Jill's Shopping Adventure

by Napoleon Leopold

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© Copyright 2012 - Napoleon Leopold - Used by permission

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Jill had stumbled upon Lydia's Leather Shoppe quite by accident and had been browsing around the racks of very unique items for about ten minutes when she was hailed by a woman standing about 25 feet away.

"You there."

Jill looked around and answered, "Me?"

"Yes, you. Come over here a moment. And don't dally."

Curious, Jill walked over to where the woman stood. As she did so, she naturally looked the woman over noticing that she was very striking in both looks and demeanor. The woman looked to be in her mid-fourties with long silver hair pulled back over the top of her head to hang straight down to the middle of her back. She had on a black leather mini dress. Around her waist was a black and silver, leather and lace bodice. Black thigh high stockings stretched up out of knee high leather boots which stood atop high spiked heels making the woman look as if she towered over Jill. Was it that or just the air of confidence that permeated from the woman, Jill wondered?

"Yes." Jill asked as she came to a stop in front of the woman.

"I've come to pick up some items, for my friend. But, I am uncertain about the size and the fit. How tall are you?"


"I asked how tall are you? I believe you're about my friend's size."

"I'm 5'8"."

"Perfect! Now be a dear and open up."


"Open your mouth. I want to see if this fits." The woman said and lifted up a black rubber ball gag towards Jill's face.

Shocked, Jill unbelieving what was happening, complied for some unknown reason and opened her mouth.

The woman pressed the ball against her mouth. "Wider." She commanded and placing her hands on either side of Jill's face, used her thumbs to push the ball gag into her mouth. Once it popped in behind her teeth, the woman dropped her hands to Jill's shoulders and told her to turn around.

Jill complied and taking up the straps the woman pulled them around Jill's head and buckled them tightly behind her head. The ball gag was a training gag which included a set of straps which rose up on each side of Jill's face on each side of her nose only to join together on a ring at her forehead where yet another strap pulled over the top of her head to join the others in the back of her head. A third set of straps buckled under her chin forcing her to bite down on the rubber ball gag.

When the woman finished adjusting all the straps, the woman had Jill turn to and fro looking at the gag in her mouth from different angles.

"Hmm. Something is lacking. Here girl, follow me over here." She said, turned and walked down one of the stores aisles.

Jill watched her go and then for some unknown reason, followed her.

The woman picked up something off of one of the shelves after searching for a minute and turned towards Jill.

"Here, lift up your chin." She said. "That's it." As she placed a 4" tall leather collar around her slender neck and buckled the three straps to hold it in place. Turning Jill to face her, she asked. "Is it tight?"

Jill started to tell her yes but only mew sounds came from behind the ball gag.

"Do you think I can understand what you're saying with that gag in your mouth? Just nod or shake your head girl."

Jill nodded.

"Can you still breath ok?"

Jill hesitated a moment. She realized that it was a bit restrictive, but she could still breathe so she nodded her head again.

"Good. Then follow me over here."

Jill did so and the woman picked up a pair of leather cuffs and placed them about Jill's wrists. Then she picked up what looked to Jill as a leather bag.

"Place your hands behind your back and let me hold this up against you."

Jill did as ordered and holding the bag up against Jill next to her arms the woman leaned back to take a look.

"Hmm, something is not quite right."

Standing there thinking she exclaimed, "I know! Here girl, take off your blouse and then let me look."

Jill gave the woman a puzzling look. Did she really expect me to take off my blouse for her in the middle of this store?

"Come on girl I haven't got all day. And there us nothing to be ashamed for as there is only us and the sales girl here in the shop".

Jill thought a moment and began to comply with her demand. Besides the faster she allowed this woman to do what she wanted, the faster she would be able to get out of these, what ever they were called. Besides her jaw was beginning to ache.

Taking a hold of her blouse she began to unbuttoning it from the bottom up. As she did so she saw the woman watching her almost hungerly and turned sideways to finish. Removing her blouse she folded it and placed it on a shelf in front of her. She then began to turn and face the woman when she said, "No, no. Turn and face your back to me. That's it. Now place your hands behind your back."

Jill did do and in seconds she felt the woman lock the leather wrist cuffs together. "Very good. Now hold still while I pull this up."

Jill wasn't sure what was going on but stood there while the woman pulled the leather bag up over her cuffed wrists and up along her arms. She pulled two straps under her arms, across the top of her breasts and over the opposite shoulders, buckling them to the bag. Next she began to lace the bag up starting down by her wrists and working her way upwards. Jill could feel the leather slowly tighten around her arms, drawing them together as the woman worked the laces. Finishing, she tied of the excess in a bow and the pulling a flap over the laces zipped it up. Three sets of straps were then buckled around her arms. One at her wrists and the other two above and below her elbows insuring that they stay pressed painfully against each other. Jill's shoulders were starting to ache when the woman spun her around and began looking her over.

"That's better. You're beginning to look like what it is I wanted. You should see how the armbinder has your young breasts standing forward."

