It was so Easy!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; kidnap; leather; toys; enema; nc; X

It had been so easy and now, as her shoulders rested against my leather-skirted lap, I worked on her head and thought back on just how things had gone so well.

I had watched and studied her for nearly three weeks. Every morning like clockwork she was at the stop at five minutes to six for the top of the hour bus. She wore one of those long quilted coats of some shiny material that almost reached her ankles and a woolen toque. The boots had platform soles and high heels but were quite sensible for the season. The coat had a hood and I wondered why she didn’t pull it up against the frigid wind. She carried one of those small shoulder knap sack like purses.

Finally my patience paid off when one morning she was a few minutes late for the bus and had to wait 30 minutes for the next one. I gave her enough time to get chilled and, making sure there was no one else around, pulled my car alongside the bus stop.

Lowering the passenger window I called to her that it was so cold and since I was going towards town could I give her a ride. She looked through the window and saw nothing threatening, a thirty something lady in a leather car coat with a smile on her face. It took only a moment of thought and then she climbed in as I powered the window back up.

I waited and she looked at me with a question on her lips. “Seat belt please, I don’t move this car unless everyone is buckled in.” She nodded and reached across her right shoulder for the harness, pulled it over and snapped it in the socket beside her left hip.

I suggested that the shoulder purse go on the back seat and, as she leaned around, took it from her, put in on the seat and made as if something had dropped.

She put her left arm around to help me and as she did I clipped the handcuff attached to the seat leg around her wrist. Before she had time to react I took hold of her right arm and pushed it towards her lap. At 5’ 9” I was nearly 6” taller and probably outweighed her by 30 lbs although it was hard to tell with the winter clothes, but I had the advantage.

Attached to the seat belt, where it crossed her thighs, was a Velcro strap that I quickly peeled back and wrapped around her wrist. That took care of her arms and I reached down grabbed the end of an elastic belt at the right hand front seat leg and pulled it across over her ankles to snap on a hook at the left seat leg. That took care of her legs.

It had only taken 10 seconds but now the mouth was opening to start making noise. The golf ball slid between her teeth with a click and a quick push and the strip of duct tape that was at the ready hanging from the dashboard sealed it in place. I pulled the zip of her coat up the rest of the way and then reached on either side of her head for the hood.

I found why she didn’t use it, it was very tight and snug but I worked it over her head and the toque then tied the drawstring firmly under her chin. Besides the hood there was also a facial storm flap. Positioned across her face and with the two snap fasteners in place; it covered the gag.

Just to finish things I pulled the folded edge of the toque down over her eyes and she was fettered, dumb and blind. I picked a long woolen scarf off the back seat and wrapped it a couple of times around her face and the headrest of the seat before tying it under her chin. The shoulder harness of the seat belt gave little room for her struggles to be noticeable; besides, my windows were tinted and there was still nobody else around as I pulled away from the bus top.

Now, Miss Jane, let’s get you home!

Once inside the double garage, after driving around for nearly an hour just to confuse her, the door closed behind the car and I got out to make my guest at home.

First I removed the scarf around the headrest then another velcro’d wrist strap with a D ring came out of my pocket. I took a firm hold of her right arm as I released the lap belt strap and wound the other over the leather glove covering her wrist

A strong piece of cord through the D ring and I wrenched her arm behind her back, then fed the cord around her left arm up near the shoulder and pulled hard before knotting it again through the ring.

I leaned on the back of her neck and reached down to unlock the handcuff holding her left wrist then jerked it up while I pulled another strap from my pocket and used more cord to fasten it by her right shoulder. The length left over wrapped several times around her crossed wrists and she lost the use of her arms again.

Unhooking the strap across her legs she had no choice but to follow my pull on the arm cords and leave the car. Still wrapped in her coat and blinded by the toque my new guest got pushed through to the playroom and settled at the end of the couch. A couple of turns of cord around her ankles then back to the front leg of the furniture and she was not going anywhere while I went to change.

