by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; D/s; online; strip; bond; gag; zipties; tape; slave; transport; tease; torment; denial; mast; cons; X

Amy was searching the web for someone to make her dreams come true. She wanted to be kept in unbelievable extreme bondage. She wanted her body and mind to be torture and broken. She wanted to be screaming into her gag and crying behind her blindfold. She needed to have her limbs bound and controlled. She wished to have her pussy and ass played with and cruelly punished. She wanted her muscles to be sore and stiff. She wanted her skin to be turned bright red and heavily marked. She wanted a foul taste in her mouth and a horrible smell up her nose. She wanted to be forced to sweat and drool. She wanted the restraints to dig into her body. She wanted to be imprisoned in her dream session and kept there for as long as possible. She was trying to find the perfect master or mistress for her dreams to become real.

She was looking through a number of different profiles on fetlife and other bondage forum websites. She when spotted what seem to be the holy grail and the answer to her bondage problems. Amy had been limited in her long search for the right person. She could not drive and lived in the middle of nowhere. Her house was surrounded by lovely green Oxfordshire countryside. She was very lucky to find someone who could meet her and deliver her fantasy. She could only look for people who lived and worked in the south of the England.

Amy herself was a very good looking 18 year old girl. She was tall and slim with an hourglass figure. She had odd purple hair which went down to her neck. She had bright blue eyes that stand out. Her breasts had a good shape and size to them. Her pussy needed to be shaved, but she liked the wild look. She was a fit and health young lady with a dark fetish. She was shy and withdrawn around other people. Plus she was often by herself as she lived alone. She was miles away from the nearest town or city. But she was nice with a good heart and big plans.

After talking to the person online for a number of weeks and telling them what she wanted. He had written up a contract for her to sign with all the information and rules about her bondage session. He sent it to her through the post and when it landed on her red carpet floor a week later, she was over the moon. She rushed to pick it up and rubbed her hands over the soft white envelop. She went straight into her kitchen and picked up a letter opener. She almost ripped the envelop in half as she cut it open. But she soon had the contract in her hands.

Amy's bondage contract:

Section 1: Bondage set up You will be very well restrained to a vertical wire bed with zip ties. The bed will be bolted to the wall in my small brick basement at my home address. It will also to bolted to the floor of the basement and you or I will be unable to move it. The zip ties will be pulled very tight and restrained whatever I want them to. If I want to tie your fingers to the bed I can. You have no say I what I can or can not do. The zip ties I will be using are all different lengths and thickness's for the different areas of your body. The zip ties will keep you bound to the bed for as long as I like. Once again you have not say in how long you are imprisoned. You will be kept silent at all times and with the most extreme gag available. The gag will not be removed unless you are in danger or in need of care. Feeding the drinking can take place through the gag or through your nose. As you asked for the gag to taste foul I will cover it in a special mix and I should be able to injected other liquids into your mouth as well. Your nose will be attacked by a number of different smells all of which will make you gag. You asked for it and you will be tortured by a list of horrible odours.

Section 2: Torture You will be tortured with the utmost prejudice with relentless BDSM. Your whole body is open to any sadistic toy I see fit. You have no safe word to stop the pain. I have lots of equipment to punish you with and I will use all of it. You maybe marked for a number of days or weeks from the whips and other toys. Your body will also be humiliated in degrading and unpleasant ways. You will spend your whole prison time completely naked.

Section 3: Pleasure If you are a good pain slut and do everything I ask you to do. Then you maybe pleasured in both your pussy and ass as well as your breasts. You maybe forced to orgasm if I see fit. If I want to I will kept you on edge for as long as I like. Your sex life is totally in my hands

Section 4: Feeding and Drinking You are a worthless slave and will be only given the food and drink you need to live. How often I feed you will change day to day. The time will also change on a daily basis. I will keep you in the dark on your food timetable. 

Section 5: Toilet   You will been made to piss and shit in a metal bucket on the floor. I hope you are good at aiming. You should find it very humiliating and it should add to your dehumanization. If the bucket over flows, you will have to live with it.

Section 6: Others If you are in danger of suffocation or choking or feel like your going to pass out. I want you to tap your feet against the floor three times. Your feet are the only part of your body you can move. I may film the session for my personal use or I can make money on it by selling it on the internet. You tell one no one where I am based or any information about me. I am the boss and I pick how long you are bound and gagged for. I can also leave permanent marks on your body if I want to.

Section 7: Signing I Amy Smith accepted all the sections and points in this contract. If I sign the contract I can not break it or charge it. I agree to being a submissive bondage slave to my new master. If you sign the contract please send it back to me and I will pick you up in a weeks time.

Amy signed the contract and sent it back to her new master.

A week later she heard a knock at her front door. She rushed to the front door and ripped it open. No one was waiting for her, just a small cardboard box. She opened the box and took out a blindfold, ball gag and two pairs of handcuffs. There was also a short note. "Take your clothes off and put the equipment on and wait 5 minutes."

Amy locked the first set of handcuffs around her ankles and pushed the ball gag into her mouth. She placed the blindfold over her eyes and locked her hands behind her back. She stood outside waiting for another 3 minutes before she heard a car drive up. She was just hoping it was he and not a friend or neighbour. She was picked up off her feet and squeezed into the boot of the car. She heard and feel the car start to move and she was then off.

After driving around for what feel like 6 six hours with endless speed bumps and stops. The cars engine become quiet and sounds could be heard inside. Then she sensed fresh air flowing over her naked skin.

