Into The Game

by LFW

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Storycodes: bond; vr; MM/f; anal; toys; insert; reluct/cons; X

Sabrina was giddy with excitement as she fumbled to get her keys into the lock of her apartment door. The package she had waited for so long was finally there, laying at her feet. The small yellow padded envelope was unassuming, but she knew the box inside was the beginning of the future: and she would be one of the first to try it out.

Sabrina burst into her apartment making a hobbled path to the kitchen island as she removed her shoes mid stride and threw them towards the bedroom. Reaching the island, she unceremoniously tossed her purse and keys onto the counter and began to tear into the envelope. The small box she found within was no bigger than a wedding ring box, black, and non-descript. A folded piece of paper was the only other thing in the envelope. She unfolded the paper and began to read.

“Congratulations on your selection to alpha test VR-ware’s new Sense-Link device. Inside the box you will find the link device and a charging cable. Before continuing to connect the device to your account, please plug it in to achieve full charge. This should take less than 30 minutes…”

Arg! Sabrina hated that so many things needed to be charged before she could use them. Her phone, her car… her favorite vibrator. Why were batteries so inconveniently never charged? Then again, wires sucked too, always wrapping around things at the worst possible times.

Sabrina opened the box to find a small (not much bigger than her thumbnail) ovular shaped puck with a single led on it, and a USB cable adapter. She quickly connected the two and plugged them into a charger she had on the end of the island. She stood for a moment, watching, as the led came on blue, and then began blinking red. Deciding that it must be charging she headed for her room to change out of her work clothes and into something more comfortable.

Sabrina’s job as a bank teller meant that she went to work as a well-dressed professional. Conservative but fitting white blouse, blue knee length skirt, stockings, heels, and well-kept mid-back length light brown hair. It also meant that she was paid well, had decent benefits, and of course, banker’s hours. This last bit was the most beneficial as Sabrina’s real passion was video games.

As a little girl, Sabrina had grown up playing Nintendo, then PlayStation, then Xbox, and eventually PC games. She excelled at them naturally. Any game she played, she enjoyed, and most of them she did well at. Puzzle games, sports games, shooters. She loved them all. When she wasn’t playing or working, she was reading about games or going to conventions.

Though she could have, Sabrina never went pro. She considered doing so in college before deciding that the competition would be fierce, the money hard, and the lifestyle short lived before newer and younger gamers dethroned previous generations. Not to mention, making gaming a business would take the fun out of it!

But pro or not, Sabrina was a gamer at heart. Which is why the woman who emerged from the bedroom was no longer the tidy professional who had gone in, but instead the all comfort and ready to play woman she really was. Her white oversized Yoda t-shirt hung loosely off her shoulders and draped from her recently un-restrained breasts. Her nipples excitement at their newfound freedom showed through the thin material, almost as if being tickled by the tips of Yoda’s pointy ears. Thick knee-high socks with several stripes across the tops now warmed and comforted her aching calves and feet and accentuated the length of her legs. Her legs ended just below the t-shirt where, as she hurried about, her black cotton panties with white trim could occasionally be spotted peeking about.

Pulling her hair into a simple ponytail as she walked, Sabrina made her way to her living room. Though, really, it should be called her gaming room as any gamer would have given their right eye to have the rig she kept there. Three large monitors loomed over a multi-colored led-lit keyboard, a mouse that looked like it took its design from a black Lamborghini, and a reclined black leather gaming chair. Sabrina was particularly proud of the chair as she had assembled it herself from a Jaguar’s passenger seat had she acquired from a local scrap yard. She had cleaned it, removed the airbags, added a power supply (so all the adjustments still worked) and mounted it to rails that slid under her rig. Two large PC towers glowing with multi-colored internal lights sat on either side, like rooks watching over her personal battle space. As Sabrina pressed a switch on the underside of the keyboard platform, the whole system came alive with fans, lights, and the sense of electrical power.

Sabrina slid into the chair half side saddle as she waited the few seconds for the rig to boot up. Then she quickly typed in her password and pulled up a browser. The Sense-Link sheet had given her a link to more information, so she went to the address and started reading the instructions and FAQs.

The device was meant to work with the latest VR helmets (she made a mental “check” as she touched her gaming set hanging from the platform next to her mouse). The device had its own power and wireless connectivity. Once placed on the back of the user’s neck, just above their shoulders, the Sense-link would immerse the player’s entire body in the feelings of the game. Any touch, motion, or inertia simulated in-game could be felt by the player, within safe thresholds of course. While playing, the player’s muscle control was safely dampened to prevent flailing during game play. Only the eyes and ears were left to the VR helmet.

The Sense-link could play any current game but, for best experience, they recommended playing VR-ware’s Dark Realm. Dark Realm was a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that already used the latest in VR technology. The high-fidelity world, character body mechanics, and almost limitless range of activities made it perfect for “a real body experience”. All the better as Sabrina was already a long-standing player.

After reading the connecting information, Sabrina returned to her kitchen island and checked on the device. To her satisfaction, the LED had gone solid blue indicating it was ready for use. Unplugging it, she quickly returned to her rig and began the connection process. Log in to VR-ware’s host program, connect via wireless, register (always a pain), read a bunch of disclaimers, and voila! She was ready to put it on.

Sabrina paused for a moment and realized her hands were shaking a bit. She really was excited, and maybe even a little apprehensive. An alpha test of a gaming device that, in simple terms, could control what you feel and how you move? Nothing could go wrong, right? Taking a deep breath, Sabrina lifted her ponytail from her back with one hand and placed the device at the base of her neck with the other. When it contacted her skin, she jumped ever so slightly as a light tingle, not unlike goose bumps, passed down her body. The device also made a slight electrical sound and she noted that it seemed to leave her fingers and cling to her skin / spine intently.

Sabrina blinked for a minute, wondering if she should be worried. Then she gave the device a light tug, finding it well and thoroughly stuck to her back. Feeling some adrenaline kick in, she pulled up the FAQ page again and went to the attachment section.

