Jessica Visits The Thirteenth Floor

by Teann Daorsa

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© Copyright 2013 - Teann Daorsa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; breathplay; gag; chair; straps; toys; tease; cons; X

Braving the Elevator

As she stood in the elevator, Jessica wondered if she wasn't still a little bit drunk from last night. She was pretty sure she wouldn't even be considering this normally. Yes, she must still be be drunk. She did have an awful lot of wine. Thankfully the painkillers were making short work of the hangover, and the unpleasant memory of the throbbing head the booze had left her with. At least she didn't have to feel guilty about the drinking; after all everyone's allowed a night of self-pity when they've just broken off a three year engagement, right?

Todd. What had she been thinking? How could she ever have imagined marrying a Todd. Even his name screamed blandness at her. That was it, he was just plain bland Todd. Dependable. Boring. She'd started seeing him before she finished college, but for the life of her now she couldn't remember why. The barman had asked her that too. Oh gods, the barman! She had been slow to remember the night before, but when she thought of the barman it washed back over her in a wave. A pretty girl on her own in the hotel bar, nursing her wine, lost in thought. Not a sleazy bar though, so the pick-up artists were few and far between, easily shooed away to leave her in peace. The barman though, he was a good listener, too good. Before she knew it she'd told him the whole sorry story.

The first bottle of wine already gone, took with it her self-consciousness, and she found herself opening up to him like she never had with anyone. The real reason she'd left Todd of course wasn't his name, it was his stubbornly mundane attitude to life. He was nice enough, but there was no real passion there, and hadn't been for years. The lack of spark was worst in the bedroom - when they did have sex, it was perfunctory, and for all his good intentions unfulfilling. When she had suggested tie-up games to 'spice things up', the look of horror on his face was enough to stop her from ever suggesting anything like it again, let alone some of the kinkier things she really wanted to try! She'd never felt that she could tell Todd anything about her fantasies after that. Apparently a bottle of wine was all that was needed to get her to tell the barman though; gods, what he must have thought of her! He seemed to take it with good grace, nodding and agreeing at all the right places, but it was enough to mortify Jessica at the very memory.

It was those same feelings of mortification that stopped her at the entrance to the elevator this morning. But she knew that she had to satisfy her curiosity - telling herself that embarrassment was always fleeting, and she'd regret it the rest of her life if she walked away now. With her heart racing, she thrust her room key into the slot in the empty elevator, and the elevator began its descent.

Finding the TV channel had been a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. After a shower to clear her head, she'd just wanted some background noise before she lounged on the luxurious bed. That was what this whole trip was about - a getaway, a luxurious place where she could pamper herself, be treated like a princess, and generally forget about all the years she wasted with Todd. She'd stayed here on business several times before, never with Todd, and she needed that now. She hadn't even been thinking about sex before the TV went on, just about forgetting the hangover. But the images of the deliciously dressed women in shiny slick rubber outfits spoke straight to her libido, and she was hot and flustered before very long at all. Jessica had always been proud of her figure - not over-endowed and fake like the celebrities she despised, but curvy in all the right places; she imagined how good she would look in outfits like that, but she'd never have the confidence to go out and buy them.

The questionnaire on the screen explored every aspect of the kinky things that she'd only ever read about on the Internet, and a few more which she'd never heard of but which made her moist just imagining what they might be. So when the instructions to use her keycard in the elevator came, she was fired up enough to decide to follow them. A brief period of agonising over what she should be wearing when she went out was settled by her fear that if she didn't take the TV up on its offer she might miss her chance; she rushed out of the door in a loose fitting white shirt and her favourite knee-length skirt. And now, with her heart in her throat, she would find out where it was taking her.

Meeting Darla

The stark white room that greeted her when the doors opened onto the 13th floor was bright enough to make Jessica's hang-over briefly rear its head with a twinge. But as her eyes adjusted to the light level, her eyes were met by the room's other occupant. A statuesque woman, several inches taller than Jessica, was raising herself from a comfortable seat to greet her. Her coffee coloured skin was the lightest thing about her - her jet-black hair, tied back into a plait, was matched by an equally black outfit. Jessica could only describe it as a leather dominatrix get-up; knee-high boots, a tight black mini-skirt and an equally tight top cut to show off the woman's ample cleavage. Since Jessica didn't really know what she had expected, she couldn't say she was surprised, but she knew she had never met anyone like this before. The woman exuded sexuality from every movement, clearly confident in her dress and body. She grasped Jessica's hand in greeting, and her grip was both firm and gentle at the same time.

