Hunting Grounds

by XVX

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© Copyright 2002 - XVX - Used by permission

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Amy Ford felt like she had won the academy award the Nobel peace prize and the lottery all in one when she got the call. For weeks she had been ‘stalking ‘ this hunk of a man who had been showing up at the Firehouse Grill and Bar. Her prey had a name. Peter Hunter. He seemed to have this glow about him that lit up the room. He had superhero looks with a squared jaw and deep blue eyes with sandy brown hair that sat on a remarkably trim and fit broad shoulder body. He showed up during Singles Friday over a month ago and all the women in the bar just seemed to gravitate toward him. Peter spoke in a soft kind manner and was a dream to talk to. He must have been a debate captain because he could talk to you on a variety of levels. Peter was not only good looking but he had money. He did not drive sports car but a beat up old jeep and very expensive SUV. She had seen him drive in with both. He would go camping over the weekends and did invite one or two to go with him.

There was a tender side to Peter. She watched him with one woman when she gave her a shoulder massage. Amy could swear she was going to orgasm right then and there. He was the ‘buzz of the bar’ and she wanted to have him. Her and every female in five mile radius. He must have collected enough phone number to start his own phone book. One or two did go home with him but today after weeks of trying to catch him and talking with him She found a topic which they had in common. He asked if she wanted to come to his place to look at some art he had. Amy was art major and had a fondness modern art and pop art much like Andy Worhol. She worked summer for Metro Museum as a tour guide before she finally settled into her career as a graphic art designer. Peter mentioned he had a rare sculpture done by Andy Worhol. 

Amy had heard he had done maybe a dozen or so but gave it up and supposedly they where archived in his museum but she remember read about one or two being released for auction. Unfortunately he was going camping and meet up with some other buddies that weekend but took her phone number and name like so many others. But her stars must have been in alignment when she got his call. He would take her out to dinner or would he like him to cook for her. Intrigued by what other skills Peter might have she wanted him to cook. He even asked what she wanted. Amy opted for a ‘sexy’ Italian dish with oysters. She would drive to his place look at his art and see what happened from there.

The drive was one of those little country places she had seen once or twice. Not large but a nice country looking little house maybe a three or four bedrooms. She was nervous. More nervous than anything she had done before. She checked her make up on last time. She smoothed out her red dress and took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. She rang it twice. Then at about the third time when she though she had been stood up when the door opened.

Peter was dressed casual. “Sorry. Things ran late for me today I just put the Pasta de'Itaion in the oven.”

“Oh that okay.” He showed her the living room. Here and there she could see a cardboard box. 

“Still trying to get settled in.” Explained Pete. “It will be an hour before the main dish is done but I do have some appetizers ready.”

While Peter went to the kitchen and she took a look around the room. No television set but where on would find it was the art she wanted to see. “What no TV?”

“Only one is in the bedroom. I never watch much of it anyway since Gilligans Island was canceled.”

She laughed at the joke. She looked at the artwork but dared not touch it. If it was not for the sculptor name. You would have passed this off as any five and dime knick-knack. It was not very good and but then he only did a few.

“Not what you expected.” He said returning with oysters and a glass of wine

“No.” Answered Amy.

“Well some say a student at the factory did it and he signed his name to it.”

“I had heard that.”

Actually she didn’t but did not what to seem like she was ‘out of the loop’.

“I have other type of art but it is in storage. I kind of collect what I like and not for the sake of collecting.”

“That is often best. “ Amy looked around. The artwork she did see did cover a wide area. She sipped on the wine and took an oyster from the plate. 

Pete placed the wine and plate down. “Not to sound forward but I’m going to clean up a little and take a dip in the hot tub. I pulled a muscle jogging this morning and it been an annoying me all day. You can join me if you like.”

“I don’t have suit.”

“Neither do I.” He said

“OH!” Amy though a moment. She did not want to feel impaired or be stick in the mud. Was Pete going too fast? She could say no. He started walking out the room and she followed him outside.

“It will be awhile before dinner ready and you can tell me about yourself.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Let say you where stranded on a tropical island. Who would miss you? I mean would they send out search parties.” Good question. Who would miss her? 

“With you.” Amy asked.

“No, Where talking about you.”