“The Sense-link device uses the latest in bio-electric adhesive technology. It will not fall off or disconnect until commanded to do so by your PC or when the battery runs out.”

Ok, so this was normal. As normal as any new technology can be...

Sabrina went back to the host program and asked it to start Dark Realm. It asked if she wanted to try the new link feature and she clicked yes. It instructed her to put on her VR headset and headphones before clicking the ready button. Sabrina followed the instructions and then, using the in-VR display, clicked OK with her mouse.

Almost instantly Sabrina’s body went limp in the chair. Her perceived experience was much different, however. Sabrina suddenly had the experience she was traveling at great speed through a dark tunnel. She could feel vibrations, electricity, and passing air. Then there was a light in front of her, growing as it approached rapidly.

Sabrina blinked in the mid-afternoon sun, breathing intently. As her vision cleared, she became aware she was standing on a small grassy hill overlooking a valley with a small river running through it. She held her hands up in front of her view. Hands. She had hands. They looked like a woman’s hands but were not quite hers. More surprisingly, she could not only see them but feel them and move them with life like dexterity. Following one hand up her arm she felt goose bumps as she teased her skin. Her hand ended at a light leather halter top that hung from her shoulders with great strain. Their strain was from a massive pair of breasts that filled her view as she looked down.

Sabrina giggled, realizing she was now standing as her character, Serina, where she had last played Dark Realm. 5’-8”, athletic but still feminine, and dark haired, Serina was clad in a red/black leather halter top corset and matching thigh length skirt, and black thigh high moccasins with red winding on the legs. Something akin to the Xena Princess Warrior Sabrina had watched as a kid. Serina’s large breasts were a selection Sabrina had made for her own fun and to keep the male players distracted.

Sabrina continued inspecting Serina’s body and outfit. The feel was amazing. The leather and studs, the creaky slip of the moccasins and corset, she could even feel a soft breeze tingling the exposed parts of her legs. Sabrina flushed a bit with the realization she now actually was Serina and showing significantly more than she normally would be in real life. Looking around and finding she was alone Sabrina adjusted Serina’s massive breasts in the corset top. As she did her hand grazed a nipple, sending a shiver down her spine.

Sabrina paused. If she could feel that, then… Sabrina’s hand slowly slipped under her skirt, finding a thin pair of panties. She lightly rubbed the top of her sex and was immediately rewarded. Sabrina flushed deeper and gasped slightly at the sensation. “Damn,” she thought “they made sure it all works!”. Her mind wandered to some of the more lurid places and acts she knew existed in Dark Realm. Sex and related debauchery were easily found in the game, but that was when no-one felt what they were doing. She stood, lost for a moment in the implications.

Then, another breeze cooled her skin and she snapped out of her thoughts and back into her new experience.

Sabrina began walking around. Jumping up and down. Running. Running her fingers through the grass. Rolling down a hill. Dipping her hands and then whole head in the river at the bottom of the valley. It was all incredible. Completely life like. If she could smell, and she hadn’t been there before, she would have thought it was real life.

Thinking of real life, Sabrina realized with a start that she didn’t know how to get to her game menus or back to the real world. Her real body was lying limp in her home. She had no control over a mouse or taking off her head gear. Looking over her person again she noticed the slowly blinking blue light on the inside of her left wrist. Tapping it with her other hand, a heads-up display menu appeared in front of her. Inventory, settings, communications, fast travel. It was all there and easily accessible with some logical hand gestures. Finding the Exit Game option, Sabrina relaxed, closed the menus, and looked around again. Where should she go now?

Over the next several hours, Sabrina explored Dark Realm in her new form. She tried traveling on a horse, chatting with other players at a nearby tavern, and picking a fight with a couple of low-level NPCs. The latter was the most educational. First, she had to learn how to call up her weapons through the menus. Then she realized her standard moves were no longer a keystroke away and she had to pull off her strategies and tactics with her new body and not a few simple button combinations. As a result, she also learned that pain was now as real as the rest of the world.

Serina took a pretty good sword strike to her shoulder during the beginning of the fight and it hurt like hell. It didn’t quite have the sharpness she thought it would for nearly taking off her arm, but it was enough to make her wish she hadn’t picked the fight, and very thankful she had some healing potions in her inventory. The strike had disabled her arm as it would in real life, but the pain and disfunction passed as soon as the potion took it’s course.

Sitting under a tree and eating a simulated apple (not bad, but didn’t quite taste right) Sabrina wondered who else was alpha testing the new link. She would probably be able to tell by the blue menu buttons on their wrists if she got close enough to see them, or possibly just by how they handled themselves more like real people and less like robots. Either way, given it was a new and unwieldy experience, she decided she wouldn’t tell any other players how she was playing for now less she give them an advantage.

As Sabrina was making her way back across the valley where she had started, planning on exploring a near by city, she heard a shrill beeping sound, coming in sets of three. Then it paused, then it repeated. Then again. She had the strange feeling she knew the sound and it was important, but she couldn’t quite place it. Then, as she crested a small hill everything went black.

Sabrina gasped and sat up with shock as her body came out of a deep sleep like state and her mind escaped the sudden blackness. Reaching up, she removed the VR headset and blinked back into the reality of her home.

The backup power supply. That’s what that sound had been. Sabrina cursed herself under her breath. She had been meaning to replace her BPS for some time as whenever the power blinked it almost never kept running as long as it should. Not that the massive power consumption of her rig did anything to help, but it should have done better and a minute or two. And she should have remembered the sound.

Looking around, Sabrina noted the power had come back on and pressed power button on her rig. While it loaded, she grabbed a soda from the fridge. She had other places she wanted to explore as Serina.

Unfortunately, when she managed to get back into the host program and request to start the game an error appeared:

“We are terribly sorry but an error with your account has occurred. Please contact tech support at the number below or try again later.”

“Damnit” Sabrina exclaimed aloud as she reached for her phone. Dialing the number, she was a little relieved when someone answered on the first ring.

“Hello, this is VR-ware support, how may I help you today?”

