It's Fricken Freezing in Here Mr. Bigglesworth

by Tonya

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© Copyright 2014 - Tonya - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; solo-f; leotard; pantyhose bond; cuffs; tape; gag; collar; padlocks; hogtie; outdoors; tasks; chain; captive; cons; X

Part I

A Sirius and Tonya Adventure

“Hey! Guess what?” Tonya was talking before she was in the room. “Guess, guess, guess!”

“No” Sirius was not amused.

“No? …. You have to guess.” She was beginning to get pouty.

“You want to adventure” Sirius flatly replied.

“No silly. I want to … heeeyyy. You weren’t supposed to know.” She sounded genuinely disappointed and got a little poutier.

“You always want to adventure, what else is new?” Sirius had a wry smile behind her monotone response. She knew Tonya always wanted an adventure, but this time, Sirius had a different plan. “So kiddo, what’s your crazy idea this time?”

“Okay, so I’m house sitting, right. And there’s this back room at my great grandfather’s old house and I want to get stuck in it …”

“So go get stuck in it” Sirius cut her off

“Wait … There’s more. I want to be locked in the house, and have to make it back down to my grandparents house, and back to get the car, and I want you to stuck me there and leave. AFTER you come and find me at their house. So the idea is that I’ve been kidnapped and you stuck me and leave. Then I hide…

“You wanna play stuck hide and seek?”

“Are you going to keep interrupting me? I’m going to explain the whole thing, but you have to be patient and give me enough time to do it. Sheesh. Anyway, you come back and find me not where you left me. So you get frustrated and track me down. This whole time I’m still stuck, maybe in cuffs or something I can’t get out of …”

“That shouldn’t be too hard.” Tonya glared at her, “Okay. Fine, I’ll shut up and listen.”

“So, where was I? Oh yeah, cuffs or something. So you find me and take me and throw me in the trunk and relocate me to the spooky abandoned house and drag me to the back room, still stuck, but now blindfolded too of course so I don’t see where you’re taking me. But when we get up there, you’re basically abandoning me, for whatever reason. Daddy’s paid the ransom, I’ve given up the secrets you wanted, whatevs you leave. Your part of the job is done. My job is to get unstuck and find a way out of the house. Come back down here and get the car key, which you will plant a series of clues for me to find, maybe three or four clues. Then I have to go back up there and get the car. Locked in the car are some warmer clothes, a bottle of water, maybe a snack. Oh! And the keys to the house so I can lock the house up there, and get back in down here. What do you think?”

“First of all, I think you’ve been thinking about this one for way too long. Secondly, I like it. I have a few ideas to modify it though. I know you’re going to hate one of them, maybe four, but the one I think you’ll like. Maybe …” You could almost hear the gears turning.

“So you’re going to help me?!?” She was almost gushing

“Yes. I’ll help you, sorta. I’m going to help you with your crazy adventure, but I’m also going to be working against you part of the time too. And I’m not going to tell you when I’m switching sides either. That will be the fun in it for me. That’s my deal. Take it or leave it.” The words weren’t out of Sirius’ mouth yet before she got her answer.

“Take it take it take it take it. A thousand times take it. When do you wanna do it? I was thinking maybe middle of the week or maybe this weekend we cou-“

“Tonight. We do it tonight.” Sirius cut her off and was only slightly grinning.

“But it’s going to be cold tonight. Like almost 40° c-c-c-c-old-d-d-d-d t-t-t-t-ton-n-n-night-t-t-t-t.” Her teeth were chattering.

“Sounds like a good night for a kidnapee to make a daring escape then. Catch the kidnappers off guard for sure.” The evil grin came back. “Besides, it’s only what, a quarter of a mile from here to there, right. Half mile total? That’s nothing. Hell, you’ve hopped that. With your ankles crossed. IN HEELS. We’re going to do this tonight, so you should go get dressed. Probably should just go with the usual, it’s all black. That will help with you trying to sneak around, right? Oh yeah, and no cheating with hidden keys, lock picks, extra layers or anything. It’s not like you planned to get abducted tonight, amirite?”

“Yes ma’am.” She sounded sad, but the smile was very clear. Tonya skipped off to get dressed in her usual magician’s assistant attire and begin her well planned adventure that had seemingly been taken away from her and planned for her. Part of her was okay with this, and part of her was a little worried. She knew that Sirius would take care of her and not let any harm come to her, but at the same time, her sense of adventure, and Sirius’ sense of adventure were not always on the same sheet of music. Tonya walked back into the room wearing only her bra, black turtleneck leotard, and black pantyhose.

Tonya spun on her heels.

“That’ll do pig. That’ll do. Okay, so as far as the timing goes on this you just want to be back by morning, right?”

“Basically, yes. I want to try and do the whole thing after dark, if at all possible.” Tonya replied, she could feel control of her master plan slowly slipping away, and she almost liked it.

“That’s okay. I can accommodate you there with no problems.” Sirius glanced at the clock, “We have several hours of daylight left, how soon do you want to get kidnapped and how long do you want to be stuck before I drop you off up there? And how long do you want to be stuck up there with no heat and no transportation home. I guess that’s probably a better question.” Sirius was all business, just waiting to flip the switch into kidnapper mode.

“Well, honestly,” Tonya swallowed hard, “I was going to leave that part up to the kidnapper. If I’m just the helpless victim, I won’t have much say in what happens, will I?” She was even blushing a little.

“Ya know what honey I was kinda thinking that might be where this was headed.” And with that response Tonya was struck in the tummy with a balled up sock. In their weirdo little world, that was a stun gun. Tonya now had to lie on the floor and count to 300, slowly, and out loud which would give Sirius plenty of time to get her stuck for the first round of the night.

“Shit … I mean 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … “ by 5 Sirius was already slipping a blindfold over her eyes and whispering in her ear.

“This is the last thing you will see until we break for foods. It’s still early and we both need to eat. This however will be the last time you’re not at least somewhat bound until you get free on your own sometime in the middle of the night though.”

Tonya shivered as she heard Sirius say this. That meant she was going to be bound, in some way for at least the next twelve to fifteen hours. That would easily be the longest she had been stuck, except for the one time her release and her back up release went horribly wrong. Sirius placed a collar around Tonya’s neck, wrist cuffs soon followed, and then ankle cuffs. The clicks of five tiny padlocks were not far behind.

“Okay, you can stop counting now. And you might want to open wide.”

Tonya did as she was told and a head harness plug/panel gag was shoved into her mouth and buckled behind her head. The straps covered the blindfold and all the buckles were adjusted and tightened until Sirius was content. The barely audible click of another tiny padlock was heard just before Sirius hopped up out of the floor. Tonya heard Sirius walking away and while gagged and blindfolded, her wrists and ankles were not attached to each other, or anything else for that matter. She sat baffled for a few seconds before Sirius came back with two heavier padlocks and clicked the first one closed joining Tonya’s ankles together. Sirius pulled Tonya’s wrists together behind her and clicked the second padlock closed. “Careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

Sirius now had some quiet time to figure out dinner and whether or not Tonya would have flaming hoops to hop through or just the regular kind of hoops. She sat down with her laptop and ordered a pizza online to be delivered to the house, just another way to mess with Tonya’s head. She went through Tonya’s route home and was trying to find ways to give her different tasks for the trip home to keep her busy and focused on being focused, instead of just being cold. She also went and gathered up another layer of clothes so Tonya wouldn’t completely freeze to death. She even thought about making it part of the rules that she re-layer and maybe even lock the second leo on under the collar.

