Janet's New Home

by Tojo

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© Copyright 2006 - Tojo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; bond; kidnap; packaged; gag; hood; boxed; reluct/cons; X

Chapter 1

It wasn’t his fault- she was the one who’d suggested it in the first place- who’d made it possible. For months, they’d been communicating via email, exchanging fantasies. Hers was to be captured and carried off by force, never to be released. To be used as a slave, kept chained in a dungeon in the dark. He’d decided to go along with it, just for her sake- just a bit of fun really. Hell, she’d begged him to do it! Was he to blame for getting a little carried away?

He’d gone along with it, all the while realising that she was dead serious. She’d given him her home address, for gods’ sake, told him where to find the spare key, and admitted she lived alone. The only work she did was on the internet- if anyone was to miss her, they didn’t even know who she really was. The key was under the fire extinguisher, just as she’d said and once he’d carefully unlocked the door, there was no latch or chain.

The smell of her apartment was intoxicating. He’d slipped inside the door and just stood there, eyes closed, breathing in her scent. An old trick from his hunting days was to almost close his eyes and focus on a point- a way of quickly becoming accustomed to the dark. He did this now, noting that the whole building was solid concrete, with thick carpet throughout. He could dance through the apartment without a sound.

Padding across the carpet, as his eyes adjusted to the dark he found the bedroom door. It was too easy. Heart hammering, and knees shaking, he paused for a moment, trying to calm his breathing. Taking the rope and leather harness gag with a fat rubber penis out of his pockets, he carefully eased the door open. A faint light shone through the curtains- there she was, her dark hair spread across the pillow. Apart from having longer hair, she was just as in the photos and on the web cam. He gazed transfixed as her chest rose and fell with her steady breathing. He could hear her exhale, a faint noise in the silent room as he stood at the foot of the bed watching her.

She would probably freak- he was meant to come in the daylight hours, so she’d see who it was first. He’d agreed to that, but shit- she didn’t seem one for half measures and he’d always believed if you were going to do something, you might as well do it right. Besides, if she didn’t want to be surprised, she could have put the chain on the door!

He could see her collar- she’d said she always wore it to bed with the lead attached. That would make things easier for him. The rope in his left hand, he crept to her side. Carefully, he lifted the gag up and slipped it into his own mouth, wetting it with his saliva- it would go into hers so much easier. For another moment, he gazed at her- she was so beautiful, smooth skin and soft shiny hair. The collar framed her face and her lashes looked like those of a little girl. With a deep breath he gathered his strength - it was time.

With a knee on her chest, he pulled her head back by the hair, and shoved the black rubber penis into her mouth. Rolling her over, he transferred his knee to her back, and buckled the straps tight. She fought like a wildcat, making more noise than he’d thought possible. Surely the neighbours would hear!

Managing to wrestle her left arm up behind her, he wrapped the rope around it, then grabbed for her right arm. Nothing fancy at this stage, there’d be time enough for that later. Bucking and screaming, she was soon lashed into immobility, with her ankles tied up to her wrists. The free end went up to her collar, and using his strength, he pulled until her muffled screaming turned into a muted gurgling sound.

As he tied the rope off to the D ring at the back of her collar, she lunged back, cracking his forehead with the back of her own head. Seeing stars, he decided to stop messing around and pulled harder bending her backward in an agonising bow. She was certainly awake now! Her eyes as big as saucers, she stared at him, horrified.

‘Janet- this is what you asked for’ he said, holding his sore head. ‘Don’t look so surprised.’

The look on her face didn’t change, either she didn’t like what was happening, or she was taking her part very seriously. Unfortunately for her, she was not going to have an opportunity to comment. Once his head cleared, he sat down and pushed her onto her side. She’d quietened down now, just staring unblinkingly at him. ‘You look a little surprised’ he said- ‘didn’t you think I’d go through with it?’

He slipped his hand down her pajama top. Closing his eyes as he felt her soft skin, he caressed her breasts, and toyed with her nipples. For more than half an hour, his hands roamed over her, undoing buttons as required. His fingers entwined with her hair, he knelt down and kissed her stretched out midriff. His lips and tongue made journeys over her, licking and sucking, as more and more skin became exposed. Her face was red, from lack of air and probably a little frustration, when he sat up and looked at her face.

Untying the rope at the back of her collar afforded some relief- at least her face went back to its normal colour! ‘You’re very beautiful’ he said, gazing at her. ‘I hope I can make you very happy. Your eyes are gorgeous, you know.’

Now that she was limp and unable to put up a fight, he untied her, leaving the gag in place. Soft moans came from behind it as she lay there, barely able to move. Her own leather cuffs were wrapped around her wrists and locked on. As he sat her upright, she made feeble sounds of protest, and tried to resist. In her weakened state, she was no match for him and was soon standing at the foot of the bed with her wrists attached to a rope going up to the hook in the ceiling.

Her feet were slipped into a pair of high heels, then her ankle cuffs were locked into place. Soon she was standing naked, legs held apart by her spreader bar, her head back, as he stood behind her. Again, his hands and lips were on her- teasing and titillating. He stood in front of her and gazed at her, gently gliding his fingers over her smooth skin and her hips. A wide leather belt with a crotch strap dangling from it, was buckled around her waist, and first a well lubricated butt plug, then a vibrator was slid inside her. The crotch strap was pulled tight, lifting her up onto her toes.