Sabrina explained she was trying the Sense-link and how the power had gone out and the error she had received. The support agent thanked her for the information and began typing away to see what the matter was. After a few moments, she returned.

“I’m very sorry, but it appears that your machine did not log out due to the power outage and the server thinks you are still logged in. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do until the server recycles for regular maintenance.”

“How long will that be?” Sabrina asked.

“There’s one scheduled for this weekend” the tech responded.

“This weekend?!” Sabrina exclaimed, realizing she couldn’t play again for several days. “There’s nothing you can do to get me back in? What about my character?”

“I’m sorry, there’s not” the tech answered. “As for your character, you appear to be standing in the valley of Ire. A very safe place. I can also put a freeze on your inventory and stats. Effectively you will be indestructible, and no one can steel from you, until you can get logged back in.”

“I finally get God mode and I don’t get to play it” Sabrina quipped.

The tech giggled and apologized again and promised to contact Sabrina if anything changed, giving her a direct contact to use in the VR-ware phone companion app.

Feeling dejected, Sabrina surfed the web for an hour or so before simply crawling into bed and calling it a night.

The next morning Sabrina woke at her usual time, washed her face, brushed her hair, and generally got ready for the day. Dawning a light blue mid length sleeve blouse, black knee length pleated skirt, and black heels, she pulled a banana and diet coke from the fridge before grabbing her keys and purse and heading out the door.

Sabrina’s bank was not far from her home. Only half a mile or so. So, weather permitting, she preferred to walk. Gamers are not known for getting good exercise after all, and she liked the fresh air. The walk today was uneventful and around the halfway mark she found her usual sidewalk trashcan and deposited her banana and empty soda can as she passed.

Just as she was renewing her gate, Sabrina stumbled slightly and spun around with a bewildered look on her face. Someone, or something, had just thumped her on the shoulder. Or so she thought. Looking around in all directions Sabrina found nothing that could be the source of the tap. She was sure, however, that something had tapped her on the shoulder in that familiar two-tap way, though whatever it was, it had been much larger than someone’s finger.

Sabrina spun again. Was she imagining things? She had to be, there clearly wasn’t any other explanation. After another pensive glance around, she continued her path to work, with a somewhat concerned look on her face.

A few minutes later, Sabrina arrived at her bank and passed through the revolving door entry. As was her usual practice, she made for the women’s bathroom on the first floor to freshen up after her morning walk. She stood in front of the sinks and mirror, checking her appearance. Just then, the sensation of a nail being dragged across her skin passed from left to right across her bum, just above the crease to her legs.

Sabrina yipped, leapt, and spun, raising her hands in defense, expecting some pervert to have snuck into the bathroom behind her. Breathing intensely, she frantically looked around the bathroom for the attacker, but there was none. She tilted to one side and then the other, looking into the empty stalls. Again, no one was there. Sabrina swallowed hard, trying to slow her breathing. Convinced the room was empty, she pulled up her skirt and inspected her panty-clad cheeks in the mirror. Maybe a bug? Again, nothing.

Sabrina turned back to the mirror and looked at her now pale face in the mirror. What was going on? First the thump on the walk and now this? She couldn’t be imagining this much, could she? Turning again towards the bathroom, she started a slow walk towards the door in a cloud of bewilderment.

Then she stumbled slightly and froze, eyes wide and holding her breath.

Sabrina now had the unmistakable sensation that a warm and round shape somewhat bigger than a baseball was being pressed into the crevasse at the base of her bum. Sabrina clutched her back side and spun a full 360 one way and then the other, looking for the source of the sensation, but neither eyes or hands found one and no matter how she moved, the pressure remained in place.

Beginning to panic, Sabrina again pointed her rear towards the large mirror lifting her skirt to try and find the intruding object. Before she could lift it all the way, however, a new sensation caused her to gasp. Something large and incredibly stiff encircled and squeezed her midsection from her rib cage to her hip bones. The intensity was enough to make breathing difficult. Wide eyed in disbelief, Sabrina began clawing at her sides.

Sabrina was half bent over and struggling under the perceived grip of… something, when the sensation around her hips lifted towards her chest. Instinctively trying to find relief, she straightened and stood on her toes, feeling as though she was being lifted. As the pressure on her bum shifted from forward to upward, Sabrina’s mind put two and two together. She squealed a rapid “No no no no no!” as one hand clutched her abdomen and the other grabbed at her backside, hoping to stop what she thought would be sure destruction.

The pressure around her waist shifted from up to down and the phantom object behind her thrust upward. Sabrina could only flail open mouthed as the dull object parted her cheeks, seated against her anus, and pressed through. Then her knees bucked as she felt the warm and slightly greasy dome of the object quickly widened her sphincter and plop in with sickening ease before sliding the length of her forearm into her core.

Sabrina had played with dildos and other toys since early college. She regularly enjoyed having things in all her passages, sometimes all three at once, and had let one of her past boyfriends take her from behind several times. But this? This felt orders of magnitude larger than anything she had ever experimented with, and it it’s bumpy surface throbbed as if it was alive.

Sabrina knelt, mouth agape, clutching her stomach and bum, for several seconds before the pressure downward returned on her hips. As the sensation in her bum shoved further inward, Sabrina croaked, feeling as though the object had punched her diaphragm from the inside. The ache of being wrapped around the large throbbing member was immense but nowhere near the sensation of tearing flesh she had anticipated. She felt like she had sat on one of those phallic posts that protect store fronts from crashing cars. It hurt for sure, but it was the sensation of fullness and rigidity that overwhelmed her senses.

A second later the pressure reversed, and the phantom object pulled out to where its slightly bulbous tip pulled at her exit. Sabrina fell forward and moaned in momentary relief but two seconds later it reversed again and pushed another croak from her core.

In, then out. In, then out. Every 2 seconds filling Sabrina’s core then ripping itself out.

Then after 10 or so cycles the pace increased to once per second.

Then to twice and then three times a second.

