It's all about the Pain

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2013 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/m; auction; slaves; sold; bdsm; enema; torment; boxed; transport; force; femdom; denial; reluct/nc; XX

It wasn't until after the auction we got to see our new owners. The buyers we didn't see didn't matter to us so they remained as secret as the auction itself. I was number 4 on the block, led to a platform with a full blinding hood covering my head and face. In my mouth was a full mouth foam gag so I couldn't talk either. The buyers had seen both modeling videos of all the slaves as well as bits and pieces of our training sessions from the last few months. Everyone knew, both who and what we were, especially mentally, physically and most important of all, sexually.

At a young 23, I was sold to a lady named Patricia, later introduced as merely PT. My price topped out at a whopping $185,000, about average I was told, for a white boy under 25. After the auction I was returned to what was known as the buyers hall. All the sold slaves were chained by the neck to a brick wall to await their new owners. While waiting I was next to another slave, a 20 year old white male who was trained sexually, as a gay slave. He wasn't but that made his transition to slave even more threatening and interesting. After weeks of intense training, he was purchased by a male owner. He was a small guy, about 5'3", barely 110 pounds, and naturally terrified at his future role in life. His new owner arrived and the kid almost fainted. His buyer was a black guy, a good 6'5" or so, no less than 250 pounds and all muscle.

I just stared, as did this poor kid, at the new owner with a good 11 or 12 inches of cock hanging down one pants leg of his pants. The kid almost immedietly began to cry and tremble uncontrollably at the sight of him. He wasn't gay, he never was gay, and that's why he was both trained to be and sold to a man! The guy smiled and took his naked new property by the chain around his neck to a soundproofed private room for a more personal introduction. All I could do was breathe a sigh of relief it wasn't me going with him!

On the other side of me, two incredibly sexy young lesbian leather clad women were examining their new slave. This 21 year old skinny young black kid got his first taste of their power... a knee to his balls because his nice 8 or 9 inch cock was growing as he was touched and pinched and examined by 4 tender young female hands. As his poor cock withered from the pain, the younger of the women, no more than 19 or 20 years old, was given a chastity cage she ordered, and painfully crammed the kids cock into a horribly tight base ring and a 4 or 5 inch chrome steel cage. As soon as it was locked on, she handed the staff member the only two keys and instructed him to please... destroy them, they wouldn't be needing them. The cage was then riveted on, the older woman then informed him that only a good drill or a blowtorch would remove the device, neither of which he would have access to.

"Some nice breast implants, a little collegen for those lips and a few months of female hormones and you'll be the perfect pussy slave!" one of them giggled.

"And don't worry about your cute little cock" the other one added.

"You won't be needing it, but we're gonna let you keep it anyway as a constant reminder that you're never gonna cum again!"

"You'll never have an erection again, not that you won't keep trying... no more hand jobs or blowjobs unless you're the one giving them... and you will.... and no more masturbating either. We'll be sure to supply you with enough supplements to keep you horny and frustrated, but your cute little balls are going to be bursting and kept nice and full for the rest of your life!"

Tears filled the kids eyes as he was led away by the two women. They were stopped down the hall and given a training kit, sort of a beginners set of 7, 8 and 9 inch dildos and a small medium and large butt plug. They also requested a double dildo gag, 4 inches for his mouth and 9 to hang outwards to fuck his new owners with. They went down the hall giggling and teasing their new boy toy and disappeared into their private room.

I was alone for a while, until PT finally arrived, with a male escort beside her. Still gagged but with my hood removed, I sized her up first. She was almost 6 feet tall, a muscular, well proportioned woman, strong and domineering but sexy as well. I guessed her to be around 30, close to the age of the man at her side. Long jet black hair hung over her naked shoulders and sexy green/blue eyes stared at me, staring at her. She smiled at me, then looked down at my cock slowly rising at her presence.

I was expecting the same knee to the balls my fellow slave recieved, instead she reached down and took me into her right hand. She stroked me until I was fully erect, then reached down to take my balls into her hand.

