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“Any plans for the big day?” his girlfriend asked.

“I don’t know,” Ted answered, “the guys wouldn’t say.”

“Oh, that’s reassuring.”

“It won’t be that bad.”

“Jeff’s still getting glitter out of his ass.”

Ted tried not to but he had to snicker at the memory.

“Stop,” Maddison said slapping his shoulder.

She was having trouble keeping a straight face too, though.

“I’m the last guy in the group to turn 21. We’re probably just going to go around hitting bars and getting wasted. Maybe even chocolate wasted.”

“The fact you quote those movies disturbs me.”

“And thus, I persist.”

  Soon enough the day in question arrived. He awoke to the sound of a text hitting his phone. It read simply: Easy’s 6pm. Oh those idiots had better be kidding. Of all the bars in the city they could have chosen to start at they had to go and choose the one run by the 69 Street Riders. These were the bikers you knew instinctively to avoid. Unless of course you were Teddy’s friends.

All day throughout classes and work afterwards he worried about it. What were they up to? Finally, six on the dot, he parked in front of the old run down roadhouse. Well, here went … everything. Inside the bar was just as run down and dirty as it was on the outside. Avoiding eye contact with everyone Ted scampered over to the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Whisky,” he squeaked out.

Raising his eyebrow. he handed Ted a glass. As he sipped it he looked around the bar at the big mean looking men populating it. God, where were his friends? Thirty minutes later they still hadn’t arrived. Ted finished yet another whisky leaving the glass on the counter. He paid his bill and headed for the door. Those idiots set him up. They were probably at Jeff’s house laughing their asses off at him.

“Well shit.”

He was almost at the door when he heard it. He had no idea why but he felt he needed to look. A group of men were gathered around the pool table. Lining up her shot was a shorter black woman in her thirties whose shoulder length black hair was tied back in a ponytail. Black motorcycle boots, skintight leather pants, and a black leather jacket covering a leather top that showed off her ample cleavage completed the look of a sexy biker chick not to be messed with. Unless it was a pool ball it seemed. She missed an easy shot and the men around the table groaned.

“Pay up,” one of the men said.

Shaking her head, she handed the man a crumpled bill. She repeated this bet with two other men. Wait, he knew her. It was Tabitha Brinkley. They went to school together. To be honest he had a bit of a crush on her.

   “Anyone else wanna try?” she asked.

   “Pay in’s a hundred, Ted.”

   “Deal, Tabby.”

“It’s Rivet now.”

“Suits you.”

Soon he was up to five hundred bucks.

"Double or nothing," his opponent demanded.

“You’re on.”

She racked them up. She took her shot. She cleaned his clock.

“Pay up,” she laughed after the game was finished and Ted had thoroughly lost.

“I don’t have the extra five hundred on me,” he said.

“Is it in your account?”

“Yeah, should be.”

“Then let’s go get it.”

She took me by the arm and led outside to her bike. She jumped on and started it up like it was second nature.

“On,” she barked.

Gulping, he climbed on behind her. He’d never ridden a motorcycle before and to be honest it kinda of terrified him.

“Hold on, tight.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist. There was no way in hell his girlfriend was going to hear anything about this. She took off into the night until we reached the nearest ATM. Hopping off I rushed over and started making a withdrawal.

“No, no, no.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s the 13th. My utilities bill was automatically deducted from my account. I only have two hundred left in the account.”

She pulled out a small but very lethal looking knife which she flipped open.

“You owe me five.”

“Wait, wait. Tabby, I mean Rivet, just listen. I get paid in two days. Automatic deposit right into my account at midnight. Give me your number I’ll arrange to come give you the rest.”

She just stared at him for a minute.

“Come with me.”

They hopped back onto her bike. To his surprise, we didn’t stop at Easy’s. Instead they sped on to a less than thriving section of town pulling into the parking lot of a run-down apartment building. She dragged him off the bike and after her up the rotted wooden stairs to one of the top floor apartments.

Once inside she closed and locked the door. She then drug him into her bedroom.

“Clothes, off, now.”


She pulled the knife back out.


Terrified he did what she asked. Soon he was done to only his underwear.

“Good enough.”

Reaching into one of her drawers she produced a length of white cotton rope.

“Hold still.”

Not wanting to deal with the business end of that knife he complied. She grabbed him, yanking him close before tying his hands together behind his back. She then bound his elbows together. More rope was used to frame his knees both above and below followed by his ankles just above his feet. Looking curiously at him for a second she took the remaining rope and fashioned it into a crotch rope. Part of it pressed his underwear into his ass, not comfortable, the other was opened up and fastened around the bulge now forming in his underwear.

