A Husband's Lesson

by Brooke

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© Copyright 2003 - Brooke - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; cons; X

A Husband’s Lesson
by Brooke
A Husband’s Lesson By Brooke

Lucy, a transient resident of the commune, was a foul little witchling – or, more accurately speaking, a moody, hornily premenstrual young girl with more than a passing interest in the occult.  She also shared Angie’s taste in men, specifically Danny.  Like a cat checking out its prey, she’d studied him keenly.  She was only nineteen, but had a perverse attraction to older men – particularly older married men exuding power and confidence. 

Danny scored heavily on all counts.

Luckily, after that portentous first encounter, she discovered Danny’s toiletry bag in the bathroom.  A comb held a few strands of his hair and with the quick cunning of a prowling feline, Lucy stole the untidy remnants of her quarry.  In the privacy of her bedroom, she conjured a spell – burning the pilfered lock with her one of her own and a few grains of smokily aromatic copal.  As she carried out the ritual, Lucy meditated on her objective while lazily stroking the large erect phallus of a tall wooden carving.  It was of obscure tribal origins and, Lucy was certain, contained supernatural sexual energy.  Perhaps it was her imagination, but the dark ebony seemed to glow with pleasure at her touch.  When she felt the sparks of connection dance in her solar plexus, she ended the sacrament with a closing ceremony and a soft smile.

Awake now, Danny orientated himself in stages.  Groggily, he noticed his wife’s space was empty then looked around the room, gradually remembering where he was – visiting his hippie brother’s new age community in the land of strange creatures.  He slowly eyed the ghostly aboriginal depiction of a large kangaroo hanging on the opposite wall. There was also a dawning awareness of a dry mouth and full bladder.  Satisfying those primal needs became his first priority.  Afterwards, claiming a spot on the veranda and dressed only in shorts, he sipped on a satisfyingly dark coffee.  The burning Australian sun was already beginning to climb.  His skin felt clammy in the rapidly increasing heat and humidity. 


Danny looked up at the owner of the voice.  A fresh-faced young female stared down at him, though Danny’s eyes quickly took in more than her features.  She was wearing loose cotton top, revealing generous breasts.  A long flowing skirt cinched at the waist, emphasising the curve of her hips.  He quickly recognised Lucy, he’d met her the previous day.

“How are you settling in?” She questioned pleasantly, her gaze travelling over his bare, sweaty torso.

“Fine” responded Danny, returning the smile – then still bemused by Angie’s absence, he added a short, puzzled question, “have you seen my wife?”

Lucy’s eyes sparkled, “Yeah – I think I did.  She was talking to Roxanne on the veranda this morning then she disappeared.  Eve’s van’s gone though – perhaps your wife went with them.”

“Went where?” Asked Danny.

“Oh anywhere” replied Lucy mysteriously, before adding, “they could be gone all day.”

Danny frowned.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be back.  Stay here, I’ll grab a cup of coffee and join you – if that’s OK.  I’m going to England next year, I’d love to get some tips.”

Danny was mollified.  Asking his advice was guaranteed to stimulate his innate male ego – not to mention his creative verbal skills.  Engaging a sexy young woman with his charm and authority wasn’t an unpleasant prospect.  His inner lion stretched and shook its mane – not realising the hungry tigress was already several steps ahead. 

Lucy sat entranced as Danny filled her in on the perils and pleasures of his native land – and she threw more unseen psychic loops around her target when she asked him, in a fascinated tone, about his work.  She hung on to his every word, seductively interested in every statement.

Lilith, the dark Goddess of Lucy’s devotions, smiled at her skill.

During a brief lull, Danny was suddenly aware of the imbalance in the conversation, “Wow Lucy, you’re a very bright young woman – what do you do, what’s your thing?”

Calculatingly, Lucy demurred, “Oh, nothing special right now – just a bit of art now and then.”

“Really?” Responded Danny with an interested spark, “tell me about it.”

“It’s just my scribblings – not anything brilliant.”

