by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; MF/f; intermediary; contract; naked; bond; straps; penisgag; dildo; revenge; numb; sex; denial; cons/reluct; X

It was a match made in heaven. Or, in this case, Hollywood. Shawn was tall, handsome, muscular, with starring roles in nearly a dozen action films to his credit. Stacy was almost universally considered the most beautiful woman on film. After their first pairing, the two quickly became inseparable, starring together in one blockbuster after another. Their off camera chemistry was just as intense, with rumors of marriage making regular rounds. As a couple, it seemed they had it all. Until……

“You did what?”

Stacy winced slightly at the volume of Shawn’s voice. “I’m sorry,” she said. “We were arguing about this new movie. I guess I got a bit mad.”

“So you went to her?” Shawn gestured toward Jessica, the only other occupant of the room.

“Well,” Stacy replied, “she swore she could take care of everything.”

“She sure did that!” Shawn waved the papers he held. “Do you know what these say? Did you even read them before you signed them?”

Stacy shook her head, shooting a glance toward Jessica, who now wore a smug smile. “Um, no. Jessica said it was just minor legal details about the film.”

“What this is,” Shawn replied, “is a legal request, signed by you, for a restraining order, which Jessica here was happy to arrange. According to this, we can’t be alone together for any reason. It also says that any personal interaction can only occur with the help of a intermediary.”

“Is that so bad?”

“Bad?” Shawn snorted. “We can’t spend any time alone together, can’t do anything together. Hell, according to this, if I want to fuck, I have to fuck Jessica, and then have her fuck you.”

“What?” Stacy’s eyes widened.

“Kind of puts an end to the dream couple, doesn’t it?” Startled, the two stared at Jessica.

“You did this on purpose,” Stacy said accusingly.

“Of course I did,” Jessica retorted. “I’m so tired of you two, it’s enough to make me sick. Everywhere I look. Shawn and Stacy. Stacy and Shawn. What are Shawn and Stacy doing now? Well, this order is good for six months. Let’s see how much magic you can make after that.”

Shawn studied the papers again. “How did you get picked to be intermediary?”

“I volunteered.”

“How convenient. Hmmm, it also says here that you have offered to act in any way we required as part of your function of intermediary.”

“That’s right.” Jessica’s smile was bordering on a gloat now. “So if you’d like me to pass a fuck along to her, I’d be more than happy to.”

Shawn glared at her, then shrugged. “We have something planned for Friday night,” he said, “and I have no intention of canceling. Be at my house seven sharp.”

* * *

“Well, then, what’s on the agenda?”

“Just a little quiet time together,” Shawn replied.

“So does that mean I’m overdressed?” With a wave of her hand, Jessica indicated her slinky, off-the-shoulder gown that revealed more than it covered.

“You’ll do. This way.”

Smiling, Jessica followed Shawn up the stairs and to the master bedroom. Her smile faltered slightly at the sight of Stacy lounging naked on the bed.

“She’s here? You know you can’t do this?”

Shawn shrugged. “You were fifteen minutes late,” he pointed out. “What was I supposed to do? Keep her waiting outside until you decided to show up?”

Jessica eyed Stacy, taking in the lush curves revealed by her nudity. “Well, whatever it is you had in mind, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. You know you can’t lay a finger on her.”

“Not a problem,” Shawn replied, grabbing Jessica by the arms and throwing her to the floor. By the time she recovered from the shock, her arms had been bound behind her, forearm to forearm, with leather straps. She opened her mouth to scream, only to feel a wad of cloth jammed past her lips. A couple of judicious tugs by Shawn, and Jessica’s skimpy dress lay on the floor beside her. Angrily chewing on the cloth filing her mouth, Jessica glared up as she squirmed nakedly on the floor.

“That should hold you for now,” Shawn said, reaching for more straps. When he stepped back, Jessica writhed on the floor in a compact bundle. Straps just above her knees bound her legs to her upper arms, while a second set of straps bound her ankles to her thighs. Shawn watched her roll helplessly on the floor for a moment, then easily lifted her onto the bed.

“One more thing,” he said, pulling the cloth from Jessica’s mouth. Before she could draw breath to scream, her mouth was filled with a penis gag. Quickly, Shawn buckled the straps that went around and over her head, plus one that passed beneath her chin.