Armbinder? Is that what that damn thing is called? More like an arm torturer. My shoulders are killing me, Jill thought to herself. And what did she say about my breasts? Damn she's right. I'm strutting around with them standing out like I want someone to grab a hold of them. Thank god I still have my bra on covering them.

Just then the store's front door opened and in walked another woman. Not quite a striking as the one tying her up but striking none the less.

Spying both Jill and the woman she came over. "My, my, what have we here?" The new woman said.

"I'm just trying to pick up some things for my pet's birthday. I gotten these few things so far but its just not the completed look I want yet."

"Well, would you mind if I make a few suggestions?"

"By all means, I would be honored."

The new woman looked at Jill for a few seconds and turning to the store clerk said, "You there. Bring that black leather boned corset. And a pair of scissors. Hurry about it!"

"Yes mistress." The mousy clerk answered and quickly brought the items over to the women before disappearing back behind the counter just as quickly if not quicker.

"Here help me with this." she said "But first we'll have to get rid of that bra."

"That's ok. I'm sure she wont mind as long as we buy her a replacement." The silver haired woman said as she used the scissors to snip each of her bra straps. "Would you deary?" And unhooked the main bra strap and pulled it away from Jill's body and tossed it aside.

These woman are crazy, Jill thought and began to back away only to back into the second woman who pulled the leather corset around Jill's body.

"Now hold still." She commanded and reaching under the arm binder began the task of pulling the corset's multiple straps and buckled each one tight. Finishing, she went back and pulled each strap another notch tighter. The corset squeezed Jill's waist in almost 2" smaller then normal forcing her breathing to become even more labored over the leather collar.

Jill's naked breasts spilled over the top of the corset.

"Wow, she must be really enjoying this. Look how her nipples are standing out." The silver haired woman said as she reached up and playfully tugged at the pebble sized nibs.

Jill was both shocked and awed at both the woman having the audacity to play with her nipples and how good it felt. She began to close her eyes when the second woman piped in. "Let me show you a special feature of the corset model." And reaching for two small straps at the top of the corset wrapped each in turn around the base of Jill's breasts and buckled them tightly down. Each of Jill's breast expanded with the skin tightening while turning a light shade of purple, heightening their sensitivity.

"Oh, very nice. I really like that. Tell me, what would you propose we do about the bottom half?"

"I don't know. But first let's get her out if the skirt and those ugly low heeled Mary-janes that shes wearing."

And with that said the women pealed off her shoes, socks and skirt. Leaving her standing in her panties and bondage gear.

Taking the shears in hand the second woman made quick snips and got rid of her panties too. Jill objected into the gag. Those panties were $20 a pair!

"Don't worry, I'll replace them for you when we're finished. That's if you still want me too. You never know what you might find you would rather wear instead."

Both women looked at her neatly shaven bush.

"That's cute, but really you should shave it bare darling." Said the second woman.

"Yes, I quite agree. A Telly Savalas look is much more preferred."

"Bring her over to the counter while a grab a few things." The second woman said.

Jill was led over to the counter where the sales clerk waited. In a moment the second woman joined them and dropped several items on to the counter top.

"You there." Pointing to the clerk and handing her a cone shaped object. "Get this wet."

The scared clerk picked it up and looked at it.

"Use your mouth. Get it wet with your mouth you stupid cow!" The woman yelled at her.

"Yes mistress." The girl said and pushed the point into her mouth. Moving it in and out deeper and deeper the girl made sure the rubber cone was slobbery wet. When she was finished she placed the cone down on the counter.

"Very good, now would you kindly come over to this side of the counter and gives us a hand." The second woman said.

As if reading her mind the silver haired woman pushed Jill against the counter top face down on top of it. By now the sales clerk had made it all the way around to the other side of the of counter. Grabbing a fist full of the sales clerk's curly hair, the second woman said, "Now we need you to get that wrinkly pink rosebud just as wet." And shoved the girl's face in between Jill's ass cheeks where she immediately got to work shoving her tongue into Jill's ass.

Jill tried to squirm her way out from under the girl, but was held in place by the silver haired woman. As much as she hated what was happening to her, she could not believe how good it felt to have her ass licked. It felt so good, it was turning her on.

After a couple of minutes the clerk was pulled back off of Jill's ass. "That's enough! You little slut. I'll give you something else to like in a few minutes." Turning to Jill she picked up the still wet cone and said, "Know where this is going don't you?" And with out further ado, placed the tip of the cone against Jill's rosebud.

The silver haired woman held Jill's ass cheeks apart while the second woman slowly worked the butt plug into Jill's rectum.

It took a few minutes but soon the woman had Jill's sphincter opening up for the widest part of the plug. Once it passed her ring, the sphincter closed about the tapered end, holding the plug in place.

Her ass cheeks were let go and squeezed the flexible butt plug end between them.

"I think that was the first time she ever had anything shoved in there."

"Really? Well then I hope she enjoys it. The first time is always the best!"

