by Findar

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Storycodes: M/f; sex; gag; nipple; handcuffs; rope; desk-tie; ballgag; roleplay; toys; stuck; rom; X

Michael checked his tie in the mirror. He looked very much the older junior executive assistant in his dress shirt and pressed khakis. It would have to do, he thought as he picked up his briefcase. He gripped the handle in a suddenly sweaty palm and headed down the hall to the office.

Her office, he reminded himself. The boss who made his life a living hell; the dragon lady.

He knocked gently on the door. A harsh, “Come” was the response he got. He pushed the door open and stepped inside. He quietly closed the door behind him.

The “Dragon Lady,” looked at him from behind her desk. She waved a coffee mug at him. “Can’t anyone in this office make a decent cup of coffee?” she complained. When he didn’t respond she barked, “Well, what do you want?”

Michael eyed her warily. She wore her hair piled up at the back of her head, exposing the milk white flesh of her throat. Blood red lipstick made her seem almost vampiric in appearance. Her white satin blouse was unbuttoned just far enough that he had to work hard not to stare.

“I, uh, I have the sales report you asked for, Alexis,” he stuttered.

“That’s Ms Alexis to you,” she snapped. “Give it to me. I haven’t got all day.”

Michael approached the desk, setting his briefcase on one corner. He popped the latches on his case and opened it. The lid blocked her view of the inside. She didn’t see the gleam of steel beneath the manila folder Michael handed her.

The woman took the folder. She glanced briefly at it and scowled. “These figures are all wrong,” she complained. “Don’t you even know how to do a sales report? Take this back and redo it,” she barked, thrusting the folder back at him.

Michael reached for the folder. But instead of taking it he reached past it, grabbing her wrist. He leaned back suddenly, using his weight to pull her out of her chair and across the desk. Keeping his grip on her wrist with one hand he used the other to deliver a stinging slap on her backside.

Alexis let out a yelp of surprise and pain as the blow landed. She struggled as he continued to rain blows down upon her ass. “How dare you,” she screeched. “You’re fired!”

She threw her free hand over her butt to block Michael’s assault. That was the moment he was waiting for. He grabbed her blocking hand, pinning it behind her back. He then twisted her other hand down on top of it. With one hand he held the struggling woman. The other hand reached into the briefcase for a pair of steel handcuffs.

It took Michael only a minute of struggle to cuff her hands behind her back. She continued to squall at him until he clamped his hand over her mouth. Looking down at her he said quietly, “I treated the rest of the office to lunch out so no one can hear your bitching.” He reached his free hand into the briefcase and pulled out a black ball gag. He dangled it in front of her widening eyes. “But I’m sick of your complaining. So it’s time to shut you up.”

He removed his hand from her mouth, reaching back to grab a handful of her hair. He pulled her head up, forcing her back into an arch. As she opened her mouth to scream he forced the ball between her teeth. He held the ball in place with one hand while the other worked the strap buckle, cinching the gag in her mouth.

Michael stepped back to study his captive. She was still sprawled across the desk. He could see that in addition to the white blouse she wore a tight black skirt that stopped just below her knees. Black stockings and three inch pumps completed her ensemble. She eyed him warily, unsure as to his next move.

“Get off the desk,” he commanded. He smiled as she wriggled back off the desk, enjoying the view as her skirt hiked up her legs. Regaining her feet, she dropped back into her office chair. She regarded him with a surly look.

“I didn’t tell you to sit down,” he barked. “Get out of that chair and come over here.”

She hesitated a moment before rising. Coming around the desk, she stopped a couple of feet from her captor.

“Turn around,” he ordered.

She turned slowly. Uncertain of his intentions, she looked back over her shoulder.

“Face forward,” he snapped. She jumped at the harsh tone, but did as she was told.

Michael reached up for the clip that held her hair in place. He squeezed the clip, freeing her hair.

