The Intruder

by Masato

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© Copyright 2002 - Masato - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; toys; nc/reluct; X


She lives in a beautiful old building in Vancouver's West End.  Her apartment is a warm, sunny refuge on the fourth floor, overlooking a school playground below.  She loves to lie back on her sofa, basking in the sun's warmth as she reads a good book.  Often she'll stay like this for hours, losing all track of time as she abandons herself to the fantasy of the novel, only surfacing back to reality when she becomes aware that the light is growing dim, and only then to pull the chain on her lamp.

This is how he sees her on sunny afternoons, through his binoculars, from his bedroom window on the other side of the school.  He has grown accustomed to the shadows on her face, cast by warm orange light falling on soft dimpled skin.  He caresses her body with his eyes, allowing his gaze to take in all of her curves, comfortably nestled against her cushions. She thinks she is anonymous, her apartment being high above the street, and her myopic vision being able only to see vague figures of children playing on the ground below. He thinks she lies like this just for him.  The casual way she drapes her body so that the light hits her curvaceous hip and butt; she must deliberately sit in such a way that her breasts cast those comely shadows...

He is mesmerized by her cat-like stillness.  He lives for these afternoons; he loves the way he becomes aware of every change in his body as he watches hers... the way his breathing alternates between deep and heavy, then short and shallow; the dry, burning pain of his unblinking eyes; the sweet tension in his straining penis; the tightness of his balls. He yearns to touch her body, and understands the invitation she is presenting him when she arches her back and adjusts her skirt, exposing that pale knee.

It is a winter evening when he accepts the invitation.  He packs his supplies:  several lengths of soft rope and a velvet blindfold purchased especially for her.  He pushes his balaclava into his jacket pocket and leaves his apartment. As he walks across the school grounds his eyes are riveted to her window.  The sky is darkening, and the light shines gently under her roman shades; she never pulls these blinds down... why would she?  She is anonymous.

He crosses the quiet street and stands directly below her window.  He could easily follow someone through the front door and go up to her apartment, but that would be conventional.  He wants to surprise her.  He places the strap of his bag diagonally across his chest in order to have his hands free, and then begins to ascend the building's balconies. He works up a slight sweat by the time he reaches the fourth floor, but manages to slip quietly onto her balcony. He pulls the hood from his pocket, and pulls it over his face. He then reaches toward the French door, grasps its brass handle and turns.  It unlatches with a quiet "click", and he slowly eases the door open.  He is aware of soft guitar music in the background as he steps through the doorway.

He can see her delicate ankle dangling over the edge of the sofa, but the rest of her body is obscured by the wood-panelled wall separating the dining from the living room.  He pads across the wooden floor, taking care to step only where the brass tacks holding the hardwood down will prevent squeaking.  His heart is beating quickly, and his head throbs as he anticipates touching her for the first time...

Swiftly and quietly he slips the black bag from his shoulder and softly places it on the floor.  A sure and steady hand reaches into the magical black bag and produces a long length of soft cotton rope with a slipknot tied at one end. His heart starts to pound like a jackhammer as he takes the coiled rope firmly in his right hand, the formed noose in the left, like a cowboy preparing to hogtie his prize. Annoyed at the tickling sensation on her bare foot, she adjusts her position slightly and continues on with her book, her mind in a far away place totally unaware of the man standing there at the end of her sofa.  Again a delicate foot instinctively moves to avoid a soft touch, a cross look forms on her face as she lowers the book and looks up to investigate. 

Time seems to stand still as the terrified eyes of the girl meet the hungry stare of the masked man standing boldly at her feet.  Her face flushes with a sense of excitement as her eyes focus on the coil of rope held menacingly in the intruders’ hands, mind beginning to race trying to formulate a course of action to this unexpected predicament.  This sinfully wicked situation is about to get a whole lot more interesting she thinks… and she is not mistaken.

