by Mikel

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Arriving home one evening I found a set of jacks on the table, I looked at them surprised that they still made the simple game and it had even come with a small rubber ball. After looking at it I heard Lori moving around in the back room so I followed the sounds and found her grunting as she tried to lace her corset herself. Smiling I walked up behind her and started pulling as she grabbed the edge of the shelf and stood grunting and puffing as I pulled the laces tighter.

I finally succeed in closing the back of the long PVC and leather corset leaving Lori panting. Lori smiled and after kissing me she waved me away so she could finish getting dressed. I knew by the corset, stockings and knee high boots she was feeling dominant this evening so I left her. I was hoping she would release my cock and balls from the chastity cage they had been locked into for the last two weeks straight.

Even though I normally dominated her she had moments where she wanted to be in charge and truthfully I liked it when she had these moments. Normally once the mood passes she releases whatever she had attached to me but the last time she “forgot” the key to the cage at work. I just played along not asking for the key to see how long she could go without having sex herself, I guess her limit was about three weeks because she was getting dressed up for something.

I thought to myself grinning that I had outlasted her. I sat down and ate some leftovers remembering last weekend when she and I went to the club. I was still locked tight in the cage and tube and she was sealed inside her latex catsuit with six inch heels strapped to her feet. The waspie corset was laced so tight her breasts were heaving with each breath and the posture collar buckled tightly. Of course like the leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists everything was locked on and the keys would be left at home.

My cock was straining against its confines as I picked out and helped her into what she would wear for the evening. I added two chains with four locks and my favorite ball gag harness to her purse for later and we left for the club. In the car Lori was chatting like everything was normal as she gasped for each breath. The movement and sounds she made just sitting in the car in her latex and leather aroused me to the point of almost bursting in my pants. The pain from the tight steel wrapped around my balls and the even tighter tube holding my cock and keeping it from swelling made me have to calm down.

I begin to think she might actually win this time and force me to beg to be released. After spending several hours at the club she had voiced her desire to go home. I explained that this was not her choice and I took the chains from her purse handing her one with two of the locks. I watched intently as she struggled to lock her ankles together leaving about four inches of slack between them. Lori stood panting from the exertion of bending over and smiled at me then licked her lips.

I handed her the head harness and watched as she forced the huge ball behind her teeth then wrestled with the straps making sure they were all routed correctly under her long strawberry blond hair. Having the straps snug she turned and backed up to me on the tall bar stool allowing me to tighten all the straps securely. I tightened the straps while she rubbed my captured cock as she stood in between my legs. I slipped the locks through the buckles surprising her since she wasn’t prepared for it and knowing I left all the keys at home.

Turning to face me with a surprised look she reached back and pulled at the locks. Her red lips sealed tightly around the large ball reminding me of what I had just locked away. Smiling I turned her around and grabbed her wrists and with a little struggle locked her wrists directly together behind her back. Releasing the hold I had on her she quickly spun around and gave me “I’ll get even with you look”. Lori stood twisting and turning while she fought the cuffs making her breasts push harder against the latex they were trapped under from her shoulders being pulled back by the tight cuffs.

I enjoyed the club for another two hours even coercing her onto the dance floor while I sat at the bar. I watched her wiggle and shuffle around it while gasping for air through her nose. I only let her return to her seat when sweat was pouring from her nose. Lori wanted something to drink but that was not possible with the large ball locked so tight into her mouth so I sat smiling as I talked with friends. I finally told her to head to the car and I would catch up to her. I wanted to watch her ass under the tight rubber as she walked but I did not want to have to walk that slowly.

I watched her wiggle towards the door, we are well known at the club but if you cannot show your members card they will not let you in ever. So while I sat for another hour enjoying the cool air in the club she was forced to stand outside in the stifling heat and wait for me.

