Joe & Tami

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2008 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; latex; susp; toys; cons; X

Part One

“Damn it Mark I don’t like what you are asking me.” Joe said standing up. Joe was a young man that was in his late twenties that stood at a little over six foot with dark brown hair and eyes. He was in good shape, but his muscles were well defined.

“Joe you know I wouldn’t ask this, but we're at the end of the rope, nothing has worked with Tami.” Mark said trying to calm his friend. Mark was the same age as Joe and stood only a few inches shorter than him with light brown hair and green eyes. Unlike Joe, Mark was well built and in great shape.

“What about detox, it might work?” Joe suggested.

“She has been tossed out of fifteen different ones Joe you know that.” Mark let out a long sigh. “You are it bud, if you refuse she is going to jail. Tami fucked up bad and the court has given her three months to clean up or she is going to jail. You know that she can’t do it on her own. I am begging you Joe, help her.” Mark covered his face in his hands hiding the tears that were starting to fall.

Joe didn’t say anything for a moment he just looked at the familiar pain in his friend. Joe knew that his request came from desperation. He wasn’t trying to offer his sister to become a slave, but was trying to save her from what she had become. “Mark I know this has been hard for you and your mother. I will do it on one condition she has to agree with it. I don’t like to idea of trying to train Tami, but I know that this is it you have no were left to go.”

Mark raised his head from his hand and looked at Joe. Mark could see the fight going on in Joes eyes. “I’m sorry for asking you, but you’re the only one I could trust to do this.” Mark said standing.

“I can’t promise you anything Mark you are asking something very difficult to do.” Joe sat back down into the leather recliner.

“I am just asking you to try I know it might not work or she might be nothing more than a sex slave, but I know you will try breaking her of her drug habits and she was the one who suggested this. She wants to quit, but she is fighting a losing battle.” Mark walked over to Joe and placed his hand on Joe’s shoulder. “Thanks for at least trying. Tami is waiting in my car. I will go get her and we can talk about it.”

Mark left the room and returned shortly with a young girl. Joe looked into Tami’s eyes. “Are you sure that you want to do this Tami? If you say yes you won’t be able to stop and you know full well what it means that you will be doing and what will happen to you if you do agree.” Joe’s voice was heavy with a forced calm and seriousness.

“I know what I am asking Joe. I think that this is the only way that I can stop. I have tried everything else, but they didn’t help. I need to be some where I don’t have a choice or I can’t leave.” Tami looked at the floor.

Tami was younger than both Joe and her brother at only twenty-one. She had long light brown hair and crystal blue eyes. She stood at five foot six inches with an almost perfect hour glass figure. Joe could easily tell that she was nervous.

“Well now I just need to know the details of the court order and what you want to do. What I mean by that is you will not be able to stop anything once we start so I am asking you if you would like to have times set where Mark or your Mom can come and visit you or would you just like to not see them until you have to be in court?” Joe asked.

“Mark I am sorry, but I think its best for me not to see you or Mom until I am free of drugs.” Tami eyes filled with tears as she said this.

“Well if that’s what you want that’s ok sis. Joe can you at least give us updates that lets us know how she is?” Mark looked from Tami to Joe.

“I can do that Mark. So Mark I think it would be best if we start now so I guess I will see you around, but let me say this now so I won’t forget, a week before the court date if you can’t wait any longer to see Tami you can come during that time or if you want Tami you can go home.” Joe said standing and offering his hand to Mark.

“Why a week before wouldn’t it be better to go the whole time?” Mark took Joe’s hand and shook it.

“Yes and no. It probably would be better to go to the night before, but I also believe that it would be good for Tami to get use to acting in normal society as she will be living a very different life for awhile.” Joe explained.

Mark let go of Joe’s hand and gave Tami a tight hug which she returned. “I think you are right Joe. Tami don’t forget that I love you and I support you with everything ok?” Mark said softy his voice starting to shake slightly.

“I love you too Mark and thank you for believing in me.” Tami let him go and gave him a quick smile. Mark returned the smile and let himself out leaving Joe and Tami alone.

“This is your last chance to back out Tami. If you say yes you are saying that you are fine with being fully nude in front of me or people that I allow to see you, to be in bondage without knowing when you will be released that also includes sleeping in restraints, if you do wear clothes it will only be the ones I tell you to wear, and giving me the right to use your body in however I want.” Joe said his voice was both strong and clear.

