Internet Dominatrix

by subgamble

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© Copyright 2003 - subgamble - Used by permission

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Internet Dominatrix
by subgamble
Internet Dominatrix by subgamble

Before we can get into this tale, you need to know a few things about  me.  At the time I  was 25 years old and had always been interested in bondage.  I had practiced a lot of self bondage even to the extent of being bound almost 24 hours.  I was really into receiving pain, or the idea of receiving pain.  My dream was to meet a dominant woman that would tie me up with no hope of escape and torture me without mercy.  I was also into  male chastity belts and had purchased a very secure one from a famous manufacturer.  Once I was locked into my Access Denied chastity belt, there was no escape and no sex.  Not even could I masturbate.

I would finish my masters degree in about 3 months.  I would then have about a month of free time before I had to report to my new job.   I had planned to travel throughout the Midwest, U. S, A.   I was dreaming about finding a dominatrix that would really work me over and put me through my paces during this period of free time.  Of course, I figured I would have no such luck.

One weekend I was searching through kinky ads on the internet.  I ran across one that went something like this.

DOMINANT WOMAN 40 is in search of a completely submissive male,  The male I select must be a complete masochist and be willing to become my total slave and property for 2 weeks.  Subject must be completely submissive, spend long periods of time in bondage and be subject to severe torture.  My husband knows and approves of this.  He will not participate.  If you are interested, e-mail me at dombitch666@-------.  In your first e-mail, state your limits.  They must be very high.  If you wish you may cut and paste the bondage check list from and send it to me in an e-mail.

I stared at the ad for a long time.  Should I answer it or not.  It sounded just like the sort of thing I wanted.  I didn't immediately answer the ad.  I turned in for the night with dreams of being locked in stocks and being whipped insensible by a gorgeous dominant woman.

The next day I was so busy finishing up projects I needed to complete for my degree, I completely forgot about the ad.  I came home and crashed.  I was just about to crash for the night.  I remembered the ad.  I walked over and sat down at the computer.  The screen came to light.  I logged on and checked the site where I had seen the ad.  Sure enough, I wasn't dreaming.  The ad was still there.

I decided that I would answer.  After all I didn't have to go through with it.  She would probably have hundreds of answers and wouldn't select me.  I looked at the place where she said the bondage check list could be found.  There was 7 pages of things listed that I could check.  There was over 200 items listed.  I made a file out of it and saved it.  It was now late and I still had a lot of work to do.  I wanted to be sure to complete my classes and could get my degree,  This time I dreamed of being the property of queen.

The next few days was not so busy and I got home early.  I almost decided not to reply to the domina's ad.  I just couldn't get my mind off of it.  I sat down at the computer and brought up the bondage check list.  I decided it would be fun to fill it out.  There were the usual things, bondage, long term bondage, whipping, branding, play piercing, and just about everything else you can imagine.  I checked most of the things, "YES."  There were several things that I didn't understand.  I checked those, "NO."  The only thing I said was a real no. no that I understood was brown showers.

The list finished, I sat back and composed a letter to dombitch 666.  I stated I was an extremely submissive, masochist, gave her my vitals and attached the check list.  I sent the e-mail figuring that would be the end of it.

Several days went by and there was no reply.  I figured, oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I went on with my research.  It was going well.  One afternoon I came in and flicked on the computer.  When my Isp came up it said, "you have mail/"

I brought it up figuring it was the usual spam.  There in the middle of all of the ads was the address dombitch666.  I quickly brought it up and read it.  Basically it said, that I interested her and would I please answer the enclosed questions and send the answers as soon as possible.  I looked at the questions and thought, "OK."  I'll play your game..  I composed my answers some of which necessarily had to be long.  I dashed of the e-mail to her.  The next few days were hectic.  I finally got control of my work.  I looked in the computer and saw I had another letter from dombitch.  This time there were more questions.  I answered those and dashed them off to her.

In short order I got another letter with a phone number in it and a day and time to call.  I did as she said and called at the right time.  The voice that answered was sweet.  I explained I was Todd.  She told me she was Sally and that I was one of 3 she was considering to be her 2 week slave.  We talked for a long time.  I gave her my number and she said if she was still interested she would call.

Several days later the phone rang.  It was Sally.  We talked about what I thought my visit to her would entail.  She went over every item in the check list I sent her.  I told her honestly the things that I would not like.  About the only thing that she mentioned was the brown showers.  I told her I would not do that.