“Could I see them?” Asked her victim, “I’ve got a friend that runs a gallery, he’s always looking for unusual talent – and something tells me you’re more talented than you admit.”  For once, Danny was deadly accurate.

“Oh, OK then – the canvasses are stacked in my room,” replied Lucy with illusory nonchalance.

Obediently, Danny followed her.

Victorious, Lucy opened the door of her lair and ushered him.

Danny’s eyes slowly took in the seductive Bohemian atmosphere.  Thick, crimson velvet curtains cut out most of the daylight, leaving the space in shadow.  The large double bed was covered in a luxuriously stuffed, dark green satin quilt and scattered with richly embroidered cushions.  Focussing more, he noticed various strange talismen and trinkets were tied to the brass rails at head and foot of the magical divan and around the room, all manner of delicately beautiful objects kept them company. His bare feet rested on a brightly coloured Indian rug, one of several spread over the polished wood floorboards.  Soon, something made him look up, though he didn’t know what.  The magnificent frieze painted on the ceiling obviously had some significance, but the meaning escaped him.  It seemed to be a dark depiction of the cosmos, complete with strange mythological creatures.  He noticed the gentle music of wind chimes swaying regularly in the slight breeze.  It was a hauntingly ethereal sound.  Completing the otherworldly mood, he smelt the earthy aroma of sandalwood. 

For Lucy, it was one of “those” days – a type of day familiar to all women, but hardly ever mentioned.  Her breasts were achingly full, her nipples exquisitely responsive. From time to time, her flesh brushed against the material of her top, causing intense shivers of sensation.  The secret space between her thighs pulsed with neediness and an engorged womb bloated her lower belly.  The base of her spine throbbed with unrelenting hunger. 

Danny was dead meat.

She switched on the antique lamp and watched as he browsed some canvasses stacked in the corner.  As he contemplated a piece that caught his interest, Lucy slowly – deliberately - ran a finger down the indent of his spine.

Danny shivered, his hormones springing into action.  Lucy’s temptingly revealed cleavage and faint musky perfume had already had an effect.  The gentle stroke was irresistible, not that Danny ever put much effort into resisting clandestine carnality.  He turned to face her and their lips met in a greedy kiss.  Her mouth was blissfully soft and he seemed to melt into it.  Tongue entwined tongue in a leisurely duet.  He was already fully erect and his hands hastily found their way under her top, keen to explore her large young breasts.  They were pillowy and deliciously warm; he loved the sensation as his thumb brushed over a rigid nipple.  Her pelvis press into his groin as he did it.  Almost without thinking, he lowered his mouth over the tempting bud and suckled, while rhythmically squeezing the surrounding flesh with his strong fingers.  His other hand quickly found its way inside her panties and his belly squirmed in anticipation when he happily discovered a hot, oozing passage.

By now, both bodies were writhing in the embrace of the over-stuffed green quilt.

Danny was like a fly, joyfully drowning in a pool of sticky sweet sensation.  He didn’t mind at all when Lucy wriggled out from beneath him, straddled his body and concentrated intensely as she undid the zip on his shorts.  In one swift movement, she’d slipped them off entirely; his pants followed at lightening speed.  He grabbed handfuls of the satiny material beneath him when Lucy’s warm mouth enveloped the straining head of his penis - and his lips sprung open in silent entreaty when he felt the tip of her wet, warm tongue begin to play a delicate rhythm along his most sensitive groove.

Lucy was enjoying this.  She felt a deep primal purr in the pit of her belly as she stroked and cajoled her prey.

“Danny” she whispered, “I’m going to handcuff you, is that OK?”

At that point, she could have asked anything – she knew that with complete, evil certainty.

Danny acquiesced like an innocent lamb when his seductress clipped on the shining implements.  In blissful recklessness, he let her attach the other end of each restraint to the brass rail at the head of the bed, then secure his ankles to the bars at the foot with soft rope.  He was spread on his back in the form of an “X”.