Hmm . . . After some more searching and planning, Sirius went to the front door and tried to peek around the corner and see Tonya by the dining room table. She turned on the television to muffle the impending conversation from the front door, the doorbell rang and Tonya began to scramble for the corner. Sirius put a hand on her shoulder and told her, “Be still. I’ll handle it.”

Sirius made small talk with the pizza delivery girl while she filled out the receipt. They laughed a few times and Sirius closed and locked the door behind her. She walked into the dining room and dropped a key in the floor next to Tonya. “Okay, once you locate the key, you have 60 seconds to unlock your wrists or you don’t eat. Do you understand?”

Tonya nodded and started searching for the key. Once she found it she had no trouble getting to the lock, but the angle was difficult. Sirius waited 30 seconds and then began the countdown from 30 to zero. With seven seconds left the key and padlock fell to the floor and Tonya waved her arms in front of her and a very muffled “ta da” almost came out. Sirius bent down to unlock the padlock on the gag so Tonya could eat and paused for a moment. If Tonya was going to eat at the table she was going to get there under her own power. She unlocked the padlock and placed a drink next to Tonya’s plate and the pizza box. She dropped the key in the floor and Tonya found it and went to work on the gag. Several straps later and Tonya spit out the ball.

“Can I take the blindfold off?” She asked while blindly searching the room.

“I’m not cleaning up your mess, so yesh you can take off the blindfold.”

“Are you gonna help me up?” Tonya asked.

“Nope. You wanna eat at the table you can get up here on your own. Otherwise you can eat on the floor. By the way after you eat, I stop being so nice and actually start to act like I’m a kidnapper and I actually don’t like you. So enjoy it while you can.” Sirius enjoyed pushing buttons and actually took some pleasure in getting under Tonya’s skin. She knew Tonya liked it to but neither one would ever admit it to the other one.

“Okie dokie, if you say so.” Tonya used the chair and got her balance. Her stocking feet were sliding around on the hardwood floor as she tried standing up. “This is hard. I think if they were actually tied or taped together I might not be able to stand up.”

Over dinner they talked about completely random things and the current adventure didn’t come up for almost an hour, until suddenly …

Tonya dropped her head and sheepishly said, “Ummm Sirius. I have to pee”

Sirius laughed. “So go pee genius. I’m not stopping you.”

“Oh yeah” They giggled and Tonya stood up and began shuffling her way to the bathroom. When she got back, Sirius had more questions.

“So honey, how tough do you want your predicament to be up there, and how long do you want to be stuck? I’m thinking about letting you do most of the stucking since you can do that and honestly know what you can handle for a long period of time. As you so kindly put it, I tend to get carried away. You get started and once you get to a certain point and I’ll step in and finish you off. Depending on how long you want to be there anyway. Maybe even use your ice in a stocking timer. Maybe. Whatcha think?”

“Well … I want to be stuck for quite a while. I want it to feel like it’s totally out of my hands and I’ve been left at the mercy of the elements and some weirdo that’s just dumped me up there. I want to have to get out of the house once I get out too. So I guess I want it pretty tough. I think the tricky part is going to be how to lock me in the house and make it hard for me to get out.”

“You leave that part to me. I think I already have it figured out.” The evil grin was back and Tonya was slightly anxious. She had no idea how long she was going to be stuck and how tough it was going to be, but after her little speech she might have just doomed herself to spending the night in that place, completely helpless, freezing, with no way out.

“Ummm … Okay. If you say you have it figured out. So … What now?” Tonya was getting a little twitchy, so Sirius knew it was time to put her back under for awhile.

“Now, you hush and put that blindfold back on. Hopefully you didn’t muck up the straps too bad so I can get that mess back on. I tried really hard not to pull most of your hair through the buckles.”

“Will you lock my wrists and then put on the blindfold and gag?” Tonya asked as she handed the key back to Sirius.

“Okay hun. I can do that, but until you get back on from being on your own, I am not helping you from this point forward baring life or death type shit … okay?” Sirius was living up to her name.

“Okay. Okay. I’m okay with that. Really I am. Can you at least tell me whether it will be tape, cloth, rope, or hardware that I’ll be trying to get out of?” Her voice was a little shaky, but it was what she wanted. At least she thought so anyway.

“I want it to be a surprise. Now, get on your knees and give me your wrists.”

Tonya got down on her knees and put her hands behind her. Sirius pulled her wrists together and instead of just padlocking them together, she snuck the padlock from Tonya’s ankles into the wrist padlock too, creating a very snug hogtie. Sirius placed the blindfold over Tonya’s eyes and placed the gag in her mouth. The straps were tighter this time and when the padlock clicked closed she knew it was going to be there for awhile. Sirius helped Tonya back down onto the floor and was surprisingly nice and gave her a throw pillow to put her head on. While she was in the floor Sirius went through the house and stopped all the clocks and made sure that there was no way for Tonya to know what time it was. She also gathered all the rope, tape, locks and keys that would be used over the next several hours.

Tonya was startled when Sirius got right in her ear and said, “Gotta pee bitch?” Tonya squirmed and shook her head no. She thought of trying to get free the first chance she got, but didn’t know what Sirius might do about that. Sirius left the gag locked on but unbuckled the strap that was holding the blindfold tight and Tonya was confused when Sirius removed the blindfold.

“I’m gonna go see if your daddy wants you back or not. Son of a bitch better not play any games with me if he wants you back in one piece. If he tries shit, we’ll see how many pieces he gets back before he knows I’m not fucking around.” Tonya could tell that Sirius was enjoying herself. Sirius buckled the top of the head harness gag back down tight and began to walk away. “You know what? I guess I could let you stretch your legs while I’m gone. Hell, it’s not like you’re going anywhere, right?”

She bent down and unlocked the padlock connecting Tonya’s wrists to her ankles and quickly clicked it shut around the links to her wrist cuffs. Sirius swatted Tonya on the ass as she stood up, “You behave now. Don’t do anything stupid.” With that she walked away and out the door.

Tonya didn’t think she would actually leave, but she heard the car start and back out of the driveway, so she went somewhere. Tonya then realized the clocks were stopped and it was very dark in the house. She had to find the key, and if she couldn’t find the key she had to find a place to hide. She remembered how tricky standing up was earlier, so she scooted her way over to the carpet for some traction and got her feet under her before she stood up. Once upright it made it much easier to navigate the house. She decided to hide in the closet in the master bedroom. It was near the back of the house and would probably be one of the last places a crazy kidnapper lady would look for her. She began hopping her way back to the closet to hide. She had been in there for what seemed like an hour before she heard the car pull into the driveway. Sirius had finally made it back. She was curious to see what would happen next.

“Well well. You went and did something stupid, didn’t you? I guess when I find you I can take you to the drop location where daddy will be waiting to pick you up.” She sounded convincing, but Tonya still thought better of moving. “And I guess if you did find the key I left on the corner of the dining room table you put it back exactly where you found it too didn’t you.”

Shit. Tonya didn’t even look for the key there. She didn’t think for a second that Sirius would actually leave her a key. Just as Tonya was kicking herself for not finding the key, the floor creaked in front of the closet. She was about to be found out. The door creaked open and a voice said, “Just messing with you about the key. You don’t really think I’m that stupid do you? This is where things get fun puddin, for me anyway. For you, it’s about to get cold.”

