Husband on display

by Techie

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Storycodes: F/m; bondage; cons; X

Husband on display
by Techie
Husband on display By: Techie

 Being a graduate engineer I am always looking for a new bondage trick. Last week when my husband and I hosted a brunch of several of our (my) kinkier lady friends I was looking for a new centerpiece. I discussed the scene with my husband, Techster, and he agreed to participate. (What I didn't tell him was how HE would be displayed and later used to serve us our coffee and snacks.

About an hour before our guests were to arrive I had him strip. He was already wearing the largest C-lock or Chastilock Magnum. He walked over to the stair rail and asked, "Where am I to be on display?" 

"Right there will be a good idea." I laughed, "You can open the door and pass out name tags and party favors."

He stood there, nude as (1) I locked a spreader bar around his ankles.(2) used a padlock and a chain dog collar to lock the Chastilock to the banister support rail at the bottom of our stairs.(3) locked a red ball gag in his mouth.(who wants their display object interrupting their conversation). (4) Then I locked a large polished metal collar around his neck. The collar bore a neatly printed sign that declared him to be "Techie's pet" and (5) Lastly I took a red permanent marker and circled my brand, on his right buttocks.

Notice that I did not mention his hands. (I needed his hands to pass out name tags and party favors)
For two hours my "pet" performed flawlessly. He was the center of attention.
Several of the other wives asked," How can you get him to do this?"
I responded, " He trusts me! He has faith in me! My darling pet, who placed you in this bondage and gave me these keys?"
He pointed to himself.

Then I unlocked the restraint chain that held his Chastilock to the stair and told him to bring us coffee, tea and snacks. When he was finished serving I cuffed his hands behind him and secured the restraint chain of the Chastilock to the back of my chair.

Anyone who spoke to me had to look at his chastized hairy manhood. Unlike several of my guests whose husbands who are chastized, Techster's body and genitals are NOT shaven. I feel that the shaving removes the masculine essence of a male and I like him as he is, max masculinity, not sissified. 

When our gathering was over and everything had left I unblocked the gag and rewarded him with a deep kiss, then I replaced the spreader bar with a pair of leg irons so he could not wear any slacks or underwear. I love to watch his balls and cock jiggle as he moves about, just like men like to watch their wives' breasts jiggle. Then I finally unlocked his restraint chain and the Chastilock and spent several hours "rewarding him for faithful service."

After our fun time I had him lock the Chastilock back on and bring me dinner. One of my favorite erotic turn-ons is watching him do things with the Chastilock swaying and teasing him with every step. He is constantly reminded that I hold the key and love to make love to him. I am proud to say the male chastity device known as a Chastilock is my personal invention. This customized lock virtually gelds any male. When modified it locks securely around his penis between the glans (or tip) and the shaft and cannot be removed without unlocking it. I colored the first one a brilliant yellow so it will stand out. When he is wearing normal clothing it not noticeable, so I have since designed a larger magnum or "display unit that makes it obvious, no matter what he is wearing, that he is chastized. 

The "chastized" male will find sexual activity in any form is curtailed. An erection is very uncomfortable, make that painful, masturbation as well as penetrative (normal) sex are impossible.

However, the neatest thing about my fiendish device is that when wearing it under clothing he cannot urinate in a normal manner. I deliberately made it large enough so that in order to simply take a pee in a public restroom a man must drop both his underpants and slacks. This little trick helps a man truly feel a woman's plight when all the stalls are filled. No matter how badly he has to pee he has only two choices (1) drop everything in public and show the world that he is chastized or (2) wait for the stall.

The Chastilock is also the ultimate reward for a wife & lover, girlfriend or "significant other". When it is removed the male is ready to reward the keyholder with a strong and active love making session. When the Chastilock is securely locked the wearer is constantly reminded of their sexual submission and their dependence on the keyholder.

Speaking as "an old married woman of 30 + years" I always amazed by other "long term married" who are the same as myself and Techster who complain about a lack of sex, affection or attention. Those fools don't even begin to realize how much fun they are missing.