To make a long story short, we had several more talks on the phone.  Finally she told me If I was willing, she would have me as her slave and property for 2 weeks. I agreed.  I had to give her my snail mail address.  I was told I would receive a letter with detailed instructions.

Things went well.  I got my degree.  The day before I received my degree, I got the letter from Sally.  The first part of it gave me instructions as to where to go.  Sally lived in Colorado, on a ranch, south east of Denver.  I was to drive to a certain road that dead ended in a small grove of trees.  I was to bring all of my bondage goodies with me.  She had gone into detail on the phone as to what I had.  In addition, I was to be locked in my chastity belt and have the key.  Sally also had give me her cell phone number in case I got lost.

It was a 2 day drive from where I was located to the place Sally indicated, in Colorado.  I was to drive to the place she marked on a map.  The letter told me there would be instructions to follow once I got there.

It's a wonder I didn't have a wreck on the way.  The closer I got to my destination, the more excited I became.  I had no trouble following the map.  Sally had given excellent detailed instructions.  I pulled into the little grove of trees.  The rock was right where Sally said it would be.  I walked over, lifted the rock and pulled out an envelope with my instructions in it. Buried on the rock was the small iron box with an open lock in its hasp.

I was to completely strip.  I was to have nothing on but my chastity belt.  I was given a list of items to get out of my bondage bag.  I was to put all keys in the box, including the key to my chastity belt.  I was to place the box on the driver's seat.

I was to tie my legs tightly together at the ankles and knees.  I was to put clips on my nipples, gag and blindfold myself.  Then lock my discipline helmet in place over the gag and blindfold.  After I got the hood in place, I was to fasten the seat belt tightly around my body and cuff my hands behind my back.  I got everything in place, including the helmet.  This is where I paused.  Once I locked the helmet, there would be no escape.  The key to it was locked in a steel box.  I hesitated a long time.  I reached up and put the little padlock in place.  I was fingering it deciding what to do.  All of a sudden I heard a tiny, "Click."  Without meaning to I had lock the helmet in place.  At the sound of the click, my cock had become rock hard and was now extremely painful in its prison.  I got a huge adrenalin rush and was shaking all over.  I finally calmed down.  Well it was too late now.  I got the cuffs, put my wrists behind my back and ratcheted the cuffs closed.  I was now helpless.  I hoped that Sally wasn't a myth and would be there.

I don't know how long it was.  I began to panic.  I thought I'll be here until I expire.  This was a very isolated location.  After I had left the hard top, I had not seen or heard an auto.  I struggled and twisted trying to get out of my bonds.  It was no use I was there until someone released me or I died.  Just as I thought I had it, I heard the sound of a vehicle approaching.  It sounded like it pulled next to my car.  I heard voices.  I thought what is going on?  I was just supposed to meet Sally.

The driver's side car door opened.  I heard voices.  I could barely make out what was said.  It went something like this.

A feminine voice said, "It seems like our boy can follow instructions.  Wait a minute I want to redo his arms and wrists with rope.  Then you can go."  

I heard clinks from the key box.  The seat belt was released.  A rope was passed over the back of my neck under my armpits and tied extremely tight at the back of my neck.  Several loops of rope bound m upper arms tightly to my body.  The ropes dug in and hurt.  My wrists were pulled up until my forearms were parallel to the ground and my wrists tied in place.  My wrists were pulled up and secured to the rope at the back of my neck.  I could not move my arms one inch. Sally then  tightened the seat belt around my body.

I heard her say, "There he won't cause any trouble now.  Dear have a good trip.  I'll miss you."

I heard a male voice reply, "Have fun Sally.  I'm glad you have him to work on.  I sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes."

I heard what I assumed to me kissing noises.  Then a door slam, the engine start and a car driving away.  Next I felt the car shift and the drivers door slam.

A harsh feminine voice said, "So Little Boy wants to be dominated, bound and suffer pain.  Boyo I hope you're a real masochist.  If you're not, you'll wish you were. My husband is not into these things.  I must have my cravings satisfied.  Twice a year he has to take a 2 week business trip.  While he is away I am free to indulge myself with a slave.  My husband always accompanies me on the pick up to see that there is no trouble.  Enough chat.  I want to work on you.  I am a true sadist and I really get off my causing pain and hearing my victim scream and yell.  Boy, I warn you right now.  When I work on you don't scream and yell.  The louder the screams are the more turned on I get.  If my victim is screaming and begging for mercy it's music to my ears.  I work on him even harder.  Lets get to it."

