I, Masochist - Chapter 8: Shelly

by The Technician

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Chapter 8: Shelly

Chapter eight of eight is W's interview with "Shelly"

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I arrived at Shelly's apartment early Friday night hoping to get the interview out of the way so that we could spend the night doing more interesting things, but she insisted that we stick to the 8:00 pm interview appointment time. I took her out for an early dinner and throughout the meal she kept making coy references to things she would explain later. She would say things like, "I've never really talked to anyone else about this before." Or, "I hope you enjoy hearing about Vicki as much as I am going to enjoy telling you."

I have enough problems figuring out what women want for sure in foreplay leading up to sex. Trying to figure out what Shelly was up to in foreplay leading up to an interview about sex - well, actually about her masochism - was just too dangerous a mine field for me to be tap dancing across. So, I remained more or less quiet throughout the meal and let her do most of the talking. We ordered desert and she lingered over her coffee until a little after 7:30 and then announced, "I think its time that we head back to the apartment for the interview."

We sat in the living room. I was in a soft chair; Shelly sat on the couch facing me. "So," she said, "What order do you want to go through the questions? I've heard all of them before, you know."

"And you have heard the answers your six models had," I replied. "What do you want to tell me first."

She blushed slightly. It was the first time I had ever seen her blush. She smiled and said, "I think we can skip the question about my best ever sexual experience. You were there for it. I know our shower scene didn't do that much for you, but I went to the top of Mount Everest and just kept going. I don't know that I ever want to try it again, but Francine's story and my fantasies merged that night and I just had to try it. I don't think it would be the same approaching it in a cold and methodical fashion."

"So you prefer serendipitous sex. Planning puts a damper on things. Does that mean that pain can't be planned either?"

Shelly looked thoughtful for a moment before replying, "I never thought of it that way before, but yes. If I plan sex - or pain - it isn't as enjoyable. In fact, if I plan pain, it ends up being just pain."

I chuckled, "It sounds like you don't want to be in control. Your performance art was all about not being in control. Is that why you had to be one of the models in the cages, so you would not have control over the pain? And before you answer, I know that you disabled your safeword device, or you think you did. I removed the short in the cable when I checked the system before the third weekend."

She replied softly, "I thought you would, but not knowing whether or not I could stop the pain made it much more pleasurable."

"So," I continued, "When did you first discover that you wanted your sex and/or your pain out of your control."

"I never wanted to be raped or mugged or anything like that," she suddenly blurted out. "What I mean is that I have to trust the person who takes control. I mean, as a little girl if I got spanked or scraped my knee or got a paper cut, it hurt. It really hurt. But as I got older, if the situation were sexual or leading up to sexual, and I trusted the man - or woman - not being in control made the sex great and pain made it even better."

I prodded her by asking, "Give me an example."

"I had some regular sexual activity in high school. It sounds corny, but I actually did lose my virginity in the back seat of a car out on a country lane. But it wasn't until the summer after high school that I discovered not being in control... and pain. There were seven or eight of us girls out for a weekend in the park. Actually we snuck into a back gate at the state park so that we could sit around drinking all weekend in one of the remote campsites. No one ever went back there because the bridge that connected it to the rest of the park had gotten washed out and it hadn't been replaced yet. There was a narrow, over-grown road going to it from the highway but it had a big chain across it and a sign that said 'Fire Crew Access Only.' It looked like it was impossible to get past, but the post on one side could be easily lifted out of the ground. Donna had a four wheel drive jeep, so we just pulled out the post and drove down the fire road to the remote camp."

"We knew we were going to be alone all weekend and had agreed to rough it. Donna had this big tent and several sleeping bags. We were just supposed to bring booze and munchie type foods, nothing else. Oh, yeah, and toilet paper. There were some fairly modern pit toilets back there but they didn't really service them anymore, so there was no toilet paper. We had agreed that no one was bringing extra clothes or make up or any of that stuff. It was supposed to be a down and dirty drinking weekend."

"We set up the tent and built a campfire, then we sat around in camp chairs drinking and talking about boys and sex. After a while, when we were somewhere between drunk and really drunk, we started playing truth or dare. I don't know if there are official rules, but we played that if you chose truth, but then didn't want to answer the question, you had to take whatever dare the person could think of. On the first round, Donna. asked me if I was a virgin. I said I wasn't. The next round Sue asked if I had ever gone down on a woman. I said 'Never.' She immediately asked, 'Would you like to?' but I said, 'One question per round,' and I took my turn with Marci. I don't remember what I asked her or what she answered. So far no one had taken a dare or refused to answer a question."

"Next round, Julie asked me, 'Would you like to go down on a woman?' I answered, 'Dare.' I probably should have said, 'Maybe,' but instead I switched to dare. Julie immediately said, 'I dare you to take off all your clothes and throw them into the fire.'"

