Jackie's Surprise

by Boundfellow

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© Copyright 2003 - Boundfellow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; toys; reluct/cons; X

Jackie's Surprise
by Boundfellow
Jackie's Surprise by Boundfellow
Huh? It was dark. I couldn't seem to get comfortable... I opened my eyes, but I closed them again quickly, because there was some raggedy cloth in front of them. I tried to move it away, but my hand didn't work. Why was my arm stuck? Hey, my other arm was stuck too! They were stuck above my head somehow! And what was that tugging on my wrists? Suddenly I could feel it on my ankles too, and I realized that I couldn't move my legs, either!

I was beginning to get upset. "What's going on?" I tried to shout, but all I heard was "WUHH GRAOOOMM UMN?" My mouth didn't move right, and I realized that there was some kind of stiff rubbery thing in it. I tried to spit it out, but it wouldn't move, and I felt a force in my throat and on my lips, and tugging around my head. Now I was really getting worried, because it was dawning on me that this was some kind of a rubber plug sticking in my mouth, from my lips all the way into the top of my throat. Not only was I totally bound, but I was gagged with some long fat rubbery thing strapped in my mouth, that was almost choking me! And that was a blindfold on my eyes. I tried to wriggle and get the blindfold off my eyes, but it just wouldn't budge, because it was trapped under a web of straps that held the gag in place.

And I felt funny. Kind of numb, in a way. When my arms and legs rubbed against things, it didn't feel like normal. A sudden draft told me I was not dressed too warmly, either, and as I twisted to one side, I felt my dick flop over and touch my thigh. Whoa, naked, blindfolded, bound and gagged! Later I learned that the gag was a medium sized dildo in a retaining strap harness attached to my head. I could almost have choked on it! And it wasn't going anywhere, until somebody took it off of me. I struggled against the bonds, but I couldn't do a thing.

This wasn't what I was planning for the night, that's for sure. I had thought was going to get Laid, with a capital L. I was having dinner with Jackie. She said something about a game. She started talking about being tied up, and I liked that. I thought I was going to tie her up and fuck her. I always wanted to do that, but I never dared to ask anyone. When Jackie and I started having sex two months ago, it had been a long time for me, and it was really good, and of course I was afraid to screw it up. But then, she said what I had been thinking. She started asking how I felt about perversion and bondage. She seemed more than casually interested. I was excited, and willing... very willing... or so I thought.

But I had thought that I was going to tie her up and fuck HER! I liked that idea! "Sure, let's do it," I had said. 
"You'll give me what I want?" She had asked. 
"Of course, of course I will," I had said. 
"Promise?" she had persisted. 
"Of course! Why not? I want to do it!" I had replied. I thought I knew what I was talking about. I thought she wanted ME in control.

But she had tied ME up, instead. She must have put something into the food, or my wine. I couldn't believe she did that! This wasn't what I had in mind at all! I thought I was going to tickle her and feel her all over and fuck the living shit out of her... She is such a turn-on!!! I figured she would moan and squirm and struggle helplessly... Yeah, I liked that, a lot, and I would tickle her, and fuck her, and make her struggle and squirm and cum like crazy! Man, we would have had a good time. At least I would... But I thought she would too, I thought she wanted that, because of the way she kept asking me about it. But she was talking about tying ME up all that time!

I wondered what was going to happen. I thought about her doing those intense things to me... I hoped she didn't rub me too heavily on the tip of my dick, that can be too much, and I wouldn't be able to stop her. And I wondered whether she might be into torture. I shivered at the thought of being whipped with a stick, or having my balls slapped around, or being poked with a cattle prod, while I was bound and helpless like that.

I decided that she wouldn't do that to me. At least I didn't think she would do that to me, anyway... and I relaxed a little. Then I thought that maybe Jackie wanted to smother me in her crotch! I wouldn't be able to pull away, she could make me do anything, and she could do anything to me! I like my dick in her pussy, and I have licked her pussy many times, and she loved it! But I wasn't sure I wanted to get my whole face jammed into her crotch for hours, while being tied up with no control... Could she be into that strap-on ass-fuck stuff, I wondered nervously. Or, does she want to jam my face into her ass and make me lick her there? Ewwww... I hope not. I struggled once more with the bonds, but it was no good, they were quite secure. I couldn't move, I couldn't resist, I was helpless and bound like a prisoner on a rack. I was hoping I hadn't pissed her off recently, remembering Lorena Bobbitt. I tensed a little. But no, she wouldn't do that to me, I thought. But I struggled with the bonds again, to no avail. And the numbness was strange.

