by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2011 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; gag; naked; zipties; outdoors; balltied; susp; slave; cons/reluct; X

Olivia and I were in a nearby state park, which surrounded a large water supply lake. When the river that flowed through the valley was dammed to create the lake in the early 1900’s, several small towns were flooded. Some of the buildings and all cemeteries were moved, but the rest was simply submerged under the lake. On the uplands above the waterline, the remains of village roads and abandoned farms were everywhere.

It was a fascinating place to explore! There were cellar holes and hills and woods and fields with great views of the lake. Given its location and the restrictions imposed on its use since it was a watershed, it was not that well used.

That made it perfect for us!

We were here today to play a game. It was a simple game, one we played many times before, sort of a scavenger hunt with a little twist. The twist was that the person chosen to find the objects was ‘hunted’ by the other person whose goal was to prevent the person looking for the objects from collecting and retrieving them. The pursuer provided the pursued with a map that generally described the area where the objects could be found and details as to what to collect.

The penalty to the pursued for getting caught or not returning with all of the objects was that she became the pursuer’s slave-for-a-day. If the pursued did manage to return, unscathed, with all of the objects, then the pursuer paid the penalty.

I was supposed to find the objects today and Olivia was the pursuer. I have to admit that I did cheat a little bit by ‘peeking’ at the map and list Olivia had made up. I came to the park a day before, found the objects I was to collect and hid them in a secure place. Hey! It’s not cheating unless you get caught, right?

From the start, everything was going my way. I checked the map and list she gave me to make sure she hadn’t changed anything. It was unchanged, so I took off into the park, retrieved the hidden stuff and then hung out in an area of the park away from the general area I was supposed to be searching. It was a beautiful day and I took in the views and lazed around until a suitable time had passed. I then headed back to our rendezvous place along the main trail. About a half mile from our finish line in the parking lot, I passed through a deep rock cut in the trail called the Ledges. I was day-dreaming about the indignities that I would inflict on Olivia, when everything changed.

Olivia must have been hidden in a fold of the massive rock structure because suddenly she was there! She brought me down in a flurry of dust! We rolled once or twice with Olivia ending up on top of me. It was like a gazelle captured by a lioness, me being the gazelle! Once she had me, I was a goner!

Using her martial arts skills and leveraging her weight advantage she countered my every move to get free. In the end, she wore me down and I, exhausted, gave in. Sitting astride my chest, her hands pinning my arms to the ground, she offered a Cheshire cat smile.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know that you found the map?” I spluttered and stuttered some lame denial to which she didn’t even bother to respond.

“You didn’t even know I was right behind the other day you when you found and hid all that stuff!” I blushed red at the utter amateurishness of my attempt to beat her and the game! What a dope I was… and I had lost again because of it!

She got off me and told me to roll onto my stomach and place my arms behind my back. There was no use in resisting; I’d only get further manhandled! Here we go, I thought, apprehensive and, at the same time, excited!

She started me by binding my wrists, palm to palm, with a cable tie. This was something new! She had never used them on me before and I was surprised at how secure the simple plastic strip was; no picking knots to escape this time!

She hopped up, and pulled me into a sitting position. I watched fascinated as she took a bundle of different size ties out of her pack, separated them into different lengths, some two and three feet long or so, and began to apply them to my ankles, above and below my knees and even the top of my thighs. She moved behind me and I felt her lift my arms away from my body and squeeze my elbows together. I heard the zip of the tie and felt the compression as she tightened the tie so that the inside of my arms touched from wrist to elbow. She tightened several ties along the length of my forearms and then used the very long ties to pin my arms to my body above and below my breasts and at my waist. She even used small ties to fasten my fingers together!

I sat quietly and watched as she rustled through her pack, wondering, what next!

Of course, next was the gag! It was a large whiffle ball through which a strap had been threaded. She wedged it into my mouth and strapped it tight. When I say large, it had to be at least 2 inches around! The ball had holes in it to let in air, but it was hard and unforgiving and it stretched my mouth to its limit.

After snugging up the gag strap, she stood and looked down at me. She had an expression on her face that I knew meant she was into this and I felt my butterflies take flight! Even though I had lost the game, I did love being tied up so did I really lose?

She smiled. “How’s that… for starters?”

About the only things that I could move were my eyebrows and eyelids so I couldn’t really respond, but I was thinking, for starters?!

Olivia slipped her pack on and pulled me to my feet. She bent and tucked her shoulder into my belly and hoisted my 120 pounds over her shoulder like I weighed nothing. She headed off the main trail into the woods.

After several minutes of bush whacking along a faint trace of a trail with me bouncing on her shoulder, we broke out into a small clearing that overlooked the lake. She deposited me roughly onto the pine needle covered ground. It was actually a beautiful spot; there was a fire pit near the edge of the bluff and a tent pad back near the tree line and the view of the shimmering lake was breath taking! It was a lovely place to be, but I was absolutely positive Olivia planned to make my stay here very uncomfortable!

She wasted no time in further immobilizing me.