“Shake your hair out,” he said quietly. He watched as she tossed her head. A cascade of raven black fell past her shoulders. Michael reached out, stroking her hair. He felt her body tremble at his touch. Was it fear, or anticipation?

Michael buried his hand in her hair. With gentle pressure he pulled the woman back against him. He knew she could feel his erection through the back of her skirt. With his free hand he reached around to the front of her blouse.

Freeing the next button on her blouse, Michael slipped his hand inside. He ran his hand over the delicate lace of her bra, feeling the full round breasts it supported. The hellcat of a few minutes before let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

Michael finished his grope session with a tweak of her left nipple. Her indignant squeal turned to a muffled shriek as he delivered a hard slap on her ass. “Walk across the room,” he growled. “Make it slow and make it sexy.” She looked back at him defiantly. “That last one was just a love tap,” he warned her as he raised his hand.

Her defiance quickly turned to unease. With a toss of her head she walked away from him, swinging her hips as she went. When she reached the far end of the room she turned, letting her dark hair swirl about her face.

“Not bad,” Michael grunted. “We’ll make a hooker of you yet. Now come on back.”

Her eyes blazed at the hooker comment. But she composed herself and strutted back until she stood before him. She looked up into his eyes. Making a little motion with her mouth, her intention was clear; remove the gag.

Michael pulled her in close, pressing hard against her. He ran his finger over her lips speculatively. He seemed to think about her request for a moment. Smiling he said, “I don’t think so.” Taking her by the shoulders he spun her away from him.

Alexis found herself facing the desk. From this side she could see into Michael’s open briefcase. There were coils of rope, gleaming silver chains and other things she didn’t recognize. She stepped back, alarmed. But found herself pushed roughly back against the desk.

“Stand still Princess,” Michael growled in her ear. “Or this could get rough.”

He reached into the open case for two coils of rope. He shook the lines out, dropping them by her feet. Kneeling behind her he quickly wrapped each ankle in rope, leaving a long trailing end. Looking up at her well shaped ass he told her, “Spread your legs.”

She didn’t look at him. With a sigh of resignation she opened her legs.

“Wider,” he demanded.

“Hi ant”, she mumbled through her gag.

Michael could see it was true. Her tight skirt limited her movement. He stood up, catching the hem of her skirt as he rose. “I think we can fix that,” he smirked. He hauled up on her skirt, bunching it up around her hips.

With her skirt up he could see the tops of her stockings and the fine black lace of her panties. He gave her backside an appreciative squeeze. “There, problem solved,” he said brightly. “Now spread your legs nice and wide or I’ll fuck you up the ass here and now.”

She looked back over her shoulder, giving him a warning glare. But she did as she was told, spreading her legs for him. The ropes around her ankles were pulled tight by her captor. The free end of each tied to the opposite legs of the desk.

Michael eyed the result, and then knelt to untie one of the lines. He grabbed her ankle, pulling it even further out to the side before retying the rope. Satisfied with the result he stood up, stepping in close behind her.

Michael leaned in against her, pinning her against the desk. One hand slid down between her legs. He began stroking her pussy through the soft fabric of her panties. He smiled as she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

His other hand reached around her body. His fingers began working the buttons on her blouse. He slipped them open, leaving only the bottom two. He tugged the blouse open, exposing the lacey black bra then gently cupped her breasts.

He gave her pussy a none too gentle squeeze, eliciting a whine of discomfort through her gag. He then turned his full attention to her breasts. Sliding the bra straps off her shoulders, He peeled the bra down to expose her breasts.

Cupping a breast in each hand, Michael gave them a gentle squeeze. Pressing his hardened cock against her backside, he fondled her naked breasts. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefingers until they were hardened little buds.

Satisfied with his work Michael reached into his briefcase. She saw him grab the little silver chain there. Lifting it up, he dangled it before her. At each end of the chain was a gleaming cloverleaf clamp.

