Inside Santa

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; public; cons; X

The furniture store was dark and quiet as an empty church as Elizabeth pulled up in back of it. The whole block was that way. Not a creature was stirring and the thick blanket of snow muffled what little noise there was. The traffic light on the corner was blinking it's yellow signal to no one. However, what did she expect at three o'clock in the morning on a Monday.

David's Toyota was already frosted with the gently falling snow as she pulled in beside it. She relaxed a bit after setting her parking brake. Elizabeth's shift was finally over with and she had only stopped back home to change out of her uniform and into her long wool coat. David must have seen her coming for he opened the back door and smiled, stilled dressed in his red down jacket and that hideous neon orange wool cap. There was a wide grin on his freckled face and his blue eyes seemed impish. Elizabeth was really beginning to wonder what he had planned for her today.

The comfort of the warm draft of air died when Elizabeth turned off her ignition. Outside, the near zero cold seemed to press against the window. All Elizabeth had on was her snowboots and her winter coat, as per David's instructions, and Elizabeth was not looking forward to leaving the warm womb of her car. But, it was a short dash to David and the open door. Elizabeth steeled her nerves and made a run for it.

The fresh snow outside was already several inches deep as the girl ran from her car to David. God, he thought to himself, how lucky he was. Elizabeth was a petite strawberry blonde with dark brown eyes and a full-lipped smile that would melt any heart and a thirst for life that never quit. He met her through an e-mail post nearly a year ago and their relationship was still strong. David had bought her an engagement ring for her stocking gift this Christmas. Elizabeth stomped inside the door as David shut it behind her.

"Hey, lover," she grinned, giving David a quick kiss on the lips.

"Hey gorgeous," David smiled embracing her, "what brings you out here in the middle of this stormy night?"



"Uh-huh," Elizabeth grinned, her dark eyes full of wanton mischief.

"It must be important."

"Uh-huh," she said again.

"Did you bring me something?" he asked.

Elizabeth stepped back from his embrace and opened her long, tan coat, revealing herself to David. Her skin was as nearly pale as the snow outside and her small frame carried a lot of luscious curves. Her breast were full and her large, pale nipples were already erect from the anticipation and the cold. Her waist was narrow and flared wonderfully at her hips. Her legs were curvy and lithe. Elizabeth was one of those women that looked so much better out of her clothes then in them.

"Me," She smiled, as she closed her coat back up.

"Come on, let's get out of the storeroom and to some place warm," He grabbed her hand and nearly pulled her through the cold, barren storeroom and out onto the sales floor.

The place was different at night, Elizabeth thought to herself. All the furniture was cloaked in darkness, hiding their individual charms and craftsmanship, though their smells of wood polish and fresh linen lingered in the air. David's store was not an ordinary furniture store, he had filled it with antique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Heirlooms for those people who did not have them. In an era of huge furniture warehouses, David's store offered something different and personal.

"Have you been naughty or nice tonight, Liz?" David asked as he hung up his jacket on a beautiful black walnut and brass coat rack that once belonged in a railroad station office.

"I think a little of both," she said as she sat down on a huge old canopied bed covered by a hand-sewn quilt.

Elizabeth watched her lover take off his horrible orange stocking cap and unlace his boots. He was just a shade over five and a half foot in height with broad shoulders and long waist. His hair was a sandy brown and his eyes a deep blue. He had freckles dotting his forehead and bridge of his nose, thanks to the Irish half of his family.

"Why don't you take your coat off and stay awhile?" David grinned.

"I would love to, sir, but I don't think I'm decent underneath this jacket."

"Decent enough, I should think."

"Sir!" she said in a mock show of shock.

"Are you going to be difficult tonight?" David asked even though he could tell by her voice that she was going to be a handful tonight. Not that he minded. It was part of the fun and she played it up wonderfully.

"I prefer the word 'naughty', thank you very much, sir."

"You know I like to punish naughty little girls like yourself."

"Noooooo," she laughed, "Not me! You wouldn't want to punish a sweet little thing like me, would you?"

Elizabeth curled up in the center of the bed and batted her eyelashes at David. She loved when David wrested control from her. It allowed her a wanton freedom that she usually denied herself. In the nearly nine months that David and she had been playing, David had gotten very good at tying her up. She would kick and squirm and call him names but not enough to deter him from looping a few strands of rope around her and making her helpless. Elizabeth saw the look in David's eye as he sat down on the bed beside her. It was of unrestrained lust and she was his target.

