It's Cold Up Here

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2011 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FF/ff; capture; net, cocoon, bond; susp; nipple; display; hum; cons/nc; X

The slide had looked so inviting. We had been dragged round the garden centre in the faint hope of doing some last-minute shopping and we were bored. Really bored. And after we had killed about an hour while the others had vanished into the darker realms of the tools section we were wandering around outside.

Mum and I just are not gardeners by nature and we were finding the whole day as dreary as could be. We had used up our browsing limit in the rather thinly stocked gifts section, had drunk a cup of coffee and now we were outside looking at the children’s play area. Somewhere over to the left they were selling off pine trees and someone was hawking roasted chestnuts. Chestnuts, I ask you. Were we in the 21st century or the 19th ?.

“Come on” called mum “Lets give the slide a go”

I was laughing as mum was already half way up the steps with that big silly grin on her face that I knew was going to lead to trouble. The wine she had consumed at lunch was clearly still sloshing about her system and boded ill for her decorum as the afternoon wore on.

“Go on mum” I shouted “Down you go”

Mum threw up her arms and with a loud ‘wheeeee’ she pushed herself off the top step and slid down the lovingly polished slide. I realised it was higher and longer than usual as she gathered speed going past me, her arms still waving in the air.

I was climbing the steps myself with a big silly grin on my own face as I watched my mother vanish through the hole in the gaudily painted fencing the slide led down to. She shot through the hole at speed, her arms snatching at the top edge of the cut-out in the woodwork before she disappeared. Was it my imagination or had the tone of her hysterical cries changed as she vanished from sight ?

“Hang on mum” I cried as I slung my long legs over that top step “Wait for me”

I pushed off and give a girlish squeal as my thinly clad bottom met the ice cold metal of the slide. I snatched my legs together and clutched at the hem of my shorts as I slithered down the slide at a fast gathering pace.

For a fleeting moment I felt the rush of the cold air on my face, then I saw the hole approaching. I pulled my arms and legs in tight to my body and shot through with a cry of delight.

As I passed through the hole I was treated to a fleeting glimpse of the edge of a metal tunnel then all was in darkness. I started to cry out as my speed did not slacken and I felt something touch my ankles.

Moments later I felt my whole body enveloped in something tight and clinging before my progress was swiftly halted. Something mechanical closed above my head and I was swiftly hoisted from the horizontal to the vertical.

My mind was struggling to cope with the information it was getting as I felt myself swinging gently back and forth. As my mind kicked into gear I realised the terrible truth. I was in a net. A slim, body-hugging net of the sort used to wrap pine and Christmas trees.

I looked down and saw that one of the tubular wrapping devices stood against the hole in the fence the slide led down to, and I had been wrapped just as tightly and thoroughly any fir tree would have been.

My weight on my helplessly pointed toes was pulling the net tight against my body making movement all but impossible. One of my arms was trapped tight against my side while the other was bent up across the front of my body. Only it’s constant pressure kept the mesh of the net away from my face.

I looked desperately about but I could see no-one to call out to for help, and I gave a desperate cry of “Mum” when I caught site of my mother. She was if anything even more thoroughly netted as me and was hanging from the line not a dozen yards from me.

Both her arms were twisted up behind her, her fingers caught in the webbing of her net where they wriggled impotently as they tried to get set free. Just like me her body weight had pulled the webbing tight about her legs and her struggles had already exhausted her, her legs now hanging in a long, tightly netted column of shapely flesh.

At my cry her head snapped round in the net and she opened her mouth to cry out to me. Her features already pressed tightly against the net’s mesh, the moment she opened her mouth the strands pulled closed about her face. One strand slipped between her lips, pinning her tongue to the floor of her mouth and reducing her cry to an inarticulate gurgle. Before she could pull back others pulled tight at her chin and across the bridge of her nose clamping her mouth tight closed about the thread effectively muzzling her. I saw her try to pull her trapped face back from the mesh but as her weight pulled the net tight the back of the net was already tight against the back of her head and there was no escape for her helpless mouth. I watched helplessly at her mouth desperately trying to move, to cry out, and I saw her eyes grew wide with the terrible realisation that we were both trapped.

