It Must Be Genetic

by 64Fordman

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Storycodes: FF; F/f; MM/ff; bond; ropes; gag; chairtie; hogtie; tease; tickle; sleepsack; games; stuck; cons; X

Lucy Harris sat at the kitchen table of her new house with a cup of coffee and the papers finalizing her divorce. Her daughter celebrated her high school graduation in their old house and her eighteenth birthday in their new house in the same week, but Lucy felt it important to return to their home town where Lana could be with her relatives, and she was very happy Lana had re-established her close relationship with her best childhood friend Patty. Even though Lana, Patty, and Lana’s cousins Doug and Victor were all adults, Mrs. Harris felt her daughter missed the opportunity to form stable relationships in childhood and doing so now would be good for her. Right now the four were down stairs in the basement family room.

“Patty, can you give us a hand?” Lana said.

“Sure, what do I have to do?” Patty said.

“Just sit in this chair, I’m teaching Doug and Victor how to tie me up.” Lana said.

“I don’t want to miss my show.” Patty said.

“It won’t take long.” Lana said.

Lana selected a length of rope from the pile on the floor, pulled Patty’s arms behind the chair and showed Doug and Victor how to wrap and cinch on Patty’s wrists, ending with how to keep knots out of reach.

When the rope work demonstration was over, Patty’s arms and upper body were tied to the back of the wood chair, her bound ankles were pulled under the chair and tied to the cross bar leaving just her toes touching the carpet.

“Any questions?” Lana asked the boys.

“I think we got it.” Doug said. “We were Scouts.” Victor added.

“Okay, let’s see what you learned, tie me up using Patty as a reference, then you can untie her.” Lana said.

With a few pointers and reminders Doug and Victor tied Lana to a chair just like Patty. The boys stepped back to look over their work with Lana’s compliments.

“Boys, your father is in the driveway and the store closes in twenty minutes, let’s go.”

Mrs. Harris was at the top of the stairs. The boys grabbed the video games that needed to be returned to the rental store and ran up the stairs. She shook her head when the screen door slammed behind them, her brother was divorced and the boys moved back from living with their mother to establish residency for college, though she wasn’t always sure if they lived with their father or with her. The basement got quiet.

“Awesome.” Patty said.

“Don’t panic, we have twenty five minutes to escape before your show starts.” Lana said.

Twenty minutes later the girls heard footsteps on the stairs, a welcome sound since neither girl had made the slightest progress toward freedom. Mrs. Harris laughed when she saw them.

“Mom, untie us.” Lana said.

“Were you a willing participant?” Mrs. Harris said to Patty.

“Lana was teaching the boys rope skills and I helped.” Patty said.

“I recall you two telling me once not to interfere with your games.” Mrs. Harris said.

“That was dress up ages ago.” Lana said.

“But we did say it.” Patty added.

“I sent them to Piggly Wiggly after the video store, they should be back in forty five minutes,” Mrs. Harris said, “you both look comfortable enough to wait.”

“Could you turn the TV on for Patty?” Lana said.

“Channel sixteen please.” Patty said.

Mrs. Harris set the channel and climbed the stairs.

“You okay?” Lana said.

“Sure, being tied up in a basement isn’t weird at all.” Patty said.

“You want to know a secret?” Lana said.

“Quiet, my show is on.” Patty said.

The following week the two girls were in Lana’s bedroom listening to music and talking while Patty played with a length of rope she found on the floor.

“How long have you been getting tied up?” Patty said. “I assume that’s your secret.”

“I just started,” Lana said, “I’ve been interested for a long time, but we moved around so much with my Dad’s troubles I never had time to make friends. Doug and Victor were willing so I figured now or never.”

“Why do you like it?” Patty said.

“I’m not sure why, other than it’s a turn on.” Lana said. “Why do you like it?”

“I don’t like it.” Patty said.

“Are you sure?” Lana said taking the rope and getting on top of Patty. She tied Patty’s hands behind her back as the girl squirmed and protested and used another length from the floor to secure her ankles. Using the excess rope from her ankles she hogtied her.

“I don’t like it, let me out.” Patty said.

“I think you’re lying, let’s find out.” Lana said and began to tickle Patty’s feet.

“Hahaha stop hahaha okay hahaha I like it hahaha stop.” Patty said.

“That’s more like it,” Lana said, “is it a turn on?”

“I have to think about it.” Patty said.