He shifted his grip, opening the jaws of one clamp. The other hand seized her breast. Realizing his intent she shook her head frantically. Michael simply held her tighter. He slipped her nipple between the little silver jaws. She let out a whimper as the steel closed on her nipple.

Alexis watched with dread as he seized her other breast. The clamp slipped easily onto her nipple. It closed with a pinch that made her eyes water.

Michael released his grip on her tits. He retrieved a coil of thin rope before walking around the desk. Dropping down into her empty chair he said, “So this is what it looks like from the boss’s side. I could learn to like it.”

He uncoiled the little cord. “Lean over the desk,” he ordered. When she hesitated he leaned forward, hooking the chain attached to her breasts. “These are known as cloverleaf clamps,” he told her as he began to pull on the chain. “The more tension you put on them, the tighter they get.”

Alexis could feel the little jaws closing tighter on her nipples as Michael pulled. She closed her eyes, a moan of pain escaping around her gag. She leaned over her desk to ease the clamps pinch.

“That’s better.” Michael said smugly. “You know,” he said as he started tying the cord to the center of the chain. “You’ve been a total bitch to work for. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Alexis saw the string attached to her nipple chain. Knowing that more pain was only a tug away, she nodded in agreement.

“But I think after today we’re going to have a much better working relationship.” He gave the string a gentle pull. “Bend way over. Let’s see you stick your ass in the air.”

Knowing that it was pointless to refuse, Alexis leaned over the desk. She could feel the strain in the back of her legs as her weight shifted forward. She watched in trepidation as Michael took up the slack on the string.

Michael kept steady pressure on the nipple clamps as he forced his boss forward. With her breasts almost touching the desktop he told her to stop. He smiled at her as he tied the free end of the string to the knob on the desk’s center drawer.

Standing up from the chair, he sauntered around the desk. “I don’t think you’ll be standing up without my permission anytime soon, do you?” he asked her.

Alexis stared down at the desk. She shook her head “no”.

She was rewarded with a sharp slap on her ass. “Keep your head up,” he barked at her.

The slap had caused her to jump. The nipple clamps locked tighter on her nipples bringing tears to her eyes. She quickly raised her head, fixing her eyes on the wall behind her desk.

Michael eyed her critically. “Hmm,” he said as he pulled more rope from his briefcase. “I think I’ll give you a little help maintaining that position.” He gathered her hair into a ponytail as he spoke. Taking one end of the rope he wrapped it around her hair. He took several wrappings before knotting it off. He kept tension on the line as he led the free end to her handcuffs. A quick knot was tied to the chain between the cuffs and the excess was led back up to her hair, tied well out of her reach.

Alexis could feel the rope around her hair. She felt her cuffed wrists being pulled up behind her back. But it was only after her captor stepped away that she realized the new predicament he had forced her into. If she tipped her head forward the ropes would pull her hands up even higher on her back. Nor could she tip her head far enough back to completely lower her arms. If Michael decided to swat her on the butt again there was nothing she could do.

While Alexis was exploring the limits of her bondage Michael was retrieving another item from his briefcase. He held it up before her. “Guess what this is,” he said. It looked like a giant pink sperm. It was bulbous on one end and had a tail about six inches long.

Seeing the puzzled look on her face he said, “I’ll give you a hint.” He stepped behind her, tugging her panties down. With his other hand he slipped the device between her legs, pressing the bulbous end up against her vagina. He finished by pulling her panties back up, holding it in place.

Alexis tried to shake her head, “no” but simply got her hair pulled for her trouble. She watched as Michael picked up her cell phone from the desk. He fiddled with her phone as he talked. “Technology has come a long way,” he told her. “That little vibrator I just tucked into your panties is Bluetooth wireless.” He held up her phone for her to see. “And I’ve just downloaded the app to your phone. So I,” he paused as he opened the app, “can control the action from your phone.”