Lucy was tender at first.  She covered his proudly erect phallus in thick chocolate paste – reserved for such occasions - and slowly proceeded to lick away every scrap.  This tigress was in the habit of toying with her food – with unhurriedly relishing each paroxysm of desire as her victim succumbed. 

“Danny” she eventually whispered in his ear, “do you like pain?”

“Uh?” He responded in confusion.

She repeated the question.

“Uh no, well - I’ve never tried it.”

She smiled, “I like it.  I like inflicting it – nothing too bad, nothing more than you can bear.  I want to take you to darker places.  The borders between pain and pleasure are paper-thin.  I want to keep you hovering on the brink – I want to play with you all day.”

“Go for it baby” he groaned.

Lucy opened the draw of the small cabinet beside the bed and pulled out a richly hand embellished box.  All manner of obscure esoteric emblems decorated the precious container. Lifting up the lid – the interior was carefully lined in black velvet - she quickly searched the assorted contents, before extracting a small metal vibrator.  It had several companions, each larger than the other.  She lovingly covered it in lubricant then, with an evil glint in her eye, she went down on Danny again.

He fidgeted as warm, honey-sweet sensations flooded his groin for a second time.

Lucy gripped the stalk of Danny’s cock firmly as her mouth teasingly played with the bulging tip - then her abdomen lurched in anticipation as she slowly inserted just the initial curve of the smooth, steel phallus inside Danny’s anus.  She felt his flesh tighten in resistance, but slowly and surely, she continued to press against the constricting muscle. All the while, she soothed the discomfort with the ministrations of her tongue, deliberately searching out the aching furrow on the underside of his penis.  She licked and sucked with unhurried, expert precision.  Pushing the tool in a little further, she found his resistance was diminishing.  The slick metal slid in more easily and the tenseness in his buttocks relaxed slightly – not completely though, she still savoured the evidence of fear in his body.

Danny was caught like an insect in a web, fascinatedly experiencing each aching spasm as the alluring spider consumed him bit by bit.  He no longer knew where pleasure ended and pain began.

The slippery, rigid instrument was now totally encased in Danny’s flesh and with mounting enjoyment, Lucy began to slide it in and out in a deliberately protracted movement.

Danny squirmed and moaned, but he was helpless as Lucy’s tongue continued to beckon him towards orgasm.

Lucy loved the way Danny’s ass opened up to her.  The previously unyielding, wrinkled ring was now wet with lubricant and glowed a deep crimson colour – almost like it was begging for more.  She wouldn’t disappoint.  She quickly searched through the consecrated box again and pulled out a larger phallus.  This one was pink and made of stiff rubber – moulded veins snaked up and down the shaft. 

She extracted the dainty steel cock from Danny’s body – his gaping circle instantaneously retracted into a virginal, compact bud.  With increasing excitement, Lucy fondly smothered the new, flesh-coloured vibrator with more clear slime from a conveniently placed bottle, until the semi-liquid dripped off the end.  The device glinted in the subdued light.

“It’s OK Danny – it’s OK.  This might hurt a bit a first, but you’ll love it in the end – I promise.” Lucy’s words were low – enunciated in a slow, sinister whisper.  She concentrated, pressing the glans of the rubber phallus against the taut band of muscle that guarded Danny’s private sanctum.  Gently, very gently, she slowly began to worm it in further.

“No Lucy please – don’t” Danny’s words were just a low, begging murmur.

In response, Lucy was silent – she merely intensified the fervour of her achingly warm mouth.  The snug orifice and snaking tongue were playing an unholy rhythm around his tip – and Lucy’s other hand complemented the irresistible cadence.  She squeezed it hard around his shaft, her fingers creating a tight circle. She was, very firmly and insistently, jerking him off.  His rigidity contrasted starkly with the effortless, sliding ease of his skin. 

“Ooooohhhhhh” Danny let out a long sigh and pleadingly wriggled his groin towards the source of his enjoyment. 

