Jelly Bean Justice!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; leather; bond; kidnap; toys; nc; X

It wasn’t a swagger, or even a strut, it was an attitude, she knew she looked good and she did.  Even at just 5’ 6”, plus a bit more with the heels on the boots, she had an arrogance about her that managed to give the impression she was looking down her nose at everyone.   In a sense she probably was.

I suppose that kind of confidence was needed when you made your living defrauding people, but the clothes certainly helped complete the picture.  The black leather coat didn’t need a belt because several buttons down the front pulled it snugly around her body from the closed neck, over a very impressive bust line, and nipping in tight at the waist before it flared slightly over her hips and dropped to the top of the matching black leather knee boots.

Long jet black hair had a wide blonde streak from just above the center of her forehead to down over the left ear; that drew attention to the impeccably made up face.  Nothing garish but every feature was highlighted to catch the eye.

Her left hand resting, at waist height, on top of a black leather shoulder strap handbag was also covered in skintight kid leather.

My own hip length jacket was dusky rose coloured leather and it was belted; I might not have her impressive figure but was no slouch in my own right.  Matching tailored leather slacks covered the tops of my ankle boots with 3” block heels.

The two guys who provided our target’s muscle were from the Caribbean and, as they walked along flanking her, their dark skin provided even more of a contrast to her beauty.  The beauty she used unashamedly to fleece her victims.

As the threesome rounded the corner the bodyguards suddenly found themselves looking down the barrels of shotguns held by Master Derek’s men. Julie’s eyes just about crossed as she tried to focus on my automatic a few inches from her nose.

Everything stopped for a few moments while we gave them a chance to take in the situation.  They might be crooks but they were not stupid and did not resist as three sets of wrists got handcuffed behind their backs.   Derek pulled up in a dark van and another of his men followed in my Caddie.

“Say goodbye to your friends Julie.  I don’t deal with males but Derek does and I expect he is going to put emancipation back about a hundred years by the time he’s finished with them.  I, on the other hand, just love dealing with unwilling ladies and you are all mine.”

All three of them were out cold before the needles left their necks.  The two guys were unceremoniously dumped on the floor of the van while Julie ended up tucked in the trunk of the Caddie.  I thanked Derek for his assistance and told him that if he ever needed help from a Leather Domme just to give me a call.

Sometime later I pulled into my garage and popped the trunk.  The wide belt I buckled around her waist had a couple of shoulder straps and a large metal ring that snapped on a hook from the ceiling pulley.  That took her weight and enabled me to lift the limp form up and over to a wheeled chair.

Pushing the chair through to my ‘dungeon’ I used another pulley to settle her in a heavy, anchored, wooden chair then removed the harness.

Using thin white cord I soon had the sleeping girl firmly bound to the chair.  The white cord made a nice contrast over the black leather of her coat and boots.  While her right arm was tied behind to the chair back, with the handcuffs around the wrist and one of the chair back’s braces as extra insurance, the left was only held by some cord around the bicep.

I removed my jacket and got a few other things ready while I watched for signs she was waking up.  As her chin came up off her chest and her head stopped against the headrest, I forced in a hard rubber gag with slots top and bottom for her teeth.  A strap around her head reinforced the gag’s position; it had a removable plug at the center that I left in place for the time being.

A small, wheeled, table about 4’ high was positioned just off to one side where she could see it.  On top was a digital clock, something that looked like a heavy duty mousetrap, a pad, a pencil and about two feet of rubber tubing.

Sitting in a comfortable armchair directly in front of her I sipped a glass of chilled white wine and waited for her to finish waking up.

As consciousness returned Julie’s eyes focused, looked around, and almost immediately settled on me.

“Hello again Julie.  Now that we finally meet I would like to tell you a story.  It’s about a naïve young man.  A couple of months before his 21st birthday he met a beautiful lady and was soon head over heels in love with her.  On his birthday she gave herself to him and he was completely lost.  The fact that he had just come of age and received a very sizeable fortune wasn’t mentioned but, strangely, the money soon began to flow from his accounts.”

“Six months later he was almost penniless and the lady dropped him like a hot potato.  He was devastated and followed her around like a lost puppy.  Then one night the police found him in an alley.  The doctors said it looked like at least two guys with knuckle dusters had worked him over.”

“They also found that damage from one too many hits to the head had left him with the permanent mentality of a four year old.”

“As a result he’s in a constant care home for the rest of his life.  You were that lady Julie and you got what you wanted when you cleaned out his trust funds; the goons who went too far were yours and supposed to just scare him off.  By the time Derek is finished with them they will be a couple of blubbering, simpering slaves he will sell at a good profit.

The young man’s name was Jim and he is my brother.  The police say there is nothing they can do about the money and no way to prove you set up the attack.  