When I finally got to the car her hair was completely matted against her face and she was whining loudly so I got in and turned the A/C on high. Allowing her to cool off some I drove to a drive through and made her hide on the floorboard until we left it just to add to her frustration. Lori was generally unhappy in her current state but turning on the small egg vibrator she thought she had hidden from me made her squeal.

I had found the remote in her purse and flipped the batteries so it would not function before we had left the house. I had made sure the egg rattling around inside her pussy was only able to arouse her during the night. On the way home I teased her several times really enjoying the squeaking and creaking her rubber and leather were making while she wriggled in her seat. I finally allowed her to achieve a screaming orgasm while she sat in her seat.

Arriving at the house I watched her try to stand while I held the door open for several minutes before grabbing the d-ring on the top of the harness and pulled her to her feet. She squealed loudly from being yanked to her feet then I turned and walked quickly into the house. Lori was left to figure out the steps and door knob and praying her squeals didn’t wake the neighbors. The rest of the early morning was spent watching her struggle to find and retrieve her keys while I teased her with the egg and occasionally whipped her.

I loved the sound of whipping her rubber covered ass and continued with it ending with us falling asleep in each other’s arms. She still encased in rubber and leather having only removed the gag and unlocked her wrists from each other. The next day she wore the catsuit, collar and heels all day just to tease me before crawling under the table and sucking and stroking my captured cock and balls. I couldn’t stand it anymore and pushed her away. When she started laughing I quickly chained her to the lifting bar and laced her into her tightest corset. I forced her ballet boots onto her feet locking chains around each before strapping her butterfly vibrator over her rubber covered pussy and turning it on medium.

The last thing I did before leaving the house was lace a thick leather hood with a mouth filling gag onto her head and left her to struggle with her restraints. Lori would be unable to achieve orgasm with the vibrator on medium and while she dangled from her wrists on her pointed toes I went to the club to cool off. Returning two hours later to find her moaning and whining as she tried to relieve her aching pussy.

I lowered her and unhooked the spreader bar from the winch and told her until I got the key for the cage she would spend every minute bound and teased but would not be allowed to climax herself. Lori stood shaking her head trying to tell me something from under the hood but the large leather cock filling her mouth would not let any intelligible sounds come out. I removed the hood and listened to her tell me the key was at work and there was no way for her to get it until Monday.

I was irritated but there was nothing I could do but punish her for this mistake so for the rest of Saturday and until Monday morning she remained hooded bound incased in rubber. I only allowed her to use the restroom every eight hours or so and only unzipped her crotch leaving the remaining restraints firmly in place. Then I would change her position every few hours making it more difficult for her to judge time. By Monday morning she was a mess and was glad when I released her hands from the tight reverse prayer I had tied them in almost eight hours before. I said “Don’t forget the keys tonight” and left her gasping into the rubber hood she had been wearing since the night before and went to work.

She called me at lunch and we talked like we normally do and she told me she wanted to keep me locked up until the weekend then she would free me and hoped we could make love all night. I loved her so much that I let her talk me into waiting until the weekend. Now it’s been three weeks, Friday night is here and she is dressed to kill, I hear her heels clicking down the tile hallway as she walks into the kitchen I see her beauty for all its glory. The corset is pushing her breasts up giving her incredible cleavage, a silver chain runs from under the tall collar down in between her breasts disappearing under the tight corset.

The long black gloves almost reach her shoulders and fit tightly making her arms look like they have been dipped in black leather. Lori had locked the stainless steel wrist cuffs over the gloves making a striking appearance of shiny steel over solid black. The tall collar matched the cuffs perfectly allowing her to turn her head but looking down was difficult. The large d-ring in the front having two smaller chains that ran to the tips of her breasts indicating she was wearing her favorite nipple clamps under the tight corset and telling me she was indeed ready to play.

The bottom of the corset went between her legs covering her damp pussy and most of her ass. The lacings down the center of the corset making everyone want to unlace it and make her pussy available but they know they can’t. Not tonight the laces in front and back having been replaced with small padlocks essentially making it a chastity corset.