Sirius tied a short rope to the padlock on Tonya’s wrists and let it fall. She reached between her legs and pulled it forward making a leash of sorts to lead Tonya out of the closet and back into the other room. As Tonya is shuffling trying to keep up, Sirius starts her mind games again. “Oh by the way, we’re not going to a drop location to meet daddy. Once again, not a total retard. I’m dropping you off with a series of random bullshit clues for your dopey father and your dumbass. One of you might find the other one, if not, oh well. I’ve got my money and I’ll be hundreds of miles from here before either one of you figure out what the hell is going on.”

Sirius led Tonya to the back door and dropped her makeshift leash. “Gimme a foot” Sirius slid a body glove water shoe onto Tonya’s foot, “And the other one” and then onto the other one. Tonya figured that she would be in heels for the trip home. The comfy shoes came as a surprise. “We’re going outside, so keep it down, okay?”

Sirius unlocked the padlock on Tonya’s ankles and they went into the backyard. She didn’t have far to go before Tonya noticed the car, already backed up to the door and the trunk was open. “You know the drill toots, hop in.” Tonya climbed into the trunk of her own car and tried to get comfortable. As she did, Sirius was attaching her wrists to her ankles again for the car ride to the alleged drop location. Sirius unbuckled the top buckle on the gag and the blindfold went on again.

Tonya still wasn’t sure what to think about how she was going to be stuck or for how long. She wasn’t sure if the shiver she felt was her anticipation, or the cold that she was finally aware of. Sirius drove around for at least a half an hour before she stopped and shut the car off. Sirius popped the trunk and the padlock was unlocked from her wrists and ankles, but the blindfold stayed on. Tonya was helped into a standing position and her wrists were locked together in front of her. Sirius took her by the padlock on her wrists and began walking her towards the back door of the house.

The back door was usually screwed shut but in order to further mind fuck Tonya, the screws had been removed and were going to be put back in later to keep Tonya inside and make her find another way out. Once inside the back bedroom of the house Sirius sat Tonya down in the middle of the floor, away from everything else in the room. Sirius removed the padlocks from the gag, cuffs and collar and dropped them into a glass bowl for use later. She pulled Tonya’s shoes off and placed them next to the bowl. Sirius started to unbuckle the straps on the gag when Tonya’s hand came up to help. Sirius quickly slapped her hand and it vanished. Once the gag and blindfold were off and Tonya’s eyes adjusted to the room, Sirius began to tell her what was next.

“This happens like you want it to happen. You can control what you can control. I’m letting you be hands on with your demise. Are you okay with that?”

Tonya shook her head in the affirmative and Sirius continued. “Dump out the duffle bag in front of you and separate the pieces.”

Tonya did as she was told and found her usual self-bondage items, but the rope had more than doubled in quantity. She pulled the items for her gag aside, and the rope in the middle, with her wrist loops missing and no zipties were in the bag either. “Get your usual items together and get to work on your legs. I’ll be right back”

With that Sirius picked up the cuffs, collar, and bowl of locks, walked out the door, and closed it and locked it behind her. Tonya pulled out the usual pieces she used for her solo adventures and placed the other pile to the side. She had her ankles tied and cinched, and her legs below the knees done when Sirius returned. “Keep going. There’s still plenty of rope left. Use all you can, and I’ll finish you off.”

There was still way too much rope, but Sirius said she was going to use it all. Tonya wondered where it was all going to go. Tonya finished her legs, gave herself a crotch-rope after a nod from Sirius and went to work on getting her chest loops together. “I’ll take it from here. You need to focus, and no matter what happens from this point forward remember to think and not to give up.”

“But what abou-“

“Nope. No questions. Another peep out of you and I drop in another ice cube.”

“How many were there going to be to start with?”

“Now? One more than I started with hun. Wanna try for double jeopardy where the points double and you’re here until Christmas?”

Tonya started to speak again but just shook her head no.

“Good girl. Now hold out your hand.”

Tonya again did as she was told and Sirius handed her two earplugs and some swimmers putty. Tonya twisted the ear plugs into her ears and held them until they grew and filled her ears. The swimmers putty went in on top of the ear plugs and sealed out nearly all sound. Sirius had to get right in Tonya’s ear and speak in a normal classroom speaking voice for Tonya to even understand what she was saying. Tonya signed “thank you” to Sirius, who simply replied “Don’t thank me yet kiddo. Gimme your right hand”

Sirius taped Tonya’s ring finger and pinky together with electrical tape. Then she taped her middle finger and index finger together. “Now make a fist with the left hand” and started with a strip of tape around the wrist, and several strips over the fist and then around it, snug, but not so tight that the circulation was completely gone. Sirius gathered the things for Tonya’s gag and tipped up a bottle of water into the stuffing for Tonya’s gag. The bandana was placed into the center of a second bandana and rolled from the corners to the stuffed middle and then shoved into Tonya’s mouth and the ends tied behind her head. Another piece of cloth was placed over the bandana and tied in the back, shoving the packing further into her mouth.

Sirius put the blindfold over Tonya’s eyes, and then covered it with a large sleep mask. Sirius then straddled Tonya’s legs and began wrapping a roll of vet wrap around the gag. Tonya’s face slowly began to disappear as wrap after wrap covered up more and more of her head. After finishing off a roll all that was visible was a nose and part of Tonya’s chin. Sirius reached into the bag and pulled out a second roll and began wrapping more and more around her head. Nothing was left when Sirius was done. Tonya’s head was completely covered, even her nose. Sirius reached down and folded the wrap back just a little so the tip of Tonya’s nose was visible, just in case it moved down when she struggled.

Sirius picked up the chest loops and slid them down over Tonya’s head. Once in place she began to cinch everything down tight, around the back of her neck and under each arm. She used some of the extra rope and tied a few extra pieces off to make sure the ropes would not move. When she was finished there was just enough excess to tie it off to her crotch-rope. Sirius tied a rope around the tops of Tonya’s thighs, six wraps and a cinch, just below her crotch-rope. She helped Tonya roll over onto her tummy and then squatted down over her ankles and pushed down until they touched her butt. Then she went to work attaching Tonya’s ankles to her thigh ropes.

When Sirius stood back up Tonya’s legs didn’t move. Her heels were touching her ass and were going to stay there for awhile, but because she had to use all the rope, she added another four wraps around Tonya’s arches, cinched it tight and tied the rope off to the rope in between her chest ropes and her crotch-rope. Sirius helped Tonya get her elbows bent at 90° angles and began to tie her wrists. After they were loosely tied, Sirius placed a ziptie cinch on them, looping the cinch around the chest harness.

Sirius went to the corner of the room and pulled a sleeping bag out of hiding. She went over to Tonya and laid it out. The sleeping bag was already unzipped and once it was spread out, she slid Tonya onto it. Sirius began zipping up the sleeping bag, with Tonya in it. Sirius tied a string to the zipper and tied the other end to the leg of the dresser. All Tonya had to do was move around a little and the zipper would unzip and let her out. Tonya however did not know this.