He wrapped a short skirt around her waist- just to accentuate her legs and turned the vibrator onto its lowest setting. An amusing half hour or so was spent, just watching her moan and wriggle, before he lay down and fell asleep, to the sounds of her moans and the muted hum of the vibrator.

He awoke to the sight of her dangling at the foot of the bed. She was still and quiet now, the batteries had run down, and so had she. He woke her with more caresses and kisses, before untying the rope from the ceiling and freeing her ankles. She slithered to the floor, limp and spent. Her hands went to the gag, to be gently pulled away by her new owner.

Chapter 2

‘We don’t want to disturb the neighbours, Janet’ he said soothingly, lifting her skirt and unbuckling the crotch strap. The vibrator fell out onto the floor, and he carefully eased the butt plug away from it’s cosy spot. She was a mess, dazed and disorientated. Her arms were as limp as a rag doll. He helped her up and took her into the bathroom.

Afterwards she was tied to a chair in the kitchen, still naked. The gag came off, and was replaced by a large rubber ball, held in place by a few strips of duct tape. Before applying the tape, he entwined his fingers in her hair and licked and kissed her lips. ‘We don’t want the tape to stick to them, my sweet- your lips are too pretty to harm.’

She sat bound immovably, legs apart and wrists behind her, while he spent some more time kissing and caressing her. ‘You’re so sexy Janet, I just can’t stop myself. Good thing I don’t have to, hey?’

Standing behind her, he slid his hands down over her, teasing and stroking her skin. He rolled her nipples between thumbs and forefingers while kissing her neck. His hands were all over her, on a mission of exploration and discovery. Holding a handful of hair, he pulled her head back and kissed her face, his other hand cupping her chin.

Abruptly, he let go. ‘Well, I’d love to do that all day Janet, but we’ve got work to do.’

Using a pair of scissors, he started on her hair, cutting off as much as possible, then lathered up what little was left. Within a surprisingly short time, he was carefully shaving her eyebrows off, leaving her completely hairless all over, apart from her lashes. ‘Soon you’ll see why, Janet’ was his only comment as he wiped her off.

As he began to free her, there ensued a short struggle, culminating with her face down on the floor having her wrists bound behind her back with cotton rope. For her, the reality was far removed from her fantasy. He was meant to come in daylight, not jump her when she was asleep. This was terrifying- not the least bit exciting. She just wanted to be able to tell him to stop for a moment. She kicked and screamed, thrashing about on the carpet as he tied her wrists to her ankles once again.

‘We need to keep you quiet for a little while Janet’ he said, producing a hypodermic filled with clear liquid. ‘This is just a mild sedative, it’ll wear off soon.’ Her eyes were wide against the bald head- the lack of eyebrows emphasising her eyelashes and giving her the appearance of a doll. ‘I wouldn’t fight it; you don’t want the needle to break off in your arm.’

As she drifted off to sleep, he peeled the tape off, pulled a tight leather hood over her head and laced it tight. The ball was forced into her mouth and her jaw held closed. The hood completely covered her head, the only opening being breathing holes for her nostrils. After making sure she could breathe freely, he replaced her collar. She was so small and light, he was able to pick up her limp form and carry her to the bed. He stood and looked at her, lying limp on her bound arms. Naked apart from the hood, her skin was smooth and white; she had the body of a teenager. It was then he realised- he was never going to let her go. The plan to take her became a reality as of that moment. Well she’d always said she wanted to be a full time slave- a 24/7 sub.

Chapter 3

He was just giving her what she wanted. The feelings he had for her were far more powerful than any law or moral code. Any sense of honour or respect for women just didn’t seem important any more. Only one thing mattered- keeping her in chains forever. But first- he had to pack. A huge suitcase was in the wardrobe, just her size. It took a bit of doing, but finally she was packed inside, wrists handcuffed together, the chain locked to the ring at the front of her collar. She could touch her mouth through the leather hood, but there was no way she’d get the hood off, it was there until he unlocked the collar and set her free. A baby monitor was placed in her limp hands, and taped in place near her mouth

Her ankles were restrained with her own leather cuffs and a padlock between them. Nothing else was required, the suitcase would hold her if she woke up prematurely. Using her own folding trolley, he moved her temporary prison out into the back of his van, and tied the handle to the luggage rail inside. Going back into her apartment, he quickly loaded a few more suitcases with whatever clothing took his eye. The smells inside her wardrobe were divine. Taking a moment, he closed his eyes and breathed her scent in, filling his lungs with her. Another case full of jewellery and make up went on the trolley and in his anonymous Amtrak overalls and cap, he wheeled it down to the van.

Cap over his eyes as he drove past the security cameras, he hummed to himself as he listened to the sounds of her steady breathing in the earphone. ‘I wish they all could be Californian girls’- those Beach Boys sure had it sussed.

It was around 2 hours drive to his place. Smiling to himself he thought about the other part of the surprise- she thought he lived in Australia! Well, he had at one time…

As they left the city limits, he relaxed and started singing his favourite song at the top of his voice. ‘East Coast girls are hip, I really DIG those styles they wear…’ Watching his speed carefully, he motored along, dreaming of good times to come. The occasional whoop of sheer exuberance the only interruption to the sedate journey.

