It's Just a Game

by mmmmpph

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Storycodes: M/m; cards; wager; bond; rope; cbt; strappado; barn; gag; tease; insert; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

"A full house, that's hard to beat. Just three ways it can be beat. I'm betting everything," I thought.

I slowly push the chips to the center of the table and slowly withdraw my hand. I don't grin, wink, sneeze, or even breathe for ten to fifteen seconds.

I watch my opponent carefully wondering what he will do. He lays his cards face down on the table and says, "Let's make this interesting. Loser buying dinner is already a given but also gets tied up. Wanna bet??"

I looked at my cards for a good thirty seconds and then at my opponent. "A full house," I thought. But not typical full house mind you. Two marriages and a back door man or three cowboys and two dames. (Three kings and two queens). Again, I looked at my cards, leaned back into my chair, smiled, and said, "I'm in!"

He just smiled and said, "We will bet on each card and the toys in the pot will be used in or on the loser!!"

I smiled, nodded, and turned over my first king. He looked at me and said, "Before I turn my first card over, you need to bet. Why not go get your "toy" box for us to choose from?" Which I quickly did.

I wheeled it out to the front room and open the lid. With my back to him, I pulled out an inflatable butt plug and placed it on the table.

He smiled and got a pair of leather locking wrist cuffs and padlocks and placed them on the table, paused a few seconds for effect and turned over his first card. A three it was.

It was slow and deliberate. Each card from him was like a show down from a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western. On the table were three kings, mine and three threes, his.

I was beginning to 'sweat' but assured myself I had it won and laid a 28" cat of nine tails on the table. Actually this 'cat' had 15 tails but it will still hurt greatly.

I have one card left and the man across from me has two. He looks at he cards in his hand, on the table, then my cards on the table, and shakes his head in disbelief and plays a card. In front of him are three threes and an ace. I'm thinking 'I've got him!'

Before I played my last card, I was thinking of what my wager would be. We agreed that the items in the "pot" to exchange must be stricter or more painful not the opposite. So I replaced the ballgag harness and blindfold for three pairs of Harriet's thong panties, a full roll of 4" microfoam tape, and a lace up leather hood and put them in the pot.

Before I sat down, I thought of my "wager" and looked at my opponent. For the first time I saw him gulp and panic appear in his eyes. I sat down and slowly turned up my last card showing my huge full house! I smiled as I leaned back into my chair.

The man across from me looked shocked and scratched his head. I was expecting him to bluff and I have no idea how that would work betting like this.

He began a slow rub on the back of the card like he was rubbing a coin for luck. A grin came across his face as if he discovered something revolutionary and he spoke. "You can fold right now and you owe me prime rib at the Fireside and a thirty second blow job. Unless, you still wanna risk your freedom?"

"Bullshit!" I thought. "He's bluffing me." I pondered my potential predicament for several minutes expecting to see him flinch and he did not. So I offered my counter proposal, "A blowjob to orgasm." He quickly accepted my offer.

I sat stunned and started to fold. He told me that if I do, not only buy him dinner but I suck him to orgasm, and not see what the final card is. Damn!! He's a bastard!!

The first time I was tied up by him we were playing spy versus spy in a neighbor's barn. Since I was stupid and got caught, I knew I was in trouble. I was told to strip and knew from the rules I agreed to I must do what he ordered until I could escape and get him, so I did.

He found some rope and tied my wrists together behind my back and pulled them up over my head causing me to bend over. He then tied my ankles to the posts making it impossible for me to close my legs. He then tied a long rope around my waist and tied each end to the same posts my ankles were anchored to but much higher up. This offered more stability and prevented me from falling on my face.

The rope around my wrists was pulled over the support post, run through a hook on the wall behind me and then tied around my balls. I try to stand up which lowers my arms, I pull on my family jewels. I soon found out the more I struggled, the more I punished my balls and soon stopped struggling.

A few moments later I heard someone coming up the ladder. I assumed it was him but couldn't see to well without my glasses. I felt a hard cock press against my ass and I opened my mouth to vocalize my surprise when a ball gag was pushed into my mouth and strapped very tightly. I struggled a few minutes and I knew a muffled yell for help wouldn't be heard because the closest house was over half a mile away.

Ear plugs were added and then a blindfold was tightly secured. Rubber tipped forceps used as nipple clamps were added. Moments later, my captor walked away leaving me in a very compromising state.

I tested the muffle factor of my gag and stupidly yanked my arms down severely pulling on my balls.

MMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!! I was pretty sure that was heard outside the barn but not much further. Since I was doing a good job hurting myself, I decided I needed to quit before I was seriously injured. Granted, I enjoy playing the captive but in the case, I need to tone it down.

Most of the scream was from the surprise but still the pain made up the rest from my virgin asshole. I felt a very hard cock slam it's way into my ass and pump steady and slow. The more I struggled, the more the rope pulled on my balls and the more the invading cock kept fucking me.

My assailant continued to pound my virgin hole which stretched to accommodate his rigid member and seconds later, I felt his warm semen spray inside me. I was close to coming myself yet my dick was not touched at all. I made a mental note to research this more later.

My captor pulled out quickly and shoved a very large butt plug in and pushed it as far as it would go. I also found out that the bondage position I was tied into left my back side open to many things besides an ass raping, which my assailant must have picked up my thought because seconds after the thought, my ass got a heavy whipping.

Most people wouldn't call four or five medium swats with a riding crop "heavy" but to be in this position for the first time.......

I have been playing poker for years but this is the most difficult hand I've ever played. He then says the final bet is written in paper and put in the pot. The loser is obligated to that. I begged off saying he could have me jumping off a bridge or something. He said it's along what we are doing right now. It's in the BDSM nature!!

So I wrote down my "big" thing and he pulled his out of his pocket. I jumped out of the chair claiming he set me up. He looked at me and said, "This could be for ME to lose. Did ya ever think of that?? DUMB ASS!!"

Ooh, didn't think of that and quickly accepted his wager idea and hastily tossed mine onto the pile of heavy restraints.

He looked at me and said that I had played the most vicious hand of poker he had ever dealt and I said the same to him.

I thought for a few seconds on what I was going to do to him first. Bind and gag him then cut his clothes off or suck him briefly THEN tie him up.

All these years growing up together as kids, him six years older he won everything where age and strength counted but now I have no idea what the outcome will be since those are now equal in this game play.

The smile fades from his face slowly and he picks up his final card. He taps the back as if to say, "You still in?" and I nod 'yes." He flips the card over next to his other cards......


End part 1

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