Janet in Training

by sfmaster

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Mistress Janet will return in: The Challenge

Continues from

Chapter Four: Slave Girl on Loan

Time passed as Janet continued to lead her highly unusual life. From Monday through Friday, she worked at her job and lived normally. She worked, shopped, did laundry. She refused the advances on men at her job, and stopped socializing with her female friends. Gradually, she acquired the nickname of Ice Queen.

When Friday came, she couldn't wait for the arrival of the limo to take her to Mistress Erica for her bondage session. Little could her co-workers imagine just what she was doing on her time off. Normally, they would all go out for happy hour on Friday. Janet would refuse, since she had to get ready.

Her choice of sexual outlet would have surprised them. She did not mention it to anybody. Janet kept her dark secret well, and nobody suspected just what she was really doing with her life.

While reading an alternative publication, she found an ad for a fetish shop. On a weekday after work, she ventured there to find the same sort of equipment that had been used on her by Mistress Erica. To compliment the high heels that she wore at home, Janet purchased a set of collar and bracelets so that she could wear them at home and fantasize about Mistress Erica. She saw that the shop also had a dildo harness, and she passed on buying it. But she remembered how long she had worn it and what effect it produced on her.

One weekday evening while she was at home the phone rang. She was naked, and wearing her collar and bracelets. She was startled, since she had not been expecting anyone to call.

"Hello?" asked Janet.

"Janet? Hello, it's Erica. Glad I caught you at home. I have to give you some bad news."

"Mistress, what's wrong?" asked Janet, concern in her voice.

"Nothing bad, except that I have to go out of the country on business for a few weeks. Andrea and I will be leaving for Europe tomorrow. I have some business to take care of there."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Janet answered.

"I know how disappointed you must feel. So I've arranged for you too see a good friend of mine. She'll take care of you while I'm gone. Is that all right?" asked Erica.

"Yes, Mistress. How will I meet her?" Janet asked.

"Don't worry. She'll contact you."

"What's her name?" asked Janet.

"Mistress Stephanie. You must remember to obey her implicitly, since she will report your conduct when I return."

"Yes, Mistress. I'll be a good slave girl," offered Janet.

"I know you will, Janet. Bye."

"Goodbye, Mistress Erica, and I love you," said Janet.

"I know you do."

Janet was disappointed when she finally hung up the phone. She had been expecting to see Erica as usual this weekend, and instead she had been handed over to another Mistress. Still, Tiffany had said that she had already been with Stephanie, but did not want to talk about her. Damn! Why didn't they just exchange phone numbers, instead of being anonymous to each other! She really wanted to have Tiffany as a friend and confidant, not just fellow slave!

Her next few days were spent in an aura of anticipation. She jumped on every phone call, tore open every letter. As yet, there had been nothing.

By Thursday night, she was sure that Stephanie was not going to call. Surely this mysterious person would have already called to speak to her new charge.

Just when Janet had stepped out of the shower naked and dripping wet, the phone rang. She raced over to pick it up.

"Hello, is this Janet?" asked a woman's voice.

"Yes," said Janet breathlessly.

"My name is Stephanie Richards. We've never met, but we have a friend in common, Erica. She asked me if I would take care of you while she's away. Is that acceptable to you?"

"Yes," Janet was so excited that she could barely answer.

"Good. She told me of your limits, and I have agreed. We shall follow the same procedures every weekend, as you do with Erica."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Good. I'll send a limo tomorrow night. And don't be late, I don't like lateness. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Just be ready," cautioned Stephanie.

Before Janet could say anything else, she heard the received hang up on the other end. Janet toweled herself off, and found that her sex was wet with anticipation from talking with Stephanie.

Friday, she waited outside her door. Finally, a limo pulled up and she got inside. The driver aimed the car towards the parkway. She watched as the car went again to Connecticut, to a town not far from Greenwich. Erica and Stephanie were almost neighbors! After a long drive, when it had gotten dark, they pulled up in front of a large walled estate. The car entered though a locked gate, and pulled up in front of a lit doorway.

Janet took her coat and purse, and exited the car. She walked over to the door, and rang the bell.

The door was opened not be maid dressed in rubber, but by a beautiful woman in her late 30s.

"Are you Stephanie?" asked Janet.

"Mistress Stephanie, thank you. Please come in, Janet."

Stephanie took Janet's coat and placed it in the hall closet. Janet kept her silence, since she was in the presence of her new Mistress.

"Please come into the library. I was involved in something when you arrived."

"Yes, Mistress."

Janet followed Stephanie into the library. It was a big room, loaded with bookcases full of books and draped over a chair was a Maid's latex uniform, complete with stockings and shoes. Janet kept silent when she saw that a naked girl was bound to a leather footstool. Her knees and elbows were roped to the legs of the footstool, and she had a full ball gag trainer in her mouth.

"This is Camille, my Maid. She did not obey my command, so I was getting ready to punish her when you arrived."

Camille looked at Janet, her mouth silenced with the ball gag. She was bound to the leather footstool, and she was rubbing her naked body against the leather. It was quite erotic to see.

"Camille, stop that!" ordered Stephanie. "You're not bound there to get off sexually. Wait till I finish with Janet here, and then I'll attend to you."

Camille grunted in reply.

"Please be seated," directed Stephanie.

Janet seated herself in a nearby chair. She watched as Stephanie pulled a heavy armchair over, then placed her legs over Camille's bound form. Camille was being used as a piece of furniture!

"Erica tells me you are a slave girl. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"How long have you been in training?"

"Several months."

"Have you been whipped?"

"Yes, Mistress", Janet answered. How strange this conversation was!

"Good. Erica and I have been friends and associates for a long time. We have shared many things over the years, including girls. I agreed to continue your training while she is away, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You must realize that you must obey me as you would obey her. Failure will result in a truly painful punishment. Are you prepared to accept the orders of another Mistress?"

"Yes, Mistress. Else I would not be here tonight."

"Good. I see that you already know the correct forms of address. I hope that you are well trained, since I shall be expecting much from you. Here is something from Mistress Erica. I think that you'll know what to do."

Stephanie produced a sealed box, which she handed to Janet. Janet tore the tape off, and opened it to reveal her collar, bracelets, and shoes.

"Mistress Stephanie, permission to prepare?" asked Janet.

"Go ahead, Janet," answered Stephanie.

Janet was by now used to the idea of being naked before another woman. She stood up and began to remove her clothes. She undid her skirt, blouse, shoes, garter belt and stockings. Her bra and panties followed next, and she was naked in front of Stephanie.

"Stand still," ordered Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

Stephanie inspected her new charge. Janet was simply lovely, and her body was well striped.

"Turn around and hold your arms straight up."

Janet did as she was instructed.

Camille grunted when Stephanie removed her legs from her back.

"Janet, I want you to bend over," ordered Stephanie.

Janet bent over to touch her toes. She stood still as Stephanie began to feel her back, then inserted a hand between her legs. Stephanie fondled her sex quickly, then moved on to her breasts. Janet flinched when her nipples were pulled, but she remained silent.

Stephanie felt Janet's bottom, massaging the girl's ass cheeks. She then reached up with one hand for Janet's sex again, making her shiver with her touch. Janet moaned when she felt Stephanie's examination of the most private parts of her body.

"You may stand up now," she commanded.

Janet stood straight again, under the watchful eye of her new Mistress. She did not look Stephanie directly in the eye, since that would be a reason to punish her.

"You can put on your bracelets now," Stephanie ordered.

Usually, Andrea would lock Janet into her bondage. However, she was in Stephanie's house now, so she had to do that herself.

Hesitantly, she picked up the collar and locked it around her neck. Then she locked the bracelets around her wrists and ankles. Finally, she locked the high heels on her feet. She locked the small padlocks shut after she pulled the metal loop through the leather strap.

"Excellent," commented Stephanie.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Before we begin, I want to show you how I treat my slaves."

Stephanie walked over to a cabinet, and after opening a drawer she produced a large dildo and a riding crop. She flexed the crop in her hands to show its stiffness to Janet.

"Have you been cropped before?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. This will be for Camille."

Taking the two objects, Stephanie approached the bound Camille. She inserted the dildo within Camille's sex, after first lubricating the phallus. Camille grunted when the dildo was placed within the lips of her sex, and arched her back to help Stephanie plunge it into her sheath.

Once Stephanie was satisfied that the dildo was placed firmly within Camille, she began to pinch the bound girl's breasts and ass. This made her squirm and moan from within her ball gag. Her friction against the leather of the footstool was also having an effect on the bound girl, as she rubbed against it.