As soon as Lucy felt that primitive response, she pressed the pink glistening vibrator several inches further into Danny’s ass.

“Yes – No!” Danny was hovering on the border of unexplored territory – uncertain of the sensations slicing through his body.  Pain and pleasure were beginning to lose their distinctiveness.  The two companions were merging into a kaleidoscope of weirdly beguiling feelings.  It felt like some dirty, disgusting whore was relentlessly beckoning him – utterly repellent and devastatingly erotic all in the same moment.

Lucy lifted her mouth from Danny’s bulge for a brief moment, “Do you think you’ll like it Danny?  Do you think you’ll like when you come with a cock in your ass?”

Danny groaned slightly at the increasing ache in his abdomen, “You’re a bitch Lucy – a sick, twisted bitch,” but his words were etched in resignation rather than anger.

Lucy felt Danny’s cock stiffen even more – then an intense pulsation warned of imminent release.  She took the opportunity to push the pink shaft inside him until it couldn’t go any further – watching in malevolent satisfaction as Danny’s knuckles drained white. 

His fingers gripped the bed rails like a drowning man.  His mouth hung open even wider in a silent scream, though even Danny couldn’t have said whether it was a cry of agony – or ecstasy.

Lucy released Danny’s inflamed apex from her mouth, but continued to masturbate him in an unwavering rhythm.  She wanted to appreciate his orgasm - to watch satisfyingly vigorous spurts explode from his sex.  She didn’t have long to wait.

Danny’s abdominal muscles suddenly constricted in a powerful display of ancient, untapped force; it was like Lucy had plunged a hand deep inside his gut and pulled out a massive, struggling snake.  A creature that, now it had been coaxed to the surface, was determined to have its way.  He ejaculated fiercely, sending several hot squirts across the room; one particularly forceful burst splattered across the far wall - his buttocks clamped more tightly around the intrusive phallus with each jerk.

Lucy’s eyes glinted in wicked approval as they drank in the evidence of Danny’s helpless arousal.  “Oh baby” she softly moaned, “you came for me.  You couldn’t stop yourself could you?”

In response, Danny just rolled his head weakly to one side as he struggled to catch his breath.  His whole body ran with perspiration.

Lucy, little by little, extracted the sodden instrument from Danny’s flesh.

“Aaahh!” He winced.

“Poor, poor baby,” she crooned, “don’t worry, I’ll make it all better for you.”  She quickly donned a silk robe and exited the room, leaving a bound Danny still gasping slightly.  Within two minutes, she was back, carrying a large ceramic bowl filled with warm, soapy water.  Lovingly, she bathed – then dried - every inch of exposed flesh she could reach.  She payed particular attention to the stickiness in his groin – though she wasn’t willing to untie him.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you Lucy?” 

The sober question cut through Lucy’s attentiveness.  She slowly smiled in his direction, “Yes – I like reaching in and finding the dark, hidden part – the creature no-one talks about.”

Looking at her rather piercingly, Danny asked a question, “Did you find mine?”

“Oh yes” she grinned, “and it was beautiful.”

“Lucy, untie me now – I need a drink.  We’ll play again later.”  His voice quavered a little, unsuccessfully trying to reclaim his customary authority.

“Oh no Danny – no.  You’re not going anywhere, not until I’ve finished with you.  You have to learn how to be good – you need to learn about the Goddess.  She demands absolute obedience, absolute satisfaction.”  A wicked, self-satisfied humour danced behind her gaze.  Memories of Roxanne’s motherly, whorish, riotous, comforting circle of sinful women floated through her head.  They’d taught this poor, broken-hearted novice well.  They’d coached her in the mysteries, made her understand those burning times.  Scorch a witch to control The Fates.  Laughable really, like charcoaling your own erection because it won’t lie down.  Lucy relished this newly discovered subversive sexuality – and practise makes perfect.

Danny rolled his eyes and sighed then wriggled slightly, trying to tame the soreness still stinging his ass.