"You must be Jessica," she started, and even her rich, dark voice shared the confidence of her motions. "I'm Darla. Alan told me your story after he finished last night, I can absolutely understand. Men can be so up-tight when it comes to sex, and when it comes to understanding the attraction of the kinkier stuff they're stubborn like mules. You certainly don't want to land yourself with a vanilla bore when you've got so much more to experience."

This came somewhat fast for Jessica, still somewhat distracted by Darla's grip which showed no sign of letting go, so she settled for, "uh, Alan?"

"6'2, blond hair, pecs like Adonis? Tends bar in the evenings."

"Ah, right, yeah." Jessica couldn't believe that she'd forgotten his name. Had she even asked him? "I, uh, don't think I noticed his pecs."

"Oh you should, he's quite..." Darla's eyes rolled upwards and her lips pursed. It was only this break of eye contact that let Jessica realise how intently Darla had been looking at her. "Ooh yeah, he's... Well let's just say he's one of the good ones. And as kinky as they come." This was accompanied by a mischievous grin and a return to the intent staring. Jessica was acutely aware that her hand was still being held quite firmly between them, and Darla was far closer than any normal notion of personal space might allow. She'd never given much consideration to how sexy a woman could be, other than when dressing to impress Todd, but being so close to this woman was stirring unusual notions in her head. The sheer presence and intensity of Darla's presence, amplified by her closeness, was quickly stripping her of the embarrassment that had plagued her in the elevator.

Before she had a chance to say anything further, Darla continued. "So, since you've been denied life's little pleasures for so long, are you ready for a little bit of kinky fun?"

Jessica hadn't come this far by letting her head make reasoned and thoughtful decisions. A gleeful grin spread across her face, and she nodded vigorously. 

"Good," Darla smiled, a deep and knowing smile, "then let's get you dressed in some more appropriate attire." The firm grip on the hand was quickly turned into Darla leading her through a door at the rear of the room, and into a long red corridor filled with doors. "Here's our wardrobe, I'm sure you'll find something suitable. Just remember, no conservative dressing. Conservative Jessica was left in the elevator. I want to see sexy, and I want to see kinky. I'll be back in half an hour, and if I don't like what I see, then I'll be stripping you off and dressing you myself."

From the stern look on her face at this last, Jessica could only nod as she was ushered into the room. Darla's face quickly relaxed back into a wide smile as she closed the door behind Jessica, leaving her to adjust to her new surroundings.

Dressing for Pleasure

The first thing she became aware of was the smell, it took her a little while to place, but the unmistakable scent of rubber was thick in the room. Sure enough, the room was lined with rack after rack of hanging clothes, all with the glisteningly dull look of unpolished rubber. It was fairly hard to tell what any of them actually looked like; as Jessica browsed over the racks and pulled interesting looking items out to inspect, often she had to hold it up against her body to understand how it might look on a person. Many of them just seemed to be jumbles of straps and buckles, with no discernible shape to them.

It didn't take her too long to get some idea of the organisation though, this rack with strappy things, that rack with catsuits, another with dresses. Whilst a lot of the items were black, there was a fair amount of reds, blues, whites, hot pinks and transparent looking things. But the range of different styles was so overwhelming she didn't know where to start. Walking around she caught a glimpse of herself in one of several full length mirrors dotted around the room. The sight of her plain white shirt, loosely fitting but open quite deeply to reveal a flash of white lacey bra; an hour ago she would have thought that was quite provocative. Looking around the room now she realised just how conservative it really was.