Alexis watched as he touched the screen of her phone. There was a sudden buzzing from between her legs. She let out a grunt of surprise as the vibrator went to work on her pussy. She watched helplessly as Michael ran his finger up and down the screen, each move varying the intensity of the stimulation.

She closed her eyes trying to ignore the pinch of her nipples and the gag jammed between her teeth. She just focused on the orgasm building inside her.

“Mom, Dad? You up there?”

The voice smashed through Alexis’s sexual haze. “Hit,” she mumbled around her gag.

“What the Hell’s she doing home?” Mike blurted as he dropped the phone.

Alex began to struggle in earnest against her bonds. Her husband quickly pulled the gag from her mouth, ignoring the saliva that ran down his hand. Their daughter Cassidy was supposed to be on a school chorus trip to Disney to perform. She should have been gone all day.

Mike started to untie his wife when they heard her voice coming up the stairs. He pressed the handcuff key into the palm of Alexis’s hand. “Here, unlock yourself,” he blurted. “I’ll see what’s going on.”

“Mike wait,” she protested. But he rushed from the room, stopping only to lock the office door on his way out.

Mike met his daughter halfway up the stairs. Looking past her he saw her friend Madison, standing anxiously in the foyer. “Honey, what are you doing here,” he asked.

Cassidy unleashed a torrent of words on her father. But the result of the verbal tsunami was that she had gone to pick up Madison and her car wouldn’t restart. Now they were going to miss the bus to Disney unless he gave them a ride to school right now please pleasepleaseplease!

Mike glanced up at the closed office door. He should go and make sure Alex was all right. But Cassidy was tugging on his arm to hurry up. And he had given her the key. She should be fine. Just a shame to ruin a perfectly good scene though. With a sigh he grabbed his keys off the sideboard.

“Okay, get in the car,” he said.

The girls piled into the car with profuse “thank you’s” and they headed towards the school. It was only after several minutes of driving that his daughter looked over at him and asked, “Why are you wearing a tie on a Saturday?”

End Part 1

Part 2

Alexis couldn’t hear the conversation on the stairs. But she distinctly heard the sound of the front door closing. And the sound of Mike’s car starting in the driveway. Did he drive their daughter somewhere? Or did he loan her his car for some unknown reason?

After several minutes of silence she called his name. There was no response. The house must be empty. Well, except for one partially clad woman with her nipples tied to a desk, she thought ruefully.

At least Mike had removed her gag before running out on her. And although she would have preferred that he had removed the handcuffs instead of the gag he’d had the presence of mind to leave her the key.

She thought wistfully of the orgasm she was about to have before they were interrupted. Perhaps once she got free she’d use Mike’s new toy herself. But first she would have to get free.

Alexis carefully worked the handcuff key from the palm of her hand to her fingers. From there she had to slip the key into the lock mechanism. Had her arms been fully extended it would have been child’s play. But Mike’s creativity with the hair tie put her hands at an awkward angle.

She raised her head, looking toward the ceiling. That allowed her to bring her hands a little below the small of her back. But it was still hard to find the keyhole. Perhaps if she arched her back, she thought, it might give her more slack.

Pulling her shoulders in Alexis raised herself from the desk. And then her nipples exploded in pain. She was so focused on her handcuffs she hadn’t thought about the cloverleaf clamps. Pulling herself back had tightened the clamps on her nipples with vicious force.

“Fuck,” she screeched as the clamps latched on to her. In a purely reflexive action she threw her body back down on the desk. Her breasts hit the desktop, causing the clamps to push up against them. It gave her nipples an additional twist that made her whole body shudder.

Gasping for breath and blinking tears from her eyes, Alexis raised herself from the desk. “Well let’s not do that again,” she muttered. And then she froze in dread realization. The key had slipped from her fingers.

Her first instinct was to struggle. She knew that would be useless. Mike was serious about his bondage. It would be impossible to slip her hands out of the cuffs. So the real question was; where did the key go?