"What do you think?" she asked the guy with her.

"Nice cock" was all he said.

"Yeah, well don't get too excited" PT chuckled.

"It's MINE.... you can fuck him, he can suck your cock, but THIS... is mine!"

PT moved in real close to me and I sucked in the sweet aroma of her perfume. Her hand returned to my cock and she curled her long fingers so that her sharp red nails were along the bottom of my erection. As she dug them in, I grunted loudly and tears filled my eyes. She smiled again at my reaction.

"This is nice" she whispered.

"What is this.... 9?..... 10 inches?.... and you like it nice and hard don't you?"

She released my cock and watched it bob up and down. She moved back and wrapped an arm around the guy with her. She introduced him finally, as her husband Sam. She also explained that I was going to be his fuck toy, and cocksucker because she just didn't like doing it and she absolutely refused to be fucked in the ass!

"You'll find out why soon" she laughed.

"He's hung like a fucking horse, and he can cum half a dozen times a day!"

"ME?" she then continued....

"I'm only interested in your cock, or MY cock now" she explained.

"I'm an expert at things I can do to a man's most prized posession.... I can assure you most of it will hurt, that's the fun part... what I can, and am going to do to you, painfully of course without doing any real damage."

"While you're screaming in agony" she continued.... "you'll be sucking cock, and pleasing my husband here and his very horny friends.... you'll be kept in very strict bondage of course, plugged and gagged when not being used, cuffed, collared and chained up, so don't even think you'll be leaving any time soon."

"Box him up" she said to her husband.

"I don't want him touched until we get him home"

"Our plane leaves at midnight" she added.

"I want him loaded up by 10:00"

Next time someone says to you, getting there is all the fun, smile, and think of me. My trip to my new home, started with a series of deep gut flushing enemas. I've been taking enemas for weeks, that doesn't mean I ever got used to them. After 5 or 6 - 2 and 3 quart flushes, I was given a "final" fill up. This was a 2 quart combination of soapy water, cinnamon and peppermint oil, lemon juice and coarse ground pepper. Before I could even try to reject the solution, a fat butt plug was stuffed into my ass and inflated to about the size of a tennis ball. The more I cramped up and my body fought to expell the simmering slop, the more the attempt to force it out pushed against the plug and sealed my poor hole even tighter.

I was placed on a 3" thick foam pad in a heavy wooden box. It was so small my legs were forced up onto my chest. My arms were folded up and behind my head then tied in place. My balls were tied off with a rough leather cord and pulled downwards and tied off to the side of the box my feet were pushing on. In addition to the stretching, my poor balls began to itch from the rough leather. I laid there suffering from a vicious enema and butt plug I couldn't expell, made worse by being folded up like I was. A fat ball gag was stuffed into my mouth, and a 1" tube thru it ran up to a two gallon bottle that could be filled from a second tube to the top of the box.

My next problem, was a thick tube shoved into my cock and into my bladder. I was injected with a full quart of the same stuff my ass was full of. I was immedietly in agony and trying to scream. The tube was sealed off and I was bloated front and back. Now that I was in position, it was time to pack me for my trip. My toes were painfully forced apart by those little foam things women use when painting their nails. These were coated with BenGay however and neary double normal size, designed for just what they did... cause pain.

I was sprayed with a coating of spray glue, and a bucket of the sharp plastic rocks used in the bottom of fish tanks was poured over me. On top of this came several buckets of golf balls, poured onto me. I would surely end up with several hundred bruises from this. I never really thought much about golf balls, until I realized how horribly heavy and painfull several hundred of them on top of me was. On top of the golf balls, a 4" thick layer of foam was placed, then a square of plywood topped by an inflatable rubber bladder.

