by linksys

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Storycodes: Solo-f; sci-fi; F/f; vr; bond; toys; anal; electro; cons/nc; X

It is the year 3219 and a scientific ship is around orbit on a moon that is being slowly sucked into a wormhole. On this ship are two females, Jenna and Tammy. They have been friends since college and all the way through scientific university, now working on their graduation project.

"Tammy, you know we're going to have to get closer to get some decent readings do you?"

"Yes I know that Jen, but a probe would be destroyed by gravity before it would get into range..."

"Yes Tam, but we do have a small research craft with enough shielding! And you know better than anyone that I am one of the best pilots this side of the sun..."

"Yes I know that Jenna, but I just couldn't bear it if something happened to you. "

"Look, you know we need this project to score. We can't afford being outperformed by that other team again we won't be top of our class. I know you're right Jen, but is it really worth it?"

"Look, what's the worst thing that could happen? We're this close to unlocking worm hole travel, don't you think the government already knows how to do this? I mean, they are holding LOADS of stuff back from the public."

"You have a point there, I know the shielding on that craft is the strongest shielding there is. I designed it myself. I suppose if you went through and out theory is correct you could always just fly back through the hole?"

"Yes Tam! That's the spirit, one of the best spaceships flown by one of the best pilots. Let's do this!" Jenna walked off the bridge and through a couple of corridors to a locker room, there she changed into her space suit, just in case life support would fail or in case she needed to eject. Often she flew without wearing it but she knew Tammy didn't like that.

After she finished changing she started her way to the launch bay where she met up with Tammy holding her data pad. "Jenna, be careful out there ok? I'm going to upload the safest flight plan, I suggest you follow it."

" Tammy, you know I'm going to be all right. I promise ok? "

They hugged, and Jenna climbed into the space ship, winked at Tammy and closed the cockpit.

By the time Jenna went through all her pre flight checks, Tammy had already made it back to the bridge.

Her earpiece made a noise: "Tammy, I'm ready for takeoff. On your go."

"Ok, you have a go. Be safe" Tammy said just before she opened the hangar doors.

Jenna powered up her thrusters and flew out of the larger ship towards the worm hole. After about 5 minutes she was nearly getting into sensor range. She powered up her sensors and double checked her shielding. "Tammy, 20 seconds until sensor range. I'm starting direct data upload now."

"Understood, looking forward to it!'

The first 10 minutes were very promising, the better sensor readings gave the students more data than they could have dreamed of. But when Jenna was making her 5th pass Tammy contacted her on the comms system. "Jenna, the data I'm getting is amazing! I wish you were here to see this!"

"I should be there in about half an hour Tammy to go over it with you, it's smooth flying all the way here"

"Wow, hhhhhm" Tammy said.

"What's up Tammy? That didn't sound too good."

"The readings are changing, something is happening in that worm hole."

"Well, what is changing? Do I need to turn round?"


That was the last word Jenna could understand, because the only noise the comms system was making was static. "Great" Jenna thought, now the comms are down, I better turn around. But just as she wanted to fire up her boosters she heard noise, it were noises she didn't like to hear. In her little cockpit lights were flashing everywhere and panels lighting up red, just before everything went dark.

Jenna could see her space ship accelerating towards the wormhole, and she didn't hesitate a single second and activated the emergency power generators. After hitting that button only one panel lighted up. It was her shield generator. "Could have been worse, but that's not getting me out of here" Jenna thought. She saw the stars in the distance turn to stripes and knew she was accelerating towards the wormhole with its massive gravity.

"Well, time to find out if we're as smart as we think we are" Jenna said out loud.

"Jenna?! Jenna?!" Tammy yelled in the comms system. Shit, her power must be out, I have to do something. Tammy ran to the nearest control panel, it immediately lit up with an overview of Jenna's ship. "Ok, now I just have to lock the tractor beam on her and she'll be back in the hangar bay in no time" Tammy thought. But just about as she was to fire the life saving beam at the small craft her display went to static and read: "Target Lock: Lost"

Tammy ran to the large window looking out on the worm-hole, hands pressed against the glass and she shouted on the top of her lungs: "Jenna!!!!" as she saw the small ship being sucked in the worm-hole.

