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SciFi, Alien, BDSM, M/F, Spanking, Bullwhip, Oral, Anal

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An Intruder takes over Starship Invincible for some BDSM fun.

The Star Council Starship Invincible is exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy when it encounters a unique lifeform which takes over the bodies of the crew members. The female crew members are bound naked to various BDSM devices. The male crew members are then forced to do what many males would do normally when presented with bound, squirming, extremely turned on females.
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Captain David Humatha ran down the corridor toward the high speed gravity tube that would take him down the fourteen levels to the bridge. He shouted into his comlink to be heard over the loud alarms and the sound of running spaceboots which was echoing all around him in the hallway. Between loud squawks, the alarm was repeatedly shouting in a mechanically calm, and yet very urgent voice, “Level Three Intruder Alert. Level Three Intruder Alert. All crew to battle stations. All families to shielded shelters.”

“Who called the alert?” the Captain yelled into his comlink as he stepped onto the disk in the gravity tube. The tube recognized him and already knew his destination, so it dropped the disk, with him standing on it, the nearly sixty meters to the bridge level. Gravity tubes took some getting used to. You dropped or rose at greater than the speed of free fall but the disk beneath your feet slowed your fall– or ascent– and stopped at the proper level. Actually, the tubes would function without the disks, but stepping into an open tube and dropping hundreds of meters, even for an experienced spacer, was a rather daunting task. It also took some finesse, when you arrived at your destination, to push yourself out of the tube with just your hands, so the designers put disks in the tubes to provide a floor and give more of an impression of an elevator.

Gravity tubes are very fast. Captain Humatha was stepping onto the bridge by the time Ensign Tagusha replied, “I did.”

The captain walked quickly across the bridge, stepped up to the almost trembling ensign, and said forcefully, “What happened to the command officers?”

There should always be two command-level officers on the bridge. If an alert was needed, First Officer Lucille Morbsby should have been the one to make such a decision. And if she was incapacitated or temporarily off the bridge for some reason, Executive Officer Martura Combs would have had the responsibility to initiate a level three alarm.

Level three alarms were the highest possible. If the computer system detected an intrusion, it would initiate a level one or two alarm, but it took a command officer to raise that alarm to level three. There had been no computer detection. Ensign Tagusha, who had manually ordered the Level Three Intruder Alert, looked at his captain with wide eyes and a blank expression on his face.

“Well?!” Captain Humatha thundered, “Where are they?”

Ensign Tagusha opened and closed his mouth, but no words came out as he weakly pointed to the open area of the bridge behind the captain. Captain Humatha turned quickly around and gasped loudly as he saw to what the ensign was pointing. It takes a lot to make a starship captain gasp, but the sight of his two senior officers tied naked to a large, wooden, X-shaped frame mounted on an equally large metal base was enough to cause such an involuntary exclamation.

First Officer Lucille Morbsby was tied facing the cross. Her hands were pulled high and tight above her head, while her feet were pulled wide apart and lashed to the base of the wooden X. The dark wood of the cross created a contrasting background to Lucille’s almost paper white skin. Light reflecting off the thin sheen of perspiration which covered her entire body caused her skin to appear even whiter.

Executive Officer Martura Combs was bound facing outward on the other side of the cross. Her black skin nearly blended into the dark wood of the X to which they were both bound. Her skin was also covered with a thin sheen of perspiration which in her case made her look even darker. There was also an obvious trail of thicker fluids running down the insides of her legs. Both officers were moaning loudly and squirming in their bonds.
“Who did this?” the captain yelled loudly.

“No one,” the ensign said softly. “They were just suddenly like that. I triggered the alarm before something could happen to me. ...” He lowered his head and slumped his shoulders as he added, “... But it didn’t.”

“You sound disappointed,” Captain Humatha said curtly.

“No... yes... no...” the ensign sputtered. “I mean, it was attacking the bridge officers. Why did it leave me alone? Am I not an officer?”

