Ian's Discovery

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; toys; reluct/cons; X

Part One

Ian hated house work, it felt all wrong. He did not consider himself a chauvinist but all the same, cleaning, washing, that was not a job for a man. Unfortunately since he and Kiersty had got married it had become necessary for him to do his fair share of chores. He was a postman, which meant he worked shifts, starting early or finishing late. Kiersty worked in an office 9-5 which meant that she usually got home just before 6. He worked Saturday mornings so she did most of the laundry then but week days he did his share. She was quite a catch, blonde, shapely and very affectionate. He loved everything about her. Their relationship was based more on mutual respect than physical attraction, the fact that she was beautiful was a bonus, not the main stay. Her looks may deteriorate but her mind and their mutual interests would remain.

He had decided to clear out the built in wardrobe. It had been her flat, which they had moved into until they could buy their own together. As things turned out they were in no hurry to move. There was a lot of clutter at the bottom of the wardrobe so that his trousers never seemed to hang straight. He would collect it all together and they could go through it and decide what was worth keeping. He did not recognise half the stuff in here and wondered when was the last time anyone had actually touched it. Right at the back was a closed box. It was heavy. Either Kiersty was stronger than he thought or she had just been filling it and never actually taken it out again. He hesitated. Perhaps he was not supposed to look. He quickly dismissed the thought, they were married and had no secrets, at least he didn't.

It was full of magazines. No wonder it was heavy. So what does the woman of today read he wondered? The top two or three were ones he recognised but looked virtually unused. Strange, he thought, that's not like her, why tidy them away? The lower down ones were more dog eared. He flicked aimlessly and then stopped. He suddenly realised what he was looking at:. Naked women. Surly Kiersty was not bisexual?

Then he looked again. The women were in forced positions, held there with ropes. They were bondage magazines. There must have been thirty or more. All women, all bound, mostly with rope but occasionally there were chains and leather straps. He was fascinated. Where did she get them? When did she get them? Why did she get them? Why had she not said anything? Did she want to tie him up? No there were no men here. The only conclusion was that she wanted to be tied up herself? He looked again at the pictures. The women were tied every which way. Some spread-eagled, most were in some sort of hog tie. Many wore gags, some were blindfolded. Some wore lingerie, most were naked. The text indicated that this was a sexual activity but there was no actual sex pictured or implied.

Why had she not told him? He had heard stories of people who tie themselves up for kicks. He had always considered them to be unlikely in reality. What if Kiersty was actually one of them? Where would she hide things? He went to her knickers draw. Right at the bottom under all the lingerie was a carrier bag. Inside were several lengths of neatly coiled rope and a few things he could not identify. He was slightly intrigued, but his overall feeling was of being upset and confused. Sure their sex life was not over exciting but he thought they were happy enough. She had shown little enthusiasm for sex but she had never refused him and seemed content with what they did. Perhaps she was satisfying herself without him? He would have to confront her, but what should he say? How should he proceed? The last thing he wanted was to ruin a beautiful marriage.

He considered the idea of tying her up. He had no idea where to begin, or what she might want. The magazines might give some clue but it was unlikely that he would know for certain without actually asking her, or her demonstrating. Now there was a thought. A plan of action formed in his mind.

Kiersty arrived home prompt at ten to six. He had made sure that she found nothing unusual. The wardrobe still looked a mess, the dinner was ready. She threw her coat onto the bed put on her slippers and returned to the kitchen.

"Had a good day dear?" He asked casually

"Oh, the usual. And you?"

Ian tried hard to keep his voice calm, "I had quite an interesting day actually."

"Not another re-pick?"

"Nothing so mundane, I'll tell you about it some time, any way hurry up the dinner will spoil."

During the meal he looked at his wife with new eyes. She seemed aware of his gaze but could not know what he was thinking or why. They watched a bit of telly then he disappeared into the bedroom while she cleared up the plates and put them in the dishwasher. He had to make some preparations, then waited for her to follow him. He had covered the bed with the magazines, with the carrier bag visible in the middle. She froze in the doorway. He watched her take in the sight and go bright red.

"Oh my God," she whispered barely able to speak.

"I came across these in the back of the wardrobe,” he told her, casually flinging one of the magazines across the bed, “I presume they are yours? I certainly have never seen anything like them before."

"Yes, they're mine." she stammered," I was trying to pluck up the courage to tell you about them."