Lucy laughed, “You’ve got a lot to learn yet Danny.  Don’t worry, I’m a gentle mistress.”  With that, she disappeared again, quickly returning with a glass of cold water.  She patiently lifted Danny’s head and unhurriedly fed him the entire appreciated amount, taking great care to dab away the escaping drips.

“You’ll be ready for me in an hour or so Danny.  You came hard and fast the first time.  The next few hours are going to be slow – very slow.”

“What about my wife, Lucy?  She could be back any time.”

Lucy giggled, “Oh, don’t worry – I’m sure Roxanne is keeping her amused.”

Danny’s brow wrinkled, “What do you mean by that?”

She just gave Danny an enigmatic smile, “Oh nothing really – just that Roxanne enjoys new company.”

The sinister undertow in Lucy’s words made him shiver.  He didn’t press the subject any further.  He didn’t want to know any more.  His violent orgasm, the heat and the gentle, relaxing sensation of Lucy slowly washing and drying his exhausted body had begun to stupefy him.  The alluring black Goddess of sleep reached out her hand and held him to her breast until he was powerless in her embrace.

Lucy surveyed his slumbering form.  It pleased her.  She wanted him to conserve his energy.  In the meantime, there was a ritual to complete.  Hungrily, she glanced in the direction of the enchanted wooden carving and its inviting phallus.  Within a moment of that quick exchange, the mischievous spirit had captured her gaze completely.  She was transfixed.  The now dark and terrible deity willed her towards him. 

Obediently, she knelt in front of the ancient artefact and gave a barely audible moan of pleasure as the ever-erect penis entered.  She closed her eyes tightly, then squeezed her vaginal muscles around the large cock.  That seemed to set off a cascade of increasingly strong, involuntary contractions.  It felt like her flesh was deliberately milking the objects magical essence.  Streams of pleasure raced through her body. 

She felt her nipples tighten and her breasts balloon.  Some unseen force was holding her in place as the dark passage between her thighs continued to pulse in a steady rhythm.  The spasms grew even more forceful and Lucy found herself bearing down in great waves; it was almost like giving birth.  The base of her spine burned with unnatural heat then she was there – a harsh crescendo enveloped her several times over, each surge more intense than the one before.  She felt a sticky stream run down the inside of her thigh.  Before, she would have thought she’d peed herself - but Roxanne had recently enlightened her about female ejaculation. 

As the last convulsion died away in blissful ebbs, Lucy gradually extracted herself from the devilish embrace.  She noticed a single drop of glutinous fluid hanging from the end of the shiny ebony penis and – catching the divinity’s penetrating look again, she slowly licked it away.  “Thankyou master” she whispered.  Tired now, she spread herself alongside Danny, still gently snoring on the bed, and joined him in the make believe world of dreams.

Danny was attached to a wildly bucking white mare, fear and exhilaration forming a potent cocktail inside his brain.  He was experiencing an unstoppable, primordial hunger while trying to fuck the beast.  Then the equine suddenly shape shifted into a lusciously curved, lily-white woman as his eyes flickered open. 

Lucy was riding him.  She’d attached a tight band of soft leather around the base of his cock to prolong her pleasure.  Her pupils were large, black pools and her mouth gaped wide.  Beads of sweat dribbled over ample breasts. 

Lucy felt blistering sparks of pure carnality shoot through her groin each time she thrust towards him.  It was almost as if Danny’s cock was some kind of magic wand, coaxing her towards a dark, enchanted heaven.

Danny strained against his bindings.  He would have gripped her hips in a vicious rhythm, probably leaving dark bruises on her pale skin – but all he could do was struggle.  His muscles were tight with frustration.

