I, Masochist - Chapter 5: Diane & David

by The Technician

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Chapter 5: Diane & David

Chapter five of eight is W's interview with "Diane and David."

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Diane's first words as she came through the door to Shelly's apartment were, "I hope you don't mind that I brought David. He's my twin brother. Dr. Collins only wanted to talk to women, but David is as much a pain slut as I am - maybe more so. I thought maybe his perspective would be helpful."

"Even if I did mind," I answered, "he is already here. Are you one of those pain sluts that tops from the bottom?"

She smiled and raised her eyebrows at me. "Just because I like pain doesn't mean I don't like to be in control. Yes, if you want to put it that way, I top from the bottom. A lot of pain sluts are actually totally in control of what is happening. They say how hard to hit and how far away to hold the candle and when to switch from swatting to fucking. I'm just more honest about it and take control from the start."

"What about David?" I asked. "Is he in control too, or is he your sub?"

"He's not exactly a sub," she answered, "but he gives me pain when I want it, and I give him pain when I want to. He is sub to the pain, I am just the source. He would probably lay across your lap right now and let you give him a bare-assed spanking if you ordered him to. He likes to think he is forced, that way he doesn't have to admit that he loves the pain. I don't have a problem admitting anything. I love to be in control and I love the pain."

"So, when did you first figure this out?" I directed the question to both of them, but I was pretty certain that Diane would be the one to answer.

David looked over at her and then lowered his eyes and stared at the floor. Diane began, "I think it was when we were six or seven years old. Twins are pretty close and we were almost always together. I don't remember what we did, but I was the one who got blamed for it and I was the one who got spanked. We both got sent to our room after the spanking, though."

"We were still young enough that we shared a bedroom. When we got there, I cornered Davy and told him that he should have gotten the same spanking that I did. Believe me, that spanking was not enjoyable at all. I got twenty-seven swats. Dad didn't count them, but I kept track."

"I had a little wooden paddle that was supposed to have a little ball on a long rubber band on it, but the rubber band had broken a long time ago and the paddle had ended up at the bottom of the toy box. I sat on the bed and yanked down Davy's pajamas and pulled him over onto my lap. 'You are going to get 27 swats, just like I did,' I told him in the most stern voice I could come up with."

"He just lay there. He has always been sort of passive, especially when it comes to me. I started smacking him and after a few swats his butt started to turn pink and then red, but he wasn't crying. He wasn't even whimpering. He was smiling. That really made me mad and I started hitting as hard as I could, but he just kept smiling at me. I went way past 27 and he still didn't cry. Finally I asked him, 'Why aren't you crying? Why are you smiling at me?'"

"'Because it doesn't hurt when you do it,' he answered. 'It feels good in a weird sort of way.'"

"I screamed 'Boys!' and dumped him off onto the floor. But the next night when we went up to bed and mom and dad were still downstairs, I asked him, 'Last night when I spanked you, did it really not hurt?'"

"'He answered, 'Sis, it really didn't hurt. I don't know why, but it felt sort of good. My butt was warm and stung all night, but it was a good warm and a good sting.'"

"I was standing in front of him while he sat there looking at me with those big doe eyes he gets when he is scared. 'What are you going to do, Sis?' he asked me. I think he was afraid I was going to do something else to him. Instead I said, 'This!' and pulled down my pajamas and lay over his lap as I handed him the wooden paddle. 'Spank me!' I ordered him."

"He sputtered and stammered and said, 'Are you sure?'"

"'Yes,' I answered. 'I want to see if it works the other way.' I figured that if it hurt, I would just get back up off his lap. But it didn't hurt. Well..., yes, it hurt, but it hurt in a good way. I kept telling him, 'Keep going... harder... harder... harder.'"

"Finally he whined, 'My arm is tired.' Then he said, 'I think I hear mom and dad coming upstairs.'"

"I slipped off his lap and scurried over to my bed and got under the covers. By the time mom and dad came into the room, the light was off and we were both pretending to be asleep. Luckily, mom didn't look under the covers because my pajamas were still down around my ankles. My ass was hot and stinging all night, but like Davy said, it was a good heat and a good sting. That was the first time, but not the last that Davy and I traded spankings."

"How often did you 'trade spankings'?"

David started to answer, but Diane cut him off with, "As often as we could, at first. Then it tapered off to once a week or so."

"And when did it become sexual?"