The intruder grasps the moment and pounces on the unsuspecting girl like a mongoose on a cobra.  Incredibly powerful hands form a steely grip around the girls’ slim wrists, holding them impossibly tight as the noose tied on the end of the rope is slipped over them and into place.  The masked man smiles with his eyes as he wraps the rope round and round the wrists of his captive, pulling each turn tight. Quickly he cinches the rope between her wrists and knots it off tightly, leaving a full twelve feet of rope to bind the delicious feet of the girl. An irresistible force draws the bound wrists of the girl up to her ankles where the intruder starts to tightly bind her feet together.  As with her wrists, the bindings are tight and very secure, each turn of the rope around slender ankles pulled up tight. Neither a crossed rope nor a loose end anywhere, the bondage is knotted off and completed.

Butterflies fly furiously in her tummy as this mysterious masked man slowly runs his hands up along the back of her firm well muscled legs.  His warm touch slowly and methodically working up towards her inviting crotch, taking his time, revelling in the silky smoothness of his victims skin.  Finally she is his, so utterly and completely under his spell. The invitation accepted with all the graciousness of the perfect gentleman.  A gentleman with a wicked wicked mind.

A dimpled smile forms on her face as she notices a stiffness in her captors’ pants, satisfied, at least in part, that her bound condition is having as much an effect on him as it is her.  Without a word he reaches into his black leather bag and produces a silk blindfold, black and very effective looking and fastens it around wanting eyes, plunging her into complete darkness. She feels herself being picked up by strong arms and lifted off the couch.  His hot breath tickles her ear and the hairs on the back of her neck bristle with excitement as she feels herself being carried across the room.  The familiar scent of her bedroom fills her nostrils and she starts to quiver with anticipation as it now dawns on her where this man is taking her. 

The intruder plops his bound creature on the bed and leaves her there for a time to explore her bonds, which she does with abandon.  Busy fingers trying desperately to find a weakness in the rope Masters work in vain.  He knows his work and does it well indeed.

In what seemed like hours but in reality was 30 minutes or so, the captor unties the rope securing the girls ankles and draws her wrists up to the headboard of her bed.  Expertly and very tightly her wrists are secured.  He now takes both ankles and stretches his luscious captive full out on the bed.  She lets out a soft moan as knowing hands remove her skirt.  Slowly her hips are raised, her lace panties seductively removed to expose a dripping wet pussy. Her captor leans over and places his full lips on her honey and takes a long drink before standing up to continue with his bondage.

He spreads her legs about three feet apart and begins creating some very cunning and exotic rope work that will make her completely and utter vulnerable to his touch.  A very long length of rope is laid out on the bed, the exact middle of the rope in positioned at the half way point of the width of the mattress.  Several tight loops of rope are now round around her left ankle and knotted off.  The same procedure for the right ankle. The intruder now takes one end of the rope, pulls it over the side of the bed and ties it down to the bed frame. Again this procedure is repeated for the other ankle.  It would now seem that she is tied very securely indeed.  But no…their must be no movement permitted at all for this was going to be a test of his mastery of bondage to be sure.

The remaining rope from the bed frame is now brought over the bottom of the mattress up to one ankle and looped through the rope binding the ankle to the bed.  In this manner the girls’ ankles would be secured to the foot of the bed in three directions. She cannot spread her legs further out because of the rope fastening one ankle to the other. She cannot force her leg in because of the rope being fastened to the bed frame.  And lastly she cannot bring her leg up because of the rope holding it fast from the bottom.  Clever, wicked, nasty.

It is now that the intruder steps back to admire his handy work.  The woman of his passions spread out before him like a Sunday brunch smorgasbord. Naked from the waist down, inescapably bound and helpless to his devilish desires.

Comfortable in his knowledge that there is no danger of his true identity being discovered, the delicious morsel before him being bound and blindfolded such as she is, the intruder takes off his mask and breaths a sigh of relief.  Wiping the sweat from his brow with a handkerchief, the intruder sits down on the bed beside the helpless girl and carefully studies her.  There is so very very much he could do and has planned meticulously, his dilemma now is, where on earth to begin?