“I think your new look suits you,” Stacy giggled as Shawn lifted Jessica, carrying her easily across the room to stand before a mirror. Staring at her reflection, Jessica was surprised to see a rather large dildo standing straight up from the top of her head. Smiling, Shawn carried her back and dropped her onto the bed.

“Oops,” he said, “my mistake. Two things.” Ignoring Jessica’s struggles, he quickly donned a rubber glove, then scooped a large dollop of cream from a small jar and smeared it between Jessica’s thighs. Almost at once, she felt her skin begin to go numb. Unsure what was going on, but very sure she wanted it to stop, Jessica tried to squirm away as Shawn inserted his finger into her pussy. He easily held her down, and, soon, her pussy could feel nothing.

“Nerve deadener,” Shawn explained with a smile. “After all, we wouldn’t want it said that we prevented you from focusing on your job as intermediary, would we?” He glanced up at Stacy, who lay slowly writhing on the bed. “I’m sorry I can’t help you get ready,” he said.

“No worries there, love,” she replied breathlessly. “I don’t think I could be more ready.”

“In that case….” Shawn carefully positioned Jessica on the bed, the tip of the dildo attached to her gag harness just brushing Stacy’s pussy lips. Slowly, he eased her forward until about half the dildo was buried between Stacy’s eagerly spread thighs. Satisfied, he quickly shed his own clothing, rolled a rubber onto his cock, then slid onto the bed behind Jessica.

“Ready?” Without waiting for an answer, Shawn thrust forward, burying himself between Jessica’s thighs. The force of the thrust rocked her forward, driving the dildo deeper within Stacy. Quickly, Shawn set up a fast, hard rhythm, slamming into Jessica, causing the dildo on her head to slam into Stacy.

Jessica couldn’t believe it. Here she was, being fucked by the hottest guy in Hollywood, and she couldn’t feel a thing. Stacy, obviously, felt much more, as her increasingly passionate moans and gasps made clear. For herself, all Jessica could feel was the slap of Shawn’s hips against her ass, and the top of her head slapping Stacy like an echo with each driving thrust.

As Shawn continued thrusting into her, Jessica found her shock turning to amazement. How could he keep going? How could Stacy keep going? At this pace, Jessica would already be on her second cigarette by now. Still he pounded into her, until she swore to herself that her ass must be glowing red from the repeated slaps

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to the bound woman, Stacy’s gasps became moaning cries. “Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Harder? Incredibly, she felt Shawn’s thrust grow even stronger, pounding her until the whole bed shook. Now she knew her ass was glowing, just as she knew her hair was soaked through with Stacy’s pussy juice. She found herself praying that this nightmare would end.

Finally, of course, it did. Shawn gave a final, even more powerful thrust. At the same time, Stacy wrapped her legs around Jessica’s head, clamping down with all her might. Ass on fire, unable to breathe, Jessica was sure she was about to die. Suddenly, however, she felt Stacy’s legs fall away, even as Shawn slumped over her.

After several moments, Shawn began unbuckling the straps binding Jessica. Stiff, sore, aching in ways she wouldn’t have thought possible, she found she couldn’t summon the strength to resist when Shawn cuffed her hands in front of her. A second set of cuffs soon encircled her ankles. Finally, he removed the gag.

“What are you doing?” Jessica demanded, once she was able to speak. “Get these things off of me! I’ll see you in jail for this!”

“Actually,” Shawn replied calmly, “you won’t. After all, you did sign a legally binding document agreeing to serve in any capacity we wanted, in your role as intermediary. Well, this is the capacity we chose.”

Jessica’s eyes widened. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh,” she heard Stacy say, “we couldn’t be more serious. And just so you know, the studio has released you from your contract for your next film so you can devote yourself to your volunteer duties. And your phone and pager are now disabled.” Stacy laughed. “One of the advantages of being an actress. Everyone I called thought I was you.”

“Enough,” Shawn interrupted, pointing toward the room‘s private bath. “Jessica, go take a shower. You’re a mess. Be ready to go again in an hour.”

An hour? Stunned, Jessica turned and shuffled in the direction indicated, wondering how her perfect plan had backfired. It was supposed to keep these two apart. Now, it looked like she would be faithfully following her duties as intermediary for the next six months.

As a living dildo.