David's eyes got very big. Diane laughed, "With Davy it never has been... not really. It is always just pleasurable in that strange sort of way. Davy sometimes likes sex mixed with pain, or pain mixed with sex, but he enjoys pain in the right circumstances whether it is truly sexual or not."

"Davy," I said. Diane and I locked eye contact as I repeated, "Davy," and then asked, "tell me about your absolutely best sexual experience ever."

David's mouth opened and closed several times as his eyes darted back and forth between me and his twin sister. Finally he began, "I don't have a lot of experience. I guess my best was recently when a friend of Dee's was over at the house for the weekend. Mom and dad were away at some business meeting and were going to be gone for a whole week."

"Terri - that was her name... Terri is in some of Dee's classes at the university. I had never met her before. I don't go to school anymore. I'm a teller at the bank in town. I like the job and can maybe advance. I've got an associate degree and will probably end up being a loan officer or something like that with the bank someday. But for now, I still live at home and Dee stays at home once in a while when she isn't at school. I think mom didn't want me to be alone for the whole week, so she suggested that Dee come home at least for the weekend."

"Terri came with her because she didn't believe that I would do anything my sister told me to do and wanted to see it for herself - or at least that is what she said. Dee could see through her, though. Dee can see through anybody... at least she always sees through me when I try to lie to her. Dee could tell that Terri is very much like me, but Terri didn't want others to know it yet. Maybe she didn't know it yet herself."

"They got there Friday night right after supper. Mom and dad had only been gone for a half hour or so. I was just finishing up the dishes when they got there. 'So this is your little brother?' Terri said as they came through the back door into the kitchen where I was standing. She looked at me and said 'I've heard a lot about you from your sister. I came with her this weekend to see if it all was true.'"

"'Oh, it's all true,' said Dee. 'And we are going to have a really fun weekend together.' Then her voice got really deep and strong - not loud like yelling, but strong like you could hear it all over the house, and she said, 'Strip!'"

"I started fumbling with my clothes and Terri was looking at me at smiling - almost laughing. Then Dee added, 'Both of you!'"

"'What?!' sputtered Terri. 'You can't mean that, can you? You said you would show me why your weak little brother did everything that you commanded.'"

"'No, I didn't,' sneered Dee. 'I never said he was weak. I just said he does everything I command him to do. He does it because I am strong, not because he is weak. He just isn't as strong as I am. Neither are you, and you know it. You came here for the weekend not to see what I would command Davy to do, but hoping that I would command you to do things that you are dying to do, but don't have the guts to do on your own. You are getting your wish. I am commanding you. I order you to get naked..., Now!'"

"Terri suddenly dropped her head and started pushing down her slacks. 'Yes, Mistress,' she whispered.'"

"'Say it loud enough for me to hear,' yelled Dee. 'And it is 'Yes, Mistress Diane.'"

"'Yes, Mistress Diane,' Terri responded as she pulled her blouse over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties, so once she took off the blouse, she was completely naked. She had extremely small breasts and with her shaven cunt looked like a little girl."

"'Do you keep that shaved, or have you never grown any hair down there?' asked Dee."

"Terri blushed. She turned a deep red all over. 'I don't have much body hair, Mistress Diane,' she answered. 'I use one of those cordless hair puller things to keep everything plucked smooth.'"

"'Davy,' Dee said. 'Check to see just how smooth she is.' I started to reach down to feel Terri's pussy when Dee added, '...with your tongue.'"

"I fell to my knees and nuzzled against her and began moving my tongue over her pussy and mound. It was perfectly smooth and felt wonderful and smelled like sis when she is really turned on. She must have liked how my tongue felt because she gasped and leaned back against the kitchen table. Then she started moaning. Dee ordered her to spread her legs and she moved her feet farther apart so that I could get deeper into her with my tongue. She reached down and put her hands on my head and started to grab my hair when Dee ordered, 'Put your hands on your own head, and keep them there! And don't you dare cum!'" "After she said that, Dee leaned down and whispered in my ear. 'If you don't make her cum, you won't have any fun tonight. If she doesn't cum, then she gets to use Mister Sparky on your balls while I cane your ass. But if she comes, you get to fuck her and maybe go around the world with her.'"

