Humping like Bunnies

by Trui Klaassen

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© Copyright 2007 - Trui Klaassen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; pet; nylons; sweaters; toys; cons; X

She sent her pictures through email after an online chat about sweater bondage. Her chat and email conversations were hot and arousing, without getting nasty. I got even more excited after I received her pictures. She took one in the mirror, so I could not see her face in the flesh, but the rest looked gorgeous. She wore a tight pink sweater, one of the expensive ones. It fit snug around her body and showed her firm breasts. Two nice hands full, but not overflowing. Underneath, she wore a schoolgirl skirt with white nylons and high socks. It was difficult to tell, but it looked like she had a cute butt too.

Wow, I got an instant erection. I had sent her a similar one in a blue mohair sweater with regular shorts, but with a good size bobble in my pants. She must have liked it, since she sent me a reply the next day, wanting to do it. We had exchanged some thoughts about fantasies and agreed to play the game. Her name was Nicky. She was going to meet me the next day at a nearby luxury hotel. The theme was 'Sweater pets'. The basic thought was that we were both going to be dressed like pets and act like little rabbits.

We met at the downstairs bar. I was nervous and early. I was wearing the same dark blue mohair sweater and jeans. After about 5 minutes she showed up in the same sweater and a long skirt. Her face was beautiful. Nice full lips, blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. Amazing, that a girl like that would be interested in bondage, but I am not complaining. My little friend in my pants liked her without seeing her and was knocking on the zipper. We hugged and kissed. She smelt and felt even better. Nicky pushed her breasts against my chest and my crotch pushed against her thigh. She looked into my eyes and smiled. That made it even harder and uncomfortable. We sat down and had one drink before rushing to the room. She had a small sports bag with a change of clothes.

Once we got into the room, we both changed into our adventure outfit. I put on some black tights, which were kind of uncomfortable, but it would be better with later actions. On top, I wore a tight black sweater that fit snug around me. She came out of the bathroom with a similar outfit, except that her sweater was a lot softer and her leggings fuzzier. She also got rid of all her underwear and I could see her nipples trying to peek at my dick that was pushing against the nylon.

We had to get hug again and feel each other. My dick was already trying to hump her and she was smiling. I touched her breasts. They were firm and her nipples hard and they go even harder when I pinched them. She moaned and gave me a wet kiss on my lips. Her tongue was pushing in my mouth and I happily returned it. We jumped on the bed and started to rub against each other. Right before we got too far we stopped and looked hungry at each other. It was time to start.

I kissed her on her lips and immediately pushed a ballgag into the mouth. I tightened it around her head with her hair still under the strap. It looked beautiful between her pink lips. Nicky looked at me helplessly and horny with her big blue eyes. I could hear the excitement in her (nose) breathing and her chest was going up and down. I had to feel those nipples again and did that just a bit harder. She moaned as a reply.

Next were the cuffs after I had put some black wool mittens on her. They were children's mittens and were very tight. I had two black fuzzy wrist cuffs and I put those one. Her hands just looked like poodle feet. I put a blindfold on her and now she was even more clumsy. I found a fairly wide neck collar with rings and put that snug around her neck. It showed how long a neck she had and it looked ever sexier. I attached the cuffs to the collar to get her hands out of the way.

I could tell she was getting aroused even more and I touched her nipples again. A bit longer this time and she was moaning longer and harder. My dick was immediately replying and wanted to get out badly. Now the real work started. I took some duct tape and put her wrist against her shoulder. I taped the top of her arm tight against her wrist and wrapped the rest of the remaining short arm with the tape. The second arm followed and now she was all taped up and unable to do anything with her arms.

I pushed her towards a comfortable chair and pushed her body against it. She was kneeling reversed into the chair. Only her legs were sticking out and her face was against the sitting area with her little arms under it. Since she was kneeling now, I could face her cute butt. It was sticking up like an invitation: fuck here.

Before continuing, I decide to make use of the opportunity and feel her pussy. I had not even come close. I first put my face against it and I could smell a mix of wool panties, freshly washed and her body/pussy odor. It was warm and sweet. I pushed my lips against it and firmly kissed her pussy. I pushed my fingers against her pussy and started rubbing her. Now she was moaning again and soon after that, her nylons became moist. Not long after that, I had wet fingers and decided to stop. I licked my fingers and told her she tasted great and I desired more. She looked at me begging for more.

Now it was time to make the back legs. I taped her ankles close to her buttocks and taped both legs as tight as possible. I put her on all fours and enjoyed the view. Time to take some pictures as a reminder and enjoyment for later. She clumsily walked around the room. Her butt was sticking out of the duct tape with a wet crotch and a tight piece of nylon around her ass. Her tits were hanging in the sweater. I touched both from behind. I rubbed both and could get a good feeling of them and squeezed the nipples a few times. This was pure enjoyment at the highest level.

I got my safety scissors out and slowly cut the nylon away from the pussy and arse. I started rubbing her pussy again and now my hands were fully wet and slippery. Needless to say that I moved my fingers towards her butt and started pushing against the muscle. Nicky moaned more and more and it gave in easily due to the slippery fingers. One went in without complaint. The second finger took a bit more pushing and resulting moaning.

Was it time to let her come yet?

She was saying something like: 'UMmmmm Em eeeemmm'. That aroused me even more and I wanted to jump on her.