"Keep that dildo in your pussy," ordered Stephanie, "Or you'll get something up your behind!"

Stephanie then began to slowly caress Camille with the riding crop. At the very end was a small leather loop, which she traced over Camille back, behind, calves, and feet.

"There now, Camille," said Stephanie. "Don't you regret breaking that dish?"

All that Camille could do was to moan.

Stephanie began to lightly crop Camille, with the crop leaving tiny red marks on her naked skin. The Mistress would first place a series of marks on one area, then move on to another. She then began to increase the intensity and strength of her strokes, making Camille rub against the footstool.

Janet stood entranced by the scene, watching Stephanie discipline her errant slave. She noticed that every now and then, Stephanie would make certain that the dildo was still within Camille's pussy. Janet marveled at the control that the girl had! By now, Janet knew that she would have lost all control and expelled the phallus from her sex.

After a series of moderate strokes, Stephanie stopped.

"Enough," said Stephanie. "We have to take care of our guest."

"Janet, untie Camille. I'm sure that you can deal with a few ropes. You can remove her dildo and gag. She will be helping you next."

Janet had never untied another girl before. The scene had been so erotic that she felt almost hypnotized by what she had been ordered to do. First she hobbled over to Camille, and inserted her hand between the bound girl's legs. She grabbed the dildo, and slowly withdrew it from Camille's sex, making the girl moan and fidget. Then she knelt and untied the ropes on one footstool leg, then the other. She then stood and walked two steps to Camille's front, then knelt again and released her elbows. She then helped Camille to her feet, and unbuckled the gag straps. Camille took several deep breaths, her breasts heaving in the process.

"Thank you, Mistress Stephanie," said Camille.

"This is Janet, Mistress Erica's slave. Get dressed and place her in the Dungeon pending my arrival. I'm going to get dressed."

"Yes, Mistress."

Stephanie confidently left the library, closing the door behind her. The lock clicked loudly in the room's utter silence.

Camille dressed quickly. First was a small silk panty, followed by her garter belt and stockings. Then a demi bra that lifted her breasts upwards, and exposed her aureole and nipples. Next, she put on the black uniform and zipped it up, without any help from Janet. Finally, she put on a set of heels like Janet, which she also locked upon her feet.

"We have to hurry," said Camille. "I don't want to risk another punishment."

"What do I have to do?" asked Janet.

"Nothing that you haven't done before," said Camille. "Now be quiet as I get you ready. Mistress Stephanie already instructed me how you were to be prepared."

Janet stood silently, as her wrists were locked together in back and a leash attached to her collar. Then Camille went to a cabinet and got out a small box. She opened it, and Janet glimpsed something metallic within.

"I don't know if you're used to these clamps. It'll hurt at first, but you'll learn to live with them."

Camille produced a metal clamp that looked menacing, which she moved to place on Janet's nipple. Camille had to pinch and tease the nipple to make it erect, then she slowly closed the jaws of the clamp upon it. Janet flinched when it was firmly on.

"You don't want these to fall off. We'll both get punished for that," stated Camille.

Janet's other nipple was soon adorned like the first. Then she backed away when Camille produced another clamp.

"I've got two for your sex also, then a gag and blindfold. Be glad that I showed these to you first, before I gagged you," said Camille.

"Thank you," answered Janet.

Janet stood helplessly as Camille gently attached the two clamps to her outer pussy lips, feeling their pressure as they were set firmly in her pussy. She moaned and shifted her legs.

"You're handling this quite well," said Camille. "My first time I panicked."

"Thanks," said Janet.

Then Janet was gagged and blindfolded as usual. She accepted the gag reluctantly, since it was usually Andrea who performed that task.

Here she was in an unfamiliar house, at the mercy of another Mistress. She was again bound and helpless, and being led away to a new Dungeon. Then why was she so excited by everything that she had so far seen tonight?

She followed Camille in silence, the only sound being the clicking of their heels as they walked. Camille guided her charge through several corridors, none of which had carpeting. Janet was glad for that simple accommodation to slave girls.

Finally, she heard the hinges to a heavy door open. Walking inside onto the stone floor, she felt the roughness as her stiletto heels caught the slight variations in its surface.

Janet felt her hands unlocked then locked again to a bar suspended from the ceiling. Something was then activated, and she was soon stretched as the slack in the chain was taken up. Janet then heard Camille's heels click as the Maid left the Dungeon, closing the door behind her.

Janet hung there, alone. Even though it was it was futile, Janet tested her chains. She found that the steel was implacable as ever. She tried to pull at the bar that suspended her from the ceiling, to no effect. But what were worse were the clamps on her nipples and sex. Mistress Erica had never used those and on her first night with Mistress Stephanie she was being subjected to something new and quite painful. She wished that Stephanie would soon arrive.

Janet heard the door open again and there was the sound of two people walking. She heard the door hinges squeak their protest upon opening, and she felt a draft at her naked back. Then the door was closed again, and she felt the blindfold being removed.

She blinked her eyes in the sudden light. As she was able to focus again, she saw that Stephanie was now wearing a vinyl bra and matching skirt, thigh high boots, and shoulder length gloves all in black. Camille was dressed as before, except that she was now dressed in a latex outfit.

Stephanie then undid her gag, and Janet was free of the ball between her lips.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Do you enjoy being chained again?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress," quickly answered Janet.

"Do you like the accommodations?"

Janet looked over the Dungeon and found that there were many more things than she had been before. Stocks, a large device in the shape of an X, a rack, and numerous places to chain a slave girl were all that she could see at first glance.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. I'm sure that over time we'll get a chance to use these wonderful things together."

Janet stood silent in her chains.

"Do you like the clamps?"

"They have never been used on me before," answered Janet.

"You didn't answer my question slave. I asked you if you liked them, not if they've been used before."

"I'm sorry Mistress. I like them a lot," answered Janet.

"Do they hurt?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Perhaps I'll leave them on when I use the riding crop for good effect," said Stephanie. "You do like the riding crop, now don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Camille, hand me the crop."

At the command of her Mistress, Camille handed Mistress Stephanie the riding crop that she had been holding all this time. Stephanie flexed the crop in her gloved hands, then offered it to Janet. Janet kissed it, caressing the instrument with her lips as if it was a lover.

Janet wondered when the moment of truth would come. Unlike Erica, Stephanie did not circle Janet. She did not make her punishment seem a game, but instead took it very seriously. Her new Mistress stood in front of her, flexing the crop in her hands.

Next, Stephanie stuck with the crop. It blazed a path of clear agony across Janet's loins, making her struggle against her bonds. Still, she did not cry out in pain.

Stephanie began again by laying down a regular pattern of stripes on Janet's bottom. She struck harshly with the crop, marking her behind each time. Janet's skin striped nicely, leaving a welt each time the crop impacted on her female flesh.

Janet struggled against her chains, pulling then in a futile attempt to get away from the harsh riding crop that Stephanie used on her naked flesh. It was quite obvious that Stephanie was a determined Mistress, as her naked body was pained by the effect of the riding crop. Each time that it struck her body, she felt like screaming. Still, she did not want to embarrass herself or her Mistress, and she now wished for the dignity of the ball gag. She was hurting more deeply than she ever had before, or had ever dreamed possible. She could now well believe the idea that women were crueler to each other than a man could possibly be towards a woman.

Stephanie clearly knew how to hurt a girl, selecting each time a different part of her anatomy for the crop. Still, she managed to avoid the clamps that pained her nipples and sex. Janet clenched her fingers, digging her nails into her palms.

In due time, her underarms, breasts, thighs, and legs all came under the crop. Unlike Erica, Stephanie did not pause in her punishment of Janet. She was totally devoted to her work.

Soon tears escaped Janet's eyes, streaking down her face.

The crop was a fearsome method of discipline, with each assault upon her body producing terrible pain and suffering. Janet knew that every time it struck, it left a painful mark that would take days to heal.

"Had enough?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress," Janet cried.

"Good girl, you took the crop very well."

Stephanie handed the crop back to Camille.

"Now about those clamps. Do you want them removed?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please," plead Janet.

Stephanie reached out with her gloved hands and gently began to remove one nipple clamp. When it was finally removed, Janet was surprised how much it hurt.

"Owwww," cried Janet.

Once the three other clamps were removed, Janet was a miasma of pain. Her breasts and sex hurt from the clamps and the rest of her hurt from the punishment that she had received.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

Stephanie began to pinch Janet's inflamed nipples, then moved down to her pussy lips. She cupped Janet's sex, then inserted her finger into Janet's cunt.

"Ooooooh!" Janet cried.