At first he’d wanted to play along with her fantasy. She seemed really something in her emails and on the phone, her sexuality was unmistakable. Just listening to her voice one day, he’d pretty much flipped out- she’d just casually mentioned what she was wearing at the time. It wasn’t some bizarre fetish wear, but there was something in her voice that got to him. From that moment, he could not stop thinking about her. Months went by- he was a rational guy, not given to whims of fantasy. He told himself his feelings for her were just feelings, nothing more- not something to be taken seriously. Even as he’d entered her apartment, he’d managed to convince himself that she’d still be waking up in her own bed next week, the same as usual.

Well, not any more! She was his now. Her fantasy now an ironclad reality- she would be iron clad once they got there, alright. He’d been busy in his workshop, making up a few surprises for her. Some were in a box in the van- he really had meant to just play with her in her own apartment. The plan had been to tie and gag her, then come back to the van for the box of toys.

The hypodermic just sort of happened to be in his coveralls.…

Just for a moment, he closed his eyes- the image of her head on her pillow tugged at his heartstrings. Shit- he was in love with her. No use denying it. He’d known for months now, but hadn't admitted it to himself. It just wasn’t right to feel like this about someone a bloke had never even seen! He was a confirmed bachelor anyway, not about to get caught up in some sort of long distance relationship with a woman he shared a kink with!

All that had gone out the window as soon as he’d seen her. The thought of spending his life without her seemed bleak and miserable. All those years of independence and self-sufficiency seemed a hazy memory. As if by it’s own accord, the van turned up the road into his house- they were home. The trip had seemed like a 5 minute drive- he had no memory of it, whatsoever. Shutting the motor off, the only sound was a roaring in his ears, as if his emotions were boiling over. Her breathing still sounded the same in the earphone, thank god- hopefully he would have noticed any problem, not just kept on driving…

As the automatic door rolled up, he slid out and hurried around the back. There was an unconscious woman in the back of his van! He ran the thought through his mind again- an unconscious woman in his van…. Her wrists and ankles secured- trapped inside a suitcase- god what a feeling.

She was going to love this, he thought, opening the back doors and untying the handle of the case. Well maybe not at first…

He laid her temporary prison down and opened it up A quick look around for unwanted spectators and he lifted her up over his shoulder. She was so light, he could have carried her around indefinitely, but it just wouldn’t do to be seen giving a naked bound woman a tour of the grounds. Not that she’d see anything through the hood anyway. Opening the door in the garage, he went down the steps into the concrete bomb shelter.

Pausing in the entrance, he looked around with satisfaction. The previous owners of the property had been a little paranoid, building a reinforced concrete bunker with a hidden door opening into it. He’d spent months down there, fixing bolts in the walls, building furniture and ‘decorating’ the place. It wasn’t exactly a dungeon, but was about as close as he’d ever need. More of an underground bedroom, with an attached ensuite.

The ‘sleep box’ hadn't been his idea- something he’d read about somewhere. It looked like a coffin, made from dark timber. The idea was for her head to first be encased in a padded box, which closed over her neck and had a plastic tube and mouthpiece that directed air into her mouth, similar to a scuba diver.

The idea was to totally remove outside stimuli, so she could be ‘trained’ or brainwashed by subliminal messages piped in through the inbuilt earphones. She’d drift off to sleep at night listening to soft music, which had an undercurrent of repetitive phrases designed to break down her will and turn her attention to her own body. She was to be trained to serve and to do it willingly- not for him the whips and cruelty described in books and stories. She was his dream girl, not some captured maiden.

She would be laid face down in the larger box, her headbox fixed into place, and the padded lid closed. The beauty of the system, was that there was no need for further restraint. Once the lid was closed, she’d be compressed so tightly, she’d be unable to move her hands from her sides. That way, all chafe marks would be eliminated.

Chapter 4 - Janet’s new home

Gradually she woke up, her head aching and vision blurred. What was that in front of her? She seemed to be stuck somehow, as if she couldn’t move. Blinking and shaking her head, she tried to focus on the thing in front of her. Funny, it looked like her own reflection? Only different somehow. She pulled at her arms, it was if she was tangled in her blankets unable to move.

Struggling to wake up, memories came back of being bound and molested on her own bed. As her mind cleared, so did the reflection in the mirror above her. She was lying on her back naked, stretched out to the four corners of a large wooden table. Leather straps held her wrists and ankles, with many more around the rest of her taut body. Three wide straps were around her waist, above and below her breasts. More held her thighs, above her knees and her elbows. Her neck had one that went up under her chin, and appeared to be fixed to the table, stopping her from moving her head. The straps around her wrists were pulled so tight, her whole body was stretched. The hood was gone and she could see the alien sight of her bald head.

Looking wildly around, she saw a familiar face- thank god, it was him, her online friend. Breathing a sigh of relief, she tried to speak. He smiled as a hoarse croak came from her dry mouth. ‘Don’t try to speak Janet- I’ll let you know when it’s time to.’

‘You just lie there quietly for a while and I’ll get you a drink.’