The stockings are held stretched tight from her feet to mid thigh and held in place by eight garters, each carefully clipped on and perfectly straight. The knee boots she as buckled tightly onto her feet have a three inch platform with a nine inch heel making her look the part of a dominant as well as giving her the extra courage to pull off the look. Her hair is perfectly brushed around her face, the slight red hue making her darkened features stand out.

Lori’s normally beautiful pouty lips are covered in dark red shiny lipstick applied to not only remove the “cuteness” of her lips but actually gives her a slightly sinister grin. I have seen the look develop over the years and am still stunned by the complete change that occurs both physically and mentally when she gets into these moods. She states loudly and clearly we are going to the club tonight and if you want out of that steel trap I expect you naked and on the bed in five minutes.

I smile as I get up and start to remove my clothes as I head to the bed. Once there I lay back and wait, I hear her heels on the floor again and know she’s got something planned and I can only hope I’m going to like it. When she enters the room I’m lying back with my hands behind my head smiling. My dick is sticking up inside its metal cage and she asks me “What are you smiling at?” With that she moved quickly for a woman in nine inch heels and an incredibly tight corset to the bed and grabbed the cage encompassing my cock and balls. The sudden move made me jump as her cold hands grabbed and twisted slightly saying “Stay completely still” I relaxed as she stroked the cage and what little flesh was exposed.

Laying back again I felt her unlock the tube, the cage was custom built out of titanium with several bars surrounding my balls connecting them to the wide band around the base of my cock and balls. This had a receiver for the tube that allowed the tube to be removed separately leaving the cage locked on. It was extremely light with the tube assembly built solid to the tip having only five small holes for drainage and was comfortable enough to be worn indefinitely that is until your penis grows and then it becomes uncomfortable pretty quick.

She particularly liked that the cock could not be touched in any way but the cage around the balls would let her just be able to rub the flesh there making it fantastic for her to be able to tease me. Without the key no way could I be stimulated to an orgasm, believe me we have tried. I watched her panting from behind in the tight corset as she stroked my freed cock and thought I heard small metal clicks but jumped up again when she started rubbing the ice cube.

Lori had hidden it from me and was now using it on my swollen cock making it withdraw quickly as I yelled and sat up. Before I could wiggle out from under her she once again had the tube locked in place and stood up gasping “Let’s go out, now”. I was still recovering from the ice cube and reluctantly agreed as I looked at my locked up cock. I started getting dressed when she threw me my latex bicycle shorts and said “Wear these”.

I didn’t mind wearing them so I pulled the tight rubber up my legs and stepped into my leather pants. Sitting on the bed she walked up and put one of her booted feet in between my legs and handed me the ankle cuffs that matched the ones on her wrists. I carefully squeezed them closed around her ankles over the boots all while I stared at the half dozen locks running down the center of her pussy where the laces normally would be. Lori then took her other booted foot placing it dangerously close to my captured cock and balls and I locked it tightly around her ankle. Noting in my mind that she has now locked herself into the corset , boots, gloves and even the collar and I hold the keys to all of them.

After locking her ankles I stood up and put my shirt on only to have her turn her back to me and say “Tighten the corset, now”. As I untied the knot I noticed that every other lace eyelet was empty, I continued to close the back of the corset until it was almost overlapping when she breathlessly said “Put these through the open holes”. Lori held out a dozen or more small padlocks that she had the lock smith bend the top of the hasps so once they were slipped through the eyelets they would lay flat against the corset.

I struggled fishing them all through the tight leather but finally had her locked inside the corset. I looked at the locks running down the “panties” covering her ass and could see the locks there had also been bent presumably to ease her sitting and to look similar to the corset locks. I stepped back and admired her ingenuity but smiled as I knew I had the keys to these locks also. The locksmith I had picked up the box from was a long time friend and had given me another set of keys even though I had just thought she had some more locks made that were keyed alike and now I knew what they were for.

