It Hurts

by Jazzman

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; mast; toys; bedtie; gag; cuffs; clamps; cons; X

Hearing "It hurts!" is something you don't want to hear during sex. That's what my wife said the first time after she recovered from some medical issues. Because of the issues, it had been a long time since we had sex. She went to her doctor to ask what was happening. Her doctor said that because of the time and her issues, the muscles contracted.

My wife asked what she can do to make the muscles relax. The doctor said "lots of sex." The wife wasn't happy with that answer. She was telling me this and it got me thinking. Maybe using a dildo and leaving it in to stretch the muscles might work and it might be fun. So while my wife went out shopping, I started planning.

First was to get a dildo larger than me. For that I had to figure out how big I was. So I got my cock ring and started to masturbate. When I was as large as I could get, I measured my width and circumference. Visualizing what I was planning to do to my wife, sent me over the edge. After I cleaned up, I went to several of the online stores. After a while I found one that was slightly larger than me and I hit the "buy it now" button. About a week later, the package arrived.

Now to complete my plan.

A few days later and after I dropped the kids off at school. I called up our bosses and told them we were sick. I then went home. My wife was waiting for me to take her to work but I said, “I'm horny and we're being sick today.”

She tried to protest but I shoved a ball gag into her mouth and dragged her to the bedroom. There I pulled out our bag of toys. My wife had a look in her eyes of excitement and anger. I told her it was for her own good and to relax and enjoy.

Next, I removed her clothes and told her to find her favorite fuck-me pumps. She pulled out her favorite boots and mumbles something that sounded like, "makes me feel slutty." I helped her put the boots on and then locked them on.

I told her to get in the middle of the bed and get comfortable. The wrist cuffs were put on and tied to the headboard. I took a strap and tied her ankles to her thighs, and tied her legs open so she couldn't close them.

I took the gag out and asked how she felt. She groaned and said "horny". I took out some nipple clamps and started sucking her nipples. When they were hard and standing proud, on went the clamps and I tightened them. She yelped and said I better gag her again before she lets the neighbors know we're fooling around.

I gave her a choice, penis or ball. She chose penis. In it went and the moaning started again. I pulled out her vibrator and started caressing her. When she started squirming, I rubbed her clit. She starts humping and I start fucking her with it. When she starts thrashing about, I pull out the large dildo and rub her clit with it.

After a little bit, I pull out the vibrator and slowly start fucking her with the dildo. She got tense when she realized what I had done. I grabbed the lube and squirted on the dildo with each stroke.

Before too long, she had taken several inches of the dildo. Here's where I got mean; I just stopped and tied the dildo in place. There she laid all hot and bothered and couldn't move. She screamed and mumbles something. I just smiled at her and said to relax and that I'll be back in 30 minutes so I can get lunch.

When I got back, I could hear her moaning. I checked on her and she looked at me, mumbling, “fuck me.”

I go, "not yet" and leave to get my cock ring. I come back, slowly remove the dildo, and fuck her like newlyweds.

After I was finished, I removed the gag and asked what she wanted. She said, "put it back in and leave." I did, but turned the vibrator on.


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