Jennifer's Birthday

by Sensual Erotic

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© Copyright 2009 - Sensual Erotic - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; corset; stockings; F/f; bond; armbinder; gag; toys; cons/reluct; X

'Damn!' Jennifer thought as she hung up the phone. 'Here I am dressed in a sexy outfit, it’s my birthday and my husband said he had a surprise for me and now he has to work late'.

Earlier in the evening Jennifer prepared for a night of hot birthday sex by taking a long hot bath, carefully shaving her pussy completely just like Steven, her husband, likes it, and dressing in her black full fashioned seamed stockings, 10 garter waist cincher, frilly lace push up bra and 6"high heel platform pumps with a thin ankle straps and added a thin gold anklet, a favorite of his. She even went to the trouble to put on some exotic makeup. Long false eye lashes, thick black eye liner on her upper and lower eye lids followed by some pale white eye shadow and frosted pink lip stick.

After 2 glasses of wine she was really in a sensual mood and ready for a wild evening thinking Steven would go all out for her birthday and now it’s over before it got started. 'There goes the phone again, maybe he is coming home after all!'

"Hi Jennifer. Hey if you are not busy tonight why don’t you come over. Brad is out of town and I am trying on a few outfits I bought today. If you are still interested I can even show you some of our fetish toys you were curious about."

It was the next door neighbor, Sherry. She was pretty wild and had told Jennifer about some of her bondage and fetish play during some girl talk when they had been nude sunbathing in the back yard together. Jennifer said she was curious about the equipment and what all the play would involve but she didn’t think she could ever actually do it, it seemed a bit scary and besides her husband would never be interested in anything like that. Better left as a fantasy.

"Okay, Steven has to work late and it‘s my birthday! Now I don‘t know what to do. I am bored. I will be right over."

Feeling a little daring after 2 glasses of wine she just threw on a long coat over her outfit thinking if Sherry was trying on lingerie she might as well keep her’s on as well. Heading down the sidewalk, stilettos clicking on the cement and her garters pulling on her stocking tops with each step she took and then a cool breeze coming up underneath her coat and blowing over her clean shaved pussy made Jennifer feel extra naughty.

"Hi Jennifer, come in." Sherry said greeting her at the door with a glass of champagne.

"Wow, Sherry I love that leather corset. The way it pulls in your waist is unbelievable!" She had always admired Sherry’s looks as she was into the 1950’s Betty Page look. Black hair with bangs, bullet bras, false eyelashes and stiletto heels whenever possible.

"If you really like it that much you can try it on as we are close to the same size, but I have to warn you it is rather strict as it is made of thick heavy leather and has heavy boning in the waist. I bought it with no bra cups so I could wear different styles of bras with it. I still have these other outfits to try on myself."

While Jennifer watched Sherry took off the corset, held it up and said, "Come on, step into this and let me lace you up, you will love it!"

As she unbuttoned her coat and dropped it to the floor Sherry exclaimed, "Well look at what you have on under there! Your husband is really missing out tonight. I love the eyelashes, are you trying to copy my style? This corset will go right over that cincher, leave it all on".

Sherry began the lacing process. "This will pull you in a full 3 inches and give you that hour glass look".

Sherry began the tightening process a little at a time until Jennifer said, "Wow, I think that is tight enough Sherry".

"No way! If this is going to give the desired effect you have to lace it up tight all the way," she said as she adjusted and pulled the laces finally closing the back of the corset until the ends were touching.

Her breathing reduced to short shallow breaths Jennifer said, "I can hardly breathe but look at my tiny waist, and I love how it makes me stand up so erect and pushes up my breasts." as she ran her hands up and down her restricted waist enjoying the erotic hourglass feel.

They both finished their champagne and Jennifer was feeling a little light headed, maybe due to her restricted breathing and the wine she had earlier.

"Now that you are wearing leather take off that frilly lace bra and try out this new one I got, it will really draw attention to those great nipples of yours".

