, she mounted 4 wireless HD cameras in several places; three were pointed at the center of the room in various heights and angles. The last camera pointed out the window to the street below. Having run DC power to all the cameras, Shawna finished, packing up her tools. She closed the blinds in front of the window and heading downstairs again, Shawna closed up and locked the tower for the night.

A few hours later, Joyce came home and it was time for dinner. Joyce was brimming with curiosity, peppering Shawna with questions. She had no clue what Shawna had planned and was asking left and right, yet Shawna held her ground and didn’t give Joyce a single clue. It was getting late and it was time for bed. Shawna would only hint to Joyce that she had a long Sunday ahead of her tomorrow. As they went to bed Joy begged Shawna to gag and tie her up. Shawna leaned in and kissed her, replying, “You’ll get more than you can imagine tomorrow, baby – now go to sleep you horny ditz.”

As Sunday morning rolled around, Joyce was instantly awake; “When do we start, honey?" she asked giddily, almost bouncing up and down in the bed with excitement.

Shawna yawned and stretched out in their king-size bed. “We start now my dear – go downstairs and grab yourself a solid breakfast to last the day and I’ll get things ready for you up here. Oh, and clean yourself inside out," she winked to Joyce, “-and remember to drink a lot too - you’re going to need it. I am expecting a call from an art gallery that wants to display some of the metal sculptures I did last month, so you are going to have some alone-time today." Joyce mulled all this over, slipped out of the sheets and padded downstairs to shower and eat.

Meanwhile, Shawna made the bed, freshened up, and went up to the attic with a few things. Coming down again, she pulled out a suitcase from the back of the bedroom closet where she had hidden some special items she had collected over the last few weeks for this special event. She went to change into a classic Dominatrix outfit; unsleeved turtleneck black PVC leotard, black matching opera gloves and some nice shiny thigh-highs. She added some accents; spiky collar and riveted waist belt just for the looks.

As she was putting out the last items on the bed, she heard Joyce on the stairs. “Oh my!" she exclaimed entering the bedroom, seeing Shawna ready for action with all the goodies on the bed. Eyeing Shawna with a sultry look, noticing the growing bump between her legs, Joyce slowly stepped out of her robe and stepped up close to Shawna and clasped her arms around her PVC clad body. “I’m eternally yourrrs, Mistress-Wife - take me all the way to hellllll, my dearrrrrr!" Joyce purred in a hilarious Eartha Kitt impression, which had Shawna bursting with laughter while desperately trying to stay in character as the Domme.

Shawna loved the hammy play-acting as much as her wife, and ordered her to sit down on the bed and handed her a metal lockbox with a keypad on it. “Before we get started, I need you to enter a 6-digit combination on the keypad. I can’t see it and you need to remember it until tomorrow," Shawna said. Joyce thought about it for a moment while Shawna looked away and entered an easy number she could remember. Without knowing or asking what it was for, she played the sub role and obediently handed the lockbox back to Shawna who set it aside on the nightstand and left it open. “Okay, great – let’s get you ready then," Shawna said.

Shawna first handed Joyce a pair of crotchless pantyhose to put on. As she did, Shawna knelt down in front of her wife with a very medical-looking device in a sterile bag. Joyce’s eyes went wide with recognition, as she had seen, yet never had a Foley catheter installed before. “Trust me hon, you are going to need this later today.”

Joyce responded with a sigh “Okay, but please be careful, I’ve never had anything inside my pee-hole before."

“I will," Shawna responded, “these things are lubed up sterilized and I’ll be super careful, don’t worry." Shawna put on a pair of blue latex gloves and used a cotton swab with some disinfectant to clean Joyce around her urethra. Shawna unpacked the catheter, then gently spread Joyce’s Labia and inserted the head of the tube.

Joyce tried to sit still, uttering, “Oh wow, that feels SO strange," as Shawna fed the tube in a few inches. She attached a syringe filled with saline water to the inflation port, which enlarged the bulb at the end of the catheter, keeping it in place.

“Okay, we’re done here. Don’t worry about any dripping - the catheter will be closed off until I attach a tube to the drain port," Shawna said. “Now, let’s get you plugged up properly," she continued, “I’ve managed to find these really neat remote-controlled vibrators. Let’s get them where they need to go. I’ll need you to stand up…"

Shawna knelt down in front of Joyce and tenderly kissed her belly button while stroking her butt. She pulled out a small tube of lube and gently lubricated Joyce, then slowly inserted a buttplug in her rear. A quiet moan escaped Joyce’s lips and her knees trembled slightly, as she grabbed Shawna’s shoulders as the plug slid into place. Even though Joyce was getting wet already, Shawna decided to lubricate her vaginal vibrator as she knew it was going to be keeping Joyce company for some time to come.

“Here, hold it in for me," Shawna asked as she disposed of her latex gloves, got up and reached for a spandex leotard on the bed. The leopard print leotard was a long-sleeved affair, with a high neck and back zipped, which sported a triangular cutout in front, showcasing Joyce’s cleavage. At the end of the sleeves the leotard had stirrups, which would hook over Joyce’s thumbs, preventing the sleeves rolling back up. Shawna had modified it with a few cutouts with the edges neatly sewn. Some, like the half-inch cutouts for her nipples and the one in the crotch for the catheter, were obvious, but the purpose of the one-inch circular cutout on her upper arm was not obvious and left her wondering what it was for… As usual, Shawna didn’t reveal anything until she was well and ready.

When Shawna bought the leotard, she had picked the leotard a size smaller than what Joyce normally wore, to make for an extra tight fit. Shawna guided Joyce’s arms through the sleeves and zipped it up. She did not at this time put Joyce’s fingers through the stirrups just yet…

Shawna had modified the leotard with a couple of loops at the back zipper, through which she guided a small padlock and snapped it shut. With the leotard locked on securely, Shawna held the crotch part aside and fed the catheter’s tube through.

At the same time Shawna held the pantyhose out and stuck a couple of TENS pads on Joyce’s lower buttocks. Routing the wires up along Joyce’s spine, Shawna added a pair of tight latex panties to keep everything securely in place. The panties had a small reinforced round opening in front, where she pulled the catheter’s tube through.

When Shawna produced four additional TENS pads with rather long leads, Joyce’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Shawna rolled up the leotard sleeves, placing the pads on Joyce’s upper and lower arms. “Relax dear, these won’t be running at a very high setting," Shawna assured her; “They are for preventing your arms from falling asleep, keeping your circulation going inside an armbinder we’re putting on in a bit. Shawna rolled the leotard sleeves down again and guided each of Joyce’s thumbs through the leotard’s sleeve stirrups, letting the TENS wires hang down from Joyce’s wrists.

Shawna continued by sliding on a pair of black PVC opera gloves on Joyce’s hands and arms. The gloves reached up short of her armpits. Joyce admired the smooth and shiny texture, while Shawna ensured the TENS-wires were fed out the backside of each glove. Shawna then produced a pair of stretchy vinyl fist mittens, which forced Joyce to curl each of her hands into useless balled up fists. The mittens were closed snugly with wide zip-ties at her wrists and Shawna cut the ends off both.

Then she sat Joyce down on the bed again and fitted her with a pair of leather knee-high ballet boots over her nylon covered legs. A concerned look crossed Joyce’s face. “Not to worry sweetheart," Shawna said with a sly smile, “I promise you won’t be doing much walking in these." She fitted a couple of 4-inch wide padded leather ankle cuffs to Joyce’s legs. These had a couple of special modifications. Each had a one-inch leather strap going under the boot heel, effectively a proper foot stirrup, as it was strapped to the other side of the cuff. The outer side of each cuff had a foot-long holed leather strap attached, which Shawna for now tucked inside each cuff, so they wouldn’t be flopping around until they were needed…

She finished off the work on Joyce’s legs by strapping her knees together and clipping on a 12-inch chain between her ankles. These were temporary, she explained to Joyce.

Next a large stainless-steel collar went around Joyce’s neck. The collar was very ornate with large jet black oval stones embedded around the front, and the dime dropped for Joyce – “Wow, this is exactly like the Bishop girl suspended in the attic! OMG!! That is what you’ve been planning?!" As Shawna noddingly confirmed, Joyce bubbled with delight. The collar was fastened with a small Allen-screw in the back. Joyce felt the weight of it on her collarbone; the thought that it was now locked around her neck made her even more wet.