So now here we were. I had put on one of my favorite long leather skirts, changed the warm winter boots for 5” stiletto heeled “Mistress” ones and moved a table loaded with everything needed over to the chesterfield.

Her still bound arms were useless as I sat down beside her and pulled her over so the hooded head rested on my lap and then gently lifted the woolen toque up to her forehead. The front of it was soaking wet with tears from the pair of big brown eyes looking up at me.

I loosened the draw-cord of the hood and peeled it back before pulling the woolen cap off her dark shoulder length hair. Cupping her chin in my hands, the golf ball extended her jaws because she had such a delicate face and the tape over it making a smooth bulge that my fingers gently pushed the bubbles from as I talked to her.

“Just relax”, I said, “tomorrow is a special day and we have to get you wrapped up and ready for it so let me tell you what is going to happen.”

“First I’m going to get that gag out of your mouth and give you a nice long drink. It can be done two ways, the easy way or the hard way. You get to choose. Then we’ll peel you out of all those winter clothes and start from the inside out to get you nice and clean. Don’t even think of arguing with me because it won’t work.”

She shook her head against my hand and I knew it would be the hard way so I hooked a red fingernail under the edge of the tape and peeled it off. I had one elbow leaning on her chest between her breasts and in that hand was a hard rubber wedge that slid between her teeth in the left side of her mouth as I hooked a couple of fingers on my other hand around the golf ball and pulled it out.

“What a shame you decided not to co-operate, now we’ll have to use the funnel.” And I did. Just over two pints of high energy, protein enriched fluid was slowly poured into her before it was time to start on the new gag.

I had to use both thumbs to get the soft rubber pad deep enough to pop behind her teeth and then pulled out the wedge. “Well Miss Jane this strip of rubber will go nicely over your teeth, let me tuck it under your lips and into your cheeks. There now drooling makes such a mess doesn’t it? That should fix it. Oh that and three strips of duct tape, one across and two in an X to seal your lips.”

“Now we have you quiet let’s just add this blindfold. Oh stop crying, I’ll have to add some tissue padding under it to soak up the moisture. This little ball of cotton will get pushed in to sit nice and deep in your ear and stop the drum from getting touched by the liquid latex I’m going to fill it up with.”

“There you are now, and this ear gets a little speaker so we can chat through this microphone on my necklace. We fill that one with the latex too and now, hands off, can you hear me?”

“That moan I assume means yes so I‘ll continue. The coat has to come off so let’s start with all these snap fasteners every four or five inches over that full-length zip and that drawstring at the waist is the narrowest belt I’ve ever seen. Just for show I guess, isn’t it? There now you’ll just have to wait a minute while I go and change again. I do like this skirt but since you’re being difficult I think my black leather slacks are more appropriate.”

* * * * *

“Hi, I’m back so let’s just get you down on the floor on your stomach, the cord around your ankles and the couch leg is long enough. Now I’ll sit on your back and do something with those arms. There, your left wrist is untied but I’ll just hold it here while I take off your glove. Oh Jane, don’t curl your fingers like that. Let me show you how this works; you defy me and I just pinch your nose like this. Now, you get the idea I hope? This time I’ll let go - now uncurl your fingers. That’s a good girl, off comes the glove and your arm from the sleeve then we just fix your wrist to this floor ring. Now the other arm and I can just pull that arm out before we tie it to another ring and there, that nice warm coat is off.”

“And what do we have? A very conservative business suit; skirt and fitted jacket over a lovely white blouse. And such practical boots all the way to the knee, and such small feet. I noticed them while I was watching you what are you 7? You can answer me you know, a nod will do, just remember who controls your air supply – now 7? No, how about 6 ½, yes well the new ballet boots I have for you are only a 6 so they’ll be little bit tight.”

“Now all those clothes have to come off so let’s get started. Oh stop wriggling. Here we go one arm at a time again, first the jacket then the blouse and lets loosen that bra too. Now the other side and I’ll just tie those wrists back to the floor rings again. I’m going to have to untie your ankles to get those boots off. Ouch, you kicked me; that’s a no no. You remember the old law of science – for every action there is a reaction – well this is my reaction.”