“I know you're only trying to make sure I know what I am asking of you, but I already knew what it would mean if you agreed.” Tami said realizing that those would probably be the last freely said words that she would say for sometime.

“Very well come with me.” Joe said walking out of the room Tami on his heels.

Joe walked into a large room. Books lined the walls almost to the ceiling. Walking over to a bookshelf Joe placed his hand on the inside wall and raised a hidden door. Joe pressed a button and the bookshelf moved back, opening a hidden walk way. Going into the passage Tami felt every nerve on end as she heard the bookshelf slide back into place.

Mark fought the tears back as he drove to his mothers.

“Well how did it go?” Asked Mark’s Mom when he let himself in.

“He agreed. She is with him.” Mark said normally.

“You know I still don’t like this idea. Of course he said yes to that damn idea he gets a woman he can do anything he wants to.” Marks Mom spat out. “And what the hell took you so long?”

Mark lost the little calm he was able to hold onto when he heard her words. “What took so long was the fact I had to talk him into it, Mom. Dear god after knowing him for so long you find out one thing about him that most people think is a not socially accepted and you treat him like trash. Now I know why he asked Tami and me not to tell you when we found out. He doesn’t like what we asked him to do any more than you. Worse even yet, because we asked he did. Do you think us so foolish that we would have come up with this if we didn’t trust him? He is my friend as close as a brother to me and you taught him like a son until yesterday, what has changed so much in so short a time that you would stab him in the back like this?” Mark was furious with his Mother.

Mark’s Mom stood shocked at his words. Joe had always been kind and treated her with respect and helped when he could. She suddenly felt bad for what she had said. “I’m sorry Mark it’s just all the stress with Tami and then the shock when you told me he was into bondage. I guess it was just too much for me.”

Mark looked at her and said softly. “It's alright, we’re just both stressed. Let’s just forget it happened and believe that he can stop her drug habit.”

Marks Mom just shook her head.

Joe led Tami down the steps into a large room. Turning he saw Tami and how nervous she looked. He knew that he shouldn’t have said, “Why do you look like that? You said, you would find this place after you and Mark found me out.”

Tami looked up at Joe the warm smile that he always had was there. “I know this is going to be hard on you, but put all your worries and fears in my hands and trust in me ok?” He asked.

“Ok” Tami responded looking a little more relaxed.

“Now today I’m going to give you time to get use to the way your life is going to go for a bit.” Tami nodded.

“What should I call you?” She asked.

“Well normally Master or Sir, but as you are not here to be a sex slave just use my name or if you must Sir, but I don’t want to hear you say Master is that clear?” Joe said the tone to his voice was one that Tami had never before heard.

“Yes, Sir.” Tami said quickly.

“Ok now strip.” His tone hadn’t change and Tami hasten to do as he said removing her tank top, sweat paints, and underwear. Once naked Tami stood stock still unsure of what she was to do. She secretly thanked him for not staring at her as she didn’t think that she could hold herself if he did.

Joe walked to one of the cabinets to one side of the room and grasped something’s and walked back to her. Kneeling down he locked a pair of ankle cuffs around her ankles with a short 6-inch chain between them. Standing he wrapped a thick leather belt around her waist and locked it in place. As Joe was locking another set of cuffs around her wrists he asked her, “How long before you get cravings for what you use?”

“I get them around 6 hours after I used them last.” She answered as he pulled her hands down and locked them to a ring on the front of the belt.

“When did you do them last?”

Tami thought for a second and then responded, “I think it’s been about 5 hours ago. I snuck out and did them before anyone woke up.”

Joe frowned at her. “Well than this is going to be hell for you.” Joe wrapped a wide leather collar around her neck and then told her “I am going to gag you so that when the withdrawl hits you can’t bite your tongue by accident, but don’t worry you will be able to breath easily still.” Joe held a leather plug like object on a strap to her mouth. Tami opened her mouth and he pushed it in and pulled the strap tight securing it in place.

Taking her by the arm Joe lead her through one of the doors on the far wall. Inside the door there was a small room with only a cot, a toilet, and a few rings with chains attached. Walking her over her to the cot he picked up a chain and locked it to the front of her collar. Looking into her eyes and said, “I will be back in awhile to check on you. Why you are here I want you to think about what you have chosen to do and set your mind on freeing yourself of drugs.”

His tone was normal and she could see that deep down he really didn’t like what he was doing and she knew he was only doing it because he cared about her. She nodded and watched him leave closing the door behind her and locking her into her now very small world.