"All of the other girls gasped. I wouldn't really have minded taking off all my clothes, but throwing them into the fire meant I would be naked for the rest of the weekend. If she had dared me to do this before we had gone through so many bottles of wine, I might have refused, but all I said was, 'Not the shoes,' and I took off my shorts and blouse and threw them into the fire."

"Julie said, 'All means all. Lose the P & B.' So, I took off my bra and panties and threw them into the fire with my other clothes. Then I finished off my glass of wine and poured me another full glass before sitting back down."

"I turned to Donna and said, 'Truth or Dare?' To my surprise, she said, 'Dare.' I immediately dared her to take off all her clothes and put them in the car for the rest of the weekend. I didn't say throw them in the fire because I figured somebody had to have some clothes available to drive us back to town, and it was Donna's jeep. She just laughed and said, 'I thought you would say something like that.' Then she stripped off and walked over to her jeep and threw the clothes inside."

"The rest of the way around the circle each girl chose, 'Dare,' and the dare was always to put their clothes in the jeep for the rest of the weekend. By the time it came back around to Vicki, we were all sitting there naked in the fire light. It was a warm evening, but everyone's nipples were at 'high beam.'"

"I said 'Truth,' and Vicki asked me 'Are you into pain?'"

"Again, I should have said, 'Maybe,' but instead I said, 'Dare.' Vicki said, 'I dare you to do the pencil test while I threaten to spank your ass until you are bright red and then make you eat out every one of us while I record it on my cellphone. If you fail the pencil test, we will do exactly what I threaten to do to you.'"

"What is a pencil test?" I asked.

Shelly gave me a big smile, "I can tell you were never in a Sorority," she answered. "A pencil test is just that. If you want to tell if a girl is getting turned on, you have her slide a pencil up her twat. If it stays there, she is dry. But if it slides out on its own, she is gushing juices and is really turned on. I should have refused the dare because I was already a little bit slippery down there, but for some reason I said, 'Double down.' By our rules that meant that if I passed the dare, the person giving it had to do twice as much. But if you failed, then you got twice as much yourself."

"Vicki said, 'That's kind of hard to double. Let's say the loser is the slave to the group for the rest of the weekend.' She gave me a really strange smile and said, 'I think you will wear out your tongue before Sunday afternoon.'"

"I stood up and said, 'Whose got a pencil?'"

"Donna went running over to her Jeep and came back with a brand new, yellow, #2 pencil. It had never even been sharpened. 'I've got a whole box of these left over from school tests,' she said."

"I stood up with my legs apart and slid the pencil, eraser first, up into my cunt. It stayed, but I could tell that it slid in way too easily. Vicki came over and stood in front of me. All of us had our pubic hair neatly trimmed into bikini triangles, but Vicki was totally shaven. Her skin glistened in the fire light. 'Shelly,' she began, 'as soon as that pencil drops out of your wet snatch, you are going to go over to that picnic table and kneel on the bench. Then you are going to lay across the top of the table so that your ass is properly presented to each of us so that we can swat that ass as hard as we want. We will go get our belts or use some of the ropes for the tent or even get some smooth branches from the trees and we will beat your ass purple. And then after we have satisfied ourselves with that, you will crawl back over to the fire and you will go from chair to chair and eat pussy until all of us are satisfied, and I don't mean just once. You will keep going until...'"

"At that point she was drowned out by the cheering of the other girls as the pencil dropped out of my pussy and fell to the ground. 'My God,' yelled Julie, 'she actually does like it.'"

"'You know what to do,' said Vicki."

"As I went over to the picnic table, I heard Donna say, 'I've got an old ping pong paddle in the back of the Jeep.' I wondered what she didn't have in that damned Jeep."

"As I knelt on the bench and lay over the table, I heard Julie say, 'I'm not busting my hand. There's a willow tree over there just begging me to make a bundle of switches out of those low handing branches.' Then I heard Vicki say, 'My hand will do fine,' and my ass exploded with pain as she slammed her palm into me."

"Except there was something different about the pain... The swat was a combination of sting and fire. The sting said 'Pain!' but the fire said 'Pleasure!' As she kept swatting, pretty soon the fire got hotter and the sting was barely there. Even when Julie laid into me with those willow switches, I just felt pleasure. Pretty soon I was grunting and panting and groaning. This time it was Sarah who said, 'She really DOES like it. She fucking loves it.' When I heard that, I let go and screamed out in orgasm."

"Evidently my orgasm signaled an end to the spanking, because as soon as I was done thrashing around, Vicki ordered me to crawl back to her chair and start licking. I couldn't believe how mortified and ashamed I was. These girls were my friends and I had just had a screaming orgasm caused by them spanking me, and now I was willingly going over to play cunt slave and lick them to orgasm. I could feel my juices running down my thighs as I crawled through the grass over to Vicki's chair."