The captain took in a deep breath and then let it out slowly. “I don’t think it was going after officers,” he said in that overly calm way an experienced spacer speaks when in trouble. In fact, the more serious the trouble, the calmer an experienced spacer will sound. Captain Humatha’s voice was very, very calm as he pointed to the other side of the bridge and said, “I think they are after the women.”

Ensign Tagusha turned around very slowly. His gasp was more of a squeak as he saw the other two females on the bridge, one of the navigators and the on-duty bridge engineer, tied to dark wooden frames.

Brula Markly, a navigator, was bound over what appeared to be a padded sawhorse mounted on a large, circular base. There were tie-down rings attached to the metal base on both sides of the horse. On one side, her feet were bound, widely spread, to the floor close to the base of the horse. On the other side, her arms were pulled far out from the base of the horse and spread about as wide as the horse itself. Her position caused her cunt and ass to be displayed on one side of the horse while her somewhat large breasts hung free between her arms on the other side.

Brula’s skin was somewhere between the pasty white of First Officer Morbsby’s and the dusky brown of the XO’s. Bound as she was, it was possible to see that her areola and the moon around her asshole were both very dark. It was also possible to see that she was leaking vaginal fluids as she moaned and thrashed against her restraints as if some invisible lover were working very hard  at turning her on.

Next to her, bound to a strange, shelf-like apparatus, was Fin Gtho, Second  Engineer of the Invincible. Fin was kneeling, if you could call it that, on a shelf that was a few inches off the ground. Her lower legs were bound to the shelf with what appeared to be leather which crossed over her calves and held them firmly to the padded shelf. A second, heavily-padded shelf was exactly at her waist level. She was bent over it and held in place by a large leather band over the small of her back. The shelf appeared to end– or become extremely narrow– at the base of her chest. The narrow piece then continued up between her breasts to just short of her throat.

Despite her Terran Oriental features, Fin had extremely large breasts. There was much speculation among the crew as to whether or not she had purchased DNA sequencing treatments to obtain those mammaries or was naturally blessed with them. In any case, her ponderous breasts were proudly displayed as they hung down from the restraint frame. Surprisingly, her nipples were not darker than her skin, but were instead an almost bright shade of pink.

Fin’s arms were pulled out in almost a cruciform position and bound to two padded poles which stuck up from the base of the shelves at approximately a forty-five degree angle. Two more poles just behind them intersected several inches above the center of her back. Her straight, black hair was knotted together with a shiny, black rope of some sort and tied to a ring on those poles. The effect was to pull her head back so that she was looking straight forward. Her eyes were wide and rolling as she gasped and moaned as if someone– or something– were driving her sexually higher and higher.

“This is the Captain speaking,” Captain Humatha said over the ship-wide comlink. “We seem to have been boarded by unknown alien intruders who are not visible to us at this time. There have been, however, several anomalous attacks on female members of the bridge crew. Report status and anything unusual through normal chain of command.... Out.”

“What do you think is going on?” Ensign Tagusha said, trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

“Captain...” another voice interrupted. “We are getting reports from all active decks of... uh... anomalous attacks on female crew members.” Communications officer, Ensign Dwayne Tiffin nodded toward where navigator Markly was bound over the spanking horse and cleared his throat loudly before continuing. “It appears,” he said flatly, “that the attacks are similar to what has occurred here on the bridge.”

He paused as he listened to the comlink which he pressed more tightly into his right ear. He, and the rest of the bridge crew, was holding their breaths waiting for his next report. Finally, he let out a long slow breath and said with obvious relief, “All family decks report no anomalies.”

The captain walked across the deck to where Brula Markly was bound. He reached out and stroked her quivering ass cheek, causing a deep, guttural moan to escape from her lips. “The question,” he said, “is why are all these women bound this way?”