Standing up Tami walked around to see what she could reach with the chain locked to her collar. Tami found that she could easily reach the toilet, but could only go half the distance to the door. Walking back Tami laid down on the cot and tried to get comfortable as her mind tried to wrap itself around what had happen. It felt strange to her not to be able to move her leg without the other one following or stopping it, not being able to move her hands from her waist and the feel of the collar around her neck that locked her to the wall. Tami tried to say something around the gag, but all that came about was a bunch of random sounds. She closed her eyes as she began to think about what had happened.

Joe sat at his desk working at his computer trying to plan out what he was going to do. He would from time to time look at a small monitor sitting on his desk making sure that Tami was ok. Joe didn’t like leaving anyone out of his sight when he had them bound and gagged so he had wired security cameras all through his house and basement so that no matter were they or he was in the house he could keep an eye on them.

As Tami thought about what had happened she remembered that tone Joe had used. It was so different from his normal tone, but in a strange way seemed to fit him perfectly. The tone made her feel that she had to do what he said no mater what it was. It was as if his voice had controlled her body to do as it said. Suddenly a strange feeling began in her mind she knew what it was and started to fight it. Time seemed to be at a stand still for her and the feeling got stronger and stronger. Soon she was thrashing about on the cot and then fell off and kept thrashing around of the floor. It was no longer a feeling, but a need as she began to fight the bonds that held her.

Joe glanced over at the monitor showing Tami thrashing around on the floor. Joe was standing in the opening of the basement door at the next moment. “I didn’t think it would be this bad, this soon.” Joe thought to himself racing down the stairs and into her cell. Removing the collar Joe pulled her back into the main room next to a large wooden X frame. Unlocking her left wrist from her waist belt he pulled her up by it and moved it to the top of the frame. Tami began to fight him trying to pull her arm free from his grip, but Joe held tight to it and locked it to the top left ring. Joe repeated the process with her right wrist. Joe stood to the side so she couldn’t kick him and unlocked the chain between her legs. Tami kick at him with her right foot, but Joe caught it and locked it to the frame and quickly locked her left to the other side.

Tami pulled at her bonds that held her tight to the frame. Joe sat back on the floor and watched Tami thrash about and fight the restraints holding her in place. Filling the room with the sound of metal hitting metal. Joe couldn’t believe at the reaction she was having. Joe knew full well what drugs she did and knew just as well that they couldn’t have this bad of an effect on someone regardless of how long they had been using. Joe sat in thought and Tami’s fighting became less and less and she turned to yelling things at him. Then suddenly the thought hit him and knowing that she couldn’t hurt herself Joe raced up stairs.

Once up the stairs he picked up his nearest phone and called Mark.

“Hello?” Marks voice.

“Its Joe, Mark has Tami been acting strangely over the last few weeks?” Joe asked breathing heavily.

“No well, ya sort of. She has been a little more carefree when she was high and almost terrified when she came down. Why are you out of breath?” Mark asked, a strange tone to his voice.

“I just got finished fighting her so that I could get her bound to something solid so she couldn’t hurt herself and then ran to the phone. I think I know why Tami hasn’t been able to quit on her own though. I just hope she doesn’t get pissed at me for what is going to happen.” Joe said a slight bit of pain to his voice.

“What the hell is happening and what the hell are you going to do?” Mark asked almost all at once.

“Do you really want to know?” Joe asked in return to Mark making sure that his friend wasn’t asking out of shock.

“Well yes and no can you tell me without details?” Mark asked himself again.

“Well I don’t think you have heard about a new drug that is laced into the ones on the streets. Makes people more dependent on them and damn near impossible to get them off of it too. I think that Tami might have gotten this lace, but she is frantic to get away and get more of it. The only thing I can do is place her in a very strict bondage and not allow her to move for a while and hope that it will help get over this curve. Sorry to call with only bad news so soon after you left, but I needed to know and I doubt that she would have told me.” Joe said.

“It’s ok Joe. I can understand just do what you can that’s all we can ask for. Well give me a call when something good happens.” Mark said trying to reassure Joe.

Joe heard the concern in Marks voice knowing full well that Mark was glad at least that he would be able to stop her from relapsing and hurting herself. “Will do, as soon as I get some though. I don’t think that will be for at least four or five days.” Joe sighed.

