It's a kind of Magic

by Lambrètto

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© Copyright 2010 - Lambrètto - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMF; M/f; F/m; bond; harness; toys; majick; tape; rope; anal; oral; cons; X

1. The Letter

I was a bit nervous as I climbed the stairs to the apartment. Sure, I had taken interviews before without really knowing what to expect. Sure, I had taken interviews which had promised a lot but were lemons in the end. But somehow, this one was going to be different. For one thing, the invite appeared out of nowhere the day after I had written the article on this Harry Potter hype. I had given my view on how we were brought back to our childhood fantasies and dreams about magic. It triggered quite a few reactions and my office e-mail was abuzz with both approvals and disapprovals from various groups.

I was just sipping my end-of-the-day glass of wine, when all of a sudden, something was flapping underneath my shirt. I must have jumped two feet and several heartbeats, it scared me breathless. When I looked under my shirt, an envelope flew out, flapping wildly before it landed on my precious tablecloth, knocking my wine all over it. It just sat there, almost looking at me with anticipation: "Well, aren't you going to open me, then?"

If this was a joke, it was bloody well done. I was still shaking, but my curiosity got the better of me in the end. With trembling fingers I opened the envelope, only to drop it like a hot pan as a card jumped out. It spread itself on the table in front of me, with the letters dancing on the page. I looked at it in stunned disbelief. After a few seconds, the letters started to sort themselves and made a message.

"Dear Sir,

we have read your article on'The Harry Potter Hype' with great interest and amusement. It never ceases to amuse us how you Muggles refuse to believe in the presence of wizards even if the proof is right in front of you.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to see for yourself how wizards actually live in the daily life of the Muggle world by granting you an interview.

We chose to contact you with our pet Caroll The Card to assure we got your attention. Once you have read this message, please put Caroll into Richard (the flying envelope) to bring him back home.

As you are a freelance journalist, this interview we offer you should give you something interesting to sell.

Please be in front of Baker Street 97 Monday evening at precisely 8pm, as the door will open only briefly.

Yours sincerely,

        Sakeema and Mordac Zapwick

        Qualified Magicians (Hogwarts Honors, Slytherin HeadBoy & Headgirl)"

I sat there and reread the message, and again. If the envelope had not appeared as it had, I would have binned it as a joke, which is probably precisely why this Sakeema and this, what was it, Mordac sent it this way.


2. The Entrance & Sakeema.

And so on this Monday evening I was not truly surprised to find Baker Street had a number 96, directly next to which was number 98. I looked at my watch and saw the time ticking away towards 8 o'clock. All right, let's assume this card thing was magic as in these Potter books, would this mean the house would appear as that railway station platform? I was wondering if I should run into the wall, but decided not to, for now.

Just as my watch beeped the full hour, however, the other two houses suddenly seemed to move apart. I looked around me, but no one else on the street seemed to notice. The house which was appearing seemed just like any other one in the street, and indeed it had number 97 next to its otherwise normal door.

And so I climbed the stairs, and rang the bell. It was hard to describe how I felt. Somehow my brain refused to believe this was all real, some other part of it however must have been converted by this Rowling lady and her stories: "Allright, so a house appears out of nowhere, so what? It simply is magic, ain't it?"

Before I could settle the battle between my senses and my brain, the door opened and a well dressed lady appeared. Although, "well dressed" may be a bit of understatement. Sharply & seductively dressed would be more appropriate.

In front of me was a 6" lady in form-hugging fetish-style clothing, "form-hugging" in a way that would make Catwoman blush. She wore a glossy, deep purple latex shirt, with a generous cut-out to highlight a propped up C-cup. On second glance, it was not simply a shirt. It seemed boned and could be tightened, as if there was a corset hidden in it. I could not see any lacing or buckles though. Her figure indicated an hour-glass shape you don’t normally see without some help.

Looking lower, she was wearing dark green leather pants, highlighting some very nicely curved hips. Knee-high leather boots, again in that rich purple, with straps & buckles as decoration. I am a bit of a fetish fan and she seemed to have been shopping without credit limit  in my dream catalogue. She knew very well the effect she had on me, as she smiled knowingly and patiently as I gazed up and down in admiration. I hope I did not drool, I am quite sure I must have been salivating.

"Ah, there you are, how nice of you to have come, although somehow we knew you would. Do come in, I am Sakeema"

We shook hands and I walked in. I was glad I had just gone through those Potter books for my story, my brain was still fresh of some things described. The hallway seemed pretty normal for a down town house, obviously two working adults (i.e. 2 incomes) and no children. Tasteful yet restrained in its decoration. What was new to me however, were statues which looked at me, followed me and then seemed to talk to each other. Had I not read the books, I would have been baffled, but now I was , sort of, confirmed: "aha, so this is what these things look like".