Jennifer often caught Sherry staring at her nipples while sunbathing and thought she was jealous of them. They were very sensitive, long, rosy pink and always hard even when not stimulated. In fact they had embarrassed her in the past they stuck out so much. When wearing a thin blouse she had to put tape over them to keep the guys from gawking. Her past boyfriends referred to them as pencil erasers or looking like a cork.

Sherry handed her a black satin bullet bra with small nickel size holes in the tip of the cups allowing her nipples to poke through the fabric uncovered. After putting it on Jennifer noticed it formed her breasts into erotic looking elongated cones.

"That looks sexy as hell Jennifer and really adds to your look."

Jennifer looked down and noticed her nipples were fully aroused and stiffer than usual protruding out into space.

"Give me a minute to lay out the equipment in the bedroom and I will answer all of your questions about it." Sherry said as she entered the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

After 10 minutes Jennifer was wondering what she was doing in there when Sherry opened the door and said, "Come on in".

Jennifer was shocked at the transformation Sherry had made to her look. She had her hair pulled back into a severe ponytail, had on a skintight black leather catsuit and a pair of black patent leather boots laced to the knee with pointed toes and a 6" stiletto heel. Around her neck she was wearing a 1" wide leather collar with short spikes protruding out all the way around and elbow length black leather gloves with the finger tips cut out allowing her long blood red nails to show. Was Jennifer imagining things or did Sherry even re do her eyebrow make up by arching them more to give her a more stern serious look? What she didn’t notice was the riding crop tucked in the top of her boot.

"Wow Sherry, you look like a strict dominatrix in that outfit".

"That’s the idea, when I am dressed in this new outfit I am in charge".

The significance of that statement went right over Jennifer’s head. Jennifer walked to the bedroom with perfect erect posture due to the strict corset, taking small ladylike steps on her high heels with her cone shaped breasts and ever erect nipples leading the way. As she entered she noticed Sherry had set the mood as it was pretty dark with just a few candles and some incense burning. "Nice touch".

Jennifer’s eyes wandered around the room and settled on the bed where Sherry had laid out all of her bondage equipment. She was taking it all in, handcuffs, leather straps, ball gag, riding crop and a few leather collars. Some butt plugs of different sizes and a few items she wasn’t sure about. Then her gaze stopped on what looked like a waist belt with an attached strap holding the biggest dildo she had ever seen, long AND thick. I know Sherry told me was a bit of a size queen but how could anyone take a cock that big, real or otherwise? She quickly looked away but not before Jennifer noticed.

"Any questions, you look kind of curious?"

"Yes. Some of this stuff looks kind of scary and I don’t know about being forced into something by my lover."

"No that’s not the idea. It is all consensual. It is called love bondage. You want to be a submissive because that is your choice. You are not forced into anything. You pick a safe word and if that word is said all play stops immediately and you are released."

"Well that makes me feel better. If I ever did decide to try it I hope I would never be in a situation where I would need a safe word! To start out with what is that long glove like thing with all the laces?"

"That is called a single glove and it is used to immobilize your arms behind your back. You sound curious about it, want to see how it works?"

Now feeling the full effect of the wine and champagne putting her at ease Jennifer replied, "I guess so but if I don’t like it you have to agree to take it off immediately."

"Sure no problem I will even give you a safe word. It’s ardvark. You say that and everything stops. Okay,. now to do this properly I want you to put your arms behind your back with your palms touching."

Sherry grabbed two leather belts from the bed and tightened the first one around Jennifer’s wrists then positioned the second one around her elbows and tightened it notch by notch drawing her elbows together until they were almost touching.

"In the fetish world it is a big deal if your elbows can touch behind your back and since you are so limber from your gym workouts two more notches in the belt and yours will be touching".

Pulling, stretching, and getting close Sherry said, "We are almost there, relax, let out your breath and go limp for a second. Look at that, they do touch!"