Fingers dance provocatively across the milky flesh of the bound girl, up the inside of her perfectly formed leg, lightly brushing against the moist flesh between her spread legs and down the other leg to a well turned ankle.  The intruder smiles gleefully as the girl arches her back in a vain attempt to escape his probing hands, exploring every inch of territory before him.  Slowly and with a great deal of care her blouse is stripped away from her chest, button by agonizing button exposing the treasures that lie beneath. 

Firm breasts with rock hard nipples joyfully greet the intruder, unencumbered by a bra just begging to be devoured and savoured like an exotic fruit.  The hot moist tongue of the intruder skilfully plays with one nipple, running a circle around the base of the tasty treat then gently drawing the morsel deep inside a hungry mouth.  Naturally the other nipple gets the same expert attention… so delectable… so utterly delightful!

The intruder pulls away from his snack and grins wickedly down at the naked, bound and now, very aroused girl.  Now my sweet, time to get serious!

The bound captive hears the sound of a tap running in her bathroom and wonders with interpretation what this devious man is up to now.  Within moments she can sense the intruder on the bed beside her, his hot breath warming her neck as he leans over her exposed and helpless body.  The intruder is pleased with himself as he hears a soft moan escape from his captives’ full lips as he gently massages her breasts with a hot towel. 

She smiles inwardly as the hot towel is worked expertly down her body to her by now very wet and alive pussy.  Must have had training as a masseuse she muses, his touch feels heavenly, warm soft sensation all the way done to the tips of her toes.  The intruder makes several trips back to the sink to reheat the towel and does a most complete and satisfactory job in heightening the nerve endings on the girls skin.

The wickedness of the intruder is now evident to the girl and if she could see past her blindfold she would see a man burning up with deep passion, nay lust.  The man is an accomplished tease and he knows it!

A sly smile forms on the intruders’ lips as he takes a small battery powered fan out of his bag and turns it on.  Goosebumps spring up like tiny hills all over the captives’ body as the cool air from the fan cascades across warm moist flesh.  Extra care is taken around the nipples to ensure that these little bullets are at their most sensitive.  They stand out and scream for attention as the intruder relentlessly fans them with his evil little device.

Satisfied that she is becoming highly aroused the intruded stops his little fan torture and reaches for his black bag.  CRACK!! The girl gasps at the sound of a whip!  God! What now?  She quivers with a mixture of fear and longing as the whip is slowing drawn across her luscious frame.  The intruder pays special attention to the girls’ pussy, gently working the tip of the whip across her clit, playing, teasing her trigger to an unbearable level… almost to her limits but never over.

Gently the leather whip tickles the soft flesh of the girl, working its evil magic across her heaving chest and firm ripe breasts.  The intruder takes the handle of the whip and traces her jaw line from one burning ear to the next then places the end on waiting lips.  The lump in the intruders’ pants grows rock hard as the girl takes the whip handle into her mouth and hungrily attacks it!

It is now that the intruder turns his attention to the most sacred of areas, the pulsating mound of hot and soaking wet pussy.  The intruder takes out a small vial of peppermint oil and places a small drop on the tip of an artist’s paintbrush.  It is with this instrument that he plans to drive the poor bound and blindfolded captive to the moon and back!

The intruder, now comfortable in his knowledge that he is in complete control, spreads his captives’ moist sweet lips with one hand leaving her delectable little clit exposed and vulnerable to his touch.  Ever so gently the peppermint tipped brush delicately lands on the girls’ ripe clit spreading the oil oh so completely!  The intruder grins devilishly as his bound beauty arches her back in shear agony, the oil of orgasm spreading like a prairie fire!