Jill tried to stand, but was pushed back down. "Stay there, we're not done yet." She was told and watched as a second object was picked up off the counter top.

It was a thick, ten inch long studded and ribbed dildo. Jill had no qualms as to not knowing where this was going to go.

She could feel the head of the dildo separating the lips of her labia and begin its journey into her lower abdomen.

"She is really enjoying this. Look how wet she is." Said the second woman as she continued to push the dildo into her.

"A natural submissive." Replied the other.

Jill grunted into the ball gag as the massive girth of the monster stretched her wide filling her cavity. It didn't take long as it was pushed all the way deep inside her.

A leather strap was pulled down from the front of the corset, up between her legs cleaving her sex in two and buckled to the back of the corset. The strap was pulled tight holding both plugs deep in her ass and sex and separating her ass cheeks into two orbs.

She then stood up. Jill never felt so full down there in all her life and could feel the love juices of her sex dribbling down her thighs along with the drool from her gag dribbling down her chin an onto the tops of her breasts.

The women next guided Jill over to the shoe department where the clerk measured her feet after pushing her into a chair. Going into the back the clerk came back with a pair of boots the likes Jill had never seen. They were knee high ballet boots with seven inch spiked heels which punished the wearer by forcing her to walk on the tips of her toes 'en pointe' like a ballerina.

Each woman took a boot and simultaneously forced it onto Jill's feet and laced them up to the top. Next, two sets of leather cuffs were attached at her ankles and just above her knees where short chains between them effectively hobbled Jill.

When finished, the forced Jill to stand up in them. Immediately, her calves began to cramp and her toes ached from the evil boots, but the women weren't finished with her yet.

Jill rocked from leg to leg trying to relieve the pain in her toes, but each time she lifted a leg, the hobble chain would snap tight stopping her movement and forcing her to put her leg down and try and lift the other.

The silver haired woman said, "I have an idea, get her and follow me."

The second woman took hold of Jill's arm binder saying, "Come along dear. Looks like the shopping spree is not quite over yet." And guided Jill to follow the other woman.

Jill hobbled painfully across the shop, step by step. Soon her pain was overcome by fear as she saw the section they were headed for. In moments they were in the discipline helmet section where Jill was surrounded by shelves of mannequin heads covered in all forms, shapes, styles of discipline helmets made from rubber, PVC, leather and even metal.

Jill tried to back away, but a firm grip on her arm binder held her still. The silver haired woman picked up a rubber helmet, stretched it open and forced Jill's head into it face first. Once she got Jill's chin into it, she pulled the helmet up over her head and unrolled the rubber until her whole head was covered. The only openings in the rubber prison were two nose tubes allowing her to breathe even as difficult as it had become.

Next a leather discipline helmet was pulled over the top of the rubber one. This one had laces in the back which required to be tighten. When finished Jill could feel the tightness and restrictiveness surrounding her head. Two sets of straps were added to the helmet

The first, around her head at eye level putting more pressure on her already covered eyes.

The second was a wide strap placed around the helmet at mouth level. Jill could feel the large rubber ball gag sink deeper into her mouth as that strap was tighten.

"Perfect! It was just the look I was going for." Said the silver haired woman.

"May I suggest the addition of just one more item?" The second woman piped in.

"Oh, please do."

"Just a minute I'll be right back." She said and walked off.

She returned in just a couple of minutes and held up a gold 'Y'-chain leash.

"Outstanding! I hadn't thought of that."

Both women leaned coward taking each of Jill's nipples in their mouths and sucked on her already overly sensitive nubs until they were rock hard. Then simultaneously, the women used the alligator clamps attached to the ends of the 'Y'- chain to bite down on her nipples.

Jill senses overloaded going from pleasure to pain as she bellowed out a horrid scream. Nothing was heard but a stifled mew behind the gag and helmets as they effectively did their jobs.

Handing the long end of the 'Y'-chain to the silver haired woman, she said, "There, now you have a way to lead your pet around."

"Her? Oh, she's not my pet. Pet is still at home. Tied up you can say." Laughing.

"Then who is this?"

"I don't know. Just some girl that was here in the shop."

"And she allowed you to just bind her?"

"Well she didn't ask me not to."

"What are you going to do now?"

"Now? Now I'm going to pay for these items and then take her home and play with her for a month or two. Would you like to join me?"

"I'd love to!" Replied the second woman.

Jill, standing in agony felt a sharp tug of the nipple clamps an stumbled forward behind...who? She didn't know which of the women had a hold of her nipple leash, all she knew is every time she hesitated, the clamps on her nipples would pull tight and she had no choice but to follow along.

The clerk trembled in fear as she rung up the purchase after seeing what the two women had done to that girl. After paying for everything, the two women headed toward the entrance with Jill in tow. Reaching the door the second woman held it open for the silver haired woman to pass through with Jill following unwillingly behind. Just before passing through herself she turned back towards the clerk and said, "Don't worry, we'll be back again next week for you!"

The End

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