Jason's Vacation

by Tyjord

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© Copyright 2002 - Tyjord - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; kidnap; bond; latex; bdsm; enema; cbt; susp; nc; XX

His eyes flickered open, the drug finally beginning to wear off. Full consciousness and feeling had returned, but he was still groggy and had little control over his muscles. He was aware of the two women moving him around, talking and laughing as they went about their task. He realized that he was naked, but his disorientation dulled any modesty he might have suffered from. He groaned as the women supported him on each side and carried him, legs dragging behind, down a flight of stairs and through aheavy door into what was apparently the basement. The women were moving faster now, noticing that he was coming around.

They laid their helpless charge on the cold cement floor and moved quickly to a large, wood cabinet standing up against one of the walls. Opening the cabinet's double doors, the women reached in and pulled out armfuls of items that the boy could not focus on well enough to identify. As they approached him once again, he tried to push himself off the floor, but failed and fell back, face first, with a thud. The women looked down at the naked young man and chuckled.

"Ready?" The older of the two women asked. The younger girl nodded excitedly. "Then let's get to work before he comes around enough to resist."

He felt their hands on him again, pulling him to a sitting position, back against the wall. As they maneuvered him, his mind drifted back to the events leading up to his current predicament.

"No baby, it's okay to talk. There aren't any customers right now. Besides, the Dragon Lady never comes by the booth on the weekends." He sat on a small chair, feet up on the cash register counter, cell phone pressed to his ear. Ignoring the customers browsing around the kiosk he worked part time at, the young man continued the conversation with his girlfriend. "Our plans for the summer are more important than these shoppers anyway." He focused on his girlfriends voice, tuning out the sounds of the busy shopping mall.

"Jason!" The voice came from behind him. He recognized it instantly and in a panic, jumped to his feet.

"Shit Kris, I gotta go," Jason hung up the phone and turned to face his boss.

"So, this is what I pay you for Jason?"

"Uh, no ma'am," he stammered. Unable to look her in the eyes, his glance moved quickly to the floor at his feet.

"Spare me, kid," she said. "I heard your entire conversation. To say I'm disappointed in you would be a severe understatement. Now let's see if I've got this right, the customers are not important, you're not worried about your job because I... excuse me... the 'Dragon Lady' never comes around on the weekends, and planning your summer break is top priority. Have I summarized your attitude correctly? And look at me when I'm talking to you!"

"No Ma'am," he replied, looking at the beautiful woman standing before him. She stood 5'9", almost as tall as him, had a drop dead figure. Her long, jet black hair framed a face that could have belonged to a Super Model. He hated looking into her hazel eyes, always feeling as though he was getting lost inside of them, melting away. He called this creature of perfection "Dragon Lady" only because he didn't want his girlfriend to know how gorgeous his boss really was. "I... I don't know what to say, I'm sorry."

"Well, at least you are not stupid enough to make up any lies. Jason," she said, putting her hands on her hips like a scolding parent, "I took a big chance hiring you and I expected better. I stopped by today to have a look and see why sales have been slipping on the weekends. Now I know. I thought you were worth the risk, second year of college, steady girlfriend. I thought you understood the concept of responsibility. I guess I was wrong."

"I..." he stammered and dropped his eyes to the floor once again, unable to meet her fiery gaze.

"Don't talk," she said. "Just look around. You're obviously not interested in working when I'm not here. I mean look at how you're dressed. You don't look like that on weeknights." She looked the boy over disapprovingly. He was wearing white nylon basketball shorts and a matching white tank top, athletic ankle socks and expensive, name brand sneakers. Although she found his choice of garments unacceptable for work, she had to admit he looked good. His 19 year old body was well defined but not overly muscular, toned from the various sports he participated in at school. She also noticed that no exposed part of his body, except his head, had any sign of hair. Legs, arms, back, chest, even his arm pits, were all smooth. The dirty blonde hair on his head had been cut short in a currently popular style. She knew he was on the swim team and guessed that he removed all of his body hair for that reason. All of it, she wondered?

