John's Revenge

by Lady Volcano

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© Copyright 2010 - Lady Volcano - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; cuffs; oral; toys; reluct/nc; XX

John checked his arse in the mirror and looked at the marks left by his girlfriend Katie that weekend. Dark lines ran across both cheeks and he reminisced about the wild sexual events leading to his punishment.  Should he let Katie get away with this?  She should have been more gentle with him, especially as it was his first time having kinky sex involving BDSM.  John started to plot his revenge, investing time researching “services” available on the internet.  After a couple of weeks he had everything in place…

He gave Melissa one final phone call to check all the arrangements had been made. “Yes John, everything has been sorted, I will wait for Katie to arrive at 6pm.”  John smiled, he was looking forward to seeing Katie later on that evening, once Melissa had worked her magic.

“Oh, ok John, see you later, love ya babe, bye” said Katie as she came off her mobile.  Instead of meeting him at his flat John had told her to meet at his friend’s house and given her the address.  Katie was looking forward to yet another weekend of kinky fun with him so hoped they wouldn’t stay long at his friends.  In anticipation of this she put on a pair of sexy black knickers, a basque, suspenders, stockings, a short black PVC skirt and a dark pink leather top which laced up at the front.  The final touch was her spiked heel thigh high pink PVC boots which she knew John loved.

Katie rang the door bell and a girl answered the door dressed in tight black leather trousers, spiked heeled strappy shoes and a revealing low cut black top.  'Mmm', thought Katie wickedly to herself, 'she looks sexy'.  Melissa smiled and beckoned Katie in, offering her a drink whilst they both sat on the couch.  “Sorry Katie, John just rang me to say he’s been delayed at work but will join us as soon as he can.” 

“No problem” said Katie, she was enjoying chatting to Melissa who was apparently a work colleague of John’s, they seemed to get on well.  Melissa offered Katie a tour of the house to pass the time, each room had been tastefully decorated.  The final room to be viewed was the bedroom. 

Katie gasped as she entered the room, the walls were painted pink and black, with black velvet curtains adorning a large bay window, a huge 6 foot wide 4 poster metal bed dominated the room, covered with black satin sheets and pink leather covered cushions. The furniture was all painted black and on one wall was a set of double doors, perhaps a wardrobe thought Katie. Hanging from the door handles were a pair of pink and black leather handcuffs with a short metal chain.  Katie thought the room looked fantastic but her attention was drawn to the cuffs.  “Do you want to try them on Katie?”  Melissa asked innocently. 

'Hmmm', thought Katie, 'do I fancy a sexy looking girl putting me in leather cuffs?!  What a no brainer!' With that Katie held out her wrists in anticipation.  Melissa smiled as she locked the first cuff on Katie’s left wrist, adding to Katie’s surprise a small silver padlock.  “Turn around” said Melissa, to which Katie did as instructed and felt her right wrist being strapped and locked into the other cuff, both wrists now held firmly behind her back.

“Wow, they really suit you Katie.” said Melissa, trying to conceal her excitement.  She was enjoying luring Katie into her little trap and thought Katie looked hot in her PVC and leather outfit, the leather cuffs complimenting the ensemble.  Katie tested her bonds, she felt rather helpless but was enjoying the sensation.   Katie was caught off guard when Melissa pressed her leather clad body up against her and kissed her passionately. As Melissa’s tongue darted in and out of her mouth, Katie was dumbstruck but aroused all the same returning the kiss with the same passion.

Melissa now also very aroused moved away and opened the set of double doors against the wall. “Katie, I want you to follow me.” 

“But Melissa, I’m waiting for John” said Katie.  

Melissa walked over to Katie, held her face in her hands and whispered “Katie, your boyfriend hired me to punish you, I’m a dominatrix.”  

Katie made a run to the front door which was futile as her arms were cuffed behind her back.  Melissa slowly followed, pinning Katie against the wall. “Behave Katie otherwise I will make things a lot worse for you.” 

Katie could tell Melissa meant business but was shocked to feel her body reacting erotically to the touch of this woman.  She stopped struggling and felt Melissa place a 2 inch wide black studded leather collar around her neck.  Click went the sound of yet another silver padlock at the back of her neck.  Melissa turned her around and attached a pink leather dog lead to the front D ring of the collar.  “Follow me she crooned” and playfully smacked Katie’s arse with a riding crop.

“Let me go Melissa or I shall scream!” demanded Katie. 