Shawna picked up a white leather armbinder, which she drew firmly up over Joyce’s arms. She carefully ran the wires from the arm TENS pads out through the opening of the armbinder. It had a distinct ball-shape at the end, designed to comfortably yet tightly hold Joyce’s mitten fists. Two straps went over her shoulders and criss-crossed on her chest, while another two straps went around the armbinder encircling Joyce’s upper arms and wrists. Shawna pulled up the heavy zipper and for added security she closed it with another small padlock. Each of the other armbinder straps were padlocked as well.

Shawna clipped a small portable TENS-unit to the rim of the armbinder and connected the four wires coming out of the armbinder. When she flipped on the TENS-unit, Joyce felt a strong but rather pleasant thrumming in her arms, despite them being tightly encased in leather on her back. Shawna then unplugged the wires from Joyce’s arms and instead plugged in the two wires from the TENS pads in her panties. Shawna pressed another button on the TENS unit and made Joyce yelp out of surprise. The electrical zap felt like a smack over her butt checks and made her hip muscles spasm. It wasn’t too painful although it wasn’t pleasant either.

Joyce looked up at Shawna with puppy dog eyes. “Really, was that necessary?”

Shawna cuddled her chin and stroked her hair; “Yes, it will fire off at random on low to medium level to keep you on your toes, however I think you will be distracted by these two," as she held up the vibrator remotes. “I’ve replaced the stock batteries with special LiPo cells - they could probably last you for days if necessary."

While looking into Joyce’s eyes, Shawna first fired up the vibrator in the buttplug. Joyce’s eyes grew wide in response, then rolled halfway up in their sockets for a moment as she groaned with pleasure. Shawna promptly shut it off; “Yeah, it works alright – let’s try the other." As the vaginal dildo kicked in Joyce squirmed where she sat and panted heavily. “Don’t get too excited my dear," Shawna said as she shut it off again; “This one will be running on random as well and if my programming holds up, it should keep you on the edge of cumming for a long time.”

Having effectively secured Joyce’s arms and tested the vibes and TENS pads, she took a shoulder-length platinum blond wig and placed it over Joyce’s own curly hair. “There, now we’ve captured Storm, of the X-Men!" Shawna giggled while Joyce rolled her eyes and smiled back.

The last piece for now, was a pump-gag harness. The harness was a large molded piece of white leather, which went under Joyce’s chin as well as bridging her nose to end in two straps at the back of her head. The harness had a D-ring attached to the back as well one on each side. In front a pump was screwed onto a check valve, which was attached to a butterfly-gag rubber bladder on the inside of a wide thick leather strap, which would hold Joyce’s mouth wide open yet completely sealed.

Before putting it on her, Shawna offered Joyce a glass of water with a straw. She gladly accepted. “Any last request before I gag you?" Shawna asked.

“Just a parting kiss from my Mistress and Eternal Tormentor, Before She Condemns me to the Fate I Deserve," Joyce replied dramatically, deliberately hamming it up again with a smile.

Shawna leaned in over Joyce, laying her down on the bed, locking lips with her, kissing her hard, loving and deep. Joyce replied with a deeply satisfied moan. Lying back on the bed, hands and arms immobilized behind her back, knees strapped together having both her puss and butt plugged, having Shawna on top of her kissing her deeply tongue to tongue, Joyce was in heaven.

“Let’s give you a little parting present," Shawna said while pulling back. She stands up and unzips the crotch of her PVC leotard, revealing her smooth and shaven cock to Joyce. She slowly straddles Joyce’s face, gently making her swallow all her 7 inches. Joyce gladly accepts her wife’s special secret and sucks the best she’s able to, being pinned down on the bed in bondage. Shawna continues to ride her wife until she cums in her mouth. “Don’t swallow!" Shawna says, playfully stern, to Joyce who obeys. Shawna sits her up on the bed and presents the gag harness to her while Joyce is looking on. Shawna picks up her pump-gag harness, sucking and licking the semi-inflated rubber bladder, depositing a liberal amount of saliva on it. She leans Joyce’s head back a bit, holding the bladder up to her lips; “Open carefully honey and I will slide the bladder in, yet I don’t want you to spill a drop," Shawna smiled. Joyce complies, feeling the already wet gag slide between her lips. “There, now you will have a taste of me with you the entire day," Shawna said.

She proceeded to strap the gag harness on and tightened the straps enough so the wide strap holding the bladder went behind Joyce’s full lips, covering her front teeth. She produced 3 padlocks by which the harness was locked on. “Okay let’s see how effective this thing is," Shawna said and gave the pump a series of quick squeezes. Joyce’s cheeks bulged behind her leather harness as the butterfly bladder expanded in her oral cavity. Her eyes grew wide and all of a sudden, her airflow through her mouth was now completely sealed off! Breathing in deeply through her nose, Joyce felt a bit of excess cum slide down her throat and there was nothing she could do but swallow.

Playfully Shawna reached out and pinched Joyce’s nose lightly and for a few seconds she found herself unable to make the slightest squeak. Shawna immediately to Joyce’s relief let her nose go and she took a sharp breath of air. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this babe, but now you know what this gag can do. Joyce shuddered and a tear formed in her eye. “Awww, honey – don’t be scared”; you wanted it super restrictive and I’ll give you that, but you’ll have to trust me, okay?” “hm-mmm," Joyce said, muffled, then nodded. Shawna hugged and caressed her bound soulmate for a while and Joyce calmed down again.

“Now, little birdie, I think it’s time to get you installed in your new cage," Shawna said with a smile. She raised Joyce to her ballet-heeled feet and guided her out the bedroom door to the upper floor hallway, where the stairs to the attic were at the end. Joyce breathed deeply as she walked very carefully with her knees strapped tightly together and the short chain between her ankles hobbling her steps. She relied completely on the support Shawna was giving her by holding an arm around her back, under the armbinder. Walking, Joyce felt the two plugs shifting inside of her as they walked down the hallway, and she was almost ready to cum when Shawna stopped to open the attic door and lead her up the flight of stairs to the main attic.

As they slowly made their way over to the tower staircase in the attic, Shawna caressed Joyce’s body while whispering in her ear how Joyce was now her captive wife and how she would never leave her tower again. Joyce knew perfectly well it was all fun and bullshit, yet acted wide-eyed terrified and struggled accordingly to get them both in the mood. As they got to the tower staircase in the attic, Shawna reached for an old dog leash which had been hanging on a wall hook since the last time they played up here. She told Joyce to stand still and clipped the leash to her collar. Shawna climbed up the short, steep tower access stair, unlocked the heavy, antique padlock, slid the deadbolt open, popped the tower hatch open and went up for a few minutes to prepare a few things in the tower. Meanwhile, with no possibility of escape, tethered to the wall, tightly gagged with her arms strapped in the armbinder, Joyce could only stand in her ballet boots and rub her strapped knees together, slightly moving the two intruders below. With her ankles still chained, she could only take small steps in either direction before the dog leash halted her. She sent nervous glances up towards the tower hatch as she heard Shawna rummage around up there. Her toes were starting to ache slightly, just as her loving mistress-wife came down the stairs. Shawna bent down and removed the strap around Joyce’s knees and removed the chain between her ankle cuffs too. “You won’t need these where you are going!" Shawna said with an ominous smile. She clipped the dog leash off Joyce’s collar, walked behind her and guided her up the narrow staircase, into the tower room.

Joyce’s eyes widened, looking quizzically at Shawna, as thinking “What in the world am I getting into here?" While she had a good idea, by way of the old Bishop drawing, what she was in for, she took in the straps, the steel rings, pipes, etc. that Shawna had put up, yet Joyce was confident that her wife would be taking good care of her.

Shawna led her to stand between the two supporting columns and picked up the long, padded leather strap. She arranged the padded loop on the floor for Joyce to step into. Shawna pulled the loop up around Joyce’s waist, positioning the sheepskin padding in the small of the back. She guided the crotch part through Joyce’s legs, from front to back and positioned the padding covering both straps right between her legs. She took care to guide the catheter tube through the slit in the sheepskin tube going through Joyce’s crotch.