A wave of panic shot through her- what was he doing? More memories came back to her- the way he’d jumped her as she slept, tied her in an agonising hogtie and teased her until she couldn’t think anymore. As she tried to make an intelligible sentence, he got up and bent over her. Softly he kissed her dry lips and stroked her cheek. ‘Shush now, my precious- I’ll get you a drink.’

Her wide-eyed stare followed him until he came back. With a plastic cup, he dribbled a little water between her lips. ‘Don’t try and talk Janet- I just want you to lie there quietly. If I ask you a question, it will be a simple yes or no one. Do you understand?’

Eventually she managed to move her head up and down a little. ‘Thank you’ he said smiling down at her. ‘I don’t want any unpleasantness between us. I’m not going to hurt you’ he went on, stroking her cheek. ‘I just want to keep you- forever. If you’re good, I’ll let you come upstairs and wait on me sometimes.’

‘Now, before I go, are you all right? By that I mean can you breathe and will you be alive when I come back?’

Dazed, she nodded her head once more, eyes still wide and unblinking. With a kiss on her forehead, he swept out the room, closing the door behind him.

Time passed slowly for the stretched maiden on the big table. He fingers fluttered and her toes wriggled. Little else moved apart from the irregular rise and fall of her chest and her eyelids opening and closing. Even her eyes remained fixed on the image above her. The mirrored tiles showed a creature unlike anything she’d seen in all the bondage pictures. Strangely hypnotic and somehow disturbing. It seemed hours before he came back in. She was in a daze from being fixed in one spot so long, her whole body stiff and sore.

‘Let me go please,’ she croaked ‘my arms are hurting.’

His answer was to bend down and kiss her lips. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll soon have you out of this.’

Yet again, he began to caress her, starting with a massage to her stiff arms. ‘Let’s just get back to a nod or head shake for communication’ he suggested. ‘We don’t want to be using that nasty gag again do we?’

This time, he took some time teasing her, then slipped a moistened finger inside her, which was soon replaced by a slippery little egg vibrator. As the gentle buzz and his hands worked on her helpless body, she closed her eyes and drifted. Much much later, she was drifting in a haze of pre orgasmic bliss. There was no up or down, no getting close to the edge and backing off. This was a continual hovering.

It seemed to go on for hours. She lay there moaning, her head moving from side to side. She could see the reflection in the ceiling, him bending over her naked form, teasing and tormenting. She was caressed, kissed, her nipples teased sucked and clamped. Ice cubes were slid over her body, various vibrating toys and even a feather duster took their turn in the assault on her senses. The little vibe hummed quietly away, driving her crazier by the minute.

When the torture stopped, she was barely conscious- her body covered in perspiration and she trembled uncontrollably, as if from a chill.

When she was released from the table, she couldn’t move, just lay there limp, sightlessly staring at the ceiling. Her mind was a complete blank, she didn’t even care about that elusive orgasm any more. Once her new owner had cleaned her up and toweled her off, she was rolled over and given an expert massage. All the knots and stiffness were lovingly smoothed out as she lay limp and drained.

In a near catatonic state, she lay there while the box was fitted over her head and locked shut. With no hair to get in the way, it went on beautifully, the breathing piece in her mouth, and the earphones in the correct spots. As the box closed, the foam padding forcing her jaws together, Janet started struggling. Gently but firmly, he helped her into the larger box, making sure her head box slipped into the appropriate place.

It was a little tricky to have her arranged just right before closing the lid, but she was soon crushed within the padding, her arms held tightly by her sides, just as anticipated. She was totally deprived of sensations, no movement possible apart from wriggling her fingers and toes. A dark silent world disturbed only by a faint hiss of air which in itself was soothing and restful.

A little drained himself, her new owner went upstairs. He watched the monitor and listened carefully- this was a crucial time for her. Her heart rate went up a little, but she wasn’t the type to panic and soon had herself under control. When her breathing steadied, he relaxed. A sterling effort for someone who’d been attacked in her own bed in the dead of night, teased and tormented for hours taken away, then locked in a box. Of course she was probably a little drained, maybe a touch short of energy. Taking a deep breath himself to steady his nerves, he picked up the microphone. There was no script for this, he’d decided to wing it. Somehow he had to reassure her that he meant no harm and cared deeply for her.

‘Janet, everything’s going to be OK’ he said softly. It sounded lame, but he had to start somewhere. He went on, speaking quietly and steadily, explaining that she now belonged to him for good. ‘You need to be properly trained, Janet- you must admit things haven’t been going well since you lost your last job.’

From then on he was on fire- he briefly set out how her life was going to be- constant supervision, her health and fitness attended to and all bad habits ceased. She was now his domestic slave for keeps. A few parts were left out- the subliminal messages she’d hear once asleep, and the cart she’d be trained to pull. She’d be unable to reach orgasm for at least a week, depending on how she went, and then only once a week thereafter. No need to tell her that either! That was one part of the average ‘captured’ stories he approved of, the enforced chastity with orgasms as a reward for good behaviour.

Gradually, her breathing slowed as he droned on. Either she was becoming reassured that she’d be OK, or she really was tired. Once she seemed to be asleep, he turned on the tape, with soothing music and deep and meaningful messages in the background, just below the threshold of normal hearing.