Jenna felt everything move as the flew through the worm hole, all the colors the feeling of immense speed ravaged through her body like nothing she had ever felt and then all of a sudden nothing...

She felt as if she had been hit by lighting, slowly opening her groggy eyes after hearing the alarm.

Jenna looked at the screen that read: "Carbon dioxide levels dangerous" She immediately closed her helmet and took a big breath of air that actually had oxygen. She sat there panting for a couple of minutes to get over the grogginess  of low oxygen.

After regaining her composure she touched her main console but nothing happened, so she hit a switch and attempted back up power again. Across the screen ran countless lines of code which indicated the starting her ships systems. All looked good an well, until a error message showed in the screen.

The following systems cannot be started:

Main power module Life support Shield generation Sensors Communications

That's a bit odd, life support could run on backup power for days, nor did it have any moving parts seeing it worked with chemicals. But then she got her answer, out of the ships window she saw it.

About 75% of her ship drifted right in front of her. Her eyes opened wide "What the hell..." she thought.

The worm hole must have ripped the ship in half!

She didn't have long to worry about her ship breaking in half because she could already see her next problem coming up. On the right side of the part of the ship she was in she could see a red circle forming. "Hey, that looks like a hyperspace window, they must have sent a ship to get me already!"

But the ship that exited hyperspace didn't look remotely like anything she had ever seen before, the ship looked so huge and aggressive and most of all... Alien. Right when she didn't think things could get any worse her only part of ships electronics spoke up: "Warning, weapon lock, weapon lock. Evade, evade."

"Oh shit, this is it 'm done for..." She could see the ship fire a large energy burst in her direction, because the ship was so far out she could just see the burst moving in her direction, coming closer and closer to send her to the afterlife.

Jenna started to scream and scream, and as she closed her eyes there was silence.

* * * *

When Jenna opened her eyes, she could see nothing but white, a very bright white light. But as she regained vision she started to see different colors, skin tone, black and blue. She saw the most beautiful blue color she had ever seen. But as she regained her vision the colors started to combine, it was making a face! A slightly tanned skin, black hair and most of all the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

She tried to reach out and touch the face that appeared before her, but her arms felt heavy, very heavy. In face she couldn't even move them! Jenna started to panic and struggle she was restrained! They had captured her! HELP HELP!

Just as she filled her lungs with air to scream the face spoke, "Please don't be scared, we mean you no harm. We are peaceful." Something about the voice made Jenna calm down, just listening to the woman talking calmed her down and made her feel at peace.

"You are in one of our regeneration bays; you have been badly injured after you have been attacked. The ship that fired at you hit the broken off part of your ship, but debris went through your cockpit injuring you allot. We have studied your anatomy, and realized you are 99% similar to us, so we decided to treat you as we would treat one of our own. This bath will heal you much faster than your own body can, instead of three years with allot of scaring you will be finished in 8 hours and 13 minutes. In the mean time we will teach you as much as we can about our civilization and how we came to be. "

The woman pulled a helmet from the ceiling and placed it on Jenna's head. "This is what we use to teach our own, it creates a mental uplink and makes you relive the scenario that has been loaded. What you are about to experience looks, feels and smells real. But I assure you, it's just a simulation, try to enjoy it."

She leaned forward kissing Jenna on her forehead and closed the helmet.

Jenna opened her eyes to find herself flying through space, in the distance a planet appeared. It is beautiful with large oceans and green continents. She flew through the atmosphere and landed in a city. A grand city with millions and millions of people walking about and doing their thing. The odd thing was, Jenna knew the exact location of that planet, she even knew the name of the city she was in and could recognize every female face she sees. But all of a sudden she feels a disturbance, unable to feel what or who is causing it the streets explode with violence. Men attacking women and women attacking men, this is how the war started. She experiences the pain of every woman lost and the joy of every man killed.

What caused this sudden war between genders? Nearly everything she just knew but that question remained unexplained.

A couple hours further in the simulation Jenna is on board a ship, it's the biggest and most powerful warship in the fleet. She is standing on the bridge watching the ship fly through a hyperspace tunnel.