No, not yet. I took the vibrator with long tail and pushed it half way in. Her moaning became like a scream and I took it out again. I did that three times before pushing it all the way in quickly. That did the trick. She came and was making the horniest noises I heard. I let her enjoy for a while. I suddenly realized that the door was not locked and roomservice could come in anytime to turn down the beds. I quickly put the 'Do not disturb' sign on the door and closed the curtains.

I left a few lights on and started to play with my new puppy. I took the ballgag off and replaced it with a ring gag. Her mouth was all wet and I was tempted to put my dick in. I managed to wait. I turned her around and look at her wet pussy and tail. I cut my nylons open and my dick jumped out. Ready for action. I put a condom on since I barely knew her. It was time to get in action. I tested the road and put my hands on her hips and checked if the height was OK. My dick slipped in without problem and she moaned again. Different sound this time due to the difference in gag. My wet dick came out, wanting to get more.

Nicky cried again: 'Uuuuug  eeee eeeeth'.

My head looked purple now. Ready to explode. I started to work on my own outfit. I put on the same mittens and collar. I wanted to be able to get loose quickly, so I did not tape my arms. I did tape my legs and I now looked like a similar pet, with longer front legs. Must have looked like the ugliest pets in the world, but definitely a couple that was in heat.

We started to roll against each other. At first like two dogs meeting each other and clumsily trying to lick each other. We had a few good hits where her tongue through her ring gag touched my dick and I managed to lick her wide open pussy lips. I told her '69' and she immediately rolled on her back. She got my dick through the ring quickly and started sucking my latex dick. I buried my face in her pussy and licked all I could. Within minutes she let go my dick and started moaning again. Different and even more intense this time. She came and it looked like it did not finish.

She tried to walk to a bowl with water and tried to lick some of the fresh water with ice out of it. It created a small puddle, but she enjoyed the left over sip. She came back and we licked each others faces for a while. My dick was still as stiff as can be, so I tried to turn her around as quickly as I could. I put my mittens on her back and tried to direct my tail between her legs. It found and entrance quickly and I started humping her like there was no tomorrow. She was making sounds like it.

I moved my mittens around her waist and rubbed her breasts. They felt so good with all the layers of wool. I managed to press her nipples and they became stiff again. It felt like it lasted forever until I could feel my balls explode. The cum came from all the way back and I filled the condom until nothing was left for the moment. We both saw firework and we spoke about that afterwards. It was the biggest cum event for both of us.

All sweaty and worn out, we fell over and huddled clumsy with our tied arms and legs until we found a comfortable position where we could feel each other. We dozed for about 30 minutes. We slowly started moving our sweaty bodies against each other and my dick was getting hard again. She could feel it and started to lick my face. I turned around and buried my face between her wet thighs. The condom was lying next to us, since it came off after relaxing. Her pussy was even wetter then before and I found a mix of pussy juice, my sperm and a lot of sweat. I could also feel the sweater touching at places.

My face just slid in between her legs and got stuck with my mouth around her pussy lips. At the same time, Nicky squeezed my hardening dick through her ringgag. It fitted loosely now, but it was growing rapidly. I pushed my hips forward and soon she gagged on my full dick. She started to suck again. My tongue went deep in her pussy and I started to play with the dildo that was still in her ass. It did not take long before she took her mouth off me and started yelling as good as she could. She was struggling to get loose, but my mouth was almost vacuum on her pussy. I kept licking like a little girl with a melting icecream. She was screaming with different intensities. She came twice in a row.

We were ready for action. I took off my mittens and reloaded a condom. We tried different positions, but quickly realized that there are not many positions for bunnies. Back to the good old humping position with my hands on her back and slowly moving to the front. I had taken off the mittens and I could feel her breasts even better. I was also able to play with her nipples harder then before. It made the excitement for Nicky even better and she came again twice within a few minutes. I loaded another load and the condom slipped off after I pulled out.

We laid down again. Sweating and breathing. I started to pull of the duct tape and moved my sore legs. My knees were killing me, but it was a good feeling to be able to stand again. I saw Nicky on the floor looking at my and I could tell she was not done for the evening. I undid her tape and she also stretched all her muscles. Seeing her in the ripped nylon with sweater and stretching each mussle, gave me back some energy.

We opened a beer to replenish some of the lost fluids. We sat on the couch, close to each other and watching some Friends episodes. It was a winter episode and most of the characters wore their tightest sweaters. What was enough to get our hands playing with each other again. My arm around her neck and I was able to draw circles around her nipple. At the same time, she was petting my dick.

After a few minutes, we were ready for one more round. We took off all nylons, but left the sweaters on. She fell on her back on the bed and I dug between her legs again. Head first. I put my weight on her legs and managed to stretch my arms up and massaged her breasts through the sweater. That is my favorite sweater position. Soon, my hands were under the sweater doing the same. I am not sure which one I like better. The feeling between skin and sweater or just the breasts through the sweater. Nicky made more noise with my hands under the sweater, so I continued that. Pinching her nipples and licking her clit at the same time.

Without the gag, she was just begging for my dick. I kept licking her until she came. I let her catch her breath and jumped on her. I could feel the sweaters between us and I slide my dick with a fresh condom into her. I fucked her straight up and down. I could feel my dick go deeper and deeper. I thought it was going to disappear when she wrapped her legs around me. We were both yelling and screaming until we came at the same time. It was the deepest and best for both of us.

After that we went under the blankets and kept touching each other until we fell asleep.