Lori had now really sealed her fate as I stood staring at her line of padlocks and thought about the fun I was going to have with her locked up like this my cock swelled in the tube and suddenly I felt something poking the head of my cock! I was almost doubled over in pain before my cock retreated enough to relieve the pain and when I looked up she stood there smiling. She locked my steel collar around my neck she said “Tonight I’m going to call you JACK” I looked at her puzzled as she smiled and clipped a short leash to my collar and ordered me to get my boots on.

I was still stunned over the pain in my cock and as I pushed my feet into my boots I felt something move inside the tube. I stopped and shifted my hips and could feel it move again and realized she had put something inside the cock tube and that was what was hurting me. She tugged at my leash and I followed her stunned that she was going out in public dressed the way she was until we stopped by the coat closet and I thought “ ok, she’s going to wear a coat over her outfit”.

I watched as she pulled her crystal clear PVC rain coat out and wrapped around her pulling the sash tight around her narrow waist and lifting the hood up over her hair. Lori grabbed my leash and continued to pull me towards the car. My smile was so big it could be seen from space, the coat hid nothing. The shiny plastic actually amplified her appearance drawing more attention to herself and exciting me even more. Once in the car the pain in my dick hit me again and I sat moaning and panting as it faded.

Looking at her sitting next to me panting and smiling I said “What did you do?” gasping she told me to drive so I grunted and drove off. We were later than normal so we had to park away from the club and even though she was dragging me by my neck I still enjoyed watching her body twist and sway as she walked. By the time we reached the club door the PVC was getting steamy from her body heat.

Lori removed the coat, or should I say told me to remove the coat and waved her hand at herself trying to cool down. My dick had found whatever it was she had put in the tube again and I was grunting as I bent over with my eyes closed waiting for the pain to fade. It seemed that each time it took a little longer to ease and I remember thinking I’ll never make it through the night like this. “Jack, fetch me a drink” she ordered waving me off as she went to find our group of friends with everyone staring at her as she walked proudly past them.

I spent the entire evening having to control my cock and not being able to enjoy myself until Lori went to dance. She had hung her purse on the short leash and I felt it was heavy so I looked inside. I found the two remotes for what I presumed was vibrators buried deep in her pussy and ass and grinned as I knew the power had shifted. I didn’t recognize the remotes but didn’t really give them much thought as I dug and found the extra keys to the locks holding her in the corset. I also found several loose locks and two lengths of chain again presumably for me but I now think I can turn tonight around if I can control my swelling cock.

I watched her dance provocatively with several men and a couple of women studying the remotes and finding both were on low. When an idea hit me and I took her purse to the bar tender and had him stash it behind the bar. The remotes and extra keys were in my pockets but soon I gave the keys to a friend and asked her to hold onto them. I went and sat down again nursing my throbbing cock as it was now swelling until it hit the sharp spikes in the tube and easing back before swelling again.

As I watched Lori writhe on the dance floor I turned one of the remotes up higher, not knowing which one it was and saw her stop in her tracks and start looking around. She found me sitting and chatting and grabbed me and asked where her purse was. I shrugged and went back to talking as she looked around frantically and yelling at me about she had left it with me. I looked clueless and continued to deny any knowledge of it and watched her begin her search of the nearby area. I was smiling as I thumbed the other remote and watched her jump slightly and bring both hands to her leather covered ass.

Now I knew which remote was for the plug in her ass and separated them into different pockets. My cock was hurting badly and I was forced to take the cold glass my drink was in and set it on my crotch. I was concentrating hard on anything and everything other than my beauty fully encased in leather and desperately trying to find out who was teasing her.