Chapter 5 - Training

Next morning she was released from the box, and after being washed and cared for, her wrists were strapped together and attached to a strap hanging from behind her collar. A pair of leather cuffs were buckled around her ankles with a chain between them. Clipping a lead to her collar, he began leading her upstairs her wrists in the small of her back.

Still naked, her breasts swaying from side to side she was led up the concrete stairs, walking uncertainly in the hobbles. It was hard to think straight, her attention seemed to be on her nakedness and keeping her balance. As with any woman, nudity was not something she was comfortable with, so much better to be packaged in a nice outfit, with a little make up to hide any imperfections.

With her wrists cuffed in the small of her back and elbows out, her shoulders were back, which thrust her breasts out. As they jiggled around, her face burned with embarrassment. For moment, she was tempted to risk asking for some clothing. With a shock she realised what she was thinking- she’d accepted her captivity? She’d been kidnapped and taken away from her life and home, her hair shaved off, for god’s sake. Locked in a box, teased for hours and all she could think of was clothes?

She was taken into a bedroom, with a thick carpeted floor and sat down at a dressing table. Her ankle chain was locked to a rail under the table, and her wrists released.

‘I want you to put on some make up Janet’ he said, ‘I’ll get something for you to wear.’

She gazed at her reflection- she looked so different without hair. How was she going to look with make up on?

‘Just your normal look, nothing fancy’ he said, from the walk in robe, where her own clothes were hung up. As she did her best under the circumstances, he came back with a box of her own jewellery. ‘Do a good job please, or you can take it off and do it again. I won’t accept anything less than your very best.’

Leaving some clothes on the bed, he went out. ‘Take all the time you want’ he said as he left the room. ‘From now on, you have to look perfect for me- every single day.’

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath- this wasn’t so bad, putting make up on, with her ankles joined by a chain which was padlocked to the table. The wide leather collar looked good around her neck and she could use it to steady her hand as she did her face. A few articles of jewellery and she was done- what now, did she call out ‘I’m ready to get dressed honey?’ A smile turned up the corners of her mouth. This guy wasn’t going to hurt her, he was OK.

She fingered her collar and looked at herself. She looked nice, apart from the bald head. Thinking about that, she could see the logic- her hair would get caught in the box. ‘How the fuck was that logical’ asked a voice in her head? Shaving her head? The guy was nuts! Two conflicting trains of thought were in her head. One said forgive and make the most of it, the other to whack him with the chair and get the hell out of the place.

Suddenly he was there behind her. ‘Clasp your hands in your lap please Janet.’

Her eyes closed as he placed his hands on her bare shoulders. Bending down, he kissed her neck below the collar. Her head leant back against him, as his hands slid down her breasts. It had been so long since she’d felt hands on her bare skin, so very long. Suddenly all that mattered was to sit there while he touched her. She began to melt, and soft moans escaped from her lips. Oh, it felt so good, those big strong hands on her.

Her head was tilted back and her lips kissed softly. Another kiss where her eyebrow once was, and he straightened up and left her. She realised with a start she still hadn't spoken since she’d been released from the box. It must be the longest she’d gone without talking for months! ‘You can stretch yourself before I restrain your wrists’ he said in her ear.

Once she had done so, he locked her wrists behind her back again and freed her ankles from the rail. She was helped to her feet and led over to the bed. He sat her down facing him and removed the chain from between her ankles. He pushed the rubber ball into her mouth again and slipped the leather hood over her head. Once it was laced tight, ropes were tied to each ankle cuff, and she was gently pushed down on her back, her wrists under her. The ropes were tied around her thighs, leaving her knees up in the air, feet flat on the bed.

As she lay helpless, blind and unable to speak he sat down and proceeded to drive her wild. This time he was all over her. Tied as she was, Janet was unable to resist and not sure she wanted to. Soon she was thrashing around, her chest rising and falling as she tried to get enough air through her nostrils. As he held one knee, his other hand was between her legs, with one, then two slippery fingers inside her. Her back arched as she gave in to the sensations, then as her own mains powered vibrator went to work, she started making inhuman noises. Closer and closer to nirvana she came, thrusting her hips at him. Her head was tossing around and the whole bed was shaking.

‘You want it don’t you, my little slave?’ he said, bending down to squeeze her breasts and play with the nipples. ‘MMMPH’ she replied with spirit, nodding her head frantically. He turned the Hitachi off, and slipped the egg vibrator inside her. As she writhed around, he buckled the leather belt around her waist and did up the crotch strap, holding it deep inside her.

Janet was going out of her mind. He had to use all his strength to hold her still, as he tightened the crotch strap, as the little egg buzzed madly inside her. She was making an incredible noise through the leather hood, none of it sounding at all human. Her head was rising up and slamming down on the bed in a effort to either get free or to bring herself off.

He picked the lead up and tied it up to the bed head, then tied 2 more ropes from her ankle cuffs to the bottom corners of the bed. Deciding it was time for a rest, he sat down at the dressing table away from the madly gyrating woman. Hoping she wouldn’t have a heart attack, he watched her carefully. It went on and on, looking like she’d be on the edge all morning.

Gradually, she quietened down, her movements became less and the noises subsided into moans. He was strongly tempted to let her have the release she so obviously desired, but hell, it was what she wanted. More to the point, it was what he wanted. It was such a beautiful sight, her lying there moaning and writhing around. Now that she’d calmed down a bit, he sat next to her, and began to gently run his hands over her.