Lucy was lost in another universe as she instinctively rocked her body.  A soft “Aaaahhh” escaped her lips each time gyrated her pussy.  Danny’s cock filled her to overflowing - and her aching clitoris was sliding forcefully across his flesh.  Screwing her eyes shut, weird hues illuminated the inky blackness.  Eruptions of incandescent light lured her like a moth – she was dancing to a mindless, tribal rhythm.  Suddenly, through the infinite dark, she was drowning in a sea of pulsing blood red.  As it surged, she found herself defenceless in the face of this awesome power.  Repeatedly, her vaginal muscles shuddered hard in total gratification.  Her rock hard belly bore down in uncontrollable waves.  It felt like she was peeing herself again.

Lucy’s eyes glinted with fiendish satisfaction and her muscles almost hummed in joy.  The spasms that had singed her flesh left perfect relaxation in their wake.  “Oh Danny, you’re the best toy I’ve ever had” she sighed, “we’re going to play and play and play . . . . . . . . . .” Her voice trailed into the distance.

Danny was still erect, he hadn’t ejaculated.

Disengaged now, Lucy eyed his glinting phallus.  “Poor sweetie” she murmured, as she licked away some meandering dribbles.

“Please Lucy” begged Danny, “make me come.”

“Yes Danny, I’ll make you come – I promise.  One thing though, how far do you want to go for your pleasure?  Will you go as far as I want to take you?”

The dark, lustful serpent inside him – the creature Lucy had woken – coiled around his brain and gut, “I’ll go as far as you need me to go,” he pleaded.

“Oh yes Danny, you will – I’ll take you into sweet, sticky shadows you’ll never want to leave.”  With that, Lucy searched through her box of tricks again until she found a supple pigskin blindfold, lined with soft fake fur.  Deftly, she stretched the fabric across Danny’s eyes then buckled it tightly at the back.  Searching again, she discovered some grey duct-tape.  She expertly stuck down the edges of the leather, so not even a thin chink of light could find his cornea. 

Danny’s hearing was still acute as he waited in the gloom.  He heard the door open and click shut a few times, but couldn’t say what was happening.  After an interval – probably twenty minutes – but it seemed like forever, Danny felt a warm mouth encase the head of his cock.  He squirmed in supplication.  The heat and the movement were heavenly.  A wet snaking tongue was cajoling him into an ungodly rhythm.  He started a little when an unfamiliar strong hand caressed and cupped his balls, but he was too lost in need to care.  He felt the other hand gently stroking his shaft.  Soft moans of pleasure seeped from his lips as his already bulging glans bloated purple with desire.  His muscles suddenly stiffened, demanding release.  “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!” The cry rebounded off the walls as Danny orgasmed in several harsh, staccato bursts.  His abdomen writhed involuntarily, as he felt the stranger’s orifice steadily drinking in the seed it had so adamantly extracted.

“Oh Danny, Danny, Danny,” a soft female voice sang his name, “I wish you could see yourself.”

In fact, as Danny would discover later – he was able to see himself.  Lucy had flashed a graphic series of photos at the peak of his excitement.

Lucy brushed a finger across his damp cheek as he struggled to catch his breath, “Oh my baby, where have you been?  Where did I take you?  Would you like to see?”  Without waiting for an answer to any of those questions, she peeled away the grey tape around his eyes, and then undid the small buckle behind his head, slipping off the blindfold.

Danny slowly opened his eyes.  At first, they fought against even the dimmed illumination of that murky interior, but gradually, his surroundings came into focus.  He concentrated on the features of his seducer.  With dawning clarity, he made out the grinning countenance of Jack – though, at that point, this was their first acquaintance.

“Hi” smiled the youthful, clean-shaven man.

Danny’s jaw dropped – horror, surprise, revulsion, fascination – with sickening intensity, all these emotions churned in his belly at the sight of the handsome, lithe and very male figure.

Lucy’s smile widened at the sight of Danny’s obvious confusion, “It’s OK Danny – Jack enjoyed it, he really did.  He’s my lover too.  Jack enjoys everything.  He thinks you’re beautiful.”

“Lucy!” Danny’s brow knitted, “You little bitch  . . . . . . . . . . .”