The top of the box was then nailed on and the air bag inflated. The plywood was forced downwards by the inflated air bladder and I was squashed by all the golf balls! I could move nothing, not even my fingers or toes. Every inch of me was screaming out in pain, especially the horrible contents of my ass and bladder. I wanted... I needed to move, to breathe, to empty my guts and piss so bad I thought I'd die if I didn't. The feeder tube in my mouth was pulled up through the top of the box then the tube leading to the top of the box was covered by a smaller box holding a funnel. The bottle feeding me, above my head was suddenly filled with someones piss and I helplessly began gulping!

I was moved first by a forklift and placed inside a truck. The trip to the airport took about 30 minutes, then I was placed inside a private jet. An hour later we were airborne. I could overhear the pilot announcing our arrival time was in about 3 hours. My guts were making inhuman sounds, the cramps were horrible and despite my bloated bladder, I was still helplessly gulping down the piss. Almost three hours into the trip, I was relieved to finally suck air, this told me my feeder bottle was finally empty.

Just when I was sure it couldn't get any worse, the bottle feeding me was refilled. Who's I had no idea, but it began to trickle down my throat. I wanted to sleep but stimulants added to my diet kept me alert and squirming. Everything hurt from my toes to my arms forced behind my head. I prayed my bladder didn't explode inside me, and I could feel the slop in my ass halfway to my stomach full of piss. I was sweating now and this just produced horribly ticklish little trickles all over my body.

Upon landing I was again loaded onto a truck and this one hour or so trip was on roads probably never paved or maintained. Every bone wracking bump was worse and worse. When I was finally unloaded, I was placed in a warehouse somewhere and left alone for several more hours. I could hear voices, but they were not speaking english. Grunting in pain only got me kicks to the box and laughs.

"Welcome home" PT's voice said when I was finally removed from the box. Unable to walk, or even stand... I was hauled by three male guards to a small concrete room. A toilet stood in one corner and a naked metal bed in another. The floor was dirty rough wood, and there was a single light bulb hanging from the nearly 10 foot ceiling. My arms were released, and my gag was finally removed. A chain attached to the wall was locked around my neck and my wrists cuffed in front of me.

"You have an hour" PT said.

"Piss, puke, shit, whatever you have to do... touch your cock and even think of jacking off and I'll glue it shut... I'll be back to take you upstairs and get you fitted."

She smiled at the hundred or so red spots all over me from the golf balls, and the full body rash the plastic rocks still glued to me created.

"You're going to bruise up nicely" she giggled.

"But that's the least of your problems. You're not in the U.S. anymore, where you are is unimportant, but you're safe here on my private estate. The nearest town is around 40 miles away and theres nothing but uncleared forests and wild animals between here and there. There are about a hundred armed guards and another dozen or so servants here. You'll eventually meet them and your duties will include servicing them all. There are only 6 other women here, students of mine, and one submissive little bitch for us to practice on, in the fine art of torture and abuse so don't get your hopes up."

She left me grunting and groaning sitting on the toilet. Even finally empty, I was still in agony. When she returned, I was in a ball on the floor. She buckled a leather collar around my neck and ordered me to follow her.

"If you stand up" she said.

"You'll lose a testicle.... if you complain or don't cooperate, you'll lose the other one. You will remain silent at all times, or you'll be permanantly gagged, if I have to I'll slit your throat and you'll never speak again. Eye to contact with me or any of my students will result in you being hooded, two weeks for the first offense, permantly for the second, unless I just decide to have your eyeballs removed. You will be naked, cuffed and collared at all times, plugged most of the time and gagged whenever I get tired of hearing you scream. An erection will get your cock locked up for a month. If you cum, without direct permission or orders to do so, You'll be chained to a wall and you will suck every cock on property, non stop and you'll swallow every drop."

"You'll piss when I let you, and every drop will be part of your new diet. In addition, everyone of my guards are required to turn in three filled condoms a day, before every meal. I might reduce that somewhat once you start sucking them off. If they don't they don't eat. If they do, you'll eat it, every drop, every day."

"Ready stud?" she asked.

"Let's go"

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