"I see."

She looked very uncomfortable and embarrassed. He waited for her to make the next move.

“What can I say?” She said quietly, “I see you have also found my little bag of toys.”

He had not reached right into the bottom of the bag so he was now intrigued as to what might be termed toys

“You mean this?” he said dramatically emptying the bag. There was something leather and some bits that looked like jewellery. “Why did you not tell me?”

"I was afraid you would laugh. Or run. Or something. I don't know. It seems so...."

"Kinky?" Ian ventured.

"No, just unusual." She countered, her voice a little harder. Perhaps he had struck a nerve?

"Well I admit it took me by surprise,” he conceded, “I can’t say I am happy either. I just want to know what you get out of it?”

“A little excitement?” she ventured, “a little fantasy.”

“Surely you cannot have an orgasm while being tied up?”

“You can,” she assured him, “but that’s not the idea.” She confirmed.

“Then what is the idea?” He demanded

“I tie myself to get excited,” She explained weakly. “I then have an orgasm afterwards. By hand,” she added quickly, as if he might think she was having an affair or something.

She was still standing in the doorway.

“Do I not satisfy you?” He accused.

“It’s not that,” She said quickly. “I just don’t get any satisfaction from sexual intercourse. I hoped that a regular partner would make a difference but it hasn’t. It’s not you.” She added quickly, “It’s me.”

Ian was shocked, “Why couldn’t you tell me?”

“I have never shared this with any one. I hoped I would not need it once we were married but I was wrong.” 

“How often do you tie yourself up?”

“It depends on your shifts and how I feel. Sometimes I go weeks without and other times I will do it two or three nights in a row.”

“Do you wear anything special for this activity?”

She flushed again, “I don’t wear anything at all.” She reddened further. “I take my clothes off completely.”

Ian watched his wife squirm. She looked like someone in front of a headmaster or boss. She did not seem to know where to put her hands, or where to look.

“I’d like you to show me.”

She looked at him quizzically.

“I want you to show me how you tie yourself up.”

“But I told you,” she said nervously, “I have never shared this with anyone.”

“I would like to see what makes my wife so excited she wants an orgasm without me,” he insisted. He had never used this tone of voice with her before. He was asserting his authority, and she was wilting rapidly.


“No buts,” he said firmly. He softened slightly adding, “I might like to have an orgasm myself. If this is what gets you going, then we can both have some fun.” He then smiled disarmingly.

Kiersty’s face changed. Was it excitement? Wonder? Fear even?

“What... now?”

“No time like the present. You have all that you need?” It was a rhetorical question., she could not refuse him now.

He watched her undress. He had seen her undress many times, of course, but this time was different. She seemed very self conscious, her movements were jerky and her breathing had noticeably quickened. With her clothes scattered around her feet she paused uncertain.

“Where do you start?” he encouraged, “talk me through it. I want to learn what you like and why you like it.”

There was a pregnant pause. She nervously picked up one of the lengths of rope.

“I first tie my breasts, “ she said with a small voice.

“Show me,” he ordered.

She unwound the rope and placed the middle behind her, crossing in front then over and round her breasts several times squeezing them. She tied a neat knot in front. She was still very shaky but she had obviously done it many times before. The result was neat and effective.

“Why?” He asked.

“It bunches them and makes my nipples more sensitive.” She answered. “When I am tied up it makes it more interesting.”

“And these?” he lifted up a pair of clips.

“They are for my nipples,” She confessed, “I put them on later.”

She took another length and took a turn and a half around her waist finishing back behind her a quick half knot and then, to his surprise she brought both ends between her legs. She made a large knot, apparently in mid air then pulled the ends through the waist rope at the front tying it off neatly. As she tightened it the knot nestled in the entrance to her vagina.

“It’s called a crupper,” she explained. “It makes things more interesting.”

She gave a little twirl. Ian noted the way it pulled between her buttocks

“I now have to get on the bed.”

Ian collected up the magazines into a pile and shoved them back into the box. She sat down and he noticed her wince slightly as she brought her legs towards her. She swiftly tied her ankles together then, to his surprise repeated the procedure above and below her knees.

“It is much more difficult to have an orgasm with your legs together.” she told him. “Apart from blocking access it tenses you up making it harder to let go. I once tied a vibrator between my legs but I came too quickly, so I just use the crupper. I can’t reach orgasm but it does stimulate me a bit. I like the restriction any way.”