“Hold still now, there, that’s a nostril plug. We’ll just leave it in to cut your air supply in half while I finish getting you naked.”

“OK Miss Jane now we can start getting you ready. Wrists neatly crossed and tied behind your back with another length of cord over your shoulders like this to pull them up between your shoulder blades. Now a couple more lengths around your elbows to the floor rings and then I’ll just sit on your legs while I attach this spreader bar to your ankles and back to the leg of the couch. Don’t go away I’ll be right back with the enema bag.”

“This nozzle is going to be a bit cold but it should warm up quickly as I push it in like this. Now we open the clamp on the bag and in it flows. I’m going to get a coffee. Don’t wriggle too much Jane because if you do manage to disturb things and make a mess I will get very angry.”

“That coffee was good but now the bag is empty I’m going to change the nozzle for this nice thick butt plug to hold everything in for a few more minutes. Oh stop moaning I had to do that quickly or you might have soiled the carpet.”

“What’s that? Are you moaning or panting? Oh Jane, let me untie your elbows from those floor rings and just roll you over. I thought so, your nipples seem quite aroused and standing out from those firm young breasts. I bet they’re sensitive too. Let me see what happens when I use my tongue – mmmmummm – you taste delicious and I was right wasn’t I? And what if I find this other little nub down here and roll it between my fingers. I think I better take out that nostril plug – you seem to need all the air you can get. There – and here we go again.”

“Wow – you just arched right off the floor on your shoulders and heels; we’ll have to do that again later won’t we? But in the meantime let’s get you over to the bathroom and pull that nasty old plug out.”

“Up you come on to this chair – it has wheels and I’ll just push you through and now up and over on the toilet. I’ll just tie that spreader bar to the pedestal and put on this rubber glove, now bend forward like a good girl and let me get a hold of the plug.”

“Phew, well we’ll just flush that away and I think we need to repeat the process to make sure you’re nice and clean. Here’s the nozzle; now stop that or I’ll have to use the nose plug again. While we’re at it I might as well give you a lovely scented douche. After that little episode I think a complete cleaning is in order.”

“Oh Jane, there go your nipples again. Is it because of what I’m doing with my fingers? The rubber glove is all slippery, I bet it feels smooth doesn’t it. Whoops, my fingers just slipped right inside, is that why you’re groaning again? What happens when I wriggle them? Oh, now I’m going to have to clean you up all over again.”

“That enema must be about finished so lean forward again; there that’s much better. Here’s a nice warm cloth and now a soft towel and your ready to go back in the living room.”

“While I’ve got that bar on your ankles let me just spread your legs a bit more and then I can fill those nice clean holes of yours. This butt plug will need a bit of lubrication but I think if I push and twist it like this it will go in. Just a couple more inches Jane and then it’s done and we can see how much of this nice big dildo will go in the front.”

“Why am I not surprised Jane, the whole thing just slid right in and that’s over 7”. Both those items are nice and flexible you know? They have to be because once I start your first lesson in major bondage they will have to adjust a bit.”

“I’ll just move that bar up to your knees now and see what we can do with your new boots. My, they are tight but don’t they make your insteps arch like they have never done before? These laces are going to take some time but I don’t mind; you might say it’s a labour of love, Jane.”

“That bar has to go back down to your booted ankles again. There, I’ll just roll you on your stomach and tie your wrists back out to those floor rings while I get this lovely boned corset on you. It laces down the back so I need your arms out of the way you see. Well no I guess you can’t see can you? Never mind I’ll just keep telling you what’s happening.”

“Those firm breasts have to go in these holes in the corset so let me just work them through. My, every time I touch them your nipples stand at attention again. This time though I think we should do something different. I know, I think these clamps will keep them occupied while I lace this corset. You have to help me here Jane. Now take a deep breath – remember the nose plugs please. That’s a good girl. Now do it again and I’ve nearly got the edges of the leather touching.”