Shawna held on to the other end of the crotch strap with the large D-ring ending about 6 inches above Joyce’s butt. She guided Joyce up the little 3-step cinder block staircase and had Joyce stand on the top. Shawna quickly removed 3 of the blocks so the only blocks left were the ones Joyce currently stood on. Seeing Joyce’s legs visibly shaking in her ballet booted legs, Shawna said; “Don’t worry hon, we’re going to take the weight off your feet in a moment.”

Shawna asked Joyce to bend over slightly as she guided Joyce’s armbinder through the lower large 8” steel ring already suspended from the wires from ceiling and wall. She then proceeded to attach the D-ring from the end of Joyce’s crotch strap to the bottom of the large steel ring with a sturdy carabiner.

The lengths were measured and cut to precision, Shawna acknowledged with a smile of professional pride. The suspension harness bore Joyce’s weight on her crotch, supported by the sheepskin pad in the small of her back as well as the one between her legs. The harness forced Joyce to lean over forwards, so while Shawna supported her shoulder, she quickly clipped one strap to the back of Joyce’s gag harness and another one to the back of her armbinder. These two straps were in turn connected to the small 3” ring, welded to the top of the 8” ring.

Once Shawna tightened up both straps, Joyce’s body was held forward upright, unable to tip further forwards nor backwards. Shawna walked in front of Joyce and looked her in the eye as she was still teetering in her ballet boots on top of the 3 cinder blocks, although now some of her weight rested on the two straps between her legs. “Okay, I’m going to hug your waist now and lift you slightly, then you will spread your legs out to both sides and hold them there until I can secure them. I’ll set you gently down on the crotch strap which will hold your full weight."

Joyce nodded and as soon as she spread her legs, Shawna lowered her down onto the wide sheepskin covered strap. Joyce could feel the two dormant plugs being pushed even further inside of her. Shawna took hold of Joyce’s left leg and swung it outwards towards the column, where she had mounted the short pipes on the flanges with the belt buckle attached. She picked the loose strap from the ankle cuff and secured it to the buckle on the pipe. A padlock was added to the buckle for good measure. She did the same for the right leg, effectively suspending Joyce mid-air.

The last 3 cinder blocks were removed and put on the side with others. To further minimize movement and prevent Joyce from bending her legs, the short spreader bar was attached above both her knees and padlocked too.

From a corner, Shawna produced a one-gallon empty plastic milk-jug, which she placed in an open wooden box, right underneath Joyce. She had modified the lid of the jug to accommodate two tubes tightly sealed in. One tube led over the floor and out through the tower’s vents, preventing buildup of any nasty smell in the hot tower. The other tube extended a couple of inches into the container and was about 4 feet long, reaching up to Joyce’s crotch, where Shawna connected it to the catheter tube. Immediately Joyce’s bladder emptied out into the jug, without her being able to do anything about it.

Already Joyce was getting excited, the strain on her arms, the pressure on her crotch, the tight gag in her mouth and her wife’s gentle touch as she worked on her restraints. Every little ‘tink’ of a closing padlock sent sparks through her mind and delicious shivers down her spine.

The loss of control turned her on massively. Joyce could hardly move and now even control of her own bladder was taken away. She could only slightly flap her armbinder around inside the large ring behind her. However, once Shawna had secured a short strap between the small 3” top ring and the D-ring at the tip of the armbinder, that movement was eliminated as well. Joyce was effectively suspended and secured. She could wiggle her feet and turn her head somewhat, but other than that, the combination of bondage and gravity kept her completely in check. Joyce was getting both anxious and excited. She was somewhat scared of the TENS units on her butt if it was going to hurt much. She was also worried about the heat, as the morning had hardly started and the attic was warming up fast, with the sun beating down on the roof. At the same time her inner fire was slowly building to a roar and her skin was sweating. Was she really going to be left alone up here, suspended in this oven?

Shawna took a couple of the cinder blocks and placed them in front of Joyce so she could step up and look her directly in the eyes. She cupped her chin with her hands and said; “I know you’re starting to get warm sweetie, which is why I’m going to have to do something you really won’t like, but it will ensure you stay hydrated and healthy. It will hurt for a moment, but I promise it will be alright. Joyce lifted her eyebrows and tried to speak through the pumped-up gag, but only some humming sounds came out through her nose and she wiggled her feet in the stirrups. Shawna opened up a sealed box, which had been sitting in the back. She produced a large saline bag with a drip, a hose and a sterile needle package. As Shawna unpacked the items, Joyce’s eyes grew wide and her body strained even more against her bonds, yet nothing gave, so she slumped in her harness and waited for the inevitable. Shawna used the step ladder to hang the saline bag on a nearby hook on the ceiling rafter and got the drip started. She approached Joyce’s side and all of a sudden Joyce understood what the cutout on her upper arm was for. Joyce gave a disapproving grunt; Shawna looked at her with a serious frown; “Honey, please hold still. It will hurt less that way. If it makes any difference, I’ve tried this on myself so I know exactly what it feels like."

Shawna dabbed the exposed skin with an alcohol-soaked piece of cotton and expertly slid the IV into Joyce’s skin. Joyce remained still but was not happy about it, and whined in her gag as the momentary pain subsided. “I’m so sorry honey, but it was either this or waiting until wintertime, which would have posed an entirely different set of problems," said Shawna while she applied a couple strips of medical tape to hold the drip in place. Joyce gave a resigning sigh through her nose and let the drip do its thing. “That will take care of your fluid balance," Shawna said, “but we still need to make sure you don’t burn up, as the temperature around noon will easily hit 120 up here.”

Lifting one eyebrow; “Jeez, what else do you have in store for me, lady?" Joyce thought. Meanwhile Shawna removed a hose from the large cooler. She attached it to a small black cylinder the size of a large soup can, which hung over Joyce’s head. She had earlier installed a small adjustable drip valve in the bottom, to which a bendable gooseneck pipe was connected. Shawna positioned the end of the dripper about a foot directly over Joyce’s forehead and slowly opened the valve, so a drop of ice-cold water splashed down on Joyce’s head every three seconds. Joyce shuddered and groaned into her gag. “Hon, think of this as Chinese water torture: There’s a little fountain pump and pressure switch in the cylinder, which will keep it filled with cold ice water from the cooler. It will keep you alert and prevent you from nodding off too! Come to think of it, the TENS zapper on your butt will help with that as well!”

If eyes could kill, Shawna would have been a smoldering pile of ash and Joyce hard thrashed in her bonds swinging her head from side to side, making very unladylike sounds behind the gag, trying to avoid the drip. “Right, I almost forgot about that”; said Shawna matter-of-factly and reached for a couple of 4-foot adjustable leather straps. She snapped one into the rings on each side of Joyce’s gag harness and attached the other end to waiting eyebolts in the side columns. As she tightened the straps, Joyce found to her frustration that she couldn’t move her head a fraction of an inch in any direction! The cold water drops hit her head with an audible “plop," soaking through her white wig and her own hair, slowly trickling down her spine, cooling her in the process.

Shawna stepped back in front of Joyce and stroked her hair and her perky breasts, straining against the leotard “Now, let’s get that TENS unit going on your arms, so they don’t go numb inside the armbinder. You are going to be in it for a while, after all." She plugged the wires coming out of Joyce’s armbinder into the small TENS-unit still clipped to the back of the armbinder. When she pushed a button, Joyce immediately felt the pleasant pulsing in her arms as her muscles involuntarily contracted rhythmically, ensuring proper blood flow.

Shawna was growing a considerable gurl-boner of her own, however she was considerate that this was Joyce’s playtime, so she put her own needs aside and continued. “One thing I learned after I got my own breasts is how sensitive the nipples became," Shawna mused while playing with Joyce’s large brown nipples, poking through the pre-sewn holes in the leotard. She produced a set of clover nipple clamps with a chain in between. “No pain, no gain my dear," Shawna giggled; “You’ll have these two to keep you company while you stew up here." Joyce uttered a muffled squeal as the nip-clamps did their job; tightening their grip. To increase the tension, Shawna clipped a 6-inch bouncy spring to the middle of the nipple clamp chain and then locked a medium sized padlock to the end of the spring. “You better be careful throwing any weight around, as any movement will be compounded by the spring, and the weight will bounce up and down on the spring, pulling at your nips," Shawna said with a husky voice in Joyce’s ear. Joyce protested with a small nasal whine behind the inflated rubber bladder in her mouth. The gag formed an airtight seal with her lips.