“You can scream all you like my little prisoner, however this room is soundproofed as is the one you are going to be spending the night in.  And if you do scream I will just make your punishment all the more severe.”

Katie’s heart sank despite her high state of sexual arousal, what the hell was this woman going to do with her and where was John?! 

Melissa tugged Katie along by the lead attached to the collar around her neck through the double doors into another room……a very heavily equipped dungeon.  The room had no windows and the walls, ceilings and floor were all painted black. As Katie’s eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room she could make out various pieces of bondage furniture; a St Andrews Cross, metal bondage chair, vertical hanging cage, spanking bench, solid bondage table adorned with leather straps and large metal framed bed.  Chains and straps hung from chunky wooden beams set in the ceiling. Across the walls were rows and rows of bondage straps, cuffs, chains, leather harnesses, rubber restraints, whips, paddles, riding crops, canes, gags, blindfolds, leather and latex muzzles and hoods. Katie was speechless for once and her heart was pounding, she realized that Melissa was obviously a very experienced dominatrix. 

Melissa allowed Katie the opportunity to take in her surroundings before leading her over to an open area of the dungeon next to a set of 2 long chains hanging vertically from beams in the ceiling, the chains were about 3 feet apart.  Melissa positioned Katie standing between the 2 chains.  Katie watched as Melissa strapped matching pink and black leather cuffs to her ankles and then spread her legs with a 3 feet wide metal spreader bar.  Katie felt rather unsteady, her ankles forced apart, balancing on the 4 inched spiked heels of her PVC thigh high boots.  She realized that there was no way she was going to escape the clutches of this rather sexy but scary woman. 

Melissa disappeared for 5 minutes and returned to the room in a new outfit, it was a latex black and red military outfit, the rubber showing off her ample boobs, hugging her body tightly, a black latex studded belt around her waist, black latex gloves and knee high PVC platform boots with buckles and straps.  She wore a military latex black and red peak cap to finish off her outfit.  'Wow', thought Katie, 'she is a bitch but she looks well fit!'

“Ok, Katie, it’s time for your punishment, but first there is someone here who wants to speak to you. “ 

“Hello Katie” whispered a familiar voice, it was John, he had been sat in the shadows of the dungeon watching them both. 

“John, get this fucking bitch to release me, what the fuck is going on, I’m not enjoying this!” Katie demanded. 

“Katie, babe, this is payback for the brutal spanking you gave me the other weekend, I still have the marks on my backside.”  John was enjoying this power exchange and gleefully continued.. “Melissa asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how harsh she was to punish you and I told her 11.”

When John came out of the shadows to face Katie, she was able to see what he was wearing – he wore nothing on his top half, just his bare chest and a pair of black PVC tight fitting trousers with a red stripe running down the outside of each leg and a pair of heavy leather boots. Around his neck he wore a slim leather collar with the words “Master” in metal letters embossed at the front. 'Wow', thought Katie, 'he looks sexy!'

As John unzipped Katie’s PVC skirt to reveal her sexy knickers and exposed bottom, Melissa returned with another metal spreader bar. The bar was about an inch in diameter, this puzzled Katie as her legs were already forced apart until she saw the bar being passed horizontally between her legs, the ends of the bar being attached to the hanging chains from the ceiling.  Melissa took a remote control device from her pocket, pressed a switch and Katie could hear some sort of winch about her head. She looked in horror as the metal chains started to rise, lifting the metal spreader bar up between her legs until it was nestled in the crack of her pussy. The metal was very cold, not the nicest of sensations.  “I expect you can guess what your punishment is going to be Katie” Melissa said with a cruel smile on her face.  She handed the remote to John who pressed the button once again, raising the hanging chains further, pressing the metal bar harder against Katie’s pussy, the bar now firmly embedded in between her labia lips with a punishing presence.  Katie responded by raising herself onto her tiptoes to alleviate the pressure. 

“Good good, Katie” purred Melissa, “you see this punishment is all about pain that develops over a period of time, whilst you stay on your tiptoes your pussy isn’t crushed against the metal bar, however you may find in a while that your calves and backs of your thighs start to ache at which point you will be faced with a dilemma.”  

“You fucking bitch! Get me out of this John, I’m sorry I spanked you so hard, please don’t do this to me.” Katie pleaded, however she watched as John dangled a gagging device in front of her face. 