There was also a pair of safety scissors in the corner, and also a pair of snips hanging from a stocking with one ice cube in it. With the weather getting colder, it was cooler than normal in the back bedroom, but still somewhere between 50° and 55°. That one ice cube would take at least an hour and a half, maybe even two hours to melt. That was more than enough time to be stuck in that position.

The note was left for Tonya to find to help her get out of the house, and each key was placed where it needed to be. Hopefully Tonya would be able to keep a clear head and be able to find her way out and get to the house before sunrise. If not, she would be doing part of this adventure in the light of day on a Friday morning.

Part II

Sirius doubled checked the progress on the ice before she went to drop off the rest of the clues and keys and make sure the path was clearly laid out for Tonya to find her way home in the dark, at least the safest way anyway. Sirius pulled out Tonya’s old phone and slipped her case onto it. The old phone had been shut off for several months now. It still worked when connected to wifi, but Sirius changed the parental settings so that they couldn’t be turned on. The only contact to the outside world she would possibly have with it was to dial 911. If things went terribly sideways she would need it, but Sirius didn’t anticipate any issues that severe. The phone was still a handy little tool and it was going to be Tonya’s guide home. The GPS was active in it and Sirius would know when Tonya began her trip. There were only the album pics that Sirius had added and the notes with the instructions and a few rules.

She placed it by the front door with the cuffs, collar, a bandana, a pair of black pantyhose, a black leotard with a short chain attached to the zipper with a padlock that was open, a pair of black shoulder length opera gloves, a roll of microfoam tape, 2 rolls of black vet wrap, one black fishnet knee high, water shoes, and the bowl of padlocks. The date and time on the phone were set to 10:00am December 25th, 2013. Sirius giggled a bit about her comment earlier about Tonya not getting out until Christmas and wondered if she would even make the connection.

After making sure all of Tonya’s outs were fairly easy to stumble across picked up all the items by the front door and put them in her green backpack, padlocks in the outside zipper pockets, gag stuff in the front zipper pocket, and all the rest inside. Sirius poked her head in to check on her escape artist and see if any progress had been made. She was slightly alarmed to find that the ice had not changed and looked like it would still take hours to melt completely. She pulled out her lighter and held it about a foot below the ice. It finally started to drip and she melted just over half of it before she was satisfied with the time frame left. She still had to screw the back door closed and walk back down to the house herself, after she placed the locks and keys along the way of course.

Sirius made her way towards the back door, poking her head in one last time to check on Tonya before she locked her in. She was still in the sleeping bag, but her head was out, so there was progress, slow as it was going. She quietly closed the door and walked to the back door. She closed and locked the door, and then put ten wood screws into a piece of plywood that covered the door and part of the door frame. She went through the front door, around to the back of the house and put another piece over the door and put ten more screws in to make sure the door didn’t budge. It might sound like overkill, but this was actually how she found the door.

After going back inside, she double checked Tonya’s outs one last time and made sure that everything was where it should be. She grinned as she locked the new deadbolt on the front door. It was a heavy duty lock, and you needed a key to get in, but you also needed a key to get out. Tonya did not have this key, and she would not have the key at her disposal until she came back to the house to get her car. Sirius began the walk along the path she had laid out for Tonya and placed the first lock and key, right where she said it would be, just behind the blue house, right before Tonya makes a hard left.

Sirius walked further down the path, in between the two trees and directly to the road sign and locked the padlock on the back side of the sign. The key there was the key to the next padlock. The first key unlocked the second padlock and so on. The padlock and key were invisible to traffic, but Tonya would not be. Sirius cut across the street and into the park. Her clue said the key was upstairs, but she didn’t specify which one. Sirius giggle to herself as she climbed the stairs to the yellow twisty slide as she took a short length of chain and locked the third padlock and key to top of the handrail right before she went down the slide.

She made her way around the park and out the open gate to the location of the fourth key. This would be the mailbox key that gave Tonya back her freedom, sort of. In the mailbox was Tonya’s valet key to her car. It unlocked the door, and she could get in, but her actual car key was in the little dash drawer to the left of the steering wheel. Once she made it back to her car she was home free. As long as she found the clues, her old phone, got redressed, made it out of the house and found all the keys, in order only to go back to the house, maybe with her hands locked behind her back.

Hmmm … That would be an interesting twist. Her mind wondered … “Bonus Round? Lock your wrists behind you for the trip back to get the car and I’ll have a hot bath and some cold pizza waiting for you. You know what? Nevermind, you’ve made it this far and haven’t died yet, turn around and give me your wrists. The key for this padlock is under the passenger side floor mat in your car.”

Sirius snapped back to the now as she made it to the giant concrete blocks that kept motorists from going down the hill and vanishing until someone came looking for them. There were ten of them and they were just passed five large traffic cones and made for a very visible target. There was a piece of rebar on the top of the block that the construction crew used to put it there. Sirius looped the chain around the rebar and clicked the padlock closed. Dropping the car key in the mailbox was her last stop. She was layered and was wearing a heavy coat so she kept pretty warm on her little journey. Tonya was going to be in layers, much thinner, but she would be in more than a hurry than Sirius was.

Tonya was twisting and turning but somehow the bag Sirius had put her in was still around her. She knew the snips were getting close to falling and daylight was getting ever closer. There was no telling what flaming hoops she had to still jump through when she finally got untied, if she ever got untied. Sirius had used her own wrist loops and ziptie cinch against her. Sirius knew that they had to be cut off every time. Sirius also knew that Tonya would leave herself zero loopholes and would give her no options to cheat. She said early on that after a certain point, she was going to make things as hard on Tonya as she could. This was just the beginning.

Tonya was squirming forward again after a short break and the lip of the bag finally slipped passed her stocking feet. It only took a second for the cold bare floor to remind her that she should be in a hurry to get out of the ropes and see what was next. She maneuvered in the directions she thought was the door. She’d been twisting and squirming in the bag so it was easy to get disoriented, especially in her current sensory deprived state. Just as she was making some headway on the icy floor, she heard and felt the snips fall, directly behind her. She turned around and started making her way in that direction, retracing the somewhat warm path in the floor she had just made in the wrong direction.

The snips hit her left shoulder first, and she rolled onto her left side and tried to get her right hand onto the snips. Her left hand was taped into a fist and going to be totally useless to her. The snips were wet and freezing cold as she tried to move them into place to cut the ziptie on her wrist cinch. She was able to use her useless nub to push against the snips and get them to cut the ziptie. She had begun her journey to freedom, but it was still in the infantile stages. Her hands were cold and still somewhat useless. She slid the loops off and getting the tape off was the next order of business.

The room had a lamp that was always left on and it would come in handy later on, but the tape was next. It was actually easier to get the fist out first, and then concentrate on getting the electrical tape off second. After the tape was finally off, Tonya started searching for knots. She found the anchors for the loops and cinch on her arches, and then the knots holding her ankles to her thighs, which Sirius had been smart enough to put in front on the thigh ropes. Without her hands free, she would have had to cut those ropes off along with the cinch, and probably half of the others Sirius tied. Tonya knew not to put her knots anywhere that she would be able to reach them. Even with her hands free she still had a difficult time getting to some of them.

After finding the knots holding her chest harness on, Tonya pulled the remaining chest loops off over her head. She started feeling around for the end of the vet wrap that was almost too much covering her head and face. Sirius had used two full rolls. That was more than Tonya used when she really needed to vanish. She found the end, well, one of them anyway and started to unwind the vet wrap and the temperature in the room became more and more apparent. With her head mostly uncovered she could feel the air and her partially wet face from her drooling into her already wet gag made it even colder. She shivered at the thought of spending the next few hours in the cold before finally getting a chance to get warm.

