Jessica Monique Lace

by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: M+/f; Other/f; bond; rope; naked; strip; outdoors; sex; climax; messy; reluct; nc; XX

Kong's Dong

Jessica Monique Lace, a young and beautiful blonde, who happens to be the world's leading explorer/adventurer. Throughout the 1920s and the early 1930s, Jessica has ventured into different parts of the world and had many exciting stimulating adventures. She is known for her legendary adventures, including the time she was an Egyptian mummy inside a pyramid, forced to walk a plank with her hands tied behind her back only wearing her silk cream lacy tap panties and camisole and the time she was nearly sold into a harem to be the sheik’s sex slave.

She is also known for her class and style. The jungles of Africa, the cold Arctic or the streets of New York, Jessica is always dressed in elegant clothes. She is also famous for wearing no bra, often her tits are showing through her silk blouses. Today she is wearing a long light brown ruffled skirt with a big bow in the back, a cream chiffon lace blouse with long sleeves that have layers of ruffle trim and sexy 3 inch heels. Jessica is on a boat heading to a legendary island where Kong lives and its huge monster penis. Kong is a mythical beast? A large ape? An ape-man?

Jessica arrives at the island and like many times before, she does this adventure alone. As she treks through this island's strange jungle in her elegant Victorian outfit, she takes a misstep and falls. Lucky for her something caught her before she hit the ground but she's stuck. She realizes she has fallen into a giant spider web and both arms are at her side...stuck to the web. She can't move, as she screams for help she sees the large spider heading towards her...she screams louder! The spider then sprays her with its sticky silk spider web, totally cocooning her in the web. Jessica can only struggle as the spider carries her away to its nest where it will devour her.

Before Jessica meets the spider's teeth, a group of female Amazonian type warriors rescue her from the spider web and her cocoon. The warriors must have heard her screams. The warriors are speaking a language that Jessica does not recognize. Soon the warriors bind the beautiful explorer Jessica with rope from her ankles to her shoulders. The warriors place our bound Jessica sideways onto a horse and take her to their home. Jessica feels so helpless as a bound damsel onto a horse as one of the warriors holds her behind as the horse runs.

She is soon taken to a hut where she is stripped naked. She sees her lovely Victorian outfit torn off and tries to cover up. They soon tie her up while she is on all fours. Jessica is trying to communicate with the female warriors and asking about Kong, but they don't seem to understand her. They start to oil her up, playing with sensitive perky tits and massaging her pussy with the oil. Outside she can hear some of the women chanting Kong and then suddenly a large muscular man enters her tut. He is nearly 7 feet tall, dark brown skin, very muscular and hairy. Jessica's mouth drops as she sees his huge dong...then she thinks this must be Kong! His penis is over 12 inches long at least.

He penetrates her quickly as she screams for the size of his cock, but soon ecstasy takes over and she moans. She looks back at this man beast as he fucks her like a wild animal. Jessica is nearing her orgasm as the man beast pulls out and sprays his legendary amounts of cum all over her. She covered in his sticky strong smelling semen and he suddenly leaves. Several female warriors return to untie and take her away.

Still trying to communicate with the warriors as she is now tied to several posts outside these large 20 foot doors. She tied standing up in a spread eagle position still naked and covered in the smelly semen. Jessica is wondering what is happening as she is left alone and hears the chants of Kong again. She is puzzled why they are chanting Kong when she just met him and was fucked by him. Then she hears and sees in front of her trees breaking and snapping...then it emerges!

It's the legendary giant ape, Kong, and it's at least 15 feet tall! Jessica looks at the rope that binds one of her wrists to the pole and tries to get her wrist free. Kong now smells the cum and approaches the damsel Jessica. Kong is now standing in front of Jessica and she gets a good view of its monster cock...she screams! She sees its erection and it only wants one thing from Jessica...her pussy! Her unprotected wet pussy! She screams louder as Kong's dong...


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