It was entirely possible that she had dropped the key on her back. She hadn’t raised herself that far off the desk to have it slide off, had she? Unfortunately the rope in her hair prevented her from turning her head to look. Alexis began a cautious search with blind fingers. Her skirt was hiked high up on her waist. If the key fell there it would be relatively simple to retrieve it.

Several minutes of searching let her know that the key was not in the folds of her skirt. Did she feel something on her back between her hiked up skirt and her panties? Her fingers probed carefully downward.

And there it was! The tips of her fingers just brushed the steel key. It lay in the center of her back, just above her panty line. Now she just had to get a hold of it.

Alexis raised her head until she thought her neck would break. Pushing hard against the steel of her restraints she pushed her right hand down to seize the key. She felt it with her index finger. Carefully she closed her middle finger, creating a tweezer to trap the key.

She had it trapped between her fingers. Relief flooded her body as she dragged it up towards the cuffs. But her success allowed her to lose focus. The key slipped from her fingers.

If she had thought about it clearly she would have simply repeated the process of finding and picking up the key. But perhaps being bent over a desk half naked and bound clouds your judgment. She lunged for the key, causing it to skitter down her back.

When Mike had tugged her panties down to place the vibrator he hadn’t pulled them all the way back up. It had left Alexis with a bit of a plumber’s crack. With a perversity that was almost sentient the key found it and slipped inside.

“Oh no, no, no", Alexis whimpered as she felt the key slip between her cheeks. Even straining as hard as she could her fingers wouldn’t reach the key. Perhaps she could raise her backside enough to slide the key out?

Steeling herself, Alexis slowly lowered her chest onto the desk. Her tender nipples sent frantic pain messages to her brain, but she ignored them. Straining her body, she raised herself on tip toe until it felt as if she would dislocate her hips.

The key didn’t move. Alexis tried to shake her ass, hoping to dislodge the key. She felt it begin to move. Grunting with exertion she bounced up and down on her high heels. But between one bounce and the next the key slipped down inside her panties, hopelessly out of reach.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Alexis cried. Now she was well and truly stuck.

Alexis tried to settle herself into a slightly more comfortable position. All she could do was wait for her husband to get home and free her. After this fiasco she was not in the mood for any more role-playing.

The problem was there really wasn’t a comfortable position to wait in. When you have time to think about how uncomfortable you are everything starts to be a source of discomfort. Of course the cuffs on her hands were chafing her wrists. And the nipple clamps weren’t giving her a moment's respite from their little jaws. But the constant pull on her hair was giving her a headache. And the high heels were pinching her toes. Yes, she was definitely not in the mood anymore.

Alexis looked about the desk for something to help her out of her predicament. Mike had left her phone on the desk after loading the vibrator app on it. And the phone was plugged in. She smiled to herself. A plugged in iphone meant that Siri could be voice activated.

“Hey Siri, text Mike.”

Mike drove towards the school, trying to focus his attention on the road and not on the woman he’d left tied to a desk. He realized his daughter was speaking to him. “What,” he asked blankly?

“The tie,” Cassidy replied. “What’s with the work outfit on a Saturday?”

“Oh,” Mike fumbled. “I was just trying on some stuff to see if it looked okay. What do you think?”

His daughter looked at him skeptically. “A little on the office nerd side,” she replied. From the back seat came a suppressed snicker.

Resting in the center console, Mike’s phone chirped an incoming message. Without thinking, Mike called out, “Read last text.”

A softly accented voice replied, “I found your last text from Alex. Alex says; I dropped the key. Need your help to find it.”

There was a brief pause before the voice continued, “Would you like to reply?”

“Uh,” Mike stammered, “Yes.”

“What do you want to say to Alex?”

“I’ll be home as soon as I drop off the girls. Sit tight.”

Cassidy looked inquiringly at her dad, “What’s that all about?”

“Ah, the lock on the tool shed. Your mother was going to do some yard work this morning. Must have dropped the shed key in the grass,” he finished weakly.