As if in answer to his question, his own clothing disappeared from his body, to be instantly replaced by a strange leather outfit consisting of black pants, a black vest, and heavy black boots. The new clothing was very tight-fitting. His more than ample package was obvious in the tight pants, and the open vest revealed his chiseled six pack.

Captain Humatha looked down at his body and raised his eyebrows in appreciation. He was well endowed, but the bulge between his legs hinted at some sort of augmentation of his maleness. He was also in very good physical condition, but such sculpted abs were only found on much younger men who had both the time and the determination to sculpt them with vigorous daily exercise.

A startled gasp from behind him caused him to turn around. Ensign Yagu Tagusha was staring down at his pasty white body. The coloring of his skin had not changed, but the muscles beneath it definitely had. Tagusha’s body was usually abnormally thin, giving him the appearance of a walking ghost or skeleton. Now there were rippling muscles beneath that white skin. And the bulge in his black leather pants was no less prodigious than the captain’s.

“From the physical upgrades,” the captain said calmly, “it would appear that our intruders are expecting us to be a part of some weird BDSM sex scene.”

“Cap... tain,” the ensign stuttered out. A large leather paddle had appeared in his hand. “I’m not in control of my body,” he said slowly. His fear was causing his voice to waver slightly.

“This is the captain speaking,” Captain Humatha said loudly into his comlink. “Computer priority command code November, Uniform, Niner, Niner, Six, Alpha, Five.” He paused as if struggling to speak, then continued slowly with great effort, “Computer, put all ship’s systems on safety protocol zero, zero, zero, zero. Authorization code, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, India, Golf, Oscar.”

He grimaced slightly as he gave the authorization code. WTFIGO had been sort of a joke when he set up the protocol commands– What The Fuck Is Going On– but now that he actually had to authorize this extreme command, he could see no humor in the letters.

The lights dimmed slightly and the hum of machinery and equipment faded to a dull murmur as the ship went nearly quiet. Almost all functions except life support and communications were now locked out and, after a short burst of the engines, all forward motion was ceased. They now effectively drifted, motionless in space.

Protocol zero, zero, zero, zero was a preplanned emergency setting should the ship ever be taken out of the control of the crew by an intruder. The only protocol more severe was niner, niner, niner, nine– self destruct. Unlike the self-destruct, however, no one on board The Invincible could countermand the lock-out protocol or reactivate any of the locked out systems. It would take an external signal from a fleet command-level Space Council ship to override the lockout... or activate the self-destruct.

A brilliant flash of light visible from the command deck assured the captain that an ultra-burst distress signal had been sent back to the nearest star base. A muffled “whoosh” and a trail of fire confirmed that an emergency log capsule had also been launched. The ultra-burst would be received in a few days. The log capsule would take many months to arrive at the distant star base, but would more likely be picked up in much less time by the rescue ships which would soon be on their way. The rescue ships themselves, however, still would not arrive at the Invincible for five to seven months, even at full emergency speed. When you are exploring the outer reaches of the galaxy, help is not hours– or even days– away, and rescue is usually a matter of searching for survivors who might still be alive in life pods.

“Whoever, or whatever, you are,” the captain said loudly, “you cannot gain control of the ship. And if we are not released and fully in control of the Invincible by the time the rescue ships arrive, their only choices will be permanent quarantine... or destruction.”
“We do not need your ship,” a voice replied. Captain Humatha was unsure whether it came from the console speakers or was just from inside his head. It continued, “And we will be gone long before your rescue fleet arrives.”

He remained silent, but Communications Officer Tiffin, spoke up. “What do they want?” he asked nervously.

The ensign was still at his communications console, but he, too, was now dressed in a black outfit similar to the captain’s. For some reason, that outfit, in addition to Dwayne’s disheveled mop of bright orange hair and a slightly darker orange beard, made him look like he would be more at home on a pirate ship from days of yore.

“My question exactly,” the captain said firmly. “What do you want of us?”