After a few minutes the ship exits hyperspace and out of the window all Jenna can see is ships surrounding the planet. The ships look like the one that she saw out of her own port when she went through the wormhole.

In the middle of the bridge she sees the woman who she talked to when she woke up, Arianne is her name. She is the captain of the ship and the commander of the fleet that is attacking the male home planet. Jenna can see the fire pound on their ship but the shields are holding, she hear Arianne call out her first order: "Fire at will, don't stop until there is nothing left!" And she could see a wave of golden beams firing towards the male fleet, pounding their ships, depleting their shields rapidly and tearing holes in their hulls.

When there was only debris and a burning planet Jenna felt something weird, the same disturbance she felt when the war started. All of a sudden she could see allot more ships appear out of nowhere! She had never seen them before, and they looked weird, not like warships but more like... Scout vessels.

One of the crew members spoke up: "Captain, one of the ships is hailing us."

"On screen" Arianne replied.

"Hello captain Arianne" The weird green alien spoke.  "I would like to congratulate you on the victory over your other species! We are a race that is looking for entertainment, so we are crossing the galaxy making these wars happen and send them back to our home planet for our fellow people to enjoy."

All Arianne could say was: "What... But you... Barbarians!"

"Now, now captain. Don't start name calling just yet! Because your victory was so swift and entertaining we decided to present you with a gift. It is the fountain of man. I'm not going to explain what it does in detail, but let's say you need it for your race to continue."

After that, the view changed to one of the security camera's on the bridge, and Jenna could see a flash going through the ship and everyone she could see fell helplessly on the floor. Mere seconds later she saw a barrage of hyperspace windows open and the ships disappear one by one.

* * * *

Jenna woke up confused, why hadn't they chased the aliens and shot them down one by one? Making the genders kill each other is just barbaric! But as Jenna woke up she felt as if something was horribly wrong. She was laying on a bed and not in the bath anymore, she could feel that she couldn't move her arms! They felt like they were fused behind her back, it felt quite the same as the 20th century arm binder that is now quite popular as a prison restraint.

She didn't have long to ponder her bindings because the door slid open, and in walked two women. Both blonde and stunningly beautiful. "Up on your feet, you have a audience with the cities council"

"Why have you tied me like this? What are you trying to achieve?!" Jenna yelled. At first it felt like the right thing to do, but as soon as the guards looked at each other and one pulled something out of her pocket she knew she was in trouble. They both pinned her to the bed, and struggling with all her might Jenna didn't achieve much "Damn, these two are strong for their size!" Jenna thought as a ball gag was shoved in her mouth and buckled behind her head.

The two easily lifted her off the bed and up on her feet, one gave her a push on her lower back and snarled: "Out the door and to the left" When Jenna started walking she realized another problem, she was still butt naked except for the binder and the gag. "Hhhmpf! Hhhmpf!" Was the only sound she could make to her guards who just looked at each other and shrugged. "Move by yourself or I'll encourage you, and you DON'T want that." But Jenna wasn't about to give up without a fight, she knew she had little chance but she wasn't just going to walk about a alien city butt naked and trussed up in kinky gear. She stomped her foot and looked angrily at the guards.

"Ok, but don't say we didn't warn you" And the guard grabbed a little black ball from her pocket and threw it at Jenna and it stuck to her chest. Jenna just looked at it for a second and gave the guards a "Wtf?" look, and one of the guards said to the other: "I love this part" At that moment the ball exploded in a flurry of strings. They proceeded to wrap themselves all around Jenna's upper body, wrapping especially tight around the base of her breasts and went straight for her nipples. The enormous wave of pain of the excruciating pain that was coming from Jenna's nipples caused her to fall to her knees in pain, that was the moment the ball had been waiting for as a large wire slipped between her legs and hooked back on the front of the now formed harness.

When Jenna got a bit of composure back, she felt something poke at her anus and looked at the guards in horror, at which one of the guards just winked at her as a large phallus shape slipped in.