One thing would not be in the books though. Sakeema's clothing taste showed in the statues as well. At first glance they were Greek myth style males & females, at second glance they all wore fetish clothing, with plenty of leather straps in plenty of places.

"Lovely, aren't they?" she said, having seen my gaze."We try to change them regularly. It is such a nice way of coming home after work, you immediately forget the working day when they welcome you. As you can see, we have a specific style, Mordac and I, and unlike many others, we are not afraid to show so".

Show indeed! As I walked by, the statues looked at me, curious at the newcomer, defiant and powerful even if bound and hogtied.

As I walked behind Sakeema trying to take this all in, my attention went from the statues to her (and back, of course). She had a distinct cat-walk over her, an eerie feline sensation. I could not help thinking of Natasja Kinsky in Catpeople. Suddenly I realised what had been nagging somewhere in my mind: all her clothes had no seams! It seemed each piece was cast, or welded, around her body. Looking at her back, I still could not see how that shirt was tightened the way it was.

If this was the entrance, what would be next?

3. The living room and Mordac

The living room was almost a letdown. Perhaps I had expected some fetish chamber, but it was fairly normal, even with the expensive designer furniture. A man stood up from a deep sofa. He was sportily built, broad shoulders & chest, a sharply lined face. He could have modelled for greek-god-statues, if you catch my drift. His clothing was a bit more normal, resembling an impeccable English lord dressed for the soiree. As he extended his hand, however, his link with Sakeema showed. Some leather wrist cuffs showed discreetly under his sleeves. He saw I noticed and smiled.

"Good evening, welcome to our humble house. I am Mordac. I hope our entrance and Sakeema's outfit have not upset you?"

"Not at all" I said, "it was a very pleasant surprise".

Mordac flashed what seemed like a "Told you!" smile at Sakeema. "Yes, somehow we reckoned you wouldn't mind. It is one of the reasons we invited you, after we did .... some homework, shall we say. Please, have a seat. Can we offer you a drink? I believe you prefer red wine, would a Cote d'Oc do?"

I nodded. Somehow I was not surprised they knew this about me. If they could make a letter appear under my shirt, surely they could survey my drinks cabinet. Mordac snapped his fingers and mumbled some words. A tray came floating from somewhere behind, with three glasses of ruby red wine. I was surprised, and yet I was not. 4. The revelation.

Sakeema had sat herself next to Mordac and smiled at me. "I can see you are getting used to seeing magic. To answer your unasked question, yes, magic does indeed exist, as do magicians, the Ministry of Magic, virtually all as described by Miss Rowling. There is a distinct difference, however. Most of the magic in daily life is perhaps only half as exciting as described, but then again, the books would not sell if they did".

"The real Harry Potter lived next door to Miss Rowling, a bit like Ian Fleming knew a James Bond who was involved in secret work and made a great book-character out of it." Mordac added. "Actually, Miss Rowling is not the first one to make money on the real magicians. Anne Rice did the same marketing trick with vampire books. She found out the truth about her neighbours, and launched her own series of vampire books. Good marketing, I must say"

I nodded slowly, trying to take all of this in."So can I assume you went to Hogwarts as well to learn your magic?"

Sakeema smiled proudly. "Yes of course we did. Our parents had taught us a lot as children already, so we had a bit of a head start, shall we say, versus the children who had just discovered their magic skills, like Harry. We graduated with honours from Slytherin House. Actually, it's where we met and discovered our mutual passion." She looked at Mordac, with a smile in her eyes, her bosom heaving under the shiny "shirt"

"We are both keen on the not-so-legal side of Magic"  Mordac continued. "The Hogwarts library is comparable to Muggle libraries, in that it has an Adult section as well. Believe it or not, we literally bumped into each other while secretly flipping through books on erotic magic. The books fell down on similar chapters. We knew instantly we were meant for each other."

Sakeema smiled, apparently her thoughts briefly flashing back to that life-changing moment."It was so great with Hogwarts having loads of secret rooms, when you are a horny teenager on a discovery tour. We discovered magic is much more fun for lust, then it is or making herbs & medicine. We could practise the real Kamasutra. It was originally a magic book, no normal Muggle can do all those positions, whereas for us it's a breeze if you know the right spells. Mordac could take me in every possible position, I could make myself bend into impossible angles and he would pump into me for eternities and eternities. Hmm, it is such ecstasy to be intimately intertwined while floating on air"

I could imagine Hollywood would need quite some budget to make this aspect of Harry's magic into a movie, but then again, the DVD sales would probably be fairly good too.