Lucy cut off any further expletives when she gently waved the camera in his face, “You loved it Danny, I have the evidence and besides, you gave me permission to take you wherever I wanted.  You need to loosen up, explore the boundaries.”

With that, Danny just groaned in defeat.

By now, it was almost midday.  The sun was at its peak and the room was becoming stiflingly warm.

Seeing a shining bead of sweat slowly trickle down Danny’s temple, Lucy turned on the large overhead fan.  It gave off a welcome, cool breeze as its speed shifted into high gear.

With pleasure, Danny felt the heat evaporate from his skin - though he noticed his mouth was dry again.  He looked up briefly - Jack was standing over the bed, staring down at him.  He discerned another leisurely smile growing across the young face.

“Bye man – see you later” Jack chuckled then cheekily added, “glad you enjoyed me.” With that, he left the room.  The door snapped shut behind him.

Danny looked up at a naked Lucy, now kneeling between his open legs and gazing down at his bound, spreadeagled body.  He noticed the tip of her tongue flick across her lips.  “When are you going to untie me?” He pleaded. 

“I think you need some refreshment Danny – something to keep you going.”

Danny just sighed.  He knew he was beaten.

Lucy draped a soft, tiger-print sarong around her curvy form, before picking up the ceramic bowl containing the now cold grey washing water.  She disappeared for a few minutes, leaving Danny alone in the almost silent, light-starved room.  The only sound was the occasional crystalline tinkle of the wind chimes. 

Danny anxiously pondered his fate – though the recalled images and sensations stirred, yet again, his now lightly sleeping serpent.  He closed his eyes and inhaled deep and slow as he felt the strange, unfamiliar reptile stretch and move.  He wasn’t supposed to have these sensations, they were sick. However, despite his unease, he knew the embers of desire weren’t extinguished – just glowing under the surface.

Suddenly, the door opened again, letting in a cascade of brightness.  It was quickly snuffed out when Lucy clicked the lock behind her.  She efficiently placed a clean basin of tepid water on the small, old-fashioned table beside the bed and pulled out a clean face towel from the neat pile in the little draw beneath.  The ill-fitting wood scraped noisily over the aged runners as she closed it.  Concentrating, she soaked the cloth in the half-filled bowl, before squeezing it out and – once more - gently wiping away Danny’s dampness.

Danny exhaled in a long, unhurried moan as he felt the lazy sensual motion sweep over his skin.  Each pore seemed exquisitely sensitive and he found himself shivering at every light touch.

Lucy loved the way Danny quivered in time with her stroking, “Danny, Danny,” her voice was barely audible, “you’re so pleasing – so seductive.”  When her task was complete, she nonchalantly brushed his lips with hers – then found herself drowning in his eyes when she spoke again.  The size of his pupils gave her a huge buzz.  They were larger than she’d ever seen before – bottomless pools.  “I know you like this Danny – I want to keep you dancing on the edge, but first, you need to drink and eat.”

Danny sipped on cold, freshly squeezed orange juice as Lucy patiently held the tumbler to his lips.  His parched mouth welcomed the chilly liquid.

When the glass was drained, Lucy fed him chocolate and grapes – square by square and fruit by fruit, until he wanted no more.  This intense lover needed to keep her new pet in good condition.

Danny’s bladder was now uncomfortably full.  When he emptied himself into the suitable container provided by his paramour, he was finally at ease – cooled, fed, watered and now relieved.  However, he was still helplessly tied to the bed. 

On a day like to day, Lucy discovered she could orgasm many times.  She found it mysterious, but overwhelmingly delightful - the way her innate cycles dictated the rhythms of her desire.  She looked at Danny with fresh lust.

With the heightened awareness of the hunted, Danny immediately sensed the subtle change in Lucy’s body language.  His brain went into over-drive as he felt her trace an index finger between his lips.  He noticed her mouth was hanging open slightly - she was starting to breathe a little more quickly.  He was still at her mercy and he wondered – rather greedily – what new sexual perversions lay in store for him.