“That’s good enough for now,” Lana said, “you want something to drink?”

“Yeah.” Patty said.

Lana made a knot in the middle of an athletic sock and pushed it in Patty’s mouth, tying it behind her head.

“Be right back.” Lana said. She went down to the kitchen, opened the fridge but found there was no soda and went to the basement to get it. When she returned to the second floor bedroom Patty was gone.

“How did you get loose?” Lana said out loud thinking Patty would pop out from some hiding place trying to scare her. But she saw nothing and returned to the hall.

“MMMMMMMM,” a hand clamped over Lana’s mouth. She struggled while trying not to spill the black cherry soda on the carpet until Victor stepped in front of her and Doug removed his hand.

“You a-holes,” Lana said, “where’s Patty?”

“Around.” Victor said as each boy took a bottle of soda from her hand.

“You just decided to come over and kidnap her?” Lana said.

“She was already kidnapped, we just moved her.” Doug said.

“So are you going to kidnap me?” Lana said.

“Sure,” Victor said, “we’re gonna need some rope.”

Lana handed Victor two more lengths of rope and the mate to the athletic sock and the three went down to the kitchen. Doug placed the empty soda bottles in the case for return while Victor tied Lana’s hands behind her back and gagged her. The boys led her to the backyard where Patty was on the grass still hogtied and placed Lana in the same position next to her, then sat at the picnic table by the back door.

“Five minutes to escape?” Doug said.

“That sounds good,” Victor said, “go.”

They began to struggle, the damp lawn was slick.

“Three minutes.”

Lana got Patty to roll onto her side and maneuvered against her back.

“Two minutes.”

Picking loose a knot Lana released Patty from her hogtie.

“One minute.”

Patty was struggling with Lana’s bonds.

“Times up.”

Lana looked over to see Victor’s hand on the faucet handle just as the sprinkler came on, both girls screaming through their gags in the deluge of water.

The girls were standing in the garage dripping water with towels over their heads when Lana’s mom returned home.

“Take her inside, she can’t go home like that.” Mrs. Harris said. The girls entered the house and she noticed the wet ropes hanging on the knob of the back garage door. Later Patty had left and Lana was having dinner with her Mom.

“Did you guys have fun today?” Mrs. Harris said.

“Yeah, I bet you thought we were too old to play with the sprinkler.” Lana said.

“Unless you’re a little tied up at the time,” Mrs. Harris said, “the rope on the door.”

“Right, you haven’t said much about it.” Lana said.

“As long as you’re having fun and nobody gets hurt.” Mrs. Harris said.

“Did you play games like that?” Lana said.

“Things were different when I was young.” Mrs. Harris said.

“Like you didn’t have electricity or you had to work at the mill?” Lana said.

“Smartass,” Mrs. Harris said, “speaking of work, there are still moving boxes to put away.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it.” Lana said.

The next day Lana was in the garage going through boxes; mentally categorizing the contents into stuff they didn’t need till winter, in the first place, or needed to burn; when Patty arrived.

Lana pulled a suitcase out of a box, discovering it was locked she selected a screwdriver from the wall, popped the latch and opened it. Sifting through the contents of old clothing and childhood mementos, she pulled out a dark blue ball on a leather strap.

“Whoa, is that your mom’s?” Patty said.

“It’s gotta be,” Lana said, “come on.”

The girls went inside and Lana used a damp cloth to clean her treasure.

“Why would your mom have that?” Patty said.

“I don’t know, but I gotta try it.” Lana said.

She opened wide and still had to push leaving her tongue trapped in the bottom of her mouth and her front teeth gripping the ball like a beaver. Patty held her hair while Lana buckled the strap.

Finding she could only make humming noises Lana went to the mirror by the front door. Putting her hand to her face she felt the ball, traced her fingers around her lips and felt the tightness of the straps pulling the corners of her mouth back. She took it out.

“This is awesome.” Lana said.

“Let me try.” Patty said.

Lana wiped her saliva off the ball and helped her put it on. Patty looked in the mirror while trying to talk.

“I want to try something,” Lana said and took Patty upstairs to her room, “tie my hands and put the gag on me.”

Patty tied Lana’s hands with some coaching from Lana, then removed the gag from her mouth.

“I forgot, I left a mess in the garage,” Lana said as the gag descended to her lips, “wipe it off.”

“We’re friends,” Patty said pulling the ball past Lana’s teeth, “lean forward.”