She continued to look around the dance floor and bar, her face looking more frantic as I thumbed the remote for her pussy and soon had her gasping and writhing as she leaned against the bar one hand on her pussy and the other grasping the rail. I let her fight the vibrations until her eyes closed and I turned both off. I was still acting like I wasn’t watching her so she wouldn’t reconsider me a suspect but keeping an eye on her in the mirror as she eased herself onto a nearby stool and sat gasping and rubbing her legs together.

When Lori had restarted her search for her purse I waited until she had walked across the club to the other bar and turned the vibrator in her ass on high. I swore I could hear her yelp over the loud music as she jumped again and turned around looking for someone but didn’t know who. I teased her for all most an hour when she finally came to me panting and sweating. Both vibrators where now on medium, and she tried to order me in a shaky voice to leave now.

I smiled and said that I wasn’t ready yet and watched her sweat covered brow wrinkle as she figured out I had the remotes and realized she was no longer in charge. I unclipped the leash from my collar and clipped it to hers and said “Go get your coat and ask the bartender for your purse”. She frowned and lowered her eyes and went to the bar and got her things and returned to my side with the leash brushing the chains leading to the clamps making her wince each time it brushed them.

I tied the leash to the rail behind me making her bend slightly in the tight corset. Lori began to moan so I pulled her PVC jacket around her forcing her arms into the sleeves and zipping it up to her collar. I then took the short chain from her purse and pulled her hands behind her back and locked her cuffs about four inches apart. Now she was sweating from her search, the frustration of the vibrators and with the effort of her being slightly bent over causing the thick plastic of the coat begin to fog.

I let her stand and whine for a few minutes before reaching for the pull ties of the hood. Yanking them as I raised the hood and continued pulling the strings until the hood was pulled tightly around her head. The hood covered her head completely leaving only a small hole just above her nose and tied it in a knot.

Lori was now thrust into a foggy world as she gasped for air and tried to see out of the quickly fogging plastic. I turned back to my friends smiling as I turned the remotes to high then counted to twenty and turned them to low again and listened to her complaining behind me. For the next two hours I constantly changed the settings and listened to her whine and grunt.

As she became more aroused and frustrated she was twisting her arms and pulling on the short leash before I turned them off completely and sat looking at her. I asked if she was ready to give me my key, Lori looked at me through the foggy plastic and shook her head no. I left her tethered to the bar rail unable to stand up straight or sit on the tall stool next to her until the bar closed several hours later. Occasionally I would torture her with the vibrators finding once when I had turned the vibrator in her ass to high she had begun to twist and flail almost violently.

I let her fight and yell for ten minutes before turning it back down only to watch her flex and pull at the leash even harder. I was not feeling she was getting close to an orgasm so I left her twisting and pulling for another ten minutes before turning it off. I turned the other on then needed to quickly turn it off as I could see her orgasm nearing and making her scream what an asshole I was.

Leaving the club she got applause from everyone as we walked past them and tried to hurry to the door only to be stopped by her leash. On the way to the car I had her in front and could see the sweat dripping from the hem of the coat and figured she would be ready to give in when we reached home.

During the drive I had turned the vibrators on low and sent her squirming and begging for me to turn them off. When I laughed she desperately told me about the new vibrators she had gotten. She had been trying to tell me in the club but couldn’t get me to understand with the hood pulled up over the loud music. I stopped the car and untied the hood pulling it away from her sweat covered face and said “Then tell me”. Lori begged for me to turn them off first but said “OK,OK!’ when I turned back to the steering wheel.

Lori sat squirming and trying to talk, squeaking and moaning every other word as she explained that the plugs not only vibrated but moved inside her. She had gotten the largest ones they offered and when the plug in her ass started moving it hurt her. The vibrations made it better but when they were off it drove her insane with frustration of not being able to stop it.

She had not fully tested the new plugs and had no idea that they would cause her such pain and pleasure but didn’t want to be able to remove them that’s why she had bought the locks. As she spoke my cock swelled again and had my eyes watering making me feel no pity for her as I turned towards the wheel and drove off. I left the plug twisting inside her making her cuss me and fight her bonds harder.

