by Orion1701

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Amelia Ryder was an imposing woman. She was all of five foot six inches tall with the confidence of a marine corp drill Sargent. Her long blond hair hung in a single pony tail as she sat in a rose colored silk dress. Everything about this woman said power and control despite her one handicap. Miss Ryder had been born blind.

They had met the day before when she had walked into the social clubs public space and asked to speak to the management.

"What is it that you want from this?" Thomas asked.

"I've listened to audio books about bondage and helpless women but it's not the same as actually seeing it. In my case I have to touch it, feel it, to understand what it is. I hear the sounds but I don't know why the sounds are being made or what is causing it".

"Is it the bondage you are curious about or BDSM?"

"It's mostly the bondage but the other does fascinate me. I know that bondage is part of BDSM but I don't understand how it differs. "

"Bondage is just that", Thomas said, "someone tied up and helpless. For many people this is enough. The simple explanation is that BDSM is what you do once you have them bound and helpless. I can arrange a closed session with a few girls for you tomorrow if you would like".

"That would be wonderful", Amelia said.

The appointment was set.

Today Miss Ryder entered tapping her cane and wearing a baby blue dress and sandals. Thomas led her to a table with three other women sitting there.

"I'm Kelly", the first woman said, "it's a thrill to be helping you. No one ever came to us like this before".

"I'm Amber", the second girl said shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you."

The third girl took her hand, "Hi Miss Ryder", she said.

Amelia lifted her chin at the sound of a familiar voice. " Brandy? Is that you?"

"Yes Miss Ryder, When I heard you had come here and asked about what we do I volunteered right away. I've heard some of the audio books you listen too and I want to help you".

Thomas looked at the girl, "You know each other?"

"Yes sir", Brandy answered. "I clean her house three days a week."

"You've outed yourself to an employer? You know how dangerous that is".

"Yes sir I do, but she did come to us. Anything I can do to help her is worth the risk. I don't want to hide this from her and maybe I can help answer any future questions she may have."

"Well Miss Ryder this is now in your court."

Amelia smiled, "Actually knowing that Brandy will be part of this makes me feel better. Her loyalty is commendable. We can talk later, ok?"

Nodding his acceptance Thomas said, "Show time girls."

Brandy hesitated, "One more thing", she said. "Miss Ryder, I assume you want to be able to feel the bondage, the muscle tension, and our reactions?"

"Exactly", Amelia said.

Brandy smiled, "I thought so. For that reason all three of us will be naked for the session. Unless your not comfortable with that."

"Actually I would prefer it but I didn't know if it was proper to ask".

"Questions are always welcome", Thomas said. "Knowledge is power and the more you know the safer you can play. Get going girls", he said, "you have ten minutes."

Once they were alone Thomas asked, "Are you really ok with Brandy being here? She's a great girl and I would hate to see her hurt by her decision".

"Brandy is a wonderful girl," Amelia said. "Helpful and courteous at all times. Most of the girls I hired to clean and assist me have taken advantage of my condition. Brandy never has. I have complete faith in her and knowing that she is here and a part of this makes me feel better".

"Good", Thomas said, "now why don't we go see what the girls are up to". With her hand gently resting on Thomas's arm they entered the room.

"Very nice choices girls", Thomas said. "Kelly is on the floor on a yoga mat. She's in a very strict hogtie and looks rather uncomfortable. Be careful of your heels on the mat Miss Ryder we don't want you to fall".

"Not a problem", she replied stepping out of her shoes. "Going barefoot at home helps me to stay grounded and feel my way around". She felt the pad under her feet and knelt down. Reaching out Amelia felt her fingers brush flesh. It turned out to be Kelly's feet. Apparently she was laying on her stomach.

Amelia ran her hands over the bound girls feet causing her to squirm as she brushed her bare soles. Tight ropes ringed her ankles and a short rope connected her ankles to her wrists. Slowly her hands slid up the girls bare legs feeling the tension, and onto her firm ass. Her back was arched every muscle Straining to break free. Kelly's shoulders were pulled back and her biceps strained in the bondage.

"There's rope at her elbows", Amelia said in awe. "The image I'm getting is a beautiful young lady in very strict bondage."

"Yes, very strict", Thomas said. "It does not have to be that way but that is how our Kelly likes it. The tighter the better for her."

"Can I get her to her knees?" Amelia asked.

Thomas stepped forward and lifted he bound girl placing her in a kneeling position.

Amelia moved to kneel behind the bound girl. She wrapped her arms around running her hands up Kelly's naked body. The girl moaned as she squirmed and Amelia felt her wiggle with her entire body. Cupping both breasts with her hands Amelia felt her nipples respond by pushing into her palms.