Then I noticed her perfume in the air... Hey, I thought, she's right here with me! "Hey Jackie, what are you doing to me?" I tried to ask, but all that came out was "HWW WWAOCHEW, WWWAUU AWW RRUUU BOONNNG KOO MOO?"

"Ha ha ha, are you trying to talk to me?" she giggled lightly. "I wondered when you would realize that I am here. But I can't understand a thing you are saying, and nobody will hear you either, I've made sure of that." 

I heard rustling as she got up and walked over to where I was bound. I could hear her heels on a hard floor, click, click, approaching and very close now. It was a cement floor, with linoleum on it. I realized that I was in Jackie's basement. No, nobody would hear me yelling from here, even without this gag on me. And I still couldn't see anything because of the blindfold, which was caught under the straps holding the dildo deep in my mouth. There were a number of straps on the head harness holding the dildo in there so tightly. "OO MOO," I gurgled, but then she put her hand up under my balls and rubbed it up and over my dick. "OOOWMN" I moaned in pleasure, as I stiffened involuntarily. Jackie giggled. "You are allll mine!" she proclaimed triumphantly.

"MMMMM, OOUUU! WWEPP MEUUU OB!" I gargled, struggling in vain against the bonds. I couldn't seem to make an intelligible sound around the dildo in my mouth. "Ha ha ha! Well, you agreed to bondage, but you didn't know that YOU would be the one that got tied up! Too bad for you," she snarled playfully, as she tickled my foot unexpectedly. "MMMPH! FFPHAUMN THHHAAAG!" I moaned. Oh, did that tickle! I felt my dick stiffen some more. "Hmm, you're a hot one, aren't you? I don't want you to get off too soon," she said mischievously. I heard a ripping sound and then I felt her grab my dick and push it against my belly. Then she rubbed it up and down a few times, but it felt a little numb. "There! I taped your dick to your belly," she said. "No easy turn-on for YOU!"

"WWWW," I moaned. I wasn't sure I was going to like this. "Now, now; I remind you that you agreed to bondage," said Jackie firmly. "I am going to hold you to that agreement. You aren't getting off easily, especially since you figured that YOU were going to do this to ME!" "OUAH, FSHIIP!" I said. It was no use, Jackie wasn't going to listen to me, gag or no gag, and I knew it. "Good, you'll be quiet then," she said, "I'll take your blindfold off now. If you're really good, I'll take the gag out!" I liked that idea, very much.

Jackie moved around and leaned down in front of me. I could feel her body heat, and I could really smell her perfume, it was so sexy, and I felt her boobies touch my chest. The feeling was exciting, but odd, and I couldn't tell why. I felt my dick bulging under the tape, and I could smell her vagina as well, I guess she had tickled herself to an orgasm a little earlier, maybe after tying me up. "You like me close to you, don't you?" she said, as she untangled the blindfold and pulled it away. "Well, I'm going to be on top of you all night long, how do you feel about that?" I opened my eyes, and what a sight! There was Jackie, in a black bikini, with her long hair flowing down over her shoulders and down her front and back, and high, black spike heels! Breathtaking! Jackie is a tall girl, almost as tall as me. But then I saw that it was not a bikini that she was wearing, it was a black leather bra and a leather strap-thong... oh no, I could see that it was a strap-on that could hold a dildo! "Ha ha ha," she said, "So you understand the thong! Good. That's what you get for looking at porn!" But there was no dildo in the thong, and it was sooo sexy on her bare hips, with its black straps and silver rings and buckles, and its pretty bikini shape... My dick was getting really hard under the tape, which pressed against it and began to pull away from my belly. I was surprised that the hairs didn't hurt. "MMMM uuee uuuu hhhoomm," I gurgled around the dildo, as I struggled once again against the bonds on my arms and legs. "Ha ha ha ha," she replied.

I looked down and saw why my skin felt funny - Jackie had shaved me all over. Later I saw that she had left a little pubic hair around my dick and balls, and that made my crotch look kind of hot, if I do say so myself... The bonds on my wrists and ankles turned out to be leather locking cuffs attached to nylon web straps, binding me face-up, naked and spread-eagled to a large bedframe. I knew that I would be totally helpless until Jackie released me. Jackie looked sooo hot, and there I was, completely bound and helpless, with my dick under a layer of red duct tape. "OOOOMMMMMMM" I said mournfully.