"Vicki said, 'Julie, why don't you keep her ass warm with that switch of your while she takes care of me.' She then moved forward on her chair so that she could spread her legs wide open and pulled my face directly into her cunt. She nearly smothered me, but I kept nibbling on her clit, and when Julie smacked me with those branches I exhaled right into her cunt. I've never had anyone blow my cunt up like a balloon, so I don't know what it felt like, but it must have felt good because Vicki really liked it. I tried it with Donna when I got over to her next, but she slapped me on top of the head and yelled, 'What are you doing. Lick and nibble. Lick and nibble.'"

"I went around the circle twice. The third time, only Vicki wanted me to service her. By then it was getting really late - or should I say early, and we all staggered into the tent and fell asleep in a big pile with a couple of the sleeping bags open and thrown over all of us. In the morning, I had to drag some wood over for the fire and open up more food for everyone, but there wasn't really much a slave had to do for them. Saturday night, however, after we had finished off the rest of the booze, Vicki had me lay on my back next to the fire and she rode my face for almost an hour while the other girls played a weird game where they threw acorns at my cunt. Every once in a while they would score a direct hit on my clit and they would all cheer. I would yelp, but I couldn't do much about it with Vicki on my face."

"Sunday morning when we drove back into town, I stayed sort of hunched down in the back seat until they got to my parent's house, then I tore ass into the house before anyone could see me. My dad was gone somewhere with his buddies, but mom was sitting at the kitchen table when I ran in the back door. She looked up at me and arched her eyebrows as if she were going to ask a question. 'We were playing truth or dare,' I said quickly."

"'Don't know what that is,' she replied, 'but you lost, didn't you?" Then she said, 'You stink! Get yourself cleaned up before your dad comes home and smells you.' I scampered upstairs and showered and dressed. Mom never mentioned it again."

"What about your friends? What effect did that weekend have on them?" I asked.

"Not much," she replied. "They teased me about it once in a while. When we were bored and looking for something to do, one of them might say, 'Why don't we get Shelly drunk. That is always fun,' but it really didn't change things between us all that much. Vicki ended up going to the same university I did and was even accepted in the same sorority, but we never did the lesbo-lick thing again - except once - though she did offer to spank me a couple of times when I was complaining about being horny. I didn't take her up on it... probably too planned and calculated when we were both sober. "

"I'm not sure," I began, "whether to ask about your worst sexual experience or a time, perhaps the first time when you planned to combine sex and pain - other than your performance art exhibit."

"That would probably be the same time," she answered.

"While I was still a student in college rather than an instructor, one of my sorority sisters dared me to go to a BDSM club in downtown Chicago and volunteer for a scene on stage. I don't remember why we girls from the sorority were in Chicago, but five of us were. We had Saturday evening free and were flying out on Sunday. The club was called 'Leather something' but it wasn't the infamous 'Leather Rose.'"

"I guess there's a reason why they say, 'Beware of imitations,' because this was a dive in a really nasty part of town. There were two Chicago police cars parked outside when the cab let us off. One of the policemen said, 'When you girls come out, you get a cab right here where we can see you. The club doesn't provide protection once you get past the corner street lights.'"

"You gotta love the Chicago way. A little extra money buys you extra police protection from what they should be cleaning up anyway, but that's the way Chicago has always worked."

"There were five of us, and normally we might have felt safe walking together, but after the cop's warning, we hurried into the club. The four of my sorority sisters who were in town with me had come along to see that I would actually do it. The club had a 'Friday Night Newbie Contest' going where 'club virgins' came up on stage and the one who lasted the longest got a chance to win ten thousand dollars. You had to sign a card that said you had never been to any BDSM club before and weren't in a sub relationship with any master. I don't know where they got the money for the prizes, but one of the girls with me asked if I really wanted to 'audition for slavery.'"

"I asked her what she meant, and she explained that she was from Joliet and knew the Chicago area. 'This contest is just a way for local Masters and Doms to audition new meat for slaves. Any girl who comes here alone and willingly gets up there on stage for this contest is just asking to be enslaved by someone.'"

"I think she was trying to shock me., but I don't shock very easily. So I answered, 'I am not alone, and if I leave here a slave, I will eventually get free and track all of you down and kill you in hideous sexual ways that would make Freddy Krueger blush.'"

"They all laughed, but two of them suddenly looked real scared and said, 'We won't leave you! Promise!' My stare has that effect on some people. Vicki, who had gone to Chicago with us, just smiled and added, '... unless you really want to leave with some vicious dyke pervert who will beat your ass all night and make you rug munch until morning.'"

"They all laughed again, but Vicki just smiled at me. I don't know if she was teasing me or warning me that I could lose control of myself if I went up there on stage. 'I trust you to protect me, Vicki...,' I answered. '... from perverts AND from myself.' The other girls were asking each other what I meant by that as I left to go sign up for the contest."