Mordac changed the subject. "One of the practical sides of magic, is that we do not need  fitness training to keep in shape. We both have same tastes as how a good looking man and woman should look like. Hence Sakeema's smooth curves, round hips and buttocks, firmly standing C-cup, and small waist. She looks ever so delightful when tightened in a corset, you know" he blinked.

Sakeema smiled approvingly. "Magic is not only used to fight evil, as Harry  does. His books sell better with it, of course. Daily magic helps around the house, does the dishes, etc. Magic-for-fun is, well, simply much more fun. And we Slytherins don't really care what the Ministry of Magic tells us not to do."

Considering her outfit and the statues at the entrance, I could imagine Sakeema doing lots of things which a Ministery would not approve of

5. The demonstration.

Mordac had taken a look at me. I guess my face must have been a bit bewildered.

“My dear, I have the feeling our visitor here has some problems taking this all in. We are forgetting, that what is all so normal to us is very new to him. Why don't we give him a small example of our possibilities?”

She looked at me and smiled. “Of course, I had forgotten. I’m so sorry, I guess we got carried away. Will you show him something, dear?”.

Mordac grinned. He looked at her mischievously and mumbled something like “Tighten”.

Sakeema gasped briefly, as her shirt tightened and accentuated her hour glass figure, her pants tightened and showed her buttocks even rounder, her heels went from 3”to at least 5”, if not 6”. Man, what a world gadget: a corset outfit with remote control!

Sakeema sighed, closed her eyes and enjoyed being tightly held for a minute. Even if it must have been impossible, she seemed to squirm a little inside the “harness” that her clothing had become.

When she opened her eyes she looked at him. “Hmm, Mordac, nice fit, just the way I like it. Can I do one for now?

He nodded.

She looked at me. “May I? Trust me, you’ll like it”

Before I could nod (she must have seen it in my eyes), she mumbled something I could not quite understand.

Not that it mattered a split second later. A harness of some kind had suddenly wrapped itself around my torso, underneath my clothes, wrapped around my arms and upper legs like some kind of fish-net. I looked under my shirt and saw it was a leather strap harness, firm but not tight. There seemed to be some D-rings in some places, obviously for other kinds of use later on.

Even though I had dreamed about fetish gear for ages, I had never found the courage to actually try & buy some, nor had I had the girlfriends who shared this desire and who could have convinced me. I contemplated my harness for a moment. It actually felt quite good. It was not too tight, it seemed more like a uniform, made me feel powerful.

I looked up and saw Sakeema smile at me. “Well, now that you finally have one, do you like it?”

I nodded, too dumbstruck still to speak.

“You can keep it if you like, this one comes with normal Muggle buckles.” She looked at me, knowingly. "I have something else I think you might like. We've done a bit of homework, you see, and you seemed just the person close to our style, even if you haven't dared to admit it to yourself. You have quite a few hidden desires, don't you? And the harness may be just the beginning".

I nodded, surprised she knew, yet relieved they made it sound so normal. I wondered what she was aiming at.

She made a gesture and mentioned something under her breath. Even though some deeper part of me should have known it coming, I still jumped from the seat as an anal plug appeared right where these things are intended.

It vibrated and made some motions I could not immediately identify, but, like the harness, it felt good. It sent shivers around my hips, up my spine and down my toes. It even seemed to make penetrating motions, as if I was being taken while sitting in the chair. Within seconds, this new activity at the back of my pants had the front of my pant holding a pole like I hadn’t had for a long time, throbbing eagerly or some heavy action. But what kind of action?

Ever since I had noticed my curiosity for anal arousement, I had buried it as something homosexual, with which I did not want to be identified. But try as I might, fantasies of being taken from behind kept popping up from time to time, though usually by women with strap on gear. Now that I had one actually wriggling inside of me, it felt good, no, it felt great. Perhaps because it was a highly sensual woman who gave it to me, it was easier to accept it.

After taking some time to enjoy this new excitement, I looked up at them. They both had this friendly look over them, like friends who have just helped you discover something about yourself. They must have noticed my arousement, yet to them, this was perfectly normal. "Thank you. Thank you for this... gift, thank you for showing me to trust & follow my fantasies." It was all I could muster, but it seemed OK. They nodded in acknowledgement.

Then Sakeema turned to Mordac, with a mischievous light in her eyes. “Mordac, I have the feeling our visitor would not mind another example” She looked at him as only long time lovers can do. Apparently he knew the gaze she gave him and mumbled again with that grin on his face.