The voice replied. “When we have satisfied our needs, we will release your bodies... and your ship.”

The voice paused for a moment and then continued. “We have searched the ship’s databases,” it said slowly. “One of your ancient philosopher’s, Confucius, once said, ‘If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.’”

“Confucius never said that,” Fin Gtho yelled loudly from where she was strapped to the spanking... or fucking... or whatever... shelves.

“But it may be good advice for the situation,” the captain said as his arm started slowly swinging the bullwhip that was gripped in his hand. He walked slowly over to the X which held his senior officers. Miles Daley, the helmsman on duty, joined him as he walked.

Miles was known for having– and being– the biggest prick on the Invincible. But one or perhaps both aspects were made even greater by the actions of the intruder. He was not dressed in black leather. In fact, he was not dressed at all. His semi-erect cock hung nearly to his knees and swung back and forth like a club as he walked.

“Start with our First Officer,” the Captain ordered firmly. “I’ll start with the XO.”

Miles stood before Lucille Morbsby and reached out to grab her breasts. He pulled both breasts out slightly from her body and tightened his grip as his fingers slid over her sweat-slicked skin to her dark brown nipples. Her turgid nipples became even stiffer– and longer– as Miles pulled, twisted, and tweaked them. Her moans were becoming practically shrieks as he repeatedly released his grip and again pulled out on her breasts before sliding down to continue the overwhelming pleasure torture of her nipples.

The thump of Morbsby’s ass bouncing against the wood of the X filled the command deck as she twisted and thrashed in her restraints. Still pulling outward on her overly-stimulated nipples, Miles stepped forward. His prick was now bobbing in front of him like a sword. The tip touched the first officer’s labia and her moans and shrieks became even louder.

Lucille Morbsby was now trying to push herself forward onto Mile’s prick. He squatted slightly to bring himself more in line with her glistening slit and then rammed himself upward. Her screams became a continuous “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” as he thrust repeatedly into her throbbing cunt.

Meanwhile, Captain Humatha was using his bullwhip to create a spiderweb of red welts on Executive Officer Combs’ porcelain skin. Somehow, the bullwhip was not drawing blood and instead of cries of pain, Martura Combs was chanting “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” with each strike of the whip until with an extremely loud cry of “Yesssssss!” she shuddered in an intense orgasm.

The captain dropped the whip and walked up directly behind his XO. She was now panting, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” and pushing her ass back toward her captain. He pulled on a tab of some sort on the front of his leather pants and a large section of the front tore away releasing his manhood. Pressing against her and slightly bending his knees, he was able to guide his enhanced prick upward into her dripping cunt. He thrust into her several times before they both grunted loudly and he spurted into her waiting womb.

While the captain was leaning against the XO trying to get his breath, Ensign Tagusha was standing behind and a little to the side of navigator Brula Markly. He noted with a slight smile that the rumors among the crew were true. Despite the sandy-colored hair on her head, the thatch between her legs was reddish-orange, almost as if there were a fire burning down there.

Right now, there WAS a fire burning down there, and Ensign Tagusha was about to make that fire even hotter. He pulled his arm fully back and swung the long, leather paddle so that the very end of the paddle struck squarely on Brula’s right asscheek. There was a very loud “Thwack!” as leather met skin. That was followed immediately by a scream and then a panted, “Uh, uh, uh, uh.”

Tagusha pulled back the paddle just as far and landed an identical “Thwack!” on Brula’s left asscheek. This time the scream was not as loud, but the “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” was much louder and deeper.

He moved so that he could swing backhand and landed a third strike evenly across both asscheeks, low, where those large and tempting globes merged into her legs. This time, the scream and the “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” were both extremely loud.

The ensign dropped the paddle and stepped up to the spanking horse. Like the captain, he pulled the front panel of his leather pants open with a loud ripping noise and then stepped up between Navigator Markly’s legs. She was quietly chanting, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” as he drove himself into her more than ready sex slit.