"There were nine of us who came up on stage, six women and three men. The requirements to enter were pretty simple. You had to come up on stage and read a little card while looking out at the crowd. Evidently they were filming the whole thing. You didn't have to give your true name, so I said, 'My name is Patty and I am 22 years old. I am up here on stage of my own free will. No one is forcing me to do anything. I give my permission for this to be video recorded and I freely allow for the distribution of any and all videos and images providing that my face is obscured in all frames. To show that I am truly willing and that I am doing this of my own free will I will now strip naked and go over and stand in line for the contest.'"

"Complete nudity is illegal in any club serving liquor in Illinois and in any club, regardless of liquor license, within the city limits of Chicago. But evidently the fee for the additional police protection included a little extra to insure that they never came inside the club, or at least never reported what happened in the club. Like I said, I love the Chicago way."

"I stripped, threw my clothes to Vicki, and went over and stood on a big number 4 that was painted on the stage. A man came out with a large marker and wrote a number 4 on my left arm and on my right buttock."

"After all nine of us had gone through the legal routine, the MC said, 'We have an odd number, so the dice will determine who gets a bye on the first round.' A huge dice cage came down out of the ceiling and turned over so that the dice tumbled from one side of the hour-glass shaped cage to the other. It came up an eleven. 'Box cars,' said the MC. 'Lets try again.' The cage turned over and it came up a seven. 'Number seven gets to sit out this round.' announced the MC. I was thinking that it was a little unfair to whoever was in the number one position, but then I realized that if you were first in line for this kind of contest, you probably didn't want to sit out the first round anyway."

"'Contestants to the center of the stage,' announced the MC. He then turned to the audience and said, 'This is a simple elimination round to get the numbers down to a manageable size. They gave each of us a big wooden paddle that looked like the sorority paddle that was hanging in the living room back at school. 'The rules are simple.' he said. 'The lowest number in the pair starts first, and then each time after that you reverse order. Take your best swing each time. The first one in a pair to say the safeword is out of the contest. Do you all understand that?'"

We all nodded that we understood. Then the MC turned to face the audience and said loudly, 'The safeword for tonight is Holy Cow!'"

"Everyone laughed. Several of the contestants looked really confused. I knew enough baseball history to know that 'Holy Cow!' was a catch phrase of Harry Carry's back when he broadcast games for the Chicago Cubs. I even knew how he said it, drawing out the word Hoooooly, but that was unnecessary knowledge because I wasn't planning on saying it at all that night."

"Number five was a man and he had first swing at me. I don't know if he was a secret sadist or just badly needed the money, but he really laid into me. I yelped when the paddle struck. I hadn't noticed that there were small holes drilled in the paddles. It hurt a LOT more than the one back at the sorority house. 'Ready to give up sister?' he asked. I answered by swinging my paddle into his ass as hard as I could. He just grunted as his ass cheeks smashed flat under the paddle. Then he stood there looking at me."

"'The MC called out, 'Second swat,' and I again put everything I had into my swing. Number five grimaced a little, but still just looked at me. He had more to put into it than I did and when he swung the paddle the second time, it sounded like a rifle shot as it hit. I yelped a little louder and came up onto my tiptoes, but I didn't break."

"Then number five said real softly to me, 'If I made the rules, I would make the loser give oral or anal sex to the winner. That would make it more interesting.'"

"He made a big mistake when he said that. From that point on I was envisioning myself kneeling on stage sucking his cock. I wasn't going to be doing that though, because now he had made sure that I wouldn't lose. His whispered comment had caused the pleasure-pain switch to flip. When he gave me the third swat, I didn't yelp, I sighed. Now my only problem was going to be not having an orgasm before he broke."

"It was close. He broke on the twenty-third swat. We were the last pair to finish. He made the mistake of trying to turn slightly away from the swat and I landed the paddle solidly on just one ass cheek slightly from the side. I could feel the jar of the paddle bottoming out against bone and he gave a screaming yelp and then yelled out 'Holy Cow! Holy Cow! Holy Cow!' I walked back over and stood on my number."

"Two very attractive young ladies came out on stage carrying large poster boards with 'Round 2' printed on them in very big letters. They looked like the Round Girls used in professional boxing except that they weren't wearing bikinis. They weren't wearing anything except baseball hats and body paint. The blonde's body was painted with a baseball uniform that had the Chicago White Sox emblem on it, the other was painted up to be a Chicago Cub. Her body was totally dark blue except her left breast, which was painted white. The red C for cubs circled behind her areola. Someone in the crowd shouted 'Go Cubbies' as she made her turn at the front of the stage."

"'Our next round,' explained the MC, 'will be electrical endurance. The contestants will be given a series of electrical shocks, each set will be of higher intensity until someone shouts..' he held his microphone out toward the crowd and they yelled out together, 'Holy Cow!'"