"Silence, slave," Stephanie commanded.

"You're quite a little bondage slut," said Stephanie, "and rather wet between your legs."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you enjoy the riding crop?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Then I'm sure that we'll just get along fabulously, my dear. Now what shall we do next?"

Janet resigned herself to what promised to be a long night of torment. If there were any other girls here that Stephanie would be attending to, she made no mention of them. Janet was the sole girl in the Dungeon, and it would be her flesh that would bear all of the marks tonight!

"What ever my Mistress desires," answered Janet.

Just to increase her discomfort, Stephanie reached out again and pinched and twisted Janet's left nipple hard. Janet shrieked in her bonds, amazed that her nipple could now be so tender.

"There now," said Stephanie, "I guess that you're in the right mood now."

"Yes, Mistress," cried Janet.

"I guess we have to be equal, don't we," said Mistress Stephanie.

She reached out and pinched and twisted Janet's right nipple. Janet reacted the same way that she had before.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Good girl, I was afraid that you had forgotten your manners. Now then, what shall I do next?"

Janet said nothing, since she was the one who was going to be punished. With her breasts and sex still tender from the clamps she did not want to give Mistress Stephanie any more ideas than she already had about what to do with her.

"Camille, give me the whip, please," said Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress," Camille answered as she quickly produced the whip.

The whip was a long, thin sinuous, piece of leather that Janet had learned to dread as a slave girl. It would wrap itself around her, marking her skin.

Stephanie flexed the whip in front of Janet, enjoying the distress that it caused on the face of the bound girl. She did not offer the handle for Janet to kiss. Rather, she merely flourished it several times before she struck Janet with it. The thin leather wrapped itself around Janet's naked figure.

Janet flinched under the impact of the whip, trying to escape as it wound its way around her. It was to no avail, as Stephanie wanted Janet to know just how she could yield the whip.

The whip was less exact than the crop had been, and it sometimes struck those areas that hurt from the clamps. When it struck her nipple, or buried itself between her legs, Janet cried out from the impact.

"Now then. I see that I've reached your very core," said Stephanie.

Janet chose not to reply, as Stephanie directed a stroke that landed on her sex at that moment. Janet finally screamed conscious of the fact that Stephanie might enjoy her cries of distress.

Droplets of sweat ran down Janet's naked bound body, running down between her breasts and down her legs. Ever since she had been in the Dungeon, she realized that the lights were hot and bright, not subdued. The room was hot, and it was no wonder that she was sweating. Even though her legs had not been bound, Janet had managed to keep them open and her sex available so far. By accident, she closed them.

"Bad girl," said Stephanie.

"Mistress?" asked Janet.

"Since you can't keep your legs open, I'll have Camille keep them open for you. Camille, get the spreader bar." Camille did as she was instructed to and produced a spreader bar. Stephanie bent down and locked it to Janet ankle bracelets.

"There now, that should keep your legs open," said Mistress Stephanie.

"Sorry, Mistress."

"Such a little transgression, soon it will all be forgotten."

Janet regretted the momentary loss of control. One of the first things that she had learned at Mistress Erica's hand was that a slave girl must always be available to her Mistress. One her first night with another Mistress, she had let her attention wander for a moment.

Stephanie struck out again with the whip, a little harder this time than before. The insidious thing wrapped itself around Janet's bust, with the tip coming to rest on her pained nipple.

"Owwww!" cried Janet.

For the next few minutes, it seemed as if Stephanie was deliberately finding those places most tender from one punishment or another. Janet knew that any pleading from her would be totally without effect.

Suddenly, just when it seemed that her torment would continue forever, Stephanie suddenly stopped. She coiled the whip and offered the handle to Janet, who began to kiss it passionately.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Enough for one night. Camille, could you see to Janet? I'll be in the library."

Stephanie handed the coiled whip to Camille, and she made her exit though the Dungeon door.

"Are you all right?" asked Camille.

"I'll survive," answered Janet.

"Let me take you down," said Camille.

In a few moments, Janet was on her feet again, rubbing her hands together and feeling down her legs where the crop and whip had left marks.

"Stephanie likes to make out that she is a tough Mistress. But she knows when to stop and never gets carried away before she does any real damage," said Camille.

"What about those clamps?" asked Janet.

"They didn't really hurt you, did they?"

"Well, no. Except that my Mistress doesn't use them."

"You mean hasn't used them. Every Mistress has the same toys and sooner or later gets around to using them on her girls. It just takes time to use everything."

"You sound like you're experienced," observed Janet.

"I've been with Stephanie for four years."

"As a slave?"

"No, I was hired as a regular Maid. But funny things happened. Like even though I had a room, she would send me away. Even pay for a hotel room. I got days off when I should have been working. Finally, one night I came back by accident cause I left some clothes here, and I found Stephanie in the Dungeon doing a scene. I was so shocked when she explained, and she tried to pack me off with a huge bribe. But I stayed, and I asked to be trained after a while. It just seems so normal now."

Janet was stunned by the explanation that Camille had given her. Somehow she had always thought that her way had been the only way. But to discover that your employer was really a Mistress and then come join her!

"Come on now, I've got to get you ready for bed. Time for a bath, you're a mass of sweat," said Camille.

Janet, minus her high heels was then treated to a super hot bath that filled the bathroom with steam. The hot water made her welts sting, but she knew that was merely temporary and would really help them heal faster.

Camille bathed her luxuriously, filling the tub with hot soapy water. She forced Janet's hands away when she tried to wash herself.

"I'll handle everything, you just sit back and relax," said Camille.

In contrast to the severity of the discipline that she had received in the Dungeon, Janet now felt like she was being pampered in some salon. She was given a hot bath, and her skin was tended to. Her hair was washed, combed and set. Her nails were even given a trim. She was then given a massage, before Camille said that it was now time for bed.

"This house doesn't have a cell downstairs for you to sleep in, so I'll be locking you in one of the bedrooms," said Camille.

"I feel like I'm at a hotel," answered Janet.

"Perhaps, but I never heard of a hotel with a Dungeon."

"Not a bad idea, especially for someone who doesn't pay their bill," laughed Janet.

Janet was taken to a bedroom. Her collar was locked to a ring set in the wall, and she was told to buzz if she needed anything. There was a clock on the dresser, and Janet was surprised to find that it was 2 in the morning. Had she really been in the Dungeon all that time?

"Good night," said Camille as she turned out the light.

"Good night," answered Janet.

Naked under the covers, Janet tested the chain to her collar. Her hands flew to her breasts and sex, and she found that she was still sexually charged as she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

"Wake up, Janet."

Janet heard Camille's voice through the fog of sleep. She had been sleeping so deeply she had not felt the bright sunshine streaming through the window, warming her skin.


"You're in Mistress Stephanie's house. Don't you remember?"

"Oh, Mistress Stephanie," groggily answered Janet.

"Come on now. Got to get you ready for today. First we have to serve breakfast, then clean house. Get going, or else you can expect a thrashing. And I don't like getting whipped in the morning!" said Camille.

Serving in Stephanie's house proved little different from Erica's. Both girls cooked and served their Mistress breakfast, with Camille wearing a red rubber Maid's outfit, stockings, and high heels. Since she was just a slave, all that Janet wore were her high heels and bracelets.

After serving Stephanie, both girls ate quickly in the kitchen.

"Stephanie has her own subtle ways of making sure that we earn our punishment. She's assigned us both tasks that we possibly can't finish today, all in order to have an excuse to punish us both later."

"The rack?" asked Janet.

"Probably. She can't stripe us too much. But she will find an excuse to use the rack, or that X frame to make life uncomfortable for us," said Camille.

"You said last night that you weren't a slave originally. Why did you stay then, after you had discovered just what your employer was up to?"

"It's a long story. Let's just say that my relationships have always proved to be a disaster. There's something different in being Stephanie's slave. A sense of belonging that I never felt before. Even if it means getting a few stripes and a dildo up my pussy sometimes."

"I got the impression last night that you rather enjoyed your predicament."

"No more than you enjoyed being whipped last night. Something that I'm rather well acquainted with myself," said Camille.

Just as both girls had finished the breakfast dishes, they were both called before Stephanie.

"In order to help your work today, I've decided that a little extra stimulation is in order. Stand straight, and open your legs," ordered Stephanie.

In quick succession, both girls found themselves wearing the familiar dildo harness. First Janet, who winced when the belt was tightened around her waist, and then the strap was locked between her legs with the rubber phallus within. Except that this one also had a clitoral stimulator that brushed her every time she moved!

