I Had A Ball, I Was The Ball

by lizsubintampa

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; bar; tease; D/s; bond; naked; rope; balltie; gag; nipple; clamps; torment; toys; insert; punish; denial; oral; climax; true; cons; X

True story with bondage, first submission to another woman, some bdsm, consensual

Not too long ago at a ladies night party in Ybor City (Tampa) I met Dottie. She was with another woman (Sandy) and I was sitting at the bar next to them. After my drink was served (water with lemon) Dottie turned to me and asked if I always drank the hard stuff. Laughing, I told her I would have asked for it “neat” but I was driving.

She has a wonderful smile and when she asked if this was my first time at the bar I told her it was. I told her I had read about it online and had passed it several times in the past when I had gone to a few of the shops and the comedy club but had never before come in. Putting her hand on top of mine (on the bar) she said that she hoped we could get to know each other better and me, blushing and feeling all the goose bumps rising on my arms, told her I would like that and asked if I could buy her a drink. “Beer would be fine”, she said, and when the bar tender came near us I ordered one for her.

Over the next hour or so we chatted about a lot of things and while doing so my eyes would wander looking at a few of the other women that were wearing handcuffs or had their hands tied behind their backs. A couple of them had their blouses hanging open and if it weren’t for their bras (some very see-through) their breasts would have been totally exposed. One in particular, a very pretty young blonde, was wearing a bra that lifted her breasts with the tops of her areolas peaking out and was wearing a pink collar that was locked on with a small gold lock hanging in front. Her leash was held by a woman double her age (at least I think she was that much older) leading her through the bar to visit with others. Her short shorts left little to the imagination (unless she was wearing a thong I would swear she was naked under those shorts) and as I watched her being led by her Mistress I felt myself blush and also felt the tingling sensations I get when my nipples harden and my puss starts to get a mind of its own.

Bringing me back to earth Dottie tapped my hand and asked if I liked what I saw and would I like to be that girl. Turning back to the bar and at the same time trying to avoid looking at Dottie I told her I found it rather interesting to see so many people who seemed to enjoy bondage so openly but I didn’t think I would want to be paraded around like she was.

With a little laugh and a huge smile Dottie took my hand in hers and said (I’m paraphrasing here) “Yes you do” and without trying to take my hand away from hers my only response was to sort of put my head down so I could study the scratches and stains on the bar while, my nipples, still betraying me, were trying to poke holes in my bra and blouse (that’s how I felt anyway) and even though the bar was dimly lit they made themselves known to Dottie and perhaps to a couple of other people nearby.

My embarrassment nearly complete I did the best I could (under the circumstances) and moved my hand away from hers and sort of crossed my arms over my breasts. Dottie, with her wonderful smile, became a little assertive and took both my hands in hers, pulled them toward her, and said something like, “I think your (girls) are telling me you’re lying”.

Lying? Me? Uh, uh, not me!

Flushed and turning more shades of red than I care to count I sat there with my hands in hers and in an almost inaudible whisper said, “Yes, I’m lying”.

Her eyes pierced mine and without missing a beat she said, “You know liars get punished don’t you?”, and I, forever the clever one, said something really witty like, “Do they? (while stuttering)”.

Digging through her purse Dottie took out a small pad and wrote something down. Then, telling me that she (and Sandy) had to go, she handed me a slip of paper, leaned over, brushed my nipple with her hand, gave me a quick kiss on my cheek, and said “Call me”.

There are probably a million things I should have or could have said but the only thing I said after almost falling off the bar stool when she touched my breast was a brilliant, “Okay”.

I stayed only another 15 minutes or so before having enough courage to get up from the stool and as I pushed past a few of the other people near the door I couldn’t get over how turned on I was by several of the women in the bar and, of course, by Dottie.

By the time I was on the road driving home so many things flew through my head and all I could think about was what it would be like to be with Dottie. How would she punish me for lying? Would she tie me up? Would she keep me gagged or would she have other uses for my mouth? Should I call her? I don’t know her at all, should I call her? Why was I even thinking about her like this?

Because, I answered myself, your nipples hurt from being so swollen, your breasts too (as small as they are) are heaving with each breath you take and your puss, ever in control, would dial the phone for you if you put your clit anywhere it.

I held out for four days before calling her and a week after that (and a few phone calls) I was in her living room, naked, in a sort of lotus position with my wrists crossed behind my back with more rope that was tied to my ankles pulled over my shoulders then tied to my wrists forcing me to keep my thighs wide open and, for the coup de gras, ropes were tied to my knees and upper arms putting me and keeping me in an extremely difficult position and when she pushed me backward I was floundering on my back like a beached turtle in an obscenely open and helpless position. I tried to bring my knees together and I tried to roll back up to a sitting position, a totally useless effort. I was stuck. The only thing I accomplished was to rock back and forth and side to side before I finally gave up.

Dottie, kneeling next to me the whole time, took hold of my nipple and twisted it until I started to scream from the pain. Then, while I was still screaming, she leaned over and kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth and when it retreated and I tried to follow it she sucked my tongue into her mouth and biting down on it kept it in her mouth while I was now gurgling / screaming into her mouth and getting hornier by the second.