"While he was talking, several stage hands pushed things onto the stage that looked a lot like those scales that they used to use to weigh you in doctors offices. There was a platform to stand on with a white post coming up from it. But instead of a balance thing that gave your weight, it was topped with what looked like bicycle handlebars with metal handgrips. After the five units were in place, one of the Round Girls pushed a cart onto the stage that had two large pans on it. On a lower shelf on the cart there were a couple of even larger plastic bins like they use in restaurants to collect dirty dishes. She set the bins on the floor and put the pans in them. Then she returned one of the bins to the top shelf of the cart."

"The MC explained that the pans contained saltwater that we were supposed to dip our hands and feet in to guarantee good contact with the electrodes. 'We don't want somebody eliminated just because they have sweaty palms when everyone else's hands are dry,' he said to the audience."

"As I stood in line, I noticed that number three, who was right in front of me, didn't put her hands in the pan of water, but set them alongside the pan in the bin. She did the same with her feet. The Round Girl was standing right there and could see it, but she didn't say anything. In fact, she smiled rather broadly as she watched number three break the rules and cheat. I thought about saying something, but I was afraid that maybe the fix was in and number three was supposed to win. This was, after all, Chicago."

"After we were all standing in place and holding on to the handle bars, the MC explained the rules. 'There will be a series of 8 shocks in each set, after which there will be a 5 second break. If you shout the safeword or take your hands off the grips during the break, you are out. Because we are working with electricity, there is one other rule. If you piss yourself, you are out and you will be punished by being put in the stocks and given twenty lashes with a tawse. If you shit yourself, in addition to the tawse, you will ride the wooden horse while in the stocks for the rest of the evening. Does everyone agree to these rules?'"

"The White Sox Round Girl walked down the row holding a microphone and each of us said, 'I agree.' Then the first shocks hit. There were 8 very rapid pulses that shock my body and tightened up the muscles in my arms and legs. I immediately understood the reason for the five second break. There was no way I could have let go of the grips even if I wanted to while the shocks were happening, and there was absolutely no way I could have said anything, let alone shout out a safeword while my body was twanging like that."

"Five seconds later the second set of shocks hit. They were definitely stronger. Number 9, who was just to my right, was bouncing hard enough that her rather large tits were flopping up and down like she was running a marathon. During the next set of shocks, I looked to my left and number 3 was holding tightly to the grips, but not jerking around all that much. It was obvious that she wasn't getting anywhere near the jolt the rest of us were. Her muscles were barely twitching."

"After six sets of shocks, things were starting to get pretty intense, and the MC announced, 'Time to re-wet the electrodes.' Both Round Girls hurried on stage carrying what looked like medium sized flower watering cans. One quickly walked down the line in front of us and the other walked behind us, both were pouring salt water rapidly over our hands and feet. As soon as they reached the end, the next set of shocks hit and number 3 screamed out loudly. Since she hadn't really been getting the previous shocks, her body hadn't adjusted to the sensation and she was totally unprepared for the pain. She was also totally unprepared for the sudden muscle contractions and both her bladder and her bowels let go at the same time. As soon as the current stopped, she burst into tears and covered her face in shame for having both pissed and shit herself in public."

"'Clean her up and bring her over to the stocks,' instructed the MC and the two Round Girls came on stage with wet towels, wiped her off and led her over to the edge of the stage where an old fashioned set of wood stocks was standing. The stocks were fairly short, so when they pushed her down and locked her in place, she was bent over at the waist at almost a 90 degree angle. The MC came over and stood in front of her and said, 'If you don't count each stroke, the girls will start over. And count them loud enough that the audience can hear you.'"

"He nodded his head and the two Round Girls started swinging. Each had a leather tawse and they alternated strikes, one swinging from the left and one swinging from the right. Number 3 screamed with each strike and her body bounced and thrashed, but she managed to count all twenty strokes. Then the stage hands rolled out something that looked like a sawhorse that a carpenter might use except it was peaked on the top rather than flat. The shoved it between Number 3's legs and turned a handle on the end of it, raising it up until she was standing on tiptoe. She was moaning and crying and trying to lift herself off the painful peak that was pushing into her cunt, so the MC said, 'I think we need to quiet her down.' The Cubbie Round Girl put a ball gag in number 3's mouth and strapped it in place. The MC then turned to the crowd and said, 'Cheaters never win...., but isn't it fun watching them try?' The crowd answered with a cheering roar."

"That's when I realized that they knew that at least one of us would try not putting our hands and feet in the salt water. And they knew exactly what would happen to that person once their hands were properly wetted after the sixth round of shocks. No wonder the Round Girl was smiling when she saw Number 3 cheating."

"'We are now down to the final four contestants,' the MC announced. 'We need to narrow that down to the final two, so we are going to see how they stand up against our major league swingers.'"