"Oh my", she said, "you really are enjoying this aren't you". Then she played her finger tips over her stomach tickling her way down. Kelly exploded as she struggled against the ropes. She surged forward but was held tight.

Standing up Amelia stepped back off of the mat. She could hear Kelly moaning and twisting against the ropes holding her. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked.

Thomas chuckled, "No you didn't do anything wrong. I would say you did it just right. You've teased her to the point of orgasm and then pulled away denying her that pleasure".

"Kelly isn't hurt?"

"No", he replied, "just frustrated and helpless". Taking Amelia's hand her led her to the next girl. "Here we have Amber. She is in a tough situation as well. She is suspended in the air just three inches off of the floor".

Reaching out her hand Amelia stepped forward until her hand touched flesh. It felt like a hip. She used both hands to feel her way. Her fingers wondered into the crease between the bound girls thighs for a second. Amber writhed at the touch to her bare sex.

"My god", Amelia said, "shes up side down". Her hands roamed down, or was that up, the bound girls legs. Wide leather cuffs held her ankles. Reaching up slightly above her own head she felt Amber's bare feet. She played her fingers over the helpless girls bare soles making her squirm wildly. Satisfied Amelia moved her hands back to Amber's bare ass caressing the soft flesh. Sliding her hands along her torso Amelia found more rope in an interesting Cris cross pattern around her breasts.

She turned Amber to run her hands from the girls bare ass to follow the curve of her back. That's where she found the girls bound hands anchored to the back of the chest harness. This gave Amelia the freedom to slap her ass without interference. She turned the girl back to face her as Amelia playfully tickled the tender exposed flesh under her breasts.

Amber was twisting and writhing in her helpless position. Amelia stood up playing her fingers over her captives sex to feel how she squirmed. "She is amazing", Amelia said stepping back from the bound woman.

"Yes she is", Thomas agreed, "and hanging up side down is her favorite position too". They walked off together to a corner of the room. "This one is a bit different from the others. Brandy has chosen one of her favorite positions as well and in this case she did it to herself."

"She is laying a couple feet in front of you on the bare floor."

Amelia knelt on the hard wood floor and crept closer to the bound girl. Reaching out she found a leg and followed it to the girls torso. She slid her hands along Brandy's limbs to find a steel shackle on each wrist and ankle.

"There isn't any play in the shackles", Amelia said. "They keep her stretched without any slack, almost as if they were made for her".

"They were", Thomas said. "She bought them and I helped her to install them. They keep her tight and ridged, and they are escape proof. She can lock herself into them easily enough but only the key can free her".

"Where is the key?" Amelia asked.

"Hanging on a small hook in the wall just beyond her head", he answered. "Five feet off the floor and right where she can see them but never reach them. Brandy usually sets an alarm for a specific time. During that time people can approach and look at her but no one is to touch her until after the alarm rings. After the alarm our members would have an hour to tease or torment her until the second alarm goes off. Then we release her".

"Wow", Amelia said as she knelt beside her bound maid. Her hands moved to the bound girls breasts teasing and pulling gently at her rapidly stiffening nipples. Amelia's fingers tickled down her ribs and across the flat plane of her stomach. Brandy squirmed from the attack but had no where to escape to.

Amelia moved down to her bare feet and raked her fingernails over the bare soles there. Brandy squealed as her feet were tickled. Then Amelia moved up between her spread legs and touched the helpless girls sex. Brandy shuddered as the fingers teased her sex without penetrating.

Amelia stood up and stepped away from the bound woman. "Thank you", she said, "all of you for what you've done for me today. I have a better understanding of it all now".

A door opened and Amelia heard the clink of chain and bare feet on the wood floor. "This is Tina", he said. "She helps out and does some cleaning for us. Her usual costume is a silk harem outfit and a sirik. "

"Whats a sirik?" Amelia asked.

Thomas led her hand to the girls steel collar. A chain ran down to her ankles. At waist level was a set of handcuffs attached to the chain and a set of ankle cuffs completed the assembly. She was chained with limited freedom to move.

"The girls all need released", he told Tina. "Kelly, Amber, then Brandy."

"Yes sir", the slave girl said. "All three will get their release."

Thomas handed Amelia her shoes and escorted her out to the social hall again. "Will the girls be joining us?" she asked.

"Perhaps but it will be about thirty minutes yet."

"You told Tina to release them didn't you?"

"Well I told her that each woman would need a release but she won't untie them until after the release. A release from their frustration not a release as in their freedom."

"Oh you mean, Oh my. She is going to give them a, oh, really?"


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