Pushing my knees against my chest and my ankles tight to the backs of my thighs, she used rope to pull me into a tight ball. I had been elbow tied before and ball tied as well, but never elbow tied and ball tied at the same time. I am pretty flexible so she was able to get me into a pretty tight position, but I could feel the strain everywhere.

“Sweet, huh? Not that many people know about this place. Oh, and did I tell you I got a camping permit for the weekend?”

The weekend?

She stood. “OK! I have to go back and get the camping gear from the truck. You should be OK. Just keep quiet if anyone should come by!”

I began to protest, but she knelt and clamped her hand tightly over the ball muffling my pleas.

“Now don’t get all indignant, Sweetie! You did cheat and got caught. And it was you that made the rule that if someone cheated, they were totally under the other’s control for however long! You do remember that, right?”

Damn it, I did, but I didn’t think I would be the one to get caught! I quieted down.

“Right! I won’t be long… or maybe I’ll take the long way ’round! Whatever! I’m sure you will still be here when I get back.”

I watched as she disappeared into the pucker brush.

I struggled a bit to test her work, but it was apparent immediately that escape was not possible. I quickly learned that the cable ties were so unforgiving! They didn’t stretch and there were no knots and some of them had sharp edges. Since struggling was not a viable option, I settled down to wait it out, my ears tuned for any sound other than the wind and the cries of the birds.

This was pretty near the ultimate in helplessness at least in my experience. Besides the bondage itself, there was the chance that someone would come along and find me.

I felt myself slip into what I called the ‘zone’. It was a state of mind where the bondage was everything, my mind free of any other thoughts. It usually led to some awesome orgasms, but today with such limited movement, I figured I was to be denied that pleasure! The extreme bondage was enough though to keep me in my private little world.

I guess I lost track of time as I steeped in my utter helplessness. I was startled out of my reverie by crackling noises from the tree line. My heart rate jumped as adrenaline flooded through my system. Was it her or…?

After several seconds of uncertainty, I saw Olivia plunk down a bunch of stuff in the clearing. I was relieved it was her, but maybe a little disappointed?

She smiled and finger-waved and then immediately left to go back to the truck, I guess, for more stuff. She didn’t bother to tell me what was going on, but she did manage to disrupt my reverie!

I sighed in frustration, tried to get back into it, but couldn’t. The cable ties were still so tight and I hadn’t been able to move for way too long. Given the tight finger ties, there was no way I could even loosen the rope that held me in the ball. More than a little annoyed, I lay quietly, my mind in turmoil.

They say you’re not really tied up until you want to get out and that was where I was!

Olivia had managed to push me into a place I had never been, into a situation where I wanted out of bondage! I was disappointed and angry; bondage had always been my refuge and joy. Now I saw it as mere confinement… and that was very frustrating. That thought sent me into a spasm of struggling! I made no headway into getting free and only managed to become totally perspiration-soaked.

As I lay there fretting and fuming, I began to think more objectively about this situation.

I realized that maybe this was really what I wanted and needed! In the past, I knew that either I could get out (I am a good escaper) or that Olivia or someone would let me out. This time, alone and tied with immoveable bonds, I was truly bound, completely helpless! The situation thoroughly frightened me!

It also excited me!

I found myself calming down and slipping into a more intense ‘bondage zone” than I had ever experienced. I gave myself to the feeling. I knew something had changed and that I had crossed a threshold into a different way of looking at and being in bondage. I let my mind wander. I swear I could feel every binding that encased my body; they were a part of me and I knew I needed them as much as I needed oxygen! Without moving and with an amazing intensity, I had an orgasm!

I didn’t hear Olivia return. I looked up and there she was, peering down at me. She was frowning.

“Well, I see we’ve been busy! I don’t remember saying it was OK to have an orgasm! Well, I’ll have to add that to the cheating!” I groaned in response, but I was secretly pleased to be back into the bondage and to have annoyed her.

Olivia dug a mass of rope out of one of the packs she had brought from the truck, but as she shook it out I could see that it was actually a net. She placed it next to me and raised me upright to sitting position in the middle of the net, balancing me on my butt and feet. She retrieved a heavier line from the pack and gathered the top of the net above my head weaving the rope through the netting several times before tying it securely closed.

Grabbing the heavy line, she began to drag me. Of course, I toppled onto my side and my body plowed a furrow across the clearing. Olivia stopped at the base of a massive pine tree near the edge of the bluff.

She stepped away a bit and I watched as she flipped the heavy line up and over a stout branch of a tree. She caught the free end and gathered both strands together, lifted her feet and hung for several seconds. Satisfied that the branch would hold, she began to pull the slack from the rope.

Olivia was a strong girl and it was not much effort for her to lift me off the ground, net and all. Soon I was swinging 6 feet above the forest floor. She carefully tied off the line, wrapping and knotting it around the trunk of a nearby tree. My weight caused the net to tighten significantly around me compressing me everywhere! The net alone would have held me immobile even if I weren’t tied so completely. I could feel the rough webbing digging into my skin. This was definitely going to leave marks!

“There! Now the bears won’t get you!”

That got my attention!

Reaching up, she pushed hard on my cocoon. I swung wildly back and forth out over the edge of the bluff. I’m not big on heights and the swinging added an element of fear and danger to this predicament that caused me to break out into a nervous sweat.