His wicked little deed complete, the intruder places the tip of the brush into his mouth and sucks the sweet juices from its bristles, relishing in the flavour of peppermint and love nectar.  Satisfied, the intruder starts to paint the girls wet throbbing lips with the warm moist brush.  Around and around, up and down, the wicked man takes his time working on the girls love box bringing her close, sadistically close to orgasm. This cunning bastard however always seems to know exactly when to back off his torment! 

The tightly bound and blindfolded girl breathes a sigh of relief as the intruder stops his brush torture, finally able to catch her breath and settle her pounding heart.  This reprieve last but a very short moment, barley long enough for the poor bound captive to gather her wits.  The girl throws back her head in ecstasy, a large dimpled smile on her flushed face as she hears the unmistakable sound of a buzzing vibrator and an evil chuckle from her tormentor!

A scream of pure delight from the girl echoes off the walls of the bedroom as the vibrator is slowly and meticulously inserted into her ready pussy.  Oh my!  The rope bonds of the girl are sorely tested as she struggles like a wild cat to escape the grip of the instrument of pure pleasure.  Hands and ankles fighting feverously with the ropes searching for an avenue of escape to absolutely and utterly no avail.  The intruder has done his work well and all that the violent struggling has accomplished is even tighter bondage for the poor girl.

The intruder holds the active vibrator tightly all the way into the girl with the palm of his right hand, his left looping a long length of rope around the girls slim waist.  The rope is knotted in front of the girl, the end brought down between her legs and over the base of the vibrator.  A warm steady hand loops the end of the rope through the back of the waist rope and then brings it back between the captives legs, over the base of the vibrator once again, pulling tightly to force the vibrator in as deep as possible, then finally tied off in front just under a cute belly button. 

With the aplomb of a great artist, the captor applies the brush to the underside of the girls soaking wet pussy, drinking up as much of her love nectar as the tiny brush will allow and then applies it to the soft and inviting soles of her delicate feet.  Small circular motions from the moist brush cover every square centimetre of her ever so inviting feet.

From time to time the brush is remoistened from the ample supply of juice from between the girls legs and playfully applied to the most interesting of areas on the girls firm young body.  Her nipples, standing so hard and very erect, get the attention from the artist that they so deserve.  Tiny circles of nectar spread so seductively around the base of each wanting nipple only makes them cry out for more!

It is now that the intruder makes his next move, for he too is greatly aroused and is in desperate need of some relief.  The timing is perfect he thinks as he unties the girls’ ankles from the bed and brings them tightly together.  Swiftly and expertly the girls’ knees are bound tightly with a long length of rope, cinched and very tightly knotted.  Her ankles feel more luscious rope being wound around and around them until they too are in complete and inescapable bondage.

The girl groans with delight as she feels the heat of her captor as he leans over her to untie bound wrists from the headboard, blood rushing to sore shoulders as her wrists are brought down to her front.  The intruder manages to release the impossibly tight rope from slender wrists, then suddenly and forcefully rolls the hapless girl onto her belly.  She does not resist as her wrists are crossed behind her back and tightly tied yet again and can only moan as she hears her captor grunt as he cinches and knots off the wrist bondage. 

Elbows are drawn tightly together with yet another long length of rope and finished with special Japanese knots.  As a final touch, the intruder brings the girls tightly bound ankles up to her wrists and secures them in a very strict hogtie. 

The intruder steps back and smiles broadly at his naked and hogtied captive.  The vibrator doing its magic held securely high up inside her by the crotch rope, now even more madding as she tries desperately to force it out.  Being on her tummy all the poor thing manages to do is push the damn thing in even further!

Wondering hands explore the helplessly bound body of the girl one last time before the intruder himself starts to disrobe.  The girl grins as she hears the unmistakable sound of a zipper, the tinkling sound of a belt buckle and the swishing sound of trousers falling to the ground.  A hot wet tongue lashes out and kisses the air in anticipation as she feels this nasty man climb onto the bed beside her.  Strong arms lift the girls’ shoulders off the bed; she delights at the touch of a steely cock brushing across her chin.

~ To be continued~