It was time for Shawna to reveal the last and probably most sinister part of her setup. This was a twist, which the Bishop girl certainly did not have to endure. From another box next to the cooler, she picked up what, to Joyce, looked like a camo-colored ribbon, with a small black plastic disc attached. A small wire with a jack plug came out of the disc. Shawna turned it over in her hands, demonstrating; “this is a military throat microphone, sweetie," Shawna explained; “it is almost impervious to outside noise and is tuned to listen for human voice box sounds. Shawna unbuckled the throat-mic ribbon and clipped it snugly around Joyce’s throat right above the steel collar, making sure the black disc was next to Joyce’s larynx. With the mike in place, she picked up another gadget, which looked like some kind of modified TENS unit with some additional buttons and dials on. Shawna clipped that box to the middle of the spreader bar between Joyce’s knees, then connected the throat mike’s wire to it. The TENS pad wires coming out the back of Joyce’s latex panties were also connected to the box. As Joyce couldn’t move her head one bit, she was unaware of what was going on, so she patiently waited until Shawna came back in front of her, hopefully offering an explanation.

However, Shawna wasn’t quite done yet. She reached into the box again and picked up what looked like another couple of TENS pads but these were round and had color markings. She reached inside the triangular opening of Joyce’s leotard and put them near her heart. “These are just sensors for monitoring your heartbeat from downstairs," Shawna said: “You’ll be experiencing a lot of…things up here, so I’ll keep an eye on you through the cameras and these sensors, including your internal and external temperature to make sure you are fine. Yes - your buttplug is also a thermometer – how about that?" Shawna giggled. Joyce rolled her eyes and thought; “So now I have an IoT device up my ass? Lovely…”

Joyce’s attention turned to the next item which Shawna took out of the box; as Shawna turned it over in her hands, Joyce was stumped and could not figure out what it was: It looked like one of those old-school black plastic film canisters from the 80’s, just about twice as long. The device had what looked like a cone shaped dust filter attached to one end of the cylinder and a valve on the other end. A couple of strange orange rubber protrusions were sticking out on the middle side of the cylinder. They almost looked like two miniature orange buttplugs seated close together. The plugs were hollow inside, only about a one and a quarter inch long, tapering out from a diameter of about one quarter inch to about a half inch at the bases. In addition, the mysterious cylinder had a leather strap with a buckle attached to the cylinder’s ends. A control wire came out of the middle of the cylinder.

The wire was plugged into the box on the spreader bar. Then, as Joyce watched with equal interest and concern, Shawna smeared a thin layer of Vaseline on the outside of the orange tubes, then gently, yet firmly guided them into Joyce’s nostrils. Shawna wrapped the leather strap around Joyce’s neck and buckled it snug in the back, securing the buckle with the obligatory final padlock.

Joyce, initially quite uncomfortable with what was going on, found that she could still breathe easily through the tubes now firmly seated inside her nose. The Vaseline made a perfect airtight seal and she was inhaling fresh air through the filter at the end of the cylinder.

Shawna began explaining, and for the first time Joyce wished she hadn’t started this adventure. “These last bits took me quite a bit of time to fabricate and get completely right, and you will absolutely hate them honey," Shawna began: “I call it the Silencer. The good news is that while the setup is somewhat scary, it’s absolutely safe. I’ve spent weeks testing it on myself

“As you can see you’ve been tied up in front of the tower window and we don’t want you to attract any unwanted attention from the neighbors, when they’re out on their Sunday strolls. You’ll have a nice view of the street, but nobody can see you due to the dirty glass. Well… not unless they carry a couple of binoculars and look directly up here. And as I’m sure you’ll agree, we don’t want to give them a reason to do that. Anyway, the purpose of the device under your nose is simple: to train you to be completely silent. Any screaming, yelping, moaning or crying noise made by your vocal cords over a preset threshold, will immediately set off a 10 second punishment cycle. Remember when I pinched your nose down in the bedroom, how the pump gag now has blocked any breathing through your mouth completely?”

Joyce stared wild-eyed back at her wife and made minute shaking motions with her head, anticipating the worst.

“That is exactly what the device strapped to your nose will do. It contains an electric cut-off air valve. When triggered, the Silencer will completely cut off your nose air for 10 seconds. There is a 5 second safety delay after that for you to catch your breath. However - if you make any vocal noise during that safety time, the cut-off valve WILL close again for 10 seconds after the delay AND the TENS will be triggered to zap your butt twice at maximum setting during the next 10 second cycle. If you keep violating the rules, the control unit will just issue more hard zaps. You won’t be able to scream and the punishment zaps will be painful. However, if you just hang in there silently, you will only get the occasional random zap on low to medium level. Last, there’s the vibes. The one in your butt will go off at random intervals, but the one in your pussy is by far the most powerful one and controlled by what happens down on the street below. I’ve hidden a photo sensor in the bushes next to the sidewalk, so when someone either walks or drives by, you get a good buzz for about 10 seconds.”

Shawna leaned in close to Joyce and asked; “Now, do you understand how this game works?”

Joyce now breathing heavily through her nose, nodded her head minutely as much as the gag harness allowed her to.

“Okay," Shawna said; “Then let’s do a quick dry run so you know what you’re in for."

Before Joyce could react, Shawna pushed a button on the control box labeled TEST. Immediately a loud >clack< sound was heard from the cylinder strapped under Joyce’s nose. Joyce’s eyes almost bulged out at the speed the solenoid cut off her air mid-breath. The logic was horrible yet simple: No breathing – no vibrating vocal cords - no sound! After about 3 seconds, the Tens unit gave her a single hard zap over her butt and if Joyce could have screamed she would have, as she involuntarily jerked hard in her suspension bonds sending the padlock at the end of her nipple chain bouncing. As she deposited a silent scream into the gag, her body shook, yet the butterfly gag formed a perfect seal - there was no leakage at all.

Seven seconds later, the air valve under her nose opened again and Joyce quickly drew a sharp breath through her nose and looked begging towards Shawna, who winked and kissed her gently on her cheek. “Good girl! See? that wasn’t so tough, however the zap will be harder once you go live and it will be administered closer to the end of the breath blocking period, to make it harder for you to contain yourself. Once your vibrators start, the TENS will give you a random mild to medium zap ever so often, just to keep things interesting! I figure between any buzzing you get from the street, the random anal vibrator and small zaps, the weighted nipple clamps and the water drip on your head, you won’t get bored.”

Joyce, still reeling from the first onslaught of the control box, wiggled the few fractions of an inch that she could but didn’t dare utter a sound. “It’s okay honey, I haven’t turned it on automatic just yet," Shawna said and Joyce did an audible sigh of relief through her nose.

“I’d however be careful doing that once the Silencer is live. Now, let’s get you ready. I’m going to leave you up here to stew until tonight, where I will change your IV drip and take off some of the distractions, so you can get some sleep until tomorrow morning. As mentioned, I’ll keep an eye on you through the cameras and sensors. I will also check in on you here from time to time, but you won’t know unless I want you to.”

Shawna produced a couple of industrial grade earplugs. A trick Shawna had learned was to smother one end of the plugs in Vaseline, which helps form a perfect seal with the ear canal, in turn deafening the wearer effectively. As Shawna inserted the plugs into Joyce’s ears she was robbed of one more sense as her hearing disappeared completely. Joyce would not be able to hear if Shawna quietly opened the floor hatch behind her. She could now only hear her own breathing through her nose. Shawna came around in front of Joyce and held her gagged face in her hands, looked her deep in the eyes and licked her nose with the tip of her tongue. “Have fun, love. I’ll see you later," Shawna said in a deliberately loud voice. For good measure she gave Joyce’s gag a couple of quick pumps to her frustration. Joyce was sure her jaw would be sore at the end of the day, but she didn’t dare protest, now knowing how that evil microphone on her neck would pick up on the slightest peep and silence her immediately, Joyce strained in her bonds, but otherwise kept quiet.