By 45 seconds in, Sabrina was shaking on the floor in time with 4-5 thrusts per second. She could only croak and groan while trying to breath, still wide eyed and mouth agape in the shock of it all. She had just enough thought capacity to recognize the pattern and wonder when the ending would arrive.

Then it came.

Just as suddenly as it had started, the shaft halted it’s cyclical torment and drove deeper than ever before into her core, pushing hard against her diaphragm. Sabrina clamped her eyes and mouth against the pressure as the sensation of a massive pair of warm posts pressed against her seat. Then her body shook against the throbbing of the impaling member and the sensation that a warm ball was rapidly growing in her stomach. Sabrina’s tongue lulled out in a gag as she struggled to breath against the growing pressure.

Sabrina felt like she had sat on a telephone pole, eaten the largest bowl of hot ramen soup ever, and was on the edge of exploding. An eternity passed before the grip finally pulled upwards and the intruding object retracted. As it exited her rear with a significant popping sensation, she sucked in a heave of air and fell to her side on the cold tile bathroom.

She lay on the floor breathing heavily and staring blankly at the wall. Then she felt a slight cramp. Her face scrunched slightly as she felt a massive glob of fluid leave her bum and slide sickeningly down the backs of her legs.

This couldn’t be real. But it couldn’t be a hallucination. There was nothing in the room with her. Was she just going mad? She sat up to try and take stock of her situation.

Then she froze again. There was a light breeze cooling her thighs.

Sabrina’s eyes went wide and she clawed furiously at the back of her neck. When her fingers found the sense-link puck she ripped at it with all her might. Instead of coming off, her effort resulted in a sharp pain in her neck and a wave of nausea passing over her body. When it passed, she tried again, with the same result.

Her breathing was frantic now with new desperation. This thing was doing something to her and she needed it to stop. But what and how? Then she remembered the phone companion app.

Some tasks in Dark Realm are time consuming and can be performed autonomously by one’s character: mining, farming, traveling by boat. Hence, the companion app was created to allow a player to read their stats, communicate to friends, and observe their character while not sitting at a PC.

Sabrina climbed to the sink and found her purse. Dumping it open, she picked up her phone and pulled open the app. After several shaking seconds she managed to login and find the character view.

The view opened to show Serina standing at the ready and looking out over the green valley of Ire. She looked normal until Sabrina noticed green streaks down the back of her legs and the puddle of the goo at her feet. Spinning the view from rear to front Sabrina paused, then bared her teeth and growled.

Towering over Serina from behind was a giant half man, half Orc. Three times the size of Serina, the brute was clad in dark leather pants and light green skin covered in tattoos. The pants were open and a phallus the size of a normal man’s calf hung half flaccid from his open barn door.

Worst of all, Sabrina recognized the tattoos.

Opening the chat app, she typed furiously:

Serina: Wolf you fucking bastard! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!

Wolf: Oh, hey Serina. Nice to see you too! What are you doing logged in and AFK on a weekday?

Serina: What are you doing ass raping me you filthy fuck?!

Wolf: Um, you were AFK, aaannd you didn’t seem to mind when we did it last week. You said it made you feel kinky to watch our characters get it on.

Serina: I didn’t feel it last time!


Wolf: come again?

Serina: I felt that you bastard!

Wolf: Huh?!

Longer pause

Serina: I’m trying the new sense-link. Last night my power backup croaked and kicked me out of the server, but the server thinks I’m still logged in and the link is still connected to my character.

Wolf: Cool! Or, not… So why are you still wearing the link?

Serina: I forgot I was wearing it and when I just tried to take it off it made me sick.

Wolf: Hrm. Battery life?

Serina: Days?! I don’t know. I’m panicking here. I’ve got to get this thing off me. I can’t work like this.

Wolf: Can’t tech support just kick you out of the game?

Serina: I can’t get back in to log out until the server does a reset. They made me invulnerable but otherwise Serina is helpless.

Wolf: WTF!

Serina: Seriously!


Wolf: So, it was good for you?

Serina: Fuck you! Don’t touch me again.


Wolf: Sorry.


Serina: There was no way you could have known.


Serina: That dick of yours is ridiculous.

Wolf: The orc-women love it. :-D

Serina: Watch my back while I get ahold of tech support. Would you?

Wolf: Sure thing. [Serious face]

Sabrina pulled up the tech support contact the tech gave her and began to quickly type an explanation of her situation… minus the Orc rape/sex part.

Tech: Oh my. That’s definitely not supposed to happen. The link is designed to not come off until commanded by your account. It can be quite painful if forcibly remove mid game. It has its own wireless connection to the game servers, but it shouldn’t be able to give you sensations while not in game.

Sabrina: Well, it is! How do I get it off?!

Tech: I don’t know. I’m going to have to talk to the engineers. I know you’re probably worried but I’m going to have to get back to you.

Sabrina: Yeah! Well… Hurry

Tech: I promise I will.

Sabrina returned to Wolf.

Serina: They don’t know what’s wrong. They're “working on it” [pissed face]

Wolf: Wow. That’s crazy. Now what?

Serina: I have to get to work! But I can’t get raped by another Orc while I’m depositing someone’s check. Can you guard me for a few hours?

Wolf: I gotta log off soon… but I have an idea. I can carry you to the next town over and store you in a locker I have there.

Serina: Creepy. But better than standing in an open field. Just keep your hands off my parts!

Wolf: Take all the fun out of it! [tongue out face]. I’ll be a perfect gentleman, I promise.

Serina: you’d better…

Serina put the phone down and took stock of herself in the mirror. Other than a light sweat, she looked better than she felt. Checking her body, still in some disbelief, she expected to find some fluids or at least some disheveled underwear. But everything was as it should be. The pain had all disappeared as quickly as it had started.

Looking back into the mirror Sabrina took a deep breath trying to regain her composure to get ready to leave the room. Then she croaked again and grimaced.

The grip on her waist had returned followed by a lifting sensation and a thud to her abdomen. Then a cyclical bounce against her mid-section.

Clearly Wolf had lifted Serina onto his shoulder and was trotting off to the nearby town. It was the light pressure of his massive hand on her bum that made her grimace, but she let it go realizing there probably was no other way for him to move Serina.