Under her Maid's outfit, Camille was relieved of the lacey panties that she wore. The belt was locked around her waist, and she gasped when she saw that not only was there a rubber phallus, but also a butt plug. Stephanie fingered lubricant into her asshole, and drew the strap tightly inside Camille. She gasped when the dildo first went inside her sex, then stood stiffly as the butt plug slid inside her as well. Finally the strap was locked with a small padlock.

"There now," said Stephanie. "I'm sure that will help both you girls keep your mind on your work. Now both of you, be off!"

"Thank you, Mistress," they both said unison.

Every few steps, indeed every motion, kept Janet in a constant state of erotic excitement. It was impossible to stop the orgasms from coming one after another. It was her job to clean silverware, dust, and wash floors. Camille had the more difficult task of doing laundry and cleaning windows.

Still, they both managed to get their tasks done. Janet struggled to keep her concentration, even when she fantasized herself ripping the belt from around her waist. She wondered if there were any knives sharp enough in the kitchen to cut the tough leather of the belt. But she would never do that, since the belt and the phallus were both extensions of the collar and bracelets that she wore.

Lunch was a quick affair. Camille served Stephanie, then they ate together. They were both allowed use of the bathroom, then again locked in their harnesses.

Getting into then the second time was easier than the first, and both went back to their jobs.

Crash! After cleaning a bowl that Janet had left on the kitchen countertop, she had by accident knocked into it and it fell to the floor. Janet realized that she had done something, after being so careful all day, which would merit her a punishment of some kind.

Damn! Thought Janet. I'm going to get it now!

The sound brought both Stephanie and Camille to the kitchen.

"What happened?" asked Stephanie.

"I broke a bowl, Mistress," said Janet.

"Yes. I can see that. Please clean it up. There will be a special punishment for you this evening," said Stephanie.

Camille remained behind to help Janet clean up.

"Well, I guess that it would have been one of us," said Camille.

"I'm the new girl," said Janet, "so I'm supposed to be punished."

"Camille!" called Stephanie, "get back to your work! You know what will happen if you don't!"

"Gotta go," said Camille.

"Yes," said Janet.

Janet was dejected and lonely while she cleaned up the ness that she had made. Somehow, she had managed to avoid crying. Even perched on the high heels and with the dildo inside her, she cleaned up all traces of the glass bowl from the kitchen floor.

Dinner that Saturday night was strained. Mistress first, slaves second. Stephanie had not removed their harnesses, so the faces of both girls were flushed and excited during dinner and cleanup.

After dinner, Stephanie had removed Janet's harness. Her sex was dripping with her fluids after having worn the dildo all day. Inexplicably, Camille was still wearing hers.

"You know why she removed yours," began Camille when they were alone, "because she'll probably want to use your behind tonight."

"I guess so. At least I'm free for the moment," said Janet.

"And you get to go home, don't you? There's no Mistress around to dominate you seven days a week."

"True. But I'll tell you a secret. I bought myself a collar, bracelets, and high heels just like I'm wearing now at home. I wear them at night during the week. Maybe next I'll buy a gag and a harness. Just to keep myself amused."

"You're really getting into this, aren't you?" asked Camille.

"I guess I am."

Janet was now used to the ritual of being gagged and blindfolded, her arms restrained behind her back, and finally leashed on her way to the dungeon. However, Stephanie introduced something new. Just before she was blindfolded, Stephanie produced a leather strap that she fastened over Janet's elbows. She pulled the strap tight, finally buckling it secure. Then Janet lost her sight.

When she heard a lock click shut, she knew that she was in the dungeon again. She took one cautious step after another, and found that her leash was now locked onto something.

Janet resigned herself to wait for whatever Mistress Stephanie would have in store for her next. In time, Janet's arms began to hurt. Having her arms drawn backward and strapped together was something new, and she was not sure that she liked the sensation.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she heard the approach of two pairs of heels. Without her sight, she had become adept at listening, and could distinguish when more than one person was walking. At least if they wore high heels on a Dungeon floor!

Janet blinked when the blindfold was suddenly removed. Her eyes took some time to adjust to the bright lights.

"Lonely, Janet?" asked Stephanie.

All that Janet could do was stand in mute silence as Stephanie taunted her. She shifted her position, and hoped that her elbow strap would be removed.

"I think that a little light punishment is called for first before we move onto more serious things, don't you agree?"

Janet nodded her head in assent.

"Good. Camille, get her ready and bent over the horse," ordered Stephanie.

Janet was soon free of her gag, the elbow strap, and leash. She thanked Stephanie, and was next bent over the horse, her arms and legs spread wide. It had been the last position that her own Mistress had bound her in.

"Ready, darling?" asked Stephanie.

Stephanie had worn a simple black rubber bra that lifted up her breasts, a matching skirt, and thigh high rubber boots. She flexed the riding crop again in her hands.

"Yes, Mistress. Please punish me."

Stephanie began by using the crop's tip to land selective blows on Janet's behind. First one ass cheek then another felt the impact of the crop. The Dungeon echoed with each slap of the leather on her flesh.

With her behind in the air, all Janet could do was pull without effect on her chains. The steel and leather bracelets were unyielding, and she sometimes grunted each time that she felt the crop strike her behind.

Still, the impacts seemed restrained and controlled. Almost as if Mistress Stephanie was holding back for some reason that Janet did not know. Still, it was bad enough to have her behind punished. She would have a hard time sitting down at work all week!

After twenty strokes, Stephanie halted.

"Had enough, Janet?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good," said Stephanie as she rubbed Janet's behind, "your bottom is nicely red and warm. I think that we'll just go on."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Janet stole a glance at Camille, and was surprised to see a look of jealously on her face! After first criticizing Janet for being a bondage slave, maybe Camille wished that she were the one bent over the horse just now!

Next, Stephanie produced a tube of lubricant and began to spread it around Janet's asshole. Janet remained silent, not wishing to provoke the Mistress.

"Since your pussy had the dildo inside all day, I think that we shouldn't let your other hole go unattended, hmmm?"

Janet flinched when she felt a dildo slowly inserted into her behind. She relaxed, remembering when her Mistress had calmed her as she used her finger to explore Janet's behind. While she was tight at first, she gradually relaxed and the dildo found it's way inside her!

"That's a good girl," said Stephanie.

"Thank you, Mistress."

If anyone had told her six months ago that she would be cropped and bound over a horse with a dildo up her ass, she would have told him or her they were crazy. Instead here she was, calm as day, with the dildo stuck in her behind.

Stephanie spread Janet's ass cheeks, and made sure that the dildo had penetrated far within. Once she was satisfied that it was without doing any damage, she left it there for a while.

She reached down and fondled Janet's nipples, which were already hard from all the excitement so far. She also reached in Janet's sex, and found that Janet's sex was wet.

After what seemed like an eternity, Janet felt the dildo removed. For some reason, Stephanie had donned a pair of rubber gloves, and then inspected her asshole like it was some medical examination!

"Good," said Stephanie.

"Mistress?" asked Janet.

"Nothing, dear. Now we shall proceed."

Janet was then released from the horse, and her wrists were again locked behind her back. She kept silent, since she did not want to incur Stephanie's anger.

"Ever been on a rack, Janet?" asked Stephanie.

"No, Mistress," Janet answered in a tiny voice.

Janet had an instant dread of the rack. She thought that tonight's special punishment for breaking the bowl was what she had just received on the horse. But now she was going to be stretched on the rack! Something that she had seen in numerous horror films! She was terrified of the idea that the thing could be used on her.

Stephanie led Janet over to the rack. Her wrists were released, and she was made to sit up on the device. She then lay down, and spread her arms and legs until she was in the shape of an X. Her cuffs were soon attached to bars, leaving her spread-eagled and helpless on the device.

Lying flat on the rack, Janet knew that her torment was soon to come. She had not resisted because she was darkly curious about the engine. She wanted to know just what it would be like to be stretched and immobile on the thing, even if it would be painful.

Janet realized that she had become like those bored, thrill starved people that did dangerous things for kicks. Except that for her, it was B&D that excited her.

"Ready, Janet?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Stephanie ran her left hand over the figure of the bound girl, only pausing to pinch her erect nipples and knead her wet sex. The girl took easily to her slavery, and was willing to accept punishment eagerly.

She walked in her high heels over to the head of the rack, and gradually pulled the big wheel. Each time the wheel moved, the metal ratchet clicked once. This tightened the chain ever so slightly, reducing the slack and pulling Janet forward.

Janet gradually felt the rack tighten it's grip upon her, as her hands were slowly pulled forward. She could do nothing except to dig her nails into her palms, as the tension on her gradually increased.