One of the guards hunched next to Jenna, and spoke: "Do you see this control? This controls the amount of discomfort you are to experience when you don't listen, the plug in your ass is manageable now, but it's only on level one. So I suggest you walk out that door now before I actually activate this thing."

"It can expand, contract, shock, vibrate, squirt and my personal favorite, pump."

"Here let me demonstrate" The other guard spoke up.

When she tapped some buttons at her remote Jenna could feel the phallus activate, it started fucking her slowly and growing at the same time. Jenna in her sex life had always experienced anal as good, so she couldn't help a moan escaping from her gagged mouth as the phallus started to fuck her.

At that point the guards looked at each other in shock as Jenna started moaning harder and faster.

"This can't be happening, I've never seen something like this before! I think she actually likes it" The first guard said to the other.

"No, it can't be. Here let me try this" The other guard replied.

When the phallus started to move even faster and faster and grew at the same time Jenna fell over on her side, moaning like there was no tomorrow just before she exploded in the best orgasm she has had in a long time.

The guards look at each other again and walked over to Jenna, "Well, we're going to have to get you to the council anyway." and hauled her to her feet and marched her out the door. Jenna was getting looks from every person they came across, two girls even winked at her! But after a long walk through many corridors they finally arrived at a big round door, the guard pressed some buttons at the key pad that was next to it and a chime started to play. It didn't last long for the door to slide open and she was marched through the door and pushed to her knees, Jenna could see the guards kneel next to her.

From one of the side rooms a familiar face walked in, it was Arianne. "Why is she gagged and motivated?" Arianne demanded.

"She yelled at us and didn't look like she was going to come quietly Miss" One of the guards explained.

"But Miss, we've noticed something very odd, instead of motivating her, it.... it... pleasures her Miss." The other guard explained.

Arianne's faced looked surprised, not badly surprised like the guards faces, but pleasantly surprised. "Lay her on my bed and be gone, I wish to talk to her on my own."

"Yes Miss" The guards spoke in unison. They pulled Jenna from the ground again and marched her into a side room.

The room was quite a contrast to the rest of the city with its modern and cold architecture, it was very warm and cozy in there and the room was dominated by a huge round bed with some support columns like you would normally see on a big four poster bed and draped with large sheets of what looked like silk. "You are one lucky alien" One of the guards said with a wink. After that they laid her on the bed and walked out the door.

Jenna was looking around taking in every detail of the beautiful room when she felt the bed move, Arianne was getting on and laid next to her on her side. She placed her warm hand on Jenna's belly and asked: "Would you like me to remove the gag now?". Jenna nodded and Arianne removed the gag and offered Jenna a drink. She could taste that it was fruit juice but she couldn't identify the fruit.

"So, please tell me where you are from and how did we end up with such a beautiful alien in our midst." Jenna blushed at first, she knew she was attractive but to be called beautiful in a society where she was surrounded by gorgeous females it felt as quite the honor.

Jenna started telling Arianne about Earth the cities that occupied it, the big oceans, her friends and family. As Jenna was finished Arianne still hadn't moved her hand from her belly but her hand moved up and started to slowly caress her breast. When Jenna looked down at her hand she suddenly pulled back and with a red face she began to tell: "I'm so sorry, It's just that... I haven't had any contact with anyone but myself. I have made a couple of unwritten rules to myself that I can't have those experiences with anyone below myself."

Jenna felt hazy and like she was floating and replied: "It's ok"

"I haven't had any contact with anyone for the last two years, my last boyfriend died in a road accident and I haven't found anyone new."

Arianne smiled and put her hand back on Jenna's stomach. "Please if I may ask, this harness is designed to make people uncomfortable. We designed it so it would work on men and women, everyone who has been in it before you have cried in pain and begged us to stop it, why doesn't it work on you?"

Jenna blushed again but she started telling: "Well, it's just that I have had things in there before. Me and my boyfriend started out small and relaxed and worked our way up to bigger things. After he passed away I still continued playing with it because I had started to enjoy it."

Arianne gasped at hearing this, she replied with: "You say someone could be trained to like it?"

Jenna smiled and replied: "You can't train someone to like it, you can train them to not be in pain but liking differs per person."