She untied the gag and spit out the soggy mess. She went to work on her legs and halfway through her thigh ropes she climbed back into the sleeping bag. She was working blind, but she was at least a little bit warm doing it. While she was working on her ankles she was able to wiggle her feet enough to get the ropes on her arches to slide off. She hesitated to climb out of the bag, but she knew that time was wasting. She had no idea how long she had been tied, she didn’t know how many ice cubes there were, and even if she did the temperature in the room would have seriously changed the melting time on them. She assumed the worst and went to find out what was in store for her next.

As she left the room she noticed the rest of the house was dark. As she made her way towards the front door, there was something that wasn’t right. She could see a small bag hanging from the door knob, more than likely Sirius’ idea of fun. She reached for the turny knob to unlock the deadbolt and her brain came to a screeching halt. The deadbolt knob wasn’t there. She felt all around the door, but there was nothing, except just above the door knob there was a cold shiny panel with a keyhole in it. Sirius had changed the lock. Tonya was very literally trapped inside the house and had to find a way out, just what she had asked for. She swallowed hard “Okay Tonya. Let’s see where this is going.”

Part III

Tonya pulled the bag off the door knob and headed towards the back bedroom, her little lamp and what little heat there actually was in the sleeping bag. When she got back into the room she slid into the sleeping bag and rolled over onto her tummy. She propped herself up and dumped out the contents of the bag. The items falling to the floor all looked familiar. Tonya got very excited when she saw her phone and eagerly grabbed it. Picking it up and pushing the home button, she noticed her wallpaper was different and the date and time were wrong. It said it was 11:23am on December 25th. She giggled when she realized that this was done on purpose and this was when Sirius said she would be out. She tried to find the settings option to reset the date and time, but the button wasn’t there. Nothing was there except the default apps. There was a small piece of paper that fell out of the bag too. She picked it up and went closer to the lamp to read it. It read:

So I guess you made it this far. Good job by you. The time is whatever the phone tells you it is. You should hurry. That took you longer than you thought it was going to. There are step by step instructions in the notes. Read them very carefully. Used together with the pics in the album, they are the way you’re going to get home before sunrise. Getting dressed and ready for your trip is first, and is the note entitled “Step 1.” Enjoy it sugar. This is going to be fun.

Tonya slid back over to the phone and started searching for the notes app. When she found it, the first note was titled “Step 1” She opened it and began reading.

Okay genius. I know it’s cold so I packed you some more clothes. There’s another pair of hose, and another leo in the bag, along with a pair of gloves. The second leotard MUST be locked on. There is a small padlock in the zipper already with a short length of chain, think of it like a necklace. Just the ends need to be locked to the zipper. Make sure to put on both pairs of pantyhose, the gloves, the gag, vet wrap (Oh yeah, Use both rolls of vet wrap, cover everything except your eyes (obviously). Don’t forget to put back in the earplugs and putty, if you’ve even bothered to take them out anyway. You’ve probably gotten used to not hearing anything already and they’re still in.) stocking, and THEN the leotards. Lock the leotard on, then put the collar on. Once you get dressed, be sure to put on the cuffs and LOCK them. (They do look pretty) There are five tasks that have to be fulfilled on the way back to the house. The keys padlocked to the D rings on the cuffs are important to the tasks on the trip. You will need them. Locking them on is much easier than carrying them, and you don’t want to drop them in the dark between here and there do you? When you unlock a padlock, lock it to a D ring, with the key still attached. That way you don’t lose anything. Got it? Got it. So this is step one, and if you haven’t figured out what you should already be doing, then reread this and go do it, you’re wasting time.

Tonya thought about reading through it again but there was really no need. Two pairs of hose, gloves, gag, vet wrap, stocking, then two leotards, second one locked on, collar, locked on, wrist and ankle cuffs, locked on. The extra layers would help, and make her even harder to see in the dark. Her eyes would be uncovered, but the fishnet stocking helped with that. Tonya climbed out of the sleeping bag and began stripping off her leotard so she could put on the second pair of pantyhose. The gloves were next and they were longer than she thought they were. The gloves covered her entire arm.

She sat down at the vanity in the corner so she could use the mirror to put the gag on. She shoved the whole bandana in her mouth and bit down hard. She didn’t want the microfoam tape in her hair, so she put strips of tape in the shape of an X over her mouth, one under her chin, another long piece that went from ear to ear just below her nose, and then two more just below that one. Another strip under her chin and she was satisfied. She began wrapping the vet wrap around her gag and the white microfoam tape started to disappear. She was careful to not cover her eyes and possibly block her vision in any way.

After she finished with the first roll she went to work with the second filling in the holes and making sure that her hair was completely covered and every part of her face, except her eyes were covered. She pulled the fishnet stocking down over her head when she was finished with the vet wrap and reached for the leotards. After the first one went on, she found the padlock and short chain for the second one. After she got it on, she lined up the padlock and chain and took a deep breath before clicking it closed. After double checking her mental list she clicked it closed and reached for the collar. After putting it on she put on the ankle cuffs, followed by the wrist cuffs. When they were all on she began to lock them on.

She noticed as she was locking them that there was a key padlocked to each of the D-rings on all of them, even the collar. Tonya had a light bulb go off. There were five tasks, and she had five keys padlocked to her cuffs and collar. She thought to herself, this must be her idea of trying to keep me focused. Tonya slipped on her water shoes and headed for the door. She got there and started looking over her cuffs to see if any of the keys were regular sized and might fit the deadbolt. All of the keys were small and it seems they all fit tiny locks. She was not getting out the front door. She had a moment and pulled out the phone she had tucked under her left wrist cuff. In the notes she found the next set of instructions entitled “Step 2” so she opened it.

So you think you’re pretty smart huh? Tried all your keys before you checked the note didn’t ya? Hehe. I figured you would. Hopefully you got the layers right and have all the keys. As far as getting out of the house is concerned, think about how you might try to break in, if you had to anyway. You do kind of look like a terrible cat burglar in that outfit though. Anyway, that might help with getting out of the house. Maybe. Oh yeah. Once you get out of the house, check Step 3. You’re gonna love it. And remember Dorothy, stay on the path.

Tonya thought to herself … Now how would I get in if I was trying to break in? Pick the lock? Nope. That would never work. Maybe the back door was left open. I should check. She made her way to the back door and used the phone as a light. Every screw had been put back just the way it was before she got there. She was not going out the back door. What about an open window, or at least one that wasn’t screwed closed anyway. I’ll start in the back of the house, since I’m already here and make my way to the front of the house room by room.

The window in the back bedroom turned out to be two windows if you count the storm windows anyway, and they were both tightly closed. She worked her way through the back room and into the kitchen. The window in there was right above the sink and wouldn’t budge. Next was the bathroom and the tiny little window in there. Nope, it was filthy and wouldn’t budge. Tonya found herself in the front bedroom and the window had what looked like handprints on it and could possibly be her way out. When she took a closer look she noticed that the screen was gone and she didn’t see any screws in the frame keeping it shut.