"Ms. Victoria, I'm sorry. Is there anything I can say or do?"

"Not really. Basically, you're fired. The reasons are as follows: one, you did not come dressed appropriately for work. Two, you were caught using the business phone for personal use. Three, you were ignoring customers. Four, you were insubordinate to your boss, the "Dragon Lady".

"I'm fired?" This couldn't be happening, not with school out for the summer. He had anticipated a lecture, but not this.

She could see him holding back tears. One thing she could say for him was that even though he played the part of a tough jock, he was just a sensitive boy at heart. "That's right," she said, "now I am a fair woman, so I will pay you for this week. However, I can't right now, since you didn't make any money today." She handed him a piece of paper. "Here is my address. Come by my house at 7pm sharp and I'll have your money ready. Be there on time. Don't disappoint me further."

He took the paper and stared down at her address, not noticing the tone of her last statement. He did not understand. She wanted him to come over? She had just fired him. Was she making a pass at him? Firing him in order to have more than a boss - employee relationship? He was upset and confused, his mind a jumble until his teenaged hormones kicked in. what the hell, he thought, she's only 35, a widow, and extremely hot, why not?

"Jason," she said "do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, suddenly blushing at the thoughts he was having.

"Good, you can go now. I'll close up the booth. Remember, 7:00 on the dot if you want to get what's coming to you." With that she turned and walked away from him thinking that everything had gone perfectly.

Back at his dorm room, Jason's girlfriend Kristi was waiting for him. She had anticipated what had happened from the hang up. "Got fired huh?"

"Yeah," he said, starting to take off his shoes.

Kristi sat down on the bed next to him in the small room he shared with another student. School had just let out for the summer and his roommate had gone home for the almost two months of no classes. Jason had decided to stay at the dorm since his parents had just left for a two month European tour. "What are you doing," she asked.

"Changing," he replied. "I told you I have to go over to Ms. Victoria's house so I can get paid."

"I know, but why change? She already fired you, why bother making a good impression now?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," he said, retying his shoe. Besides, he thought to himself, it was obvious she liked the clothes, despite what she said.

"So let's go," Kristi said as she stood up.

"Go where, Kris?"

"Over to your ex-boss' place. I'd like to meet the 'Dragon Lady' who gave you your walking papers."

The argument that followed was pointless and he knew it. Kristi would not give in so he just knuckled under and agreed, losing any hope he had of finding out if his suspicions were correct.

As she turned off the light and shut the door behind them, Kristi thought to herself that everything was going perfectly.

It had all been strangely pleasant, as though nothing had happened. They had been in the house for about forty-five minutes just talking, mostly about Jason. Ms. Victoria had brought them soft drinks and handed Jason a check for his final wages, but said nothing about the incident that afternoon. She had even shown the pair around her out-of-the-way five bedroom colonial home that sat on the five acres of her property. She had even mentioned that she had a small barn out back and that she would enjoy showing it to him sometime.

He downed the last of what was in his glass and sat there, on the sofa. He was still holding the check she had handed to him, having no pockets to put it in. Kristi leaned over and offered to hold it for him until later. Ms. Victoria just smiled as he handed over the check and almost fell off the sofa. Kristi leaned him back as the room started spinning around him. His girlfriend was stroking the side of his face as his eyes rolled back into his head and he began to black out.

Jason drifted in and out of consciousness as the two women began stripping off his clothes. He was vaguely aware of what was happening, but was too groggy to resist. He saw Kristi hand the check back to the older woman who promptly tore it up.

"He won't be needing this," she said as she tossed the remains into the trash

Kristi had already removed the boy's tank-top, shoes, and socks when Victoria reached over and pulled off his shorts, revealing the white briefs underneath.

"Sorry Aunt Victoria," she said. "It was the one thing he wouldn't go for. He even hates the skimpy swimsuits he has to wear at practice, so smaller underwear were out of the question, no matter how much I tried."