He began thrusting and continued to thrust into her for many minutes. Her “Uh’s” matched his thrusts, getting louder and louder until at last he rammed himself tightly against her ass and grunted loudly. He stayed pressed tightly against her as she screamed out and convulsed in her restraints.

The fourth female officer on the bridge was Fin Gtho, Second  Engineer of the Invincible. She was known for two things. Her enormous breasts, and her stereotypical Oriental coolness– almost aloofness. She interacted with other crew members, but never seemed to be happy or sad or angry... or anything. Her face never changed from the serene mask which she worked so hard to maintain.

There was nothing serene about her now. She was bound firmly in– or on– the strange shelves that appeared to perfectly hold her for spanking or fucking or something. Her face was slightly contorted by the fact that her head was artificially held back by her hair and the black rope which was tied to the ring in the frame above her. But it was even more distorted by the raw emotion... and lust... which poured through her. Every few minutes, she would scream out in orgasm, and in between, she would scream “Fuck me! Fuck me! Somebody please fuck me!”

Ensign Dwayne Tiffin stood in front of her and smiled. He, too, was wearing the leather pants, vest, and boots. And he too had removed the front flap from the pants to free his swollen and erect prick.

He ran his hand down Fin’s back and listened to her howl in need. Then he reached under the frame and fondled her breasts, almost as if he were milking them. Her howls and screams increased as she shouted out again and again, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Dwayne stepped in front of her and looked down into her eyes. “I’ll fuck you,” he said, “but I want to fuck all of you.”

Fin looked at him and replied softly, but urgently, “Fuck me... Please!”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said as he positioned his prick directly in front of her lips. Realization of what he wanted caused her to let out a very long breath, but then she said, “OK, but you have to fuck ALL of me.”

Dwayne smiled and pushed his prick into her mouth. For someone who seemed so serene and above it all, Fin Gtho was an excellent cock sucker. No one knew that in her private quarters, locked away in a sealed suitcase was a very realistic computerized dildo on which she practiced regularly. If she did everything right, the dildo would squirt an artificial cum into her mouth. She had never tasted real cum, but in her dreams and fantasies she sucked down huge volumes of it. She also had a special dildo that twisted and thrusted and spurted like a real cock. She would attach that to the end wall of her room and impale herself on it– in either hole– almost nightly. Since her quarters were buried deep in the engine room of the Invincible, no one ever heard her scream as she took herself to orgasm time after time after time.

Today, everyone on the bridge could hear her scream, even though those screams were muffled by Ensign Tiffin’s cock. When he finally spurted into her mouth and pulled out, she smiled at him and licked at the cum which remained on her lips.
“Cunt next,” she said hoarsely. “Otherwise we risk infection,” she added quickly between deep breaths.

Dwayne Tiffin was more than happy to oblige. The shelves put Fin’s cunt– and ass– at exactly the right height. He lined up his still stiff prick with her quivering cunt and slowly pushed his way in. As he was sliding into her, her moaning cry raised in pitch and in volume so that by the time he began thrusting, she was already keening loudly as if in orgasm.

A few minutes later her loud keen became an even louder scream as she truly orgasmed. Dwayne pushed hard against her and shuddered as he emptied his balls into her cunt. She pulled against the ropes which held her head back and chanted, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” Then she said breathlessly, “I never thought the real thing would be so much better.”

Dwayne pulled himself out of her cunt with an audible pop. He was slightly withered, but a few quick strokes with his hand and his prick was once again solid and ready and aimed directly at Fin Gtho’s asshole. He pushed slowly against that puckered ring and was surprised at how easily he slipped in. Fin, meanwhile, smiled that the relaxation techniques which she had read about and practiced in the privacy of her quarters worked so well in real life.