“Oh,” Cassidy said in a voice laced with teenaged skepticism.

Mike’s mind worked furiously. Here he was driving kids around town while his wife was bent over a desk with her legs spread. Part of him was horrified that he had left her in that situation. Part of him was aroused by that fact.

The last few miles to school seemed to take forever. It seemed every red light was against. But finally they were at the school. They all breathed a sigh of relief to see the bus still waiting in the loop. Mike did his best to ignore the inherent creepiness of getting a goodbye kiss from his daughter while hiding a raging erection.

Mike breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled away from the school. Now he just had to get home and free Alex. But as he drove he thought about the situation. He was sure that she was pissed about being left tied up. It really wasn’t his fault, was it? He’d removed her gag and given her the key. That was really all he had time for with Cassidy coming up the stairs.

He picked up the phone, about to send a message that he was on his way back. There on the corner of the screen was a new icon. It was the app for the new remote vibrator he had slipped into her panties before they were interrupted. His finger hovered between the text and vibrator icons. Maybe Alex could still be in the mood when he got home.

A blare of horns brought him back to reality. He had very nearly blown through a four way stop. Shaken by the near miss he pulled into a parking lot. With a sigh he looked around. There was a Starbucks in the little strip mall. Perhaps a quick cup of coffee to settle his nerves, he thought.

Mike slipped his phone into his coat pocket and got in line for coffee. It would just be a minute, he told himself. It wasn’t like Alex was in danger or anything. She was just tied up, with most of her clothes off, wearing stockings and high heels and her legs spread wide, bent over a desk, wearing nipple clamps; perfectly safe.

Several minutes later Mike was back in his car. He sipped from his coffee and pulled out his phone. Touching his finger to the screen he opened the app. Alex would be pretty uncomfortable by now he reasoned. Giving her a little sexual pleasure would probably make the wait for him to get home a little easier, he told himself. He started the app.

Several miles away the little pink device nestled in Alexis’s panties sprang to life. Startled, Alexis jumped in her restraints. That motion earned a tweak of her nipples from the clamps. “Ow, what the fuck!” she exclaimed.

“Oh my God,” she gasped as the vibrator went to work on her. It seemed to have a mind of its own, varying intensity moment by moment. And despite her awkward position Alexis found herself quickly aroused.

Alexis tried to resist the signals her body was sending out. She really didn’t want to climax bent over the desk, completely helpless. And that was the thought that pushed her over the edge.

She twisted in her bonds as her body spasmed, trying to clench her thighs together, trying to force her pussy up against the desk, trying to force the little vibrator deeper into her. She let out an inarticulate cry as her body shook.

Alexis stood there, gasping as the wave of sensation receded. She felt wrung out from the orgasm and desperately wished she could sit down. The best she could do was lay one shoulder against the top of the desk. It helped to ease the strain on her back while keeping her clamped nipples off the hard surface.

Even though she had climaxed the little vibrator didn’t stop. Now it was simply annoying the nerve endings that weren’t ready for more stimulation. What would it take to shut the damn thing off, she wondered?

Alexis had a sudden inspiration. The vibrator ran from an app on her phone that Mike had downloaded. “Hey Siri,” she called. “Shut off vibrator.”

The mechanical voice responded in its annoying calm voice, “It looks like you haven’t set up any homekit accessories.”

She growled at the phone, “Fuck you, Siri.”

The mechanical voice answered shortly, “I don’t know how to respond to that.”

Alexis could feel the beginnings of another orgasm building between her legs. It was one part pain and one part pleasure as her body tried to keep up with the constant stimulation. “Damn it,” she muttered, “where the Hell is he?”

“Hey Siri,” she called, “call Mike.”

The phone rang loudly in Mike’s car. It startled him enough that he almost dropped the phone. “Alex calling,” the car’s automated system announced through the speakers. Mike pressed the button on the steering wheel, wondering if he could answer the call and still manipulate the vibrator app. He was delighted to see that he still could.