He gazed at her smooth body. She was curvaceous, but in a petite way. Her skin was beautiful, pale and as smooth as silk. His hands roamed over her. Turning the little vibrator down gradually, he bent down and applied his lips and tongue to various parts of her. It was such a shame to have cut her hair off and to cover her face with a hood. It seemed necessary though, for her training, and again- it was her fantasy. It was hard to be so rough with her, to do all these things. All he wanted to do was sit and play with her, to gently stroke her hair and kiss her on the forehead. Now she didn’t even have hair!

To have her kneeling next to him, her head resting on his leg- that would be heaven. To just sit together like that and sip on a cold beer, maybe watch some TV. His mind wandered as he stroked her and bent to kiss the nape of her neck. Visions of her dressed in leather straps pulling the cart up the driveway and around the boundary track. Washing dishes with a chain between her neck and the ring in the wall. A pair of steel shackles on her wrists and ankles….

It was going to be beautiful. Damn, it was already beautiful. It was so hard not to slip out of his clothes and just ravish her. To tie her upright with her ankles spread far apart, wrists tied up to the ceiling and take her crotch harness off. He could stand behind her, while she wore the hood and just do what he wanted. She wouldn’t mind and in fact would probably welcome it right now. The way she was moaning and perspiring, she’d be glad of any sort of attention. There was work to be done though- he had a slave to train. She needed to be fed, cared for and exercised.

He turned the egg off, and undid her leash from the bed head. Once he’d freed her legs, he sat her up and took the hood off. She pushed the ball out, which slid down between her breasts, slick with saliva. Leaving the little egg inside her, he walked her out into the dining room and sat her down in a high backed chair. Speechless, and staring, she just sat there, still drenched in perspiration. ‘We’d better give you something to eat Janet’ he said, wondering if she was interested in food right now.

He unlocked her wrist cuffs and produced a length of rope, which he wound artistically around her breasts, tying her to the back of the chair. Round and round the rope went, compressing her breasts and going over her shoulders welding her upper body to the chair. More ropes went around her hips, knees and ankles. The final contribution was to lock her wrists together behind her back and add yet more rope around her upper arms. She looked just scrumptious sitting there. He wiped what skin was left showing with a cool towel, and held her head back to kiss her lips. Another fondle of her lovely body and he went to get a cup of coffee each for them.

‘Oh just one more thing Janet,’ he said. ‘You just wouldn’t look right without this.’

A quick play with her nipples and on went the clamps again, producing a soft moan of pain. He sat back in the other chair, just watching her as he sipped his drink. ‘I guess you need a hand with yours, do you?’ Too dazed to realise he was being smart, she nodded, pulling feebly at the tight ropes. The leather cuffs creaked as she moved her wrists and the clamps bobbed around a little.

He put his cup down and picked hers up- holding it to her lips, enjoying a little tease with the nipple clamps as she sipped it. It was so nice just sharing a simple coffee with her. A few drops slipped out and ran down her, to be licked off her skin by him. Next was some toast, which he fed to her, piece by piece, with the rest of the drink to wash it down.

‘You’re a bit of a messy eater’ he said, chastising her gently. ‘Crumbs all over you.’

‘You look so nice there like that Janet- I could sit here all day and look at you. ‘Perhaps we should have the vibrator on again?’

Her eyes opened and she shook her head from side to side- ‘No please, not again.’

‘Perhaps you’d like to go all the way this time Janet?’ A faint look of hope crossed her face, tempered by the knowledge that she was at his mercy for as long as he wanted. A helpless plaything, with no say in her own destiny.

She took a chance; ‘Yes please’ she whispered in a voice that was a ghost of it’s former self. ‘I’d really like that.’

He turned the little vibrator on low again, and went behind her. As her eyes closed, he slipped the ball back into her mouth and replaced the leather hood. A few minutes were spent caressing her and playing with the nipple clamps, until she was moaning and tossing her head in frustration again. Leaving her to her own devices, he went to find her some clothes, leaving the little egg humming quietly away inside her. Apparently she could sit there all day with that going and not achieve anything more than a degree of frustration.

Chapter 6

About 20 minutes later, he came back in the room, carrying her clothes for the day. A few minutes were spent caressing her, tugging on the nipple clamps, and generally teasing her. He just couldn’t keep his hands off her beautiful body- he was supposed to be a heartless slave owner, not someone on a romantic getaway. Still, no one was perfect- she’d get plenty of rough treatment in time.

The hood was the first to come off- she’d worn that enough today. He wanted to hear her when the clamps came off her nipples. She didn’t scream, but made some pretty good moans all the same. He left the little vibrator on low as he untied her, making sure to tease her tender nipples as the ropes came off. By the time she was free, there was no fight in her at all. He helped her up and into the bathroom, placing her into the bath, which he’d filled with warm water and bubbles.

Locking the stainless steel collar around her neck, he clipped a short chain to it, and locked the other end to the ring above the bath, installed especially for that purpose.

‘You give yourself a good wash Janet’ he said- ‘I’ll sit here and watch. Can you guess why?’