'Aunt Victoria', Jason thought, fighting back a wave of nausea as the room seemed to flip over. 'They're related?' He felt his underwear pulled from his now naked body.

"Don't worry about it sweetheart," Victoria said, "at least you got him to shave, everything, I see." She rubbed her hand across his hairless groin.

"That was surprisingly easy," Kristi replied proudly. "He already had to shave everything else for the swim team, getting him to do his private parts after that was a cinch. Especially after I showed him that I shaved mine. Plus, yesterday I introduced him to that new depilatory you gave me, so we don't have to worry about any re-growth for at least two weeks. He enjoyed not having to use a razor so much that he even did his face with it."

"Excellent," Victoria said smiling.

He had started to come around a bit as they brought him down to the basement, but was still too groggy to offer up any resistance. He realized now that everything had been planned by these two women. His girlfriend of six months and his employer of four were apparently related, a fact that he had been ignorant of until now. He wondered what they had put in his drink that could incapacitate him so thoroughly without completely knocking him unconscious. His wondering came to an abrupt end as the two women began their task in earnest.

They approached him with the first item that they had pulled from their cabinet. It took him a moment to figure out what it was they were holding. He stared in horror at the black latex bodysuit, not believing that the way too small garment was intended for him. It resembled the full bodysuits worn by ballet dancers except that it appeared to have full coverage for the hands and feet. There was a zipper that went from the upper back to the top of the high neck and several openings strategically placed throughout.

As Kristi began pulling the skintight suit up her boyfriend's feet, Victoria pulled his hands behind his back and locked them together with a pair of handcuffs. Jason tried to say something, but was hushed by Victoria who told him that if he didn't remain calm and quiet, things would get much more uncomfortable. Kristi laughed as they stood him up and, leaning his upper body against the wall, pulled the second skin up his legs, stopping just below his butt. They bent him over roughly and he felt something being pushed past his ass cheeks and up against his anus. He yelped as the head of the ten inch long dildo plug pushed into him. The boy squirmed and gasped as the full length of the intruder slid into his rectum, it's girth stretching and filling his bottom completely. Several straps were quickly buckled, locking the plug in place. The bodysuit was then pulled up over his rear, so that two plastic nozzles attached to the base of the plug fit through two matching holes in the suit.

Victoria then removed his cuffs, which were meant only to restrain him while the plug was inserted. The women quickly pulled the rest of the latex suit onto him, completely encasing his body in the tight, stretchy rubber. As the finishing touches were applied, Jason realized that his genitals had been pulled through a small opening in the crotch of the suit, and that his nipples also extended through perfectly placed holes. The boy winced as Victoria zipped up the back of the suit just before Kristi handed her more items from the cabinet. The first was a set of leather wrist cuffs which she used to once again lock his wrists behind his back. The second item was a wide leather posture collar which she then secured around his neck, completely covering the suit's zipper. With this high collar now locked in place with a small padlock, Jason found himself unable to lower his head.

Victoria and Kristi stepped back and allowed the now fully conscious boy to stand on his own. Completely helpless, Jason stood still, not wanting the plug inside of him to move around. Victoria then brought over a length of chain and attached one end to the center of his wrist manacles. She then threaded the other end through the lower of two D rings centered at the back of his collar, and began pulling the chain down.

"Kristi honey," Victoria said to her niece as she slowly raised the boy's arms behind his back, "it's time to gag him now. Will you take care of it? My hands are full." Kristi picked up another object and brought it over to the helpless boy. Seeing it momentarily took Jason's mind off of his cramping arms and plugged ass. It was about five inches long and shaped like a curved erect penis. It had straps all around it and circling the base was a foam ring with two molded plastic projections coming out from either side. As she approached him with the strange gag, he winced as his arms were drawn up even farther behind him.

"Please... why?" He stammered as his girlfriend turned the gag so that it curved downward and pushed it into his mouth. Kristi smiled as she wedged the head of the hard rubber cock deep in his throat.