“Maybe my mom but I rarely hear from her anymore since she remarried. My sister I have not heard from in month since she went to Alaska. She is one of those back to nature freaks. Oh sorry I didn’t mean.”

“It quite all right. I like camping. It clears my head.”

He sat down on the tub bench and turned it on. He kicked off his shoes and she found out that she did the same. Maybe she would just ‘bare foot it’. Pete removed his shirt. Amy had to stifle a gasp. He was such a hunk. She undid the belt on her dress. God she had not skinny-dipped since she was eight.

“So you are all alone. What about work?”

Amy detected a caring note. Like they where two lone souls in the universe having found each other.

“Glass ceiling. I can’t seem to go any higher and all the men want something besides my best work.”

“Ethics are a good thing to have in the work place. No one really close or a friend.”

“None that I would call a survivor buddy if that what you mean.”

“So you are stranded on an island with no hope of anyone missing you?”

His pants were off and he was down to his briefs. Her dress was on the wood deck floor.  She was about to take off her bra when he motioned for her to stop. “Well take it one step at a time.”

He kept his briefs on and slid into the tub. She stayed with her bra and panties and did like wise. The hot bubbling water felt good. It also relaxed her and washed away some anxiety she had.

“Feeling all right.” He asked.


“Let me ask another question.” Pete asked while reclining back. “You have a million dollars but only one day to spend it. You can’t keep any of it. What would you do?"

Amy realized that these where good questions and designed from him to know her better. “Pay off a few bills, buy a car, get small house and give the rest to charity.”

“Why is that?”

“I just don’t want to live beyond my means. Buying in an expensive house would mean having to pay upkeep and taxes. Since I can’t keep any money. I am better off by getting some thing I can afford to keep. Same would go with the car.”

“Sensible” he smiled. Obviously he was pleased with the answer.

Amy thought she had scored some major point with that one.

Peter encouraged her to talk some more on a variety of subjects. While he seemed to listen with great intent.

Pete had finished wine in his glass.  “Could you get the wine bottle.  It on the table over there”

Realizing her wet clothes now hid nothing it was perhaps a maneuver to see her nearly naked. Well she could take it if he could. Beside the hot tub seemed to be draining all the strength out of her.  It was getting hard to move. She went to the table and picked up the wine bottle. Amy moved carefully on the wooden deck to avoid slipping. She was almost to the hot tub when here knees gave out and she caught herself falling. The wine bottle fell to the desk and spilled. Remarkably the bottle did not break. She to tried to pick herself back up but now her arms did not work. 

In fact she could not move at all.

Like a puppet with her strings cut she lay on the deck. Unable to move any limb. Even her eyes seemed unresponsive. They seemed stuck in a fixed, walleye blank dead ahead stare. She was still breathing and she could still hear everything. Was she having a heart attack? A seizure? An allergic reaction to the wine? The chlorine in the hot tub?

She tried to say something but her mouth and tongue did not responded a little peep of a whimper seemed to come out of her throat but that was all. Her vocal cords where now numb too. She felt like her whole body had gone to the dentist and got shot with Novocain. Panic welled up inside her. She heard Pete get out of the tub and call out her. His tone was a concern one but not of panic. She felt, in a numb sort of way, his finger press against her neck checking her pulse. Was he a medic too? That would be fortunate. If she lived through this she was going to marry him. He was too good for her to let him get away. She was the hunter after all.

Then she heard him pad off by the sounds of wet feet slapping against the deck. Then coming back. She heard some fabric unrolling and a phone dialing. Good he was calling 911. But for a 911 call it seemed rather short. No address was given but they could trace the call. But she thought she heard him say only two words.

“Got two”

He hung up phone and started move her around. Like he was arranging her. He rolled her onto her back. Legs together and straight out. Arms at her sides. He removed her jewelry. What little she had. Then cut off her soaking wet panties and bra. No, He was not going to rape her was he. Or was he removing all her wet things to help her. Amy did not know. Her breathing was in rapid panicked gasps. He checked her pulse again.

“Relax.” He cooed “Help is coming.” He said brushing back her hair and giving a slight tug. 

Amy took some comfort in that. She started to breathe a little normal.

“I got a survival bag I’m going to put you in it. It prevents shock. Just breathe normally.”