“Hi Alex,” Mike called out. “I got the girls to school and I’m on my way home.”

“Shut up and listen to me,” snarled the voice on the other end of the line. “That stupid toy of yours won’t shut off,” she gasped.

Trying to keep the smile from his voice he said, “That’s impossible.” He pushed his finger on the screen, moving the intensity to maximum and holding it there. He was rewarded with a high pitched squeal from the captive woman.

Alexis gasped out the words as she was wracked with another orgasm. “Just get here,” she panted. “And get me out of this!” She let out an anguished groan. “It’s starting again, fuuuck!”

Mike was stopped at an intersection. He noticed the woman in the next car string at him. She could obviously hear Alex on the speaker. He eased off the vibrator intensity for a moment. “Uh, Alex could you kind of keep it down? People in other cars are staring at me.”

The voice that responded dripped acid. “You have me on fucking speakerphone?

Mike ran the intensity up again, enjoying the way it stopped Alex’s outburst. Her angry words became a strangled snarl as the little vibrator renewed its assault on her tender pussy. “I should have her wear this all the time,” he thought to himself. “It really cuts down on the nagging.”

“I’m almost there,” he said in a calming tone. “Just stay on the line and try to keep your voice down.”

Alex’s only response was a shuddering whimper.

Ten minutes later Mike pulled into the driveway. He had driven the speed limit and come to a complete stop at every stop sign. Alex had treated him to another forced orgasm on the way. He stood outside the car, pausing to adjust the raging erection pressing against his slacks. Keeping his thumb on the control screen he headed into the house.

Mike took the stairs two at a time, rushing up the stairs. He grabbed the doorknob, only to find it locked. He’d forgotten that he’d locked the door when he left.

Hearing the doorknob rattle, Alexis called out, “Mike is that you?”

“It’s me,” he called back. “I just have to unlock the door.” With one hand he reached above the door frame to reach the key. The other hand still worked the vibrator app.

“Well hurry up,” she yelled. “This thing is killing me!”

Key in hand, Mike opened the door. Crossing the room he could see Alex bathed in sweat. Moisture dripped down her legs, soaking the tops of her stockings. And she was still helplessly bound to the desk.

Alexis couldn’t even turn her head to see Mike come up behind her. But she felt his hands as he pulled down her panties and yanked the vibrator from between her legs. She saw the deactivated vibrator tossed onto the desk before her. What she missed was him slipping his phone into his pocket.

“Oh thank God,” she sighed as her tormentor lay inanimate on the desk. “Now get me out of this,” she said, rattling her handcuffs. “I feel like my nipples are about to fall off.”

“Alexis,” Mike said quietly.

“No,” she blurted. “I’m done. No more Alexis.”

“But I’m not done,” he said as he picked up the ball gag from the desk.

Alex watched helplessly as he pressed the ball to her lips. She clenched her teeth tightly, snarling “No”. But Mike wasn’t giving up. With his free hand he delivered a stinging slap to her exposed backside. Alex gave an indignant yelp.

That was the opening Mike needed. He quickly shoved the hard ball in her open mouth. Holding it in place with one hand, he buckled the strap tightly around her head with the other. Alexis’ cries of protest were quickly turned to gibberish.

With her gag in place Mike morphed back into Michael, the harried employee. He sauntered around the desk, seating himself in the leather office chair. Leaning back in the chair he looked Alexis in the eyes. “Tough day, Boss?” he asked smugly.

When she mumbled, “Fuck you” through her gag Michael leaned forward. His fingers hooked around the chain of the nipple clips. Her eyes widened as he applied gentle pressure.

“I think what you really meant to say was, “Fuck me. Wasn’t it?” For emphasis he gave a little tug on the chain.

Alexis winced at the tension on her sore nipples. She nodded her head ever so slightly.

“Then you should say it. Say ‘fuck me like the whore I am’.”