Fighting the unusual sensations of being carried, Sabrina walked slowly and shakily out of the bathroom and headed to her station. Once there she focused on trying to start her day and ignore the sensations she was still feeling. How would she keep this to herself and do her job? How would she get back in and disconnect? How long could the batteries on the link last?

Twenty or so minutes later, shortly after Sabrina’s first customer had come and gone, she felt another lifting sensation followed by a dull thwack to the back of her head. Sabrina let out a muffled “Ow!” and rubbed the back of her head. A second later her phone chimed.

Wolf: Sorry.

He was doing his best and she was glad to have him. It would have been far worse if some psychopathic NPC character had found her instead of him. It wasn’t called Dark Realm for nothing, after all.

Wolf: You’re in the locker. No one can get you without my key.

Serina. Thanks Wolf. I owe you one.

Wolf: one…?

Serina: Don’t push it, pervert :-P

Wolf: push, push, push :-D I’m off. I’ll check in on you later tonight.

Serina: Thanks.

Sabrina struggled to focus on her work. The thought that something could touch her at any moment kept her on edge, and she kept re-living Wolf’s taking of Serina. More than once she froze mid-sentence while helping her customers then jumped when they prodded her and they asked if she was OK. She assured them she was, but she knew better.

Her thoughts kept going back to the sensations Wolf’s member had given her. There hadn’t been nearly the pain she had expected, and it had moved inside her far too easily. When she considered this, she remembered watching when Serina and Wolf had coupled in game before. Game characters weren’t real. Simulating a real body’s insides wasn’t easy or necessary, so game developers treated their characters like anime. Absurdly flexible, durable, and… slippery? What she was feeling was not a simulation of a real pole going in her really body, but a cartoon version of Wolf’s member going into Serina’s. Her reactions to the sensations, though, were real. Her body had instincts, after all.

Then there was the question that really bugged her… had she liked it?

Sabrina’s sexual endeavors with men had been mostly vanilla, except for her one `anal` experience. The result of that experience, however, had expanded her range of solo activities significantly. While she didn’t own a dildo more than 2 inches in diameter, she had several and loved using them regularly. One of her favorite scenarios was placing one in her front, one in her rear, and grinding her hips on a stack of pillows while rubbing or vibrating her clit and sucking / deep throating on a third. She had never put words to it before, but apparently, she loved being as full as possible.

Sabrina jumped as her boss tapped her on the shoulder. She told Sabrina she looked spaced out and flush with a fever. Sabrina assured her she was fine and apologized for being distracted. After some resistance, she accepted Sabrina’s explanation and walked away. It was then that Sabrina realized she was wet.

Making her way to the bathroom again, Sabrina shook slightly as she closed the stall door, sat on the seat and began to dry herself. Had she liked it? Was something wrong with her? Was this normal? Could she do it again? Should she? She needed more time to think and calm herself down.

Sabrina made her way to her boss’s desk and asked for her lunch break then quickly made her way to the sandwich shop across the street. She sat alone, slowly chewing her food and staring at her phone.

Serina: Anything new?

Tech support: Well, yes and no. The engineers say this scenario shouldn’t have happened and they need time to figure out how it did. In the meantime, they’re pretty sure either the server reset or the battery running out will cause it to disconnect.

Serina: Arg. Any idea how long the batteries will last?

Tech support: Based on the model # you were shipped and assuming you fully charged it… several days.

Serina: …

Tech support: I know. I’m sorry I don’t have better news. I promise the engineering team is working overtime on figuring this out. I see your friend put you in a storage unit. That’s a great idea.

Serina: His idea. Lucky it was him who found me.

Tech support: Indeed. I’m glad too. Again, I’m so sorry about this and I’ll let you know as soon as I have something new.

Sabrina finished sipping her soda and headed back to the office. The rest of her day was equally distracted and she made several more trips to the bathroom over the course of the afternoon.

Serina: Wolf, you on?

Wolf: Hey! Yeah, I’m here. You doing ok?

Long pause

Serina: I want you to do it again.


Wolf: Say again?

Serina: Yes, I want you to do it again.

Wolf: Um, I thought it was painful?

Serina: Well, kinda. But I think it was more because I didn’t know what it was or knew it was going to happen.

Wolf: but… I’m the pervert?

Serina: I know. I’m sorry I called you that. We… had a thing and it was fun and you thought that’s what you were doing. It wasn’t your fault and I shouldn’t have lashed out at you.

Wolf: Thanks for saying that but… why do you want to do it again?

Serina: I need to know…

Wolf: know…?

Serina: If I liked it.

Long pause

Wolf: Um… ok. What do you want me to do?

Serina: Just get Serina, take her somewhere private and… do what you did, again.

Wolf: Ok. Give me a few minutes to get back to town.

Serina: Thanks, Wolf.

Wolf: Hey, I like watching in-game smut too [tongue out face]

Serina: Obviously [wink face]

Sabrina sat on her bed in a black T-shirt an a pair of white panties shivering in anticipation. She had spent the afternoon considering and reconsidering what she had felt and thought. She had almost run home after deciding she needed to feel it again. It had taken most of an hour and a shot of her favorite libation before she had mustered the courage to ask Wolf for help. Now she just had to wait. She was the most nervous she had ever been.

A few minutes later, she felt the familiar feelings of Wolf hefting Serina’s body and trotting out of town with her on his shoulders. This time she mildly enjoyed the feeling of his palm massaging her bum as he bounced along. It only added to her state of anticipation.

Then she felt him put her down.

Sabrina pulled up the app and looked at where they were. Wolf had taken them to another location in the valley of Ire. It was evening, just getting dark, and he had picked a dark area under the overhang of several large trees. She’d have thought it romantic under other conditions.

Wolf: Good spot?

Serina: Yeah, perfect.

Wolf: So, like should I put on some music or something?

Serina: No, I just really need to feel it again. Just… do what you did before.

Wolf: Now?


Wolf: Not now?