"The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs Round Girls came bouncing back out onto the stage. They were accompanied by two additional Round Girls, one body painted as a Saint Louis Cardinal, and the other as a Minnesota Twin. The two birds in the design on the Cardinal girl seemed to be each perched on the top of a tit, while the bat they were sitting on connected the girls breasts together. The Round Girls were each carrying a leather tawse."

"Four stage hands pushed four more of the short stocks out onto the stage on rolling platforms. 'I think you know what comes next, don't you?' he asked."

"It was pretty obvious so the four of us went over, stood on the platforms, and put our heads and hands in the stocks. Three of the four finalists were females, the fourth was a male... well at least he had what appeared to be male genitals. They were very small and he also had a set of tits that were somewhere between an A and B cup. They weren't implants, so I assume that he was taking heavy doses of female hormones. He was in front of me as we walked over to the stocks, and from the back, you would have sworn it was a woman. I didn't get a chance to see if he had an Adam's apple or not."

"Once we were in the stocks, the MC explained the rules. The Round Girls would administer five swats, then they would rotate to the next stock. That way, you couldn't complain that one of them struck harder than another. 'You are now just two steps away from the grand prize,' intoned the announcer, making it sound like it was some great TV game show. 'But greater reward demands greater risk,' he intoned solemnly. 'You can drop out now and leave. Just say the safe word. Or, you can stay and risk the punishment if you fail at this step. If you fail at this step, the swats from the tawse will stop, but you will remain in the stocks for the rest of the evening. And who knows what some of our regulars might have in mind for you with your various openings so enticingly available. Now that you know the rules and the risks, are you willing to continue?'"

"Again one of the Round Girls walked down the line with a microphone and each contestant said, 'I am willing.'"

"'Batters to your stations,' barked the MC and the four Round Girls took up positions alongside each of us so that they had a clear arc to our ass. The MC kept a cadence by somewhat softly counting, 'One, two, three, four, five, Switch! One, two, three, four, five, Switch! One, two, three, four, five, Switch!'"

"I'm not sure how many swats I had received, but the Cardinal girl had pounded on me twice and was just to my left when the sissy boy yelled out 'Holy Cow! Holy Cow! Holy Cow!'"

"They paused a moment while they rolled his platform over to the side and then the MC began his cadence count once again. The Cardinal girl had three more at bats with me before number one screamed out the safe word."

"I thought they would let us out of the stocks, but instead, they rolled us over toward the side of the stage. 'Greater reward demands greater risk,' repeated the MC. 'Again, you can drop out now with no risk of punishment, or your can go into the final round and possibly come out our winner.'"

"As he was talking, four stage hands wheeled out two very strange looking machines onto the stage. They had a small motor and a rather large flywheel with a sliding piston that stuck off the end like a spear. It almost looked like a drive wheel on an old steam locomotive. I could see that the shaft was hollow and it was threaded. There were a bunch of tubes and wires that came from a control cabinet upon which the machine sat and attached to the shaft and motor. I wasn't sure what it was until they started screwing a flesh colored dildo on the end of it. It was a fucking machine."

"Once I realized what it was, I was surprised that the dildo was so small and so smooth. At first I was afraid that it was going in my ass, but when they rolled it around behind me and started making adjustments, they centered the shaft on my pussy. It moved in and out very slowly a couple of times as they raised and lowered it and then stopped when it was properly positioned."

"'Here are the rules for this final round,' said the MC. 'You both are going to ride the iron horse until one of you calls out the safeword. That will bring it down to one contestant. After that, if the final contestant can last until midnight, the ten thousand dollar prize money is hers. Do you both understand those rules?'"

"The Minnesota Twin held a microphone in each of our faces and we said that we understood. Then the MC continued. 'The first person to call out the safe word will be our featured entertainment for tonight. Twenty men have each paid $500 for the privilege of being in a live sex show right here on our stage. The loser will be the twenty-first person in that show, which could last until midnight.' That explained where the prize money came from."

"The MC slapped his hands together and walked out in front to look directly at us. 'So,' he said, 'at midnight, one of you goes home very well fucked and the other goes home maybe ten thousand dollars richer. Do you agree to these rules and forfeits?'"

"We both agreed, and the fucking machines started moving slowly within us. One of the stage hands came up and attached two electrodes to our abdomen just above our pubic bone and two below our left breast and two more on our ass. I was about to say that we hadn't agreed to electro as part of this when he patted me on the ass and said, 'Just monitoring for health and safety.' That should have been reassuring, but he accompanied it with a very disquieting laugh."

"The sensations from the machine were not unpleasant. There was a hole in the tip of the dildo and it oozed some sort of lubricant. It also could twist slightly and vibrate at various intensities. Pretty soon I was starting to climb toward a really good orgasm. So was number eight, because I could hear her moaning and starting to grunt. Suddenly I heard her say, 'Noooo. No. No. No.'"