"Just relax, sweetheart," she said, "it has to go in all the way to work properly."

He wretched violently as she pushed it home. scrunching up the foam ring so it fit past his teeth. Once in place, the foam expanded again behind his teeth, securing the shaft in place. Kristi then pulled his cheeks open and slid the molded plastic mouth guards into place in front of his gums, sealing off his mouth completely. Still choking on the fake cock down his throat, Jason grimaced as Victoria pulled hard on the chain, forcing his arms into a painfully unnatural reverse prayer position with his hands up between his shoulder blades. Victoria then padlocked the chain back down to his wrists, forcing Jason to arch his head back to ease the pressure on his neck. Kristi took advantage of the boy's distraction to pull the gag's straps into place, buckling and locking them behind his head.

Victoria chuckled as she came around in front of him and retrieved yet another item. "He looks so natural with those long, hard cocks up his ass and down his throat. I think he likes it." Kristi brought over a stepladder and climbed up while Victoria attached a second chain to the back of Jason's collar. Passing the other end to Kristi, Victoria watched as she threaded it through a ring screwed into the ceiling. Passing the end back down to her aunt, Kristi climbed down and moved the ladder away, pausing only to pick up some leather straps.

As Victoria watched, holding the boy's leash, Kristi buckled the straps tightly around Jason's ankles, calves, knees, and thighs, securing his lower body together. Satisfied with her efforts, the girl gave her aunt the thumbs up sign and watched as Victoria began to pull down on the chain.

Jason panicked as he felt the tugging on the front of his collar as Victoria pulled the chain through the ring on the ceiling. For a moment he thought they were going to hang him as he choked from both the gag and the pressure on his collar.

Seeing the distress in his eyes, Kristi leaned over his ear and whispered to him, "you can ease off the pressure a bit if you lift yourself up on your toes." Gratefully he did so, putting all of his weight on the rubber encased balls of his feet. Immediately, Victoria took up the slack in the chain and hooked the taught metal to another ring in the wall near her. Kristi then grabbed another strap and buckled it around his newly exposed instep.

Victoria walked back to the cabinet to retrieve the next item in the women's arsenal. Kristi clapped her hands excitedly as she saw her aunt return with the heavy leather, rubber, and metal corset. Working together, they managed to slip the back of the corset into place under the boy's arms, pulling the two open ends around the front of his body. They had to stretch the ends to their limit in order to get the attached buckles and straps to meet. Once all of the straps were threaded, the women began pulling them tight, not stopping until they were able to buckle them in place at the last, tightest notch. A heavy leather flap was then pulled down over the buckles and zipped into place, covering them completely. The woman then took two small padlocks and attached one to each end of the flap's zipper, locking it closed.

The effect of the corset was immediate. Jason's thirty inch waist had been reduced to a crushing twenty four inches. The pressure on his stomach was intense and his breathing severely limited by the constriction of his lungs. Thanks to his mouth filling gag, the boy could now only manage shallow wheezing through his nose. Panicking at the sudden decrease in his oxygen intake, Jason began struggling in his restraints. The struggling did not last long however, as the inability to take deep breaths prevented any prolonged strenuous activity.

"Perfect," Victoria said as the two women stepped back and watched the boy's futile struggles come to an end. They took the moment to examine the fruits of their labor. Held in place by the neck, Jason was forced to balance all of his weight on his toes. Any attempt to lower himself would cause the pressure on his collar to increase even more than it already was from the strain of his pulled up arms. Satisfied with their results, Victoria moved closer to the boy and began to explain...

"We still have a lot to do, so I'm going to make this short and sweet. The last six months of your life have all been a set up for this moment. Ever since my niece saw you at your swim meet, she knew you would be perfect for our plans. No, we don't intend to hurt you, well, not permanently anyway, but we do intend to use you for our pleasure. And this is how we get that pleasure. You're young, good looking, well built, and very healthy, the perfect boy toy. For the next month you will be our guest here. You will have to endure every thing we do to you and perhaps, just perhaps, we'll reward you from time to time with some pleasure of your own. Of course, that's a long ways off and all good things have a price as you'll eventually see."