"Oooohh, now, now, I'm right here," she said. And she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, and began to rub my newly shaved legs. Oh, they felt so soft and smooth, like a girl's legs. I liked it, and I moaned "OOOMMM," and Jackie said, "You like that, don't you? Time to take the dildo out of your mouth." She locked eyes with me, and she reached for the harness with one hand while she slid her other hand up my legs and across and down deep into my crotch, man did that tickle down there, even with my dick under the tape, and my dick surged harder than before. The look in her eyes told me that she approved! She continued rubbing her hand over my taped dick, up my abdomen and chest, across my nipples and up to my face. She had both hands at my head at that point, and she unbuckled the head harness, and removed the dildo from my mouth. I was hypnotized by her lively, shining eyes gazing into mine, just inches away... And she was the boss, and I was her slave, I knew that much. This was a huge change from our usual game of equals.

"Blag, spa!" I said. "That thing could have choked me!" I grumbled. But she smelled so good... And I never realized just how pretty her eyes were, either. "No it wouldn't, so shut up," she said. "I was right here the whole time, and you have a wide throat, and the dildo is the medium size." I should have let it go, but... "What a thing to stick down my throat!" I growled. "Well, I know what you would have stuck down my throat!" said Jackie, a little miffed. "How about I put it in the thong, and fuck you in the ass with it right now?" she asked sharply, and I realized it was no idle threat. "Uhhh, no, no," I said quickly, "that won't be necessary, Jackie. I'll be good." Jackie smiled. "That's better," she said playfully, and I relaxed a little. With her eyes locked to mine, she took off the leather bra and the thong strap (I was especially glad for that!), and she dropped them on a small table next to the bed, along with the head harness. Oh, she makes me sooo hot when she gets naked! I watched in helpless awe as she locked eyes with me again, and lifted her gorgeous body, and straddled my legs. I moaned as she put her hands down between my legs and fondled my crotch delightfully. She liked my moan, and she smiled. Still locked eye to eye, she leaned forward, pressing her crotch against her hands, which pressed her hands against my crotch, and she smiled, and put her mouth on my mouth. My eyes must have been bulging, and she giggled. Her eyes seemed to reflect the intense sensations I was feeling.

She engaged my mouth, I don't know how else to describe it. She pressed in and dominated my tongue with hers, closing her eyes as she fondled my crotch and began to remove the tape from my dick and abdomen, all the while pressing her pussy against her hands. She moaned as she thrust her pussy against her hands, and I moaned from the pressure and her hands fumbling on me, as she gradually got the tape off. She smiled, and moved over to my right side, and fondled my dick forcefully as I gasped. The adhesive was still making my dick sticky, so she took some rubbing alcohol, and poured it onto my dick and abdomen, and wiped the residue off with a paper towel. But the alcohol made my skin feel cool and alarmingly tingly, especially because some of it spilled down onto my balls. It took a few seconds, but my scrotum really started to sting! OOOOO!!! Jackie giggled as I moaned and squirmed while she wiped it off with another paper towel. "Don't worry, that was just an accident," she said. I glared at her angrily, but she did look sorry, and I did not dare to complain, in case she got mad and did it again. She took the towel and wiped the remainder of the alcohol off of her hands. It felt really good when she rubbed on some oil. Then she got higher on me again, and began to massage my crotch forcefully, as she once again dominated my mouth. The stinging had faded, and my balls felt really warm from the alcohol.

Jackie took some more of oil and rubbed it over both of us. She was on top of me now, rubbing her now-wet crotch against my right hip as she gave me her forceful sexual massage. With my shaved skin, this was ecstasy! My dick was really bulging as she groped it with her left hand, her left arm rubbing my belly and abdomen as well. And she fondled my crotch with her right hand. This went on for the longest time, and she rubbed more and more gently as she reached her right hand further and further down between my legs, ticking my asshole for a while and then tickling my butt behind my asshole, all the while leaning over from my right side with her boobies against my chest, while just totally dominating my mouth with hers. Meanwhile her left arm was pressing and moving against my belly as her left hand stroked my dick roughly, and her wet pussy rubbed the side of my right hip as I lay helpless. I was moaning and gasping, much to her delight.

I thought I was about to lose it, and then she stopped suddenly, locked my eyes again and said "OK, it's time for the crucifix." "Uhh, crucifix? I asked. "Yes, it's just like this, but with your legs together. It's one of my favorite male positions. I'm sure you'll like it. Now be good, or I'll have to punish you." 