Serina: Yes. Now please.

Wolf: Ok.

Sabrina placed her phone down beside her on the bed and laid down. Her eyes were wide and dilated. Her breathing short as she hung in anticipation.

Sabrina’s hips jumped slightly as the nail dragged across her bum and Wolf pushed Serina’s panties to the side.

Her mouth opened and she breathed a short “AH!” as the tip of his member seated.

Then it closed as she gritted against the immense grip on her waist.

She squealed ever so quietly as she felt lifted and then…

“Ahhhhgnnn!” She felt her body convulse as Wolf’s member filled her core. She grabbed at her stomach expecting to feel its tip bulge from her skin. As the slow but mechanical motion started, she breathed “AH!” then gritted “hgn!” with each motion. As its quickened pace her hands alternated between holding her abdomen and tearing at her bed clothes, her face a wide eyed and open-mouthed expression of torment and ecstasy.

As the pace quickened, her disorder increased. When it quickened again, she bent her legs and tried to push herself towards her headboard, her head craning back and her hands dragging the bed clothes with her.

A gasping croak emanated from her body as the motion stopped at full extension and she felt Wolf’s seed overwhelm her stomach.

“No! No!” she moaned as the pressure released and the member was pulled from her core. She frantically clawed to find her phone.

Serina: Again! I need it again! It wasn’t long enough!

Wolf: It’s a fixed 60 second gesture.

Serina: I need it to keep going!

Wolf: If only girls said this to me in real life…

Serina: Just do it already!

Wolf: Hold on! I’ve got an idea… Just give me two minutes…

Sabrina groaned. She needed it now, not two minutes from now. She tried rubbing herself to keep the edge on till he did it again. Then she had an idea.

Sabrina leapt from the bed and began tearing through her closet. A few seconds later she threw a blue long-line corset on the bed. A few seconds more and she was dumping a medium sized plastic bin full of her sex toys out next to it. She threw the bin on the floor and hurriedly ripped off her shirt and panties. Grabbing the corset, she tugged the black laces open and wrapped it around herself. Starting at the top, she hooked each metal clasp on the front before violently tugging on the laces in back with a wild grunt. It took several cycles of tug, adjust, pull top laces, pull bottom laces and tug again before she was satisfied it was as tight as she could get it, her breathing now coming in short huffs. She finished it’s placement by reaching in and adjusting her breasts under each cup before running her hands up and down her sides several times in satisfaction.

Next she dug into the pile of toys. She pulled one blue and one black dildo, each a little over an inch and a half in diameter and about eight inches long and threw them to the center of the bed. Then she found another red dildo with a suction cup at its base that was longer and more slender than the others. Finally, she grabbed a corded magic wand vibrator and plugged it into the power strip next to her bed side table, tossing the vibe in the center next to her other selections.

Hungrily, Sabrina opened her bedside drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Then she swept the remaining pile of toys and gear onto the floor before climbing to center of the bed and facing the headboard. Grabbing the blue dildo she parted her labia with one hand and pressed the dildo in with the other, no lube required. Then, grabbing the black dildo she squirted it heavily with lube, rubbing it around with her hand before tossing the bottle aside. More slowly this time, she parted her cheeks with a hand and positioned the shaft with the other before slowly lowering herself onto its shaft in a bent knee seated position. She moaned hungrily as it slipped in. It had been there before, but it still made her feel full and stretched.

Reaching between her legs to hold the members in place with one hand, Sabrina rose on her knees and grabbed pillows with her free hand. She stacked several between her legs and sat down again. They now held the dildos in place and kept her seated with knee-bend to spare. Lastly, she grabbed the red dildo and thumped its suction base onto the wall in front of her face before groping behind her for her phone.

Serina: Well?!

Wolf: Yeah yeah! I’m back. I copied and modified the gesture macro so I could control the variables. I can use some sliders to keep it going, control the pace, and climax when you want. If only it were this easy in real life!

Serina: Great. You’re a genius. Now shut up and fuck me!

Wolf: Damn… yes mam!

Sabrina closed her eyes and gripped her headboard with both hands. She breathed in quick but powerful huffs through her nose as she bit her lip.

Scrape… “Mnnn!”


Lift….. “Yessssss…”

Drop…. “Uhhhhnnnnn!”

The sensation was exquisite. The squeeze of the corset over the virtual stuffing of her core filled her in a way she could never have imagined. Every throb of Wolf’s member seemed to reverberate through her body as every motion of her body caused the corset to hug and tug at her skin and amplify her sensations. The dildo in her bum could hardly be felt over the virtual version, but the one in her front tugged at her lips and teased her g-spot with it’s tip. Sabrina’s head rolled back and she moaned with each breath. As if aware, Wolf held her fully impaled for almost a minute.

Then the motion started, slow and deliberate as before. Each thrust and retreat soliciting a gasp and then a grit as Sabrina’s body rocked slightly forward and back with each cycle.

Then the pace quickened slightly. This time in a smooth ramp to 1-2 per second.

Sabrina moaned an “mmmHmmm!” as she bit her lip again. Her hips began a slow and small orbital grind on the pillow which caused the dildo in her vagina to thump and rub on her spots within. Sabrina needed more. She fumbled for her phone.

Serina: Nore samn uo!>

Wolf: Okie dokie…

The pace ramped again. As it hit 2-3 times per second Sabrina began cycles of panting and growling as her hips reached a full grind in time with her virtual impalement. She bounced heavily on her seat of pillows, driving the dildos deeper and harder. She spread her knees to get more pressure, attempting to suspend her body on her perineum stabilized by her hands. A light sweat broke out on her chest and she noted through her haze of ecstasy that she could feel Serina’s massive breasts bouncing against their leather supports.

Sabrina freed her right hand’s death grip on the headboard and grasped the red dildo hanging in front of her face. She hungrily stuffed it around in her mouth, coating it with her saliva before finally sealing her lips around it’s shaft and beginning an earnest attempt to swallow it.

Mouth now full, she growled more than moaned as every muscle in her body tried to rub, fill, or stretch her body at the behest of her erogenous zones.