From behind Sakeema some glossy black ropes came slithering across the floor, like quick snakes. They slid upwards along her legs and around her torso, knotting themselves along the way. Quickly Sakeema’s torso was wrapped in a rope-bondage-clothing, like a large fish net.

She mmm’d in delight and admired herself as only women can do when trying new clothing. “Ooh, the Karada, how lovely, and the glossy black looks so good on my purple corset”.

Mordac cast a quick glance to me. “Like this too, eh?“ he seemed to signal.

I sure did. By now I did not need any proof that magic existed, but if this was their way of showing, I sure as hell did not mind some more “proof”.

Mordac seemed to be on my wavelength as he mumbled something again.

Some other ropes came slithering towards Sakeema, white ones this time. They took hold of her arms, crossed them behind her back, a hand on each elbow. Soon her under arms were bound together, and her upper arms were bound to her torso, with the ropes going above and under her breast line, highlighting the feminine curvatures even more then the corset had done.

How they had done it I could not figure out (would have loved a close examination), but the ropes had spun a beautiful web around her breasts, holding them tight and forwards. Was it wishful thinking, or did I see the ropes really taking turns in gently squeezing their prey?

What a delicious sight! I felt a strong desire to jump up and tear something off, Janet-Jackson style, to give those wonderful creatures some air, and caress them consolingly on their plight.

Then I remembered what they had just shown me: Trust your deeper desires. So I did stand up and walk over to inspect the ropes. I could feel the harness around my torso giving me confidence as I walked, the plug wiggling between my buttocks and sending electricity around my body. Hey, I had almost eaten those old Betty Page books as a teenager, and now I had this gorgeous woman tied up in front of me. I had dreamt of bound women thousands of times. You bet I was going to inspect this. Sakeema saw me coming and her eyes invited me over to inspect her. The rope work was excellent, symmetrical shapes, highlighting her every curve.

"Can a Muggle ever do this?" I asked.

"Who knows?" she said, "but consider it a great excuse to try a lot".

I took a closer look at ropes around her breast (needless to say, I was well beyond formal etiquette). My god, these ropes were indeed taking turns in squeezing them. Through the top of the corset, I could see some of their sumptuous shapes.

"I know what your thinking, go ahead" I heard Mordac saying from behind, "she is the nymphomaniac of us, and I am the voyeur".

Could this be really true? I looked at her, she seemed to be waiting for some strong hands. A strong push up my behind took away my last scruples: I took hold of the corset-blouse around her breasts and tore off two pieces, exposing two wonderful shapes to some fresh air. They almost fell out and in spite of the ropes around them, I instinctively moved my hands to catch them.

Gently I caressed Sakeema's breasts, fondled them and admired them up close. "They're ... simply beautiful" I said to her, and (daredevil that I had become) gently kissed her nipples, as a gentlemen would kiss a lady on the hands 100 years ago. She smiled and enjoyed the compliment. It was getting a bit too much at one go. I sat down next to her and simply looked at her breast bondage, her outfit, her boots, and etcetera.

Sakeema looked down on herself, both enjoying and examining Mordac’s artwork. In a tone of an experienced critic she said “Very nice Hon Kikkou my dear, and the knots nicely symmetric too. I can not move at all.” She looked up at Mordac, a flicker of defiance in her smile. “Well, almost not move at all” and mysteriously managed to pull a struggle underneath the corset & ropes. As if to show their solidarity, the breasts danced a bit as well in spite of their own bondage.

Mordac returned her smile. “My dear, you should know me by now. The Karada was merely the appetizer, the Hon Kikkou the main course, and the dessert is the finishing touch.” And mumbled something.

This time some PVC tape or foil appeared from somewhere, a roll of red and a roll of black.

They wound themselves around and around Sakeema’s upper torso, again making a wonderful symmetric picture of red & black glossy lines, until she was totally vacuum packed. One could still see the ropes underneath the wrapping, her breasts were again packed (a strategic line of red around them) and the hour glass hips showed beautifully above her round hips.

She sighed in pleasure, it looked as if she was trying to feel each tight layer which was holding her: the corset, the Karada rope web, the Hon Kikkou rope arm holder and the generous amount of tape. Apparently pleased with what she felt, she walked over to a wall-high mirror and admired herself, swaying her hips, totally happy with her outfit. She was either totally oblivious to the fact she was bound and half mummified in front of a visitor, or it was an extra turn on for her. By now I reckoned she was an exhibitionist as well as a nymphomaniac..

Was I mistaken or did I see her shiver?