She shook her head and looked questioningly at him. ‘I don’t want you pleasuring yourself, not yet anyway. There will be a time for that later. When it’s time, I want you to have the most mind-blowing orgasm you’ve ever had.’

Under his scrutiny, she tried to relax in the warm water. ‘You take your time now, sweetie- we have all day. Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying this very much.’

She marveled at own her silence. Normally a talkative person, she seemed happy to just sit quietly and enjoy the sensations, or to just suffer in silence, as the case may be. There was something so nice about not having to think for herself, like being in a permanent bubble bath. No more worries about work, bills and boyfriends.

Once she was squeaky clean, she leaned back and closed her eyes, oblivious to his gaze. Her mind was drifting, a consequence of the hours of teasing and tight bondage. Her hand went to her left breast, and idly brushed her nipple. It felt so good, every fibre of her body felt alive with arousal. Her lips parted, and her other hand slid down her waist. More strong hands took hold of her wrists, and pulled her from the bath to stand dripping in the water. Her wrists were pulled behind her and locked into a pair of handcuffs. The chain was unlocked from her collar and she was helped out onto a mat, to be dried off with a large towel.

Led unprotesting into the bedroom, she stood with her head bowed, as he helped her into some clothes. It was time to take her for a walk. White lacy panties were pulled up her bare legs, and a short white tennis skirt fitted around her waist. He put a matching halter top around her neck and did it up tight. A pair of her own sneakers completed the outfit. Clipping the lead to her collar, they set off out the door.

With his riding crop handy, to keep her moving and in the right direction, he led her around the grounds. From a distance, it looked just like a couple taking a walk and no one lived close enough to hear any cries of protest. Janet was a reluctant walker- she spent most of her life indoors, working on the computer or watching TV. From being quiet and compliant, she became crabby and full of complaints. After the first few negative comments, he pulled her to her knees on the grass and gagged her. This time she fought like a wildcat.

Screams and shouts issued forth, as he wrestled to get the ball between her teeth. It was as if she’d had a taste for freedom, and the fresh air was giving her strength. He fell awkwardly to his knees behind her, and felt the full force of both fists in his crotch. She struggled to her feet, the gag falling to the ground along with her crumpled captor. Racing across the grass screaming her head off, she made her escape while he just lay there, his world crashing around his ears.

His eyes gradually cleared and getting painfully up to his knees, he saw a pair of blurred figures coming toward him. ‘Geez the police sure got her quickly’ he thought, blinking the tears of pain away. By the time he was on his feet, the figures were clearer- one was his once captive maiden, and the other his neighbour? Oh god, this was getting worse, she was married to one of the local councilors. Noted for her church work and general community spirit. He wasn’t going to jail, he was going to be strung up and crucified!

Something was peculiar- she was holding Janet by the arm- very tightly. So tightly that she couldn’t get free, which she was strenuously trying to do. As they drew closer, he could hear Janet pleading. ‘Let me go you stupid bitch, you’re as crazy as he is!’

He stood open mouthed at the sight- what the hell was going on? Perhaps the blow had affected his brain…

‘Is this yours?’ asked the neighbour, with a wry sort of smile. ‘She’s a hell of a fighter.’

Dumbstruck, he nodded as she took the gag from his fingers. ‘Be a dear and hold her, while I put this in will you? I’m sick of listening to her, frankly.’

He went behind Janet and put a knee into her back, this time, pulling her into a painful arch, with her legs under her. In amazement, he watched as his ‘churchy’ neighbour jammed the ball between her teeth and buckled the straps tighter than he’d ever done.

‘Look what the stupid bitch did to me’ she said, showing him a bruise on her leg. ‘She kicked me!’

He just stared, getting the young lady in question up on her feet again.

Trying to form words, he made about as much sense as Janet was doing, around the gag. ‘Don’t worry, I’m not calling the police,’ said his neighbour. ‘Just so long as you let me play with her sometimes?’

His mouth opened, but nothing intelligible came out. This could not be happening, surely?

She smiled at him- ‘Oh yes I’d like very much to play with her. I’m no lezzie, but I like to play around with girls when I can do you think I have any fun with William?’

An image of her husband popped into his head, which he shook as if trying to get rid of it. ‘Er no, I guess not.’

She placed her hand on his arm- and looked into his eyes. ‘Are you keeping her for good?’

He nodded, blown out by the look of hunger in her eyes. ‘I never knew you collected girls- have you any more?’

He managed a weak smile, ‘No, this is the only one- I think one is enough.’

Diana brushed her hand over Janet’s head. ‘You look lovely shaved like that. It’s a pity I’m not gay really.’

‘What are you doing with her anyway, giving her a tour of the grounds?’ she asked.

By now he was sitting on a handy bench recovering, not taking as much interest in the proceedings as before. ‘Can I take her for a walk?’ asked his accommodating neighbour. ‘You don’t look too good.’

He opened his bag and took out her leather ankle cuffs. Janet was still kneeling, it was no trouble for Diana to strap them to her ankles and lock a light chain between them. With a heave on the lead, she was pulled to her feet, now unable to kick or run away. Without further ado, she was led off across the grass. He watched in awe, the sight of the handcuffed captive, shuffling along at the end of the lead. Diana was taking no nonsense from her- she would follow or fall on her face. By the looks of the way she was pulling her along, that was quite likely too.