Shawna smiled, admiring the fruits of her labor. She reached down to the control box and flipped a switch on the box from Manual to Automatic. She winked at Joyce and made a shhh-sign with her finger. The throat control box would now be monitoring Joyce for any sounds as well as firing off the vibrators via radio signals. Shawna opened the blinds and began to make her way toward the hatch at the rear of the tower room, which clearly distressed Joyce as she began thrashing and wiggling in her suspension bondage. “Don’t be such a baby, I will be around! In the meantime, you get to be the distressed maiden in the tower," Shawna whispered playfully in her ear and smacked Joyce playfully across her latex panties. For some reason the notion of being locked in alone up here in the tower really got to Joyce, making her both scared and horny. The thought of the hatch being closed and locked from below and Shawna her only link to the living world, really got her juices flowing. When she felt more than heard the subtle thud of the hatch being closed behind her she was silently grinding her pussy into the strap between her legs as much as she could.

As the first minutes of solitude passed, Joyce was in a turmoil of sensations. Her body was almost involuntarily struggling against the tight suspension, while she was consciously trying to keep quiet. There she hung, restrained, a little scared, but horny as hell. Joyce tried to take stock of her situation:

Locked inside a tower room and dressed almost exactly like the girl in the old bishop drawing; in the knee-high boots, pantyhose, leopard print spandex leotard, and latex panties, wearing a peroxide blonde wig to match, held on by a wicked set of leather straps enclosing her head, containing a very inflated butterfly gag.

Her pussy and butt fitted with powerful vibrators, which until now had remained dormant (Shawna had added some delay, Joyce guessed) and her butt cheeks were each covered by a large TENS pad, which was sure to give her a hard time ahead. She felt the invasiveness of the tube in her bladder, realizing she was effectively plugged in every single hole in her body.

Suspended, raised off the floor by the wide padded strap going around the small of her back and trough her crotch, as well as the ankle cuffs, with a spreader bar holding her legs apart by the knees, straps and steel cables going every which way to keep her head and body anchored midair. Arms trapped in an armbinder where her gloved fingers already were rendered useless inside the tight little PVC fist mittens (oh how she loved those mittens), the armbinder tied to the suspension rings behind her back, further limiting movement.

A sensation of tightened skin on her shoulder, reminded her of the IV saline drip keeping her body hydrated throughout the day, yet worse was the insistent drip of cold water falling on her head. Due to the Vaseline sealed earplugs, she couldn’t hear it as much as an insistent tap on her head harness every 5 seconds or so. There would be no nodding off while that thing was running.

The most nefarious part of the entire setup was however the breathing inhibitor valve, together with the inflated bladder filling her mouth. Joyce tried to suck the slightest bit of air in through her mouth, but it was a bust. The large bladder filled out every crevice of her mouth to the point that she might as well have had no mouth. It was a perfect seal.

Joyce experimentally flexed every muscle she could think of to see if there was any give in her bondage. Shawna was probably watching on the cameras, so she might as well give her a good show. Her head and legs were more or less immobile but she could wriggle her feet and butt a bit. She could move her chest somewhat and before she thought better of it she jiggled her boobs, thereby setting off a chain-reaction of events: The nipple clamps immediately transmitted the movement to the padlock hanging off the spring between her breasts and it began bouncing up and down. As the clamps tugged on Joyce’s nipples she involuntarily let out a yelp, and the Silencer’s breathing-valve mercilessly cut off her air mid-breath.

With only a half lung full of air, Joyce went into a frenzy and violently struggled in her suspension for air, completely forgetting it would only last 10 seconds. She nearly passed out from the exertions as the air valve opened again and she drew in a noisy whiny big breath without thinking. Joyce knew immediately she had fucked up yet again, as the air valve on her nose would now be closing in a few seconds and punish her with the TENS pads for making noise again.

She hurried and took another big breath before the valve closed again with a loud click. She shut her eyes, strained her muscles and waited for the real punishment zap. Shawna had mentioned she had coded the control box to always put the punishment zaps at the end of the breath block period, thereby increasing the chance of a repeat fuckup. Joyce thought rapidly to herself; “Stay quiet, don’t make a sound, stay quiet, don’t make a- ZZZZAP!” The TENS shock felt like what Joyce imagined the sting of a bullwhip would feel like and it took every shred of her self-control to not scream out. As the air valve opened again, Joyce forced herself silent, emitting a soundless staccato sigh and slowly caught her breath again. The system didn’t care how much breathing noise or physical struggling noise she made, but any whiny girl noises consistent between 500 and 8000 hz would rain down electric fire on her butt and quite literally shut her up immediately. The system was a brutal yet effective teacher of silence.

Having learned the lesson, there was not much to do the first hour other than just hang around and fantasize. The buttplug had started up all of a sudden and began to work its magic on her imagination: Possessed by the devil she is rendered deaf and mute by the head-mistress nun and placed in the church tower to atone for her wickedness and sins. Having her ears plugged she can’t hear anything from the outside, only watch the street through the grimy window and nothing seems to happen. It’s a Sunday after all. It hit’s her – “Of course - everyone’s at church and here I am bound and restrained like the green-puke flinging girl in The Exorcist, times ten! One had to appreciate the irony…" Joyce thought wryly. As Shawna had promised, the buttplug went on and off on its own random accord, yet it never seemed to run long enough to let her cum.

As noon approached, Joyce was getting frustratingly horny. Every once in a while, the TENS pads would keep her on her toes (ha-ha, very funny Joyce thought – I’m suspended here, remember!) with a light zap. The random TENS shocks were not strong enough to make her fight not to cry out, but they were definitely not to be ignored either. Meanwhile, the temperature had steadily risen in the tower. Being well and safe with her saline IV and overhead cooling drip, Joyce tried to enjoy the enforced stewing, feeling the sweat roll off her body and seeping into her leotard and evaporating. To further torment her, Shawna had hung an old mercury thermometer next to the window. It was now reading 95F and still climbing. Joyce could feel the sweat rolling off her legs and down into her suspended ballet boots.

Time seemed to grind to a halt. Still nothing was happening in the street, so Joyce tried to pass the time by sucking on the big bladder strapped into her mouth while enjoying the occasional buzzing on her tailbone. She could still taste the residual salty cum of Shawna from this morning in the bedroom, which seemed an eternity away now. Joyce closed her eyes and imagined she was licking Shawna’s cock and wondered what she was doing downstairs.

As time went on, early noon came and the attic really was beginning to heat up. Joyce glanced worriedly at the thermometer. It was now up to 101F and sweat was starting to form on her brow. She tried to shake it off her head, but was immediately cut short by the straps attached to the sides of her gag harness. Thankfully the dripper was still going, which helped keep her head cool. The syringe in her upper arm was not hurting anymore and although she could not see the drop, she knew it was keeping her healthy and hydrated.

The thrumming in her arms was a constant reminder of the strenuous bondage she had been placed in, but she was amazed at the fact that she could still feel her fingers inside the gloves, mittens and the tight armbinder enclosing everything. She had long learned the lesson not to wriggle her chest as the nipple clamps and spring-loaded weight would punish her immediately, instead Joyce tried wriggling her butt yet found there was no movement there at all. Between her strapped legs and the crotch strap there was no give, which ensured her butt and lower back was locked in their current position.

The day went on and the constant heat - now reaching 110F - made Joyce slightly drowsy. She tried closing her eyes again and napping a bit, but she found that it was quite impossible. The constant drip of cold water on her head, combined with the random small ten’s zaps prevented her from nodding off. She was microseconds away from screaming out in frustration, until her body now almost per reflex stopped her from starting another punishment cycle. “Damn Shawna and her attention to detail," Joyce fumed. But there was nothing to do but look out the window and wait.

Downstairs Shawna had begun recording the whole séance from the moment they arrived in the tower. Since she left Joyce to stew for the day in the tower, Shawna had been monitoring Joyce 100% since then using her tablet as a monitor, as she went around the house. Now satisfied that Joyce was stable and secure, she changed into her outdoorsy gardening clothes.