That thought sparked a wave of defiance in her: that was the old Jessica, Todd's Jessica, and she quickly unbuttoned her shirt and threw it to the floor. The skirt followed swiftly, and her flats and hose. She paused briefly at just the bra and panties, but a second look into the mirror was enough to convince her. This place, this wonderfully kinky place, had no room for plain white panties and a mildly lacy bra. Soon there was just new Jessica, naked as the day she was born. Now she saw the body she had always been so proud of. Firm, pert breasts; a flat stomach; a rear that, while not tiny, was at least firm and rounded; lastly her long, toned legs. She looked long and deep at her body, and felt for the first time in a long while a sense of satisfaction. No more worrying about Todd, or her life. She'd put a lot of effort into looking this good, and it was time to enjoy it.

This reverie was broken soon enough when she realised she had no idea how much time had passed already. Darla might be back any minute, and here she was, naked as a jaybird, admiring herself. Time to make some decisions. She quickly decided that red was the colour for her. Catsuits and dresses were discounted because she was worried they'd be "too conservative"; she wasn't confident she could figure out any of the strappy things in time or even at all, and she didn't want to have Darla come back to find her wearing something sideways or back-to-front. That narrowed down the field enough that she could pick out a few potentials. After some pondering, she settled on a deep cut bustier which the hanger claimed to be the right size and a frilly looking pair of panties. Around the sides of the room were various low shelves with shoes and boots of all sorts, as long as you didn't mind heels at least several inches tall. From these she selected a pair of bright red pumps with 3 inch heels and little buckling straps for around her ankles.

She was definitely worried about time now, especially when she started to put on the bustier. The rubbery latex felt strange to her, not like normal clothes, and it caught and grabbed at her skin. She remembered reading something about this though - talcum powder? A quick hunt around the edges of the room revealed a small shelf with bottles of talc and other substances that she didn't pay much attention to. With the talc, the process was easier, but even then it seemed like it was far too small. She went back to the hanger to double check the size, but she had it right the first time. With a bit of effort and stretching (she found it amazing how much give the latex had), she finally had the top in place. Looking in the mirror she realised the small size was doing incredible things to her bosom; the latex hugged her like a second skin and pushed her breasts close together, they looked like they were about to pop out and make a break for it.

The panties were a much easier proposition, except for one minor flaw - now she was putting them on, she realised they weren't panties at all, but were actually just an incredibly short skirt. She'd assumed from the look of the thing that there was a crotch under there somewhere, but it was really just a waistband. The pleated section flared out like a cheerleader's uniform, when she'd pulled them up and over her hips, she turned around to check them in the mirror. The skirt flared out as she turned, clearly exposing her crotch to view, but when she stopped moving, it returned to hanging down enough to cover her modesty. Well, she thought, at least Darla can't accuse me of being conservative, if I'm not wearing any knickers!

Lastly Jessica stepped up and into the shoes, and as she was buckling them the door opened and Darla stepped in. Jessica quickly straightened up, all too aware that the short skirt probably didn't hide her rear when she was bent over.

Polish is Important

"Well then, let me see what you've come up with!" Jessica carefully turned to face Darla, conscious that she was wearing far higher heels than she was used to walking in. The appreciative look on Darla's face remained as she slowly looked Jessica up and down, and walked around her to get a better look. Jessica held her hands behind her back and let herself be judged, looking straight ahead at a mirror. Then without seeming to cover the intervening distance, Darla was suddenly right behind her. With the heels, they were roughly the same height, so Darla's head appearing right over her shoulder in the mirror was a little unsettling. Reaching round, Darla's finger traced a line down the bustier and over her nipple.

"And what's this? Talc everywhere? That just won't do." Darla moved past her, to the shelf with the talc, and retrieved a spray bottle and something which looked like a fluffy cloth. Returning to behind her motionless fashion model, she sprayed the bottle's contents onto the cloth and started caressing Jessica's back with the cloth. For her part, Jessica tried to stand still, even when the cloth was particularly ticklish. Stepping in close behind her again, Darla reached over her shoulder and began buffing the front of the top. Her hands were pressed against her back by the front of Darla's leather-clad body, but she didn't want to move them and break the spell. Darla's wandering hands pushed down onto her breasts, both wiping off the talc and massaging them at the same time. The closeness and sensations were making Jessica breath faster and harder, and she closed her eyes to lose herself in the feeling. This continued for, Jessica was sure, far longer than was actually needed, but she certainly wasn't going to complain.