The engine started and we drove in silence for a long time.  We turned several times.  I had no idea what direction we took or where we went.  Finally we slowed, and stopped.  She killed the engine.  I felt the car shift as she got out.  Soon I felt the ropes on my legs loosen.  The seat belt was released.  I was hauled out of the car and pushed forward.  I was stopped.  A collar was placed around my neck.  I guess a lead was attached to the collar.  I was dragged forward barely able to keep my feet.  A severe sounding voice said, "Boy don't fall or you’ll be dragged."

I heard a door open and felt coolness as we went inside.  I was dragged a little ways.
My lead was fasted high up on something.  I had to stand on my tiptoes to keep from being strangled.  I felt my feet pulled forward almost causing me to fall.  Quickly my feet were roped to a post.  Likewise ropes above and below my knees crushed my legs so hard into the post that I yelled in pain.  My waist was treated in the same fashion.  My arms were released only to have my wrists tied around the post in front of me.  My wrist rope was secured to a ring in the post.  I now could not move.

I heard a vicious voice saying, "A good beginning is a severe whipping and flogging."

Fire bit into my back.  I yelled but all that came out was an mmmmmphhhhhhhh.  Blows continued to fall on my back.  Owwwww it really hurt.  The lashes to my back were the most painful thing I had endured up to this point.  It was not erotic just painful.  Lashes continued fall on my back,  I thought it was being torn to shreds which to a little extent it was.   I struggled.  I wanted nothing more than to get free of my bonds and get out of here.  Soon the same treatment was given to my ass and the backs of my thighs.  I screamed, shook, yelled but could do nothing to escape the fire in my backside.  Finally I was exhausted.  My bondage held me up or I would have fallen to the floor.  I just hung there and let fire flow through my body causing pure agony.

Finally the assault on the back of my body stopped.  My wrists were freed and retied tightly behind my back.  I was released from the post and slumped to the floor.  I was grabbed by the helmet and dragged over to a bed.  My legs were spread as wide as they could be and my ankles fastened to the bottom corners of the bed.  I thought I was being split apart.  My back hurt from contact with the bed.  My wrists were released and my arms pulled out until they hurt and secured to the top posts of the bed,  Sally removed my helmet.

When my eyes accommodated, I saw the most gorgeous woman I had ever feasted my eyes on.  She was completely naked with long blond hair, full lips pert nose, blue eyes and fantastic breasts.   She must have stood over 6 feet tall.  Her legs were long with all the curves in the right places.  My cock stirred in its cage causing me pain but could do nothing.

Sally came over and plopped her pussy over my mouth and simply said, "Eat!" 

I hesitated.  She got off of me and slapped each side of my face hard and again said, "Eat!"

This time I did not hesitate.  Sally ground her pussy and ass into my face allowing me very little air.  She would give me a gulp every once in a while and then settle right back in.  She had me work on her for hours.  She must have had half a dozen climaxes.  I was becoming exhausted.  Finally Sally lifted up.  She said, "Boy I have to pee.  I don't feel like going to the bathroom.  Don't you dare spill a drop, If you do I'll really punish you."

Sally plopped her pussy right over my mouth.  Soon I felt the hot acrid taste of her urine in my mouth.  I swallowed as quickly as I could.  She must have held it back for a long time.  I swallowed most of it trying to vomit as the warm river hit my stomach.  Thank goodness I got it down.  I didn't want to risk anymore of sally's wrath.  After Sally relieved herself she settled in on my face again and said, "Eat!"

I brought her to several more climaxes.  She rolled off of me and said, "I'm getting tired and it's getting late.  I'll fix you some supper and then we'll go to bed."

At least I was going to get to eat.  She left me there for quite awhile.  She returned with a bowl and set it on the floor.  Sally released my arms and tied my wrists tightly behind my back.  She then tied my elbows as close together as she could.  Sally released my ankles.  She walked over to the bowl and pissed in it.  She told me to go over and eat my baloney and bread.  If I didn't clean it up I would be punished.  She told me not to waste food since people were going hungry.  I crawled over to the bowl and slowly bent down to ingest the putrid mess.  I received 4 hard lashes with a whip and Sally's favorite command, "Eat!"