Oh my god, was she ever a delicious sight! I truly had never seen anything like this for real, only in drawings. I felt an enormous urge to jump up, tear open those pants and pole her madly, front, back and top. The only reason I didn’t was her husband sitting opposite me. On second glance, his glazed stare at his packaged wife seemed to indicate he was planning to do precisely the same thing to her, if it wasn’t for the visitor across from him.

Sakeema turned around, she must have sensed our thoughts. She smiled, a tongue flicked across her lips. Was she in turn contemplating being ravished by one or both of us? Whatever is was she was thinking, I could see her nipples fighting their way through the packaging.

Mordac broke the silence by speaking to me. He did not look at me, his gaze remained fixed on his bound wife. His voice was filed with admiration. "Would you believe that occasionally I actually walk her just like this, minus the pants, into a football team locker room? I do not need to introduce her, she will challenge the men, all 22 of them, to show her who has the strongest punch. She will take each and every one of them at least once, usually one up front, one up back and one in her mouth. The whole locker room is quickly changed into a pumping frenzy, and she will run down all of them. And I will sit back and enjoy the magnificent sight of this wonderful woman I can call my wife, watch her fuck an entire football team...... during one particular good week, she had three."

A silence fell, they proudly looked at each other, I looked at her, trying to picture Sakeema being taken by three men at once.

She turned to look at me, her nipples still visible. "Well, what's keeping you?" she said.

Was it the harness, the pushing up my behind or simply the vision of her liking being taken? I was getting couragous: "It's the agony of choice on where to start, but I guess I just decided."

I walked over, grabbed her by the hips, turned her around and laid her on a table. Briefly I hesitated how to open these one-piece pants, then decided to tear it open. Quickly I flipped open my own pants, holding her with one hand. All the sexual tension and arousement of the evening thus far, plus some serious anal stimulation, showed in a proudly standing Willy, ready to hunt for its prey.

Now that they were free, her buttocks showed a wonderful form, like the breasts. I admired them only briefly, (only to take aim, really), and pushed my pole into her. I had never had a girlfriend who would open this door for me, and tonight was the mighty premiere. And My oh My, what a great feeling it was. It was a lot tighter the front door, her muscles keeping a good grip on Willy.

Once in, I used both hands to lift her at her hips, she was now fully under my control as I pumped in and out as fiercely as I could. Her buttocks slapped against my hips at each entry, a wonderfully motivating sound. At first she screamed when I entered her, then she moaned the moans of pleasure. "Yes, mr Poleman, split me apart, drive it up my butt, YES!!".

I managed to hold a long time, trying to savour the feeling and enjoy the movement as long as I could, but years of suppressed energy, fired up by a wild woman dressed like my wildest dreams were too much for even the strongest willpower. Soon I erupted like a giant volcano, my body shuddering in short stint-like movements. I had just enough presence of mind left not to drop her.

Panting, I fell down in a chair, while she stayed at the table. After a few moments, I took some gulps of water and stood up to offer her some.

She looked at me, stood up and drank thirstily. "Thank you, only a gentleman thinks of his lady afterwards."

I smiled. "Hey, after such a ride, everyone needs a drink. Didn't those jocks ever gave you a drink?"

She shook her head, then added: "Well, not with water, no".

I smiled at her pun. "Well, I feel I spent half a gallon just now inside you, which must be refilled somehow."

She looked down at Willy, who seemed deflated after the battle of his life. "If I refill it for you, would you care for another ride?"

I looked at her, a question in my eyes. Then it dawned on me. Of course, the magic spells!

“Hey, does the pope prey? Of course, I’d love another ride!”

Sakeema mentioned some formula which sounded like “Erectus fortus” and Bang! Some fireflow started flowing into my balls and growing good ol’ Willy to a size a I had rarely seen. I could not help but admire it for some moments, until I realized what it was for. Sakeema had already turned around on her back and was waiting. I wasted no words or foreplay, neither of us wanted any. I started pumping into her like there was no tomorrow. She wrapped one leg around me, the other against my chest so I could hold her up.

“OH yes, pump me, baby, pump me hard!” She cried in between gasps of air. My Willy really had blown up to a good size, I felt like I was splitting her apart. We pumped for quite some eternities, when I put her 2nd leg around me, picked her up by her buttocks and started walking around the room, pumping her while walking. I held her up with my teeth at her tape.

“A housetour, please?” I managed to groan through my teeth.

She looked surprised, then realized what she had to do. It took her a lot of effort, but she explained me many aspects of their house as a good hostess should, while we toured it in very close formation. I can’t recall much of what she said, it was simply a huge turn-on to screw this lovely lady's brains out, while she was bound and in my hands (she seemed ever so light with the firepower in my loins), explaining the choice of colors of a room, the history of some furniture, etc. etc..