Knowing that he really didn’t want to know why it would take so long Mark wished him luck and hung up. Putting the phone down Joe returned to the basement to find Tami still with her chin resting on her chest. Making sure that she was breathing Joe started pulling out the gear he would need. Joe released her from the restraints that held her to the frame. He unlocked and removed the cuffs and gag from her. Carefully as he could he picked her up and moved her to a different room. This room was the smallest of them all, with only a thick and heavy wood three-piece frame in the middle with cables running through it to pulley and winches attached to the walls and ceilings. One side of the room was a huge one-way mirror that took up one whole side of the wall and stood in front of the frame.

Laying her down as gently as he could as he started to get her ready. First up was a heavy latex catsuit with attached 8-inch heels and fist mittens. Using a lubricant he slowly worked it up her body then slowly rolled her onto her front and zipped it up, but made sure to leave the part covering her pussy and ass open. Next was a heavy bond leather and metal corset. Sliding it under her Joe pulled the laces as tight as he could to make sure he wasn’t hindering her breathing too much. Standing her up and placing her in the center of the room. Joe grapping and cable attached it to the D-ring on the end of her right fist and then did the same on her left fist. Pulling down on both cables, their winches started up and pulled her arms up to the corners of the frame. The cable stopped just short of pulling her shoulders out of socket.

Picking up another cable Joe started attaching them to the many D-rings the lined the outside of the catsuit and corset. Once he was done, Joe knew full well that Tami would not be able to move anything below her neck and if she did the winch would automatically take the slack out. Joe bent down and picked up the red latex hood. Rolling the hood back over his hand Joe used his thumb to open Tami’s mouth and pushed the large penis shape gag into her mouth. Pulling the hood over the rest of her head Joe made sure everything was aligned properly and laced it tight and then stuffed the bottom of the hood into the collar of the catsuit. Standing in front of her again Joe carefully pushed small tube into her nose to make sure that she would be able to breath properly and picking up a small clear tube from the floor he pushed the end of it onto the small opening in the gag so that he would be able to give her drinks and vitamins.

Almost done Joe picked up the posture collar from the floor and wrapped it around her neck. The collar pushed her head up as Joe buckled it in place and then adding a cable to both sides of the collar and the top of the hood. Pulling on the last cable it took out slack and held her neck and head immobile like the rest of her. Kneeling in front of her Joe carefully inserted a catheter into her and then moving behind her he lubed up a hollow anal plug with a tube at one end and pushed it gently into her star shaped hole. Joe picked up the end of the two tubes and attached them to anchors in the wall. Joe looking at his watch he realized it had taken him a full hour to finish rebinding Tami. He knew full well that she would not be a very happy customer when she woke up. He quickly doubled over his work making sure everything was the way it was suppose too. Joe walked over to the wall were all the winches were latched and made sure that they were all both working and setup properly. Stealing one last look at her now immobile form Joe walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

Joe quickly made his way through a few rooms and walked into a small room that looked in on the room Tami was in. The room had a desk with a computer and microphone on it and a few TV monitors mounted here and there. Joe booted up the computer and turned on the TVs then sat down at the desk waiting for the computer to finish loading and for Tami to wake up. Once the computer was up Joe began to open programs that controlled and monitored Tami. The catsuit that Tami was wearing had sensors sewn in it and sent her vitals to this computer so that Joe could make sure that she would be all right. The next program to load was the one that controlled when Tami would receive her feedings. The final program was the winch control program, which Joe quickly ran through and made sure that they were all set correctly. Just as Joe finish going through and fixing or changing what need to be changed Tami began to stir.

Reaching for the microphone Joe spoke softly into it. “Tami its ok nothing wrong has happened. It seems that you get rather violent with your craving for whatever drug you use and so I have placed you here so that you can’t hurt me, yourself, or somehow get out and get more of that drug. I am sorry to say that you will not enjoy yourself for a while because you will be like you are for three days. Hopefully by then you will be able to control yourself and we will have gotten you over the first major hurdle in getting you clean and drug free. Don’t worry about your well being the suit you are wearing is monitoring you vitals and you will be fed through the gag you are wearing. Again I am sorry about doing this to you especially so soon, but I think it is necessary. So for the next three days focus your mind on riding yourself of drugs.”