Joyce noticed activity down in front of the house; Shawna had changed into work-clothes and was tending to the garden. Carrying her propane weed burner, Shawna headed over to the sidewalk. “Uh-oh, that’s probably where she hid that photocell, she was talking about before," Joyce thought. Sure enough, Shawna walks into the beam and immediately the powerful vibrator in Joyce’s pussy started up. Shawna looked up at the attic window with a mischievous grin and could see the vague outline of Joyce as she was struggling to keep quiet against the onslaught of the powerful vibrator in her pussy. Shawna knew how long usually Joyce would take to forcefully orgasm and deliberately moved out of the beam to Joyce’s half frustration and relief. Shawna then started using the weed burner. To anyone passing on the street it looked like she was scorching the weeds while in fact she was waving the burner pipe back and front of the photo sensor in the bushes. Upstairs, Joyce was going nuts trying to breathe normally and keep quiet as the vibrator went buzz-buzz-buzz in sync with the beam interruption at the sidewalk. Shawna continued this game for another 10 minutes, then stopped as her cellphone rang. “Damn, why now?!" Joyce thought as Shawna turned off the weed burner. As she went inside she looked up and smiled with an apologetic shrug and a smile. “Must be that art call she was talking about in the morning," Joyce figured.

Unable to do anything else, Joyce just hung there obediently, taking the random zaps and buzzing in her bottom. She only flinched slightly when a medium TENS zap occasionally hit her butt cheeks. She was on the point of boredom when a pair of elderly ladies approached on the sidewalk, unknowingly breaking the beam. Stopping, one of them was looking for something in her handbag while speaking to the other, they were spinning Joyce up into high RPM’s and Joyce started screamed vulgarities in her mind: “Yes, yes yesss, slow down you senile old bats! Smell the goddamned flowers or something, just don’t go yet! – I need to cum! I need…” She closed her eyes and bit down hard on the inflated gag in preparation for the oncoming freight train and… >Poof<! Nothing. The vibe came to an instant stop. Joyce, opening her eyes again, saw the ladies had moved on, one of them apparently having found what she was looking for. Frustrated to tears, Joyce inadvertently let out the beginning of a raging growl. This utterance was predictably cut short by the click of the closing valve on her nose, ending the short outburst in a pinched-off “…oomb” sound. “Oh shit, I forgot about you,” Joyce managed to think before she got hit with some hard zaps that made her almost jump in the bondage harness. When the valve opened again, Joyce drew a stuttering but silent deep breath and tried to calm down to avoid a repeat punishment.

After a while, a group of what looked like a dozen churchgoers came into view. Before realizing what their intended path meant for her own situation, Joyce thought their service was probably over. They usually passed down this way and stopped to admire Shawna’s metal sculptures, some of which she put a few different on display every other week. With the earplugs in, Joyce could not hear their conversations, but with their pointing and even picture-taking, obviously they were impressed. What they didn’t know was the chain reaction happening right above their heads behind the attic window. The vibrator in Joyce’s pussy spun up and stayed on due to the group congregating on the sidewalk. Joyce knew what was coming and steeled her nerves; “Stay quiet, stay quiet, stay quiet!” She was whispering to herself inside her mind. The cards were at that moment stacked against Joyce: As she reached the peak of stimulation she drew a deep breath; the TENS unit gave her a medium zap and the buttplug began a random cycle. All the stimulation at once made Joyce let out an ill-advised nasal moan and the Silencer responded again in kind. With a lung full of fresh air, Joyce let loose and came hard, shaking and thrashing like a trapped animal in her suspension bondage.

Being zapped, vibed both front and back, breath suspended, mouth filled up with inflated rubber, her nipples being pulled by the spring-loaded weight of the padlock on her nipples, the tight armbinder and suspension, the earplug sensory deprivation, the water drip torture, the costume and collar… It all came together and made Joyce cum so violently she felt she could have torn the roof down. Every restraint held up to the assault just fine however and when the air valve opened again, Joyce slowly let out a silent breath and was happy with herself that she could keep her noise under control.

Half an hour or so goes by without anything but the occasional pedestrian, giving Joyce a much too brief stimulation to be useful. This changed when a young couple approached. It looked like they were house hunting in the neighborhood. They stop right in front of the beam, obviously to admire Shawna and Joyce’s old house and the sculptures out in front. It’s quite clear it’s the building’s tower which has caught the young woman’s attention, as they are looking straight up at her! By the looks on their faces they can’t see her, as they were not likely expecting to see a bound and gagged black woman behind the dirty glass. Joyce knew she would be discovered if she starts thrashing around, so she keeps still as she can. As the beam remains broken, the vibrator in her pussy is going into overdrive, once again inching her closer and closer to a mind-shattering orgasm. Joyce stared right back at the couple and she knew she had to stay absolutely still. Yet her legs – fortunately out of view from down front – started shaking on their own accord with the approaching orgasm. As it finally hits her, she rolls her eyes up in her skull and breathes a long, deep staccato breath as her feet flutter in the suspension stirrups and her legs tremble as much as the spreader-bar between them allows. As the vibrations stop, Joyce looks down again to see the couple moving on. Smiling mentally to herself Joyce realized these two complete strangers helped her to learn to cum silently.

The rest of the day passed for Joyce between either hanging around doing nothing and unexpected visitors bringing intense silent orgasms. Despite following along on her tablet downstairs, Shawna felt the need to check in on Joyce in person. She went up to the attic and crawled up the small staircase to the tower. She took care to unlock the massive padlock and remove it from the deadbolt without any noise, then silently slid the deadbolt aside, and slowly opened the hatch. The sight and smell were both intoxicating. There was a distinct scent of perfume, girl sweat and sex in the attic. Joyce was in the middle of another thunderous orgasm and Shawna got instantly hard by seeing her shake and spasm, suspended and helpless as she was. Shawna stood for a while just taking it all in and considered going up there to tease Joyce; “Nah, better not – this is her solo game to enjoy. There’ll be plenty of time later," she thought as she silently closed the hatch and locked the attic tower up again.

Just as Joyce thought she was catching a break, she was in for the wildest ride yet. She noticed a few of the neighborhood young girls gathering an hour before suppertime and wondered idly what they were up to. It didn’t take long for her to find out, as two of them started unpacking long skipping ropes from their Hello Kitty backpacks. “OMG, they are doing fucking Double-dutch!! If they are anywhere near that sensor, I’ll go nuclear up here," she thought nervously. Sure enough, two girls were lining up the ropes while the other two started hopping to the beat being pumped out from what looked like a portable Bluetooth speaker. As the music gathered speed and the kids were jumping like grasshoppers on meth, Joyce was struggling in her suspension bondage, panting through her nose, her chest heaving deep breaths as she was forced to silently cum over and over till she felt she was going cross-eyed. As her mind turned to gel, Joyce halfway wished these kids would simultaneously get rabies, struck by lightning, sucked up in a tornado and flung into the engine of a passing aircraft. On the other hand, her submissive side was having a blast and Joyce knew deep down she would probably smile a lot wider next time she saw them around the neighborhood.

As the sun set over the neighborhood, finally one of the girl’s phones rang and by the looks of it, a parent had rung the dinner bell, they all split up and left.

Joyce is left to hang limp in her harness, completely spent, staring blankly into nothing with her eyes half closed. Once in a while her body spasms from a random TENS zap. She is completely spent from cumming and struggling all day, as well as having her breath forcefully held whenever she made the slightest peep. Ever so often she feels her catheterized bladder drain a few drops involuntarily into the gallon jug beneath her and there’s nothing she can do about that either.

The dusk crawled over the neighborhood and the sky grew darker outside. Joyce gathered the scattered bits of her thoughts as she felt her stomach rumbling. Really? Was she to be sent to “bed” without supper? She could deal with many types of pain, but the ache in her belly was getting to her in a bad way, as it was distracting her from enjoying her bondage. “This is not cool!" she thought, and silently cursed Shawna for such a basic oversight, as well as her own submissive side, completely ignoring basic human needs in favor of sexual thrill. What was she thinking? In the middle of her deliberations, Joyce suddenly feels a feather light touch on her back. Having been alone most of the day, it felt mentally like a lightning strike almost making her jump out of her skin, which translates to a quick thrash in the suspension harnesses. The control box however taught her well during the day, better than to utter a sound. She tried to turn her head to no avail as the straps secured to her head harness still forced her to look straight ahead.

Shawna had come up, carrying a canvas bag with some items. She comes into Joyce’s view and strokes her cheek, then turns to the window and closes the blind in front of it, before reaching for a pull string to turn on a sole bulb in the ceiling. Without a word, she reaches for the control box and turns off the automatic breath inhibitor and the vibrators. She reached up to Joyce’s ear and gently pried out one of her earplugs, so she could hear her well. Shawna produced a large steel thermos out of the bag. “You didn’t think I’d just leave you up here without dinner silly girl? - It’s okay, the silencer and vibes are all off for now," she says with a smile. Joyce wriggled in her harness and hummed with excitement in response. Shawna unscrewed the thermos’s cap and held it under the breath inhibitor’s air filter, so Joyce could get a whiff. The wonderful smell was enough to set off Joyce’s stomach in a fresh growl; it was one of her favorites which Shawna made once in a while; delicious thick warm minestrone soup!