"You know, Jason," Kristi chimed in, "I almost didn't chose you. That Freshman on your team, Michael, came in a really close second. But we found out he was already into this stuff, so he was no good for this stage in our plans." She ran her hands across his face, tracing the outline of the leather straps that were crisscrossing his features. "Just know this, baby, your suffering is turning us on tremendously... try to enjoy it."

"That's enough," Victoria said, "let's finish him up. We have a big day tomorrow and I want him done so we can get to sleep."

More than happy to oblige her aunt, Kristi set about continuing her boyfriend's preparation. She picked up a small, complicated looking set of leather straps and proceeded to kneel down in front of the bound boy. Working quickly, Kristi first buckled a thin strap around Jason's balls and pulled it as tight as possible. She then took a strap that was dangling from the center bottom of the ball strap and pulled it up between his testicles, separating them painfully. Pulling this strap to it's tightest position forced the boy's balls into two distinct units.

Jason squirmed only slightly from the new sensation, trying hard not to upset his perch. He groaned, once again choking on the rubber cock head down his throat. Kristi was now stroking his cock. Her attentions, coupled with the restriction of the ball straps succeeded in making him hard. With some effort, the girl then managed to squeeze his erect member into a small latex sheath that covered it from just below the head to the base where an attached strap was fastened into place like a cock ring. She flicked the bulbous, cherry-red head of his cock with her fingernail.

"There," she said warmly, " that'll keep you nice and hard for a good long time." She finished up by lifting another thin strap, this one attached to the sheath just under the head, over the top of his penis head, and threaded it through a flap at the top of the sheath. As she pulled the excess through, she guided a small, centered metal ring into place just inside his piss slit, stretching it open. Once it was securely in place, she brought the end of the strap up to the top of his corset and buckled it in place. His erect penis was now firmly held in an upward pointing position, away from his balls.

Victoria came forward with a small metal bar. It had rings attached to each end and short dangling leather straps. She attached one of these straps to each of his separated testicles then allowed the bar to drop, horizontal to the floor. She then began hanging two pound lead weights from each of the rings under the bar. She put them on one at a time, watching as the bar fell lower and lower, dragging Jason's balls down and in opposite directions. Momentarily satisfied with ten pounds, Victoria moved aside to let Kristi continue.

The boy's bodysuit had two holes which were positioned right over his nipples. Kristi came forward with two strange, nasty looking nipple clamps. She put one of the clamps over his left nipple and hooked the teeth into it's tip. She then pulled back on a piece at the rear of the clamp which caused his nipple to be stretched forward. Once she pulled it out as far as it would go, she engaged the bottom row of teeth which bit into the base of his distended nipple. She then repeated the process with his right nipple. Then with a hand on the middle section of each clamp, she pushed down causing a tie clip like device to pierce the elongated middle of each of his nipples.

Even through his gag, the women heard his muffled scream. Almost passing out from the intense pain, Jason lost his balance and slumped against his leash. Victoria leapt in, smacking him across the face to bring him around. Once he was back on his feet, Kristi attached a light chain to each clamp and hung a two pound weight from each. "I told you you should have gotten your nipples pierced when we had your ears done," she said sarcastically, wiping the tears from the boy's eyes.

"While I go get his 'cocktail' ready," Victoria said, "you remind him of what's going on behind him. I think all of the attention we've given his front has made him forget that thick dick we slid up his ass." Victoria left the room, going through a side doorway and turning on a light. Jason could hear water running in the distance as Kristi went behind him and attached a hand pump to one of the tubes coming out of his dildo. She slowly began squeezing air into the already huge plug, causing it to grow until it stretched the walls of his rectum to their limits. Satisfied with the pressure on the pumps gauge, Kristi detached it just as her aunt came back in holding huge, full almost to bursting, red hot water bottle.