With that Joe turned off the microphone and watched Tami settle down and accept her fate. Making sure that the computer would send a page to his pager if her vitals started to get close to dangerous levels. Joe returned up stairs. The next three days passed slow for Joe. Everyday when he woke up he would fix the vitamin soup that was Tami’s meal, called Mark, and tried to get as much work he could done. For the most part Tami stayed calm and still though a few times during the first and second day she would thrash in her restraints. Four days later Joe let himself into the room. The black form of the woman standing stock still in the center of the room greeted his eyes when the door opened. Walking up to her Joe startled her when he started speaking. “Well Tami it’s time to get you out of here, I going to release the cables so try to slowly lower yourself to the floor so that you don’t injure yourself.”

Walking over to the winches he pushed the release and the cables slowly let themselves out. Tami did as she was told and using the cables to help she lowered herself to the ground. Once she was laying down on the ground Joe walked over to her and first removed the cables, then removed the collar and hood. Tami blinked rapidly at the sudden light and locked her eyes on Joe. “You alright?” Joe asked her.

“Well I think you would of told me about this a few months ago and that I would be in it for three days I think that would of made me quit on the spot, but all in all I’m fine. Just glad to be done I thought you forgot about me. It felt like years, not just three days.” Tami smiled up at Joe her eyes clear and sharp.

Joe smiled and started removing every thing from Tami. “Well if I would of known I would have said something, but I don’t think it was your fault completely.” Joe said helping her to her feet. It didn’t take to long before Tami had recovered enough to walk on her own and Joe led her through a few rooms into a small room with a tub.

“Are you able to read my mind or something?” Tami asked when he walked over to the tub and started running the water.

“No, I am just experienced.” Joe answered holding her steady and she climbed into the tub. Tami let out a moan of relief and she sunk into the warm water.

“God this is heaven. I never thought a bath would feel so good.” Tami said as Joe pulled a chair over to the side of the tub and sat down. “That’s weird, I thought I would have to shave after that.” Tami said a she ran her hand up her leg. Her hand then crossed over her now bald mound and before she could ask or accuse.

Joe answered the shocked look on her face. “The lubricant that I used to get you into the catsuit removes hair and it also stops it from growing back.”

Tami looked over at Joe and asked. “Is it permanent?”

“No, but no hair will grow for around a year.” Joe answered.

After a while Joe pulled a towel out of a small cabinet in the corner of the room and handed it to Tami. Joe left Tami to dry herself and he left room and shortly returned. Joe wrapped a collar around her neck and locked leather cuffs around her wrists, then together in front of her. Joe led her back to the first room he left her in, locking the chain to her collar he left her to get some sleep.

Tami didn’t wake up until late afternoon. Joe noticed that she was awake and shut down his computer and went down to her. Joe waited outside the room until he heard the toilet flush then let himself in. “Well would it be safe to say you would like dinner?” Joe asked.

“As long as I have to chew it.” Tami said no longer feeling shy or nervous of her nudity in front of Joe.

Smiling Joe unlocked the chain from Tami’s collar and led the way up stairs to the kitchen. Joe told her to sit which Tami did. Joe began to cook dinner for the two of them.

“I didn’t know you could cook.” Tami said as she watched him work.

“I live alone most of the time, what do you think I order out or eat TV dinners when I don’t have a Sub to cook for me?” Joe asked in defense.

“Well no, but I didn’t think you could cook, I mean not just put together pre-made things.” Tami said.

“Well my Mom loved to cook and she made sure that I could and she always cooked from raw ingredients, so that’s how I learned and I have to say I like the taste better and I am not half bad at it either.” Joe explained over his shoulder. “Now Tami I need you to tell me whom you got your stuff from and where he can be found.”

Tami heard that tone in his voice that she dared not to lie to or disobey. “Why do you want to know Joe?” Tami asked.

“I want to know so that I can have him arrested so that no one can get drugs from him again and to remove you from future temptation. Now tell me.” Joe answered turning to look her in the eyes.

“His name is Tommy, he's normally at the 6th street convenience store in the alley.” Tami knew at that moment that Joe was not only trying to get her off now, but also doing all he could to make sure she never went back.

“Ok well if they get him I will make sure to let them know that it was you who told me, so that should help you in court too.” Joe turned back to what he was doing.

“Joe what are you going to do with me now?” Tami asked.

“Well as long as you don’t try to attack me again, nothing much just keep you bound someway somewhere. Maybe I will make you clean my house to give you something to do.” Joe said.

“Joe you know I hate cleaning.” Tami said no longer worried about what could happen.

“Well if you would rather I can, put you back the way you were this morning.” Joe asked teasing her.

“I’ll clean.” Tami all but squeaked.