Each click brought new pressure on Janet, as she tried in vain to resist the rack. It was truly implacable in nature, and she was helpless in its grip.

"Well now. Enjoying yourself, Janet?"

Janet did not know what to reply. She had not been stretched so far that it was painful just yet. But she imagined what the thing could do!

"Do you know, some of my other girls really love the rack? Why, they don't even regard it as a complete visit with me unless they've been stretched as you are now."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Would you like to know why I have such a thing in my house?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

"One of my slaves, a very rich woman, always dreamed that she would be stretched on a rack. She had it built, and made a present of it to me. She was the first person that it was used upon," described Stephanie.

Janet sighed as she tried to adjust herself to the rack. It was implacable in the way it held her, and all she could do was rub her bare behind on the polished wood surface.

"You really are liking this, aren't you?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

Stephanie paused to caress Janet again. The rack had flattened her female figure somewhat, but Janet still responded to the touch of the Mistress's fingers. She traced the outlines of Janet's breasts and belly, then proceed again down to her sex. Janet moaned with both pain and pleasure at the same time.

"You know," began Stephanie, "throughout history, people have come to love their tormentors."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you love me?" asked Stephanie.

"No, Mistress Stephanie. I love Mistress Erica, who owns me."

"Very good, Janet. I would hate to think after just a couple of days with me, you would be ready to leave your true Mistress," said Stephanie.

Stephanie then slowly resumed tightening the rack, and with each click the tension on Janet grew ever tighter. Her entire body felt as if was being stretched.

Looking down at herself, she was horrified to see that her chest had become flattened. However, her nipples was hard and erect, and pointed up defiantly at the ceiling.

Just when it seemed that her agony of the rack would go on forever, and Stephanie would never stop tightening the rack, the Mistress stopped.

"Had enough?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Would you like to be removed from the rack?"

"Yes, please. If my Mistress desires it," Janet answered.

Janet was relieved when Stephanie clicked something in the rack and the tension on her limbs began to ease. What had been agony for Janet a few seconds before had finally ended.

"Thank you, Mistress!" cried Janet.

"You're welcome, dear."

Janet then watched as Stephanie unlocked her wrists and ankles from the chains that had held her to the rack. She was free of the thing!

"You may get up now, Janet. Camille, help Janet to her room. I think that she's had enough for tonight. Then you may come to my bedroom."

"Yes, Mistress," answered Camille.

Stephanie left the Dungeon without saying another word. Janet slowly pulled herself upwards, and sat on the wooden instrument.

"How do you feel?" asked Camille.

"About seven feet tall," Janet answered.

"You'll be all right after a hot soak. You really weren't in any danger, you know."

"Why?" asked Janet, suddenly curious.

"You should have read those plaques you were dusting today. Stephanie is a full MD, who practiced for several years before retiring early."

"That's why she was so careful with my asshole," concluded Janet.

"Right, now lets get you bathed and ready for bed."

Again Janet was bathed and massaged by Camille, who massaged the sore muscles on her back. It felt just so good!

"Just don't play tennis for a while," advised Camille.

Camille locked Janet's collar to the chain hanging from the wall. Janet was again captive.

"What happens with you and Stephanie?" asked Janet.

"It depends. Perhaps she'll crop me a little, or I'll service her. I may get invited into bed, or spend the evening chained on the floor at the foot of her bed. It's something different each night."

Janet became instantly jealous. She had not yet been invited to share her Mistress's bed. She longed for Erica's caress, and wanted to show her Mistress what she was now capable of.

"Bye," said Camille.

Janet silently cried herself to sleep that night.

Part Two: The Third Weekend

Janet waited anxiously outside her building for the limo to come. She was so impatient! She wished that she could somehow sprout wings and fly away to Mistress Stephanie's house on her own, without having to be driven there.

Last Saturday night, Stephanie had chained Camille in her bedroom, and invited Janet to share her bed. Or so she had thought. First, she had been made to kneel at her bedside while Stephanie attended to herself. Then, she had finally been asked to tongue Stephanie's pussy.

Janet was certain that she had been doing a good job in getting Stephanie aroused (she certainly was) when the Mistress had suddenly called a halt. Janet then found her hands locked behind her back and a red rubber ball gag tied around her neck. She was then chained to the foot of the bed by her collar, and told that if she made a sound she would be made to wear the gag all night.

Janet felt angry at her rejection by the Mistress! She knew that she had been doing a good job, and instead her reward was to lie chained at her bed all night!

This weekend she was going to be the most submissive slave that she could be! She was going to find some way to pierce that coldness that Stephanie displayed, and get into her bed. No matter how jealous that made Camille.

Finally, the limo pulled up and she was on her way. All week she had planned what she was going to do to gain Stephanie's attention. There had to be some way that she was going to be noticed, and Janet was going to find it!

On the bridge there was a sudden traffic jam. Instead of breezing though (it was after rush hour) they sat on the bridge for over an hour as an overturned truck was cleared. Finally they got upstate, and Janet looked in horror at the time on her watch.

When they finally pulled up in front of Stephanie's house she was fully two hours late! For failing to arrive on time, Janet knew that she would be subject to some horrible punishment and all her plans were useless.

Still, she bravely walked up to the door. Even though Stephanie knew that she was here, Janet had to ring the bell. She saw the red lights of the departing limo, as it left on the driveway.

The door was opened by Camille, who was wearing a red latex Maid's uniform. Her waist seemed smaller than before, and Janet wondered if she was wearing a corset underneath the rubber.

"You're late," commented Camille.

"There was an accident on the bridge," said Janet as she entered the house.

"Let me take your coat, and the rest of your clothes," directed Camille.

In the hallway, Janet was divested of her clothes. On a table were all of the instruments of her confinement. The collar, bracelets, leash, and ball gag all seemed so innocent until a naked slave girl wore them. On the floor were her high heels, which Camille locked upon her feet.

It took a few moments for Janet to once again wear her leather devices of slavery. She stood still as Camille locked her wrists behind her back, then buckled the gag into her mouth. Once the leash was attached, Janet was totally helpless.

"Into the library," said Camille.

Taking small steps behind Camille, whose latex outfit rustled whenever she moved Janet followed her companion. Camille knocked before she entered the library.

"Come in," said Stephanie's voice through the wooden door.

Janet obediently followed behind, only to be embarrassed because Stephanie was not alone! With her was another woman and they were both seated in front of the computer.

"Ah, yes. About time that you arrived, Janet," said Stephanie.

"Who's this?" asked the stranger.

"Not one of mine. I'm minding her while her Mistress is away. But she should have been here two hours ago. Camille, bring her here, please!" demanded Stephanie.

Camille quickly complied, and handed Janet's leash to Stephanie.

"Now run along," ordered Stephanie. "Blanca and I will amuse ourselves with Janet for a while."

All that Janet could do was stand in mute embarrassment in the presence of the two women. Camille left quickly, her heels clicking on the wooden floor.

"May I?" asked Blanca.

"Go ahead," replied Stephanie.

Blanca was an attractive woman, in her thirties. She had dark skin and an attractive figure. She was wearing a black leather dress that hugged the curves of her body, stockings, and moderate black leather heels. She pulled her chair back from the computer, and walked over to Janet.

"Now then, what do we have here?" asked Blanca as she tugged gently on Janet's leash.

Janet had no alternative but to step towards Blanca as her leash was pulled.

"Turn around," ordered Blanca.

Janet turned around, with the only sounds in the library being the taps of her heels and the rustle of her leash.

"She's been well used," observed Blanca.

"What Erica didn't punish, I attended to," dryly commented Stephanie.

"How does she take the whip?"

"Some resistance, but after a few strokes, she's quite willing," Stephanie answered.

Blanca then reached out and grabbed Janet's right breast, squeezing it firmly in her hand. She tightened her grip so strongly that Janet squealed from behind her gag. Then Blanca flicked Janet's nipple with one of her fingernails making Janet flinch, even though Blanca has still holding firmly onto her breast.

"She needs additional control," said Blanca.

"Perhaps with some additional training," observed Stephanie.

Blanca then inspected Janet's sex.

"Open your legs, slave," ordered Blanca.

Janet complied, wondering just what her new tormentor would do next.

"She needs to be shaved. Whenever I train someone new, shaving a cunt makes her feel even more naked," said Blanca.

"I'll tell Erica," said Stephanie.

Blanca had released Janet's breast and was now probing her sex by inserting two fingers into her sheath and penetrating deeply.

"She wets easily," observed Blanca.