Releasing my tongue she quickly moved around to my head and before I realized what she was up to she was straddling my face and lowering her puss to my mouth. Once again, ever the rocket scientist, I opened my mouth and using my tongue began to lick her labia and as she pressed down harder I kissed and sucked her clit. She moved even harder on my mouth and would twist my nipples if I slowed down and although my breathing was becoming quite difficult and shallow I didn’t stop until she had a series of orgasms that made her force herself on to my mouth even harder and when she got off my face and let go of my nipples, and while I was trying to catch my breath, she leaned forward, took my face in her hands and kissed me so gently and lovingly that I almost didn’t hear her say that she hadn’t forgotten that I needed to be punished for lying to her at the bar and, from who knows where it came from, she put this huge sponge in my mouth until it filled my mouth completely and using (a lot) of scotch tape that she wrapped around my mouth and neck I was gagged better than I had ever been before and could say nothing more than grunts and groans most of which emanating from my nose (I think).

Leaving me alone for a minute or two she came back and I could see a couple of vibrators and nipple clamps in her hands. I tried telling her no (to the clamps) but that was a useless expense of energy because without any fanfare she once again sat on my face, grabbed both my nipples, and when I began screaming into my gag she put the first clamp on my nipple and followed that up very quickly with the other clamp. My nipples hurt like hell (I have never liked nipple clamps) but in the position I was in I had no choice in the matter.

Still face-sitting (and rubbing herself on my taped mouth) I felt her put her fingers in my puss and when she touched my clit the pain from my nipples added to the pleasure that was building inside me and when she pulled her hand away and shoved a dildo in I thought I was going to go to heaven but instead of turning the damned thing on she only moved it (all too quickly) in and out of me before taking it away leaving me heaving like the bitch in heat I was. Then, moving away from me she stood up, went and sat on the couch, and watched me writhe in both agony and desire. I wanted to cum so badly but couldn’t. I wanted those awful clamps off my nipples but they just shook every time I moved and hurt me more and more each time I tried to shake them off my nipples.

It could have been five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes or even as little as one minute before she came back and knelt in front of me. I really didn’t know how long I was shaking and screaming but when she did come back I was so happy because I thought she was going finally going to let me cum. Of course I was wrong (again).

Moving a bit closer to me she picked me up by my ass and after moving her thighs under me she took some lube, dripped it over both my puss and asshole and then, ever so damn slowly, inserted vibrators into both. By the time they were in I was shaking and grunting and rocking and cursing (nothing that was understood of course) before she pulled them out and, laughing, told me I didn’t deserve to cum yet.

Standing up, she walked out of the room leaving me gurgling in pain both from the clamps and needing to cum. My frustration grew by the second and all I wanted was for the bitch (I was going to write witch but that really would not be very accurate) to come back and let me cum.

When she came back it started all over. More lube, the vibrators going in and out, a bit more lube, more in and out, and me, unable to do anything about it, kept trying to plead with her, begging her to let me cum. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

“Time to change your position dear”, she said, and before I could gurgle a thank you she reached forward, took the clamps off my nipples, stood up and laughed at me screaming from the pain. She actually laughed!

Then, kneeling by my head again, she told me that was mean and she was going to make it better (and by that she meant she was going to make the pain worse) when she took my nipples in her fingers so she could roll and twist them. Suddenly my nipples became the center of my world, it was the worst pain I ever experienced while in bondage and I wanted her to stop, I was crying. Just stop. I wasn’t even horny any more. I just wanted her to stop. But did I use my safe word (hum)? No, like an idiot I just screamed and screamed and felt so relieved when she let go of them that I just became limp with tears still coming down my face. I hardly noticed when she cut the rope holding my ankles up towards my chest. I hardly noticed stretching my legs as far as I could (with my ankles still crossed). I hardly even noticed Dottie until she helped me sit up, took the tape off my face and pulled that damn sponge out of my mouth. But I did notice how she pulled me to her, held me, kissed me and helped me onto the couch where she untied my hands and ankles and how she took me in her arms again and held me tight, told me what a good girl I was and told me I was punished enough for today.

Standing, she took my hand, helped me to stand too, led me to her bedroom and, once in bed, made love to me. Not just sex, love! I had never experienced (making love) with another woman (I don’t consider being teased / tortured until I cum by another woman “making love”) and so, I must admit, I not only enjoyed the experience, I loved it!

Of course I have seen Dottie quite often since then and, yes, I have been punished for several infractions, some real, some not so real, but she never disappoints me.

She loves the expression “no pain, no gain” and I now seriously appreciate the expression because when I am with her there is “no cum without pain”.

When I left Dottie’s the following morning I was glowing, I was so happy that I had the nerve to call her and meet with her. Just waking up in her arms in the morning was heavenly. But as I was driving home another little thought crept into my brain, I suddenly remembered what she had said “that I was punished enough for today”, did that mean I had more punishment coming? My nipples and puss hoped so.


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