The window faced away from the street and facing the driveway and she could see her car, parked just where Sirius left it. She almost wished she had stashed a spare key and could cheat and just take the car most of the way home. It was then that another light bulb went off. That was why Sirius decided to go tonight instead of giving Tonya time to plan the details out the way she wanted them to go. She was an evil genius. That’s all there was to it. The old window opened easier than she thought it would, and there was no wind. Tonya’s mind had gone worst case scenario and was expecting cold cutting wind and maybe even rain. She didn’t really have time to check the weather before she got dressed and then subsequently stuck right away. She was really hoping that Sirius was watching the weather and wouldn’t stuck her outside in the elements overnight.

Tonya started to climb out the window and thought it was way too quiet. Then she remembered the ear plugs and swimmers putty. All part of the evil genius’s master plan. She was a semi-functional deaf mute, dressed completely in black and had a half mile trip to make, with tasks to complete along the way. With the padlocks and keys padlocked to every D-ring and she probably sounded like she was wearing bells as she hopped down to the ground from out of the house. There was probably another Christmas joke in there somewhere. It was time to check Step 3.

So … you made it outside. This is getting to be a habit with you. It’s time to pull up pic #1. In the pic you’ll notice a familiar back yard. Make your way through it, and near the blue house you’ll find task #1. Just look for the shinies. That’s really all you need to do. Look for the shinies. Check the far left of pic #2 if you need another clue.

Tonya peeked into the backyard and began to slowly make her way through it. She nearly had a heart attack when the motion light came on. She ducked behind one of the shop buildings and waited for it to go off. She tried sticking to the building on the way around it but set off the motion light again. This time she bolted through the backyard towards the first task. She ducked behind the house and pulled up pic #2 for a clue about what she was looking for. It was just a pic of the corner of the back of the house, and the train tracks behind it, but in the far left of the pic, there was a dryer vent on the back of the house, and it was metal. The motion lights made it even shinier. Maybe this was the first shiny, err task.

She started looking around the vent and didn’t see anything at first, but there was something hanging down from it, just barely visible. It was a key, and it was padlocked to a nail that was bent all the way up and back into the wall. There was no way to get the padlock off the nail. Tonya started trying keys. First the left wrist, then the right, on to the left ankle, and then on the right ankle, it clicked open. The first key was hers. She put her foot against the wall and locked the padlock onto the D-ring on the cuff on her right ankle. Then she pulled up the note for Step 4

Yeah, I guess I was right. You found shiny without too much effort. ADOS is working in your favor and hopefully it continues to do so. You’re going to want to pull up pic #3 and take a good long look at it. You MUST travel in a straight line, between the two trees and it will take you where you need to go. Pic #4 give you slightly more clue. Slightly, but just pay attention, and for heaven’s sake look both ways. Both times.

Pic #3 was just the side of the house and the corner where the old laundry mat and repair shop used to be. Pic #4 was a closer shot of the two trees she mentioned and that was really about it. Maybe the key was on the trees. But trees aren’t shiny. Tonya looked up just in time to see her first sign of other life. Headlights came around the corner and the sign on the side of the road lit up nicely, and another light bulb. She was getting good at this. She went around the side of the house and began to look more closely at the image and line up the straight line she MUST travel in. The straight line lined up perfectly with the sign on the corner and she started to make her way there, keeping an eye out for cars in every direction.

There was a horrible intersection on this corner. The road curved left at almost 90° and there was a road that went straight, and one that went to the right too. It was a bastardized four way stop that only the two additional side roads has stop signs. And the sign was just off the corner without them. Sirius had placed the second task near the corner of an intersection and Tonya had already seen two cars. As she passed in between the two trees she saw another set of headlights at the top of the hill. She ducked behind the tree and slowly moved around it to stay out the view of the passing car’s headlights. Her heart started to race again as she realized her night could have ended right there. If she is seen, even once, this whole adventure could be over, especially dressed as she was with her locked on collar, cuffs, gagged and ears plugged.

She sat down at the base of the tree for a moment to think about her options and honestly, she had none. She could call 911 or finish the adventure. That was the list, in its mind blowing entirety. She had to go on. Now she knew what Sirius meant. This was the part that could make Tonya crazy. Sirius was making her follow through with her own adventure. No loopholes, no way out. She was going to do it. Tonya stood up and marched across the street, after she looked both ways of course. She found the key on the back side of the sign, lying on the ground. There was a short chain holding it to the sign. She could move it up and down on the post, but it wasn’t going to fit over the sign. Tonya started with the left wrist again and it didn’t work.

Out of nowhere there were headlights and she hit the ground as quickly as she could. They passed on around the corner, but coming from the other direction was another set of them. She pressed herself against the ground and tried to be as invisible as she could. The headlights passed again and she popped back up and tried the left wrist and it worked. She locked the padlock to her right wrist D-ring and looked for a place she could check the next note without being in view of the entire intersection. She found a small growth of trees just off the corner and it provided some cover if she got low enough. Once out of sight she pulled up the notes again, this time looking for Step 5

Geezus that was close, wasn’t it? I saw at least three cars when I was attaching that damn lock to the sign. Exciting though huh? Everything you wanted this adventure to be? Right? So I’m guessing that you ducked into the little grove of trees next to the intersection and your next task is going to be a playful one. On the southeast corner of that horrible excuse for an intersection there is a park. You are going to that park, and you are not getting any other clues on this one, other than this. Play. Stop being paranoid about getting caught (btw sister, of you wanna know just how little attention people pay anymore, I bet you didn’t even notice that I put a smiley face sticker on that sign did you? Go ahead and check. Orange one, about the size of a quarter. Actually I lied, there are six of them, and you still didn’t notice, didja?) and swing for a few minutes, climb all over the plastic log cabin, go down the twisty slide, you get the idea. Someone in there you’ll find what you’re looking for, but only if you try to enjoy it. Now get up and get your narrow ass over there. You’re not going to find the next one sitting there hiding. GO!

Part IV

Okay, the first order of business is to check that damn sign for stickers. Tonya got close to the sign and there weren’t any orange smiley face stickers, but there was a piece of silver duct tape on the bottom of the sign, just below eye level that Sirius had written “Hi Tonya, JK about playing. Hurry up! Love, S” in Sharpie. Maybe no one paid attention after all. Somewhere in that park, on one of those thingies was a padlock and a key that she needed to move on to the next task. She checked the intersection in every direction and made her way across the street and onto the side with the park. The gate was on the opposite side from where she crossed so she made her way around the fence until she got to the part where you walk in.

She decided to listen to the tape’s advice over the note and hurry to find the key and move on. The wind was starting to pick up and she was finally starting to get a little chilled. Sirius mentioned specific items in the note so she figured she would start there. She looked all around the swing and found nothing. She even checked the swings themselves to make sure she wasn’t missing it. Next she mentioned the plastic log cabin and Tonya made her way over there. The note said climb all over it, but if there was a key there it would be fairly easily visible. Tonya took a look around and saw nothing shiny.

Last on the list from the note was the twisty slide, one of her favorite growing up. She checked the bottom of the slide and didn’t see anything. She walked around and started to go up the stairs. She got to the top and started looking around, and attached to the rail right before the covered part of the slide started there was a short chain with a padlock and key on it. She started with the left wrist and it didn’t open. She moved on to the left ankle and the padlock popped open. The chain fell and took the key with it, right down the slide. Tonya panicked and gripped the padlock tightly and went down the slide. When she got to the bottom she frantically began to search for the chain and hoped that the key was still attached to it. She found the chain, but NO KEY. She began to lose it, just a little bit.