She was sat legs slightly bent, halfway down the bed.

“The hardest part is to secure my hands,” she said. “It took me quite a long time to work out how to make it feel tight yet be able to get free.”

“You are forgetting these. “ he held up the clips to remind her.

“There’s no need for them now, you get the idea,” she said quickly changing the subject.

“I want to see the whole thing,” he said firmly.

She made to complain but shrugged.

“As you like.”

She took the clips and attached one to each nipple. Her face betrayed the strain that the clips would cause if left for any length of time.

“It actually gets easier after a while,” she assured him, “I have worn them for have an hour.”

Ian wondered if this was just bravado.

“And this?” he questioned holding the leather piece that he assumed was some sort of gag. There was some sort of wadding in the middle where the strap widened out.

“I don’t always put that on,” she said, “only for special occasions.”

“I think this qualifies,” he insisted offering the gag to her.

She reluctantly took it and pulled it into place tying it off behind her head. The wadding went into her mouth and the straps gave her a sort of grimace. As she moved to find another piece of rope it was clear that the gag was very effective.

He watched in fascination as she took another length of rope, made several turns round her left wrist and tied it off. Next she took two turns around her waist and threaded through the secured wrist. Her left wrist was now attached to her waist. She tied a simple knot so her wrist was attached at that point. She then made a loop with a slip knot tensioned against her this knot. She now swivelled the rope so her left arm was behind her. Her right wrist went through the loop and a gentle pull and it tightened against the other wrist leaving a small distance between them. She rolled onto her back to look at him her eyes showing a certain amount of triumph. She tried to say something but the gag prevented it. It was clear that although it would feel very secure the slip knot could be released by reversing the pressure on her right wrist. The more she pulled apart the tighter it felt, but if she grabbed the right wrist rope with her left hand she could loosen the tension and free herself.

“Very neat” I an complemented. “May I take a closer look?”

She turned her back to him. She did not notice him casually grab another length of rope and before she realised he had looped it over both wrists and tied it off. There was a muffled squawk as she realised she had been tricked but it was too late. She was now unable to free herself.

Ian made a few extra turns for security and tied it off again. There was still a long length which he threaded through her ankle fastening. There was a more startled attempt at calling out as she realised what he was doing but she was in no position to fight him off. He pulled the rope and her legs were forced back towards her hands. He noted that the thigh tie was digging more into her as her leg muscles expanded and assumed also that the crupper would pull harder into her. He fastened off the hog tie and stood back to watch.

Kiersty was barely able to move but he could see her straining at her bonds futilely. Having over tied her wrists there was no way she could escape, and her other knots were not meant to slip. She turned her head towards him and made indecipherable noises, before turning back. He watched her straining and writhing as much as she could. Eventually she lay on her side defeated.

His first impulse was to rush and free her.

“Perhaps I should remove the gag?”

To his surprise she shook her head.

“You do not want me to remove the gag?” he asked incredulously.

Her head movement definitely changed to a nod.

“But how can I know what you want?” he asked out loud, knowing she could not answer.

“You trust me not to hurt you?” he said gently

Another positive nod.

“Can I touch you?” He expected a negative response but she nodded again. She had told him that sex was not the prime reason when she was on her own, but this was obviously different.

“For now I think I will let you savour this moment.” She looked a little bewildered. “ You have never actually been bound like this, unable to free yourself have you?”

She shook her head, her eyes rolling slightly.

“And you are finding this exciting?” he did not really need to see her answer. Her whole body was quivering, her face was flushed and her breathing shallow.

“Then I will let you consider what I might do next.”

To be honest he did not know what to do next. He had got this far in his mind, now he had her helpless he was not sure what he wanted, or what she might like or dislike either. Despite what he had said he ventured a touch to one of the clamps on her nipples. Her whole body shuddered, and she shut her eyes but apart from a natural urge to struggle there was no sign of objection. He withdrew and she seemed disappointed.

He perched on the edge of the bed and he saw her eyes following his every movement. He saw her tense as he moved again, but this time he was not aiming for her. He reached down to the box on the floor and took out one of the magazines. He had always thought that it was only men who bought this sort of thing but he was learning a great deal that day. He idly flicked through the pages. There were a lot of picture spreads and one long story. He glanced at the letters page and several caught his interest and he read them more carefully. He occasionally looked up to see what Kiersty was doing. She was no longer watching him, her eyes were half closed and her muscles seemed to be perpetually tensing and relaxing as her body accepted the position it was being forced into. He wondered who would tire of this game first? He put the magazine down.