"I couldn't turn my head to see what was happening to her, but a few moments later I realized what had happened. I, myself, was just at the edge of orgasm when the shaft quit vibrating and suddenly added a whole bunch more lubricant. It was now sliding smoothly in and out of me without creating any friction or sensation other than a slight feel of movement. I joined number eight is groaning, 'No, no, no, no, no.'"

"An almost orgasm isn't really pain, but it is the exact opposite of pleasure. It creates an emptiness that should be filled with pleasure but is instead filled with nothing at all. I tried humping against the shaft that was now sliding smoothing in and out of my cunt, but nothing I was able to do could take me over the cliff. The additional lubricant must have had some sort of topical anesthetic. I was effectively numb down there."

"I started crying and sobbing. I had been ready for any kind of pain, but I totally had not expected this. Then the shaft spurted more lubricant of some sort and suddenly I could feel heat building in my groin. Not sexual heat, real heat. It wasn't quite burning, but it was close. Then another squirt and the burning sensation went away and regular feeling came back. So did the vibrations. Just a few moments before that, one or two strokes and that little bit of vibration would have taken me over the top. Now I was so far back down in the valley that it would take a lot more than one or two strokes to even get me back up on top the hill."

"Machines, however, don't tire out, and they kept pumping and stroking. I eventually got back on top the hill and was again right at the edge of climax when once again the shaft stopped vibrating and spurted within me. If it had waited just another stroke or two, the spurt itself would have taken me over the top, but somehow it knew exactly when to stop."

"This time I didn't groan, 'No,' I screamed it. 'No, I was so close!' I screamed. 'You sadistic sons of bitches!' I yelled out at the audience. That got a loud cheer in response."

"Then I felt the anesthetic kick in and everything went numb. I was sobbing and crying uncontrollably, but I didn't yell out the safeword. A few moments later the rubber penis squirted again. The burning was more intense this time, but I knew that beyond that burning was feeling and maybe I could outsmart the machine and get off before it cycled down again."

"I couldn't. Somehow it always knew. Four or five cycles later, I knew that if I couldn't orgasm this time, I would have to say 'Holy Cow.'"

"So your worst sexual experience ever was being fucked in a sex show by twenty men?" I asked, interrupting her.

"No," she answered with a deep sign. "Number eight was going through the cycles slightly faster than me and while I was still hoping to get to the peak, she hit her limit and yelled out 'Holy Cow! Holy Cow! Somebody..., anybody..., everybody..., fuck me! Please fuck me!'"

"They rolled her out into the center of the stage still strapped down in the stocks and twenty college boys came running out on stage. She was in a state of sexual frenzy, and was screaming, 'Mouth, ass, cunt, anywhere, just FUCK ME!'"

"They started with her still in the stocks and were ramming into her from the front and back. I couldn't tell if they were in her cunt or ass, but she was wailing and trying to go into orgasm. I think when she yelled out her safeword, the machine squirted more of the anesthetic into her so she wasn't able to peak and kept yelling for them to go harder. They took her out of the stocks and pulled her onto the floor where there were some thin mats laid out. She was on her hands and knees with one boy underneath her humping her cunt and another behind her pounding her ass and a third fucking her mouth. And she still kept yelling for more. Finally after all twenty of them had fucked her at least once she suddenly pulled away from them and rolled over onto her back in the middle of the stage and started shoving her hands into her cunt. I don't mean she was fingering herself, I mean she was fisting herself. Her hand was going in up past the wrist. She kept that up for four or five minutes, bouncing and wailing and moaning, and then suddenly she went totally stiff and screamed out a long wailing 'Aiiiiiieeeeee' and went totally limp."

"She lay there not moving with her eyes half-open. A woman in a paramedic outfit came running out onto the stage and used a stethoscope to check her heart and then pulled her eyelids all the way open and shone a flashlight into her eyes. She walked over and had a short conversation with the MC who then announced to the crowd. 'She is going to be all right folks. But once again you have watched an almost winner get her brains fucked out right here on our stage.'"

"Two more paramedic types came on stage and helped number eight walk very unsteadily into the darkness. The MC continued, 'She will be back out in a little while after they get her re- hydrated and cleaned up.'"

I interrupted again and asked, "So your worst sexual experience ever was that you didn't get your brains fucked out in a sex show by twenty men?"

"No! That wasn't it." she said emphatically. "But I had to watch that and while I was watching that, I still wasn't able to get myself off. That damn machine would take me to the absolute very edge and then pull me back again and again and again and AGAIN!. The MC came over to me and whispered, 'You know, the boys still have a lot left in them. All you have to do is to say the safeword and you can be in the center of the stage having the orgasm of your life. You know you don't have the strength to go on like this until midnight.'"

"I already knew that was what would happen, and I was about to yell 'Holy Cow,' until he said that to me. I would have been willing to let twenty college boys fuck me senseless in public while being recorded just to get the orgasm that damn machine had been denying me all night. I was that desperate. I would have done it, but he pissed me off."