When I felt I could hold it no longer, we returned to the living room, where I finally exploded like I never had before in front of the fire place. It seemed a good place.

Her spells may have put power into Willy, my body was not so sporty. The adrenalin may have helped me to carry her around while fucking like crazy, now that the explosion was over I collapsed on the nearest sofa.

Sakeema fell on top of me, and grinned to me. “Wow, I have seen some places of doing it, but no-one has ever taken me during a tour of the house. Nice one! Thank you my dear” She kissed my sweaty forehead and rolled to her side, beside me.

Amazingly enough, the package holding her upper torso did not seem to bother her, she was wearing it now, and actively so, for almost an hour I reckoned. I wondered what is must be like to be so wrapped up, being able to focus your energy on other things then moving your limbs.

When I looked up to Mordac, he nodded his head in respect. “Not many Muggles can wear my lady out like this, well done!”

Sakeema looked up. “Worn out? I’m just catching my breath! Let me get myself a drink.”

She muttered another spell and believe it or not, Willy rose again, as well as some fiery feeling in my ball-area.. My body was still limp though.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to move, you’ve done your bit” she smiled at me. “You don’t even have to get me some water this time”

With that, she moved her head down on me and proceeded to suck me like a desert-animal would drink its first water in the oasis. I couldn’t move even if I’d wanted to, I enjoyed the magnificent sight of her head bobbing up and down in my lap, and the delirious and luscious feeling her mouth gave me. Here was a true Master at work!

When it came, it seemed she drank a pint out of me, she must have gulped several times.

It seemed to have given her new energy though. She smiled at me and licked her lips. “Liked it?”

Needless to say, I nodded.

Satisfied she stood up and walked over to Mordac.

6. The examples from daily life.

Seductively, she sat down next to him on the armrest, her legs crossed, the booted feet gently swaying.

“Thank you my dear, what a wonderful outfit. You always know how to strike the right tension and colours. It really fired me up, as you will have seen. I hope you enjoyed it too”

She kissed him gently on his head. “I guess our guest is a bit runned down and overheated, maybe we should tell him something instead of showing things. Meanwhile I will quietly enjoy your latest creation”.

Mordac looked from her to me, and thought for a minute. He must have sensed I was about to collapse, or risk running out fluids, so to speak, and decided I needed a break.

 "Sakeema is right. You seem to need no further proof that magic exists” He smiled deviously. “Or better yet, I don’t think you can handle much more proof right now. Let me give you some other examples of how magic can bring fun in our lives. We can apparate, this is appearing somewhere else instantly. We can also change ourselves into another shape. If you combine this, imagine the fun you can have. Fortunately both Sakeema and I are pretty kinky, and not all too jealous.

A trick I like to do is to apparate myself into a ladies bra or T-shirt. Especially in winter, when the minds are cold and have retreated under many layers of clothing, not at all like in summer when bodies and spirits are hot and sweaty, and the shirts low-cut..

Just think about it. I am not just putting my hands on her breasts, no, my whole being is wrapped around a lady's bosom and she does not even know I'm there. I can choose anyone I want, like in every Muggle boys' or men's' dream. Sometimes a perky and proudly standing 70A, sometimes a warm, soft and bobbing 90-DD. I cherish her warmth at first, smell her skin, sense her skin, and then ever so gently, I squeeze a little bit.

This always makes them jump at first, but as there is no-one around, they figure it must be their imagination.

I squeeze again, left then right, caress those beautiful creatures, and then gently squeeze only the nipples. The ladies still don't know what is happening to them ("Is my bra alive?"), but without exception they always like it. Some even whisper "whatever this is, please don't stop".

And you know the daintiest thing? The sturdiest looking muggle-women, like those tight-haired secretaries or clerks, are deep down the hottest-blooded ones. Within seconds, their breaths get deep, they move themselves so the clothing rubs over them and some even come, while sitting demurely on the bus or at their desk.

And those hot-babes you muggle boys drool over? They've had so many hormonal men chasing them and harassing them, they've become afraid of pleasure and lust. They can hardly enjoy it when they receive pleasure. Such a shame and pity, sometimes even I can't get through the mental glacier you poor guys have caused there. And believe me, I have quite some tricks up my wand.

An outside observer might say I am harassing these ladies, but I never do anything sexual with them (that's what I have Sakeema for), yet I do make them feel happy, make them feel a woman again. So it can't be too bad."