“Well at the moment I think you would rather eat.” Joe said as he placed to plates on the table. “I hope you like it.” Joe said as he unlocked her wrist from one another so that she could eat.

“Thanks,” Tami said as she attacked the noodles and meat on her plate like a mad woman. Putting a glass of ice tea in front of her then sat down himself and began to eat. Joe leaned back into his chair as he finished his dinner.

“Well I don’t think I did too badly on that.” Joe said as he stood picking up his plate and glass too and headed for the sink.

“Oh, you did damn well.” Tami said following Joe’s lead.

“Ok well I cooked so you get to do the dishes.” Joe said as he scooped what was left of the meal in to a small piece of Tupperware and then laying the pot next to the sink.

“Ahh isn’t that what dish washers are for?” Tami whined.

“Nope hand washing for a job this small and you know you are lucky that I’m not treating you like I would normally treat someone in your position.”

Tami gave into the argument before she dug herself a hole and started washing the dishes. Joe pulled a beer of out the fridge and sat down and started talking about this and that with Tami. Tami was surprised when Joe pulled a beer out because she had never seen him drink once before now and was further surprised when he finished his beer he didn’t go for another one. When Tami was done Joe lead her into the living room where something strange caught Tami’s eye.

“Ah I see you see your chair, well chair of sorts.” Joe said following her gaze. Joe led her over to it and had her straddle it. The box came up to her knees and had a U shaped hole in the center of it. Joe had Tami kneel so that her pussy was directly over the hole. Joe closed steel bands around her ankle, calf, and mid thigh. Once her legs were secured in place Joe had her lean forward until she laid flat on the box with her breast hanging off the end. Pulling her wrist back towards her ankles. Joe closed more steel bands around her wrist and forearms. Joe then buckled a leather strap over Tami’s back pulling her tighter to the box. The next addition to Tami were two U shaped metal bars that trapped Tami’s breast against the hard wood of the box making them swell slightly.

“Do you like making sure I can’t move an inch?” Tami joked as Joe fitted the U bars over her breast.

“Well yes besides it’s a good position, but trust me you won’t be complaining in a moment.” Joe said and he picked up a ball gag and held it near her lips. Tami opened her mouth and let Joe push the gag in behind her teeth and then secured the strap under her hair. Joe wrapped a posture collar around her neck pushing her chain up slightly. Getting up Joe moved behind her and started doing something, but Tami couldn’t figure out what it was.

As Joe messed with whatever it was he was doing Tami closed her eyes and let the feeling of being bound wash over her. Tami was slightly shocked to find that she was starting to get very horny and wished Joe would do something to help her. Tami didn’t have long to wait because she soon felt the head of a dildo pushing into her. At first Tami thought Joe was going to have sex with her when he stepped into her sight, holding a small control box with a single wire coming out of it. “Have fun.” Joe said with an evil smile as he pushed something on the control box and the dildo slowly started pushing deeper into her.

Tami was yelling at Joe through the gag because of the slow speed, but soon was reduced to moans as it began to quicken its pace. Joe left Tami to enjoy herself as he walked into his study to call up an old friend of his. “Toby, it’s Joe how goes everything?” Joe asked when he heard Toby say “Hello”.

“Not bad at all could be better though. How’s everything with you Joe?” Toby asked in response.

“Not as good as I would like, but that’s not why I called I got some info for you that help out in your investigation.” Joe said speaking quietly to make sure that Tami couldn’t hear him.

“What do you mean the investigation on that new lace?” Toby asked.

“Yes, I got info on a dealer that I believe sells the lace, though I don’t have anything hard to tell you, just my understanding of the reactions that you explained to me.” Joe responded.

“Well even if it’s not what we’re looking for, still getting one more poison seller off the streets the better our world becomes. So how did you get this information?” Toby asked.

Joe explained how he had gotten the info and asked if there was anything Toby could do to help Tami should they manage to arrest the bastard.

“Well I don’t know what I can do for her Joe, but I’ll make sure that it will appear in her file the judge will look at. Sorry bud, but I need to call this in I will give you a shout back when I can to let you know.” Toby said when Joe had finished.

“Thanks Toby.” Joe said as Toby hung up.

Walking back into the living room brought a smile to Joe as he saw Tami lost in deep ecstasy. Joe sat down in a nearby chair and watched Tami for a while before standing and turning off the fucking machine. Tami started to whine into her gag when she realized the dildo had stopped fucking her.

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