I cleaned up the bowl as best I could.  I was allowed to go over to a bathroom and relieve myself.  Then sally brought me back to the foot of the bed.  She had me kneel and fastened in stocks attached to a board that lay on the floor.  She secured straps behind my bent knees as tight as she could.  My knees were now digging into the board and really hurt.  Sally pushed my head forward and locked my neck in a stock on the footboard of the bed.  I was now in real pain.  There wasn’t anything sexy about this.

I said, "Let me go.  This is not at all what I had in mind.  I can't take this.  I want out of here."

Sally let out a wicked laugh and said.  "Honey Boy it doesn't matter what you want.   It's what I want.  Our agreement was you would be my pain slave for 2 weeks.  Or my whipping boy and property for 2 weeks.  Whatever you want to call it.  I am going to get my pleasure at your expense.  Most of the so-called masochists that come here want out after the first day.  Real pain isn't as much fun as the fantasy.  That's why once I have a victim helpless he remains that way for the entire 2 weeks."

"Now slave whenever my feet come in contact with your mouth lick my feet and toes.  I'm going to bed.  Have a nice night slave."

I spent a long painful night kneeling in stocks at the foot of Sally's bed.  This was the first of several I spent in that position.

In the morning Sally left my wrists tied, allowed me to use the bathroom and fed me pee drenched cereal.  The she gave me my painful morning whipping.  A dozen swats with a cane on my ass.  The blows from the cane caused nasty welts to appear on my ass as I yelled and screamed from the pain.

After the beating, Sally locked a chain around my calves below my knees tightly.  There was about 6" of chain between my knees.  She locked a chain to my neck collar.  pulled my neck down until I was really bent over.  She locked the other end of the chain to the center of the chain connecting my knees.  I was now uncomfortably bent over.  Sally pulled me out of the house on the lead to a large garden.  She pulled up a lawn chair, laid back in it and said, "Weed!  Miss any and you will be punished."

Sally would come over and hit me hard with a whip when she felt like it.  I worked from 8 until noon.  Sally brought out a bowl of bread and baloney, peed in it and said, her favorite word, "Eat."

Sally gave me what she called my noon punishment.  This consisted of ten strokes of the cane across the backs of my thighs.  I had to go back to the garden and weed until five.  At five, Sally brought out a garden hose and washed me down for a long time with icy water.  Then it was back to the basement room for another whipping and a long session of eating out Sally’s pussy.  This time I was secured in a buck and gag position for the night.

I spent every day doing long hard chores.  I spent every night in uncomfortable bondage.  I spent every evening eating Sally's cunt.   I was whipped and caned 4 or 5 times each day.  The only food I got was cereal and pee or baloney, bred and pee.  By the end of the two weeks, I was exhausted.  I could not have taken any more.

Finally the day came and Sally fixed me in bondage just as I was when I arrived.  She drove me back to the clearing.  While we waited for Sally's husband, She was actually very nice, except for one thing.

She told me that she really loved her husband and didn't want to leave him.  She had to satisfy her sadistic urges once in a while.  She said most masochists come her thinking its going to be pleasure. ' It is for me but real sadism is pain for the victim.  Otherwise the sadist gets no pleasure.  I've only had one or two slaves that didn't want to leave after the first day.  I tell you all up front what it's all about and still you come."

"Anytime you see my ad you're welcome to return.  I would be glad to have you.  Now I'm going to keep the key to your chastity belt for a few months.  I'll mail it to you.  Send me an e-mail and tell me where to mail it."

Then we heard a car.  Sally said, "There's my husband.  I'll loosen your wrists a little and you can struggle free your helmet isn't locked. "

I felt her loosen my wrist ropes a little.  Then she got out of the car.  I soon heard the other car drive off.  It took awhile for me to get loose.  By the time I could see, there was nothing in sight.

I was at my job about 6 weeks.  I had sent my address to Sally.  Two months to the day, I received the key.  Boy did I spend a lot of time jerking off.

I learned to be careful what internet ads you answer.  I also learned that fantasizing about pain is more erotic than receiving it.


I have been at my job a full year now.  I was surfing the internet and saw an AD from Dombitch666.  I can't explain it my cock got as hard as granite.  I have a month off coming up.  The company was pleased with a project I completed and gave me 2 extra weeks vacation.