Jason eyed the bag warily because it had a tube hanging fro the top. With difficulty, Victoria turned the heavy bag upside down, allowing Kristi to grab the end of the now dangling tube. Still behind the helpless boy, Kristi attached the tube to the second nozzle coming out of his now painfully inflated plug. After it was secured, Kristi walked around in front of her boyfriend. "All set Victoria, let 'er rip."

"This part," Victoria told Jason, "was all Kristi's idea. Although once I heard it, I was sorry I didn't think of it myself. Remember this afternoon, when you said to her 'shit, Kris, I gotta go'? Well, this is a play on those words. Just think of it as," she released a small clamp at the top of the enema bag's hose, "'I got to go shit Kris', instead. Unfortunately, you won't be able to." Victoria hung the filled one gallon bag from the chain attached to the boy's neck, allowing gravity to do it's job.

Jason saw Kristi smile evilly as he felt the first of the flowing hot, soapy water entered his bowels. She placed a hand on his tightly corseted stomach, rubbing the thick material in mock sympathy. Jason felt the first cramps hit him like a knife. With his stomach unable to expand due to the corset, the pressure forced the punishing liquid higher and higher into his intestines. Jason squirmed in his bonds as the cramps intensified. he thought he was going to explode as the last of the fluid drained out of the bag and into him.

"That was quick," Kristi said, almost disappointed, "can we give him more?"

Victoria looked thoughtful. "No, I don't think so. One gallon is quite a bit. We just can't see the results because of the corset. trust me though, he's quite full." Jason moaned in agreement. "Why don't you clean up the enema supplies while I go get his other 'cocktail' we discussed?"

Victoria headed upstairs as Kristi clamped off the tube, sealed Jason's anal plug, and removed the enema bag. Jason tried to communicate his distress as his girlfriend worked around him. She ignored his whimpering pleas and just smiled at him, finishing up just as her aunt returned with yet another, albeit smaller, filled enema bag with hose.

Victoria attached the new hose to the boy's gag and opened the clamp. "This is a special drink we cooked up just for you. It contains, not that you won't find out for yourself in a little while, a powerful colonic cleansing solution that's going to loosen up all of the nasty stuff in your upper intestine and force it out. of course, it won't be able to go anywhere with you plugged up, so I wouldn't worry about it too much," she smiled sweetly. "It also contains a very strong diuretic that's going to make your bladder drain. Kristi will be seeing to that in a moment. And finally, it has a mild emetic which will make you want to vomit. But, as you can no doubt tell from that very restrictive gag you're wearing, nothing can come out of your mouth, so I don't recommend giving in to the nausea."

Jason began to wretch as the fluid poured out of the cock gag embedded in his throat and ran down to his already full stomach, mixing with the still hot, soapy enema water. He felt like he was going to drown as his gag reflex forced the liquid into his already burning gut. For a moment he almost lost his balance again as a massive cramp hit, but he managed to right himself, doing his best to block out the pain.

Once the bag was empty, Victoria stepped aside and allowed Kristi to kneel once more in front of the boy. Holding another item, Kristi grabbed hold of Jason's swollen cock. Carefully, she slid the end of a thick plastic catheter tube into his held open piss slit. The tube fit right through the ring embedded in the mouth of his penis. Using firm pressure, Kristi worked the entire length of the twelve inch tube into his shaft, watching with satisfaction as his body jerked with every inch. Once imbedded in his bladder, Kristi clamped off the tube then retrieved her hand pump and inflated the attached balloon inside of him, ensuring that the catheter would not come out on its own.