"Now do you have any idea why you are here?”

She started shaking her head and making mewling sounds through the gag.

“Oh don’t try to deny things Julie, I have my own methods of finding out what happened.  I’m very wealthy because I got my half of the trust fund a few years ago and nobody stole it from me.  I also have a lucrative hobby as a Leather Domme.  I have a regular clientele of very high powered female executives and CEO’s who come to see me every month or so to have me lower their stress levels for a few hours before they head back into the fray.”

“So, you see, I can easily afford to have Jim looked after for the rest of his life but I think that should be your responsibility.  Don’t you?”

I moved over to her side and set the pad on the arm of the chair then stuck the pencil between her fingers.

“See Julie, I even know you are left handed.  Now, I am going to visit your home and you are going to write down the code for your security system plus the location and combination of your safe.  Don’t shake your head.  The key ring from your handbag has one of those cute little barrel keys that go in a safe door before you enter the combination.  Write.”

After a few moments of staring at me trying to judge her options she started jotting down some notes on the pad.  When she was finished I unscrewed the plug from the center of the gag and screwed in one end of the rubber tube.  The other end stayed on the side table near the gadget that looked like a mousetrap.

I buckled a strap across her forehead and around the headrest then pushed two soft rubber plugs in her nostrils so she was breathing through the tube and set the clock for 30 seconds but held my finger on the start button.

“Now Julie I just know you wouldn’t try to deceive me but let me explain something.  It is about half an hour’s drive to your place so that’s a one hour round trip.  Figure on two hours for me to spend there and that’s three hours. So, when I leave, I’m going to set this timer at 180 minutes.  If I get delayed by, perhaps your security company checking on a wrongly input signal or maybe the safe is wired to do something nasty if the wrong combination is entered then I won’t get back in time to stop the timer.  Let me show you what that will mean to you.”

I lifted my finger from the start button and we both watched, she with perhaps more interest than me, as the thirty seconds ticked away.


The heavy metal arm of the ‘mousetrap’ swung over and pinched the end of the rubber tube closed.

I waited for a little while Julie realized that her air supply was now cut off.  As I lifted the arm to reset it, and the clock at 180, I grinned down at her.

“Well Julie do you want to change any of those notes you made for me?”

I picked up the pencil from where it had fallen as her air stopped and placed it back between her fingers.  She changed two numbers in the security code and one in the safe combination.  That done I grabbed her left wrist, secured it to the chair behind her back and felt sure the trip to her home would now be a safe one.

It was.  It was also interesting.  There was no problem with the security but when I looked at the monitor showing what the six cameras were seeing something was not right about the set up.  The system was recording on a six hour looped tape that struck me as too amateur so I checked more closely and followed some almost hidden wires to the computer that was recording on to its hard drive.

I formatted the drive then frayed one of the wires to disable the feed and pulled the tape before heading for the safe that turned into a goldmine.  All her records of off shore accounts including passwords, a few very nice pieces of jewelry plus a sizeable amount of hard cash were neatly stacked and ready for me.

Before leaving I rewound the tape and set it for a ten minute delay then got out of there.  Back home in plenty of time I waited, watching Julie through a one-way mirror.  The timer was running down and so was the sweat beneath the strap across her forehead. With just one minute to go I casually wandered in and slapped my hand on the stop button.  I figured that, psychologically and monetarily, round one was most definitely mine.
Chapter 2

“Hello little brother, are we going to have fun and play games this afternoon?”

“Oh yes please Sissy.”

It was still strange to call Jim, who was 3” taller than me, little but when you looked into those almost vacant eyes and remembered that behind them was the mind of a four year old the word just fit.

I was wearing a bright yellow heavy knit sweater, a comfortable knee length skirt and low heeled pumps.  My hair was in a ponytail and I had on just a minimum of makeup.

Taking the hand of my brother I thanked the driver from the nursing home and confirmed he would be back in about four hours.  The nurse, who would stay while Jim was visiting, waved a book at me as I pointed her towards the lounge and told her to help herself to tea or coffee in the kitchen.

Jim was wearing a neat sports shirt and slacks with comfortable loafers on his feet and looked so healthy and handsome until you looked into those eyes.  I led him through to the den and showed him the new game on the table in front of the big mirror.

‘What are the little hammers for Sissy.”  Jim pointed at the two small rubber mallets on the table and I answered without thinking.

“They’re for hitting these…..”

As soon as I said the word hitting his face crumpled and then he dropped to the floor and curled in a fetal position with his hands on his cheeks.

“No, no, please don’t hit Jim.  Jimmy doesn’t like being hit.”

I dropped to his side and took his hands in mine.

“No Jim no one will hit you they are just for the game.  Now stand up and let me show you.”