As I watched her wonderful body in frank awe, she loosened the nylon straps and moved my feet straight down and together. Then she took the straps and attached them to the middle of the bottom of the bed, and locked the ankle cuffs together. Then she produced knee cuffs and locked my knees together. Finally she moved to the top of the bed and tightened the straps holding my wrists. "Ha ha ha, you're MINE!!!" she cried, as she jumped on top of me and straddled my cheeks with her thighs. She locked eyes with me again. "OK, time to eat me," she said, at once delightful and menacing. "And you'd better be good!" And she moved forward and buried my face in her totally shaved crotch. I knew I'd better be good... and I was, I was. What a splattering gush of pussy juices I got for my efforts, twice, as she cried and moaned... but I knew I would happily do it again, and again... and Jackie wasn't through with me yet.

Then she moved down and squatted over my crotch. I was glad to see my dick was standing at attention! Jackie liked that too, and she produced a condom and placed it over my stiff dick, and rubbed on a little oil for good measure. OOOooo, did that feel good... Locking my eyes again, she lowered her delightful crotch right onto it, as I involuntarily squirmed and twitched in my bonds. She giggled and teased me as she made little bouncy movements that sent waves of sensation through me, and then she shocked me with a sudden drop... "AAUUHHH," we cried, at the same moment. Then she proceeded to do a series of thrusts and bounces that I could not believe that she had the energy to do, at that point. All I could do was grunt and pull against the binding that held my arms and legs, as she proceeded to fuck the shit out of me. "Is THIS what you wanted to do to me?" she demanded as I groaned, her eyes drilling into me, her body humping me with all of her strength. "THIS? THIS? THIS? THIS? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!"

She kept humping me with her whole body, while sometimes she leaned forward and dominated my mouth with hers, sometimes she sat more or less upright, fondling my body or fondling her tits with her hands. Oh, her body, and her angel face, and her long, flowing hair was a sight from heaven! How did such a beauty come into my life, or was it just that I loved her so much? Maybe both... Her eyes looked into mine intensely. She held my head and fondled my body and tickled my nipples with her hands, or rubbed them with her boobies. Her legs massaged my hips and the sides of my legs. Her body pumped me mercilessly, her crotch moving firmly against my own. Her eyes simply fixated me. Having been freshly shaved, the feeling was almost indescribable... just an overwhelming experience of a female all over me.

I forgot I was even bound, and I hardly struggled, I only moved in response to her movement and stimulation. The restraint was simply part of my movement and response. And it was amazing how much feeling came from the hairs that she had shaved off of me. All that was left was the feeling of immediate touch and pressure and movement. Her body sliding against me felt sooo good, with the oil lubricating us... I felt as though I was about to burst!

Then she produced two clothespins (with slightly weakened springs, as it turned out), and she clamped them on the ends of my nipples. "AAGH! OWWW," I cried, struggling vainly against the straps and her dominating weight, as ripples of amazing, tingling pain coursed down my chest toward my surging crotch! But Jackie locked eyes with me again, and said, "Shut up. I didn't go to all this trouble just to hold back now! Oohhh, what that just did to your cock..." I sank submissively under the force of the pain, as though it was pushing me down. Things got hazy after that, but it was the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced, we both cried out and fell almost unconscious when it was over. Oww, I thought, because she flopped down with her boobies right on top of the clothespins... but I was too knocked out to even protest. Then she got up slowly. I dimly felt her hold and remove the condom, and wipe us off. "Uhhh!" I moaned, as she wiped my dick. Then I felt her slowly and clumsily remove the clothespins... "Ouch, owww," I cried, but that was better. Then she lay down partly on top of me again, on my right, and laid her hand on my chest, and kissed me gently. OOOoo, she touched a nipple... but her boobies felt good against my chest, and her legs felt so good against my leg down there... And I could feel that her pussy was wet against my hip. She rested her head on my shoulder, and kissed my neck. Even though I was bound and helpless, I was utterly content.

The next thing I knew it was early morning, and we were beginning to wake up. I was still bound, and Jackie playfully suggested that she should keep me bound that way from then on. Actually, I liked that idea, but I moaned no, no, and Jackie tickled my crotch and playfully threatened to gag me with the dildo again. It was exciting, because I would have been helpless to resist! But she relented and released me. As soon as I could stand, I headed stiffly for the bathroom without further comment, thinking "Ooohh, this is the girl for me." But then, I noticed Jackie playing with the dildo and looking at my ass as I walked down the hall. "Uh oh," I thought.