“John, let me do the honours” said Melissa as she reached under her military outfit and dipped the latex pecker part of the gag in her very wet pussy, then brought it up to Katie’s face. The gag was dripping in Melissa’s juices, obviously the dominatrix was enjoying watching her prisoner.  “Open wide Katie” said Melissa. Katie refused to open her mouth until John twisted her left nipple which made her gasp in surprise, Melissa quickly taking the opportunity of firmly embedding the gag in Katie’s mouth.  “mmmph mmmph” said Katie as Melissa strapped the pecker gag tightly at the back of her head.  Katie secretly enjoyed the taste of Melissa’s pussy in her mouth.

Katie struggled against the wrist cuffs and thrashed about in an attempt to break free but after a minute of struggling she realised it was useless.  She couldn’t believe how cruel Melissa was, thinking up such a devious punishment, after only 5 minutes of staying on her tip toes she could feel the muscles in her calves and back of her thighs starting to ache.  Ten more minutes went by and the pain in her legs steadily got worse.

John pulled up a large leather arm chair facing Katie, he sat spread-eagled, hanging a leg over each arm of the chair, unzipped the crotch of his PVC trousers and began playing with his heavily engorged cock.  Katie watched him stroke his cock, she could see the precum glistening at the end of his penis and despite her predicament felt her pussy get very wet. She wanted John to fuck her hard.  John knew that Katie was uncomfortable but despite feeling a twinge of guilt, he wanted Katie to be taught a lesson and watching her be restrained by Melissa and Katie’s helpless struggles, made him so excited.

It was no good, Katie put her heels back down on the ground, her legs welcoming the respite, but now she was lowered the pain of the metal bar crushing against her pussy was unbearable. Katie thrashed about once again, moaning into the pecker gag.  Melissa crept up behind her undid Katie’s leather top and squeezed Katie’s nipples hard though her basque. The pain was exquisite, that combined with the gentle nuzzling of Melissa biting and kissing the back of her neck, it distracted Katie from the pain she was enduring from her pussy.  Melissa then took the riding crop and began spanking Katie’s bare bottom, slowly turning it pink.

John had reached the peak of excitement, rather than spray cum over his sexy outfit, he decided to inflict more punishment on Katie. He stood up and walked up to Katie, the dog lead was still dangling from her collar.  Melissa, guessed what he had in mind and unbuckled the pecker gag in readiness for John’s actions.  Before Katie had chance to complain or protest he tugged on the dog lead to bend her over and forced his throbbing cock into her inviting mouth.  After a few seconds of skull fucking her he screamed in ecstasy as he shot his load, cum dribbling down her throat. Katie coughed and spluttered but before getting chance to expel his seed, the pecker gag was pushed firmly back in her mouth and the strap refastened at the back of her head.  

John left his flaccid cock hanging out his trousers, he had loved that orgasm and yet was still so horny, having his poor girlfriend at the mercy of him and the dominatrix.   After Katie had endured an hour of torment on the punishment bar John felt she had learnt her lesson. John loved her dearly and didn’t want her to think him a cruel heartless bastard.  He pressed the button on the remote and lowered the spreader bar embedded in her pussy crack a couple of inches to give Katie some relief.  The bar was still nestled between her labia lips but he could tell by the expression on Katie’s face that she was no longer in pain. 

“John, there is another button on the remote we haven’t used yet” said Melissa. John pressed the other button and immediately the spreader bar began to buzz like a long metal vibrator, the intense sensations rubbing against Katie’s clit driving her wild.  She moaned in the gag, still trying to clear her throat of Johns cum, however she was no longer in pain from the spreader bar embedded in her pussy, but getting immense pleasure from it. Her pussy juices started flowing making the bar very slippery, she maneuvered her body, sliding up and down the bar adding extra friction which in turn increased her arousal. 

It didn’t take long before Katie exploded with a massive orgasm, her whole body tensed, she screamed into the gag, however it only let out mere whimpers of noise, then her body fell limp.  John held her as he pressed the remote to slowly lower the bar from between Katie’s legs. He removed the spreader bar stretching her ankles wide and walked her over to the bondage bed. He helped Katie lay down then went about locking the leather cuffs around each of her limbs to the 4 corners of the bed until she was spreadeagled.  He removed the pecker gag, wiped Katie’s face and gave her a drink of water.  Katie was exhausted, her whole body ached, in particular her legs.  Melissa joined Katie and John on the bed, John one side of Katie, Melissa laid the other side.  As Melissa gently massaged Katie’s aching limbs John tenderly kissed his girlfriend, his fingers exploring her still wet pussy.

 “Now Katie, have you learnt your lesson, not to harshly spank your boyfriend??”

To be continued….