Naturally he would have a survival bag. What ever that was. But it made sense for him to have something like that. ‘Mr. Outdoors survive by clubbing a bear to death’ would have some sort of high tech thing-ama-jig for such emergencies.

Amy was beginning to get an warm feeling of calm. Pete was doing more that just calling for help. He was helping save her life. Who knows how long it would be before the ambulance arrived. Drat! No CPR. She was still breathing and had a pulse. So much for stealing a kiss. But in her condition she doubted that she would respond in kind. Because she was still wet. He began to slide her into the bag quite easily. She slipped into it like a wet fish into a shopping bag. Odd. What little she could see of the bag was hot pink in color. But what did she know of survival bags. She would have gone for a road hazard or hunter orange. From what little she could see it looked like an oversized nylon bag. It was very tight and he smoothed out all the wrinkles. 

At the halfway point he placed something into her. She could not see what it was but it jiggled inside her vagina a moment or she thought it did. Then stopped.

“Relax. It’s an all purpose steroid.” Pete explained. “It will steady your vital signs. It will dissolve into your blood stream. I can’t have you swallow it. You might choke. I’m going to place one in your other end as well to speed thing up.”

He flipped to her stomach and began to insert what ever it was inside her. “Take deep deaths, try to oxygenate your blood. It will work faster.”

She did so. It seemed to calm her down as well. Peter was doing everything he could to save her. He was her guardian angel. She was going to survive this and they would run off into the woods and have incredible sex. She would chain herself to him if she had too and throw away the key. She was not going to let him get away. Then while she was still kissing wood deck. He took her arms behind her. He seemed to be placing them into a smaller bag attached to the larger one. The smaller bag pulled her hands and arms together. Her elbows where nearly touching each other behind her. She felt it tighten pulling her shoulders back thrusting her breast out. Now how was this supposed to work? How did some one get themselves into this much less out by themselves. She heard a zip and click as the bag closed about her neck. She was feeling a little warmer.

Then he placed a stiff collar on her neck. Immobilizing her neck from moving. Now that made sense. She had seen enough movies and real life TV to know that was something they always did. 

He rolled onto to her back.

“I’m going to place something in your mouth to keep you from swallowing your tongue breath deeply through the nose.”

Amy thought about it. Not that she had any say in how he was treating her but he seemed to be doing every thing he could to save her. Not that her cooperation was required but Peter talking to her and telling her what he was going to do eased her concern. Her checked her pulse and inserted the device into her mouth. He held open her jaw and pressed it in. She felt like he had stuffed a Nerf or rubber ball into her mouth but it did do the job. He strapped it on her tightly.

“Good. Keep breathing through the nose. Slow and steady. I’m going to pull the hood over until help arrives. Relax and let you mind drift. Think happy thoughts and relax. It helps.”

Amy lost all contact with the outside world. All lights when out as the hood was pulled over. She could see a little light but it was a soft pink in color. No shapes or identifiable forms She could hear drawstrings and zippers closing. Then he began to rub her body everywhere. She was getting a little turned on by his touch and rubbing her in all the right places. Which in her mind was everywhere right now, Then he picked her up in a fireman’s carry. She was helpless and completely dependent on him. Her only senses that seemed to work where touch and hearing. She heard stairs. Either he was going down or up some stairs. Then a door. He laid her down. It was hard surface. No a sofa or bed. Something was threaded through her back near her shoulder blades. A rod or pole perhaps. She began to feel stiff. Like the survival bag was staring to harden or her inability to move was making her feel that way. The she heard an electric motor and she was slowly being raised up. After awhile she could fell tension on her feet. She was being stretched from the shoulder to the tips of her toes like she was on a rack. The bag clung to her so tightly that even though it was being stretched. It sucked her body in the very same directions the bag was being pulled in effect pulling her with it. She and the bag where one!

It dawned on her that some how, some way, help was never coming.

It added up in small ways. The short Phone call. The way he reacted like he knew what was happening to her. And how to ‘treat’ it. The odd way the bag positioned her arms as to immobilize them separately from her body so the would be useless. Now being hung like a prize or a side of beef. She tried to move but could not. Her breathing became shorter. She was starting to panic. She did not know what Peter had in store for her but she did not want to know. But what ever happened from this point on. The wedding was off.