“It is a lovely piece of bondage art this corset and was very expensive. There are all sorts of straps and places to attach things but first I must do something with those arms. A pair of nice long kid gloves laced way above the elbow and then this might hurt a bit I’m afraid because the back of the corset has finger sockets built in and they are up over your shoulder blades. We call it the reverse prayer position. There now, that’s your right hand in the sockets and this strap across your elbow will hold the arm in position while I just lace your fingers in their new homes and fasten this wrist strap. Wow, that was a real groan wasn’t it? Now the left arm and that elbow strap needs just a little more pressure and your forearms are touching nicely.”

“Well Jane, with your arms out of commission I think I can take off that blindfold and let you see the rest of the process. My, my you have been crying haven’t you? What is it -those nasty nipple clamps? Believe me, they’ll hurt a lot more if I take them off.”

“We have to just tie your ankles to those floor rings and get rid of the spreader bar so I can get these latex panties up your legs. There, nice and snug and this strap goes from the point of your elbows through your legs like this and I’ll just pull it nice and tight to this buckle on the front of your corset. A few more straps around your legs at the thigh, like this and the knee like this and the ankles like this and there you are, ready for the last piece of leather wrapping.”

“You know I’ve been working so hard I forgot to have lunch and it is getting late so you will just wait won’t you while I have a snack? Of course you will!”

“I’m back and have another nice drink for you. Let’s just peel that old tape off and pull that rubber pad out but here’s the nice big wedge to go between your teeth and hold your mouth open while I feed you this. It will have to keep you going until after midnight – I told you tomorrow’s a special day. Now this big ball gag will go in like this and I’ll just tighten the strap at the back of your neck and we can get on with things.”

“Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a full-length lace up leather body suit and you get to wear it. These stirrups go under the heels of your new boots and if I just roll you gently back and forth I can get your shoulders in where they belong. I think we’ll just leave those clamps on your oh so sensitive nipples shall we? Now here we go with the lacing again. This is going to take quite a long time but you’ll feel so secure when I’m finished.”

“Just this last little bit at your neck and aren’t you a sight? Five and a half feet of sleek, tight black leather from those ballet boots to the top of your head. Well, not quite, we must do something with that head and I have just the thing. Oh Jane, don’t start crying again. Your all plugged and filled and clamped and I can’t pleasure you again because we are running out of time.”

Now I’m afraid that gag has to go back in. I’ll just pull that ball out and use my thumbs again to get the rubber pad nicely packed inside and then the rubber cover over your teeth and a nice piece of tape over your lips. Now we need this heavy rubber cap to cover your hair and look at this – we call it a discipline helmet.”

“I’ll be nice Jane – the helmet can wait for a while while I show you these beautiful long leather straps. I have to just get you up and kneeling on this strap so I can use it to lock your thighs to your calves. Maybe we should use two or three more like this and now my dear Jane, I’m afraid I have to sit on your shoulders to get these other straps around you. These roller buckles do work well don’t they?”

“Now you’re just like a leather ball – except for that head. Well, the helmet just has to go on now. These tubes go in your nose and here we are with some more laces down the back of your head. This last strap goes around your mouth like this and these sidepieces come up to this ring at the top of your head like this. Just one last strap Jane from that ring to the middle of your back and we are about done.”

“Gee, you’re crying again. I guess it is a little uncomfortable but your muscles will soon adapt, I think! Here’s a nicely padded matching leather blindfold. Was that the doorbell, let me go see?”

It had been a very innocent remark. A couple of months ago while out shopping with my brother we went past one of those video stores. There was an advertising poster in the window with a girl very amateurly bound and gagged. His eyes had gone wide and he said laughingly, “Hey Sis’, I wouldn’t mind someone like that properly wrapped up for my birthday”. I thought I knew just the right applicant for the position.

“Happy birthday, brother – just don’t unwrap and play with her until you get home!”

NOTE: This is a work of fiction and the author in no way condones or promotes any activity that is not entirely consensual!