Once the top was done, Jessica opened her eyes again. In the mirror, she could see that the dull gloss of the rubber had been transformed with an amazing shine, that made her chest seem even more impressive than before. But Darla wasn't done yet - the cloth had migrated down to Jessica's hip, and had begun long stroking motions in line with the pleats. The feel of the loose latex folds caressing her skin was incredible and an entirely new feeling for her. As Darla moved around and repeated the motions on her ass, she felt herself leaning into the strokes. But that was nothing compared to how it felt when Darla reached around to the front polish the final few pleats of the skirt. The cloth was lovingly pressed into her body, and the rubber pleats were pushed firmly over her mound. The second and third strokes brought the latex up against her clit, and she realised she was already pretty wet down there. The friction of the rubber against her most sensitive areas was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt, and the stroking brought from her an involuntary moan. Just when she thought that she was going to melt, Darla pulled away, taking the wonderful, wonderful cloth with her. It took all of Jessica's self control not to grab for it to bring it back.

"So," Darla announced in a crisp tone, as if she hadn't just had her hands on Jessica's intimate places, "I give you marks for sexiness, and for being brave enough to go without underwear. But I'll have to deduct marks for sloppiness of presentation. Were we dithering over all of the wonderfully different outfits?" Jessica looked a little sheepish, and nodded. "I thought so. Well, I suppose it's to be expected, for a first timer it's perhaps a little overwhelming." More nodding. "Right then, we shall see if we can't do better with our next task."

With that, Jessica was taken by the hand and again firmly led back to the corridor. Her pace improved as she got used to the heels, but she still felt like she was within an inch of falling over. 

Time in the Chair

The door through which Jessica was lead had a moon symbol in brass mounted above the door. She didn't know what that meant, but Darla didn't leave her a lot of time to ponder it. Through the door and into the room. While Darla closed the door behind them, Jessica was left to appreciate the centrepiece of the room - a large, black leather reclining chair, festooned with straps, more than she can readily count.

"Impressive, isn't it." It wasn't really a question. Jessica was being moved towards the chair, not being pushed, but Darla's hand on her back left no doubt as to her intention, and it was clear that failure to comply wasn't an option. Jessica wasn't sure that the chair wasn't a step further than she was quite comfortable with yet, but Darla had her sat in it before she could figure out how to vocalise the thought. The cool leather was a shock on her bare flesh, but it quickly faded with the heat of her skin. "Uh, I'm not..." She tried to sit up, Darla's hand on the bare flesh of her chest gently and firmly held her in place and returned her to the reclined position. But the worried look on her face prompted Darla to reassure her.

"Don't worry my dear. The chair might look extreme, but it's really not. I could start you out with a pair of handcuffs or tie your wrists with some rope, and it would be less extreme but you wouldn't enjoy it nearly so much. The straps here are far more comfortable than a pair of handcuffs will ever be." At this, she reached around Jessica's middle, retrieved a large flat strap and laid it over her chest. While fastening the buckle, she continued in her reassuring tone, "plus, the essence of our sort of kinky fun is helplessness. I promise you, when I'm done with you, you'll be utterly helpless, and loving every minute of it."

Jessica wasn't entirely put at ease, but by this point her chest had been securely fastened to the chair, and sitting up was no longer an option. Besides, the mischievous smile on Darla's face was infectious, and she couldn't quite get the memory of the cloth pressing the rubber against her clit from her mind. At this point she made the decision to give up her fate to this deliciously bossy woman, and let Darla take her wherever she liked.

The change in attitude must have been visible in her expression. "I can tell you see things my way," Darla smirked, looking like the cat that had just got the cream, "so let's get you properly strapped in tight. I want you with just enough room to struggle, but no chance of getting away." And with that, she went about securing the remainder of the straps. Jessica looked down at the strap across her chest; the pressure on her breasts made them stick out even more than was achieved just by the tight bustier itself. As Darla worked way around the chair, Jessica's feelings of helplessness were only reinforced. Straps around her upper arms and wrists pinned her arms to the chair's. Below her waist, individual straps for each leg at the thighs and ankles held her legs tightly against the chair, and opened her crotch up to leave her feeling very vulnerable. The pleats of the skirt draped down over her mound, but as she wriggled in her bonds to test their give, she knew that she was no longer able to close her legs.