Arianne started to blush and in a very soft tone she asked: "Do you think I could be trained?"

Jenna smiled at Arianne and spoke: "Yes of course, but you would need the proper equipment and most importantly time and patience.”

Arianne removed a little disk that was attached to the side of her head and spoke: "Please think about the material, size and all other things related to the things you need. It would be a great honor to me" Arianne said with a blush.

Jenna thought about the butt plug set she and her boyfriend had bought the first time and after hearing a weird sound the exact same set of plugs appeared between her and Arianne. Next up was a big tub of lube and two boxed of latex gloves. Arianne picked up the lube and asked: "What is this for?"

Jenna smiled and replied: "The butt doesn't make its own natural lubrication, that's why we are going to need to provide our own."

"I need one more thing though" Jenna said, and again out of nowhere appeared a strap on harness with three different sized dildo's.

"What are these for?" Arianne asked.

"These can be used by women to simulate male organs" Jenna explained.

Arianne got on her knees and did up the harness and she attached the medium length dildo and giggled "I can't believe no one here has thought about this, I can't wait to give it a try!"

"Then why don't you try it?" Jenna said.

"You know? I might give it a try" Arianne smiled. Arianne dropped down on the bed over Jenna and looked her deeply in the eyes, as Jenna's eyes closed she leaned in for a kiss. The kiss lasted minutes, both women trying to capture the others tongues. After breaking the kiss Arianne reached onto her nightstand and grabbed a remote for the harness that Jenna is wearing, Jenna looked at her with interest and asked "What are you planning on doing with that?"

"You'll see" Arianne replied.

Jenna could feel the dildo in her ass shrink and be extracted, the entire crotch area of the harness slithered back to where it came from, but as it did that two strands grabbed her legs and pulled them up towards her head making Jenna yelp in the progress. Arianne crawled closer to Jenna and whispered: "I'm sorry, but this is necessary so the guards don't hear us"

And she started kissing Jenna again, but this time when she broke the kiss she replaced her tongue for a ball gag. After Jenna's gag was fitted she reached somewhere and grabbed a second one and put it on herself. Arianne then slowly inserted the strap on in Jenna's pussy and started to fuck her. When Jenna was just about to cum, Arianne cruelly pulled the strap on out of her. Jenna looked at her with pleading eyes when she saw Arianne lubing it up she relaxed, knowing the violation to come. And violate she did, after Jenna's third orgasm Arianne collapsed on top of her and purred. Arianne rolled off and grabbed the remote again, just about as she was going to put in a command she put it back. She grabbed the large butt plug and held it out for Jenna to see and had a questionable look on her face. Jenna nodded and Arianne started to apply lube, when she was satisfied she started to work it in very slowly. Jenna knew she could take that plug, it was her favorite one! When it slipped in Jenna gave a moan and Arianne removed her own ball gag.

"Now it's my turn!" She smiled as Jenna felt her legs being released. Arianne told Jenna to get up on her knees and started to fit the strap on around her waist. Arianne swapped the dildo for the big one and said: "I haven't had one in a couple years as well, so be gentle" Jenna laughed through her gag.

Then Arianne proceeded to lube up the small butt plug and carefully inserted it in her own anus. "This actually feels really nice" she said and gave Jenna a kiss on her forehead. Arianne laid on her back and re fitted the ball gag.

Jenna slowly entered her with the strap on and started long but slow strokes when she saw that Arianne was withering with pleasure she increased her pace until Arianne exploded in orgasm. After orgasm number six Arianne pulled Jenna so she laid on top of her and just hugged and held her.

* * * *

Months have passed since that night and allot of things have changed and some have stayed the same for Jenna. Jenna has taken up living in the grand city as a civilian, being taught the history, science and ways of the city the same as every new recruit that resides there. She has also taken up starting a flight school intended for fighter pilots.

During Jenna’s first lesson in the small combat craft she managed to surprise instructors and experts alike. In the bi-monthly dog fighting championships she humiliated the current top guns, a few of them now sitting in front of her as she is explaining everything she knows about space combat.