She was ripped out of the boot and pushed into a near by house. Shoved through the front door and kicked down the stairs and into the basement. She had arrived at the bondage location. He removed her cuffs, gag and blindfold as placed them in a cardboard box. The box looked just like the one she had opened at the start of the day. She was standing in the centre of this small brick room with nothing on. The wire bed, he had talked about was now right in front of her eyes. It looked like something from a horror film. The rest of the room was filled with bondage equipment in large piles. The room was an disorganized mess of wires, whips, cuffs, devices, camera stuff and bottles. She could see a mountain of sex toys of all different shapes and sizes. She looked in a couple of boxes on the floor and saw duck tape and plastic ties. In another she saw electrical tape, condoms and a tattooing kit.

Amy got a feeling she was not the first person to be bound and gagged in this room. She had been too busy looking through the bondage stuff to see him standing behind her. He placed his hands over her mouth and around her neck. He then moved her slowly against the wire bed frame. She didn't fight or make a sound. She was being completely submissive and could not wait to be played with.

She was already wet and horny as she was positioned on the bed. She was standing in a classic spread eagle. She was standing with her back to the bed as the first cable ties went around her body.

He started with her ankles and added another tie every 9 inches. He pulled the zip tie shocking tight as her body become bound to the frame. The plastic ties pressed into her skin as he covered her whole body in them. Soon her legs had been restrained to high heaven. She was only able to move her feet. The plastic ties he used on her body were massive and very thick. The same 9 inch rule continued as he wrapped her from her pussy to her shoulders. It was time for her arms and hands to be made helpless. Her fingers got added plastic ties to keep them from moving. Her arms and hands had been locked to the wire bed in no time. She could struggle and wriggle in her bondage as she checked for a weak spot. But all the plastic ties stayed strong and with so many of them it seemed very unlikely they would break.

Amy is was having a great time now she was bound. Her pussy was getting very wet and her heart was going a million miles an hour. Her eyes had opened wide and the blood rushed round her bound body. He picked up a rubber sponge like ball and pushed it into her mouth. The rubber sponge completely filled her mouth as it pushed her teeth apart. Her tongue was pressed into her bottom jaw as it made it's way down her throat. It stopped just short of making her gag on it. A very small tube was sticking out from the gag. Amy was thinking about the what the hell it was, then he started wrapped electrical tape around her lower head. Covering the gag in layer after layer of strong tape. The tape cut into her face as in acted like a vice around her head. The small tube was left free from the endless layers of tape. She couldn't breath through the tube. Soon the bottom half of her face from her nose to her chin was just black tape. He when wrapped the tape over the top of her head and under her jaw. It stopped her from moving her mouth up or down and added to the horizontal tape.

He then went over the electrical tape with an added layer of security in the form of duck tape. This time he covered more of her head as well as overlapped the original tape. He wrapped in over her forehead and encircled her head in an x. With the x meeting just above her nose at the front. He then cut the tape into sections and placed them on parts of her head not enclosed by tape. He left only her eyes and nose free as the rest of her head was turned into a silver ball. He was not done as he added a electrical tape head harness. He also used the tape as a blindfold.

The layers of tape crashed down on her head as her vision was taken away from her. She was now in the dark with her body bound to a wire bed and had no way of talking to anyone. She was moving her head from side to side out of boredom. When she somehow felt it being forced against the bed. She was amazing she could feel anything through the tape. She felt her forehead, mouth and neck all being locked into position. She then noticed her hearing had been reduced considerable. He had place huge over ear headphone on her. She was having her senses taken away from her.

Breathing slowly through her nose, it hit her how helpless she was and how he could do anything to her. And she would not be able to fight back or call for help. She had been waiting for him to do anything to her for over 20 minutes. She had stopped panicking and was now testing her bounds.

She was given a woke up call as he threw a large bucket of ice cold water over her. Her naked body was soaked as the cold water attack her vulnerable orifices. She started shaking almost at once as the water dripped from her skin. She pulled and pushed against her plastic ties as she tried to snap them. The only thing she did was leave thick red marks in her limbs. He then started slowly rubbing her wet pussy as she moaned from the cold. Her pussy was running with both cold water and her own pussy juices.

Slowly using his fingers to play with her clitoris and with his other hand he would brush her pussy lips. The simulations was amazing as she rocked her cunt back and forth as much as the plastic ties allowed. He had a great technique as he pinched her blood fill clit and give it a soft lick. His wet tongue went over her clit slowly at first as he continued working her over. He got quicker and quicker as his fingers disappeared deep inside her. He then used his other hand to play with her ass which was hard to get to. But he could move his fingers into her asshole and add to the pleasure she was feeling. He then spat into her pussy and rapidly fingered her. She was moaning as loudly as she could from behind the extreme gag.

She was breathing at an incredible rate as liquid dripped from her pussy and onto the floor. She was so close to a huge orgasm and she wanted to cum. She wanted to cum right here and now. But he stopped at the last possible second. Leaving her right on a knifes edge of an orgasm. She tried to simulate her pussy herself. But she couldn't get anywhere near it.

She cried out from behind her gag again as he threw another bucket of ice cold water over her. She could feel her sex drive disappear under the water. From being right on the edge of a massive orgasm to being completely turned off in only a couple of seconds. It was an odd feeling and was a little bit scary how he could control her.

Her heart rate and breathing had returned to a normal level as she had been left alone for over an hour. Her feet had become wrinkly from standing in the cold water. The rest of her body had dried off and was waiting for the torture to start.

He had been watching her for over 10 minutes as he planned how best to make her dreams come true. He wanted to attack her in both body and mind. He soon come up with the perfect plan.




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