"Because she desires a Mistress," said Stephanie, "any Mistress."

Janet shifted when she felt the walls of her sex being scraped by Blanca's fingernail.

"Quiet," ordered Blanca.

Janet submitted to the examination of her sex, staying quiet and in one position. She knew that if she didn't, it would mean a punishment later. She then felt the probing fingers withdraw, and relaxed.

Blanca then turned Janet around, and she felt her back being examined. Then her ass cheeks were pulled apart, and Blanca ordered her to bend over. Janet felt demeaned by the examination that she was being given by the stranger, like she was merchandise on display!

"A tight little hole. Bet she hasn't been used there," said Blanca.

"No, Erica said to leave her little behind alone. Besides, there's enough to do without going up her ass," said Stephanie.

"I wouldn't want to go against Erica's orders. Still, not having her pussy shaved and not using her behind makes her one privileged little slave," said Blanca.

"I would imagine that Erica will get around to those items sooner or later. She usually does," observed Stephanie.

"Shall we use her?" asked Blanca.

"Sure. You're my guest."

"Here, or in the Dungeon?" questioned Blanca.

"Here will do fine. Camille didn't clean the Dungeon from last night, which she will be soundly punished for. I'm sure that we can make Janet feel quite uncomfortable here in the library," said Stephanie as she turned off the computer and rose from her seat.

Stephanie unlocked a desk drawer, and proceeded to remove several items from within including chains, a riding crop, clamps, and a dildo and harness. She pressed a switch on the desk, and part of the library wall turned around to reveal ringbolts to which someone might be secured.

"Nice touch," said Blanca.

"Useful when I don't want to confine someone in the Dungeon all the time. This way I can work here, and attend to a slave also," said Stephanie.

Janet's wrists were released, then locked again to the ringbolts above her head. Then her legs were separated and locked also, making her vulnerable to what the two Dominants desired of her. Janet's behind was against the polished wooden paneling of the wall, and she smelled the furniture polish.

Blanca then removed the leash from Janet's collar, pausing only to pinch Janet's erect nipple.

"She's quite ready," said Blanca.

Stephanie handed her guest a riding crop that had a flat piece of heavy black leather at the tip, cut into a square.

"Why don't you try this?" suggested Stephanie.

Blanca bent the crop in her hands to test its stiffness, and flicked the leather at the end.

"Yes, this will do quite nicely," said Blanca.

Blanca then began by running her hands over Janet's spread-eagled form, pausing only to trace the outline of her breasts and sex. Then Janet felt her thighs being examined, and Blanca feeling her muscles like she was a racehorse!

Then Blanca started by lightly tapping the crop against her own leg, before first using on Janet's exposed form.

The crop landed on Janet's left breast and stung, even though the leather distributed the force of the stroke over a large area. Janet stiffened within her bondage, glad that the bracelets kept her firmly against the wall.

Blanca did not stop after the first, but instead kept striking Janet's figure with the riding crop. Each time the leather impacted on Janet, the sound was heard in the library. Janet could only moan from behind the ball gag, which had taken away her power of speech.

"She takes the crop well," said Blanca.

"Yes, I've noticed that too. Erica must have a very good eye for choosing girls. Just like that other one Sally, a natural for the whip."

Janet's attention suddenly shifted from Blanca to Stephanie. She said Sally! Did that mean her friend Sally Belmar, who had introduced her to Erica, or perhaps another girl?

"Some Doms have all the luck," said Blanca. "The last one I tried to train was willing, but unsatisfactory. All she really wanted to do was wear latex and look sexy."

"Well some girls are just fakes pretending that they're slave material," said Blanca.

"While others are the real thing," finished Stephanie.

"Yes, observed Blanca.

Idly, Janet noticed that Blanca's exertions while cropping her had produced a fine sheen of sweat on her tormentor's face. Blanca reached up with her free hand and wiped her brow, before delivering yet another series of punishing blows on Janet's naked skin.

"Still, she has yet to be fully trained," said Blanca.

"Once trained, she should wear someone's ring in her sex. But that is for later, and besides, it's Erica's decision."

"Mmmmph!" cried Janet from her gag.

Blanca reached forward and inserted her finger into Janet's sex, and found that she was quite wet. She removed her finger, and showed the proof to Janet herself.

"You're quite the bondage slut, you know. I think that you've already passed the point where you may never think of sex without bondage, hmmm? Asked Blanca.

In spite of her best efforts, it was hard not to be aroused by her punishment in the library. She only wished that Blanca would do something else, as the crop had struck her breasts many times.

"Enough," said Blanca, pausing.

"Not quite," said Stephanie, rising from her chair.

Stephanie was dressed in an old shirt, and worn blue jeans. She took the crop from Blanca, and proceeded to use it between Janet's legs!

The strokes were not hard, but each time that the leather pad struck Janet's thigh, it was like a small bolt of lightning coursed through her. Try as she might, Janet knew that she was driven to climax many times by the crop.


"That's much better," said Stephanie. "Now she's really in the mood."

"What's next?" Asked Blanca.

"She's yours, remember," answered Stephanie.

"How about the footstool?"

"Good choice. Girls just love the stool. Nothings more erotic than being tied down to the footstool, rubbing their breasts against it while I thrash their behinds," stated Stephanie.

In short order, Janet was released from the wall, and led, still gagged, over to the footstool. She recalled the first time that she had entered Stephanie's house, and seen Camille bound on the stool. Now it would be her turn!

Then she was quickly secured with ropes on her elbows and knees. Just to make certain that they were tight, Blanca cinched her bonds by adding an additional loop at 90 degrees to the strands that already her Janet to the stool's legs.

"There now, that should hold you," said Blanca.

Both dominants paused to admire Blanca's handiwork, and Stephanie patted Janet's behind gently.

"Do you have a paddle?" Asked Blanca.

"Sure," said Stephanie.

Stephanie produced not only a black leather paddle, but also the same dildo that Janet had seen used on Camille when she had been bound to the stool.

"Do you want to test her?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes. Though given how wet she is, I doubt that she'll be able to hold the dildo inside," said Blanca.

Blanca took the dildo, and knelt down behind Janet's upturned behind. The Janet winced as she felt two fingers open her sex, and the rigid dildo's tip was slowly inserted. She tried to pull away, and bucked as the invader slowly entered her sex. Even though she resisted, Blanca had no trouble inserting the phallus since Janet was already excited by what she had received so far.

Blanca pushed the dildo inside Janet, until Janet was squirming and fighting. It felt like the dildo was splitting her in two before Blanca stopped forcing it in.

"That's good," said Blanca, "now you keep that inside while I punish you, or else!"

Janet's cunt muscles were firmly clamped around the phallus, after having had the thing pushed inside her. With her behind sticking up in the air, she knew that it would be there that the paddle would be used.


Janet was unprepared for the first strike of the paddle. She had thought that Blanca would somehow ease into using the new instrument, but instead she had delivered a truly punishing bow with her first stroke. It was only with the greatest effort that she maintained control and managed to hold the phallus within.

Blanca then continued to punish first one buttock, then the other. Janet rubbed her bound nakedness against that black leather of the stool, and found herself only getting further aroused by her efforts.

"Why didn't you test her with the paddle first?" asked Stephanie.

"Because she's a slave, and should be used to punishment by now," answered Blanca.

Janet knew that her behind must be red by now, and she felt her punished skin slowly heat up with every impact of the leather paddle. She bit down on her gag, and stifled a cry.

Blanca paused and wiped her brow.

"Why don't you get out of that dress?" asked Stephanie.

"Not yet. The only time I will take this dress off will be for bed."

Blanca reached down between Janet's legs, and made sure that the dildo was still firmly inserted in Janet's sex. When she gently shifted the shaft slightly, Janet was unable to contain a moan, which was the only sound in the library.

"She certainly has control for one so untrained," commented Blanca.

"Perhaps you should test her further," advised Stephanie.

Both Dominants were suddenly startled by a knock on the door.

"Come in," ordered Stephanie.

Camille appeared, still in her Maid's outfit.

"The Dungeon has been cleaned, Mistress," said Camille.

"Good, I'll be down to inspect it later. Blanca will not need you tonight, but perhaps I will, after I have inspected your work. Now go!"

"Yes, Mistress," Camille answered before departing.

Blanca then continued to punish her behind again, heating up the flesh to such a degree that Janet knew that she would have a hard time sitting down at work all week. She was sure that her ass was bright red, and that the flesh was blistering from the many impacts that she had endured.

"Mmmmmph!" cried Janet.

Still the paddle struck her flesh, and she began to cry. Would there be no end to this singular form of discipline?