Darla, now at the feet of the chair, took the opportunity to watch Jessica wriggling, clearly savouring her captive's struggles. After a moment of that, she headed back up to the top of the chair, tracing a line along Jessica's bare legs, flicking up the pleats of her skirt before continuing up her stomach and chest, and lingering at her neck. Bringing her face close to Jessica's ear, she whispered, "Feeling helpless yet?"

Her sexy voice and hot breath in Jessica's ear triggered a hot flush. Jessica was all too aware of how wet she was now, and was convinced that it would soon start trickling down onto the leather of the chair, which had so quickly warmed to her flesh. She nodded slightly, and Darla took the opportunity to lean in and plant a hot wet kiss on her neck, then another, then another. All up and down Jessica's neck she kissed and licked. Jessica was lost in a red haze of passion, so when final leather strap closed around her neck she barely felt it. Carefully, tenderly Darla tightened and buckled it in place. For some reason, the strap around the neck was more significant than the others. She had been helpless before, unable to escape or even move. But the feel of the collar around her neck, the soft, worn leather that fitted closely against her skin, felt like proper helplessness. She only had to move a tiny amount to feel it pressing against her. By now she was sure that her wetness was a regular torrent, and she no longer cared.

Darla's hand drifted back down her body again, checking the straps, adjusting where necessary. They lingered on her breasts, pushing and massaging them. Finally, they made it to her crotch, and caressed Jessica's thighs beyond the reach of the skirt. Then it returned to her pussy proper, and pressed in firmly. Again the feel of the rubber skirt rubbing against her clit was enough to send Jessica whirling into a fog of lust. Up and down the questing fingers slid, driving her further and further towards the edge. When she'd played with herself on her own before she'd never felt sensations this intense. Even compared to a rabbit vibrator pressed in just the right spot, this was orders of magnitude more pleasurable. All the more so from the fact that she was at the mercy of this incredible dominatrix, who could do anything with Jessica that she pleased. That thought in itself was enough to bring Jessica right to the edge, and she could feel her body tensing up in anticipation, when the fingers were abruptly and unceremoniously withdrawn.

"Aaaarghh, nooooooo," Jessica whined, "please, oh please don't stop!"

"Oh no no my dear," Darla crooned, "part of being helpless is not being able to decide when you get to cum."

"Nooooooo, please, please." Jessica could feel the tide ebbing slowly away and her body retreating from the precipice, when all she wanted in the whole world was to go crashing over it as fast as possible.

"Less of the backchat I think, we've only just gotten started." Darla re-appeared by Jessica's head, holding a large red ball on a leather strap. Before Jessica could react, the ball was being firmly pushed between her teeth, and was very quickly secured behind her head.

"Ach leeaaash!" Jessica knew it was useless now, and complaining was now no more an option than scratching her nose.

"Don't you worry, your time will come, but not until I say." Jessica huffed petulantly around the gag. "And if you're good, and don't make huffy noises like that, then it will come sooner." She didn't need to add the unspoken rider about how long it might be before Jessica would be satisfied if she kept acting up, and so Jessica decided it was time to be good.

But despite being quiet the desired stroking didn't return. Instead, Darla busied herself just out of Jessica's view, opening drawers and cupboards by the sound of it. By the time she re-appeared in view, Jessica's breathing had slowed down a lot, and she could think more clearly about her predicament.

"Feeling a little calmer are we?" To this, a nod from Jessica. "Good, good." Darla brandished what she'd been hiding behind her back, with a Machiavellian glint in her eye and a big grin on her face; a long white plastic object that Jessica recognised as a Hitachi wand vibrator. The extension cord that lead away behind Jessica must have been what was occupying Darla's attention. Approaching the chair again, Darla held the wand up over her captive's crotch, and with the other hand set to stroking again. "Ready for round two? Are you going to be good this time?" Furious nodding from Jessica reminded her that her neck was still held firmly by the chair's leather embrace. "Then perhaps we'll let you cum this time." Another big grin from Darla.