“Let’s get you some dinner sweetie, but give me a sec to set things up," Shawna said. She first pulled over a stepladder and turned off the dripper over Joyce’s head. Then she stepped in front of Joyce and looked her in the eye. “Okay hon, I am going to deflate your gag a bit, but I don’t want to hear any noise or attempted talk, or you will not get any dinner, understand?” Joyce, being very hungry, nodded her head minutely as best she could in the harness. Shawna let out some of the air in the large butterfly bladder, which up to now completely had been filling Joyce’s oral cavity, just enough that she could gently pry a clear hose in between the gag bladder and the roof of Joyce’s mouth. This also allowed Joyce to swallow properly. The hose had a squeeze pump on the middle and Shawna fed the other end of the hose into the thermos. “Okay, close your eyes and I will start pumping slowly and you are going to swallow slowly too, as we don’t want any soup going down the wrong pipe. Open your eyes for me to stop pumping," Shawna instructed as she followed the soup making its way through the clear tube into Joyce’s mouth.

For the next 20 minutes Joyce concentrates intensely on throttling the flow of thick, delicious soup and swallowing accordingly. She found it easy to get a hang of, but the fear of getting any soup down her windpipe kept her focused. A slurping sound from the thermos indicated the meal was done. “Gosh, you really were hungry, Hon. Guess all the struggling up here during the day took its toll. You polished it off so it’s officially No More Soup For You, my dear," Shawna said with a big grin.

“Great - Bondage Captive of the Soup Nazi – News at 11," Joyce thought.

From her bag, Shawna produces another thermos and offers Joyce some nice cool orange juice to wash down the soup. Joyce gladly accepted, and gulped down most of the juice, knowing the catheter would take care of it all during the night.

“Honey, this is your last chance to bug out from spending the night up here," Shawna said; “Struggle for me if you want out.” Joyce thought hard about it for a bit. On one hand she wasn’t exactly comfortable, on the other hand her inner submissive craved and demanded she went the whole 9 yards. She really wanted to be able to look herself in the mirror and know she didn’t wimp out half-way. Joyce looked into Shawna’s eyes and remained still, she gave her a naughty wink just to emphasize her commitment. “Good girl, let’s get you tucked in then," Shawna replied with a smile.

She removed the hose from Joyce’s mouth, then promptly re-inflated the gag; “I’m not gonna lie to you wifey; it’s gonna hurt a bit, when I remove the nipple clamps - Better give you a few extra pumps," she said as she further inflated the gag in Joyce’s mouth. “I haven’t turned on your breath inhibitor again yet, so it’s okay to make some noise if you need to," Shawna said. Joyce closed her eyes hard as the rubber bladder extended her cheeks way more than before. Shawna quickly removed both nipple clamps at once and waited for the reaction. A split second later as the blood reentered Joyce’s nipples, she closed her eyes tightly and thrashed hard in the suspension. Shawna thought for a moment Joyce literally would bring down the house, as the old wooden overhead beams creaked and groaned. Joyce breathed heavily, slowly opening her eyes, yet did not utter a sound. “Wow, the Silencer really did a number on you, huh?” Shawna says. “Mmmhh-h-h," Joyce responds softly, nodding slightly as a tear rolled down her cheek, as the pain in her nipples eventually subsided to a dull ache. “Aw, honey I’m sorry it hurt so much," Shawna said. She leaned in and tenderly licked each of Joyce’s sore nipples while Joyce purred into her gag with delight. Shawna paused and looked up hungrily at Joyce and stepped up on the cinder blocks. She hugged Joyce’s head and kissed her repeatedly while wiping her cheeks. She let out some of the air out of the hard-pumped gag.

“Okay, it’s time to put you to bed for tonight," Shawna said; “First, let’s replace that saline bag, as you’ve almost consumed this one. The head drip, vibes and the random zaps will also stay off for tonight, so you have a chance to fall asleep. However, I will leave the Silencer active, but you need not worry about snoring triggering the system. It may also become somewhat chilly up here, so I’m going to turn on these two electric heater fans. They run on a thermostat so when the temperature drops below 75 degrees up here, they will keep you nice and toasty. Last, I don’t want anything to disturb your rest, so I will blindfold you and make sure you absolutely can’t hear anything either.

Shawna picked up a blindfold which consisted of two heavily padded leather discs on a strap. She pulled the strap around Joyce’s forehead and positioned the disks right above each of her eyebrows. As Shawna pulled each disk over Joyce’s eyes, forcing her to shut her eyelids underneath. Joyce’s world went dark and she shuddered, thinking of the night to come. Besides the restraints and the different devices filling her various orifices, the only sensation Joyce was left with was the constant, yet pleasant thrumming of the TENS-unit keeping the blood flowing in her arms inside the snug armbinder. She had come to forget about it, but was reminded as Shawna temporarily turned it off to change the batteries.

Joyce felt Shawna’s warm breath on her cheek as she said; “Good night, love – I will see you tomorrow." Shawna thought about it for a moment then added with a devilish snarl; “- then, I will come up and replace your gag with one that has a feeding tube and your buttplug will be replaced with an enema system. I will call your office and let them know you’ve fallen sick, so no matter what you are going to be up here for a lot longer than you thought, Slave Wife." Playing along, Joyce froze at the words then shook in mock horror while running the appropriate line in her head, to get her in the mood; “No, she is joking! This can’t be real! No, no nonoNO!!” Shawna bent down and turned on the Silencer system again.

Shawna had of course planned nothing more nefarious than a hearty breakfast for two of them on the downstairs patio tomorrow, but she loved twisting the plot and planting the seed of doom in Joyce’s submissive mindset, watching as the words hit home and Joyce started working herself into a panicked frenzy, pulling on her bonds. She even let out a stunted “Mmmnoo>CLACK<” before the Silencer abruptly cut her off and a punishment cycle began.

Shawna giggled sheepishly in amazement to herself “Wow, I really hit a tripwire in her noggin! Surely gonna catch hell for this tomorrow over breakfast… but sooo worth it!”

Without further words, Shawna plugged a fresh Vaseline covered earplug into Joyce’s ear canal as she struggled on. On top Shawna added a set of industrial ear protection muffs, effectively cutting off any residual sounds. A car alarm could go off on the street and Shawna knew that Joyce wouldn’t hear a thing. Shawna was getting hard by the sight of her wife, hanging in the suspension, cut off from all sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. She checked the jug on the floor connected to Joyce’s catheter, but it was only a third full, so there was no need to empty it tonight. Shawna gathered up the thermos and the other bits in her bag. She reached up, pulled the string to turn off the lightbulb in the ceiling and rolled up the blinds in front of the window. Shawna made her way over to the floor hatch and took a last look, marveling at the sight of her love, hanging helplessly suspended in front of the tower window, all restrained, gagged and blindfolded, outlined by the pale moonlight filtering in.

She stepped down the steep tower staircase, closed the hatch deliberately hard so Joyce would feel the brief vibration, knowing that she was now imprisoned in the tower. Shawna closed the deadbolt and applied the old antique padlock and hung the heavy key on a string around her neck.

Shawna padded downstairs and fixed herself some rice and meat for dinner, then went back up to the bedroom. The house was quiet except for the occasional odd wooden creak of an old house. Shawna wondered if any of those little creaks came from her prisoner of love in the tower.

It was a pleasant yet strange feeling Shawna had going to bed alone, knowing she had the love of her life helplessly restrained and suspended two floors above in the attic tower. She had previously installed some extra hardware behind the big 75” flat screen TV in the bedroom, allowing for a quad-split view of the 4 cameras in the tower. The TV was mounted on the ceiling above the bed, so they could both watch it when lying down. As she checked in on Joyce she could see that her struggle was winding down. The pulse sensor showed her BPM’s coming down as Joyce was tiring.