“Relax” Peter cooed soothingly. “It will be better for you if you did.”

She heard a sound of a light switch clicking and a door closing. She was alone and trapped.

Obviously he had dropped his charade that help was coming. It had served it purpose and she was his now. His prize. His trophy to show to all his friends. The hunter had become the prey and was caught in a trap with no escape. If she could move she would still be suspended and her arms pin uselessly behind her. Unless she could dislocate both shoulders like Houdini could she might be able to bring then in with the rest of her body but that still would leave her suspended and the bag enclosure locks where on the outside. She was sure of that. No, her prey had planned this trap all to well. In fact it almost seemed like he had done this before. How many times had Peter done this to a woman?

What if his name was not Peter?

What of the other woman he had gotten phone numbers from and taken out on dates. Had he trapped them as well or was tonight the big kill. She was his trophy. Helpless and dependant. Amy would be grateful to survive another hour with his help even despising him every second for doing this to her. She would be at his mercy and would do or say anything to get free. She knew this. He knew this. Even a mistreated animal will beg for table scraps.

Worse yet.


Amy did not know how long she was alone thinking to herself. For awhile it was if she was being in one of those isolation tanks. It was an odd surreal feeling. Zen like. In a way she kind of liked it. It was like sleeping with out sleeping. Amy had read a number of those new age book about expanding your consciousness. One chapter mentioned blindfolding yourself in the woods and listen to the world around you. This was something like that. Then she heard something. Like a groan of something or someone else was in this room with her. The sound brought her crashing back to reality. She was helplessly bound inside a sack suspend above the ground. She heard it again. Some was in the room with her. Was it Peter? No, but it sounded like some one trying to get loose. Amy could feel the vibration of who ever it was struggling being transferred to her.

The phone call.

Peter said he got two.

Amy now felt worse. Not only had she been caught and tricked to even be in this situation. But she was the second one of the day Peter had caught. Her pride was hurt on some odd twisted level that he did not even think of her first. Then another thought. What if there was more than one. Oh god maybe there where a dozen or so ’Peters’ out there and they had lined up their kills for the night and it was some sort of bizarre competition. This was beyond any frat boy competition. 

Being secured as she was. Her option where few. Amy’s freedom was dependent upon Peter. What would he do with her? He could have raped her but he had not. Was there something more insidious that was he going to do to her? What could it be? She had to think. That was all she could do now. The difference between her and other animals in field was that she could think. She always had thought of herself as a hunter. If she wanted a man. She got him.

Now Amy felt she had met her match and been bested. She was some else prize. She was already mounted. What else would explain her current mode of capture? Some where in her self pity she could begin to feel movement returning,

What ever he had done to paralyze her was wearing off. That gave her hope. The venom of the snake called Peter was not permanent Her voice had not returned but now a dull ache pulled on her limbs. She could hear her other captor struggling but not the feverish struggle or some trying to free them selves. She knew that sound. It was the odd moaning sound of some trying to get off. Sexually satisfy them self. Amy found it oddly funny but then her partner in bondage could not do anything else. Possibly making the best of bad situation. She could move her eyes and her voice was coming back to her. But the anti-choking device was more of a gag. Her mouth ached for her jaw being held in such an unnatural position. Her arms and shoulders hurt but her spine felt the best it had in years.

It was the stretching of her limbs. It pulled on the cartilage between the bones. Pulling out all the kinks in her muscles. It was like stretching your body and that feeling after wards. That feeling seemed to be lingering much longer that it should. But slowly another feeling rose. It began as an itch. An itch she wanted to scratch. It was like an animal coming into heat she could feel the heat of her sex rising. She tried to move and rub her sex against the cloth bag hoping to gain same release or satisfaction. But the itch was slowly growing and she had no way to stop it. She as beginning to join her partner in the moaning sounds too. Oh god this was sick. But when she had an itch. She learned to scratch it.