Finally, she tired of that particular torment. She stopped me from swinging and stood back to admire her handy work.

“I have to get one more thing from the truck. I’ll be right back.”

I did not want to be left along hanging from the branch and voiced my concern to Olivia! She, having heard my gag-talk before, understood my protests, but only told me to calm down and enjoy the view! I swayed gently in the breeze, spinning slightly as the wind shifted; there was no sound other than the wind in the trees and the cry of hawks hunting for lunch. I was in equal parts pissed off at Olivia and super-turned on!

I don’t remember how long I hung there. I must have slipped back into the zone and then Olivia was back; I had no idea how long she was gone.

She dropped her load of stuff and came over to me.

“Had enough sightseeing?”

I mmphhed my assent. She eased the rope loose and lowered me to the ground.

She loosened and removed the net, untied the ball tie ropes and began to cut away the cable ties. Several minutes and a pile of plastic later, I was free except that the gag stayed in. It felt so good to be un-cramped and able to stand and stretch, which I did, bending and flexing feeling back into my body.

Once I was untied and relatively loosened up, she ordered me to strip; completely strip! I did as I was told and was soon wearing only my gag.

She picked up a piece of rope and fashioned a kind of manacle arrangement on my wrists that allowed me some limited movement, but kept them secure. She fashioned a hobble for my ankles that allowed me to walk, but not fast or easily.

“OK, here’s the deal! Your job is to set up the camp. All the stuff is over there; I want the tent on the pad there and the food pack can take your place hanging at the end of that rope. When you’re done with that you start a fire. Now get moving; it’s getting late! Oh and there’s a folding shovel with the gear. Dig us a toilet hole!”

She swatted me on the butt as I lurched toward the gear pile. There was no reason to try to protest. I was gagged to begin with and she wouldn’t listen anyway. Olivia sat in the sun against a tree across the clearing with a book in hand. She could see me, take in the view, read and generally lord it over me without even moving.

I waddled over and struggled to remove the tent from its bag. It was damn near impossible to do this tied up and it infuriated me to have Olivia sit there and laugh at my efforts. The peace and joy of the bondage zone was gone, replaced with a growing need to scream in anger and frustration. I got the tent up after a fashion. Putting the sleeping bags and personal effects inside at least got me off my feet and was a little easier to do. I dragged the food bag over to my former tether still hanging from the tree. I managed to raise it up and tie it off. Finally, I collected some kindling from around the site and started a fire in the fire ring using dried leaves and such. Such a good girl scout am I! The people that managed the area left stacks of firewood in all campsites, so soon there was a fire crackling in the ring. I found a spot that looked like I could dig in it and made the potty hole. By then, I was sweaty and exhausted and it was almost sundown.

Olivia finally got off her ass and came over to inspect my work. She said nothing, but she didn’t criticize so I guessed I passed the inspection.

She let me christen the toilet hole, which was a welcome relief, not having gone for hours, and then motioned me to sit near the fire. By now the sun was almost below the horizon and the air was rapidly cooling. It was still springtime and the residual warmth from the sun didn’t hang around long. Being near the fire helped, but my bare back didn’t benefit from the heat. Thank goodness the bugs weren’t out in force yet!

Olivia unfolded one of those foil space blankets and placed it around my shoulders. That was a welcome addition and I began to warm almost instantly. She rummaged through one of the packs and took out a frying pan with a detachable handle. She retrieved a foil pack from the hanging food bag and unwrapped it, placing it in the pan at the edge of the fire. It was a previously-frozen beef stew and soon the site was engulfed in the aroma of the warming food.

She sat next to me and pulled me close. I rested my head on her shoulder and we sat quietly for several minutes. She moved to stir the pan and then returned to my side.

“You’re not mad are you? Oh right, you’re still gagged!” She loosened the strap and pulled the ball free. My jaw didn’t want to work at first having been jammed open for so long, but eventually the muscles loosened and I could talk.

“Mad? Why would I be mad?”

“Well, I’ve been treating you kind of roughly, for one thing!”

“Olivia, you won fair and square and I did kind of cheat. Besides, I like it when you’re being the hard-ass head bitch! It turns me on!”

I snuggled against her.

“We can stop right here if you want and just enjoy the weekend. We don’t have to play all the time! I’ll agree that you’ve been punished enough! ”

“Are you going soft on me?”

“No, not at all… I just need to know you’re okay with this.”

“Well, as long as you don’t leave me for the bears, I think I can take whatever you have in mind! Have I ever wimped out on you?”

“Nope! Never! So you’re okay with it? I mean the whole weekend thing?”

“I am!”

“Sweet… but I’m declaring the evenings ‘no bondage’ times. So let’s eat. I have some wine somewhere. And then you can show me just how turned on you are!” She kissed me and then untied my makeshift wrist and ankle shackles. I went into the tent and got some sweats to wear.

We ate the delicious stew and drank the whole bottle of wine and ended up naked in the double sleeping bag.

Olivia soon had no doubts about how horny I was! I slipped off to sleep in her arms, contented and exhausted, dreaming of what she might do to me tomorrow.