She recalled the part about locking the padlocks onto the cuffs, because you wouldn’t want to drop a tiny key, out there, in the dark, would you? Genius. She sat down on the end of the slide and tried to breathe. After she calmed down a moment she thought to herself, the key is shiny. Find the shiny. She used the light from the phone and started shining it on the ground and looking for a reflection from the key. She finally saw a flash from over two feet away from where she found the chain. After she locked it on, she looked around for a place to go to read Step 6. Eventually, not seeing many options, she giggled and climbed back up the slide into the covered part. It was one of her favorite hiding places. After she wedged herself in and got semi-comfy she opened the next step.

You totally went down the slide didn’t you … I knew it. Stop giggling. Stop it. Focus, you’re more than half way, uhhh halfway done. Ish. Easy peasy, but this is where it gets really tough. No. No, not really. Line up the super huge traffic cone thingies and then find something you can’t lift. The last one actually. Don’t panic if you have problems, just focus and play along. Oh yeah, and you’ll be more out in the open than you were by the sign. Toodles

What the hell was Sirius talking about? Problems, what problems would there be? She found the key and was almost to the halfway point so she could get the key and head back to get the car. Tonya climbed to the top of the slide and then slid down again. Because twisty slide. She looked around and across the street she saw five or six very large, very orange traffic cone looking things. She headed out the gate and looked both ways, again, before crossing. The giant cones lined up and almost pointed to a row of concrete blocks. Not the little ones that you build walls with, these were cubes, at least four feet across. Some of them had a piece of rebar on top of them that acted as a hook so they could be lifted into place.

The last one in the row had nothing on it so Tonya went to the one on the other end and found a short chain with a padlock and key attached. She started with the left wrist, then collar and neither one worked. She thought for a moment and remembered don’t panic if you have problems, just focus and play along. So she did just that. She took a deep breath and tried each and every key that she had and when she got to the last one on her collar, she took a deep breath, and put the key in the lock. It did not work. Task #4 was not going as planned. Just as her mind started to figure out what went wrong headlights began to come around the corner. She ducked behind the block and it was then she noticed another piece of tape, this time with a note stuck under it. She pulled off the tape and unfolded the note. The nearest street light was on the corner and provided enough light to read the note.

You didn’t climb all over the plastic log cabin did you? If you had, you would have the key that opens this lock, but you didn’t so you don’t. I’m not saying go back and get it, but the other key that opens this padlock is in the house, So yeah, you should probably go back and get it. Just sayin’

Shit. Shit. Shit. Tonya was beginning to get frustrated. She had taken a short cut and it came back to bite her in the ass. The note said to climb all over the plastic log cabin and she did not. She made her way back to the park and she had to vanish for two more cars. Traffic was starting to pick up. She didn’t know how close to daylight she was, but she knew she needed to hurry. Once she got back in the park there were two more cars that passed and she noticed how few places there were in the park to hide. She began her climb up the steps and into the fake brown log cabin. She looked all over it and when she got to the very top she noticed, up high there was a metal eyebolt on the side facing the swing.

She went to the corner and put a foot on each corner and climbed up. Right at the very top there was a padlock with a key attached to it. As tricky as it was, she started with the keys on her ankles. She started with the keys on her left ankle and tried both of them before moving on to her wrists. After the left one didn’t work she started to get a little panicky again, and after the right one didn’t work she started to get a lot panicky. There was only one key left, the one on her collar and it had to be the one, and if it wasn’t she was going to have a breakdown. She put the key in the lock, and placed her hand on the padlock so the key wouldn’t fall, again, and twisted. The padlock opened and she placed the padlock and the key onto her collar and began to climb down.

After looking both ways she was running back to unlock the last padlock before she got to the house. She had to duck behind the second and seventh blocks because the cars kept showing up. When she got to the padlock the key on her collar worked perfectly. She looked up and could see the house from where she was standing. She again ducked behind the block and pulled out the phone for Step 7

Okay, so home stretch right? How excited are you to almost be back to the house? If you look you can see it, right over there. No really. It’s right there. Just gotta go through a residential area with three houses with dogs, four with motion lights, and the motion lights here that you know about already, so no real surprises. So last clue, well, sort of.

Geezus honey, when was the last time you checked the mail?

Okay, so it looks like the last task is the mailbox. It locks so that has to be it. Tonya poked her head out over the block and checked for more traffic. The coast was clear so she set off across two yards and tried to not get the dogs attention at the end of the block. She made it across one of the yards and the dogs starting barking. She ducked into a nearby back yard and under a trampoline. Just as she did the back porch light came on and the door swung open and Tonya had a more than slightly mild heart attack.

“Dammit Lucy!! Shut the hell up!!” and the door slammed shut. A few seconds later and the light went off. However, Lucy was still barking her head off so Tonya rolled out from under the trampoline and took off running. She was jingling even more now with all the extra locks and keys she’d acquired. She got into the yard and as expected the motion lights lit up the place. She made it into the front yard and sat down on the porch swing for a moment to catch her breath. After a few moments, some part of her brain reminded her that she still had to go all the way back up to the house and get her car. It was downhill from here so she walked to the mailbox and opened the door. The last key she put on her collar opened it right up. Inside she found a note, with a car key taped to it. The note read

Okay. You’ve made it this far. Halfway. At this time, take the note and go to the porch and have a seat. Use the keys you have to unlock all the padlocks on your D-rings and drop them in the bowl next to the bench. You can try the keys on the padlocks LOCKING the cuffs and collar on, but they won’t work. I have that key in here with me. Done? Okay. Good. Now, all you have to do is walk back up there and bring your car home. BUT … Doesn’t the adventure just feel IMCOMPLETE without a twist?!? Inside the mailbox there is a padlock. The key is under the passenger side mat in your car. LOCK your wrists behind your back for the trip to get the car and I’ll have a HOT bath and some cold pizza WAITING for you when you get back. If you’re NOT up to it, that’s okay too, but wouldn’t you like to be able to say that you DID IT with your hands LOCKED behind your back? Honestly? It’s been a LONG night already. If you CAN’T HANDLE the challenge I understand. Just ring the doorbell AFTER you make your decision and act on it, and I’ll tell you what time it is, but only after you’ve given your FINAL answer. (Let’s be HONEST. You just did this, and without any real problems. If you really want a CHALLENGE, the kind you will most likely FAIL, lock your wrists behind you and ring the doorbell THREE times. Just remember, no backing out. Once you ring the bell three times, you CANNOT undo that choice)

Sirius knew just which buttons to push and wasn’t just pushing them, she was smashing them. Tonya’s original idea for the adventure had her wrists tied, ankles hobbled, gagged and the release was back at the house. She was ready to make the trip still tied, but this was somehow different. She didn’t know how to react to this. She could get locked in and ring the doorbell and Sirius tell her that it was 5:50 and she had 30 minutes until sunrise. Traffic is getting heavier and she really had no idea what time it was or how long the trip here had taken her. Or she could lock her wrists together and ring the doorbell three times.