I sent a look at the mirror that would curdle milk as I comforted my brother and after about five minutes got him to sit on one of the chairs at the table.

Clamped to one end of the table was an 18” high copy of the ‘Ring The Bell’ game you see at fairs.  There were the two rubber mallets, two decks of playing cards and a dish full of jelly beans that were Jim’s favorite candy.

When he spotted the candy dish he got a real child’s look on his face and started to reach for it but I covered it with my hand

“Those are a reward for playing the game Jim. So listen while I tell you what we’re going to do.  I will turn over the first card in my pack and then you turn one from yours.  If it is the same as mine you pick up the mallet and hit that knob with it so the bell rings.  Then you get to choose a candy.  If it’s not the same we keep turning up cards, OK?”

“OK Sissy let’s start.”

I turned over a ten and Jim’s first card was a seven.  His mouth moved as he slowly counted the dots and frowned when they weren’t the same.

This continued for a few moments then I turned up a two and so did Jim.

Quick as a flash he grabbed the handle of a mallet with both hands and whacked the knob making the clapper slide upwards and hit the bell.  Then, with a big grin, looked at me.

“Can I have a red one Sissy?”

I nodded and looked at the mirror with a smile.

Behind that one-way glass the ringing of the bell had caused a number of things to happen almost simultaneously.  First, a strong tingling sensation started in the clamps on Julie’s nipples then traveled down to the one on her clit.  The large dildo jammed inside her began to vibrate and then a trigger released to allow a 2’ long and ¼” thick leather strop to start its swing through a 180 degree arc.  Unfortunately for Julie her bare buttocks were at approximately 160 degrees of the arc and the strop came to a stop against them with a resounding thwack.

Chapter 3

In the soundproofed room behind the one-way mirror Julie was not a happy camper.  Looked at from the side her position would remind you of a swimmer just as they were about to dive into the pool from the starting blocks.

Up on tip toe, knees almost touching her waist, rear end sticking out and back sloping slightly upwards to the neck and her head that was up and looking towards the other end of the pool.  The only thing missing from that picture were her arms that should have been at her sides ready to swing forward in a dive.

Julie’s problem was that she had no control over her position.  Yes she was on tiptoe, very much so, because the thigh high ballet boots held her feet in almost a straight line with her shins.  The metal caps on the toes were fastened to the platform with bolts and wing nuts.

Short chains to the metal belt around Julie’s waist attached heavy leather straps around each leg just above the knee.  That was the same belt that fitted over a very heavily boned corset running from her hips to neck.  From a threaded socket on either side of the belt short metal bars extended out to clamp on vertical posts and hold her body immobile.

The fraud artist’s arms were up between her shoulder blades.  Her hands were folded into fists and covered with a single laced leather mitt.  I had not yet been able to make the forearms meet so strong training springs were hooked to rings at the point of each elbow and out to the post on the opposite side.  I figured another week of the constant tension would soon have her forearms touching in the classic reverse prayer.

Her head was encased in a tightly laced discipline helmet with the glistening black leather covering everything except her eyes, ears and two breathing holes under the nose.  Julie’s chin was resting in a padded metal cup attached to a neck brace and a very tight gag strap circled her head.  The cup held her head facing forwards and immobile.

Substantially sized intruders were buried inside her two lower orifices and held in place with a leather thong that had been pulled tightly to the front and back edges of the corset.  This left her bare buttocks nicely available for the gadget locked to the side of the frame.

Her ears were not covered because I wanted to drive home what she had done to my brother by letting her hear everything that went on; that was also why she could watch through the one-way mirror.

Chapter 4.

Two cards later Jim got another match.  Strange, but that had just been enough time for the strop to be reloaded by the small electric motor.
This time he picked a green one.

Since I had stacked both decks there were exactly fifteen jelly beans that Jim enjoyed before that game ended.  I told my brother that I had to leave for a moment and not to eat any more candy because they would spoil his dinner.

Leaving him at the table I went into the next room and rubbed a hand over one of the very warm rosy cheeks Julie was sporting. 

A movement in the mirror caught my eye and it gave me just enough time to get my hand out of the way as the bell rang and the strop whipped over landing yet again on Julie’s buttocks. 

Jim had used the mallet to ring the bell but I watched as he picked out a jelly bean and put it in his pocket.  Well I had told him not to eat any more.  Smart kid!

“Jim comes to visit me every two weeks Julie and I have a nice bamboo cane that fits that gadget and there is a ‘cat’ I bought but found it was too harsh for my regular clients so you’ll get to try it too.  And that dear Julie is just the beginning because I don’t eat candy that’s bad for my figure.  I prefer other forms of exercise as you will discover.

The strop came over again and another candy went in Jim’s pocket.

I’ve got to find a place where I can buy jelly beans in bulk.