"Come her, dear Liz, or your punishment will be greater and more devilish than you can possibly imagine."

David's grin made him look like the Grinch with that wonderful awful idea in his head.

"I do not think so, sir," she said in a quiet voice.

When David sprang upon her, it was lightening fast and with no warning. He playfully grabbed Liz and wrestled her onto her stomach with little difficulty other than her giggling and kicking. Her coat was unbuttoned still and as Elizabeth kicked and laughed and writhed beneath him, David managed to pull the long coat off.

"You are very, very mean sir!" she laughed, looking back up at him sitting on her back, pinning her to the bed.

"You don't know the half of it," he grinned as he took the thin, cloth belt off of her coat and grabbed her wrists.

"David!" she screamed, but not too loudly.

He pinned her wrists against her back and wrapped the belt around them, binding them together. She loved this, being nearly naked and her hands bound behind her back. David could do anything to her and she wanted it that way, giving him the driver's seat. It let her just enjoy, though sometimes that enjoyment was prolonged for quite awhile.

"Don't go away, I need to get our bag of toys." David said with smile.

"Sure, lover," she said sarcastically as she watched him go to the back office to get their things.

As soon as he was gone, Elizabeth jumped off the bed, kicked off her boots and silently ran towards a pair of Victorian loveseats that David had reupholstered and were perfect to hide behind. There was a heavy oak credenza nearby as well as a pair of oak and glass lawyer's bookcases that she could scamper to if David got to close. She knew as soon as she left that her punishment would be cruel but very stimulating when he caught her, but she was going to enjoy every second of David's frustration in trying to find her in his store. She was also glad that he had turned up the heat, though her nipples just ached with anticipation of what was to come.

"Liz?" She heard him call out.


"This is not going to help you, my dear."

Elizabeth stifled a giggle.

"I am giving you one more chance to come out, Liz, before I come hunt you down."

Again, there was silence. Just the low hum of the heater let David know there was any life in the building at all. Elizabeth struggled at the bindings around her wrists and found them as unforgiving as usual which sent a warm rush through her as if someone special had just given her a hug. Her wrists were truly cinched well and she could not escape those bindings.

"Come out, come out where ever you are," David said in a sing-song voice.

Elizabeth sat crouched down and listening for her boyfriend's footsteps. It would take him awhile to find her and with every minute her desires percolated within her. She was glad she hadn't worn her security uniform here because he would have used her handcuffs on her. He had in the past when Elizabeth came over to his townhouse after work. Not that she minded being his love slave for a bit of fun, it was just that the cuffs could be very uncomfortable compared to his ropes and leather cuffs. The building was silent and she couldn't hear David as he wound his way around the store.

'She just doesn't know,' David thought to himself as he poked around a beautiful old rolltop desk, 'This will make it even better. Her punishment even more appropriate.'

The one drawback in finding her soon was that David's store was a large one and there were many pieces of furniture to hide behind or even within. One of the first places he looked was the wardrobe beside the bed he had left her in. Then he peered beneath the bed. But both of those were to obvious. Liz, he thought, would have made a dash for somewhere far from the bed. Elizabeth's libido was starting to get to her as she knelt in the darkness. Being bound as she was, she couldn't satiate her desires that were now building slowly within her. She had always been a sensual woman, easy to set off. David had made her come one time by just stroking her nipples while she lay bound in his arms. Now, the heat within her was starting to burn and there was little she could do about it and it was driving her made.

The grey carpet throughout the store helped silence David's movements. He had also taken the precaution of taking his shoes off. He knew if he slowly and carefully made his way around the store, Liz would eventually give herself away. The woman could sit still for a moment. Even during a movie, she would shift in her seat again and again will still being enraptured by the film. He was counting on her fidgetiness to give herself away.

The silence continued as hunter stalked his prey.

Elizabeth could not stand it any longer. She sat down and swung her heel up to her quim and began rubbing at it. Her puffed lips were already moist and her lips were puffed as she gingerly tried to fondle her clit with her foot and having little luck. She dared not make any noise lest she reveal her hiding place yet she now NEEDED to get off. Her fires were burning out of control and she just couldn't get enough friction going with the heel of her foot no matter how hard she did try. She gave out a low whine of frustration. Then Elizabeth looked at the credenza. It was a very heavy piece and it had eight thick legs. She thought that she could hide behind it and wrap her legs around one of it's center ones and hump at it. . .