There was a sign of strain on her face. He could not tell if it was pleasure or pain. The hog tie was much more restrictive than the way she had restrained herself and the ropes were biting into her.  He got up and his movements gained her attention. He walked around the edge of the bed and her head followed until he was behind her. He expected her to try and move so she could still see but instead he saw her tense expectantly. He released the hog tie, making sure he did not disturb the rest of her bindings. She immediately straightened her legs and rolled over putting her wrists out of his reach. She was obviously not ready for full freedom yet.

“What to do with you?” He mused almost to himself. He gazed at the naked and helpless woman and there was a new feeling welling up inside him. She was so vulnerable. With her legs locked together he could not just drop his trousers and ride her into oblivion, but he now had the opportunity to explore the rest of her body. As he approached another thought crossed his mind. He had an opportunity to try out a sexual variation of his own, less unusual perhaps but one that he had not tried. When they had first got involved the subject of oral sex had arisen, but despite his requesting it, she had flatly refused him, this might prove the best chance to change her mind. He gave no indication to her of these thoughts when he turned his attention back to her.

“Those clamps must hurt terribly” he said sympathetically, there was no way to interpret her response. He decide to release one and kiss her nipple better. She was obviously unsure of his intentions and seemed to want to resist his touch but as his lips closed over her swollen nipple he sensed expectancy. His first touch was light, unsure of how it must feel. Her knees came towards him in reaction and he had to hold out his arm to prevent getting kicked. Her head movements were more wild as he sucked harder and she mewed through the gag, he vaguely wondered what she must be trying to say. The other nipple was treated to a similar kissing she flung her head left and right unable to prevent the powerful sensations he was causing. He explored the parts of her body that were available to him. Kissing her neck and behind her ears, noting what made her react and whether it seemed pleasurable or a trial. He massaged her bottom and pulled at the rope disappearing between her buttocks. That produce a definite response her hips moving forward and back simulating full intercourse. She was pulling uncontrollably now and he was going to need some relief himself soon. He reached up and pulled out the gag, her mouth opened and flexed her jaw but as yet she did not speak.

"Oh God." She whispered.

She exuberated heat and excitement. A touch between her legs revealed a wetness that he had never known. He stole a kiss. A hard kiss. She was unable to resist as he probed her mouth with his tongue. He was aroused now. She was so helpless, so willing yet unable to dictate his movements. She punctuated his movements with groans, squeaks and gasps, her movements were frantic within the limitation of her bonds. He returned to her opening and squeezed his hand past the rope, it seemed incredibly tight and with her thighs locked together he could only just probe a finger through., but was met with a moist reception. He wiggled it mischievously . He withdrew and she howled a complaint.

“Not yet,” he said, “I have needs too you know.”

“You will have to open my legs then.,” she gasped.

“Maybe not,” he said quietly.

It took several moments for her to comprehend what he was saying, then suddenly she struggled like a woman possessed, trying to free herself.

“No!” She snapped. “I told you before, no!”

“You are in no position to stop me,” he informed her.

“I’ll bite it off,” she spat.

“I will not release you unless you comply,” he said firmly. “Consider it payment for not telling me about your little games.”

She did not respond immediately, so he busied himself with her breasts, rubbing over them and tugging more firmly at her nipples. It was obvious that she was very aroused, but as yet he could not be sure whether she would give in or not. He pressed hard on her groin and tugged wickedly on her crotch rope. She was still struggling wildly but there was to be no escape.

“Do you agree?” He demanded. There was no reply. “Perhaps I should put the gag back and let you stew for a while?” He suggested.

“I’ve never done it.” She murmured.

“I have never got into bondage games before,” he replied, “So we both can try something new.”

“I’ll choke,” she complained.

“I doubt it, other girls do it why shouldn’t you?”

“I don’t want to,” she said weakly. “Now untie me.”

“No,” he said firmly. “You are going to let me come in your mouth, and that is that. If you try and bite me I will leave you tied up all night. You have never done that either, I should imagine.”