Sakeema seemed to sense my thoughts were heading in a certain direction: "please do not think we only please ourselves on others. This is only secondary to the erotic fun we can have with magic. You poor Muggles have to contend with joy-toys limited to battery power. If only you knew how much power you can have through magic. Imagine a vibrator on 220V instead of measly 3V. And if that is not enough, we can make toys that make movements no electric motor could replicate."

Mordac got into the subject: "Man, you should see Sakeema's favourite toys twist and turn."

She looked at him, knowingly, her tongue flicked across her lips. "Mm-hm, yes, they do. But then again, so do some of your toys, don't they? I'm often amazed as to what he can take."

He nodded, then added proudly: “And I am still in awe as to what my darling Sakeema can take. I have made her a magical suit, consisting of a corset, thigh-high boots with very high heels and long gloves. A bit like what she is wearing now. After she has put them on (or after I have put them on her by command), they tighten automatically to a certain pressure. Man, she looks ever so absolutely gorgeous with her wasp-waist and breasts pointing forward, always the right shape. She can just about walk on the heels which are always exactly long enough to stretch her to the max. As you can guess, I am a fan of fetish clothes, and Sakeema takes to them beautifully.

She can not take it off without my permission, they are magically locked, and she knows that. And yet she'll always put them on when I ask her, or never blocks my magic when I send the clothes to fit suddenly underneath her normal clothing when she is somewhere out of the house, shopping for example.

I guess someone must have guessed, or had the same desire. There is a story running around the Internet called “The Outfit” which nicely describes it."

He paused and looked with admiration at his packed wife sitting next to him. She returned his look with an equally admiring glance.

He continued. “Some evenings we have gone to a normal public event and Sakeema would wear her outfit underneath a formfitting evening dress, all wasp-waisted, high-heeled and big-breasted. All the men were drooling over her, casting me jealous eyes. All the women were looking at her too, casting jalous eyes of a different nature. We both immensely enjoyed the attention and the knowledge what she was really wearing. During the opera I heard Sakeema use her Joy-Toy spell several times on herself, and I could barely restrain myself. When we got home, we made passionate love like only highly-charged lovers can.”

Sakeema responded with a smile: “What you politely do not mention, my dear, is that you don't quite object either when I put you into one of your own contraptions. I guess our friendly reporter would be rather wide-eyed when he'd see where you put straps sometimes, and how tightly.”

She looked at me. “You have to know that my outfit of tonight is not my every day wear. Today was my turn to wear Mordac’s choice, on other days I get to dress him, or wrap him or…well, you get the picture”.

I sure did “get the picture”, I was busy burning it into my brain forever.

7. The end of conversation.

Mordac looked annoyed, or played so. “Sakeema, we would tell him about magic, not everything about our private lives. I believe I may have to shut you up before you tell him every detail of my ecstasies.” He pondered for a moment. “Given your situation, I guess The Stool is in order”

Either she was good in playing the game, or she was really taken aback. “The Stool? Oh Mordac, I’m sorry, I was only telling what I though our guest was enjoying.”

Mordac did not reply and flicked his fingers, and a bar-stool kind of seat appeared. Not many bars would use it though, as it had a bicycle seat on top. Sakeema looked demurely and sat on it. She folded both her legs behind her. The high heels of her boots put small dents in her buttocks. She looked at Mordac, as he mumbled the same word again. The tape rolls woke up and wrapped each leg to itself.

Before Sakeema’ could even consider toppling over, both legs were taped together, all around the stool holder.

When they were finished, the stool raised itself, and she was a vacuum packed doll, ready for transport. I was wondering how this was going to stop her from speaking. After all, she had spoken just as easily half mummified as when free. The answer came quickly.

Mordac took some things from a drawer. Apparently he occasionally preferred hand-work for some things. He walked over to the statue of his wife, a stern yet loving look over him. She looked up to him, helpless yet proud to be helpless. He put a dark blue hood over her head, with openings for mouth, nose and eyes. I didn’t dare to stand up, as I longed to see closer, but it seemed leather-ish.

Mordac seemed to have forgotten he had a visitor. He put a ring-gag in her mouth, which was then tied to her head with various straps across her face, over her head, all interlocking at the back. When he was done he moved back to his seat, to admire his latest creation & statue which was his wife.

From my seat it looked as if she was making faces inside the mask and straps, perhaps checking how much movement she had left. She caught my eye and I believe she blinked at me when Mordac could not see it.

“Don’t worry, we do this more often, it’s part of our games” she seemed to blink.

I’m glad she didn’t worry. I was excited, scared, curious, overwhelmed, yet filled with thoughts & fantasies what it must be like, to tightly mummified, unable to speak or hear.