Freeing her hand again, she groped next to her knee until she found the vibrator. Without pausing her grind, she jammed it against the top of her mound, wedging it against the pillows near her clit. Her hand fumbled momentarily as she tried to turn it on upside down then she squealed through pursed lips as it came alive and sent shivers down to her toes.

Sabrina was now leaning forward pushing the red dildo past her uvula and starting to make the turn down her throat. The forward pressure moved her weight onto the dildo in her vagina and accentuated its movements and pressed her clit harder against the thrum of the vibrator.

In minutes, Sabrina was a sweaty, grunting, and desperate animal, helpless to do anything but greedily follow the motion of the virtual fucking Wolf was giving Serina. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t stop. She couldn’t push to climax either. She had no control of the pace and had lost control of herself. She cried and prayed inside for Wolf to finish the job and throw her over the cliff.

Her whole body was aching. Her pillows were soaked in lube and sweat. She couldn’t see, she couldn’t hear. Her body was everything and reaching climax its only purpose. Finally, after minutes that seemed like hours, Wolf answered the call.

The pace of the thrusts climbed slowly. So slowly. Sabrina came back to the moment and picked up the pace in sync. Faster, deeper, harder. Faster. Faster. She was full tilt and growling around the phallus now pressing into her esophagus when Wolf sent it home.

Sabrina threw herself downward and forward. As her lips touched the suction base of the red dildo, her legs extended uncontrollably behind her and her whole body shook. The glob of Wolfs seed pressed any remaining air from her lungs and she simply seized in agony, impalement, and ecstasy. Again, Wolf lingered, and she hung, helpless and shaking, at the front of her bed.

Finally, Wolf pulled out.

Sabrina slid down along her chest, her arms unable to support her, the red dildo sliding from her throat. The vibrator lightly buzzed against her corset as she lay, unable to do anything but breath.

It was several minutes before Sabrina had the control roll to her side and reach her phone.

Wolf: Well?

Wolf: Hello? You alive?

Sabrina: Alive…

Wolf: And?

Sabrina: You’re a god.

Wolf: Eh, glorified button pusher…

Sabrina: The right buttons…

Wolf: Yup. Always knew being geek would pay off! [smug face]

Sabrina: [satisfied face]

Wolf: So… you want to do it again?

Sabrina: I’m going to need a few…

Wolf: Damn… wish I could have seen it. I bet it was hot!

Sabrina: Unbelievable…

Wolf: Damn … excuse me for a minute.

Sabrina: Take your time sweetie [wink face]

The next morning Sabrina woke shortly before her alarm. Laying on her side, her eyes opened and landed on the red dildo and her phone resting next to her. She cooed softly as she rolled to her back. Then, lifting the sheets, she looked down at her body before pulling them over her face and giggling into her hands.

Still clad in her corset and stuffed in both orifices, she kept giggling as she reached between her legs and started rubbing. Minutes later she lightly arched her back and sighed to a soft morning orgasm. The sheets and her legs were still sticky from the night before. A little more wouldn’t hurt anything.

Sabrina lay in bliss for some time staring towards the windows and thinking through the night before. Wolf had returned and she had hungrily taken him up on his offer for more. Wolf had taken Serina 3 more times before it was over.

Feeling adventurous they had tried vaginal and then oral. The former had brought her to several roaring orgasms without any additional real-world accessories. Laying on her back in her corset she had “suffered” through two shaking orgasms, unable to communicate or stop the brutal sensations, before Wolf had sent her into an even harder third with his own finale.

The oral had been pleasurable too, once she had gotten on her knees and backed herself onto another of her larger dildos with a suction cup at it’s base. The only downside, initially, was that after Wolf’s load had filled her stomach, she felt it as Serina heaved it back up, dumping it down her top and over her massive breasts in a giant sticky mess that Sabrina could feel, but not do anything about.

Wolf had shown additional ingenuity when he had suggested they switch from text to voice comms through the app. Then, hearing Sabrina’s discontent at being covered in his goo, he had also shown himself to be a solid gentleman. Picking Serina up he carried her to a nearby creek and proceeded to clean his mess from her leather clad body. The water and attention had been so refreshing, Sabrina had begged for another repeat of their first encounter. When it was over, she had barely had the strength to say thank you before passing out, much less remove the corset or the dildos. Not even the sensations of Wolf caring Serina back to the storage unit in the city had woken her from her exhausted slumber.

Sabrina was pulling the spoiled sheets from her bed, still wrapped and stuffed, when her alarm finally went off. After turning it off she finished replacing the sheets and headed for the shower, the bases of the dildos happily rubbing her thighs as her stuffed hip-swing bent them side to side.

Taking the corset off left her a pleasurable combination of sore and wanting more. She left the dildos in place as she washed her hair and body before reluctantly pulling them from her sticky orifices and giving them all a thorough cleaning.

When Sabrina bounced through the bank doors in her red blouse and black pencil skirt, she was 15 minutes early. Passing her boss as she left the restroom, her boss commented that Sabrina looked much better and even had a glow about her. Sabrina brushed off the “who is he question” and cheerfully got on with her day. She spent much of the day thinking about the previous night, when she wasn’t helping customers.

This time was much better than the day before. This time she felt safe in the locker knowing that Wolf had seen to her protection and better about herself and her new experience now that she knew what they were and were under her control. Well hers and Wolf’s.

That didn’t stop her from getting wet while thinking about it though.

It was during her afternoon break that Wolf found her again.

Wolf: Hey, you on?

Serina: Yeah, stud.

Wolf: Careful, I might start taking you seriously.

Serina: Oh, this is serious.

Wolf: Oh? How serious.

Serina: When I get my account back and these things go commercial, you’re getting one and I’m going to pay you back for all this abuse you’ve been giving me.

Wolf: You’re hot and I don’t even know what you really look like.

Serina: Anticipation will kill ya… trust me, I know [tongue out face]

Wolf: Ha! Well, hey, I’ve got an idea you might want to anticipate.

Serina: More macros?