There was a prolonged silence. She lay almost motionless although he could still see the tension running through her bound body. He was not sure whether she would agree, or whether he would carry out his threat if she refused him. She might actually like the idea of being tied up all night.

“I have no choice,” she said almost inaudibly. “I will have to agree.”

He could see fear in her eyes. She was genuinely terrified at the thought of what he was going to do. His resolve almost failed him. He dropped his trousers and pants slowly in front of her and she gazed in what looked like a mixture of horror and fascination. He was large, and erect. He finished undressing and stood towering over her. She was helpless before him, her eyes fixed on his swollen cock. She cowered at the head of the bed.

“Come here.”

He knew it would be difficult, but he did not want to have to man handle her too much. She porpoised across the bed, the effort made her wince her eyes were wide.

“Open wide,” he instructed. She did not obey immediately, but slowly her mouth opened. He guided his cock inside and let her feel him. It was not the easiest of positions but with her head tilting forward there was no chance of choking.

“Now close your lips over me,” he said as gently as he could. He rested his hands on her head but did not hold her firmly, “Now suck,” he ordered, “gently,” he added as he felt her suck with all her might. He was not going to last long but he wanted to savour this moment. As the orgasm welled up inside he pulled back but she did not release her mouth from him. He climaxed and she coughed and dribbled, but he was sure she actually swallowed some. It felt good.

“Perhaps I should untie you now, ” he said almost sheepishly, amazed at what he had just done.

“No,” she whispered, “ you owe me an orgasm. Just untie my legs, leave the rest in place until I have had my fill.” She rolled back into the middle of the bed and stared at him.

He carefully undid the ropes holding her legs together, casually running his fingers up her thigh as he did so. With her legs no longer locked together he could reach inside her but only with difficulty, the crupper was still blocking his way. It took another couple of minutes to prise open the knot holding it in place. He was now free to get a good look.

His fingers explored her vagina finding what stimulated and what did not. At one point she cried out and he noted not to go there again. He found the small protrusion that must be her clitoris and flicked it playfully, her jerks confirmed that he had found his mark. He toyed around, drawing circles, sliding over, and brushing gently. He pulled out and she groaned. He sucked at her breasts with gusto. He felt her writhing under his touch.

"Finish me off.....please" she pleaded.

He had never done this before. Sex had always been full intercourse; they were both learning new things this evening. His fingers found their mark and rubbed vigorously. She jerked and bucked and screamed as wave after wave of orgasm flooded over her. Ian had never seen her like this, and realised what had been missing in their sex life up until now.

"Don't stop!" she shouted. He wondered what the neighbours would think. He hoped no-one would call the Police, as it would be difficult to explain what they saw. His fingers worked on.

"Enough." she called. and he pulled out.

“Slowly! she screamed, ”let me down slowly.”

Ian was a little confused but realised that she wanted him to still rub, but not so intense, like you would cooling down from exercising. Eventually she stopped writhing and he withdrew again.

She lay back against the headboard panting, her hands and torso still bound. Her mouth slipped into a smile.

"Wow." she sighed. "Perhaps you could untie me now. I am stiff as a board and I need a drink.”

The knots had tightened but he managed to undo them all. She rubbed her wrists vigorously then grabbed a drink from the glass that she always kept beside the bed and drank deeply.

“We should do this again sometime,” she said wistfully, “I even enjoyed sucking you off, despite my fears.”

“I thought for a moment I had gone too far,” he admitted.

“No, I had fantasised about being forced into oral sex, you just took me by surprise.”

“Now she tells me.” He muttered out loud, then turning back to her, “Anything else I should know?”

“We’ll see, “she said mysteriously, “I’m full of surprises.” She smirked. “We have a long time ahead of us hopeful, assuming I haven’t scared you off. Perhaps I can introduce you to the joys of being tied up? ”

He did not reply immediately . He had had enough new experiences for one night, but the future now looked a little more interesting.

“Let me get used to the idea of tying you up first,” he concluded.

She smiled disarmingly. “You didn’t seem to have a problem.”

“You did most of it yourself,” he reminded her. He picked up another magazine. “Perhaps I will get some ideas from here? While you tidy this mess up” he added. He glanced up to see his wife hesitate briefly before gathering up everything. He noted the care in which she wound up the rope.

‘She is keen’ he thought, this could be just the interest he was looking for. Shame he was never in the Scouts. He had a lot of learning to do, but it was going to be fun.