by Techie and Techster

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An abusive husband gets “Humbled”

It was about 1 AM and we (Techie and Techster) were sound asleep when we were awakened by the sounds of screaming , shouting and crying from the neighbors who live across the street from us. We got up, put on robes and went to the front door of our home to see what the commotion was about.

The noise was from the front yard of the couple who lived across the street from us. Mickey, the husband, was dressed only in his underwear briefs, had his wife, Jenine, who was dressed in a sleeping bra and a G-string panties, by the wrist and was beating her with a belt. We dashed out followed out followed by our other neighbors, Regina and Cliff, then Michele and Clyde.

When we got there Mickey shouted at us, “You guys stay out of this. it is our problem! Now dammit, Jenine, give me the money you have hidden, I need a drink!” By the slurred words and his staggering gait it was obvious that he was drunk.

Techster, aghast at what he saw, told him, “Leave her alone. I’ve got a new bottle of Crown Royal at the house and I’ll lend you some money!”’

Mickey, let go of Jenine’s wrist and dropped the belt saying, “She’s hoarding money that she says is for food and our son’s medicine.” Techie put her arm around Jenine and told Mickey. “She’s only trying to do her best for your son, come on over to our home and Techster will give you a drink and some cash to get you by!”

Jenine whispered to Techie, “This has been going on for the last three months, ever since the restaurant where he was head chef closed. He couldn’t deal with being unemployed and all of the other upper class restaurants like the one where he worked have closed.

“He started drinking heavily, and hitting me when I wouldn’t give him our food money. Last month I gave him the money and then I had to beg for handouts at the homeless pantry.”

Techie smiled at her, hoping to ease her fears. “Relax, Techster and I are going to get him under control. I’m not saying how.”

Jenine looked at Techie. ”I know how you helped Regina with Cliff’s infidelity by helping get over his problem as he became her pet.”

Techie smiled at her and said, “Do you think that if we set up Mickey as your pet dog you could get him under control?”

Jenne laughed, more than a little bitter, yet a little hope was there. “Well after the last three months of his beatings and drinking or should I say drunkenness, it would be worth a try!”

Mickey followed Techster and Cliff over to our home where he was invited to “...sit down and get comfortable in that soft plush recliner while I pour you a drink.” Mickey did not notice that Techster added a shot glass of pure grain alcohol to the glass of Crown whiskey. Mickey took the glass and swallowed it quickly. He sat back in the soft upholstery of the recliner and in just a few minutes he was sound asleep.

Techster and Cliff took over and stripped him and installed his “pet gear.” First the anti-barking shock collar was locked around his neck, followed by a pair of ball shaped heavy leather bondage mitts.

 “This is going to be the fun part!” Cliff said as he helped Techster by passing the humbler with the ankle shackles attached to it.

Techster laughed. ”Boy is he going to be one pissed off puppy when he wakes up! Would you please stick around and ask Regina to talk to Jenine about how we’re going to have to teach her how to control her pet!”

Techster loaded up our coffee pot. In a few minutes he poured coffee for himself and Cliff. Needing to wait, the husbands sat down in our living room chatting and watching the “Fixer upper’ house remodeling program.

At about 7 AM Mickey woke up. Techster told him, “You have an anti-bark shock collar with a remote control locked on your neck. Don’t try to say anything, or you will get socked, just listen!” Mickey made a loud growl sound and that was followed by a shriek as the shock hit him.

Techster continued once it passed. “Listen and cooperate! You have been observed striking and abusing your wife with a heavy leather belt. Techie has a video of this. If we turn this over to the police you could spend a long time in jail.

“So now Jenine will have control over you. You are now her pet. If you don’t cooperate she can shock you or worse yet whip your balls.”

Mickey reared back and tried to hit Techster with his “PAW”. Techster easily dodged it then shoved him hard back into the recliner. “Conduct like that will not be tolerated; you just earned getting your balls hit with a riding crop!” With that he gave Mickey’s balls several hard hits with the riding crop!

Mickey cried and curled up in a fetal position. Techster looked him over with satisfaction. “Now do you get the picture? You are not in control here; Jenine is. You better be a good boy for her! All of us are going to help you conquer both your alcoholism and your attitude of anger and spousal abuse. I know this method is not a conventional method but you will have to agree that it beats the hell of jail time! “

Cliff knelt down and looked Mickey in the eyes and told him, “I have several months experience in surrendering control over my life. I actually came to accept my pet status.

“Now Regina and I will take you back to your home and set up a sleeping pad for you and set up an electronic fence that will limit your movement to one room. We will also put puppy training pads on the floor for you to pee and poop on. Get used to it; that’s the way your life is going to be until we can be sure that you’ve beat the alcoholism and attitude problem.”

Regina took Mickey’s leash and led him across the street to his home. Halfway across the street she handed the leash and the remote for the shock collar to Jenine. “Get used to it! With the leash and the remote you can control him!”

Cliff and Techster finished their coffee and relaxed in the recliners in the living room. Techster remarked to Cliff, “In a way that is the best solution. What do you think?”

Cliff agreed. ”Not only can we help Mickey beat the bottle, the anger and the spousal abuse, but Jenine can help him lose a few pounds with a proper diet.”


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