"Mr. Sparky is a cattle prod that Sis modified to have higher voltage. I don't like electrical pain. It is just pain to me, so whenever Sis wants to punish me, she uses Mr. Sparky or hooks me up to her tens unit and turns it on high. I really didn't want to get punished, so I started lapping Terri's cunt really fast. Besides the thought of doing her cunt and mouth and ass really had me turned on. I soon figured out that if I swirled my tongue around her clit and then lapped it lightly, she would squirm and pant really hard, so I kept doing that."

"Terri started grunting and moaning. Dee was yelling at her 'Don't you dare cum!' and she was wailing back, 'Please, please, please, I can't help it! I need to cum! I have to cum!' Finally Dee said to her, 'You can only cum as my slave. If you cum, you are agreeing to be my slave. You will still be punished for cumming, but I will allow you to cum if you are my slave. Are you willing to submit to me as my slave forever so that you can cum? Will you accept any punishment that I decide so that you can cum all over Davy's face?'"

"I thought Terri would stop everything right there, but instead, she cried out, 'Yesssssssss! Mistress Diane. I am your slave foreverrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaauugh!' As she said forever, she began bucking and trashing against me, almost like she was trying to fuck herself on my tongue."

"Terri stood there shaking and quivering and holding herself up with the table while I continued to lap at her pussy. Sis hadn't said I could stop, so I just kept going. 'That's enough, Davy,' she finally said. I stopped and stood up next to Terri. I had a tremendous erection and was a little embarrassed that it was sticking out so obscenely."

"'I think we need to take care of that,' Sis said with a laugh. 'I have something I have been dying to try ever since we went to the circus last summer. Davy, do you remember that trapeze act where the man and woman twirled together around the trapeze bar? Ever since then, I have had this idea that I wanted to try with you and some girl. Terri is the right size. She needs a little punishment; you need a little pleasure; and I want to spank some ass tonight, so lets go downstairs to the play room.'"

"The play room is the unfinished back half of the basement area. It is supposed to be for storage, but Diane has it set up with mats and mirrors for practicing dance - or at least that is what mom and dad think. Sis actually does practice dance a lot down there, but she has a lot of things locked away in a couple of trunks down there that have nothing to do with dance. Mr. Sparky is in one of those trunks."

"When we got downstairs, Dee told Terri and I to stand against the wall and close our eyes. She said she wanted to get everything ready for us. I heard her open the trunks and get out some of her toys. Then she was doing something out in the middle of the room that I couldn't quite figure out. A few moments later, she came and got me and told me to go lie down on the straps. She had taken off all of her clothes and was standing there naked."

"Sis has a bunch of seat belts that she got from the junk yard. She cut the metal brackets off them where they mount to the car and sewed the ends together so they are just long straps with a heavy buckle to hold them together. Sometimes she uses them to strap me to a table or one of the posts in the basement. She had a bunch of these laid out in the middle of the room and indicated that I was to lie face up across them. Then she went back and got Terri."

"My erection had started to soften by then and she told Terri 'Fluff him up.' When Terri didn't seem to understand what Sis wanted, she added, 'Use your mouth to get him hard again.'"

"Terri said, 'Oh,' and knelt down next to me and started sucking on my dick. I got hard almost immediately and started to squirm and moan. 'We might as well make this the first stop on the tour,' laughed Sis and told Terri to keep going. 'Make him cum and swallow it all,' she ordered."

"'Terri just said 'Mmmph' and kept sucking and moving her mouth up and down on my prick. It really didn't take me very long to spurt into her mouth. I thought she would pull off me or something, but she kept her mouth tight on me and sucked everything down. Right after I finished, Dee said, 'Now straddle him and lower yourself down on him before he gets soft.'"

"I don't think I would have gotten soft, but Terri straddled my chest and started to lower herself down on me. 'No!' shouted Sis. 'The other way. Face the other way.'"

"Terri turned herself around and again lowered herself down onto my stiff prick. It was heavenly. She just sat there grinding slowly on me and looking at Dee. 'What now, Mistress Diane?' she asked."

"'This,' answered Sis and she reached down and pulled on Terri's feet so that she pulled her legs out from under her. Terri had been kneeling over me, but she fell forward on her face and now she was flat against my legs with her legs alongside my chest. The pressure pulling my prick down was a little uncomfortable, but it still felt good to be inside of her. Then Sis pushed my head up slightly and grabbed Terri's ankles and pulled them slightly under my back. She must have had some rope in her hands, because I felt her tying Terri's ankles and pulling them tighter behind my back. Then she flipped one of the sets of straps up over my chest and arms, clicked it closed and tightened it. There were four more sets of straps, one at my waist, one at Terri's waist, and two more on my legs. When all of the straps were in place, Terri and I were held very tightly together with her head more or less between my legs. I was still firmly inside of her, but I couldn't move against her and she couldn't do much more than grind slightly against me."