Arianne meanwhile has recognized the value that Jenna is providing for her people, and as a surprise she ordered her top scientists to put all their efforts in researching worm-hole travel. So the science team collected Jenna’s ship debris and extracted all the data they could muster from it. Arianne has also ordered a new warship to be designed and built especially for Jenna.

We will now leave again for the science teams to do their work on devising a way for Jenna to return home.

After a hard and long day of doing her final exams Jenna finally slips into her bed, the soft mattress is soothing her tired muscles and mind. Just as she is about to drift to sleep she is frightened by a loud bang! Sitting up straight in her bed she sees the remains of what used to be her door lying on the floor with allot of smoke. Before she knows it, she sees 4 guards storm in and point their guns at her.

Jenna shouts: “What the hell are you people doing?!” at which point one of the guards replies: “Shut up” and shoots her with a tranquilizer.

Next thing Jenna feels is a throbbing headache, and the sudden feeling of falling forward followed by a extreme pain in her shoulders. She suddenly is awake and tries to move, only to find she can’t.

Jenna can feel metal bands holding her wrists together and her elbows being uncomfortably drawn close to each other. Her legs are drawn and held apart by what feels like a spreader bar and her arms are being drawn up to the ceiling. Collared around her neck with something holding her neck to the ground she feels she’s in a stappadoo.

Her blindfold is removed and in front of her, sitting in a chair she sees a guard who she only had lunch with 2 days ago strapped in full battle armor! Jenna opens her mouth only to find it’s gagged.

The guard starts talking: “Ok, we can do this the easy or the hard way. It’s your choice.”

After she removes Jenna’s gag and sits down again Jenna shouts: “What are you doing? Why am I being ab….”

The guard interrupts her with a sharp slap to the face: “I’m asking the questions here, you’re only here to answer.” “Where did you take councilor Arianne?” Jenna completely dumbstruck answers: “What? I didn’t take her anywhere!” The guard replies: “Yeah right, she was abducted last night, with your name all over the access logs! Don’t lie to me; I gave you the choice to do it the hard or the easy way. It seems to me you made your choice.” The guard redoes Jenna’s gag and blindfold and everything goes dark again.

After what feels like hours Jenna finally hears something, it sounds like a swishing noise. After mere seconds Jenna can see stars! With a incredible sting across her upper legs. It doesn’t keep to a single blow; blow after blow is being laid over Jenna’s upper legs and rear, causing pain, pain and more pain.

Jenna can feel tears starting to well up in her eyes while counting the blows, she lost count at 17. When the guard finally stops and Jenna can feel her gag being removed. The guard asks her again: “Where did you take councilor Arianne?” Jenna shouts: “I didn’t bloody take her! I don’t know where she is!”

She can hear the boots of her guard walk away, after that there is some moving of stuff. When the guard returns it’s clear to Jenna what she was doing as the wooden paddle starts hitting her where the cane had just been. Again swat after swat making her winch and scream in pain. Jenna tries to struggle with all her might to escape her bondage and assault but the bindings don’t have any yield in them.

The guard stops again and Jenna can hear her walking away again. The same rustling and rattling of stuff again and she can hear the guard again. From only centimeters from her face the guard asks again: “Where is Arianne?” Jenna replies through her sobs with: “I don’t know!” Immediately after that she can feel a sharp pain going through her left nipple, followed by her right not long after. Jenna cries out in pain and the guard asks again: “Where is Arianne?”

“I, I, I don’t know!” Jenna cries, right after that she can feel the weight on her right nipple increase dramatically, again not long after is her left nipple. “Fine, you don’t give us any other choice. Go for it” the guard says. Jenna can feel something slip in her ass, after which the guard says again: “Where is Arianne?” Jenna replies with: “I told you, I don’t know! Please let me go, I didn’t take her!” The guard chuckles and says: “Let her rip, we’ll be back soon.”

Jenna can hear the swooshing noise of the door closing, which is shortly followed by the feeling of a fluid rushing into her abdomen. Her eyes go wide and she starts to struggle with all her might when all of a sudden she has an idea. Concentrating fully on her sphincter she pushes and she can feel the plug sliding out. For a couple of seconds she is ecstatic, finally finding a way to escape some of this horrendous torture. But all her happiness is cut short by a whirring noise; some kind of system must have detected her near to successful effort and starts up an air pump. Jenna can feel the size of the plug in her rear grow.

