In the Name of Science

by XVX

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© Copyright 2016 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; bond; boots; corset; collar; gag; electroplay; anal; insert; sen-dep; armbinder; straps; hood; mc; enslave; climax; cons/reluct; X


“mmupf errg”


Jenna was anything but ‘comfy’.

Pete said he could do things to people or more accurately, to her. That no one else could do. She stood on a small platform in a darken room. Like a statue on display. He had her in a very tight corset that pushed her breast beyond what she thought was normal. Then he had her in put on a pair ballet boots. These shoes where not made for the ballet. They forced her to stand on tiptoe. The boots went all the way up to her thigh.

Then he placed a posture collar on her so she could not bend her neck in any direction. Next came a leather padded harness gag that inserted a mouthpiece much like football players wear. The harness covered her mouth and the mouthpiece inflated locking down her tongue. Then he started placing electrical pads all over her body. Into her anus and pussy he inserted probes.

Next came a dress, which was very tight and did not allow her to hardly walk at all. Not that she was going to do any marathons in these shoes. She didn’t know what she was getting into but there come a time when you just can’t back out. The moment he had her strip. She was committed to this ‘experiment’

College is not cheap and she was trying to break into the field of sexual psychology. Pete was four-years her senior and was willing to pay her $300.00 to be his research assistant. His blond hair and blue eye and well-built body gave her other ideas.

Pete theory was that that isolation and experience sex in a disorientation and restriction of most senses and movement heighten sexual response. To further this experience she was to be limited on what was expected of her. ‘The act of surprise and the unknown should heighten my readings’. He said

To Jenna it meant getting paid to have sex with a hunk and getting extra credit on her exams.

Next he had her slide her arms behind her. She could not see what he was doing but when he was done. Her arms where neatly laced into a leather sleeve that pulled her elbows very close to each other. It was then she knew she was completely at his mercy. Not able to tell him she wanted to quit, fend off any attack or even run from danger. She was trapped in a black leather web of his making. Her heart was racing. Her breath was become more rapid. Pete seemed to look at a monitor and commented that she was reacting with normal perimeters. Pete hobble walked her to the elevated platform she was standing on now. The room was dark. A spotlight showed a ramp with a platform at its center. She relied heavily on his steadying hands. Her trust in him had to be complete. She had no choice.

He positioned her feet on the platform and Jenna felt them sink in slightly and heard a very fatal sounding click.

She tried to lift a foot but could not. Now any mobility to her was lost.


Her palms where sweating and the leather sleeve only it held in. Her body heat making it only worse. Her whole body is sweating. Breathing caused her breasts to heave up and down. She was strangely enough beginning to be turned on. Was this what he was taking about? She could barely see him attach straps from the dress outwards. They radiated in all directions.  She was trapped in a center of a web! 

Then the light came up. The platform was on a bottom of the innermost of three rings. She had see something like in fairs and amusement parks. People would strap themselves in and twist and roll in all sorts of directions. But from what little she should see. These rings had large plates on them. It reminder her of that thing Jodie Foster tried to cross space with in the movie ‘Contact’. Then came the earpiece in both ears and the hood, which blinded her.

But it did not blind her.

Tiny TV screen flashed images in front of her.

Then she felt the world had begun world to spin. Sound and Images made no sense to her. Then she felt every nerve in her body jump. She was confused. At first she felt pleasure then pain then nothing. She could not tell up from down left from right. Right from wrong.  Jenna was terrified and excited. It was a roller coaster with the highs and lows. 

Then it was like something stuck down the very core of her. She was totally in the moment of the biggest orgasm she had ever experience in her life and it kept going. It was like she was caught in loop of pleasure she felt she was going to burn out. She screamed to be let down but her body overrode any common sense. There was a never-ending path to bliss, which she would follow until she died.

Then it stopped. No I must have more.

Her sight was restored. The thing that was in mouth was removed as were the things in her ears.

A man. Dark haired and green eyed came into her line of sight.

“Do you know who you are?” He asked.

She wanted to say something and a brief thought came to her but a tinge of pain pushed it back.

“I do not know.”

“You are my slave Jeanie. I am your Master Tom. You will call me Master.”

“Yes master.”

Something clicked inside of Jeanie. With her master she would experience the bliss, which she would long for. Her master was all. She would feed and protect her master. Her world was what ever he wanted it to be.

Pete watched the new slave totter off with her master. Jeanie would follow her new master, Tom and his orders with out question. Jenna was dead to the world. Jeanie would write letters and pretend to be Jenna as a game to please her master. 

Soon the game would end and Jenna would just finish out the school year and disappear.

She did not last as long as the first batch. Only two days. His experiment had proven to be a success. But you always repeated the process. After all, it was in the name of science.


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