Once he had bottomed out against her ass, Dwayne pulled back and began thrusting very, very slowly. As he slowly moved in and out of Fin’s ass, it was as if he were playing a musical instrument. Her keening wail went up in pitch and volume as he thrust inward and came back down as he pulled out. Together they played their musical song for several minutes before both of them gave deep, guttural groans. Fin closed her eyes and her body totally relaxed. Dwayne slumped on top of her almost as if he had passed out.

“Captain,” the voice of Executive Officer Martura Combs called out, “what is happening? Why am I bound like this?”

“Who the hell tied me up like this?!” First Navigator Brula Markly screamed as she thrashed and pulled against her restraints.

“It would appear that we have regained control of the ship,” Communications Officer Tiffin said calmly. Captain Humatha laughed slightly as he realized that despite the com officer’s change of clothing– and the fact that he was draped over Fin Gtho with his prick in her ass– the comlink was still firmly in the his right ear.

“Sorry,” Ensign Tiffin said as he pulled himself out of Fin’s anal sphincter, “something took over the ship... and you... and me.”

“Something that maybe knew more about us than we would like to admit,” Fin said. Her face had reverted to its facade, but now there was a slight smile betraying that serenity.

Another voice spoke. “Captain and crew of the Invincible. We regret having taken over your vessel and your bodies, but it was necessary for the survival of our species. We are energy beings with no corporeal form. As we travel through the vastness of space, we live extreme, but not infinite lives, and many of us are approaching the end of our existence. The only way that we can procreate is to enter a corporeal being to mate. Unfortunately that mating must be done at an extremely high energy level or it will not be successful. That is why we employed various means and devices from your memory banks to create the most intense mating sensations possible for your species. Not many species can reach sufficient levels of energy during mating to create our offspring. It is fortunate that your path crossed our swarm as we were leaving your galaxy. We have released your bodies back to yourselves so that you may continue on your voyage of exploration as we continue on ours.”

The command bridge became very silent as everyone waited to see if the voice would speak again. “That was heard on all decks,” Ensign Tiffin reported.

“I think they’ve gone,” Captain Humatha said, looking around the bridge.

“Then get me out of this!” Navigator Markly yelled loudly, still pulling against her restraints.

“You don’t have to hurry,” Fin said softly. “I’m good. I can wait.”

“Uh... Captain,” Ensign Tiffin said softly, “I’m getting requests from almost all the decks for private time in the recreation areas on deck seven.” He swallowed hard and added, “And they are asking permission to move the equipment that appeared down to that deck.”

“Shipwide broadcast,” the captain responded. Then he said, “This is the Captain speaking. It would appear that our intruders have gone, but they have left behind the... devices... which they apparently generated.” He paused for a moment and then continued, “It will take some time to process what has happened to this ship and its crew. Some of us learned things about ourselves that we did not know or did not want to admit. Others will have to deal with anger... or shame... for what we were forced to do.”

He paused and continued at a slightly slower pace, “We have several months of down time to deal with all that before the rescue ships arrive. Medical and mental health staff will be available for those who need their services. You can schedule appointments through the normal means. And– at the request of crew members– all generated equipment will be sent to deck seven. Those who need that equipment, or those who desire time alone with certain other crew members, can schedule private recreation time through the normal scheduling program. ... Out.”

He looked over at his executive officer who was now standing alongside him, still naked. “It’s going to be a very interesting couple of months,” she said slowly. Then she smiled and said, “We have room 7-103 reserved for next Tuesday.” After a pause, she added, “... minus the cross and whips, of course.”

She then smiled and said, “But for now, I need to return to my quarters and dress, and you...” handing him the frontpiece to his leather pants, “need to cover up and try to restore some order to the Invincible.”
Captain Humatha paused to watch her asscheeks bob and sway as she walked naked to the gravity tubes, then he said loudly, “Computer, record the events of the past few hours in the daily logs. Include these notations. New life form encountered: species, unknown; home planet, unknown; description, unknown; language, unknown; designation, ‘The Intruder.’”

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