With Lana’s hair hanging down Patty buckled the gag. “I’ll straighten up, be right back.”

Lana tested the gag and rope work finding them both effective. She got on her bed imagining herself captured by some bad guys, disappointed in not asking Patty to tie her feet.

Her fantasy played out until her panties were as moist as her chin, but her jaw was getting tired and her drool harder to control. How long does it take to tidy up a couple of boxes? She went down stairs to find out.

“What on earth?” Mrs. Harris said, stepping from the pantry as Lana passed through the kitchen.

“MMMM MMMMM.” Lana said.

“Patty had to go home,” Mrs. Harris said, “I don’t see much progress on your one chore.”

“M MMMM.” Lana said turning and presented her wrists to her Mom.

“You found a home for that gag, it might as well stay for a while,” Mrs. Harris said, “I’ll call you when supper’s ready, we’ll talk about this after we eat.”

Lana returned to her room, supper wouldn’t be ready for an hour, plus the scolding she had coming. Waiting that long to ask about the gag might kill her. She decided to make the most of her time since she may never see the gag again and got on her bed.

At supper the gag was on the kitchen table taunting her. Holding her tongue through the meal and helping with dishes was worse than being gagged. Finally it was time for the talk.

“Why do you have a ball gag?” Lana said.

“I guess you’re old enough,” Mrs. Harris said, “get the computer.”

When Lana returned with the laptop her Mom had the suitcase open on the table. As the machine booted up Mrs. Harris dug a flash drive from a pocket in the top.

She opened a file on the drive and clicked slideshow, and Lana saw a picture of her Mom tied to a chair. After a half dozen stills of Mrs. Harris tied in different positions had scrolled across the screen Lana managed to tear her eyes away and look at her Mom.

“This is how I worked my way through college.” Mrs. Harris said.

“You got paid to be tied up?” Lana said, “Was this the first time?”

“No, that started much earlier.” Mrs. Harris said.

“Before electricity?” Lana said.

“Parents have a life before children,” Mrs. Harris said, “I guess you finding out was inevitable.”

“And the gag?” Lana said.

“A souvenir from my modeling days.” Mrs. Harris said.

“Tell me everything.” Lana said.

“Well, not everything, but okay.” Mrs. Harris said.

Over the next hour Mrs. Harris recounted her childhood games, her introduction to modeling, and how she only did damsel-in-distress with no nudity or sex. When she finished Lana was more excited than before. Digging through the suitcase Mrs. Harris pulled out a plastic storage bag and handed it to Lana, referring to it as another souvenir.

“What is it?” Lana said, removing the black fabric bundle inside.

“It’s a sleep sack.” Mrs. Harris said, unfolding the garment to reveal the attached straps.

“Like a sleeping bag that traps you inside,” Lana said, “I want to try it.”

“Get yourself ready, I’ll be up in a few minutes.” Mrs. Harris said.

It was still daylight but Lana went through her bedtime routine, when her Mom arrived she was wearing track shorts and a halter top. Lana questioned its size but her Mom assured her the Lycra would stretch and had her slide her legs in. Standing up Lana slid her arms into the internal sleeves, and her Mom pulled up the zipper and closed the collar around her neck with the Velcro strap.

With Lana centered on her bed, her Mom tightened and secured the four straps at chest, waist, knees and ankles, then attached a rope to the four d-rings on each side. With the four ropes on one side tied off to the side rail, Mrs. Harris began on the other side pulling the ropes tight, removing all slack on both sides and pressing Lana into the mattress.

“Can I sleep like this?” Lana said.

“You can’t get out by yourself.” Mrs. Harris said.

“That’s okay, please Mom.” Lana said.

“Okay, I promise not to let you out till morning,” Mrs. Harris said, “and being Friday I plan on sleeping in.”

Mrs. Harris kissed her daughter on the forehead, adjusted the pillow, turned off the light and closed the door. Lana tested the sack and found she could squirm around a little but her Mom was right, she wasn’t getting out. She began to fantasize of being held captive, then discovered she also couldn’t reach her pleasure center. An hour of fantasy and struggling later she fell asleep.

Lana opened her eyes. The room was dark and she couldn’t move, it took a few seconds to recall her situation. She always put the shade up when she turned off the lamp allowing outside light to enter the room but her Mom left it down. Now she was a prisoner in her own bed and that thought was the spark which reignited the flame between her legs. Lana struggled to get her hand over the top of her thigh, but with her arm in the sleeve and the strap tight around her waist the effort was in vain. The clock showed 1:15am.