Then she heard someone enter; She stopped moving hoping to play dead. Maybe he would release her thinking his venom had done the worst thing it could do. Had he seen her moving? She prayed not. Then sounds of whirling motors. She was not being let down. Was her other partner being released? Then her vision was restored as Peter removed the hood. Her eyes focused to the light and darted around trying to get her bearings and more fully assess the situation. They’re where three of them now. Three hanging mummies tightly cocoon in Peter web. Two powder puff pink and another in baby blue. This made her think that like a hospital. They’re where two girls and a boy wrapped in sex identifying clothes. The male judging by the cloth bag color and body shape still had his hood on. Amy was shocked to think that Peter must have played ‘gay’ to lure the third one into his trap. Or was he gay man who hated females. The other woman face was Asian. Her eyes where a deep green. Tears wear steaming from them but she did not act like she was crying. It was tears of frustration.

“It will be some time before I collect the fourth.” Announced Peter. “But I figure you two are feeling the after effect of the poison. One side effect is constipation. So you won’t be going to the bathroom for some time. The other is it stimulates the part of the brain that controls the sex drive. Tina” said Peter indicating the other girl. “Is feeling the full force of right now and is just about ready to do anything to satisfy herself. She will hump a saw blade if I let her. Amy is about ready. She is beginning to feel it right now. What is going to be amusing is the sack you are in slowly shrinks with body heat so eventually they become form fitting. They also have a slight tendency to stiffen as it absorbs the moisture from your skin and you body heat sets the mold. So you are your own worst enemy. So in a day or so you are trapped in a body cast of your own making. But seeing my next target is some time away. I figure it would be fun to see you two girls go at and try to help each other out.”

Peter placed a padded helmet on her and Tina. He did not want any head injures which indicated that he had some long-term use for them. He kept the feet tied to the ground and only seemed to be lengthening their ‘leashes’ to their ankles. He lowered Tina and released her shoulders from the bar that suspend her. Then it was Amy turn. Amy wanted to try to work Tina free of her cocoon but Tina had other ideas. Tina wanted to rub against her and have her do something to satisfy her itch. Amy found it hard to do anything. The seeping stiffness of her bondage and ache in her limbs made it hard to move. But she could wiggle around. It took more energy to do so. 

Then she could see his plan.

Peter needed them to work up a sweat to speed up their own immobility. Like a fly in spider’s web the more you struggled the more entangled in its web you became. Tina was trying anything to have Amy touch her in the right place. Amy was finding it harder and harder to think straight. That itch was starting to drive her mad. Tina must be in agony by now.  Amy wanted to have Tina roll on to her stomach so she could try to free her. But her voice was still hindered by the gag and paralyzing venom. Trying to communicate her intentions was impossible. Tina kept rolling to her back and thrusting her hips.

What sound she was making where close to a whining puppy. She was begging Amy for release of another kind than what Amy was trying to provide.

Amy wanted to give into her carnal desire but she could controll herself she was not a sex driven animal. To give in would be to admit defeat and acknowledge that Peter had won. That he was the better hunter. She had to have some dignity. Realizing she could not free Tina directly she scooted toward her co-captors feet. He had glanced at the bindings. The feet where secured to the floor by a capon. A mountain climber snap clip. Maybe she could start with that. Her tether only allowed her to move so far and weather it was by accident or intent. Her lead brought her up short. Her head stopped right at Tina crotch. She could not reach it. In a moment of anger she pulled hard on her tether. Tina naturally assumed something other than her current action and thrusted her sex into Tina face. While at the same time pushed her head into hers. Tina began to nuzzle her sex. Tina was almost in pain judging by her cries. Amy twisted to look at Peter. He just stood there leaning against the wall looking on with fascination. Any never did any girl on girl action before but Tina was trying to push her buttons. She realized sooner or later that she would be driven mad like her.

In Tina eyes she saw her fate. 

Whether by pity or the hope that getting it over now would some how save herself she began to nuzzle Tina vaginal area.

Knowing she could only do so much and distracted by Tina machinations. She did the best she could. Amy could only judge by Tina vocal reaction if she was hitting the spot or not. It did seem that anything she did was right. The sack only allow penetration to go so far and Amy found the best means, judging by Tina reaction, was to try to use her tongue to push the ball gag out of her mouth and use the gagging orb to nuzzle and rub her sex Tina must be in some sort of sexual agony but she screamed so loudly at one point she about busted Amy eardrum. Considering the way she was muffled that was a feat unto itself. Tina stopped trying to help Amy out. Amy was doing the best she could and all the work but could feel the heat rising of Tina and at the same time could feel her hear rising too. It was getting harder to think straight she was going on instinct now. Amy could feel the animal in her rising and came to a point of indecision. Should she give in now or hopefully Tina would come to her sense after her ‘problem’ was taken care of to help free each other.