"'This is where we all have some fun together,' said Sis. 'I am going to paddle Terri's ass. She is going to count the strokes. Each swat is going to drive her against you and eventually she is going to have a nice little orgasm. This is both her punishment and her reward. While I am doing that, little brother, I want you to watch her ass turn bright red. There probably isn't going to be enough movement to get you off, but don't worry, your time will arrive. After she cums good and hard, I am going to roll you two over and then do the same to you. You are going to count the strokes just like she did, and each stroke will drive you into her. After you both cum, I will release you and then you are going to help me have a nice little cum, too.'"

"'Are you ready, slave?' she asked. Terri didn't answer, so she swatted her really hard with the leather paddle that she had in her hands. 'I said, are you ready slave?'"

"Terri answered immediately, 'Yes, Mistress Diane.'"

"Dee started swatting Terri's ass. She was really hitting hard. I could feel the force of each stroke. Terri yelped each time, but always gave the count, and even though Diane had not ordered it, thanked her for each one. 'One. Thank you Mistress Diane. Two. Thank you Mistress Diane.'"

"I think the count was somewhere just above one hundred, when Terri changed her chant. She started saying, 'One hundred five. May I please cum, Mistress Diane?'"

"After about another twenty swats, Sis said, 'Yes, slave, you may cum.' As she said it she swung the paddle with both hands and put her whole body weight into it. The smack sounded almost like as bomb going off and Terri shrieked out in pain, but almost immediately she began thrashing and yelling as she exploded into orgasm. As Sis had predicted, there hadn't been enough movement to take me over the top, but watching Terri's ass turn red and then feeling her thrash in orgasm while tightly bound to me was almost enough."

"'Davy's turn,' said Sis and she pushed us sideways to roll us over. It hurt a little as we turned and was a little uncomfortable as we struggled to change position, but then I was on top and Terri was on bottom and I was still inside her. 'Remember to count them,' Dee said and then I felt the smack of the first swat."

"Taking my cue from Terri, I counted, 'One. Thank you Mistress Diane.'"

"'Good boy,' answered Sis as she continued to pound on my ass. I had only counted to thirty-three when I suddenly spurted inside of Terri. I have never yelled out during an orgasm before, but I think the neighbors might have heard me that night. Sis gave me four or five more spanks with the paddle before stopping. I looked up at her and she was all sweaty from the effort of paddling Terri and me. He skin was shining in the light and she looked like a true goddess."

"'Now its my turn for some fun,' she said as she began releasing the straps. 'You stay on your knees,' she said to Terri. 'And you take this paddle,' she said to me. Sis then grabbed hold of a pull up bar that hangs from the rafters of the main floor. 'You are going to give me the best eating out any slave has ever given her Mistress,' she said to Terri. 'And you are going to give me some pain to take me over the top,' she said to me. Then she looked me right in the eyes and said, 'And you will stop the instant I start to cum or Mr. Sparky comes out of the trunk. Do you understand that?' I nodded my head yes."

"She pushed her cunt into Terri's face and as Terri started licking and slurping, I started spanking Sis with the leather paddle. I knew it had to be hard enough to hurt, but not so hard that it went beyond pleasure pain into pain pain. Sis didn't count or anything. In fact, she didn't make any noise at all until she started getting close to the top. Then she started making short little grunting sounds and pressing her cunt harder and harder into Terri's face with each grunt. Suddenly she screamed and I stopped the paddle in mid- swing. She hung from the pull up bar and shuddered and shook and moaned for almost a full minute. Then she took a deep breath and said, 'You both did very well. That was very enjoyable.'"

"'One more little thing before we all go up and relax in the hot tub.' she said. Turning to Terri, she said sternly, 'So that you know your true place as a slave and because I promised Davy he could go around the world with you, you are going to serve both of us at the same time. I am going to lie down on the floor and you are going to take me over the top once again with your marvelous tongue. While you are doing that, Davy is going to take your ass cherry. Your ass is virgin isn't it?'"