Arriving home I could tell the batteries were dying because she was moaning more and whining less so it turned it off and pulled her out of the car and drug her into the house.

She stood licking her lips and rubbing against me whispering she was ready to release my cock and let me fuck her. My cock responded instantly making me wince in pain and I said “Ok where’s the key?” Lori smiled and said “Follow the chain from my neck.” I reached up and pulled on the chain going down between her breasts only to have her yelp as I pulled it and say. “It can’t be pulled out from under the corset, you have to FOLLOW it!”

I told her if this was a trick just to get out of the corset I would punish her severely and she swore it wasn’t so I pulled her into the bedroom and removed the coat before locking her hands in front around the bedpost. I rubbed her damp body with a towel making her moan loudly before asking her where the keys for the locks were and got a smile and a raspy “Purse”. I stood with the best Oh shit look and asked weakly “Not the ring in your purse?” She nodded slightly looking at me questionably when it told her who had the keys and asked if she had not gotten them from her?

Lori was realizing her growing problem, she was locked into her heavy leather corset making it a very effective chastity belt. The wide collar along with the cuffs over her gloves and high heeled boots all had been locked on with the new locks she had ordered. The keys were now in the hands of a fellow enthusiast that she had no way to contact until tomorrow night. The worst part was she had locked two large phalluses into herself and had become desperately horny and with the batteries dead had absolutely no way of stimulating herself.

As her situation sank in she started to twist and pull at the chain connecting her wrists begging me to take her back to the club to see if her new key holder was still there. I walked off to ease the pain in my cock smiling once I left the room trying to decide how to proceed. I walked to the kitchen and rubbed some ice on the metal tube encasing my cock and decided to tease her for awhile longer before releasing her. Returning to her struggling body I wrapped the head harness gag around her flailing head and buckled it tightly explaining to her that we would not be going out again.

Since she would not tell me where the key was she was no use to me and would stay just as she was until tomorrow. Lori screamed and begged me around the gag not to leave her chained to the post. The sight of her thrashing and pulling while her chest was heaving under the tight corset was too much and I had to leave the room as the pain almost doubled me over again.

Hearing her calm down I took my freshly iced cock back into our room and got undressed ignoring the whining woman completely. Walking past her to the bed she whined and yanked on the post desperately trying to get my attention. Turning to her she looked down and mumbled something. I stood waiting for her to try again when she grunted and tried to look down again. I finally had enough and tore the gag from her mouth and said “You have one chance not to spend the night right where you are, where is my key?”

Smiling she said “It’s at the end of the chain, tucked deep inside me”. Lori was rubbing herself on me trying to make me horny again and it was working. “So all I have to do it remove your corset and I can have my key?” Lori grinned sheepishly “But we don’t have the keys to your corset so we are both stuck right?” Lori frowned and pouted her lips as she nodded her head yes.

“Well then good night” I said as I pushed the gag back into her mouth and tightened the strap even tighter. I hadn’t been in bed ten minutes when she started pulling and yanking on the chain and moaning. I got up and turned on the light and whipped her firm ass several times making her squeal and dance at the end of the chain. I asked her if she wanted me to cut the locks off and if she did she would have to agree to be my sex slave the rest of the weekend.

I reminded her that meant she would stay bound all weekend. Lori nodded her head briskly so I went to the garage and returned with my small bolt cutters and pretended to cut the locks on the back of her corset. Once I had the locks removed I started on the ones keeping the panties closed from behind. After acting like I was out of breath I loosened the corset and panties enough to let her step out of it.

My cock was aching so I fished the key from her dripping pussy and retreated to the kitchen first rubbing some more ice on the tube then releasing my cock and balls from the steel prison. My cock shot to full attention as soon as the cage was removed from my balls and as I sat the tube on the table two of the jacks from the game rolled out of it. I looked at the simple toys that were showing me what she had inserted that had made my evening a living hell.