It never occurred to her that if they where trying to free each other Peter could stop them. In fact she even forgot he was in the room. That sick pervert was the source of all this misery and she wanted him to pay for it some how. But Tina was in such bad shape or rather in such a bad way that she took pity on her. Amy kept rubbing away. Nuzzling this and that way hoping that she could find the means of Tina emotional release then get to working her physical release. Tina body was quivering. Amy could feel something was building up a head of steam and it was going to blow at moment. Then Tina bucked and arch throwing Amy off like a wild stallion. This was it. The moment of release. Tina’s body spasm. 

Amy rolled away in fear as Tina body jerked as she moaned. It was more like the muffled cry of a wolf howling in the night or a wounded animal. She was having an orgasm and from what Amy could see it was a whopper. Her whole body seemed to give of an emotional explosion. Amy could only look on in fascination as Tina body seemed to give of wave after wave of ecstasy. They slow diminished like the aftershock of an earthquake. She barely had time to take a breath when the next wave hit.

Finally it was over. She was not sure how many times Tina had orgasm but she lost count after four. Amy looked into Tina’s eyes. In them she could see relief. She was panting and inhaling deep breath through her nose.

Peter came over and wiped the sweat from Tina brow. 

“That was nine. A personal best for me.” Then he turned to Amy. “Think you can do better?”

Amy was the competitive sort that was why she was a hunter but this was insulting.

“Mad are we. Well I think Ill just put Tina away and let you suffer then.”

Then with out any thought she gave a muffed ‘mmnoo’ and tried to shake her head.

“So you want some help.”

“Meess” Amy said.

Peter glance at his watch. “You’re about due. I'd say another thirty minute of cooking and you’ll be ready to boil over.”

Tina was too weak to do anything. She was exhausted and no doubt had been suspend longer than Amy had been. So her sack was possibly stiffer than hers was.

So Peter began to hook her up to suspend her again.

Amy slithered over and tried to stop him. That itch was becoming a demanding need and she was having a hard time thinking about anything else. The hunter had become the animal trapped with the cage of its master. There was no escape and the animal in her was in control. If she could she would gnaw her own leg off if it would help stop the grown need in her.

“I'll let you stew while. Seem only fair.”

Amy whimpered in desperation. Pride be dammed now. She wanted release from this hell now. Amy was running on instinct and need. She twisted and writhed inside her bondage. She tried to rub against Peter leg and whined in desperation when he stepped away. She wanted it bad.

With Peter out her reach she slithered to the still exhausted Tina. Then there was a click and Tina was raised up out her reach.

Amy screamed in frustration. She looked at Peter. She knew he did it to drive her mad. Tina seemed to be trying to say something but her voice was so garbled by the gag and weak with exhaustion that she could not under a word. She was crying and lying on her stomach trying to get any satisfaction but either it was the stiffness of the sack or the floor just did not do it for her. It was like a thing inside her. Consuming her. A hunger of sexual wanting. Her mind flashed on the movie Alien. She thought that some thing was alive inside her and any minute it was going to explode out of her.

“Poor little Amy? Peter cooed bending down to cup her chin to have her eyes meet hers. “I bet your willing to do just anything to make it go away.”

“Uh Hmmm” She whimpered. She had admitted defeat in two unintelligible sounds. He was the better hunter. Peter had won and she knew it. So did he. He knew he would win the moment she walked up to his front door.

“Beg for it.” He said.

Amy didn’t now how far down this road of degradation she was going to have to go but the gnawing need of sexual release was almost painful now. She did not know how far she was willing to go but she could see no sighs of stopping or turning back.

“Meezzee” She whimpered. Begged, whined, moaned, gave him every sigh she wanted sex bad.

Peter was getting off on this power trip. “Roll over.”

She did so it even though it seemed impossible to do so she could hear the subtle crack of her self made body cast cracking at the joints. 

“Sit up.”