"Terri nodded meekly and Sis continued, 'Then lets do this.' She lay down on the mat and motioned for Terri to get between her legs. 'There's lube in the brown trunk,' she said as Terri started licking her. I found the lube in the trunk and squirted a large glob between Terri's ass cheeks. I started rubbing it in and working my fingers up inside of her. I knew from experience that if you didn't loosen up first, anal could be very painful. Sis was starting to moan softly and Terri was groaning and bucking back against my fingers. I put some of the lube on my penis and lined up behind her. I pushed in slightly and let her adjust to me before pushing the rest of the way in. I had only been pumping for a few minutes when suddenly Sis started yelling and Terri stated bucking back against me real hard and all three of us orgasmed at the same time. Terri fell forward on top of Sis and I fell on top of her still firmly lodged in her ass."

"We just lay there breathing hard for a few minutes until Sis said, 'I think that is a promising start for the weekend, but we all need to shower and then soak in the hot tub for a little while before going to bed.' That night and the rest of that weekend was my absolutely best sexual experience ever."

I waited for him to get quiet, and then I said, "I'm going to stay with David, since he seems to be the true masochist between you two and ask about the absolutely worst sexual experience you have ever had."

David's eyes got wide and he looked back and forth between Diane and me as if he were afraid to say something. Finally Diane said, "It's OK Davy, you can tell him."

David looked at the floor as whispered, "You tell him, Sis. You know what it is."

Diane shook her head and mouthed the word, "Wimp." Then she began, "I got this really neat new dildo for my harness about a year ago. I have this harness that is a combination strap-on and insert. There is a plug on the back side of the harness that goes up inside of me. It has a couple of vibration settings, but I usually leave it switched off because the pressure and movement as I use the harness is all I need."

"What was different about my new dildo was that it had ESTIM capability built into it. There were all these little metal bumps on the dildo. There weren't that big and they were smooth, so the bumps themselves weren't the problem. The shocks were."

David whimpered slightly as Diane spoke. "He really hates shocks," she said, "But I had to try it out on someone. He knew what it was and he really didn't want to, but he can't help himself. If I tell him to do it, he has to do it. We got all naked down in the play room and I told him to grease himself up and get himself ready. I even had him use one of those warm glow lubricants that would make him feel all warm and tingly back there. He put a big glop on his hands and worked it into his butthole. Then he started pushing his fingers in. He started with just one, but soon had two and then three and then all four crammed up his ass."

"'Are you ready for this?' I asked him."

"He cringed and said, 'No, but you're going to do it to me anyway, so I guess I'm as ready as I will ever be.'"

"I had him lie down on a giant pillow that is supposed to be a kind of chair. His ass was at just the right level as I slowly pushed into him. I was real gentle and let him get used to the dildo before I pushed it all the way in. Then I started fucking him. He actually likes that."

"He was starting to moan and push back against me, but I had the remote to the dildo in my hand. Once I was sure he was fully open and a little turned on, I started raising the voltage. There were several different settings to the pulse. The one I had selected turned the pulse on each time there was pressure against the bottom of the dildo. That meant each time I thrust into him he would get shocked. I kept pushing the up arrow on the remote until I could feel his ass cheeks quivering against my front. He started screaming, 'No, please Sis. No more. No more.'"

"Usually I respect his limits - to a point, but for some reason I knew that I had to take that baby to maximum so that I could cum. I pushed the up arrow on the remote and held it down. Each time I pushed into him, his whole body shook and quivered and he screamed at the top of his lungs. Finally, just before I peaked, he passed out. I don't know if that was my best orgasm ever, but it had to be in the top ten."

David was crying even now as Diane re-told the story. "Afterwards, I was really sorry and promised him that it would never happen again. I even let him butt fuck me the next day as a way of making up for it. I've used that dildo on a couple of other guys and a few girls, but I've never taken it all the way to maximum on any of them. Most of them were into electro pain anyway and totally got off on it. I had one of the girls use it on me while Davy watched. I told her to put it in my ass and take it up to maximum, but she wouldn't. She said she was too afraid that I would do the same to her. She stopped at about 80% of maximum. It did hurt like a son of a bitch, but I still came. I guess electro- pain isn't really pain for me like it is for Davy."

It was getting late, so I concluded the interview and asked them both to sign cards allowing me to release information to Dr. Collins. I don't know if he was going to be upset that I interviewed both a male and female. I personally wondered why he had chosen not to include any males in his study. Maybe he thought that only females could be a masochist or more likely was afraid of his own latent masochism.

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