Blanca inspected her work by rubbing her hands again Janet's skin. Janet flinched when she felt how cold in comparison Blanca's hands were against her heated behind.

Still, the dildo remained inside! Janet was sure that she would suddenly lose control and it would slip out in the excitement.

"There now girl," soothed Blanca, "almost done."

Janet wondered if her behind was again going to be paddled, but instead felt Blanca's hands reach upwards to her breasts. Then her nipples were fondled and pinched, and Janet again squirmed against the leather.


"Not yet," said Blanca.

Janet felt herself explode in a series of orgasms that came one after another. She rubbed against the leather like a cat in heat, and tried to draw in all the air she could through her nose. She felt like she would have passed out.

Finally, it was over! She relaxed against the leather, and after collecting her wits, realized that the dildo was still inside her!

Blanca then reached between Janet's legs and pulled the dildo out, which was glistening with Janet's juices. Janet watched, quite curious, what would happen to her next!

"You have excellent control," pronounced Blanca.


"Would you like me to remove her gag?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, I think that she's earned it," said Blanca.

Janet felt Stephanie's fingers pull the leather strap from roller buckle and their tension was suddenly released. The ball was removed, and Janet breathed deeply.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet between gasps.

"It's quite late," said Blanca.

"What do you want next?" asked Stephanie.

"I'd like to have her for night, if that's all right with you," said Blanca.


Janet found herself quickly released from her footstool, with the rope straps uncoiled on the floor. She was made to coil them up neatly on the desk, placed next to the paddle, ball gag, and riding crop.

Then her hands were locked behind her back, and she was pulled along by Blanca inserting a finger through a D ring on her collar.

"Don't forget the key for her shoes," cautioned Stephanie, "I don't want my sheets torn."

"Sorry," answered Blanca.

Stephanie handed Blanca a set of keys, as if she were giving away a set of car keys.

"Enjoy yourself," said Stephanie.

Janet was pulled along to a bedroom, and was not surprised to see her locked to the foot of a four poster bed. She watched in silence as Blanca zipped herself out of the leather dress and placed it on a hanger she removed from the closet. Her tormentor was wearing a set of lacy black feminine underwear, and stockings with a garter belt. Soon, she was nude.

"That's better," said Blanca.

"You're quite beautiful, Mistress," commented Janet.

"Thank you. You're quite a good little girl for having kept the dildo inside you. Therefore, I've decided to use you for the night."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Janet expected that they would both bathe first, and Blanca would make Janet serve as her bath girl in the process. Instead, she was quickly unlocked including her shoes, and both got between the sheets. Her collar to the bedpost locked Janet, which was her only method of confinement.

While Janet had only made love before to Tiffany, Blanca quickly devoured her. The Dominant consumed her hurt flesh, bringing Janet again and again to orgasms, making her body buck and shake with each climax.

Then Janet had to service Blanca's cunt, which she did to the best of her ability. Blanca didn't complain, only pulling at Janet's hair to force her deeper in her willing sex.

Finally, both were worn out and Janet glanced at the clock, which read 3 AM. She glanced at Blanca, and saw that the Dominant was asleep with soft snores coming from her body.

The sheets were damp with their sweat and juices, and Janet felt dirty yet fulfilled. She had finally satisfied a Mistress!

Saturday morning started unusually for Janet. Unlike before, Janet and Camille were responsible for bathing and dressing both Stephanie and Blanca. Janet used everything that she had been taught both in Erica's and Stephanie's house to attend to the Mistress and her guest. She did her duties naked, and wished that she could take a quick shower, but had to wait. Camille was dressed in a black latex Maid's outfit, which was surely uncomfortable to wear in the hot and steamy bathroom.

After both women were cleaned and dressed, they went downstairs. Janet was finally alone with Camille.

"I'm to give you a quick bath, then you're to be dressed in a uniform like mine," said Camille.

For Janet, a quick bath in reality meant a long time soaking in a hot and steamy tub. The hot water both stung and soothed her aching flesh and she again felt every stroke of the paddle and whip.

Camille then took her into one of the bedrooms and dressed her in a uniform similar to hers. She wore a rubber panty and bra underneath, plus her usual high heels. She stood still as Camille zipped her into the uniform.

Camille then changed her own uniform that had become hot and sweaty with her work. She gave herself a quick birdbath as Janet knelt in the bedroom.

"Ready?" asked Camille.

"It's a little strange wearing clothes again," said Janet.

"You'll get used to this, I imagine," laughed Camille.

"My brother was in the wrestling squad in high school. He had a rubber outfit that he used to wear just prior to a match so he could quickly lose some weight to get an advantage over someone in a lesser weight class. After he quit the squad, I used to wear it also," said Janet.

"Did it make you feel sexy?" asked Camille.

"Not like this," said Janet, admiring herself in the mirror.

"We're supposed to serve both Mistresses today, with you properly dressed so don't make any mistakes! I don't want to have to work all day with a dildo inside me! Okay?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

For that Saturday, Janet worked in her latex uniform serving as a Maid. She again helped Camille with all of the housework and cooking. She didn't say anything when they made Stephanie's room up, though she could guess what had happened there the previous night by the bed's condition.

She could smell the sweaty sheets and the juices on the bed, and knew that Camille and her Mistress had been in bed together. Under the bed, she found a dildo and riding crop, and gave them to Camille.

"Good, I've got to store these away," said Camille.

"You told me that you were hired just as a regular Maid. Then why did you stay after..."

"After I found out about Stephanie's unusual interests? Maybe I was bored, or looking for something different. In any event, I found what I wanted," said Camille.

The two women did all the cooking and cleaning together, and Janet found that working in a latex uniform made her feel sexy and interesting. Whenever she moved, she loved the rustle of the latex, and the way it clung to her figure. The heat of her body generated sweat, which somehow made her feel even more excited. Soon, the uniform had molded itself to her figure.

Remarkably, neither Dominant decided to use either slave during the day. Janet wondered if during the week, Stephanie amused herself with Camille. Thus both of them were able to get their work done without any interference.

Finally, Dinner came and Camille cooked and Janet served. She did everything that Camille had told her to, and it seemed to go all right. She managed not to spill anything throughout the entire meal.

When the dining room was cleared both Dominants rose and left for the library.

"Please join us in ten minutes," said Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Camille and Janet in unison.

Janet eyed Camille silently. What was going to happen tonight? Would she again be subjected to something new and different in the Dungeon, or would she be punished as before?

Both slaves entered the library as instructed and stood silently awaiting instructions.

"Camille, I want you to go with Blanca to the Dungeon to get ready. Janet, I want you to stay with me for a while," ordered Stephanie.

After they were left alone, Janet stood in silence as she awaited her next command from her Mistress.

"Janet, come to the desk, please?" asked Stephanie, who was seated behind it.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet as she did what she was instructed.

Stephanie removed the instruments of a Dominant. The ballgag, riding crop, whip, clips, and cuffs.

"Tell me, Janet. Have you ever handled a riding crop before?" asked Stephanie.

"I rode a horse once. They gave them out, but I never had to use it."

"What happened?"

"I fell off the horse."

Stephanie laughed.

"And are you familiar with any of these objects, or have any at home? Tell me, you're not allowed to keep secrets from your Mistress."

Janet choked. She had never told Erica that she had gone to shops in New York City and purchased cuffs and heels that she wore at night. Would this earn her a beating?

"Since I became a slave to Mistress Erica, I went and purchased a set of cuffs and a collar to wear when I'm naked at home. It's comforting, and reminds me of Erica," confessed Janet.

"Good. I'm sure that Erica will be glad to know that you think of her even when you're not in the Dungeon," said Stephanie.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Janet.

"Pick up the crop," ordered Stephanie.

"Mistress?" questioned Janet.

"Pick up the crop," again ordered Stephanie, "or do I have to strike your behind with it?"

Hesitantly, Janet reached out and grasped the leather handle. She picked up it with her right hand grasping the handle. With her left, she ran her fingers over its entire length.

"You can flex it," said Stephanie, "it won't bite."

Doing as she was told, Janet imitated Stephanie's motions with the crop.

"How long have you been a slave, Janet?" asked Stephanie.

"Five months," Janet answered.

"During that time, have you ever wondered just what it might feel to hold a crop, or to use it on someone else? Answer me and be truthful," questioned Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress. I've often thought about how it might feel if I used a riding crop," admitted Janet.

"Would you like to?" asked Stephanie.

"Mistress!" exclaimed Janet.

"Come now. You've enough stripes on your flesh. Wouldn't you like to administer some on another slave girl?" asked Stephanie.