Smiling I returned to her and forced her back into the corset and pulled it closed again leaving the rear of her panties open. I pulled her hands to the bottom of the bed frame and secured them there forcing her to bend over in the tight corset. Lori was moaning and whining as she pulled at the chain. I took a short spreader bar and strapped it tightly between her knees insuring she could not kneel and began stroking her firm ass sticking up so perfect for me.

Lori doesn’t prefer anal sex even though she loves being plugged but as she stands bent over I can’t stop myself from removing the plug. I was quite shocked at the size of the monster and easily slipped my cock in. Lori’s moaned deep and loud as my dick swaps places with the plug and I start pumping. The clamps on her nipples had been retightened before the corset and with her bent over are tugging nicely on her sore nipples.

Combined with the night’s earlier activities and trying to catch her breath in her current position Lori only takes a minute or two before she screams behind her gag and her body convulses as she climaxes. It’s the fastest I have ever seen her achieve orgasm and smile as I continue pumping harder. I pump her firm ass hard for another few minutes before my own sexual frustration has pushed me over the edge and I explode inside her for what seems to me for hours.

When I am finished my legs are weak and I feel light headed and stumble back and sit down to catch my breath, a first for me, and sit staring at her beautiful ass wiggling in front of me. Lori shifts her weight back and forth trying to find some comfortable position while she waits for my head to clear. I rest for a few minutes before standing again and quickly insert her monster back into her and lock the panties closed sealing both intruders into her again. I then raise her up and pull her hands behind her and lock her cuffs directly together while she breathes as deeply as the tight corset allows. Lori finds she is bound again and turns to face me and tries to give me a kiss but is stopped by the large ball held tightly between her teeth. Moaning she wiggles around fighting with the cuffs and giving me a great show.

Two hours later Lori is still laced in her tight corset her nipples are being pinched mercilessly as her own weight is crushing her breasts beneath. I have connected her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs and pulled her beautiful long hair back into a pony tail and secured it tightly to the arches of her shoes. The stringent position was making her strain against the collar and pulls harder on the chains to her clamps.

Lori wriggles and moans as I play with the remotes leaning what each button does. Now that I can see the remotes I test each setting, and as the sun comes up I ask her if she thinks she has been punished enough for using the jacks in my tube? She whines as she tries to decide if she wants to be freed or if I might let her come and grunts as she shakes her head no.

I laugh and make the plugs flex inside her eliciting another deep moan before she starts to fight her bonds still panting around the large gag. Because of her head being pulled back the gag was now set much deeper into her mouth exposing her teeth as her jaw is spread wider. I watch her wiggle and squirm as I turn the vibrations back on. I had almost drifted off to sleep when she screams and pulls at everything holding her in the strict hogtie even popping the clamps off her tortured nipples as the orgasm explodes in her.

I watch amazed as her body tenses and she groans and whines flexing her hips like she is fucking the bed then she goes limp and I know she is done. As the sun rises I release her cuffs letting her arms ease to her sides and her legs stretch before loosening the head harness and prying the ball from between her clenched teeth. She is asleep, the deep sleep someone gets from being sexually exhausted so I pick her rigid body up and lay her on the bed and we sleep until the afternoon. I am awakened by her slowly swallowing my cock and stroking my balls. She continues until I explode in her mouth and she sucks me clean greedily and once I can open my eyes again.

Lori is lying near my cock looking up at me smiling with the cage and tube in her hand. I just lay my head back and can feel her locking the steel onto my cock and balls and can only hope it will be as much fun when I am released as it was this time. Hearing the lock click closed I quickly rise up and shake the tube making sure nothing is inside it besides my cock making her laugh. She heads to the bathroom finding the panties and corset have been locked closed. She comes back out with her pouty lips as I sit smiling and I say “I can take it longer than you can” she turns back to the bathroom laughing, it is going to be an interesting week or two I can tell already.

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