As he watched, they disappeared over the rise, the tall figure of Diana still in the lead. By the time they came back, he was feeling better and got up to take them back to the house.

‘How about we take off her ankle chains’ asked Diana, who looked ready for a long hike. ‘I want to take her for a proper walk in the woods. Why don’t you come as well, we could tie her to a tree?’

He bent down and unlocked her chain, leaving the leather cuffs on her ankles. ‘Just be careful she doesn’t get away’ he said, straightening up painfully. ‘Tying her to a tree sounds a great idea.’

They set off, with Diana in the lead, and him in the rear, looking at Janet’s rear in the short skirt from time to time. It was a fair distance to the trees and uphill all the way. Dianne set a cracking pace, keeping the lead tight. Janet was gasping for air by the time they stopped and her owner was almost as bad.

‘You two are so unfit’ said Diana, who was breathing quite normally. ‘I’ll have to take you on a lot more walks and exercise.’

The two of them managed to get their captive maiden tied with her back to a convenient tree. There was enough rope in his bag to tie her ankles, above her knees, her waist and above and below her breasts. The top had been removed before she was pushed against the tree and the cool breeze soon made her nipples hard. Her wrists were still handcuffed- behind the tree this time, and rope between the ankle cuffs held her ankles back either side of the tree butt.

Diana looked hungrily at the helpless female before her. 'I've always wanted to do this to someone tied up' she said, bending to tease her nipples. Her fingers and tongue played around expertly, until Janet started to moan despite herself. For the first time since school, she was being aroused by someone of the same sex. He stood back and watched the two women. Diana was very obviously having a great time, licking, sucking and nibbling as Janet moaned and struggled. Her hands roamed over Janet's helpless body like a kid in a candy shop.

'Can we take her gag off?' she asked, pausing from her ministrations.

He nodded, dumbstruck at the scenario before him. This was a woman who rarely even had a top button undone, yet here she was all over a half naked slave, tied to a tree and still wanting more. This day was just getting better and better. The moans continued, but mostly Janet used her mouth to try and get air. Diana stood looking at her, a hand lingering on her cheek 'How does it feel to be tied up like that and teased?' she asked.

Janet just looked at her- her brain was either unable or unwilling to answer. Her eyes lacked focus and while her mouth moved, nothing that made sense came out of it. Diana held her chin and kissed her on the lips, which brought an involuntary moan from their audience. His own mouth gaped open- the sight of a beautiful bound woman being kissed against her will by his own neighbour was erotic beyond belief. An hour or so ago, he would have believed his 'respectable' neighbour lacked the capacity for anything erotic.

It had been a day to remember so far, at one time his world had been crashing around his ears- with visions of jail terms and public ridicule. Now he was looking at his attractive neighbour teasing and playing with his new slave, while she was tied tightly to a tree. He moved closer to the two women, one of them locked in passionate embrace, the other doing her best to break free and not be turned on. Kneeling in front of Janet, he undid the wrap skirt and pulled it away. Deciding the sacrifice was worth it, he used his pocket knife to cut the waist band of her panties and remove them.

Taking a roll of duct tape from the handy bag, he rolled her panties up and pushed them between her lips. Ripping a long length of tape off, he pulled it between her teeth, pushing her panties in deep, then wrapped it around her head and back around the tree. A few more turns and Janet was well gagged and unable to move her head.

Chapter 7

He took Diana away to whisper some instructions. The sensations were too much for him, and besides he loved his poor captive. To wait a week for release after the teasing she’d endured the past 24 hours was inhuman. The two of them would give her something she’d never forget.

The first requirement was a blindfold- the wrap skirt, once folded did a perfect job, going over her eyes and around her bald head. Working as a team, they were on her. Hands grabbed her, squeezed parts of her naked body, and lips, tongues and teeth assailed her. Her nipples were twisted, nibbled on and teased with the tips of two tongues at once.

It went on and on, until her mind lost track of time. She was sobbing with frustration- to be teased like this, while helpless to resist was the worst kind of torture. If only they would give her the release she craved. She felt fingers slipping inside her, fingers that were wet with saliva that slipped inside her, which had a mind of their own. She tried to thrust against them, to be frustrated yet again, when they were withdrawn, leaving her in an agony of unfulfilled lust.

She felt something warm and hard push against her, then slip inside. Oh god, what a feeling. Her head began to spin as he thrust harder, slamming her cheeks against the tree. She could feel Diana behind her, both hands on her breasts, squeezing, pinching her nipples, then sliding down to work their magic.

With the combination of hands, lips and teeth teasing her mercilessly, she began to approach the place she’d been seeking for the past day or so. Diana knew just what she was doing to arouse a female body- harder and harder they both went at their respective tasks, until- OH GOD FINALLY!

If anyone had been within a hundred yards, they would have heard the moans and muffled screams as Janet signified her joy. It had never been like this before- to be held in a constant state of pre-orgasmic agony for so long, then to be bound, gagged and blindfolded, while being ravished by a man and a woman.

Suddenly she never wanted to go home again.

At last they were giving her just what she wanted, even to the gentle winding down afterward, which she never wanted to stop.

Her captivity was no longer in question. She was his for keeps.


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