"Why are you using these straps? Where does the single glove come in?"

"Patience my dear. These are to make it easier for the glove to slide up your arms.."

Sherry picked up the single glove, opened the end and slid it up Jennifer’s arms, wrapped the two straps under her arms, around her shoulders and buckled them in back. Next she began the tightening process, pulling and working the laces until everything was tight as possible. She picked up a padlock and threaded it through the buckle and snapped it closed.

"Is the lock really necessary? With the belts you put around my arms and that thing laced up so tight do you really think I can get this off?"

"No but it plants the idea in your brain that there is no escape, thus turning you on even more. And since this is your first and maybe only time to try out bondage equipment you might as well experience the most strict equipment possible."

Jennifer knew that Sherry could be pushy at times to get her way so she just decided to go with it. Her explanation did make sense. For the first time she became aware that with her arms pinned behind her it was forcing her breasts up and out in a lewd way and with the holes cut out in the tip of the bra cups making her stiff nipples extremely vulnerable to whoever wanted to take advantage of them.

"Let me show you a unique feature of this corset, you see those snaps at the bottom edge?" Sherry said as she took a long strip of furry material and attached it to the front snaps then pulled it between Jennifer’s legs, drew it tight and snapped it in place in back. "The person wearing this corset gets a little extra stimulation from this fur piece rubbing them between their legs."

"Yes, I can feel it rubbing on my clit and my smooth skin down there and the sensations are incredible."

"I thought you might like it, but don’t move around too much or you might have an orgasm right here!"

Now Jennifer felt embarrassed realizing how vulnerable she was while in bondage, but it excited her at the same time.

"Okay, now for the next item let’s try out this leather posture collar on you." Sherry said without out waiting for Jennifer to answer, she lifted up her hair and positioned it around Jennifer’s neck tightening the 2 buckles in back as much as she dared. "This collar is very strict and is used either for punishment or training purposes, is 4" tall and due to the height and thick leather allows no head movement at all."

"Wait a minute, I am not being trained or punished, I am just allowing you to put it on me as a demonstration, plus there are other smaller collars there, how about one of those?"

"You should really try this one to get the full affect of what a collar can do. Don’t worry, I’m just showing you how this stuff works, after all you were the curious one and you have your safe word".

'There she goes again with I should try the most strict possible,' she thought.

"Um, well, okay I guess you can go ahead".

Jennifer noticed a satisfied look in Sherry’s eye but again decided not to say anything. She tried to look around the room but the collar would not allow her to turn her head even an inch. It held her chin up and forced her to look straight ahead.

"Okay sla- umm, I mean Jennifer ,walk around to the other side of the bed."

She didn’t notice Sherry’s slip of words and with the strict posture being forced on her by the corset, glove and collar she teetered on her heels one slow step at a time with the fur strip between her legs rubbing her with every step. Electric jolts were sent through her pussy and with it rubbing up and down on her clit she let out a quiet sigh, then a moan. That damn thing was driving her crazy and she was getting wetter and wetter with every step.

"Looks like that fur strip really does work and you are having all of the fun, I haven’t even had the opportunity to try it myself yet, now I can’t wait".

Sherry reached down, grabbed the front of it and pulled down sliding the slick material over her smooth pussy, then pulled up allowing the material to pull up her clit hood leaving her unprotected clit at the mercy of the wicked fur. Sharp intense waves of pleasure shot throughout Jennifer’s body. Her knees got shaky, her hips involuntarily bucked forward, back and forward again quite violently and she had all she could do to maintain her balance. "AHH, OH UH, UH OH MY GOD!!."

Sherry looked up just in time to see her eyes roll back in her head. Letting go of the fur strip Sherry grabbed her waist and steadied her balance.

"Shit Sherry, give me a warning before you do that again!"

"I will remove this now so you don’t have an accident." Sherry said and unsnapped Jennifer’s tormenter. "Hehe, oh, sorry, you almost lost it there hehe !" Sherry laughingly said.

