Ian's Revenge

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Other/f; M/f; outdoors; plant; majick; shrink; strip; bond; gag; tendriles; insert; display; revenge; cons/nc; X

Mary Rourke returned the phone to its cradle with a frown. None of the others were answering their phones, and the silence was beginning to worry her. Especially since tonight was to be the celebration of their latest coup.

The Rainbow of Dreams, that’s what they called themselves. Stacy Brown, the lawyer who knew every trick, every loophole. Brenda Marshall, the accountant who could make any number do whatever she chose. Marla Freemont, the high official with the city’s Commerce Department, with her myriad contacts in local, state and federal government. And Mary, the seductress, head an array of businesses geared toward man’s baser instincts.

Together, combining their talents, the four had amassed a great deal of wealth and power by the simple expedient of taking it from others. Mary’s beauty and wiles could easily gain the confidence of even the most wary businessman. Once close, she had no trouble divining her target’s secrets. After that, her cohorts combined their various talents and contacts to drive the mark into selling out to one or another of them. Between them, they had come to dominate the legal businesses of the city. Then they set their sights slightly lower.

Officially, Ian O’Malley ran a string of moderately profitable businesses in the city, ranging from a lingerie shop to a scrap yard. Unofficially, he was known to deal in almost anything that could make a dollar, from guns and drugs to gambling and prostitution, using his legitimate businesses as covers for his other, much more profitable, enterprises. He was easily one of the wealthiest men in the city, which is why the Rainbow had set their sights on him.

It had taken considerable time and effort, but Mary had eventually managed to worm her way into his confidence, using the time-honored method of first worming her way into his bed. Once inside, it hadn’t taken long to learn his darker secrets, allowing her partners to chip away at his legal holdings. At the same time, the group made use of his darker connections to set themselves up in competition to his less legal ventures, slowly squeezing him out.

Near bankruptcy, O’Malley had let it be known that he intended to return to Ireland. In his usual style, his departure was to be preceded by a lavish party, to which all four of the Rainbows had been invited. Of course, none planned to attend. Acquiring O’Malley’s businesses, legal and otherwise, meant a lot of work getting all of their new holdings consolidated. Still, there would be time for a celebration of their own.

Puzzled, Mary decided to go for a walk while she pondered her partners’ silence. Leaving a message for her secretary in case any of them called, she left her office and wandered in the direction of the park, her usual thinking place, making her way quickly to the center of the most wooded area, away from the casual strollers.

As Mary strolled through a small clearing, something on the ground caught her eye. Looking down, she saw a perfectly formed four leaf clover at her feet. Strangely, three of the leaves seemed to have something on them, while the fourth seemed almost perfect in its soft greenness. Leaning to look closer, Mary gasped.

Those three leaves did indeed have something on them. Mary’s eyes widened as she took in the images of her partners, each lying naked on her respective green bed. Stacy’s blonde mane pointed toward the center of the clover, while Brenda’s auburn hair and Marla’s jet black locks aimed toward its outer edge. Each lay with her arms at her sides, legs slightly spread. Looking even closer, it seemed to Mary that each of the tiny figures moved slightly.

Suddenly, a wave of dizziness came over Mary. Losing her balance, she fell to a soft surface. Mary shook her head, rising and glancing around her, stunned to realize that the park had, somehow, vanished.

Looking around her, Mary saw that she now stood on a soft green surface. Everything around her seemed blurred, as if by great distance. Puzzled, she moved to the edge of the seeming island she found herself on, only to recoil at the sight of what appeared to be an immense drop to more blurred green below. Moving quickly, Mary returned to the center of whatever it was she now found herself occupying.

Where was she? How did she get here, and how could she get back to her normal surroundings? Somehow, these questions didn’t seem to carry the urgency she thought they should. Instead, her mind became filled with the desire to just relax and enjoy the green softness beneath her feet.

Standing silently, staring out at the mesmerizing vista surrounding her, Mary barely noticed when her hands began to move, slowly stripping away her clothing. Naked, she stretched herself out on the softness, her fiery red hair pooling around her head. Arms at her sides, feet slightly spread, she felt her whole body relax.

As she lay there, Mary felt something touch her wrists and ankles. Looking down, she saw nothing at first. Squinting, she barely made out something almost perfectly transparent wrapping itself around one wrist. As she watched, it tightened, pulling her arm down firmly against the soft surface on which she lay. At the same time, she felt her other wrist, as well as her ankles, wrapped and drawn firmly down.

Puzzled, yet strangely unconcerned, Mary let her head fall back against the soft surface. As she did, she felt something wrap around her lower face, covering her mouth and chin and holding her head firmly in place.

At this, her mind cleared, leaving her perfectly aware of her helplessness. Mary tried to call out, only to realize she could no longer open her mouth. Whatever had wrapped around her head kept her jaws firmly closed. She couldn’t even part her lips, rendering any sounds she tried to make into mere hums.

Mary struggled against whatever it was that held her, only to freeze as she felt something begin sliding up between the cheeks of her ass. It felt as if someone were feeding a wire along the crevice, moving upwards between her thighs. The wire moved unerringly to her softly furred mound, then slipped inside her. Once inside, the thing expanded, drawing a gasp from Mary as she felt herself filled completely. Incredibly, the thing then began to throb and pulse. To her amazement, Mary felt herself becoming aroused by this bizarre intruder, her hips beginning to move in rhythm with the pulsing inside her.

Vaguely, she felt more things wrap around her at her shoulders, waist, and just above her knees, holding her even more securely to the soft surface beneath her. Now her only movements were a slight rocking of her hips, along with the motion of her large breasts as her breathing began to deepen with her growing arousal.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over her. Looking up, Mary was amazed to see a huge face staring down at her. It looked like O’Malley who smiled at her helpless arousal. Then a booming voice filled the air.

“There, then, that’s the lot of them. And in plenty of time for the party. Speaking of which, it’s high time I got ready.”

“Great party, Ian.”

Ian O’Malley turned with a smile. “Twas the least I could do,” he said, gesturing toward the crowd that thronged the large room. “All of you have been so grand to me, I had to make a proper farewell. Besides, you never know when me losses will be recovered. I may be back, and sooner than you think, so I want all to remember me fondly.”

Ian’s guest nodded, then gestured toward his lapel. “That’s an interesting pin you have there.”

Ian’s smile became a grin. “Ah, the shamrock,” he said. “It is a beauty, is it not? And, if you look closely, you’ll see it’s a beauty indeed, and in more ways than one.”

Curious, the guest leaned forward, eyes widening at what he saw. On each leaf was the small, perfectly formed figure of a nude woman. Two heads pointed toward the shamrock’s center, two away, so that, pinned to Ian’s lapel, each figure remained more or less upright. The guest looked closer, his eyes widening a bit more.

Was it his imagination, or were those tiny, perfectly proportioned figures moving slightly?

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