"Jason sweetie, you ok? We're almost done here," Victoria said as she came forward holding another piece of black rubber. It was a full stretch hood with a small hole in the mouth area for the gag tube, and two thick tubes at the level of his nostrils, each several inches long. Victoria stretched the hood over his head and pulled the tight material down, blocking out his vision and completely covering his face. She adjusted the contouring rubber so that the hole and tubes were properly positioned. Otherwise airtight, Jason found himself breathing through the tubes that were now penetrating his nostrils. Unable to see, the boy felt something get attached to his catheter and then what was obviously the other end, was pushed through the hood and onto his gag tube. he trembled, realizing that the diuretic would start working soon.

Victoria attached the hood to the boy's collar, completing his rubber encapsulation. She then lengthened the two nostril tubes by attaching a Y-shaped adapter piece that tapered into a single tube. Leaving that dangling at his side, she forced three inches of tubing into each of his nostrils and up his nasal passage. She clipped the single tube piece into place on the upper lip of his hood and gave a small tug to ensure the tubes would not come out. Satisfied, she waited while Kristi handled the next part of Jason's torture.

Victoria's niece took a black electrical cord and attached one end to a plug in hole on the boy's inflated dildo, she then plugged the other end into a nearby electrical outlet. The women watched as Jason began shifting on his toes, lurching as the now vibrating cock thrust violently in his rectum, churning up his enema.

Pleased with the state of the boy, the women picked up a large bucket and the enema bag and proceeded into the small sideroom where they proceed to give each other a two quart enema. They held the liquid as each pissed into the bucket. After fifteen minutes, they expelled the contents of their bowels into the bucket as well. Bringing the bucket, filled with their waste, they returned to the room where Jason was suffering in muted agony. They put a thinly slotted cover over the top of the bucket and set it next to the boy.

"Well, Jason, this is it, the last of your preparations for now. We control every part of you and now we're even going to control your breathing. Kristi..." With those words from her aunt, the girl picked up the boy's dangling nasal tube and attached it to a small nozzle on the bucket, just above the filled level. Jason recoiled as he breathed in the foul, stinking air that passed through the slotted top and got sucked into his tube.

"Oh," Kristi said suddenly, "we lied. I forgot something." With that, Kristi unclipped the clamp on the boy's catheter. The women watched as the uncontrollable flow of his urine drained into his throat. They surveyed their handiwork as the boy struggled to keep from vomiting. The boy looked like a deformed, perverted black rubber doll.

Arms numb and calves aching, Jason's body was an immobile, sadistic artpiece. his bowels were cramping intensely from both the huge enema and the now taking effect colon cleanser. Unable to release due to the huge, vibrating, inflated dildo that sealed his rectum as tight as a drum, the suffering boy endured each wave of pain by attempting to focus on his other distractions. As if the fetid air was not enough to make him nauseated, the emetic had kicked in and Jason had to consciously prevent himself from vomiting in order to keep from choking on anything that welled up in his throat. Thankfully he had apparently downed the first wave of his piss, but he knew their would be more.

Strangely though, Jason was aroused and felt as though he would cum if only one of the women would just touch his tortured cock. Of course the ladies had already decided that gratification was not something in their plans for the boy in the near future. Knowing this, Jason began to accept his fate.

Giving the nipple and ball weights a swing, Victoria said, "It's a little chilly down here, maybe we should do something to make him more comfortable." Kristi laughed at the comment and helped Victoria move two halogen floor lamps into place with their high output bulbs pointing at the boy from the front and back. Turning them on caused the area around Jason to rise to almost 90 degrees. Inside his latex bodysuit, the boy began to sweat causing the rubber suit to contract in the heat.

"He looks wonderful," Victoria said. "Let's let him get some sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a big night and he'll need at least 24 hours rest to prepare."

Shocked at the thought of being left like this for 24 hours, Jason's mind began transferring all of his tortures into one lump ache. Slowly the boy phased out and became one with his suffering. He was, however, still aware enough to hear Kristi's last comment as she and her aunt exited the room.

"Do you think Jason will enjoy playing with Michael once we get him down here?"

"It doesn't really matter," Victoria responded as she shut the overhead light and closed the door behind her, locking it, "we sure will."

The End?