She peeked out around the loveseat. David was nowhere to be seen. Elizabeth made a quick dash, half crouching, to the back of the credenza. She scooted to the center and sat down facing one of the legs. In back of her was a dressing table. Good. She was hidden from sight. She scooted forward and eased her legs around one of the credenzas. She took it slow so she wouldn't make a noise. It seen to take forever before her sensitive, slick lips pushed against the wooden leg. Elizabeth began to rock her hips, leaning back on her bound hands. It was pure heaven. She could feel her orgasm rising within her like a tidal wave, building and building. The cold wood leg was now slick with her wetness as she humped against it. . .

"Having fun?" David asked.

Elizabeth looked up with a start.

"Come on, Liz,"

She frantically ground herself against the leg, trying to get herself off before David could drag her away from it. But he was to quick and even as she tried to wrap her legs around the crendza leg, he still pulled her of. He then grabbed her and hefted her over his shoulder as she kicked uselessly.

"David, please. . ."

"You know the magic word."

The magic word. Actually there were two magic words. One was to let David know that he was over doing it and she needed to be released. . .and that word was 'Holiday'. . .a word that she would not use in any fit of ecstasy. The other magic word, an unofficial one, was 'Fuck Me' and it usually worked.

"David," she squealed, "put me down and fuck me."

"In a bit," he replied.

He carried her toward the front of the store. The Christmas lights that blinked in the display window bathed the front of the store in a whirl of bright reds, blues, greens and yellows. There was live tree in the window also, decorated in a Victorian style with unlit candles. There was also a stuffed chair of walnut and red velvet and a little table with a plate of cookies and a half-drunk glass of milk. All that was missing was Santa. David dumped her on the floor next to his open duffle bag and before she could scamper away again he latched onto her ankles and bound them together with rope, cinching them tight.

"Too tight?" David asked.

Elizabeth didn't answer him. Instead she wriggled her butt at him, hoping to get him to pay attention to her other, more vital parts. Her passions were flooding through her like a raging river and she needed to have release. With another piece of rope, he hogtied her.

"Now, don't go away."

"Hummph," she said as she writhed and struggled in her bonds.

David was not gone long before he brought out an old leather suitcase. After sitting it down beside Liz, David rummaged in his dufflebag and brought out a ballgag. Elizabeth struggled that much harder as he pushed it into her open mouth and buckled it tight behind her curly mane of reddish hair. She loved to be gagged. It was like cork keeping her fizzing desires within her, building pressure that she could only release one way. The first thing Elizabeth noticed was that the new ballgag had a short tube sticking out of it. She could feel the end of it with her tongue and wondered what this was going to be used for.

David dived back into his Santa's bag of bondage toys and pulled out a set of leather cuffs and padlock. While her wrists were still tied with her coat belt, David wrapped the cuffs around her wrists and locked them together before untying her belt and the rope that bound her ankles to her wrists. He could hear Elizabeth's pleas and whines as he brought out a second pair of black leather cuffs and buckled her elbows nearly together. It was difficult going, since Liz was humping and squirming for all she was worth. But, he locked the cuffs together with a large c-clip before going on to her legs.

Gently but firmly, David rolled his lover onto her back. The way he had tied her arms made her breasts stand out more. Her pale pink nipples were erect with lust. Elizabeth looked at him with her passionate, dark brown eyes and he could see the wanton desire within them. They pleaded to him to release her pent up passion as did her whimpers behind her gag. David's cock was achingly hard now and he fought with all his will to continue to finish what he had planned this last month for his love.

David sat Elizabeth up and wound another loop of rope around her waist and tied her wrist cuffs to it, pinning her arms to the small of her back. She continued her writhings as she sat there bound. David couldn't resist and reached around her and started to play with her nipples. It was like dousing a fire with gasoline when David's fingers began to knead Elizabeth's passion-aching nipples. He pulled on them and rolled them between his fingers and was roughly gentle with them. Never bringing them to pain. Only enough to send torrents of bliss coursing through her until she felt her orgasm building and building until it washed over her in a crushing wave of shear wanton joy. She bucked and panted loudly into her gag. Her bound body was squirming like a fish on land. Elizabeth kept coming and coming and David's fingers kept working their magic on her nipples.

Then he stopped and his fingers left her nipples and traveled south, slipping over her smooth mons and into the moist slit between her legs. She opened her legs as wide as she could with her ankles bound as they were and his one finger started to stroke her deeper and the others held open her sex-puffed lips and also caressed her swollen pearl. Elizabeth's pleasure seemed to go on forever but David soon stopped. It was not long before she felt the familiar nudge of her vibrator easing between her legs and into her quim. It was not on. It was not humming it's magic song but the feel of something entering her set off another wave of bliss crashing through her.