The room was flooded with light when Lana opened her eyes again. Her door was open and the shade was up, sunlight poured in allowing her to see herself again, encased in the black material and tied down to the mattress. Fascinated by the tightness of the fabric, she could see the waistband of her shorts and the outlines of her toes. 11:00 o’clock.

“MOM.” Lana yelled.

“GOOD MORNING HONEY.” Mrs. Harris yelled from down stairs.



“CAN I GET UP?” Lana said.




Lana tried to force her hand over the top of her thigh several times then let her head fall back onto the pillow.

Thirty minutes later Patty stuck her head in the open doorway.

“Your Mom said to just come up.” Lana said.

“Thank you Lord, get me out of this.” Lana said.

“Did your Mom do this? Were you here all night?” Patty said.

“Yes, untie the ropes from the bed first.” Lana said.

“Not till I hear everything.” Patty said lying on her side next to Lana.

“Well, not everything.” Lana said.

That night Lana sat next to her Mom on the sofa flipping channels with the TV remote. After completing two passes through the entire cable line-up she tossed the remote on the cushion and told her Mom it was her turn. Mrs. Harris picked up the remote and turned off the set.

“Tell me about last night.” Mrs. Harris said.

“Thanks for letting me do it,” Lana said, “maybe we can do it again?”

“No, what was it like?” Mrs. Harris said.

“It was okay.” Lana said.

“I’m just curious,” Mrs. Harris said, “how did it make you feel?”

“Mom!” Lana said.

“Okay, you don’t want to talk about it.” Mrs. Harris said.

“Try the TV again.” Lana said.

A few days later Mrs. Harris went down to the basement to ask if anyone wanted some fresh lemonade. She found Lana and Patty hogtied on the carpet while Doug and Victor watched from the sofa.

“What’s this?” Mrs. Harris said, examining the ropes securing the girls.

“Just a little competition.” Lana said.

“Looks like fun.” Mrs. Harris said.

“I think someone wants to join us.” Lana said.

“Come on Mrs. Harris.” Patty said.

“Yeah Aunt Lucy.” Said the boys as they got off the sofa.

“Now wait a minute.” Mrs. Harris said.

She complained but didn’t struggle as the boys lowered her to the floor and gathered more rope.

“I was just offering lemonade.” Mrs. Harris said.

A few minutes later Mrs. Harris was hogtied facing the girls. The boys got scarves and gagged the three of them.

“Lemonade?” Doug said to Victor and they went upstairs.

Mrs. Harris was trying to get free while she watched the girls working together. Ten minutes later Lana and Patty were standing up, doing a high-five and going for lemonade, leaving Mrs. Harris hogtied and alone.

“There’s our looser.” Doug and Victor said returning to the basement. They knelt down and tickled her feet sending Mrs. Harris into a squirming fit, then untied her except for her hands and brought her upstairs.

Lana placed a glass of lemonade on the kitchen table in front of her Mom who glared up from her chair at the anticipated spectacle of drinking with her arms secured behind her back. Lana retrieved a bendy straw from a drawer, placed it in the glass and angled it down to her mouth.

After that brief indignation the conversation turned lighthearted with all four sharing a great deal of laughter. Soon it was time for the visitors to leave. Lana cleaned up the kitchen, got a length of rope and took her Mom into the front room to watch TV.

Mrs. Harris sat on the sofa and watched as Lana tied her ankles.

“Is that photographer you worked for still in business?” Lana said.

“Yes, why?” Mrs. Harris said.

“Can we do it?” Lana said.

“Who’s we?” Mrs. Harris said. “I’m not a college girl anymore.”

“You’re still hot, I bet they’d hire you back in a second, plus it’d be so cool.” Lana said.

“I don’t know.” Mrs. Harris said.

“We’ve been through so much, this would be just the two of us, a mother-daughter road trip that doesn’t involve furniture,” Lana said, “where is this place anyway?”


“Sweet, we could do spa treatments, a photo shoot, then rolling large in Sin City.” Lana said.

“We won’t be rolling anything, perhaps a show,” Mrs. Harris said. “I’ll contact them.”

“I gotta tell Patty we’re going to Vegas.” Lana said, running to the kitchen phone.

“Wait, you forgot . . .” Mrs. Harris said.

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