Shawna felt a pang of sadness for Joyce, hanging up there all restrained in sensory deprivation. Shawna wanted to keep her wife company in some nice self-bondage for the night, but decided against anything too restrictive, just in case there was an emergency and she had to run up to the attic. Instead she went over to her wardrobe and pulled out her black shiny long-sleeved leotard and a pair of matching tights. Shawna applied a small padlock to its back zipper and rummaged around in her bedside drawer for a couple of other items. She found her lockable ball-gag trainer harness and a special buttplug she had been wanting to try out for a while. Shawna popped in the medium sized black ball in her mouth, which she knew she could sleep with. All the straps were firmly fastened and 4 padlocks applied to keep it all secure.

Next item was the buttplug, which was a special order: It had a threaded rod inside, which when screwed backwards, would compress and expand a rubber ball, making the plug larger and impossible to remove. Shawna stuffed the plug in a condom and lubed it up, sliding it up her rear. She turned the end of the rod a number of times until the plug filled her completely and added a padlock to her end. Now her butt was off limits too.

Last, Shawna added a black plastic chastity cage to her cock. It took some strong willing of mind over hard-on to get her cock down to a size where it would fit in the chastity device. Succeeding she added a couple of padlocks there as well and pulled the crotch piece of the leotard over to cover her toys.

She threw the keys into the open lockbox which still sat open on the nightstand. Earlier in the day she asked Joyce to set the combination. Closing the lockbox with a loud clack, Shawna knew she was now tightly gagged, plugged and her cock was off limits until such time tomorrow that Joyce opened the lockbox. She laid back on the bed and drew up the duvet, watching the live video feeds from the attic. It looked like Joyce was settling down for the night. Her pulse was down and she was only twitching a little now and then. Shawna cursed her own ingenuity as she wished she had jacked off before putting on the chastity device. She was forced to endure a dull throb in her cock, watching Joyce dangle in her restraints. As the hour got late, Shawna found herself yawning behind her ball-gag and getting tired. She curled up in the bed and fell sound asleep.

As the sun rose next morning, Joyce stirred slowly in her restrained suspension and woke up to the first rays heating her skin. She couldn’t see or hear a thing, but she could feel a nice warmth spreading over her body as the sun got higher. With nothing else to do, she did what she could to stretch and yawn, careful not to make a sound. She wondered what was going to happen today and was missing Shawna. The whole thing was getting her a bit emotional and she sobbed quietly, longing for some company.

Meanwhile downstairs, Shawna had woken up as well. The sun was gently heating the back of her black leotard through the bedroom window. She got out of bed and went downstairs in the kitchen to prepare a rich breakfast table for both of them. After starting the coffee maker, it was time to go up and release Joyce. She carefully ascended the stairs and unlocked the attic hatch. She silently opened it and was greeted by the sight of her bound wife just as she left her all suspended. Joyce was stirring in her bondage and while making curious little puffing sounds through the Silencer. It was not until a tear drop formed underneath the blindfold and dripped to the floor that Shawna realized Joyce was crying silently. She instantly felt sorry for her and got busy quickly; From a nail on the wall, Shawna fetched the keys to the padlocks holding Joyce captive and then turned the Silencer off. She placed the cinderblocks back in front of Joyce and stood up on them facing Joyce who was still oblivious to her presence. In a swift motion Shawna slid the blindfold off Joyce, who flinched in surprise at the sudden motion. Shawna was met by a couple of wet eyes. Joyce hadn’t known what to expect that morning and what was worse, she was hungry again.

Still very much gagged, Shawna quickly tapped the air-filter of the Silencer, then made a cut-off motion towards her own throat, followed by a thumbs-up sign; “It’s off, you can make sounds again," she silently signaled. Joyce took a deep breath and cautiously uttered a short “hm?" When nothing happened, she closed her eyes, letting loose a long moan as fresh tears streamed down her face and over her gag harness. Shawna felt awful and leaned in to hug her and nuzzled her gagged lips up against Joyce’s still plugged ear. It was clear Joyce was relieved her day-and a half ordeal was over but she was nevertheless sobbing and her body shook lightly under Shawna’s gentle caress.

Shawna began to unlock and unstrap Joyce, first removing the Silencer from Joyce’s nostrils. She took another deep breath and her tears had begun drying up - it was clear she was feeling a lot better. She even managed to give Shawna a wink.

In turn, Shawna unplugged all the wires and hardware, clamped and detached the catheter from the jug. Joyce winced as Shawna removed the IV drip from her shoulder. Shawna quickly wiped the exposed skin clean with an alcohol swab and applied a small band-aid. She winked and gave Joyce a “Good as new!” thumbs up.

Shana proceeded to remove the spreader-bar between Joyce’s knees as well the two straps from her gag harness to the sides and back. As she unbuckled Joyce’s ankle cuffs from the beams, she removed her boots and guided Joyce’s feet back onto the cinder blocks to support some of her weight. Shawna released the remaining straps holding the armbinder to the figure-8 ring. Just as she supported Joyce when she was installed in the suspension bondage, Shawna put her shoulder under Joyce’s lower stomach and held her with one arm, while releasing the crotch belt from the 8-ring with the other.

Joyce was gently lifted off the cinder blocks in a Fireman’s carry, yet still wearing the gag and armbinder. On wobbly legs she was about to sit down on the cinder blocks, but thought twice about it with the butt plug, vibrator and catheter still installed. Instead Shawna sat down on the cinder blocks and laid Joyce over her lap. She first turned off the TENS-unit for the arms, then methodically unlocked and unstrapped the armbinder, unplugged the TENS wires, and finally cut off the zip ties holding the mittens on Joyce’s wrists.

Joyce carefully brought her rather stiff arms around while massaging her fingers. While still lying across Shawna’s lap, she kept herself busy with removing the long PVC gloves and the TENS pads on her arms, Shawna worked on removing the ankle cuffs and the ballet boots. Joyce was now down to the still locked gag harness, leotard, tights and the “downstairs plumbing” items still inserted.

Shawna helped Joyce to stand up, motioning for her to grab hold of one of the vertical beams and spread her legs, so the last bits of hardware could be removed. Shawna pulled the latex panties down, then pulled the crotch of Joyce’s leotard aside and gently pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. Next was the catheter. Shawna used the valve on the side to deflate the little balloon inside Joyce’s bladder. Once again Joyce braced for expected pain, yet the catheter came out without incident. As she carefully opened an eye, Shawna gave her a wink and a gentle stroke over her still swollen clit.

Shawna was about to reach back and remove Joyce’s buttplug, however Joyce laid a hand on her shoulder, held up two fingers and shook her head. It was clear she needed to go #2 and wanted to remove it herself. Affirming with a nod, Shawna stood up and produced a small Allen wrench and opened up the heavy metal collar Joyce had been wearing and unlocked the zipper of the leotard.

Both girls were now down to their leotards and gags. Joyce motioned to hers as to say; “What about this." Shawna pointed towards the hatch, as to say “It’s downstairs," where she had left the pump with the deflator valve for Joyce’s gag as well as the keys to both their gags.

They left all the toys where they were and proceeded to help each other down the steep steps from the attic. On the first floor, Joyce pointed to the guest bathroom and motioned Shawna to head downstairs ahead of her. As Joyce went about her business, Shawna stopped by the bedroom and grabbed a couple of black satin robes, stripped out of her own leotard and put the robe on. She hung the other one on the bathroom door for Joyce and headed downstairs. She went straight to the kitchen counter where she left the last keys, unlocked and removed her own ball gag with a sigh of relief.

As she was pouring the coffee a minute later, Joyce came down. Shawna had gone all-in with pancakes, eggs, fruit and everything else she could think of. Joyce gave a little impatient stomp and a frustrated “hrrmph!” as she pointed at the table and then at her gag. Shawna laughed and got the keys and the deflator valve. “Yeah, that would have been the definition of cruel to be excluded from breakfast, let’s get you out of that last bit of gear." As she removed the gag, Joyce moved her jaw around and gave Shawna a big hug and spoke the first words since yesterday “Honey that was epic! I’d kiss you right now but methinks we both have the dog breath of legend right now." “Yeah, let’s get some chow instead," then we can go upstairs and wash up, mellow out with some TV and then clean up the attic in the afternoon.”


We will leave Joyce and Shawna to dig into their breakfast, and check in on their next adventure:

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