She hangs her head in defeat, knowing she can’t fight it off. All she can do is just let the liquid flow into her.

After the cramping started the water did not, Jenna tried to keep some track of time when it stopped and to her estimate, it was about 15 minutes after she started cramping. The swooshing noise of the door indicates the return of her tormentors.

“Ah, I see that ass of yours is filled now? Is it comfortable?” The guard asks. Jenna shakes her head and tries to plead through her gag. “Well are you ready to tell us what you know?” The second guard asks.

Jenna nods her head and her gag is taken out. “Please I don’t know where she is, I’ve been busy with my exams all day. Someone must have cloned my ID card or something like that.” The guards sighed, and pulled out the plug in Jenna’s ass. The water gushed out in force almost immediately.

“Well then, you leave us no choice. But we’re pretty sure you won’t like it. It’s best if you would tell us where she is now, and save dying in this torture chamber.” “I don’t know where Arianne is; please tell me why you don’t believe me!”

“Let’s get her down and prepare her for the final treatment.” Jenna screamed when the clamps were removed from her nipples. The spreader bar and her arm bindings were a welcome relief as well. Jenna fell to the ground completely exhausted, and offered no resistance as the guards prepared her.

They started with a contraption that had a posture collar around her neck, followed by all kinds of straps that were connected to it. They closed it all around her body; two around the base of her breasts which made them stand out and swell. Next up was a arm binder, they laced it so tight her elbows met each other behind her back. A small spreader bar was attached just above her knees, ankles tied to her upper legs left her genital area open and exposed. Lastly the guards attached four cables to her collar and started a winch. It started lifting her, until her knees were only just touching the mat she was on.

After she was all ready the guards approached her with a box, it has the sentence: “Last resort lie detector” written on it. It started with a metal plug being shoved into her anus; next up was a big dildo that slipped in her vagina. The strap between her legs was closed tightly between her legs. Last up was a head harness with a small bit gag in Jenna’s mouth. “This is a lie detector; it works by monitoring a couple of biorhythms and reactions which it does through the harness and collar. We’re going to have to calibrate it for about 10 minutes. Have fun I’d say, but remember. It’s only calibrating.” After that the first guard switched it on.

The first thing that Jenna felt was the harness constricting, the next thing she knew the dildo came alive. Very pleasant feelings were coming from her crotch. Her breathing became heavier and faster it didn’t take long before she had an orgasm. “Now, let’s begin. I’m going to need your cooperation with this. I will ask you 4 questions, the first one you will answer truthfully but the last three I want you to lie about.” The guard said. In the afterglow of an orgasm Jenna said: “Yes ma’am”

“Is your name Jenna?” The guard asked. “Yes” Jenna replied. Her truthful answer was quickly followed by the plug and dildo vibrating very pleasantly, Jenna couldn’t help but to moan quite loudly.

The guard didn’t say anything for a couple minutes, letting Jenna enjoy the sensation of the vibrations.

“Now, are you in your bedroom?” The guard asked. “Yes” Jenna replied and the vibrations stopped.

“Were you born on this planet?” The guard asked again. “Yes” Jenna replied. What followed could only be described as a big bang from Jenna’s point of view. The plug and the dildo had begun their main purpose: Conducting electricity. Jenna screamed and screamed at the top of her lungs, after what felt like a eternity the plugs stopped, leaving Jenna breathing heavy and in pain, her ass and vagina felt like they were on fire.

“I take if you’re not going to lie to us anymore now?” The second guard said. Jenna looked at her and said: “I haven’t been lying, but no I’m not going to lie with this thing strapped into me!” “In that case, did you abduct Councilor Arianne?” Jenna looked the guard in her eyes and said: “No” The moment the answer rolled off her tongue Jenna was in bliss, the good vibrations had started again. The guard walked up to her and said: “You did a good job girl, but I’m sorry for having to do this.”

Jenna could feel a little sting in her bum and the world started spinning and all went black.