"If it weren't for what that man said and the way he said it, I would have let anyone, or anything screw me on that stage, but he wasn't going to win. I was. I was going to endure another hour and a half of teasing torture just to prevent him from getting his way. And it was torture. I don't know who invented that God-damned machine or how it could tell I was at the edge, but it was pure torture."

"Actually," I said, "the electrodes under the left breast measure heart rate and the pair just above your pubic mound sense muscle tension by the conductivity of the skin at certain frequencies and the pair of electrodes on the ass are a control so the computer can factor in the effect of perspiration on the skin."

"What!" she sputtered, "You are the sadistic devil that designed that hellish machine!?"

"It's what I do," I said, trying to sound a little apologetic.

"And you are damned good at it, too," she snarled. "But I beat your machine from hell. Twelve o'clock came around and the whole crowd started counting down the seconds. At midnight they gave a huge cheer as the machine finally came to a stop. Two of the Round Girls came over to help me up out of the stocks and the paramedic lady checked me over. Then the MC announced to the crowd, 'For the first time in the history of the club, we actually have a winner. No one has ever beaten the machine before. Patty here has won the title of Champion Newbie Pain Slut of Chicago and perhaps the world.'"

"One of the Round Girls came running up to him and handed him something. It was a stack of one hundred dollar bills. 'You can count it if you like,' he said. 'I trust you,' I answered. 'I don't,' said Vicki who had come up on stage with the other girls and was standing beside me. She rapidly riffled through the bills and said, 'It's a hundred short.'"

"The MC had been watching her count and said, 'I think one of the Round Girls will be spending some time in the stocks after we close tonight,' and pulled two fifties out of his pocket. Then the five of us girls headed for the entrance to the club."

"As we came out of the club, the two policemen stepped up to us and said, 'You have to put some clothes on miss before you come out into the street.'"

"Vicki made two hundreds suddenly appear in her hand and said, 'Just get us a cabbie we can trust and who can get us dropped off at the inside security area at the hotel. Tell him twice the meter plus a hundred and to make it fast.'"

"I don't know what arrangements the cops had with the cabbies, but a yellow van appeared almost instantly. As we were getting into the cab, the driver said, 'I can arrange an escort and secret passage to your room through the back service areas... four hundred, one for me, and three for the maids who will sneak you in.' Vicki said, 'Deal,' and we pulled away from the curb."

"When we got to the hotel, the security door opened and the cabbie drove up to a special door. There were three maids standing there with a covered luggage cart. The cabbie snapped his fingers and said, 'The ride is two-fifty. Give me the four and I will pay the maids. What is your room number?'"

"Vicki told him and gave him the cash. The maids pushed the luggage cart right up against the side of the cab and lifted the curtain-like cover that was over it. Inside, where you would normally hang suits or sit suitcases, there was a chair mounted securely to the floor of the cart. They obviously had done this before to get people in or out of the hotel unseen. It even had a seat belt - probably in case the person being transported was unconscious... or dead. This was Chicago, after all. 'Slide in and make sure you don't stick your head or anything else around the side of the cart. It is blocking the cameras.'"

"I got into the cart and sat in the chair and the maid pulled the curtain tightly closed over it again. It felt really weird riding up to our floor and then through the hallways behind the curtains, but Vicki was still carrying my clothes and I was sitting there naked, so it wasn't like I could get out and walk. When we got to the room, the maids pushed the cart inside and told me it was safe. Vicki gave them each twenty dollars extra as a tip from her own money and thanked them for helping. After they left, she started laughing and said, 'Don't you love Chicago? I bet if I had asked him, the cabbie could have arranged for whatever age, race, gender or species we wanted to have some fun with tonight.'"

"One of the other girls said, 'I may have to go back out and find something. Watching that show... watching you... got me so hot and bothered that I am going to have to do something - or somebody.'"

"'You are going to have to do something!?' I almost screamed. 'That damn machine took me to the edge a thousand times and threw me back each time. You girls talked me into this! You owe me! I am going to split my winnings with you like I said I would - that makes it two thousand apiece, less expenses, but in return you four are going to fuck me and fist me and spank me and suck me and let me eat your pussies until I have gotten back every God damned orgasm that machine took away from me!!!!!'"

"The three girls were looking at me with their eyes wide and their mouths gaping, but Vicki just reached down and pulled the covers off the big, king-sized bed and said, 'What are we waiting for girls? We all need it; it makes the perfect end to this crazy, twisted evening; and besides, Shelly and I have been down this path before. Trust me, you'll like it.'"

"They did, and I did," Shelly said with a smile, "And now I would like to go back into the bedroom and you are going to be all pleasant and loving and gentle and I am going to get all wet and horny and if you pull me back from the edge like your stupid machine did, I will.... I will.... I don't know what I will do."

"I do," I replied. "You will beg me to fuck you..., but you've already done that."

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