She was his trained animal now. She knew she had been reduced to her base emotions. Stripped of any human dignity she was a thing of need. Her breathing was labored. She was panting like a dog. Hoping that maybe she could breathe through it in a vain hope to deny Peter some small amount of victory but she was only getting dizzy.

“Lie on you back” He commanded. She did so and found herself thrusting her hips at him wanting him to touch her sex like Tina did with her. He was right. She would hump a saw even if it meant killing or mutilation of herself. Peter placed his hand on her breasts. Amy did a sharp intake of breath. Just a little lower. Please move his hand lower. Slowly Peter moved his hand lower. Her back arched like a cat when petted. She tried to scoot to in the direction she wanted his hand to be but Peter only moved his hand higher. This teasing was only causing her more frustration. She was close to bursting.

Little by little his hand moved down. Down the chest now. She did not try to move. But moving kept her bodycast bag from setting. Damm him. Amy was hot in more ways than one. Peter’s hand was near her belly button now.  He was close now. A few more inches. Just a few more inches. Then the other hand waved something in front of her face. It was small box with buttons.

“Remember that little thing I placed inside you. It’s not a suppository. It’s a vibrator. I call it a motivator. I know your type Amy. Very competitive. An up and comer. I willing to bet you would beg me to turn it on.”

Peter did not need a response. He knew the answer and so did she.


“Say Master.”

Amy balked. She was standing of the edge of the possibly the greatest emotion experience and he wanted her to call him master. This was the final point. The total giving of herself to him. Empowering him. Her life was no longer her own. The point of no return.

“Say it.”

She wanted release and he had the means. Amy had no choice. If she had one to begin with  “MMMAAASSSTTEEEERRR” 



“That’s a good little slut. You are a slut aren’t you?


“Yes what.”

Self-esteem, pride, dignity, and self worth where all shredded beyond repair. All there was this.


Peter made a show of pressing a button but it was Tina who grunted and moaned. Amy could see she was squirming in her cocoon. She was riding another emotional wave. Cresting higher but nothing was happening in her. She darted her eyes back to Peter. “Silly me wrong button.”

His hand was now her crotch. She tried to rub against it.

So close.

So close.

“Wanting it bad. Very well.”

Tina voice let out a cry of disappointment while Amy swooned as Peter’s motivator did it evil work. Tina was now begging.

Amy realized that on some rational level that he had turned off Tina’s when he turned on hers. Amy could care less about Tina. She had her turn. She was the one in need now. Her needs mattered now. Her needs. It built up slowly until it peaked. Everything in her life stopped. She felt suspended between heartbeats. Then it releases in a rush. Her back arch so fast she pushed herself off the ground and barely felt her head banging on the hard floor coming down. It was like free falling into space. Amy swooned and was lost in the moment. She could care less that she was trapped and held prisoner by a complete stranger. All that matter was this single moment. She wanted it to never stop. She never felt so alive. She rode the wave of ecstasy for as long as it lasted. Then tried to ride it out more hoping for one last little surge. Just one moment more.

Just a little more.

One moment more was all she wanted.

But it began a slow ebb. Like rising tide it pulling back its power. Denying her. 

Amy wanted more. It was all that mattered now. There was nothing left but the wanting. She was exhausted both physically and emotionally

“You are a little slut aren’t you”

“UMM HHHMMM” she said hoping that her agreement would earn her more.

“Well I m afraid we’ll will have to play later.” Said Peter pocketing the device that operated the motivators.

“MMMOOOO” Amy wailed as Peter dragged her back to her hoist. She tried to fight it but could only manage twitch of the knee or a slight bend at the waist. Soon she was stretch taunt and the hood was back on. She struggled but for different reasons. Not to free herself but to free the slowly rising need. She did not know how, but she feel asleep mostly from exhaustion. She thought she heard another winch being raised.

The forth of Peter's set.

She could hear him giving them the same speech he had giving Tina and her. But now from the sound of it. Tina was primed and ready to go again and this time was paired up with the male. Amy was paired up with the last of Peter collection. Another woman. Rita. She helped her reach the peak again. Then Peter broke Rita much the same way he had her. It did not matter to her. Amy was his. Even when they where being loaded onto the truck and told they would have knew owners. She knew she was his.

He was the hunter.


The end.


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