  Back in the drawer she pulled out a red scarf, jamming it into his mouth tying it behind his head gagging him. She then shoved him onto the bed.

Back in the drawer she pulled out a red scarf, jamming it into his mouth tying it behind his head gagging him. She then shoved him onto the bed.

“As soon as the money’s in your account we’ll go get it. Until then your ass is mine.”

He squirmed and moaned trying to argue with her. It did no good. She kicked off her boots and crawled into bed with him. She sat there just watching him.


He meant to ask what.

“It’s funny. Back in high school I would have given anything to have you all to myself like this.”


Really? The girl he lusted after for years but was too afraid to ever speak to not only knew he existed but had dirty thoughts about him too.  That knowledge caused a stir in certain regions of his body. Unfortunately, given his current state of undress Rivet couldn’t help but notice.

“Finally, some entertainment.”

“Mmm,” he moaned (trying to be) indigently.

“Sh, we both know you’re gonna like it.”

She began stroking his crotch is a sensual rhythmic fashion. What was once merely hard was now rock solid. Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore she slipped his dick free through the hole in his underwear.

“Time for a treat.”

She bent down and soon I found myself in her mouth. She bobbed up and down sucking and slurping. Her tongue worked wonders. Before I could stop myself I came. After she cleaned us both up she stripped down to her matching black bra and thong and crawled back into bed with him.

“Not bad. Tomorrow I’ll see how you fit into a different hole.”

   She turned off the light and went to bed. He could not. His mind was a swirling vortex of conflicting emotions. He was terrified something would go wrong in the next twenty-four hours and she would use that knife. He was angry at his friends for setting him up like this and for himself for getting into this mess in the first place. He felt guilty for what just happened. He had cheated on his girlfriend, or at least felt like he did. On top of that he had enjoyed being sucked off by Rivet and part of him was looking forward to getting screwed by her tomorrow. Gah! What was a guy to do?

If you were Ted you managed to fall asleep at some point in the night. He awoke to find a hand gently stroking his face. There was Rivet smiling sweetly at him.

“I had almost forgotten.”


“Just how beautiful you are.”

He mumbled, blushing. She began kissing him playfully on the nose. He tried to pull away but she grabbed his head holding it still. She then began aggressively kissing him on his gag. All this attention was getting him at attention. She could feel it. He could feel she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Playtime,” she smiled.

She wrapped her legs around him, slipping him into her.

“You feel much better than I’d excepted.”

He hated to admit it but so did she. She began to slowly ride him, taking her time, making it last. When it finally ended, she kissed his gag again.

“Oh yeah, we’re doing that again today.”

My body was a traitorous whore. The front door opened.


“Shit! I forgot I invited the girls over. Can’t let them find you. I’m the only one who gets to rape you.”

She tossed the blankets off a large wooden flat topped chest at the foot of the bed. Lifting it up she pulled out several quilts before shoving him into the box on top of the remaining. She placed her black panties over his head before taking off her bra and wrapping the cups on either side of his head before tying it off. He felt her cover him with the quilts. He could then hear her close the lid and place something heavy on it.

He had no idea how he marinated in her musk. Finally, he heard the lid open. The quilts were removed along with his makeshift blindfolds. Rivet did not help him out of the box though. Instead she stripped naked and climbed in with him. The lid smacked shut above them.

“Miss me, baby?”

She began kissing him again. Soon that devolved into another raucous love making session. As they lay panting she began stroking his face again.

“You know I bought this chest back in high school. I wanted one large enough for two people and sturdy enough to withstand what we just did. I bought it to keep you in.”


“It took a lot of will power not to kidnap you back in high school. I wasn’t ready to own a man yet. Believe me baby I’m more than ready to now.”

What the hell did she mean by that?

They stayed in the box the rest of the day. By the time midnight came around she had screwed him four or five more times. He lost count.

“Time to get my money.”

She untied him, tossing him his clothes. She forced him back onto her bike and back to the ATM. He went to withdraw the cash. It was empty.

“What the hell?”

“All my money’s gone. I don’t get it. It should be here.”

“So, you’re short again?”

“Listen, I’m going to get it for you, I swear.”

“Well it’s a good thing your girlfriend gave it to me back on your birthday.”


“Yeah she and Jeff are running off together.”

“She just needed to keep you busy while she robbed you blind. Jeff remembered me, your crush, my obsession. He wanted to make sure you wouldn’t try and win your exe back or cause any trouble. So, they set you up. I get all your cash, to move into your house, and just take over your life.”

“But …”

“Sh, we can discuss it later. Now get your ass back on my bike. I can’t wake to break in my new bed with my new slave.”




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