Janet was struck speechless. Sure, she had fantasized about it, except that she knew the pain that she would be causing if she wielded the crop herself. There was no way that she would ever want to inflict pain on someone, especially not another slave girl!

"If you don't reply, there's at least twenty strokes for you with my most painful crop," said Stephanie.

"I wouldn't like to whip someone else, Mistress," Janet replied cautiously.

"Would you rather take the punishment yourself, then?"

"What punishment?" asked Janet.

"Earlier, Camille made a mistake today. I told her that she would get punished for it. It doesn't matter who administers the strokes, just so long as it gets done. I am offering her to you, just for tonight. Will you accept my offer, or get double hers?"

"Mistress?" Janet was unable to decide what to do!

"Decide, Janet. Either I punish you severely, or you punish Camille. It's all part of being a slave. And I'll tell Erica what a disobedient slave you were, especially on your last night with me," cautioned Stephanie.

The words choked in Janet's mouth, not the crop again for her!


"Mistress, I'll punish Camille," said Janet in a low voice.

"Speak louder," Stephanie ordered.

"Mistress, I'll punish Camille," Janet repeated.

"Good, that wasn't so hard," said Stephanie as she rose from behind her desk.

"Mistress?" asked Janet, not sure what was to happen next.

"Come now, you have to get dressed. You can't dominate someone dressed in a Maid's uniform with collar and bracelets," said Stephanie.

Earlier that day, it had been Camille and Janet that had bathed and prepared Stephanie and Blanca. Now, the role was somewhat reversed as Janet was ushered to a bedroom, and was quickly divested of her shoes, collar and bracelets. Next, the rubber uniform came off, and had to be peeled slowly from Janet's form.

Finally came the rubber bra and panties, and Janet had a hard time removing them, as they had stuck to her skin.

"I have another set like this," began Stephanie, "That have nubs inside the bra cups and crotch to keep you excited. Perhaps you'll get to wear them on your next visit. I often make Camille wear them, just to keep her excited all day."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now take a quick shower, and we'll get ready," ordered Stephanie.

Doing as she was told, Janet bathed quickly under a hot shower. She felt like the sweat from the rubber was melting off from her.

When she emerged, Stephanie dried her off, and helped with her hair. She selected a leather skirt, bra, thigh high black boots, and long opera gloves, all in black leather for Janet. Putting them on made Janet feel very strange, since she was now wearing the clothing of a Dominant instead of a slave!

For herself, Stephanie wore a sleeveless black leather Catsuit. Janet helped Stephanie into it, and zipped it up the back. She wore a pair of five-inch heels to compliment the outfit.

"There now," said Stephanie, "Don't we look better than being naked?"

"Yes, Mistress," said Janet as she admired herself in the full-length mirror.

"Come now," ordered Stephanie.

"No blindfold, Mistress?" asked Janet.

"Blindfolds are for slaves," answered Stephanie.

When they arrived in the Dungeon, Janet was not surprised to see just what Stephanie had ordered. Camille was chained as Janet usually was. She was naked, and wore a collar and bracelets. The bracelets were locked to spreader bars, which spread-eagled Camille into the shape of an X. She was wearing a blindfold and ball gag.

Blanca had changed into a latex bodysuit and high heels, which hugged every curve of her figure. She stood silently, waiting next to her handiwork.

"Good job, Blanca," complimented Stephanie.

"Thank you, Stephanie."

Stephanie had instructed Janet to remain silent when they entered the Dungeon. She pointed to Camille, and shook her head up and down, indicating yes.

Hesitantly, Janet strode over to Camille. She saw how the Maid was now confined and stretched as she had normally been. Janet saw how her breasts stuck out, and each rib below the skin was visible. How Camille bore the many stripes of her slavery to Stephanie.

Stephanie motioned for her to begin. Janet started by gently stroking Camille's breasts, pulling at them and pinching her erect nipples. She then traced the furrow between her breasts directly down to her sex. She toyed with her pubic hair, pulling at the soft strands. This made Camille flinch within her chains. Walking around, she gently felt Camille's back with her fingers, finally ending there by pulling her buttocks apart and seeing her anus.

Becoming bolder, she circled around to the front. She then cupped Camille's sex with one hand, and slowly inserted one finger into her furrow. This made Camille stiffen within her chains, and Janet could see the girl tense as her digit invaded her.

"Continue," ordered Stephanie.

Janet returned to pinching Camille's nipples, seeing how excited and flushed she had become from her earlier examination. Camille, like Janet, had been well trained to respond to her Mistress.

Janet then walked to Camille's back and unbuckled her blindfold and ball gag. Camille blinked several times to adjust to the bright lights and saw that it was Janet who had been fondling her!

"Mistress?" asked Camille.

"I've decided that Janet should use you tonight, Camille."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Proceed, Janet," ordered Stephanie.

Selecting a riding crop with a broad leather tip, she circled Camille. For the first time, it wasn't Janet that was going to receive punishment. This time, she was holding the crop, and she was going to use it.

She administered her first stroke with a gentle slap on Camille's outer thigh. It produced a barely audible thwack in the silence.

Before Stephanie could order her, Janet slowly and with ever increasing force began to strike at that exposed parts of Camille's nakedness. She struck her breasts and nipples, making Camille flinch within her chains. Then she stuck at Camille's flat belly, leaving a few red marks around her belly button. Then she laid a few between Camille's thighs, slapping the crop from one side to another.

Satisfied, and confident that the crop would not explode into flame because a slave was handling it, Janet became more adventurous. She walked around, and proceeded to strike at Camille's behind. She left many red marks on the Maid's behind.

Janet loved the feel and the smell of the leather that she was wearing. It interacted with her own sweat, and Janet resolved that she would buy clothing like this to wear at home. She knew that she was excited by what she was doing. Janet knew that she was very wet with excitement.

The day before, she had been tied onto the footstool getting cropped with a dildo inside her sex. Now she was the Dominant, and it felt very different!

"You may use what instruments you desire," said Stephanie.

Janet walked over to an open cabinet. Within, she saw a coiled whip, clamps, a dildo, and many other things. She grabbed a handful of clamps, and went back to attend to Camille.

Without saying a word, she placed on clamp on Camille's right nipple. She gradually tightened the device until it stayed of it's own accord. Then she applied another to the left nipple. She then applied two more to Camille's outer lips of her sex.

"Mistress, please," plead Camille.

"Do you want more?" asked Janet, suddenly.

"No, Mistress," replied the chain girl.

Janet pulled at the clamps that she had placed on Camille's flesh. Each time she did so, Camille flinched in her chains. She pulled to get away, but the chains were implacable. What could a naked girl do against steel and leather?

When she went to remove the coiled whip from the cabinet, Stephanie told her that since she was not trained in it's use, she should remove the clamps first. Doing as she was ordered to, Janet then tested the whip by striking out into empty air.

"Ready for the whip?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," Camille answered.

Janet began again by striking slowly and softly. She didn't want to hurt Camille, not really, but she did want to show Stephanie that she was serious about the whip. With each stroke, the whip curled itself around Camille's naked form.

Janet saw the marks that she was leaving, and knew just how long before they would heal. Since Camille had been a slave for a long time, they were just one of many that were already there.

She struck silently, circling and never striking the same place twice. Her aim was inexperienced, so her strokes often landed where she did not expect them too. Still, Camille's sex and breasts often received a stroke, making her squeal and moan.

Janet continued carefully, aware that every move she was making was under the observation of both Stephanie and Blanca. She did not use the full force of her arm with each stroke, since that would wound Camille. Instead, she cracked the whip with just enough force to leave a red mark.

After what seemed like an eternity, she inspected her efforts. Tears ran down Camille's cheeks, and her makeup was streaked. Her body was covered in red marks from Janet's whip and crop.

Janet then coiled the whip and presented the handle to Camille.

"Kiss it," ordered Janet, "or else they'll be a few more."

"Yes, Mistress," said Camille as she kissed the whip handle.

Janet then inserted her fingers again into Camille's sex, and found that she was even more wet than before. Finally, she pinched Camille's nipples again before she decided that she was finished.

"I'm done, slave," Janet said.

Janet walked back over to Stephanie and handed her the whip, handle first.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Very good, Janet. You show promise, no matter what side of the whip you're on," said Stephanie.

Janet felt deep inside her that something had changed. Still, that night she spent the evening alone chained in a bedroom. Her hands had been linked to her collar so that she couldn't touch herself. Janet ground her thighs together, wanting release from her frustration. But that had been denied to her by Stephanie.

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