I pressed out hard with my one free hand and cried out for help with all the power my lungs could muster. Then I cried out again, and again. But no-one heard. Or rather, no-one came.

My muscles screaming at the effort I was forcing on them, I allowed my arm to relax a little, my head slumping forwards until my forehead met the net. I tried to move my other arm, but the dead weight of my body pinned it tightly to my side, and my legs were as prisoners of the net as were my mothers.

“Hey look girls, we’ve got some new decorations”

I looked down to see two of the garden centre girls staring up at us. One was tall, athletic even, her body crowned with a mass of dark curly hair. Her companion smaller, a blonde, and from the way their arms curved about each other’s waists, way more than just good friends.

“Get us down from here” I shouted “You’ve had your joke, now let us down”

They giggled together and walked on until they stood under my mother’s helplessly netted form. They huddled their heads and I heard whispered words. One of them walked away while the other moved to a pulley. Moments later I felt the rope we were dangling from moving and the ground slowly coming up to meet my painfully pointed toes. For a moment I thought they were going release us, but when my toes ended their descent they were still a few inches above the ground and I was still their captive.

I had never felt so frustrated. My pointed toes were so near the ground, so close to salvation, yet no matter how I strained and twisted them I remained helplessly netted. I looked across at my mother and saw her feeble movements as she also did her able best to stretch out with her legs and reach her own salvation.

As I watched the blonde girl walked up to my mother and I watched with disbelief as she twisted something dark about her. It looked like a wire or a cable, and the blonde was lovingly winding it about her head, her body and all the way down round her legs.

My mother did her best to resist, but she was already exhausted and could muster little more than a shiver within her tight net. I heard her squeal as the blonde did something and I could hear the faint sounds of tiny bells before the blonde stepped back laughing.

I felt rather than heard someone standing front of me, and when I looked up the girl with the dark hair was standing there. And she had a box in her arms.

“What are you going to do with us ?” I pleaded “Please, let us go”

She just shook her head and lifted a mass of dark cables out of her box and reached up for my head. As she started to wind it about my head I realised it was a dark cable of fairy lights. She pulled them snug about me and carried on winding them on down my body. I pleaded with her some more, but she said nothing and a smile never left her lips. She was clearly enjoying herself.

She tied off the lights and moved close up to me. She was staring deeply into my eyes and I felt a fleeting touch about my breasts. There was a ripping sound and I felt my nipples stiffen as the cold wind reached them.

I gave a cry of distress and my only free hand darted down to protect my nakedness. It’s welcoming protection gone the strands of the net snapped closed about my face and quickly pinned my arm across my chest.

The edges of the net’s mesh started to nip at my painfully erect nipples as the net moved under my weight and I gave a squeal of pain as I felt what felt like fire stab through my left nipple. I looked down as best I could and watched helpless as the dark haired girl camped a wicked nipple-clamp on my second nipple. It had both a tiny bell and a light on it.

Then they were both laughing and hauling us back up to our lofty hanging place again. A switch was thrown and suddenly we were illuminated in bright fairy lights. As I watched they quickly moved a fence to reveal the chestnut seller in all his glory surrounded by other stalls. There were people everywhere standing around bonfires, all eating, drinking and laughing. And we were part of the decorations.

As my eyes panned up over the scene I took in other glowing decorations as bound as helpless as we were. My eyes met those of the closest girl and I could see the tears running down her cheeks. While down below our friends were being entertained without a thought for us.

There was a cage down there with two girls in all-covering animal costumes were being bated by the surrounding crowd. And as I watched a cart pulled up pulled by two strapping ponygirls resplendent in plumes and gleaming black leather. Whatever the party was, it looked like it was going to go on for a long time, and the cold wind was really starting to blow through us. My nipples refused to succumb to the cold and as the mesh chaffed at them relentlessly I felt myself getting more and more turned on. It was going to be a long evening.