Wolf: Well, sort of. You know how you can hire a side kick, right? Well, turns out you can copy your macros and gestures to them and control them while still controlling you.

Serina: Ok…

Wolf: So, I got another orc side kick and I modified a bunch of macros. I was think we could… you know….

Serina: Spit me between you like a roast pig over a fire?

Wolf: [wide eyed face] I was gonna say “have a threesome”. But sure, same idea…

Serina: I’m hot already. 7pm?

Wolf: It’s a date!

That last part wasn’t a lie, either. Almost instantly upon hearing Wolf’s idea she had nearly soaked through her panties. Getting through the rest of the day and home without biting her lip or dripping down her leg became a task all unto itself.

When 7pm arrived Sabrina was corset-clad and sitting on her bed. She was shaking again with excitement when Wolf moved Sarina to a private location and started up the voice chat.

Wolf: Meet Wolf 2.0. He doesn’t talk much, but he’s sure to please!

Serina: I bet he is! I want you both and I want you now!

Wolf: Well 2.0, you heard the lady, a man’s work should never wait!

Wolf started with his own character, lifting and stuffing Serina as before. He lingered, listening to Sabrina’s gasps and groans as she was so pleasurably impaled. Then he commanded 2.0 to stand in front of them both and executed the same command.

2.0, as if having done it a hundred times before, lifted Serina’s head by the sides, positioned his member in her waiting mouth, and then stepped forward.

Sabrina, hands and knees on her bed, squealed in pleasurably agony as she felt Serina skewered and lifted by their massive members. She couldn’t imagine a more filled sensation. She could swear the tips of their shafts were pinching her stomach between them.

Then Wolf and 2.0 began to thrust. Somehow, Wolf had synchronized their motions. They both moved in, then both moved out. Then again. Same pace, same steady motion.

As Sabrina felt her insides heave and then empty with each massive motion, her arms and legs gave way and she fell limply to the bed. She kept her mouth open and her head back, artificially feeling as though she could not close it. Her hand found her way to her clit and she began to rub furiously in time with the slowly quickening thrusts. She found her first orgasm long before they did. The feeling of fullness and suspension drove her mad in seconds.

Wolf heard her climax and asked if she wanted to stop. When he heard “huh uh!” followed a few seconds later by the buzz of the vibrator, he knew things were just getting started. Wolf and 2.0 picked up the pace.

By the time they stuffed Serina with their copious amounts of seed, Sabrina was blasting a fourth orgasm of her own.

As Wolf watched Serina empty herself, he could hear Sabrina heaving and panting in recovery.

Wolf: Well?

Serina: You have no idea what I’m going to do to you when it’s your turn you dirty sexy genius you.

Wolf: Wow. Guess I should take up smoking…

Serina: I want it again… just give me a second.

Wolf: We’re not going anywhere, babe.

It was a few minutes before she returned.

Serina: Ok, count to 60 and then pound the life out of me. Vagina and mouth this time.

Wolf: Ok. What did you get?

Serina: Later. Just start counting!

Wolf: 60, 59, 58…

Sabrina had dug into her closet again, found the black and blue dildos, and pressed them into her hungry holes. This time, however, she had also retrieved two belts and two old pairs of pantyhose.

One of the belts Sabrina placed around her hips, passing the other down between her legs and back up between her cheeks, then back again. The result was a snug hold of the two dildos in her nether regions.

The pantyhose she had fashioned into a simple hog tie and placed around her ankles. Having crawled back onto her stomach on her bed and given Wolf the go, she was quickly attaching her wrists to her ankles behind her back. This little piggy wanted to be stuck… bad.

Friday morning found Sabrina waking in an even more unusual state than the day before. Again, she found herself wrapped tightly in her blue corset and stuffed with her favorite dildos (now with a leather harness holding them in). She also found her wrists still tied by the upper half of the night’s makeshift hog tie.

Six times. Six times she had been impaled between Wolf and his doppelgänger. Six times they had pounded her senseless and filled her with their massive seed. Her orgasms had been powerful and countless, squealing in delight and agony as they pummeled her tied body between them. She found herself touching herself again just from the thought of it. The thought of doing it again made her dizzy. She wanted more.

Then, returning from the bathroom, having divested herself of the night’s accessories, her heart sank.

There, lying just below her pillow, was the small silver Sense-link. Obviously, its battery had finally given out during the night and it had fallen off. Sabrina picked it up and studied it between her fingers for several minutes.

That afternoon, she told Wolf that it had come off. He was both relieved, for her safety, and disappointed, having spent the day thinking of more devious ways to thrill her. She was both happy and sad too. She assured him their fun would continue once the server reset let her back in and that her suffering at having to wait would be far worse than his. He agreed and promised to have more surprises waiting for her when she returned to Dark Realm.

After work that day, Sabrina got ahold of the VR-ware support tech and let her know the battery had run out.

Tech: Oh! I’m so glad to hear that. The engineers here have been working night and day to understand how you got stuck but they haven’t figured it out yet.

Serina: Well, at least we know it does come off when the batteries die.

Tech: Indeed. Speaking of, both the engineering team and our legal team would like to talk to you over the phone. Would you be up for that?

Serina: Legal? Why?

Tech: Well, they are worried you might feel damaged by this experience and in your interest and that of the product they would like to make you an offer of reasonable compensation.

Serina: I see…

Tech: Also engineering would like to talk to you about your experience and ask you how they might prevent this problem in the future and make the product better. Would you be up to doing all this? I know it’s asking a lot after what you’ve been through.

Long pause

Serina: Yeah… Sure… Tell legal they can rest easy. I wasn’t hurt in any way that’s worth destroying a good product over. If they really want to make it up to me, tell them I have a friend who wants to try it out… And I could use a new power supply.

Tech: Oh. That’s good to hear. I will pass that on. And, what about talking to the engineering team?

Serina: Tell them they’re looking at this wrong.

Tech: Wrong? How do you mean.

Serina: Feeling while not in the game shouldn’t be a failure… it should be a new feature…


The End

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