Alexis knew she had no choice. She mumbled, “Huck he hike ha hor hi ham.” She could feel saliva slipping around the ball in her mouth and running down her chin.

Michael smiled as he stood up. Walking back around the desk he said, “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He stepped up behind her. “You just had to admit the fact that you’re a mean spirited bitch that slept her way up the corporate ladder.” He began stroking her exposed backside.

“Confession is always very liberating. But with every crime there is punishment,” he told her, his voice hardening.

Alexis tensed at the word “punishment”. “Hut?” she mumbled.

“I’m going to spank your ass.” He paused for a moment. “I think ten ought to do it.”

When Alexis cried “No” he replied, “Fifteen then? If that’s what you want.” He smiled at her growl of frustration.

“Now I expect you to count the strokes for me,” he told her. “I hope you’re in good voice today. Because only the ones I can understand will count. If you don’t say the number I’ll just keep going.”

Alexis closed her eyes. This whole scene had gotten more intense than she anticipated. She considered using her safe word. But she also knew that Mike’s sexual tension was close to his breaking point as well. She would ride it out for a little longer.

 There was one thing Alexis did need before he started on her backside. She mouthed around her gag, “Hipple hamps hese.”

Michael paused. “You want me to pull on your nipple clamps, Alexis?”

“Ho,” she shouted!

“Oh you want them off?” He seemed to ponder the idea for a moment. “Well, since you’re being a good little slut I guess we could take them off for now.”

Alex braced herself as he reached around her. She could feel his hardened cock press against her naked backside. Reaching blindly, Michael fumbled for the release of the cloverleafs. There was a sudden release of pressure on her tender nipples. She let out a groan as pins and needles of returning circulation flooded them.

Michael dropped the clamps on the desk. Pressing himself hard against her he cupped her breasts in his hands. He enjoyed her sounds of distress as he kneaded the tender flesh. He tweaked her nipples, forcing her to jump in her restraints.

Alexis tried to stand, pressing herself against Michael. Her back ached. She wanted to stretch cramped muscles. But Michael grabbed her by her bound hair and forced her back onto the desk until her chin rested on its veneer surface.

Michael kept Alexis pinned to the desk with one hand. With the other he worked the buckle of his belt. He could feel her body stiffen against him as he unzipped his pants. She knew what was coming but was helpless to prevent it.

Alexis stared at the wall behind her desk as she felt Michael force himself between her bound legs. As his engorged head touched her swollen lips she whimpered, biting down hard on her ball gag. He slowly buried himself inside her, letting her feel the fullness of his erection.

The bound woman groaned as her tormentor slid slowly out of her, leaving only the head of his cock nestled inside of her. Over her shoulder came Michael’s voice, low and husky. “Beg for it,” he told her.

Alexis begged. She was less than eloquent with her mouth gagged and her chin resting on the desk. But she knew that Michael would hold himself there until she did. She reminded herself that she was Alexis, Michael’s bitch of a boss that he overpowered in her office, that she would do anything to escape this humiliation. And so she begged for him to fuck her.

The first thrusts were sheer torture that brought tears to her eyes. She was so swollen and tender and Michael’s self denial had engorged his cock to the point where Alexis thought she would split wide open. But then her pleasure receptors began clamoring for attention, overriding the pain. She found herself pushing back against him as he thrust into her. The climax brought a primal cry from both of them.

Later they soaked together in the garden tub. Mike had iced her swollen wrists and brought her a large bottle of water to rehydrate.

“Maybe next time I’ll be the executive and you can be the shy intern,” Mike said playfully.

“Mmmm,” Alex purred as she leaned back against his chest. “But let’s skip the handcuffs. How are your knot tying skills?”

Mike’s answer was interrupted by a voice down below. “Mom, Dad, I’m home!” shouted their daughter.

Mike called out, “We’re in the bathroom.”

Downstairs Cassidy muttered to herself, “My parents are so weird.”

The End


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