This would mean she was totally screwed. Nothing short of a blindfold would surprise her. Wrists locked behind her, ankles hobbled, in heels, making the trip back up there having to stick to the sidewalk and level ground would be nearly impossible. Part of her actually wanted the colossal mindfuck trip, and the rest of her wanted the hot bath and cold pizza. She knew she needed to make a decision and make it quickly, but she didn’t know what do to. She walked to the mailbox and reached in and found the padlock. She walked back to the porch and took a deep breath. Tonya put her wrists behind her and after a few tries clicked the padlock closed. Her wrists were locked behind her for the trip back to get the car. She backed up towards the front door and rang the doorbell. As it was going off she was thinking about a hot bath and cold pizza and how amazing both sounded. She heard the lock turn on the front door and stepped out of the way so Sirius could open it.

“Three times huh? Your balls are bigger than I thought. This might suck for you.” Sirius had two more sets of cuffs in her hands and reached down to get more padlocks out of the bowl. It took Tonya a moment to realize what Sirius had said. The doorbell has different rings and the chimes and cadence it was set to went through the cadence three times. Sirius thought Tonya had hit the button three times. Tonya began to shake her head no and started backing away from Sirius and her new accessories.

“No. No. No. You get your ass back over here missy. I was very clear that there was no backing out of this. Once it rings three times, you’re in, zero chance of backing out. I made that VERY clear little lady.”

Tonya dropped her head and began shuffling back across the porch towards Sirius. She was still gagged so there was no explaining her way out of this. She knew she was defeated.

Sirius patted her on the head “Good girl. Now turn around. I think you’ll like this.”

Sirius unlocked the padlock on Tonya’s collar and started unbuckling it. Tonya started to turn her head to give Sirius the WTF eye and Sirius straightened her head for her. Another collar was placed around Tonya’s neck, but this one was thicker and taller than her usual play collar. It was very tall and had a groove for her chin to fit into. This was a posture collar. As Sirius tightened it Tonya noticed that she could no longer turn her head. Her gaze was fixed directly in front of her. Tonya didn’t know if it was locked on or not, it didn’t matter. She had no idea of how it was fastened and it might as well be welded on with her wrists locked behind her.

Next Sirius began placing a cuff on Tonya’s arm, just above her elbow. She made sure that it was on good and tight and then placed one on her other arm. Then both were on she locked them to make sure they stayed put. Sirius knelt down and began placing similar cuffs on Tonya’s thighs, just above her knees. Once satisfied she locked them on, just as the new cuffs on her arms. Sirius pulled Tonya’s elbows together and clicked a padlock closed on the cuffs. Sirius dropped to a knee and clicked another padlock on the new thigh cuffs.

“Okay Evil Knievel. How much of a challenge do you want? Ya know, there’s a part of me that wants to take you back up there and drop you off like this. Another round trip adventure, yes please. I’ll keep your car key with me and you can have it when you get back.” She had an evil grin about her, and Tonya didn’t know what to think. “Anyway, you should really get going. It’s already 3:24am and you have until sunrise to get home. I’m keeping the phone, so no more 911 option either. The key for your wrists is under the passenger side mat, and you have the valet key attached to the padlock on your wrists. So you won’t lose it. I did that because I care. Hurry. Don’t die.”

And with that she ducked back inside the warm house, leaving the now very stuck, but with done so with excellent posture Tonya on the front porch. Tonya stood there in disbelief for a moment and then the porch light went off. Now standing in the dark, Tonya wondered how long it would take her to get back to the house now. The door slowly creaked open and Sirius stuck her head out, “If you’re still on this porch in ten seconds I’m running you down, knocking you over, locking heels on you, AND locking your ankles together.”

Tonya was already at the steps before Sirius started counting. She began shuffling and noticed that was nearly to the end of the street before the porch light went off. She was making good time and hadn’t seen a car yet at all, which blew her mind. She looked both ways and began to make her way across the street by the sign with the note when out of nowhere a red van pulled up next to her. The lights were off and she never saw it coming. The earplugs and putty made sure she didn’t hear it either. The door slid open and before she could see inside her world went dark. Someone had come up behind her and thrown a black pillowcase over her head. She was helped/forced into the van and her ankles were quickly ziptied to her wrists.

She wasn’t going anywhere, but at least whoever it was didn’t mind being thorough. The van stopped and someone helped her up and into a kneeling position. The bag was removed, but whoever it was stayed behind her. Tonya felt hands on her, inspecting the cuffs, looking for keys or phones, just generally all over her. The hands made it to her posture collar and pulled her back into the mystery figure. “So pretty … “ was very airy and spoken directly into her ear. As the words echoed in her head chills ran through her. The figure helped Tonya lie down on her left side facing the back of the van, and her ankles were free. A moment later it began moving again. The van drove around for what seemed like a half an hour and then came to a stop.

When the door opened and she could see out again, she was back at the house, parked right next to her car. And her car was running. This made no sense. Was the mystery figure a Good Samaritan that had found her and took pity on her? But how would they know where she was going, and how would they know where to find the key? How would they know where to find the car? Tonya was more and more confused as the thoughts came in. She was helped up and a key was placed in her hand. She tried it and it fit the padlock on her wrists. She stood up out of the van and took a step towards her car and as she turned to thank whoever this was, the van sped away. She had no idea who had helped her on the way back to her car, but she really wanted to know.

Tonya got in her car and tried to position her arms so she could drive with one of them, but it was tricky with them still attached at the elbow. She pulled out of the driveway and began her short trip home. As she pulled into the driveway she was already thinking about the hot bath and cold pizza she had waiting on her. Tonya turned off the car and when she got out motion lights went off. She giggled at how they startled her earlier in her adventure. Sirius met her at the back door and poked her head out. “What’s the password?”

Tonya laughed and tried to say, “I need to pee” but it only came out as “Mm ndd dd bbe” It must have been close enough because Sirius let her in. Tonya kicked off her water shoes and waited for Sirius to get back with a bowl. Sirius got back with the bowl of keys and unlocked her elbows first. After that she went to work on the posture collar. Tonya noticed did not have a lock on it, but actual laces that could be made to be tighter or looser depending on how strict she wanted it to be. After that Sirius handed the bowl to Tonya and went to start her bath.

Tonya began unlocking her cuffs and noticed that she was quite exhausted. When she got to the tiny padlock on the leotard zipper she realized it had been a long night and she was still gagged from a long time ago. It was time for the tape to come off. She unzipped the leo enough to pull off the stocking and get a grip on the vet wrap and tried to find the end. When she did it started to unwind and she was so relieved to have a face back. She grabbed a corner of the tape and pulled it all off at once. She spit out the messy bandana, “Hey lady, what did you do with my cold pizza? The foods. Give me the foods.” Tonya would wait until later to ask her about the doorbell thingy and whether or not Sirius did that on purpose.

“I heated it up, it’s still in the toaster oven. You’re welcome” came the reply from the bathroom

“Thanks.” She was starving and was walking into the bathroom to an almost ready tub. “That’s good. I think I’m just going to get in like this.” Sirius was not surprised. Before she could shut off the water, Tonya had a pantyhosed toe in it. “Perfect” As Tonya was sitting down in the tub she still had a plate in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, “You’re a wheirdo.” Sirius said to her shaking her head.

“You’re the wheirdo” Tonya replied back.

“So’s your mom.” Sirius wasn’t backing down.

But Tonya was good at this game, the best. “So’s your face.”

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