"That’s not funny, I almost came right there!"

Sherry reached down below Jennifer’s eyesight and came up with a pink ball gag with a 2 ¾" ball. "This is the next thing for you to experience"

"I don’t know about being gagged and I don’t know about big ball, Sherry. That thing looks awfully big and I know I saw some smaller ones there."

Sherry scowled a little bit, "If you want the full effect you really should try the biggest diameter ball possible. You have that perfect extra wide models mouth, full lips and your pink lipstick will match the pink ball perfectly."

Jennifer didn’t know why but she could feel herself being intimidated by Sherry, maybe it was that strict dominatrix look she had with that leather outfit and her stiletto heeled boots and makeup. "Well, umm, if you think I really should."

Now Sherry‘s voice changed a little bit sounding more stern and with more authority. "Yes I think you really should," she said and held it up to her mouth. "Now open as wide as possible."

She put her hand on the back of Jennifer’s head and pushed, turning the ball side to side but couldn’t quite work the ball in. "You have to open a little wider."

"I can’t, that’s as wide as I can go."

Reaching down to her boot Sherry pulled out her riding crop and quickly landed a hard swat right on Jennifer’s bare pussy SMACK!!

Jennifer opened even wider and yelped, Sherry pushed and CLICK, the ball popped in behind Jennifer’s teeth!

"Looks like that did the trick!"

Jennifer tried desperately to push the big ball back out past her teeth with her tongue but it was no use, that ball was wedged behind her teeth and going nowhere. Sherry reached behind Jennifer’s head and tightly buckled the strap behind her head, moved her hands down and tightened the second strap under her chin.

MMPPHH!! Jennifer shot Sherry a hard look and Sherry just shrugged her shoulders.

Sherry reached down, picked up a leash and clipped it to the ring on the front of Jennifer’s collar. "You look great. Let’s walk over to the mirror so you can see for yourself."

She tugged on the leash to guide her but Jennifer resisted. She didn’t want to be led around like some animal plus she was feeling very vulnerable, arms pinned behind her, collared, now tightly gagged and really unable to resist. AND NOW HOW COULD SHE SAY HER SAFE WORD TO GET Sherry TO STOP??

Now it was Sherry’s turn to narrow her eyes, give Jennifer a stern look conveying her displeasure with her. Sherry gave a big yank almost pulling Jennifer off of her heels so Jennifer relented and allowed herself to be led over to the corner of her bedroom. Jennifer felt totally humiliated walking behind Sherry as Sherry led her to her full length mirror. Jennifer was in shock at the image staring back at her in the mirror. Jennifer was thinking: 'My god, In my wildest fantasies I never dreamed I could look like that. Look at all of the bondage equipment I have on me. Look how vulnerable I am. And Sherry was right, the way my full pink lips are wrapped around that ball does looks erotic'.

Now she really understood the pleasures one could experience in taking the submissive role.bHow all of the attention was focused on the submissive. How you could feel so vulnerable, so humiliated, so used and be so sexually turned on by those feelings. 'I never thought that I would ever really experience what I am feeling now, I am completely aroused and I can feel my juices starting to run down my thigh. I just wish this was with my husband and not my neighbor!'

Another tug on the leash and Jennifer now followed willingly as she was led to the center of the room. Sherry reached up and attached the leash to a hook in the ceiling. She bent down out of Jennifer’s eyesight and Jennifer felt leather cuffs being tightened on her ankles. Next her legs were being spread about 3’ and a bar was attached to the cuffs. "That is a spreader bar slave, and keeps your legs open and pussy available for your Master".

This time Jennifer did notice being called a slave but what could she do now? She had allowed Sherry to take her this far and for the time being she could not resist and in being honest with herself Jennifer was really getting into the role. Stepping behind Jennifer, Sherry picked up the waist belt with the huge dildo attached, came around in front and held it up for Jennifer to see. "Don’t think I didn’t notice your interest earlier, I know you want to try this for yourself!"