David was finding it very hard to hold onto his bound lover. She was positively possessed, throwing her head back and screaming into her gag and grinding herself upon the phallus. When it was all the way in, David just stopped and let her go. Weak with spent passion, Liz just laid there as David opened up the suitcase. She could see something red in there and some white fur. Her lover pulled out a pair of rubber snowboots and grinned like a evil elf. Without a word he went to Elizabeth's bound feet and eased the boots on. They were stitched together and were now one piece. It was easy to slip her feet into both of them and after they were in, David buckled the boots tight around her calves. Then he pulled out the red pair of pants with white fur cuffs.

It was then she realized what he was doing. . .he was dressing her up as Santa Claus for the window display!

She screamed and bucked but it was no use as David pulled the pants-looking sock over her legs. It was really ingenious the way David had sewed the pants' legs together after cutting open the inside seam. It would look like just a normal pair of red Santa-pants, but it would hide her bound legs. The Santa coat came next and he just buttoned it over her bound arms. It was large enough to do that and then some. Elizabeth noted the arms were stuffed already, with black gloves already sewn into place. No matter how much she pleaded and moaned and whined and bucked, he ignored her as he threaded her vibrator cord out of the back of her pants. He then stuffed a pillow into her costume, giving his 'Santa' a full belly.

"Can you say 'ho-ho-ho' for me, dear Liz," David asked.

Elizabeth just moaned.

"See what happens when your a naughty girl," he laughed as he buckled his Santa's belt.

Elizabeth struggled violently as David picked her up and carried her into the display window and sat her down into the chair. Outside the snow-covered streets were empty of any traffic and the only lights on were the Christmas lights of the various downtown businesses.

"Stay," David told her as if she were his pet dog and Elizabeth just growled in anger.

David just grinned as he went to fetch the rest of her costume. Elizabeth had not hummed her release song yet. . ."somewhere over the rainbow", so he knew she was actually enjoying this despite her muted complaints.

'This is just evil,' the bound woman thought to herself as she tried to find slack in her binding and found none, 'but a delicious kind of evil.'

David and her had discussed tying her up in public but she never, ever thought that would become a reality. Granted, no one would see her but knowing she was on display to the passers-by sent more amatory torrents rushing through her. Then there were the customers. . . the sales people. David had with him a red cap trimmed in fur, a white-haired wig and a full beard and mustache. He first carefully tucked in her own light, coppery tresses into the wig and arranged it on her head.

"You're going to be a beautiful old grandma, you know that?" he said.

"Uuph uuuuww eeeet aaaaahhht phaaaah," she said.

David then carefully placed the cap on her head and sat on the edge of the chair and looked into her dark eyes and began to hook the beard on. It pretty much covered most of her face, camouflaging her gagged mouth. The tube just barely stuck out of the beard and it allowed her to breath freely. Out of his pants pocket he produced two little black boxes, one was longer than the other. . .the size of a remote for a TV. The other was as small as a pager.

"Liz, you are going to be here for awhile, but I gathered from your strugglings you were expecting that," David held up the smaller box, "This is an emergency button I will place in your hands after I have had a little fun with you here. It will page my beeper automatically so I will know that you need assistance. It might be difficult if the salesroom is busy but I have a plan that I think will work. I have a dolly right here for the emergency. Needing to go to the bathroom is not considered an emergency and ruining this chair is not an option. You will be here from now until we close so you might as well get used to the idea."

"Now I will not tie you to the chair so you have to make sure you don't move around too much," David grinned, knowing just that would be torture to Liz. Her orgasms were very violent affairs and knowing she dared not do it was like binding her to the chair with invisible ropes.

"This, my dear Liz, is my toy to play with," he said as David pointed it toward the base of the chair where she couldn't see. Suddenly the vibrator came to life within her, humming it's song on a low note.

"I can turn your this on from anywhere in the store. I can turn it on high. . ."

The phallus within Elizabeth became much more vibrant.

". . . or I can turn it off on my whim."

The vibrator became still.

"You will never know, my love, when to expect it."

Little did Elizabeth know as David turned the vibrator back on, that he was closing the store early today and he gave his two employees the day off to do their Christmas shopping. He doubted there were going to be many customers that day. . .not many people bought new furniture during the holidays. A few might wander in but David didn't think he would lose many, if any, sales.

"Now, my dear Santa, this is what I want for Christmas. . ."


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