8. The finish

After admiring his wife for some moments, Mordac looked at his watch and broke the silence. “Well, I guess you have enough material to ponder about and write an article with. I hope we have given you enough proof or example what magic can do besides fighting evil or doing the dishes.”

Man, was he ever right! Obviously my visit was over, either because they had told enough, or because Mordac wanted to do some other magic with Sakeema where visitors were not wanted.

Well, whatever.

I felt the harness holding me, it felt comfortable by now, familiar. The butt plug had been quiet while I screwed Sakeema, but now that I was thinking of the harness, it stirred, as if it said “Hey, don’t forget about me!”

“I have a parting piece of magic for you, to make sure you will write your story about your observations. Consider it a gentle reminder, which will stay with you until you have finished your article.”

He flicked his fingers, and something cold grabbed my balls, strongly.

I jumped (hey, wouldn’t you?), and felt, then looked. He had given me a double steel ring, around my cock and around my balls! Needless to say, no buckles or screws. In spite of the initial shock, my faithful Willy was pleasantly surprised with his new support and weight. I looked up at him, a question on my lips.

“Depending on your …. level of activity, shall we say,” he smiled, “it will enlarge or shrink, but will always keep the same firmness. When you have finished and published the story, it will disappear. Instead, we will send you something which will give you similar pleasure, but can be used more voluntary”

I guess I understood what he meant, wasn’t sure I liked what it meant. Or would I? Either way, it seemed I was stuck with a metal companion for some time.

I stood up, looking for words. “Thank you for the interview, and the gifts. It was quite an eye-opener, if you pardon the understatement” It seemed hollow, but it was all I could muster. I shook his hands, trying to guess his thoughts.

I believe he understood my mental state, though and nodded with a smile.

In a reflex, I turned to say goodbye to Sakeema, only to realise she could not quite shake my hands with both hands packed behind her back, let alone show me out being taped to a stool, or say Goodbye with a ringgag in her mouth. She caught my look and, in spite of being held like a statue, made what seemed like a “goodbye” gesture.

A thought crossed my mind. Was she waiting for me to leave, anticipating what Mordac would be doing next? I wondered what I would do with her, or to her, if I were Mordac. I hoped I would find out one day.

I had a fleeting vision of two vibrators coming in an out of the stool, if I could choose some spells.

9. Epilogue

I don’t recall walking home, somehow I got there. My mind was numb at first, flooded with impressions, images, thoughts and the sight of Sakeema in evermore layers.

Thank heavens the pro in me had taken notes, and after rereading them perhaps 300 times, it somehow started to make sense.

I had to examine my “gifts”. The harness was great, it felt familiar in a way it made me feel stupid not to have dared this long time ago. It made me realise that I should have listened to my secret desires much earlier. I chose to forget about taboos, forget about what others might think and go explore this new world of my desires.

The steel cock & ball rings were a little difficult to explain to my more steady girlfriend ("I lost a bet with smith"), but the other less regular ones found it exciting. They took hold of it and quickly learned to enjoy the cold steel (it never got warm) as it slapped against them during our intimate encounters. The excitement it gave me, and them, seemed to give me more zest & energy for such encounters, more then I used to have (and I considered myself quite fit).

They all liked the harness though, touched it, felt it. I discovered some of the ladies had hidden desires they had never dared to confess either, and when I told them (most of) my story, together we made good headway in catching up on long years of “vanilla sex”.

My steady girlfriend could not go along with my new desires, unfortunately. She liked my extra sexual energy the rings and harness gave me, though she could not appreciate the butt plug. My new interest in bondage and fetish however, was not at all her thing, and after some time, we parted ways.

After the initial pain of being single again, my free mind encountered the energy of other ladies in the fetish shops and clubs I started visiting.

I met some other ladies who were definitively more open to what I wanted, well ahead too in experience. I enjoyed some excellent encounters in which sometimes I was dominant, some times the lady was. I enjoyed both ways, the feeling of being bound or even packed focused all my energy on my sexual pleasure.

I often thought about Sakeema during sex, the picture of her blowing me, being bound or any other one was a terrific stimulant, any time of day.

On purpose I started to delay finishing the story, as I enjoyed both my sudden popularity and the feeling of being tightly held and gently squeezed during sex.

Now that I have come this far with writing, the ring just disappeared. As I said, it was good while it lasted, but I also have to admit, it feels nice having Willy to myself again.

I hope Sakeema and Mordac will have guessed my deeper desire by my choice of words. I can't wait for it to happen, wonder how it will appear? Surely they'll keep their word, and won't keep me dangling too long.