Now Jennifer got a good look at this monster. It was about 10" long, 3" in diameter, had a huge head and had molded in veins and bumps on the shaft. Sherry slowly ran her hands up and down it’s entire length applying lube. Jennifer’s eyes grew wide with fear and she tried to convey the feeling to Sherry but it was not working!

"NO! NO!" Jennifer tried to say, "ARDVARK! ARDVARK!" But it came out sounding like "MMPPFF MMPPFF!"

"I know you are enthusiastic and agreeing with me and those sounds you are making are sounds of excitement even though you can’t speak".

Jennifer tried to shake her head no, but the posture collar wouldn’t allow her head to budge. She couldn’t turn away or close her legs. She was at Sherry’s mercy. Sherry reached down, parted her still wet lips with 2 fingers and positioned the huge dildo head at the entrance to Jennifer’s pussy.

"This will go in easier than you think. I know it is huge but it is made from a soft jelly material, softer than a real cock so you can take it bigger than usual. Sherry worked the immense head in first, then fed the huge shaft into her pussy one inch at a time. 3", 4" ,5", Sherry was feeling every vein and bump hit every nerve ending in her tunnel. She was out of her mind with pleasure. Strapped into strict bondage, unable to resist and being split in two by this huge dildo her knees were quivering with only the leash holding her up.


Jennifer was able to look straight ahead and catch a glimpse of Sherry in the mirror, she was on her knees in front of her and pushing with all of her might to force in the last few inches. She could feel the immense head making it’s way up inside her and see the oversized shaft disappear into her pussy . 8", 9", and finally all 10" and Jennifer’s eyes once again rolled to the back of her head, drool escaping around the ball and dripping on her chest. Sherry attached the belt around Jennifer’s waist, drew it between her legs to hold the dildo in place and pulled with all her might, splitting her ass cheeks and burying the monster as deep as possible, tightening the belt with the last possible hole.

Sherry reaches down and picks up a silk scarf and begins wiping the drool off, letting it trail over Jennifer’s exposed vulnerable and completely aroused nipples. The bullet bra is doing it’s job shaping her breasts and thrusting them forward in a lewd manner and putting her nipples on display to be used exclusively for pleasure. Now she knew why Sherry picked this specific bra for her to wear, she had planned to exploit her most sensitive of areas. With the single glove forcing her to thrust her chest forward Jennifer was presenting her nipples for attention!

Allowing the entire length of the slick smooth material to lightly trail over first her right nipple then the left Jennifer feels an arousal all the way down to her stuffed pussy and begins thrusting her breasts forward to increase the feelings. She wants more stimulation to her nipples and Sherry smiles a knowing smile while raking Jennifer’s nipples with her long red fingernails. Jennifer comes close to fainting the pleasure is so extreme!

With out asking her permission Sherry places a blindfold over Jennifer’s eyes, knowing she won’t resist, plunging her into darkness and Jennifer didn’t seem to notice or even care as she was experiencing a feeling she never could have imagined. Now Soft warm lips on Jennifer’s ear. Goose bumps all over her body. Lips trailing kisses down Jennifer’s neck making her shiver with pleasure. Pushed to the edge and her pussy stuffed to the hilt and throbbing. Then a finger tapping on the base of the dildo sending vibrating waves of pleasure bringing Jennifer to the edge.

Now warm soft lips on Jennifer’s mouth and she doesn’t care if they belong to Sherry. She mentally surrenders completely. This is an arousal she never imagined existed. 'Take me. Make me cum Sherry, I am yours'.

All of a sudden she smells a scent that is familiar. A hand reaches around behind her head and undoes the buckle of the blindfold. 'Steven! What? How?'


Jennifer looks over his shoulder in time to see Sherry walking out of the room and hears her say with a smile, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!"