The application of the business end of the wand to Jessica's mound brought forth a long, animal moan from behind her gag. Darla had been right - she was now helpless, and loving every minute of it. As Darla expertly maneuvered the vibrating head back and forth across the pleats of the latex skirt, Jessica's body involuntarily stiffened and her limbs stretched out, testing the trivial amount of give in the leather straps. Not that Jessica was consciously trying to get free, she wasn't consciously trying to do anything. The red fog of lust had descended on her, and she was lost to wave after wave of the feelings emenating from her crotch.

Darla was in full control of Jessica's pleasure now, the wand in her hand wielded as deftly as an artist wields a brush; a stroke here, and light touch there, and occasionally holding it firm and close to her captive's clit. These last were accompanied by shudders of pleasure which racked Jessica's body. Her eyes were closed tight as she focused entirely inwards on the sensations, more intense than any orgasm she'd had in the past, and yet she knew that these weren't orgasms at all, just fore-runners, shadows of the sensation that was inexorably building inside her.

On and on it went, never pausing for more than a few seconds, never giving her a chance to catch her breath. Her chest, straining against the straps which held her breasts tightly between them, heaved with the effort of supplying enough air to her head to keep her conscious. On and on, it built and built within her, until she really started to believe that she might burst with the pressure of it all. Darla too seemed to sense this threshold, and shifted from her deliberate teasing into a higher gear. And with that, the swirling vortex of sensations that was all that Jessica was aware of transformed into a mind-altering, earth-shattering climax. Every muscle in her body tensed and strained against the restraints as she screamed into the gag with all her mights. Darla, undeterred, held the vibrating monster tightly against Jessica's pussy, which was squirming around like a cat.

On and on the orgasm went, wave after wave just as intense as the first. She ran out of breath for screaming, as her body fought for more air for breathing, but she couldn't stop moaning into the gag as she gasped for oxygen. She certainly didn't have enough rational capacity left to count the orgasms that ran together, but she knew there had been at least a dozen. But as she felt the waves start to subside, her body and mind finally threw up their hands in exasperation, and she blacked out.

Coming Around

The warm, soft, reddish light from the mounting on the wall was the first thing she became aware of, when she finally regained consciousness. She struggled to focus on it, her eyes, like the rest of her, were feeling sluggish and slow to respond. Muscles she didn't know she had were aching and protesting, so she remained motionless while her mind attempted to return to the here and now. While she was still struggling to figure out where she was and what was happening, Darla's head swam into view. With the same mischevious grin as before, she leaned in close and draped herself over Jessica's chest, resting her chin on her hands, which were in turn resting over Jessica's breasts. The intense stare was also back.

"Well then, I think you did much better on your second task, don't you? I hope you enjoyed that."

As Jessica tried to reply, she realised that her mouth was still filled with the large, red ball-gag; and as she craned her head downwards to meet Darla's stare, she realised that the neck strap was still in place as well. All of the other straps had been removed, but her hands were underneath her back slightly, and with Darla's weight on top of her, were effectively pinned there.

"You were out for quite a while there - I almost thought I'd gone too far with the teasing! But then I thought - no, you can never go too far with teasing." At this, she raised herself from Jessica's chest. "So while you were out, I thought I'd take some liberties and get you ready for stage 3 of your night's entertainment. I hope you don't mind?" Her right hand moved down to Jessica's crotch, and slipped underneath the pleats of the skirt to cup her pussy firmly. As she did, Jessica knew there was something different: she shifted slightly with the pressure and felt something move inside her. No, not just something, some things! Her eyes widened in shock as she realised what Darla had been up to while she was unconscious, and Darla raised up the skirt to let her see. Sure enough, her pussy was no longer bare, but covered with a slick red rubber coating to match the rest of her outfit. Without needing to be told, Jessica knew what was attached to those red rubber panties, not just a rubber dildo for her pussy, but a plug for her ass too. She could feel them squishing around inside her, slippery with lubricant. She'd never had anything other than a finger inside her rear before, and that was just brief self-experimentation. This was far more than she could bear. She started mumbling into her gag and shaking her head frantically at Darla.

"Oh good, that's alright then." Darla stood up, and tugged on the chain attached to what Jessica now realised was a collar, not the strap from the chair. "Let's move onto the next room!"


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